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Yale Conexis L1 Smart Keyless Door Handle £132.99 @ Amazon
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Made hot 19th Nov 2021Made hot 19th Nov 2021
Yale Conexis L1 Smart Keyless Door Handle £132.99 @ Amazon£132.99 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
KEYLESS - Gives you the freedom to secure your home without the need for a Key. SIMPLE TO FIT - Suitable for most PVC and composite doors, only a screwdriver required. BSI APPROVED… Read more

How do you pair L1 with Yale access app? Is it android-only as the app on my iPhone doesn't show L1 at all. Nevermind it requires an access module, I've already installed the sync module so it works with my alarm.


Ah nice. I didn't realise you could use the Yale Access app with the Conexis. The reviews are better... marginally (lol)


I use the Yale access app now it’s much better in every way


After not updating the Conexis L1 Android app since summer of 2018, I see that there's a new version in the Play Store as of 17 Nov. Anyone download the updated app? Are most of the bugs from the original app version now gone?


Wow your a blast from the past how’s the IOM

Yale SD-L1000-CH Conexis L1 Smart Door, App Control, Key/Phone Tags, Remote - £139.49 @ Amazon
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Made hot 19th Nov 2021Made hot 19th Nov 2021
Yale SD-L1000-CH Conexis L1 Smart Door, App Control, Key/Phone Tags, Remote - £139.49 @ Amazon£139.49£199.9930% off Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Yale SD-L1000-CH Conexis L1 Smart Door, App Control, Key/Phone Tags, Remote

Thank you, I jumped on chat and they refunded me £48.00.


Been looking for a good smart lock for internal doors for my bedroom ideally biometric but can't seem to find one :-/


Yup. Fire risk for one. Entrapment etc


I'd message customer service to see. Sometimes that works.


Don't buy this. They last about 6-8 months and then they mash themselves.. lucky I spoke with Amazon who refund this and the extra fobs told me to keep it. I wasn't the only one it seems according to the rep! Then I checked the recent reviews it was the same.. ripped it out and fitted an anti snap locked with a sold secure handle. Funny enough it works every time.... (lol)

Yale Conexis Smart Lock (Yale Store - eBay) - £147.99 @ Yale eBay
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Made hot 1st Oct 2021Made hot 1st Oct 2021
Yale Conexis Smart Lock (Yale Store - eBay) - £147.99 @ Yale eBay£147.99£184.9820% off Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
I've had one of these for a few years now and it's been great. Convenient and no chance of losing your keys either. Work in conjunction with the Smart and Sync alarm systems too,… Read more

Thanks, I was thinking about the Hubitat Elevation but I'll take a look at the aotec


They clearly did not forsee this issue... good luck with yours. The upgrade dongle is just like a normal module with a hole crudely cut into it and a USB connection soldered on.. Let us know if you upgrade :)


Thanks, it seems all mine are on older Firmware. Strange why they didn't make it updatable via bluetooth on the app


They did not ask for any proof originally, I just rang up, said the damn thing beeps, they said no prob, we will post you a fob and a return envelope paid for. Did not cost a penny. Only asked for some proof after it totally died and they needed to post a replacement unit. I can confirm after the update my firmware showed 1.2.0 (model 66000002ffffff) Hope that helps


Hi, I am using Home Assistant as the main 'brain' and Vera as my ZWave hub. I might move to an Aotec z stick 7 at some stage, but for now the Vera is pretty good. I already had it mind... guess if I were to buy one now I'd probably go with the Aotec

Yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock in Chrome £134.99 (Members Only) @ Costco
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Made hot 17th Jun 2021Made hot 17th Jun 2021
Yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock in Chrome £134.99 (Members Only) @ Costco£134.99Costco Deals
As above starts 21/June The Yale Conexis L1 smart lock combines 180 years of security expertise with modern, smart technology, allowing for full control of your home whilst provid… Read more

Android app hasn't been updated since 2018....! That tells you everything. I'm surprised Yale have given up on product development and not come up with a version 2 of this, and app improvements... there's literally no other competition on the market and they can solidify their lead by making a 4 out of 5 star product, instead of a 2 out of 5 star.


Maybe I've not installed it properly but it is a real pain to get it to lock properly and it seems to have a mind of its own at times. I'm surprised there aren't better products at a better price by now.


and what makes you think so


I've got one of these. It's crap.


who actually buys these dumb products, its garbage and much less secure than an actual lock.

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Costco - Bold Smart Door Lock with Connect - Lock Size: SX-33 - £159.99 @ Costco
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Made hot 12th Apr 2021Made hot 12th Apr 2021
Costco - Bold Smart Door Lock with Connect - Lock Size: SX-33 - £159.99 @ Costco£159.99 Free P&P FreeCostco Deals
Currently £40 off until 18.04.2021 and appears a good price from Costco, taking the price from £199.99 to £159.99 and free delivery on this item. Costco's returns policy is great t… Read more

It's just an extra turn on the cylinder therefore they are able to do this


How does this work with multi-point locking systems that are installed on almost all UPVC doors? You need to push handles up to allow the lock to engage, I don't see how smart locks have managed to address this.


It has been said earlier in the thread, but this is quite the opposite experience of what I've had with Costco. I would normally go as far as saying their customer service is better than anybody else I've known. They take things back with barely a bat of an eyelid. However, just a warning on my recent experience. My daughters TV went wrong, engineer came out promptly and deemed it to be beyond economic repair. We took it back to the shop, knowing that we let our membership lapse because we would find ourselves using it less and less. The only way to get a refund was to pay the membership fee again. To add insult to this, I couldn't then immediately cancel it because the primary member was my wife. It's a very small thing though, we now have another year of membership so will be stocking up heavily on the remaining things we would still use them for.


Dumb is the word, its a, what utter nonsense.


I only trust doors that take me over a minute to unlock, although it gets a bit annoying in rainy weather

Mi Smart Sensor Set - WiFi and ZigBee - (Hub/1xWireless Switch/2xMotion Sensor/2xWindow and Door Sensor) for £54.89 delivered @ Xiaomi
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Made hot 11th Feb 2021Made hot 11th Feb 2021
Mi Smart Sensor Set - WiFi and ZigBee - (Hub/1xWireless Switch/2xMotion Sensor/2xWindow and Door Sensor) for £54.89 delivered @ Xiaomi£49.99£65.8624% off £4.90 Xiaomi UK Deals
A nice little set if you want to make your home smart or more secure. You have the hub in the set and technically everything can communicate with everything. Set up rules, automati… Read more

Oh the ZigBee!


I have a similar setup on Home Assistant. It appeared daunting at first to set up, but once you get your head round it, it's one of the best out there. Instant response times, devices and lights can work offline, not pigeon holed into one manufacturer and most of all.... reliable.


Don't buy if in Northern Ireland. Sending out parcels with incorrect paperwork apparently. You'll pay for it, it will ship, be returned (according to UPS) and you'll be left chasing a refund....


Dont order the hub! I had the similar UK hub here for 1 week and returned it. It was not possible to add any aqara or xiaomi sensors or lights which were not UK labeled. Whicht means, that light switches, or the magic cube or most of the other sensors + smart things + plugs which are available in China didn't work with this hub. It was also not possible to add certain yeelight bulbs (filament bulb for example). Save your money and buy the chinese one. Works much better :)


Anyone using a WIFI motion sensor with Home Assistant (not flashing requirement), not Zigbee or Z-Wave, just Wifi? Please recommend a low cost one if any.