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Tile Mate (2020) Bluetooth Item Finder, 4 Pack, White £35.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Also noticed this set reduced to £38.99 Attach Tile Mate to your everyday things like keys, backpacks and other stuff you need to keep track of regularly. You will gain peace of … Read more

Oos on Amazon UK now


I remember reading Tile were teaming up with Amazon to utilize the Alexa network. On phones and devices.


Interesting to know. I assumed the AirTags would be better as they cost over twice as much but didn't realise they're quiet. The Tiles are loud on the max volume setting so you can definitely hear them, they lack the UWB feature that Apple has but are meant to be releasing some soon that have it.


you've been diddled, lol (lol) i noticed that amazon was being a bit cheeky as they would state the prime exclusive saving of 50% or more so that you think you are getting an absolute bargain, but this is from the RRP and not the usual price as they also state the usual price without the prime exclusive and if you could be bothered to work out the real discount, it was only 30% (skeptical)


Got my old mum having an iPhone some apple airtags after me getting these as the reviews for them said they are much better than the tiles... Well couldn't be further from the truth. The sound level on these means you can hear them from just about anywhere in the house but with the apple ones you have to be next to them to hear the tag & even then it is so quiet & there is no way to make them louder... This with the price being much higher meant the apple tags were sent back

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Google Assistant in Black/Soft TouchGrey is £20 @ AO
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Google Assist in Black/Grey is £20 @ Ao! 🌞 (y)

Agreed, and free delivery via DPD (y) 🏻 Ordered and heat, thanks OP.


Just don't use the gradually brightening alarm. It has ruined my sleep pattern! The slightest increase in light now wakes me up. 4-30am 😳


Exactly same here!


Voted hot, I rather pay £0.01 more :D and buy from AO than giving my money to Currys.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Google Assistant Soft Touch Grey/Black is £19.99 @ Currys Ebay
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Google Assist is £19.99 @ Currys Ebay! 🌞 (y)

My TV broke within first 30 days. Currys arranged pick up and replacement. They've picked it up first, and after checking it, they arranged delivery for replacement. The replacement came smashed. They arranged pick up and replacement again, 3rd TV came smashed as well. So, 3 TVs in less than 2 months, also 5 days off work, as they can't replace it at the same time they pick up the faulty one. They need to check it first, despite the fact they ask for pictures with the fault, and in my case it was very obvious why the smashed TVs didn't work. Took me 3 months to get my money back.


Currys is worst in business, I had a nightmare dealing with them for tv refund


Yes there are sleep sounds you can play and tell it how long to play for if you're hoping to fall asleep.


:D I guess I have to be grateful to them. One order was on something I didn't really need it, got it because it was cheap and I could made some use of it. Because I didn't really care about it, I completely forgot I ordered it. They never told me it was cancelled. A month later I realised I didn't get my money back. Right hassle, 3 weeks of complaints for the sake of £5. Not worth the hassle.


See they made it so easy for you! 4 of your five orders were cancellad so know you only have to return one? Easy XD XD XD

Tile Mate (2020) Bluetooth Item Finder, 1 Pack, White. 60m finding range, 1 year replaceable battery £11.99 @ Amazon prime exclusive
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Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
I always wait for their day deals to top up on my Tile collection!! Glad I waited until today as its £2 cheaper than it was yesterday! Great for finding all your lost stuff and yo… Read more

I understand that is new products only. Hopefully not as it would mean I could bring back my tile pro that I’ve just replaced.


I had the slim wallet version, lost my wallet at home, remembered eventually where it was after half an hour if trying to get tile app to find it, and it finally rang as I was stood beside it. Returned it as being not fit for purpose.


The one thing that annoys me about these things and I have written to the manufacturer about it, is the requirement to have location services enabled for it to even work at all in the app. There should be a bluetooth only mode when inside for when I just want to quickly locate it via bluetooth. Theres no need to have battery draining full location services enabled all the time.


Well at least with that you'd know where to look for it rather than running around blindly.


I have noticed this with my tile mate!

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LENOVO Smart Clock with Google Assistant All Colours £29.99 / £39.99 with GOOGLE Nest Mini (2nd Gen) all colours Using Code @ CurrysPCWorld
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Good price for this Clock but if you want the Nest Mini as well, you can get it for an extra £10 using the code "NESTMINI10 " at checkout. Difference between Regular and Essenti… Read more

Order placed for 2 of them with free delivery (one with the Google Nest Mini offer), thanks OP


Great price for these. I've got two in bedrooms as well as the 8" one in the lounge. They are great.


Well its smaller - like a bedside clock... It won't do video but that would be pretty pointless anyway due to the small screen size. I like how the screen can go almost completely off at night but stays on just enough to see the time. Sound quality is fine for what it is but doesn't expect anything great. I've had mine a year since the AO offer at £40 back then. Great device and the recent firmware updates have sorted the annoying changing MAC address issue. Has a USB A port on the back if you want to plug your phone in to charge (hub doesn't have that) and has a nice weather related screen background option that is also a clock exclusive. I've got mine set to ring that alarm and trigger the morning routine set in Google home (play news headlines and slowly turn on the bedside light with a Hue bulb in). Bargain at this price.


I don't own either but for an extra tenner it seems like a no brainer to go for one with a colour screen so I'll be going for this one!


nice! is this better / worse than the standard 7" hub, in terms of functionality? anything obvious missing?

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Google Assistant £19.99 + Google Nest Mini (2nd gen) with code = £29.99 @ Currys PC World
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Google Assistant reduced by a further £5 to £19.99, the lowest it goes. Plus you can add a Nest Mini 2nd gen (grey/black/pink) for an extra £10 wi… Read more

Oddly they seemed to disconnect as soon as I asked for email transcript, the chat allows you to get a transcript although I've not received one yet.. finger's crossed


I really like mine. The mic is kind of terrible compared to the Nest Mini though which is a shame. I’m having to almost yell at it to recognise any commands


Currys PC world were selling these last month for £17.99. I bought two. In fact, the deal was posted here. They are very good as it happens


You can cast YouTube Music but not YouTube sadly. But I connect my phone to the clock via Bluetooth and play YouTube that way. Sounds great


So it will accept casting videos like YouTube and just play the audio? Or do you mean YouTube music?