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Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit - £83.97 @ Currys (Free C&C)
Refreshed 1st MayRefreshed 1st May
Useful starter kit for home automation Compatible with smart home devices Includes hub Monitor your home Compatible with iOS / Android Works with Amazon Alexa / Google Ass… Read more
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Https:// Enjoy!


Yes but you need to Google the instructions as there's an additional step needed to get their network id.


I've just ordered some aqara bits from China. They are so much cheaper. Do they pair easily?


Can't order or get it delivered


Yes the aqara and Xiaomi sensors can be paired with samsung smartthings hub.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen), Charcoal / Sandstone / Heather Grey + Amazon Smart Plug £39.99 delivered @ Amazon
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Echo Dot (3rd Gen), Charcoal / Sandstone / Heather Grey + Amazon Smart Plug £39.99 delivered @ Amazon This bundle includes the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) and the Amazon Smart Plug - e… Read more

Shame, now £64.98


If it burns my house down when I’m not there, I’m sure amazon will give me a free month of prime as compensation. If I’m there, I’ll get a £10 credit as well, to use on items sold by amazon (y)


I heardthe amazon smart plug is a fire hazard (skeptical)


Amazing. I bought the dot yesterday on amazon for £50 cancelled the order and got this plus the smart plug for £10 cheaper. Thanks. (y)


Great! Accidentaly damaged ours:( perfect timing for the new one!!! 29.99 without a smart plug!!!

Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit - White rrp £199.99 now £93.10 delivered at Amazon
Posted 25th MarPosted 25th Mar
SmartThings is the easy way to turn your home into a smart home Control, automate and monitor your home from anywhere using the SmartThings app The Samsung SmartThings Home Monit… Read more
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My pleasure bro! (lol)


This has now gone up to £101.05 with a matter of hours, not really a deal hot anymore!


Never heard of Neo coolcam but just doing a search they have a few sensors. I use XIaomi sensors with my smarthings hub and pretty much automates my whole house,They are good but a little temperamental. Do you use any Neo coolcam sensors yourself and are they pretty much all compatible? Thanks


Now showing at £100.41


Yes, all your ST devices appear in Alexa once linked, usefulness depends on whether you want to control them with your voice.

Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit (v2) - £99.07 @ Amazon
Posted 8th MarPosted 8th Mar
My first deal so be gentle. SmartThings v2 starter kit (hub v2 + 2 multipurpose sensors + 1 motion sensor + 1 outlet). MSRP £199.99, currently £139 at Currys. V2 hub is meant to … Read more

This is now £93.27!


It looks like there is unofficial support for that

the.porter a bit cheaper for a one off if anybody wants one


Do you know if hue dimmers are ok with smart things hub?


I do, but they're on the Hue hub.

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SAMSUNG SmartThings Hub - £19.97 @ Currys
Posted 7th MarPosted 7th Mar
SAMSUNG SmartThings Hub - £19.97 @ Currys
£19.97£24.9920%Currys PC World Deals
Good offer on this useful smart hub from Samsung. Available in-store. The Samsung SmartThings Hub is the heart of your smart home. It connects wirelessly with hundreds of c… Read more
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I don't think the xiaomi stuff is quite zigbee, although it's similar. HA talks to the hub over ip, yes, but the devices uses the zigbee-like protocol to talk to the hub. I think you'd just have to try it and see, tbh.


So HA connects via IP to the mija hub? Not by ZigBee? I've got a load of IKEA power sockets that extend my ZigBee network. Will using the mija hub break that? At the moment all my devices are on the same ZigBee network


I use the mijia hub, and no complaints so far. It also doubles as a light sensor, a light, and a sounder so it's certainly worth using in its own right. As for the z-wave, it's an aeontec stick, iirc. Haven't actually got anything using it atm, though, so no idea how reliable it is.


If that was me, and I drove that far to get it, stay near the customer service desk and demand answers from store manager and then if not that, ask them to call head office over he matter. Demand a plan in place or you don’t leave. Seeing as customer services is usually on the same desk, they don’t like disgruntled customers making a fuss near the front. I usually get results this way.


Reserved 1 at braehead Glasgow so goto to collect today 40 mile round trip and get told i couldn't get it coz I shouldn't have been able to get that price online now reported this to customer care still awaiting call back from them next is a email to CEO will post update customer care did say someone had made a cock up online I have confirmation e-mail to say under £20 clear as day

Ikea Tradfri power control outlet smartplug £9.95 instore @ Ikea
Posted 10th FebPosted 10th Feb
Ikea Tradfri power control outlet smartplug £9.95 instore @ Ikea
Great price for a smart plug, back in stock and although now 95p more expensive still great value for a smart plug. These use the zigbee protocol, so need a hub to work with. They'… Read more

Thanks, I've finally found that flow. Using switch for set up only. Than by using Hue Essentials app from Google play you could ungroup that sockets from your switch if needed.


Not true. I bought one of these, some bulbs, a hub and a few other bits but no switches. You can, with a bit of tinkering not mentioned in the instructions, pair the smartplug directly with the hub and can then be controlled via the Ikea app, or Google Home. Apparently you can also sync the bulbs in the same way, but I didnt have any luck with that. In the end I had to buy a switch which you only need to use once during the initial setup - pair the switch to the hub, then pair the switch to the bulb, the bulb will then appear in app meaning you can unpair the switch and never use it again.


Looks like it might work only with Ikea's switches (motion sensors, on-off switches etc). So you are unable to add that switch separately to the hub and have some automation there. Only could be added as pair remote control item + that switch. So the scenario will be a quite limited: has a different remote controls for your outlet :-(


Uses a protocol called Zigbee. The Echo with built in hub works with Zigbee so might work with these plugs.


Do these only work on 2.4ghz network, and must all your control devices be connected to the same network? It's a bit annoying to have all echo devices limited to 2.4ghz just so plugs can be controlled. I'm sure I'm missing something.

Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit (next best price is £149.99 from Curry's) £104.99 @ Amazon
Posted 4th FebPosted 4th Feb
Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit (next best price is £149.99 from Curry's) £104.99 @ Amazon
£104.99£149.9930%Amazon Deals
I've just ordered as it's the cheapest I've seen it on Amazon. I think you can pick it up from Curry's for £159.99 at the moment so pretty good discount. CCC is down but this come… Read more
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I’ve heard this a lot, people in the forums moaning about the Samsung parts falling to bits yet the cheap Xiaomi sensors have excellent reviews. Really want to get my hands on a hub now...


Agreed that the Xiaomi sensors can be tricky to get setup and paired initially, but it's easy once you have the hang of it. But I get that some will want an 'out of the box' experience. I thought ST was all cloud based, but could be wrong. Mine either just randomly unpaired and then refused to re-pair or the batteries ran out and they wouldn't function with replacements. They fix the batteries in so tight you have to basically break the clips to get them out so they wont stay fitted properly afterwards.


As this was resolved by a new software for a hub, I suppose only hubs manufactured and sold before certain date.


I never got contacted about this either. Were all v2 hubs effected or just ones sold before a certain date?


That's interesting, I purchased a hub, 2 contacts and water sensor separately and all working for almost a year. I'd agree that the Xiaomi sensors are better value but can be a bit more of a pain to get connected. Also as I understand it the Samsung sensors supported local processing whereas the Xiaomi sensors are cloud.

Samsung Smartthings starter kit £109.99 delivered online @ Amazon
Posted 7th JanPosted 7th Jan
Samsung Smartthings starter kit £109.99 delivered online @ Amazon
£109.99£199.9945%Amazon Deals
Decent price for getting started with Smartthings. £199.99 in Currys. Individually priced: Presence sensor £30 Motion sensor £25 Multi sensor £24 Outlet £45 Hub £79 (price for v3,… Read more

Of course I’m interested in the item otherwise I wouldn’t have seen it come up. I’ve just never been interested enough to pay anymore than £99 like it was 3 years ago with such negative reviews saying things don’t work half the time. I expect things to actually work if I’m going to fork out money for it. It’s not much to ask.


Ah so you were never interested in the item anyway (y) Interesting to see it has gone up £30 since I posted this deal, so when I posted it was the time to get it. Most of the negative reviews appear to be from thickos not understanding how it works, or expecting too much.


No, but you can buy overpriced tech that has horrendous reviews.


Can I buy your house please? Thanks.


You don't buy anything then? Everything was cheaper 3 years back lol.

Samsung Original Wireless Charger Duo Two-Way Charging for most Samsung Devices including Galaxy S9/S9+ (inc TA) - Black  £39.99 @ Very
Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
Samsung Original Wireless Charger Duo Two-Way Charging for most Samsung Devices including Galaxy S9/S9+ (inc TA) - Black £39.99 @ Very
£39.99Very Deals
SamsungOriginal Wireless Charger Duo Two-Way Charging for most Samsung Devices including Galaxy S9/S9+ (inc TA) - Black

Price gone up!


Great price!


Ordered for the mrs and cheaper than used on ebay. Heat

Gear icon down to £100
Posted 23rd Sep 2018Posted 23rd Sep 2018
Gear icon down to £100
£100£17944%Samsung Store Deals
Gear icon



Sadly, terrible reviews! I was about to buy one but was put off by the reviews! Shame! I usually prefer Samsung products but not this time ☹


No stock


Gear Fit2 Pro ' Save £79.00 (Was £179.00 from 01 Jul 2018 - 22 Aug 2018) ' Gear IconX (2018) ' Save £79.00 (Was £179.00 from 27 Oct 2017 - 07 Jun 2018) '


No stock

Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit - White £94.99 @ Amazon
Posted 30th Aug 2018Posted 30th Aug 2018
Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit - White £94.99 @ Amazon
£94.99£99.995%Amazon Deals
Best price I've ever seen for second generation SmartThings, probably connected with release of v3 in US (not available in UK yet, more info: YouTube here SmartThings is the e… Read more
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From the very little information I can see I don't think this is coming to the UK soon. Speaking to Samsung they have no details on the UK V3 which suggests we have quite a wait..... This hub (From my search) seems to be one of the best. They all have their faults but this appears to be most versatile so I will probably just order this version and forget about the wait.


I have the same problem as well deciding which to go for but my ISP subscription is up soon so would be good to know if using smartthings router as my main hub or whoever I go with!


I'm going to wait for the v3 because of the wifi connectivity


V3 is out in the US but not the UK.... couldn't find anything on Google so I called Samsung, even they (apparently) have no idea when a UK release of the V3 will be. Wondering at what point to buy, just get the v2 now or wait..... But how long :/


V3 kit soon to be released hence discounting.

S9 Plus / 2 In Stock / Unlocked / Good / Black / Android Oreo / 6GB 128GB / 4gadgets / £499.99 @ 4gadgets
Posted 27th Aug 2018Posted 27th Aug 2018
S9 Plus / 2 In Stock / Unlocked / Good / Black / Android Oreo / 6GB 128GB / 4gadgets / £499.99 @ 4gadgets
£499.99£509.992%4gadgets Deals
2 in stock for Good Good or Excellent condition S9 Plus from 4gadgets with 128GB of Storage Specs; Super AMOLED / 6"2 / 1440 x 2960 / 18.5:9 Android 8.0 Oreo / Exynos 9810 / 6G… Read more

Good price but too big..looking for an S9 minus


Does anyone know, based on previous years. When the "new" price for the Plus version will drop? Does it take a few weeks or months after the launch of a new Note for the price to drop? Thanks.


Only "Good" left. This is the third level down and the one above "Acceptable" "These devices are in good condition. There will be some minor signs of wear and tear on the screen and casing. The previous owner didn’t use a case or screen protector as they weren’t too bothered about minor marks. This device has been fully tested to ensure it is in full working order."

Samsung smartthings starter kit only £72 at CEX!!
Posted 18th Aug 2018Posted 18th Aug 2018
Samsung smartthings starter kit only £72 at CEX!!
absolute steal at this price. 5 available at the time of this post

Received today, looks brand new un-used and has v2 hub :) (Havent tried it yet..)


Ordered this. Hoping it has v2 hub...


Tt does but the device handlers and the community around this is a lot more mature


Echo Plus uses zigbee


I have tried both and smartthings currently is a lot better it's so versatile you can connect pretty much any zigbee product too it

SAMSUNG SmartThings Starter Kit - £84.99 (with code) @ Currys
Posted 4th Aug 2018Posted 4th Aug 2018
SAMSUNG SmartThings Starter Kit - £84.99 (with code) @ Currys
£84.99£99.9915%Currys PC World Deals
Samsung Smartthings Starter kit only £84.99 at Currys using this code. Cheapest I've found it at the moment. Just picked one up in Oxford at this price.

Sadly I'm too late - offer expired or updated.... they told me the promo code applies to security devices but not starter kits so couldn't purchase. ;(


Thank you Sir, I'll take a butcher's hook.


you can use ifttt with smartthings, apparently (although i've not tried that yet). seems to suggest that there's a way to link at least one of those into smartthings - and that there are people out there trying to make it happen. also, there's this one (using IFTTT): they appear to be fairly generic hardware, so chances are if you do some digging you'll find something that'll work.


Thank you. I've got two of these plugs And one of these The reason I bought them was because I could get them for around £7 each. They might be too obscure to use SmartThings. I've started to use IFTTT and the Platform version of it. Now I can activate multiple events from one click on my phone's IFTTT widget. So I'm not really reliant on the Harmony remote as I once was.


if you're curious, i had a play with mine over the last couple of days - i've managed to get my harmony remote's buttons to control my tp-link sockets and my yeelight bulbs, so i think it's safe to say that what you're after is definitely possible. best thing to do is to just google the sockets and 'smartthings' to see if it can talk to them. if you can, the harmony remote can definitely pick them up from the smartthings hub so you can control them with your remote.

Samsung Smartthings Hub and Starter Kit £99.99 @ Currys
Posted 2nd Aug 2018Posted 2nd Aug 2018
Samsung Smartthings Hub and Starter Kit £99.99 @ Currys
£99.99£15033%Currys PC World Deals
Was looking for a hub or starter kit the other day and the cheapest i could find was 150. Must have dropped price recently.
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Also available on Argos for same price now


So far I had quite bad experience with Xiaomi and Aqara sensors, frequent drop outs. Will be chasing deals for Samsung's sensors as have way better experience with them. In terms of alarm - it's a question of configuration. I don't view SmartThings as home alarm (have a separate one). Even Samsung promotes ADT's one.


voted hot ,ditch the sensors ,and go z-wave neo cool cams are quite good ,fibaro and everspring , get action tiles and a kindle fire , have mine linked to my lightwave rf hub via a raspberry pi and that controls my sockets and relays


Sorry, but apart from the Zwave sensors I use, I only use the fairly cheap Xiaomi sensors, and they have never dropped a connection to the hub. I don't intend the use the ST forever, but it's been fine over the first 6 months, and server connection has been more reliable than the Xiaomi. I've said before, and many others have said on the other ST posts, the samsung senors and plugs are pants. If you've ended up with a kit, keep the hub, and ebay the extras. Just check out the bidders on all the motion sensors, plugs and presence sensors out there.


I impulse bought his last year and I love it. The Samsung sensors are garbage but I use xiaomi anyway.

YI 3-axis Phone Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer with Wireless Remote Control @ Amazon sold by YI official store
Posted 3rd Jul 2018Posted 3rd Jul 2018
YI 3-axis Phone Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer with Wireless Remote Control @ Amazon sold by YI official store
£89.99£199.9955%Amazon Deals
Phone Gimbal Capture incredible professional looking footage on your smartphone with this 3-axis gimbal. It's 3 operating modes and 360° pan axis lets you capture clear, stable ima… Read more

Amazon are quite good, let them know it's not working as expected.


I've played around with it and it does seem to have a lot of potential. The app doesn't have 4k video, but it's just only been released, so hopefully they'll add this feature in the next update. There's more degree of rotation as unlike the Osmo 2, the YI can rotate 360 degrees and it also includes an extra function which holds the horizontal.


I have s8 and I can't get it to work properly, it has a mind of its own, the app is utter rubbish and Bluetooth connection from the app keeps disconnecting and also the camera using the yi gimbal app doesn't focus properly. Don't know if Amazon will refund? I tried calibration few times, using Samsung camera app I was able to make a video however it wasn't straight.


Arrived this morning and really struggling to get it working correctly... Think my Huawei P20 Pro may be a bit too big for it


Code stop working as they have removed the discount code from Amazon

Google Home Mini + Chromecast for £49 (30 pounds off) @ Currys
Posted 10th Jun 2018Posted 10th Jun 2018
Google Home Mini + Chromecast for £49 (30 pounds off) @ Currys
Pretty much are getting the Chromecast for free seeing as the Home Mini retail price is 49.
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It's £59 now, expired


Clearly for gaining market share, they cost hardly anything to make.


Google, tell alexa to switch off the heating. Alexa; you ***** do it yourself (lol)


I couldn't find it on my phone when checking yesterday. Would have gone for if it had.


So many deals for the minis. Why? Are they not selling well?

Maplins - Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit for £79.99.  Instore Only.
Posted 27th May 2018Posted 27th May 2018LocalLocal
Maplins - Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit for £79.99. Instore Only.
Maplins has Extra 20% off most things. Just picked this up for £79.99. The easy way to turn your home into a smart home. Kit contains: A SmartThings Hub Hub that can connect… Read more

None in the sheffield centre store, the staff didn't really know what Samsung Smartthings were.


Deliveries stopped about 6th of May when all the delivery drivers were let go and they closed the distribution centres If new stock does comes into remaining stores then its gonna be the last remaining products from stores that just closed.


Thanks! The one on Sheffield will definitely close soon if they do not get deliveries. They only have cables left, all very cheap, what is in the store will not cover one member of staff wages.


All stores will close by July The largest stores with the most stock will stay open the longest


Just to point out it may also be worth keeping an eye on Very, as we got this for £69.99 after the £30 new customer credit when they reduced it to £99.99, plus we also got £7 from TopCashback (which was unexpected).

SmartThings Starter Kit £100 at Amazon
Posted 23rd Apr 2018Posted 23rd Apr 2018
SmartThings Starter Kit £100 at Amazon
Best price I’ve seen for a while and one of the best options on the market.
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back to £145?


To offer my own experience... last night I was woken by my phone telling me that my wife had arrived home at midnight despite her being asleep next to me. I thought nothing more of it but it was only when I woke up in the morning, did I realise that Smartthings had not just told me that my wife had arrived home, it had also switched on all of the downstairs lights to 100% (my own rule) and the lights had been on all night. The presence sensor has not moved at all, the hub had just lost its connection to it and then when it reconnected, it took it as my wife arriving home. Bag o' sh....


Agreed, combining other sensors and factors to understand presence can be more useful.


The proximity fob has a lot of problems according to the smart things forums. Terrible battery life for starters. Totally put me off this kit.


Considered it but bought bits separately. A couple of the sensors are limited usefulness.

Samsung SmartThings Hub £52.49 @ Maplin (Delivered or Check Local Store for Stock)
Posted 20th Apr 2018Posted 20th Apr 2018
Samsung SmartThings Hub £52.49 @ Maplin (Delivered or Check Local Store for Stock)
£52.49£64.9919%Maplin Deals
if im looking at it right the cheapest i can see this for is £64.99 Turn your home into a Smart Home Connect wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices and make them work to… Read more
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Saw these are 49.99 in curry’s today. Also their motion sensor was £14.99


Yes, I missed out on that 10% off deal. Then I got it from them for 40 when ebay had a 20% off deal. (y)


Good price at the moment. Tempted to get one now.


This isn't one of those time machine cases. It has been £49.99 several times at several retailers so is almost guaranteed to be that price again. Just like the Google Home Mini is always falling to £34 and should never be bought for more than this unless you absolutely need it right this minute. Same here, just wait a few weeks and it will be £49.99 again, or cheaper (thanks Cuddl3s, I'd forgotten it was even cheaper in Currys). I haven't voted either way as £52.49 is the cheapest AT THE MOMENT. But that does not necessarily make this a good deal.


Was 45 actually at currys just 2 months ago so cold sort of at the moment :)

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