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Two Samsung SmartThings Plugs and a Hub (worth £139) for £1 when you sign up to Green Energy with Bulb
30/09/2020Expires on 30/09/2020Posted 22 h, 3 m agoPosted 22 h, 3 m ago
Hi guys, this is my first deal so please be nice! HUKD has helped me massively over the years and I want to try and give back :) I thought this was a pretty good deal. I've swit… Read more
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If you're surprised, imagine how I feel!!


I am very surprised at your issues with refund. I was £560 in credit in March 2020. I asked for £500 back and it was in my account next day. Then as I was leaving I asked for the rest, when I got the final bill I had to pay them £3.74.


Anyone used LookAfterMyBills (the one where all dragons offered them investment)? The providers they list in their list is never heard about. Wonder what algorithm they use to pull up the list.


At British Gas Green Future tariffs are the greenest we have available to help you manage your carbon footprint today. Sign up and as you power your home, you’ll also be supporting a variety of exciting initiatives that help protect our planet. On a Green Future tariff, we’ll match your home energy use with fully-certified, renewable sources. Put simply, most of your CO2 emissions from your home energy use will be balanced with renewable energy and carbon offsetting, getting your home closer to carbon neutral. And that’s just the beginning. Because with a Green Future tariff, you’ll support carbon-cutting projects at home and abroad. Right now, that means helping UK woodlands through tree-growing projects and protecting an entire hectare 1 of precious Amazonian rainforest.


In the process of leaving Bulb switching to British Gas savings £180 over the year please be aware Bulb installed my smart meters (smeg 2) for both gas and electric last year & still have to send readings manually monthly . customer services always helpful .Only moved to British Gas for the savings.

Kasa Mini Smart Plug TP-Link (KP105) WiFi Outlet,Works with Amazon Alexa/Google Home/Samsung SmartThing - £14.99 Prime/£19.48 NP @ Amazon UK
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
(seen many Tapo deals earlier for Sub - £10 but needed one with Kasa app and this has a price drop from £19.99 ... I think this's the latest version of HS100 which is also the same… Read more

I swapped from the original Kasa HS100 to Teckin plugs. The Teckin plugs are smaller, cheaper and in my experience a lot more reliable.


One use case for me is my aquarium to be able to control lights pumps etc at different times and also when performing water changes can be used to automate things. Many other use cases around the house where people use these. Also essential when going holiday you can automate your table lamps etc.


I use one in a waterproof master plug box in the garden. It has an IR heater plugged into it on the decking. So I can remotely disable it, stop the kids switching it on and leaving it. Great for the Christmas lights. It can follow sunset, rather than just set times. Lights can be set to be turned on/off depending on if the house is inhabited or not. Handy for turning off AV and TV equipment every night, especially when the socket is buried behind a TV , etc.


To switch off anything that's connected to that awkward hard to reach socket behind the sofa.


What do you actually use these for? Lamps?

Samsung SmartThings Moisture Sensor £12.99 (+ 6 months Spotify Premium Free) @ Currys PC World
683° Expired
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Currys PC World are currently offering the Samsung SmartThings Moisture Sensor for only £12.99 down from its RRP of £24.99, this was very recently £14.99. Plus there is free delive… Read more
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Thank you...


I will unexpire and post a comment if it does come back in stock, but idk if it will


Looks OOS to me gutted wanted one for the bath behind the panel, waited too long oh well..


Is it me or have these disappeared?


They were trying to say that their girlfriend..... ahh hah ahh , I see what you did there.

SmartThings Moister/Temperature sensor (1st Gen) + 6months Spotify Premium/Free P&P £14.99 at Currys PC World
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
£5 off the list price and 6 months Spotify Premium for new accounts. Its the 1st gen moisture sensor so suffers a bit for not having a stronger battery and doesn't have multiple … Read more

Gonna buy this for Spotify premium :) 6 months in 15 quid and complimentary Samsung device :)


Bitter truth :(


Thanks no one does deals for families :)


It only refers to Spotify Premium in the T&Cs and when you click through to the offer page it says the subscription will renew at 9.99 at the end of the free trial so I would imagine not.


does the free Spotify premium cover family premium?

Smartthings hub and two smart plugs bundle only £79 delivered @ Samsung
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Great deal for someone looking to buy the hub as well!

...SFU (annoyed)


Is this better than hubitat? Not trolling


Lamps or lights? If you mean wall lights have you considered the Xiaomi ZigBee wall switches?


the plugs also act as range extenders for the network, which is handy if you turn off your smart lights at the wall like most of my household do :)


Is this the newest gen?

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Samsung Smartthings Plug £15.00 with code + free P&P at Samsung Store - up to maximum of 5 plugs
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Samsung Smartthings Plugs are reduced from £30 to £15 at Samsung using the code 'PLUG'. Only applies to one per order (but there are was to multiple order - I think it may trace on… Read more

There's an on/off button on the SmartThings Plug but there's not one on the IKEA Plug.


You can link Hue to SmartThings so can control the Hue devices from the SmartThings App if you so wish.


No, absolutely, I fully understand and appreciate the necessity of using a hub with so many devices connected to it. You say you have two different hubs and thus presumably apps to control them, do you not find it a little inconvenient if you have to turn your lights off in the Hue app and your X-device in the X-app? Or do timers work well enough for your needs? Tangentially, do you have the IKEA smart blinds? They sound amazing, as does having 60 smart devices!


manual switch.? thanks


Get 2 free by buying the smart hub for £79, adding 2 smart plugs to basket and entering code P5HQ6N5T80, code PLUG will not work after entering the other code

SmartThings Motion Sensor, Get Alerts or Trigger Your Lights to Turn on, Single £18.99 + £3.49 NP @ Amazon
168° Expired
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Good offer on these right now, if your in the market for or want to expand your SmartThings setup. Latest version Samsung Smartthings motion sensor. Zigbee. DETAILS: Receive imm… Read more

Smart things seems like too much of a dying ecosystem to me, I tried it like 9 months ago as It seemed easier to use but I quickly realised samsung was not to active and felt it was dying before I even started, to add to it I quickly came to realise I was limited to the devices I could buy which mean't extra cost. I also had lag in automations so just gave up and sent it back What you want is a intel Nuc (overpowered but I use it to host emby at same time) then set up home assistant with virtualbox, then have stuff added to this, then a £36 conbee stick, and a few clicks away from added xiaomi sensors for cheaper. is cheaper sticks but conbee easiest for new people


All xiaomi kit needs a custom handler but it really is dead simple, no harder that setting up IFTTT routines. You literally copy and paste the communty code into Smartthigs.


DID The xiaomi needs a custom code, or did they work out of the box?


As far as I know, you do need the Smartthings hub to get the smartthings motion sensor to work with Philip's hue. Admittedly, I have never needed to try to connect directly but do not recall ever seeing anything about anyone ever getting it to work that way.


I have paired the Xiaomi motion sensor to the smartthings hub and left it about 70cm away and it still loses the connection, in fact wherever it's been placed that happens. Nothing else does this and most everything in my house is "SMART".

SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor - £18.99 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
214° Expired
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Versatile monitoring: All-in-one open/close, vibration orientation, angle (tilt) and temperature sensor for multipurpose functionality 24/7 monitoring: Receive instant alerts if a… Read more



Yes I use Hue. Only non Phillips bulb I have is one IKEA one. When you link Hue with SmartThings all the hue stuff appears as individual bulbs in the SmartThings app and you get same control over brightness etc. Hue provides an option to change the ZigBee channel Hue things are running on, though I've not seen any evidence changing it does anything.


Yes I got some of the Ikea plugs too and changed batteries in the Xiaomi sensors, fixed issue with some but others still cause issue, one is right next to an ikea plug. Funny feeling it's not Just one issue, somthing also to do with some of the smart bulbs I have from Osram, there appear to try and act as repeaters but don't do a good job and then cause battery powered devices to drop off the network. I was thinking if I got a Hue bridge and routed the Osram bulbs through that (as they are listed as compatible with Hue) it might solve the issue. Just need to find out if will have same level of functionality and automation if I add hue in to the mix, if so might give it a try. You don't by any chance have a Hue bridge in your system? Fed up of the smartthings community pages, very difficult to find uk related up to date info.


Since I started using IKEA tradfri smart plugs my Xiaomi sensors rarely drop off (the ones further from my SmartThings hub would regularly drop off before). Guessing IKEA is shut at the moment. SmartThings plugs should have the same benefit of extending range for ZigBee devices.


Thanks That sounds useful. Ordered. Tbh would love smart speaker to announce things but as you said and from what I read on smarthings community pages it's too complex to set up, my main issue hasbeen having problems with custom device handlers, all working before but now lot of my Xiaomi sensors drop off all the time, so trying to move away from stuff that's not directly supported as stuff that i have that is official supported all work ok.

Samsung Smartthings hub +Two free Samsung Smartthings smart sockets for £79 with code @ Samsung Store
286° Expired
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
A nice package if you prefer the Samsung smart world. Add the two sockets to the basket and then add use the code P5HQ6N5T80 at the checkout . Smart hub: https://www.samsu… Read more



No smart meter


Did you have a smart meter with them too? I'm with them & on a fixed tariff for 2years & bulb are still coming up cheaper...tempted...


It's cheaper than my previous EDF supplier,


Desktop chrome and explorer didn't work

Two free Samsung Smartthings smart sockets with Smartthings hub - £79 with code @ Samsung Store
208° Expired
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Add the hub and 2 sockets to your basket and apply the code and you get the lot for £79. Available through the Smartthings app for me but it just takes you to the website

Try this link. its what the banner in the app uses and it automatically adds them to basket and then the code works.,1&addChildItem%5B%5D=GP-WOU019BBDWG,1&addChildItem%5B%5D=GP-WOU019BBDWG


I added the hub and then 2 plugs to my basket and it worked.


Yep it is


I got them for a £1, it might help someone switching energy


i tried that, added two 2019 sockets, but still no luck. probably a good thing, I already have two hubs, I dont need a third.

Get two Smart Plugs and a SmartThings Hub for just £1 (worth £139) when you switch to green energy
-168° Expired
Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
Get two Smart Plugs and a SmartThings Hub for just £1 (worth £139) when you switch to green energy
Once your switch is complete, Samsung will email you a code to claim your plugs within 10 days.

The link looks good. It has partner=smartthings in the URL so I would think that would work. The OP would have got the link from somewhere.


I clicked the Get Deal button on the HUKD app. Was that wrong?


How did you sign up? There's a link and info on Samsungs site I believe that it's up to Bulb to tell Samsung that you have joined and are connected. Samsung then email you a code to use


Please can you tell me how to work it out , it gets confusing... These are the kWh on last month Bulb bill Electricity 12.79 per kWh (going up to 14.20 1st April) Standing 19.47 (going up to 19.59 1st April) Gas 3.36 per kWh (going down to 2.82 1st April) Standing 19.47 kWh New provider i am considering Avro Elec 13.02 Standing 14.70 Gas 2.43 Standing 14.70


Don't ever believe what THEY say, work it out yourself from the unit prices and standing charges, very easy just with a calculator.

Samsung SmartThings Hub V2 (STH-ETH-200) £39.99 @ Argos /Ebay
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Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
Samsung SmartThings Hub V2 (STH-ETH-200) £39.99 @ Argos /Ebay
£39.99£44.9511%eBay Deals
Clearance with 12 month argos warranty, great price, next best amazon at £44.95 The brain of your smart home Connects wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices and makes them … Read more

I have Hub V3... Literally the most useless thing I've even bought, keeps on dropping connection to the sensors. The WiFi sensors I got separately, works 100 times better directly with my WiFi router making this hub totally redundant.



V2 has battery operation (I found out accidentally when I discovered old leaking battery in mine from previous owner) So if you setup camp like walking dead with sensors around you you will be alerted (y)


Got mine 2yrs ago and the xiaomi sensors. Could never get them to work so all in a box (:I May have to just buy some samsung sensors for easy connection


Looking to get into SmartThings. Is the v3 worth the price difference compared to the v2?

SmartThings Water Leak Sensor, Get Alerts on Your Phone, Single £12 + £4.49 Non Prime @ Amazon
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Posted 24th FebPosted 24th Feb
SmartThings Water Leak Sensor, Get Alerts on Your Phone, Single £12 + £4.49 Non Prime @ Amazon
£12£2450%Amazon Deals
Receive alerts or set connected devices to turn on and off when moisture is detected. Requires a SmartThings Hub or compatible device with SmartThings Hub functionality. Product … Read more

Seems gone. Also gone on the BT shop link


Handy for when my wife's waters break :S


Thanks for posting; we have added your thread to the Highlights section (y)


Put it at the lowest point, under the sink the water will hit it eventually. It might flood the kitchen but at least it won't flood the rest of the house.


Yeah but even below a pipe its probably not easy, the pins are tiny and unless you know the exact place the water could potentially leak from in the pipe i.e it leaks from the top and the stream of water follows the L shape, it would be hard to get right. And if you knew that why would you even have a leak, surely you can just fix it.

Samsung Smartthings Hub 3rd Gen £59.99 @ Argos
207° Expired
Posted 29th JanPosted 29th Jan
Samsung Smartthings Hub 3rd Gen. Cheapest I've seen this side of Christmas. Edit: Same Price on Amazon

I believe you’re thinking of the smartthings link, but it wasn’t for their TVs - it was for the nvidia shield. I think it did get released but not sure if it was in the UK.


I use multiple different brands and they work fine. Bought different GU10 spot light bulbs from Amazon, as long as it says compatible with Alexa (if needed) or Smartthings then they will work regardless of which app. I use smartlife even though the different manufacturers have their own apps, I find personally smartlife just seems to work with everything.


Does smartthings work with WiFi bulbs such as novostella that use the smartlife app?


I got it for Christmas after already having the Hue Hub. I wanted it due to how it integrates everything together on LAN, so no lag compared to solutions like IFTTT, plus the Smartthings sensor integrations for controlling other smart devices. I now get annoyed when I find a device that doesn't integrate with it! For reference I have 4 Google home minis, 4 smart plugs, 4 Hue bulbs, 1 Yeelight strip and now 1 Smartthings motion sensor and 2 Smartthings multipurpose sensors.


Heat added. Very close to going for smartthings. But also Close to going for the Xiaomi version which is cheaper. We already have hive but unfortunately that's a closed shop to only hive devices.

SmartThings Hub (V3), Wirelessly Connect Your Smart Devices, Zigbee, Z-Wave and Wi-Fi
12° Expired
Posted 26th Dec 2019Posted 26th Dec 2019
SmartThings Hub (V3), Wirelessly Connect Your Smart Devices, Zigbee, Z-Wave and Wi-Fi
£54.99£7930%Amazon Deals
Been looking out for one of these 79.99 everywhere that I have seen.. Connectivity: Wirelessly connect and control a wide range of compatible smart devices and brands, including v… Read more

This was the first If not for the blumming approval


Been on 4 times today already

SmartThings Hub (V3), Wirelessly Connect Your Smart Devices, Zigbee, Z-Wave and Wi-Fi at Amazon £54.99
199° Expired
Posted 26th Dec 2019Posted 26th Dec 2019
SmartThings Hub (V3), Wirelessly Connect Your Smart Devices, Zigbee, Z-Wave and Wi-Fi at Amazon £54.99
£54.99£7930%Amazon Deals
hub only, cheapest its ever been. While you might get it cheaper on ebay (especially if open box), you get this straight from Amazon so it’s worth it just for the customer service.… Read more

Sorry for asking again, just wanted some feedback regarding just using these if you only have hue lights. Is there any real benefit in using this over the hue app?


I did not know that, great find (y)


You might need this due to new firmware on the V2 and V3 hubs


Thank you very much for the detailed information, looking forward to getting it tomorrow even more now :)


This is the one I used, but a quick search on Google and there looks to be new development / threads for xiaomi devices so it's worth checking out At least they look well supported

Samsung SmartThings Hub and 2 SmartPlugs for £1 when you join Bulb Energy
834° Expired
Posted 1st Dec 2019Posted 1st Dec 2019
Samsung SmartThings Hub and 2 SmartPlugs for £1 when you join Bulb Energy
Update 1
We do NOT allow referrals on hotukdeals. Please do not post these.
*Customers who switch to Bulb Energy before 31st March 2020 will be sent a redemption code via email* BULB ENERGY "Bulb is 17% cheaper than Big Six standard deals Our (one) ta… Read more

Yes I did get the email shortly after posting on here, I received them in the post very quickly to


Anywhere on the site you should see the bulb bot appear in the corner. It will ask questions and if you keep saying something like talk to human it'll connect you to them to talk.


Where's the chat option for that? I have not been sent mine yet and it's been a while


All done, Very good deal!


Well, should have a code by tomorrow ;)

SmartThings Hub v3 £59 @ amazon
272° Expired
Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
SmartThings Hub v3 £59 @ amazon
£59£7925%Amazon Deals
SmartThings Hub (V3), Wirelessly Connect Your Smart Devices, Zigbee, Z-Wave and Wi-Fi Only ever goes down in price on Black Friday.

I have the v2 hub and have been using it for a couple of years with xiaomi (aqara) doot/window sensors, temperature sensors and buttons for controlling Yeelights, Hive bulbs and even WeMo lights. Occasionally get the odd sensor dropping off but usually not too much hassle getting them to rediscover again.


As I'm have Hue Hub, hue dimmer switch is connected to it. Yiu can connect hue (or any other Zigbee) lights to SmartThings directly and use Zigbee or Z-Wave switches, or motion sensors. I just find that having Hue Hub as a middle man (covering all lighting) has some extra benefits. Plus it is cheap. I'm not sure about connecting hue switches directly to SmartThings hub.


Thanks for the response. So can you say use the hue light switch on another smart things compatible product light a light from another brand?


Yes. Will be straight forward for IKEA and Hue lights. Never tried Xiaomi ones. (really like hue, although also have Hue Hub, as like its app and "formulas")


IKEA devices are on the list of adding device in new SmartThings app. But not blinds, yet. Although you can check for custom handler, not difficult to add manually.

Get two Smart Plugs and a SmartThings Hub for just £1 (worth £139) when you switch to bulb Energy
01/11/2020Expires on 01/11/2020Posted 1st Nov 2019Posted 1st Nov 2019
As with any energy supplier deals, it's worth doing your homework to see if a switch is right for you. bulb are a green energy company, and are offering two Samsung Smart Plugs an… Read more

Hi. When will I receive my Samsung smart things redemption code. For my smart meters £1. I signed up with bulb and been a member for weeks now. And bill paid


I signed up via the link first, then contacted Bulb to advise I needed to add someone’s referral code to my account, no issues getting either - I received a code via e-mail from Samsung about a week into my supply, ordered that night and kit delivered the next day.


Has anyone actually recieved the smartthings kit by using the sign up link here


Cannot stack with referral code and now a week into bulb membership after not having received any confirmation about the offer I asked and was told " Once you've been supplied by Bulb for 6 weeks, Samsung will send you an email containing a code and instructions on how to use this code." Was hoping for 3 days/ week like others and have it in time for Xmas oh well


Can we get this along with the £50 referral credit?

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