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Samsung SmartThings Hub £52.49 @ Maplin (Delivered or Check Local Store for Stock)
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
if im looking at it right the cheapest i can see this for is £64.99 Turn your home into a Smart Home Connect wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices and make them work to… Read more
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Saw these are 49.99 in curry’s today. Also their motion sensor was £14.99


Yes, I missed out on that 10% off deal. Then I got it from them for 40 when ebay had a 20% off deal. (y)


Good price at the moment. Tempted to get one now.


This isn't one of those time machine cases. It has been £49.99 several times at several retailers so is almost guaranteed to be that price again. Just like the Google Home Mini is always falling to £34 and should never be bought for more than this unless you absolutely need it right this minute. Same here, just wait a few weeks and it will be £49.99 again, or cheaper (thanks Cuddl3s, I'd forgotten it was even cheaper in Currys). I haven't voted either way as £52.49 is the cheapest AT THE MOMENT. But that does not necessarily make this a good deal.


Was 45 actually at currys just 2 months ago so cold sort of at the moment :)

Smartthings presence sensor. Amazon £14.99 Not restricted to Prime only
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Amazon are selling the Smartthings presence sensor for £14.99 right now, NOT restricted to just Prime members as some of their recent deals for this item.
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Hi ambivalent, I'm Dan.


When I see these deals they look like a motion sensor air wick with the whole at the top


Mine has been going strong for many months now without any problems. It stays in the centre console of the car to let me know when it's arrived/left (e.g. alerting me if the car is pinched in the middle of the night). It also triggers the power to the car charging cable to avoid it constantly leeching 2W-3W when not in use.


These are just rubbish. They drain the battery and you will be out of pocket in no time. Within a year, i realised I had bought and used batteries total worth of which was 3 times the value of this sensor


I have two of these. The one on daughter's keys is great as it means I know she's home safely from school. The one on my keys is a waste of time because it can easily be replaced by my phone which has Bluetooth on anyway. The only thing these add is that you can make this keyfob bleep if it's lost in the home. This doesn't work if it's outside of the range of the hub.

Samsung Smartthings Power Outlet - £22.50 @ Amazon
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Not a bad price for anyone looking for one of these, 2 - 4 weeks for dispatch but as anyone who shops at Amazon knows, this is often not the case and goods will arrive sooner.
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Think you might have missed the point there. The fact that this plug is not standalone and integrates seamlessly with Smartthings is the whole point! I'm sure there is a device handler out there for the TP Link 200 (as I myself am using a a TP Link HS110, because the Smartthings version was so expensive). As mentioned previously, the reason I want the Samsung version is to act as a zigbee repeater/extender out to the shed at the end of my garden.


TP link 200 is better and standalone


Never knew that. For me it's always been less than the lowest estimate. Guess I've just been lucky. Kinda hoping that it will be more than 4 weeks then if I can get a free month of Prime! (highfive)


"2 - 4 weeks for dispatch but as anyone who shops at Amazon knows, this is often not the case and goods will arrive sooner." not in my experience, I shop on amazon a LOT and it's ALWAYS the last possible date noted or a few days after for me. I usually get a voucher or a month of prime added on if it's beyond the last day though.


Wow, I must have missed that deal! Was that at Amazon? I would have bought a couple at that price

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SmartThings Motion Sensor £15 @ Amazon (Prime Exclusive)
Found 31st MarFound 31st Mar
There's a 2 - 4 week wait time on delivery but this seems like a good saving over the £30 RRP SmartThings Motion Sensor Receive alerts if there’s unexpected movement, set connecte… Read more

I wish the multi sensor come up sub-£15 more often. They sold out quickly when Currys did them for £13.50 recently. Although the motion sensor seems like you'd use it in more places, most people have more doors and windows than rooms so they're more useful/needed. Heat added for this deal though.


I'm a bit disappointed with the detection on these. It seems that they don't detect motion beyond about 3m consistently.


Purchased! Literally have no use for it but always faniced another one!


Have used the one I have of these from the starter kit and it works flawlessly - ordered cheers OP


And now you have a link to it from here.

Samsung Smartthings Starter Kit £100 delivered @ Amazon
Found 31st MarFound 31st Mar
I've been on the fence about this for a few weeks now so decided to buy it to see if I need it. Hope I do SmartThings Starter Kit The easy way to turn your home into a smart home.… Read more

I suppose, this depends on you, what tasks you assign to it. Mine works with Hue Hub (and more than 20 bulbs), Ring, Tado thermostat and a number of different sensors. So far, I'm quite pleased.


Im currently about to set up all my xiaomi sensors and I have the Xiaomi hub, I'd also be using OpenHab. Is there any pro to using the smartthings hub over the Xiaomi one? It seems like while the xiaomi sensors work with smartthings hub its a bit of a fiddly process.


Do the Xiaomi sensors work with hue lights and hub?


Sorry I missed that out, the Mrs kept talking to me and put me off replying properly.. Grrr, no phone in hand = Mrs not talking, phone in hand = she needs to talk to me! lol Anyway, I tried the catch all, but just didn't get anything from it, every time I moved the magnet past the sensor it displayed in logs but never married up to a device, almost just a ghost log of a signal it saw. Weirdly enough in the logs I recall it showed as being my Smart TV somehow but with no Id relevant to the TV. I'll give it another try when I get some time on my hands again


Well I said it's a gamble that I won't be doing again.

Xiaomi Aqara Door / Window  Contact £6.07 @ Ali Express  Store: Cherishup daily eletronic Store
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Works With Smartthings Using This Device Handler Quidco - 4.5% TCB - 4.56 The Aqara smart windows door sensor can detect the opening and closing of door and windows and send … Read more

your right just logged in online i have 3 coupons avaliable till tomorrow that im not going to use


You got some coupon for previous purchases. I don't see any coupon at checkout


Only slightly cheaper once you add shipping but still cheaper non the less (highfive)


Here even slightly cheaper ($7.92 vs. $8.38):


Actually showing as £5.35 at checkout with Ali express coupon which I haven’t added so who knows

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Samsung Smartthings Hub £49.99 Currys/PCWorld/Ebay
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
These have been this price before, but I think this is the lowest price for this year (seems to have been this price for a few weeks but I dont think anybody else has posted it) I… Read more
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Seems some of the sensors are half price at Curry's ATM.


Also this price at Amazon, also in and out of stock.


Been going in and out if stock at this price for the last few weeks. It was in the 10% off sale before the 20th March, as they were in the shops (but no stock near me) However, I got one last Friday in the ebay 20% off sale, to replace my broken Xiaomi hub.


Thanks, i saw previous posts at the same price but they had all expired.


@joeyjoejoe206 good choice ST hub with Xiaomi sensors.

Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit - White £100 @ Amazon
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
SmartThings is the easy way to turn your home into a smart homeControl, automate and monitor your home from anywhere using the SmartThings appThe Samsung SmartThings Home Monitorin… Read more

looks like it expired or glitch - in the options list still shows £100 tho


I bought a hub and some sensors from Currys last week with the voucher code but this works out better because it includes the power outlet. I saw it last night on Amazon at this price and thought about buying it to get the sensors (and outlet), then sell the hub on. Definitely a good price



Samsung SmartThings Presence Sensor - £14.99 Prime / £18.98 non Prime @ Amazon
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
I don't usually advocate for purchase of the Samsung sensors as the Xiaomi ones are just as good (if not better) and much cheaper. However I havent found a decent alternative to th… Read more
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My original one died and I’ve been using phones ever since. But it was fairly reliable up to that point, with the exception of having quite a short detection range.


Had 2 of these from a bundled deal. Got fed up with the false reporting so used phone instead. Took them to CEX and got a £8 voucher for each one.


I think all smart things are 50% off today, including the hub down from £100 to £50, but this app doesn't let me post it.


Kids will buy these and scan the house at Christmas and Birthdays.


Just don't forget, that phone will work as a presence sensor as well. (but good for car keys, pets and children)

Samsung SmartThings Hub  £49.99 Amazon
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Grab it while you can!
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Yeah I think the Curry's 10% off offer is over.


I cant get it to work ;(


Not true. The A4RefillPad device handler doesn't report the battery levels correctly but the bspringer one reports the levels just fine. The device handler was fixed for the New Generation 2 Aqara sensors a while back now.


OOS at Currys for delivery/pickup for me (London)


I've just cancelled my Amazon order and ordered on Curry's a hub plus two motion sensors for £71 - bargain. Thanks @Mungus .

Samsung Smartthings hub 30% off @Very (For example: Smartthings hub £64.99, starter kit £129.99, Presence sensor £20.99, ...etc)
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
I know it is not the best price available (Was 50% off few days back at Argos but limited stock) Hope this helps those who are after one. Smartthings Hub £64.99: https://www.ver… Read more
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Curry's more by far the cheapest in case anybody else reads this thread wanting to buy. £49 plus an extra 10% off.


Great enjoy.... I've had mine for a bit now and generally works brilliantly. Although as others have said, the presence sensors can be a bit weird. Both mine worked perfectly for a few months, but now one has started being a bit flaky for no particular reason despite a fresh battery.


It's up to each user wether they want cloud or local automations. SmartThings provides plenty of devices that run locally and many have confirmed that there automations ran fine even though there was a outage.


Thanks, cancelled the very one :) :D


Ummm Amazon, this morning.

Samsung SmartThings Moisture / Water Leak Sensor £14.99 (50% Off) @ Amazon and Argos
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
it is reduced from £30. Amazon link: Argos link:… Read more
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Hmm moisture and leak sensor.... will this work on my wife?


Good price thanks for posting. I wouldn't consider Samsung though and their anemic CS


Just to let you and others know that both Foxx and Smartthings require a ZigBee hub. Foxx works great with Smartthings.


Just another marketing gimmick


I have a suspiscion they wont work at all, and I've no real urge to get yet another hub tbh!

Samsung SmartThings Presence Sensor £10 off plus buy one get one free - £19.99 (Prime) £23.98 (non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
Not a fan of Smartthings but I didn't think £10 each was a bad price, Amazon Prime Presence Sensors have sold out but still buy one get one free on other items
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Just got two presence sensors. I just need them when the are guests. Currently I use tasker and sharptools with smartthings to provide very reliable presence. Most other sensors I have are Xiaomi.


They're back again. Snatched up 2, my girlfriend has been using the one from the starter kit since before Christmas and it's worked well so far.


Bought a couple of multi sensors for the tilt and acceleration sensing. Good for the garage door and washing machine.


It's a generic "wifi smart plug" which you can integrate with smart things via the "Smart Life" IFTTT service. More info here: I bought one for about £6 from There are various "wifi smart" on Amazon, mine is the type with the purple looking switch at the top.


Which plugs do you use?

Samsung SmartThings Multisensor £19.99 Prime / £23.98 Non Prime @ Amazon
Found 10th FebFound 10th Feb
This sensor does temperature, vibration, open/close and orientation. You'll need a SmartThings hub to utilise it. Bought one last month and it's been very reliable. The Amazon r… Read more

Fair enough, I admit that strictly speaking this is not a cold deal if you consider only the cost of the Samsung sensor vs RRP. It is though, in my opinion, not a good deal when compared to the capability and cost of comparable sensors, such as the Xiaomi ones. So I have voted it cold on that basis.


It is a good alternative for some people, but not a 100% replacement that will suit everyone. 1. Does Xiaomi has the same sensors? Temperature, gyroscope 2. Security. Some people will not want Chinese sensor as part of their smart home. So I would perfectly understand mentioning it here, but not "cold" or voting down Samsung's sensor on a basis of Xiaomi.


So you'd prefer not to be told about a better and cheaper sensor and instead just save a small amount on the one in the post? Not sure you understand the point of HUKD if that's the case.


I have around 35 - 40 sensors - window/ motion and temperature - and in the year or so I've had them one has failed. Yes pairing is a PITA but once you get how to do it with a pin it takes about a minute. Plus battery life is excellent. Additionally if you can solder the Xiaomi ones can also do water detection and orientation detection for at most a few quid more. For the price they wipe the floor with the Samsung ones.


My xiaomi aqara sensors worked perfectly with SmartThings. I used a custom device handler.

SAMSUNG SmartThings Hub - £59.99 @ Currys
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
The heart of your SmartThings smart home Connects all the smart devices around your home Backup battery keeps you connected in a power cut Compatible with iOS / Android / Window… Read more
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These things are great. I've got one linked to my Hue hub, some Xaomi door/window sensors, some Philio smart plugs and a Pi (connected to relays on the GPIO pins). I agreethat they're easy to use if you stick with Samsung kit and that you need some technical expertise/willingness to learn if you want to expand into 3rd party hardware. I highly recommend you do have a tinker as the possibilities are pretty much limitless.


Sir, I applaud your originality. I responded to the main question in your comment, but whilst I was at it did you the favour of informing your misuse of a technical term so you can avoid making the same mistake in the future. I’m therefore not quite sure as to the reason for the rudeness, but I’m sure I’ll get over it. Have a great day.


I bet you're a really interesting person at parties.


Unfortunately, you’re just using the term incorrectly, I’m letting you know for your benefit. IoT (“Internet of Things”) means the vast, connected network of devices to “the Internet”. A device connected to the IoT (plural) is not an IoT (singular). It is a Device, Sensor, Object (etc) or Thing. Thing being more appropriate when talking about the IoT. If you want to avoid any confusion, the term to use is “IoT Device”.

Samsung SmartThings Power Outlet £26.99 @ Amazon
Found 28th Nov 2017Found 28th Nov 2017
£26.99 seems like a good price for these. They were this price in Maplin but seem to have minimal stock left. They were £44.99 on amazon when I looked last night, so seems like a… Read more
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Just plugged in my new Samsung Smartthings Outlet and there was an electrical crackling sound. Immediately unlugged. FYI, these have a 13A fuse inside them....


yup your right...the tp link are max load 13a


I've checked the unit (and the website), it definitely says 13A.


i'm pretty sure the HS100 is max rated 12amp according to the instructions. I will read up tonight.


I think it must be. Id be worried if everytime someone plugged in an overpowered device to an extension lead or a 3-way gang it caused a fire!

Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor | Multisensor | Moisture sensor £17.99 @Amazon
Found 27th Nov 2017Found 27th Nov 2017
SmartThings sensors reduced at Amazon, if you are after individual sensors... -Motion Sensor -Multisensor -Moisture sensor SmartThings is the easy way to turn your home into a … Read more

These seems to be back in stock. Maybe unexpire?




We picked up the SmartThings Starter Kit the other day from Very for £99.99 - yes, other places are selling at that price at the moment, but as new credit customers we got £30 off and £80+ spend, so £69.99 for the lot! :)


The ST motion sensor is the only one that's been reliable for me. I had trouble with the first gen xiaomi motion sensor not staying paired, but I've heard the gen 2 is better. But as you point out, they're much cheaper so I wouldn't buy the ST sensor, even at this price.


My door sensor would regularly stop updating (would not register the door opening/closing). I would have to remove and re-pair to get it working again. Then one day it just wouldn't re-pair after I removed it. Tried a new battery but no joy. Shoved it in a drawer with the presence sensor which drained a battery after about 3 months and then also refused to re-pair.

Samsung Smartthings Presence Detector @ £17.99 from Maplins
Found 27th Nov 2017Found 27th Nov 2017
Couldnt find any in my local area but there may be some somewhere.
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No think it more like ------ Of Mind.


I don't understand the purpose of this sensor unless you want to user it for pets!? The hub detects my android phone and so it does for everyone else in the I missing the point?


Oh is it so your lights turn on as you walk in the room?


What is it?


Same on Amazon:

Samsung Smartthings Multi-Sensor @ £17.99 from Maplins
Found 27th Nov 2017Found 27th Nov 2017
Cheapest i've seen these for a while. I've done a quick search on my local stores - not many left in stock.
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Cheers OP for this, nearly purchased one yesterday for £27 thinking it was the best I do. :D (highfive)


I Samsung Smartthings app will allow you to easily integrate Smartthings with Philips Hue as they both use the same Zigby protocols giving you the option control all of your Hue lighting with Smartthings. I'm currently using a Smartthings multi-sensor to detect motion & automatically turn on my Philips Hue Bathroom light when someone enters the room so there's no more fiddling in the dark for the light switch when your bursting to go.


The sensor seems to be Phillips hue compatible. I guess one might need to access the API to integrate with the hue hub.


Thank you op


Oh for goodness sake. I just cancelled my Amazon order

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