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FireAngel Smoke Alarm, 2 Pack, £8.49 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
Needed these and CO detectors which are also on sale: Not sure when dea… Read more

Probably thinking of a different deadly gas that we live around ;P


Try find the model number instructions online. I've read you can mount them from knee level to above the door frame.


I stand corrected, well sit corrected (y) Could have sworn i read that somewhere.


I just realized that my CO alarm is on the ceiling. I need to move it this weekend!


*it's actually slightly lighter according to google. By the time it reaches the ceiling you're probably a gonner though so best to keep them installed around knee level unless the instructions say otherwise

LEDVANCE & BOSCH Smart Home Smoke Alarm Set (Starter-Kit) £43.77 delivered @ Amazon
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Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
Huge saving on the individual components. Smoke alarm £50 Hub £98 Bulbs £11 each Free shipping with prime.

(lol) Love some of the comments from the keyboard warriors. If you bought them, well done. I have two and I’ve saved over £200 on individual components alone.


Samsung S21 is about £700 RRP. Over the past 3 months, most sellers sold it for £500-600. To me £700 is irrelevant, as that's not the usual price. I don't know if this was reduced to £70, maybe that was Amazon normal price.i don't think they had it at £180. So to me £43 is reduced from £70, not from £180. It does not matter anyway, deal is gone. BTW, when Amazon sold this for £43.77, another seller had it for £46.15, that was the best next price.


Im still not understanding you, was reduced to £70 so that is the reduced from price? doesn't matter amazons previous price to determine true market value, if amazon has a product at £100 from say £119.99 rrp (with other sellers selling at £110), but then continue to reduce the £100 price by £5 instalments 10 times, what before price would you quote?


I know, but this tells me the price over the past days was under £70, so this was reduced from £70 to £43, not from £180 when they never sold it for £180. As I said, it was a good price, but the RRP is ridiculous.


Off course is £180 now, because is out of stock. Once it comes back, they will claim the previous price was £180 regardless they didn't have the product.

Fireangel ST-622Q 10 Year Thermally Enhanced Optical Smoke Alarm, Multi-Colour - £7.99 @ Amazon Prime Exclusive
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Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
About this item The ground-breaking thermoptek technology in the ST-622Q provides responsiveness to all fire types in one alarm Thermoptek sensing technology - detects slow smould… Read more

i'm sure 2 of these were fitted for free in my parents house, rubbish, the replace date says 2024 or 2025 i think but both were beeping within a year of being fitted, a year ago if not longer - sealed units so i could not replace the battery. had to buy similar from the same brand that would fit into the same 'docks' drilled into the ceiling.


After being woken up in the early hours due to false alarms, ended up storing in sealed box and still went off, no way to turn off and have to pay to return them makes them pretty useless!


Made in China, bought recently.


Excellent and Which Best Buy, quick to sound (78%).


Reviews aren’t good to say the least......

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Google Nest Protect Battery operated + Google Home Mini Chalk £79 delivered @ BT Shop
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Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
Scroll down to bundles for this offer.

These will be the 2017 units I had to return


This is the same deal as last month (may have been the month before actually) where people were returning these to BT because the devices only had a few years life left in them. BT obviously clearing out very old stock, so no need to panic about missing this deal XD


not able to purchase. Sold out. What a shame!


Sold out


Red hot - good spot and thanks for posting! Have been looking at a couple of these for a while now, but baulked at the price. This makes it a little more easy to swallow. Let's hope they honour the price!