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Sofas are one of the most important items in any living room, with a comfy leather sofa or velvet sofa being great for watching TV and chilling out. More modern models like corner sofas or sofa beds can also help make your living room more functional. All the latest sofa deals and sofa offers can be found right here on hotukdeals.
Sofas are one of the most important items in any living room, with a comfy leather sofa or velvet sofa being great for watching TV and chilling out. More modern models like corner sofas or sofa beds can also help make your living room more functional. All the latest sofa deals and sofa offers can be found right here on hotukdeals.
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I purchased a Tropicana sofa from DFS and it arrived on April 25th 2021, 3 weeks after this date the leg snapped off it. A service manager came and ‘fixed’ it, although I wasn’t al… Read more

Be careful dragging any sofa, the forces involved can almost snap a leg off if it hits resistance whilst being dragged.


I had an issue with Argos, got an independent report from a recognised sofa specialist, argos reviewed the report, swooped out the sofa, I also billed argos for the cost of report and my time at £10 per hour claimed that back also, kept all evidence for use in small claims court if it came to that


These look like standard DFS sofa legs they normally screw in and are fixed in place with a screw. It looks like the mount the legs screw on to is broken. If you have kids who jump on the sofa it might be worth asking for a different design ( just a comment your kids might not jump on it)


How did you make payment?


I very much doubt it'd be 'secretive', just DFS' covid policy

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Hi folks. I am looking to buy some cut to size foam to replace sofa cushions. I can see prices vary along with the type of foam. I think I should try go get the grey reflex foam 40… Read more

Funnily enough I have just been looking at foam mattresses on Amazon.. thinking I can cut one up to make my own sofa cushions and then just wrap with wadding.


Use a mattress, can get a single memory foam for £50 (y)


I used GB Foam Direct to replace my two seater cushions. Had no idea what I was doing, but they're really helpful if you get stuck. Really happy with then so far and worked out a little cheaper than the other places I checked.


Seconded, memory foams only plus point is the comfort in terms of support, but its pretty much non breathable, we had a mattress topper made from it, I have never sweated so much in my life got rid in less than a week.


that is an interesting point about memory foam retaining heat. i guess it will be great in the winter and not so much in the summer. i was thinking that memory foam will last a lot longer than the standard sofa foam filling, which tends to go flat after a year of use.

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Looking to buy some sofa's and feel most shops selling the same old 3 year cycle lasting sofa's that end up looking tired and sagging that need constant plumping before guests come… Read more

Our last sofa and chairs were Italian leather from DFS and lasted a good 18 years. Really comfy and well made. Leather was perfect when the children were little, so easy to clean. We bought a new set about 2 years ago, fabric this time from Stokers. Really comfy but the only downside is it has feather arm cushions which are a pain.


I get mine from a local second hand sofa shop, the owner really knows his stuff.


Our 3+2+1 lazy boy set are 3 years old now . I am 16 stone and not any sag or giving way in any of them after 3 years . They all have power recline . Very comfortable for my bad back . They cost £4300 . I expect to get another 5 years minimum out of them . I do agree with this post as before this sofa , we have had 2 sets of 3+2 in 6 years and they both started losing shape and comfort after 2 years and they both cost roughly £2000 for a 3+2 .


We had a good leather sofa and chair from dfs about 20-25 years back, had it a good 10-12years, only that the dogs claws had ripped the leather on one side of the sofa, we got rid of it. sold the chair as it was still like new. It cost quite a bit at the time. But good quality. Dont know if the quality is as good now. Think they offer good warranty. Since then had 2 sofas from argos, first set lasted about 4 years, we now have a set of a 2 seater and 3 seater electric recliner, had them for about 5 years now, not bad for the money ( good offer and we had a discount code to get 20% off ) but sagging on the 3 seater which is used every day. Will probably keep it a couple of more years before we have to get rid of it.


You need to spend money on a decent one. Also goes on your weight if your a bigger person they not going to last as long. But these cheap £500-1000 are rubbish not worth the money.

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Seen an advert on Facebook for this sofa, click to buy the largest version of it and the price is £26.. Clearly one of these scams where you get a cushion that’s in the advert and … Read more

Thanks for the effort, hopefully get something from the UK at some point. It’ll never be used as a bed, but the option of have chair, table and a bed is a nice option to have in case of emergencies.


Unsure if the item is available on them but maybe aliexpress or alibaba websites offer some sort of (actually beneficial) buyer protection? Otherwise the item may start appearing on ebay (if it hasn't already) and could eventually be available from UK suppliers in the near future?


From what I can see, this style of sofa bed seems to be predominantly available only from China sellers - just like that of which you've already found. All offering varying levels of "drop-shippery" goodness. ;) You probably found all this yourself but there's even a Youtube of the bed in action: Clever design - but one step up from "jail cell bench" for comfort? (embarrassed) Other sites include: All are sketchy. As Forrest rightly said: "China drop-shippers are like a box of chocalets.......ya neva know what ya gonna get."


So close, the one I'm after also converts into a table. But the design is almost exact. Thank you though



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Anyone has one of these? If so, would you recommend?



Ouch, I’ll try not to take that personally

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Hi all, I'm sure many people are in this position given COVID and the recent property buying incentives. I ordered a sofa from Sofology last November and I expected delays as usua… Read more

With DFS the leather ones are normally almost always from China some of the others come from Poland but some of them are actually made in the UK.


The sofas come from china thats why there are long wait times, they tell you its because they are hand made to order but in reality its because they're at sea for a month. Ive seen dfs sofas pulled apart and chinese address and company tags are on stapled to parts inside, one guy put a post on somewhere a while back saying when he reclined his sofa the chinese tags where attached under foot area


Anyway. I have read the terms & they say the following: 1: You can cancel free of charge if the extended date is not acceptable/reasonable (regardless of what they say on the phone) 2: You are entitled to a £50 reduction should you continue with the order 3: You can ask them & they should supply you with temporary, suitable furniture until the delivery 4: You can change your order for another product


I suspect even if they did have that term it would be uneforceable. Every seller & buyer has a duty to behave reasonably regardless of terms.


Before contacting them, I would check the T&C's on your order paperwork - wouldn't be surprised if they use covid as an excuse for the delay and that is covered in their T&C's.