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Draper 61257 230V 25W Soldering Iron Kit 25 W now £6.79 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
Updated 11th JulLast updated 11th Jul by Proveright
25W soldering iron with 1.2M (approx.) Contains the most used tools for soldering: Straight and bent tip, tube of solder, tweezers, stand and sponge Manufactured to BS EN 60335-2… Read more

. Link shows £17.99 for me!


I think lidl is selling their own at £7 but I'm unsure how they compare if it helps anyone?


£9.80 No deal..... maxmix


Showing as £9.80 for me. Guess I missed it.

USB Soldering Iron 5V 8W £4.64 Delivered with code @ Gearbest
31/07/2019Expires on 31/07/2019Updated 23rd JunLast updated 23rd Jun by omgpleasespamme
Perfect for your next project! Use code J44WSDRXYZ at checkout :) Portable USB Powered Soldering Iron 5V 8W with Long Life Tip + Touch Switch Protective Cap for Repairing… Read more

Antex don't appear to do anything USB powered.


If Big Clive or John Ward says its ok that is good enough for me! (y)


Buy Antex.... Avoid this like the plague ;) Oh and Aye.... I've been soldering for about 40 years ;) maxmix


As with all the other owners, I find this thing is pretty handy and heats up nicely. So far I've only ever run it of a 2A USB power bank and it's done everything I wanted it to.


Thanks. Found one on eBay UK for $4.89. Paid with Revolut £3.87 delivered.

Dremel 2000JA Versatip Soldering Iron £23.75 @ Homebase
Updated 21st MayLast updated 21st May by mumihp
The Dremel Versatip is perfect for soldering, melting, shrinking, pyrography, hot cutting and paint removal.
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I just picked mine up, normally a deal like that, it's out of stock from my local homebase but they still have 4 in stock. At £23, you can't go wrong and I like how it even heatshrinks, saves the fingers getting burned from a lighter. This is so much convenient than getting my solder station out. I love dremel tools, they are pricy but quality. I only buy when it's on sale and agree, like how it comes in a nice tin case.


Same reason I bought one, even does the heatshrink so double thumbs up from me. Fancy metal tin as well so it won't fall to bits.


Tips seen to be cheaper than most too at around a fiver. My gascat tips cost over a tenner.


Heat. Thanks so much, my local has 5 in stock, plus HB is only 4 mins away from car. This appealed to me since I do smaller jobs on my car, wiring and getting the solder station out is a pain and bulky. This would be a great tool to have without needed to connect to power.


How does it fit to my Dremel drill?

Parkside 3.6V Cordless Soldering Iron - £9.99 @ Lidl
Updated 4th MayLast updated 4th May by DodgeySolenoid
Yes its lidl tool time again 12/4/18 so you can offer to go and do the shopping ( for the first time) and come home with this little 3.6v cordless soldering iron just the thing for… Read more
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The tips are replaceable and, you can get finer tips.


Picked one up, super useful for some situations not being stuck on a cord. Comes with some solder, only one tip though and seems to be a screw mount that looks a bit like a light bulb screw, so not sure wether you can replacement tips.


Bought one today. Very impressed.


Because it's only 8W XD


I have no idea why this is not far hotter. Its an excellent small soldering iron. Thank you for posting.

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Weller High Performance Soldering Iron with LEDs (25 W) £11.95 @ Homebase (Free C&C)
Updated 13th AprLast updated 13th Apr by Chris.sss
Weller High Performance Soldering Iron with LEDs (25 W) £11.95 @ Homebase (Free C&C)
£11.95£23.8850%Homebase Deals
Free c+c. £12.55 for 40w. £24 @Amazon The Weller SP25NUK is a high performance, standard-duty consumer Soldering Iron with the latest LED technology. 3 LEDs deliver light to the … Read more

It's not really a sensible choice to use leaded solder for DIY projects where extraction will be non existent.


Nearly got this as I have a large soldering / hot air station that is a bit of a pig to use in cars. I spotted the Dremel Versatip set for £23.75 and took a punt on that


I've had a chance today to check out the tip availability, plenty of places you can go with different prices for the same tips. The way they fit in the iron is by a screw thread that screws into the heating element, as long as they don't seize or become too loose they will be fine for most home jobs and that wood burning patterns craft ,pyrography I think it's called.


lead free is terrible Solder... stick with old stuff. As for 25w being to "small", I used a 15w iron for years for soldering components onto pcb.


So is this variable temperature?

Dremel Versatip Cordless 6 in 1 Soldering Iron £23.75 @ Homebase (Free C&C)
Updated 4th AprLast updated 4th Apr by polarbaba
Dremel Versatip Cordless 6 in 1 Soldering Iron £23.75 @ Homebase (Free C&C)
£23.75£34.9532%Homebase Deals
Can reserve and collect from Homebase. Price currently £34.95 on Amazon. The Dremel Versatip is a portable and highly versatile tool and has an adjustable flame. It’s perfect for… Read more

I wouldn't be so hasty, The Lidl one looks like a total copy of the Dremel, imitation is the best form of flattery!. The tips looked the same when I saw it last weekend .


Picked mine up today got the Lidl one two weeks ago for £15 need to take back think the dremel one will be better


No, it doesn't come pre-filled. It doesn't come with a gas canister either. You have to buy one. You can use lighter fuel/gas and get it for £1 from the pound shops. (y)


Correct, I don't think it's allowed . Either way, you'll have to get a gas canister to refill anyway, and they are cheap, so it shouldn't be a bother.


Correct me if I am wrong but I think it doesn't come with gas pre-filled, so you need to have purified butane gas to start with.

Parkside 3-in-1 Gas Soldering Iron Set, 3-year warranty £14.99 @ LIDL
Updated 25th MarLast updated 25th Mar by SqsqLocalLocal
In store from Sunday 17th March. Great for hobby electronics and small jobs. Practical piezo ignition Fast heat-up time Easy to refill with standard lighter gas or fuel gas … Read more

Still lots of stock at Blackwater branch. Sold out at Camberley.


Got a set from Camberley store today. Wife gave me that look when she saw me playing with fire. Hey don't worry babs XD


i would recon it would be but do be mindful you need mains power for that. not sure it my self obviously but having temperature control is great specially if your doing fine electrical soldering and the removable tips are handy as well.


Would something like this be any good as an alternative to the Lidl one, just for occasional use?π=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=soldering+iron&dpPl=1&dpID=51sw2QnPgqL&ref=plSrch


TS80 is USB powered if anyone after portable electric one (but around £40, more than double the price of this gas one).

Parkside Soldering Iron £5.99 @Lidl (Instore)
Updated 2nd JanLast updated 2nd Jan by YTopia
Good basic soldering iron for the occasional job, was £7.99 now £5.99 instore at my local (marked up on shelf and not in the clearance stuff).

Not necessarily. Normally I'd use a MAP blowtorch or pushfits. It was simply a mere thought as I've only seen this product for electronics. Get off your high horse. (y) 🏼


Lol could you film yourself trying to solder 15mm pipework with this iron. Would love to see it :)


The fact you were asking if you could use a soldering iron for the job screams warning signs. Frankly I burst out laughing at the suggestion. You're not even sure on the tools to use. You should call a plumber.


Not for simple pipework.


Thought so.

Draper Butane Powered Soldering Iron for £9.99 Delivered (+£4.49 Non) @ Amazon UK
Updated 11th Dec 2018Last updated 11th Dec 2018 by Damian66
Draper Butane Powered Soldering Iron for £9.99 Delivered (+£4.49 Non) @ Amazon UK
£9.99£19.9950%Amazon Deals
In stock. Dispatched from and sold by Amazon. Gift-wrap available. Features instant electronic ignition, variable flame control and a refillable tank Compact single hand ope… Read more

How can you tell me that my experiences with this device aren’t true; I’m a electronics engineer of thirty years standing trained in the RAF, I bought this to use in the field as I repair many coax RF cable systems and it’s junk, I bought the battery one through frustration from lidl and it works a treat, nothing personal here, it’s a fact, perhaps I got the only under performing item in the country...keep your unsubstantiated opinions about my experiences to yourself.


I have this soldering iron and none of the above is true! And you are actually recommending a battery soldering iron, ROFL


You mean modern leadless solder? Agreed. Nothing worse than an iron which does heat up enough or quickly. It also seems to be a bit difficult to fill 'It's easier for my wife to suck a golfball through a hosepipe than it is to refill this' :)


Bought similar from Aldi for same price


Get a Dremel one myself, and though before I had it I was questioning wether I'd use it - I have never used a wired one since!

Stanley Multi-Angle Hobby Vice & GoSystem Cordless Soldering Pen £29 W/ Code @ B&Q (Free C&C)
Updated 10th Nov 2018Last updated 10th Nov 2018 by PMX
Stanley Multi-Angle Hobby Vice & GoSystem Cordless Soldering Pen £29 W/ Code @ B&Q (Free C&C)
Stanley Multi-Angle Hobby Vice £18 GoSystem Pen Torch £16

only £18 on B&Q site now! Heat added i'm buyin one -- cheers for the heads up

Parkside Cordless Soldering Iron £6.99 Lidl Sunday 14th
Updated 13th Oct 2018Last updated 13th Oct 2018 by pat-wLocalLocal
Ideal for DIY, model-making and crafts Heats up quickly to a working temperature of up to 450C Batteries included Includes: 10g of solder Protective cap Tool rest I don't hav… Read more

BUMP Just a reminder for anyone who is interested, this is available in store tomorrow :)


I found this video helpful when deciding which microscope to buy - He compares three different ones in different price ranges. Obviously the more expensive ones are better, but I went with the cheapest one because I'm not too concerned about video quality as long as I can basically see what I'm doing better than with the naked eye, and the main advantage of the more expensive ones is they have their own screens, which I don't really need as I solder on the same desk as my desktop PC, which has arm mounted monitors so I can just move one of those into a comfortable position for soldering when I need it, otherwise I might have gone for the mid-range one. So is the TS100 really that much more inconvenient to use with a power supply plugged into the back of it than any other wired soldering iron? Or does it depend which type of cable you use? I was looking at getting one because I've been struggling with a couple of soldering projects recently and I'm not sure if it's me or the equipment I'm using so I thought I'd try a new iron before I go back to soldering school! Although I could probably do with some better solder and flux as well...


Just done some searching and it looks like you are right. The rechargeable version has a black grip round the top and a LED light on the end. The photos and description don't show a charging base or wire either. The rechargeable one seems to be around £15-£17 when it is sold.


Thanks so much! Makes a massive difference for me.


Amazing response, thank you very much.

Aldi (instore): Workzone Digital soldering station reduced to £4.99
Updated 6th Sep 2018Last updated 6th Sep 2018 by ZaxxanLocalLocal
I've had my eyes on these for a while looking to repair and old but classic Marantz CD player, but figured as the big pile wasn't shifting they'd come down in price. Seems very go… Read more

Poor reviews on the Aldi website


If you're writing the script for the new Carry On movie. You should have made the thread about Crumpet in Cockermouth, not a soldering iron :D Or maybe there's a joke somewhere about having a red hot tip you're saving for later (embarrassed)


£24.99 at the moment.




Reduced from £19.99 or "Reduced from £4.99" (cheeky)

4.65 off on  Soldering Iron Kit 60W - £12.34 (Prime) / £17.09 (non Prime)  Sold by ECmall and Fulfilled by Amazon
Updated 26th Aug 2018Last updated 26th Aug 2018 by sisqoboy2
4.65 off on Soldering Iron Kit 60W - £12.34 (Prime) / £17.09 (non Prime) Sold by ECmall and Fulfilled by Amazon
Select Promotional message to get 4.65 off on Soldering Iron Kit 60W Adjustable Temperature Welding Irons Tool Soldering Tips Solder Sucker Desoldering Wick Solder Wire Anti-static… Read more
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Bought this and very happy with quality


Anyone who bought this can you please share your thoughts?


Where is the promotional message to select ?


Just what I needed....Thanks (highfive)


nice little kit this, I bought a month ago and have used to fix some headphones and a toy train

Weller WP3EU Butane Gas Operated Soldering Iron set £27 @ Sold by WilliamsTools and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Updated 10th Aug 2018Last updated 10th Aug 2018 by powerbrick
Weller WP3EU Butane Gas Operated Soldering Iron set £27 @ Sold by WilliamsTools and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Cheapest it's been according to camelizer Amazon prime Sold by WilliamsTools and Fulfilled by Amazon Weller WP3EU Butane Gas Operated Soldering Iron Set with Piezo Ignition
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And of course you can back this claim up.... (skeptical) yes, yes they have....and :/


These used to be £ 5 in maplins when closing down


As above


My point exactly. Weller is a tried and trusted brand whereas Aldi are cheap rubbish


weller has been making soldering irons for decades

Mini Soldering Torch - Gas Powered £14.99 at Aldi from 8th July Sunday
Updated 6th Jul 2018Last updated 6th Jul 2018 by whitestonLocalLocal
Mini Soldering Torch - Gas Powered £14.99 at Aldi from 8th July Sunday
£14.99Aldi Deals
Make sure you have the ideal equipment for when it comes to those home soldering projects. This Workzone Mini Soldering Gas Torch Kit is the perfect addition to your workshop, allo… Read more

Maybe. Thanks for the advice. I'll check.


They're open source design ... just find the cheapest one. Then stick any firmware you like on it. Banggood do them in bundle offers.


Hakko soldering irons seem to have mixed reviews on amazon


Seem to be a few ts100 models of different brands on amazon.


Mine's absolutely fine. It's a bit bulky, and not as good as my £75 Weller Portasol (unsurprisingly) but for the price it's fantastic value. Were you perhaps using lead-free solder? I'm afraid my concern for the environment stops at soldering and I only use old-school lead/tin solder.

Am-Tech Soldering Iron 30w £4.93  CarParts4Less. Free delivery. Pay Pal available. Use code "june12"
Updated 29th Jun 2018Last updated 29th Jun 2018 by melted
Am-Tech Soldering Iron 30w £4.93 CarParts4Less. Free delivery. Pay Pal available. Use code "june12"
DESCRIPTION: Suitable for general electrical requirements 30 watt 240V Fitted with 3 pin BS plug The long reach tip heats to high temperature With insulated plastic handle With me… Read more

Not much, unless you buy some solder too. There's a good selection of cheap irons on CPC, although I think you have to spend £10 to get free delivery. This one is £4.74 and has a silicone lead (heat proof and more flexible) £12 will get one with adjustable power


always wanted one of these but not sure what use i could ever make of it, so tempted at this price :D


Great find, ordered, many thanks, Mousey!

Aldi workzone soldering iron station with three tips (pre-order) £19.99 / £22.94 delivered @ Aldi
Updated 30th May 2018Last updated 30th May 2018 by paul.collins79O
Aldi workzone soldering iron station with three tips (pre-order) £19.99 / £22.94 delivered @ Aldi
£19.99Aldi Deals
Bit of a specialist item- but if you are after one that is a bit more controllable than the usual ones, its got a good spec. Handy it comes with a few bits, as getting spares can b… Read more
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I use mine for electronics and restoring old radio's never let's me down, the soldering tips, If you can't find on ebay, then find some of the same diameter cut them to down size and use a die to put a thread on them, "Not rocket science".


Had a punt as good price, added some cheap air freshner 89p to get free delivery, Thx OP :)


It's not rocket science to get spare tips for this, it's just a cylinder of a certain size. Top tip I found when soldering us use flux paste and tip tinner to keep everything clean, otherwise you just end up with a rusty bit and a blob of solder that won't stick. (y)


The ones I have looked on ebay - are dangerous. They lack safety features and the temperature controls are mostly fake. With a Lidl product you know its genuinely has passed safety checks and does not have fake branding. They may come with cheap tips but I would put safety before cheap parts.


Please can you post some ebay IDs/ links? I'm on the lookout for a decent one, and you seem to know your stuff - thanks in advance.

Parkside Soldering Iron Set £7.99 @ Lidl
Updated 28th May 2018Last updated 28th May 2018 by geriatrix
Parkside Soldering Iron Set £7.99 @ Lidl
As above. Looks good for the money In store from Sunday 3/6 Ideal for precise electrical work and hobby work on jewellery or circuits Handy and lightweight with a comfortable … Read more
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Spare tips are available on Ebay.


Sorry mate - some people are beyond help, you fall into that category.


You're still somehow missing the point @pennyfarthing88. What you're suggesting is tantamount to posting up the entire internet on HUKD. If I happen on that Antex iron for a fiver I'll post it up, because that would be a deal. A tenner is it's normal price, so it's not a deal. A Lidl soldering iron for two quid less isn't a deal. If I was to take your approach of posting up the entire Lidl tool selection every other week I could claim as many posted deals as you, but I have the gumption to know when something is a deal and when it isn't, so I don't. I really couldn't give a toss what people think, this is a deal site not my social circle.π=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=antex+soldering+irons&dpPl=1&dpID=21HI-dI5tyL&ref=plSrchπ=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=antex+40w


The tips look as though they screw into the end of the iron, never seen this type of tip fitting so indeed probably difficult to get spares. The tips we use at work cost about £5 each and are readily available Weller spares, they are solid copper with an iron plating, using modern ROHS compliant lead free solder the temperature we need to set our irons to ranges from 350-390 centigrade. Tips without plating won't last too long but as this product is also used for wood burning this is not an issue and means this product could last many years if used for that. Our soldering stations cost about £400 but are used all day everyday , I owned an Antex 25watt mains powered iron for years and the tips are readily available even today. As has been said lets not get personal about this, life is too short to stress about f


Chill guys, it's far too hot for armchair warfare.

Pro-Iroda Solderpro 70W Gas Soldering Iron Kit from maplin £15.75
Updated 22nd May 2018Last updated 22nd May 2018 by rumuk
Pro-Iroda Solderpro 70W Gas Soldering Iron Kit from maplin £15.75
• 70W portable gas soldering iron so you can work almost anywhere • Heats up in as little as 20 seconds allowing you to get on with the job in hand • Temperature ranges from 210°C … Read more
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I am getting blue flames out of the sides intermittently with the soldering tip, is anybody else experiencing the same?


Has anyone tried spending one of those £5 gift cards they were giving away over Christmas?


looked in store in Wembley and they've got the non-flash deal price on in-store (obviously the website and flash deals are now gone)


Just ordered ..absolute a stonking price..what a Bargain. I was debating ordering this a few days glad I waited. I have this same model and it done me great over the years but the base cap ended f@@king up I really did not need ,but at this`s a steal. ...This is a excellent gizmo for small jobs. Thanks OP. Heat! Best Regards,


Ordered thank you Anyone know if they stock various spare tips instore and at the £1.67/£1.70 price?

Iroda SolderPro 50 Pencil Gas Butane Soldering Iron £20.99 - Maplin eBay
Updated 7th Apr 2018Last updated 7th Apr 2018 by Wings18
Iroda SolderPro 50 Pencil Gas Butane Soldering Iron £20.99 - Maplin eBay
£20.99eBay Deals
Good price for a good gas soldering Iron. Used Iroda kit in the past and it's been a good workhorse. Handy if you want a small kit for doing jobs on electrical work and so on. … Read more

Handy for people who don't always have access to electric in their line of work (me for example). Working on a remote site for example. I'd be lost without a gas iron.


Maplin. Overpriced as always. I like how how Maplin is going downhill with the recent store crisis.


Why this and not an electric iron?


Do yourself a favour, spend another tenner and get the Dremel Versatip. Outstanding piece of kit, you won't regret it!


....or £14.39 even

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