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4.65 off on  Soldering Iron Kit 60W - £12.34 (Prime) / £17.09 (non Prime)  Sold by ECmall and Fulfilled by Amazon
Posted 7th Feb 2018Posted 7th Feb 2018
4.65 off on Soldering Iron Kit 60W - £12.34 (Prime) / £17.09 (non Prime) Sold by ECmall and Fulfilled by Amazon
Select Promotional message to get 4.65 off on Soldering Iron Kit 60W Adjustable Temperature Welding Irons Tool Soldering Tips Solder Sucker Desoldering Wick Solder Wire Anti-static… Read more
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Bought this and very happy with quality


Anyone who bought this can you please share your thoughts?


Where is the promotional message to select ?


Just what I needed....Thanks (highfive)


nice little kit this, I bought a month ago and have used to fix some headphones and a toy train

Soldering Iron Kit 60W Adjustable Temperature Welding Irons Tool - Prime £12.34 / £17.09 non prime Sold by ECmall and Fulfilled by Amazon
Posted 8th Jan 2018Posted 8th Jan 2018
Soldering Iron Kit 60W Adjustable Temperature Welding Irons Tool - Prime £12.34 / £17.09 non prime Sold by ECmall and Fulfilled by Amazon
Seems like a decent price but you need to ensure to click on redeem promotion...
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To be honest at this price I'd just buy a normal cheapy soldering station. You're unlikely to use more than a couple of pointed tips and maybe a chisel tip. Plus using decent quality solder can make soldering 10 times easier


Thank you for update :)


Bought in November and it is a good iron. Very happy with it.


Thank you :)


Out of stock now. Shame as it seemed a good deal. Heat added anyway (y)

Soldering Station 48W £8.99 - Cordless Soldering Iron 6W £6.99 - LIDL (Parkside)
Posted 4th Jan 2018Posted 4th Jan 2018
Solder on in to 2018 with these Lidl offers available from January 14th Soldering Station 48W: Compact station with soldering iron, holder and soldering sponge Adjustable temperat… Read more

For those who bought the station these spare tips fit


....Possibly why the stations were removed from website and empty spaces on many shelves...


Not recommended. In my opinion potentially dangerous. I've just bought one of these at Maidenhead - they had several. I needed a second iron for occasional use at my studio, so took a chance on this suspiciously cheap offer. Warning 1: The cable strain relief at the end of the iron itself does not securely grip the cable, which is free to rotate (at least on my sample). The wire is therefore liable to fracture or disconnect in time. There is mains voltage going to the iron - could be a big bang if the live wire comes loose, or compromised safety if the earth wire fractures. I wrapped some self-amalgamating tape around the body of the iron and the strain moulding to avoid these problems. Warning 2: The tip of the iron extends beyond the bottom of the support spring, so when hot it's a hazard to cables and people. Both the iron's cables have mains voltage on them, and the iron could melt through the insulation when it's apparently safely stowed in its holder. Warning 3: The solder that comes with the iron is 60/40 tin/lead. Toxic fumes! The iron gets hot enough for lead-free solder, so no excuse for this. The manual includes appropriate health warnings, but you can't see these until you've bought and opened the box. Note 1: The iron is not temperature controlled, just power controlled as far as I can see from a quick look inside the base. There's a triac, a trimpot, some filter components but not a lot else inside. The mains earth and neutral wires are joined straight to the soldering iron, the live goes via the simple electronics. I have 40 years experience as an electronics engineer and am confident there's no temperature sensor.


No stations for me but the cordless one is surprisingly good


Been to Lidl the past 3 days. Managed to get soldering station but didn’t look for the rotary multitool. Past 2 days there have been tons of soldering stations but no multitools. Gutted!

Meterk 60W Soldering Iron Kit - Only £12.34 delivered (+£4.75 non prime). Sold by ECmall and Fulfilled by Amazon
Posted 30th Nov 2017Posted 30th Nov 2017
Meterk 60W Soldering Iron Kit - Only £12.34 delivered (+£4.75 non prime). Sold by ECmall and Fulfilled by Amazon
£12.34£32.9963%Amazon Deals
Who's a little tinker(er) then! Got someone in your life that likes to fix things when they are not broken? Well, look no further than this nifty soldering iron kit! Ensure you r… Read more
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I asked the question on Amazon about the voltage. They replied saying it was 220V and have changed picture to reflect that I think. So looks a pretty good deal.


Looks a good deal as long as the 240v/earthing situation can be confirmed.


Had that on here last year!


Ah, I was expecting it to be more complicated than that lol Thanks for the info!


I know but its made mine so thanks again xx

DIGITAL Soldering Station 48W - £17.99 - LIDL (Parkside) - 3 Year Warranty
Posted 5th Oct 2017Posted 5th Oct 2017
Available at Lidl from October 15th With soft grip and 3 interchangeable tips Compact station with control display for temperature and heating up phase Adjustable temperature … Read more

Frequently if Chinese stuff comes with a fuse, it is a counterfeit one


Can you get non fusible resistors though ;) I just thought it was a bit tight. If it did blow you wouldn't even be able to read the markings to replace it. At least the cheap chaddy ebay stuff normally comes with a proper fuse AND if you get really lucky they put in in the L line rather than the N XD


You can get fusible resistors ;)


In picture 2, are they using a resistor as a fuse? I might take my old one apart and see what that has inside, last thing I used it for was as an ashtray lol. If the handle connection is 24v you may be able to mod it to take a knockoff Hakko handle. More trouble than its worth probably, but something to do when you're bored XD


Bought it and I regret.What's inside Parkside PLSD 48 A1?Tips, probably same as on previous models. As others said, they were pretty bad.At least, I can control temperature, not a power, like on cheaper irons. I will check accuracy of temperature and update this post.Update: Around 20-30°C (tried 2 different tips) less @ 300°C and 400°C. Another thing, sometimes it stops warming up for 2-5s at random temperatures and when temperature on LCD hit 400°C, multimeter shows 340°C and it takes another 20-30s to stop at 375°C.Next time, I will buy Hakko 936 clone(wep,huakko,yihua). Cheap tips and spare parts. I can even replace control board with original Hakko panel.

60W Electric Soldering Iron only £5.07 delivered for free @ Light in the box
Posted 28th Sep 2017Posted 28th Sep 2017
60W Electric Soldering Iron only £5.07 delivered for free @ Light in the box
Seems like a very decent piece of equipment for the price. It includes UK adaptor which I counted in. Features: ●Professional Soldering Tool is great for lead-free sold… Read more

morrighas done the job already But, if he took one apart, I think there's a fair chance he'd find it isn't actually temperature controlled and doesn't have a temperature sensor, just a triac based dimmer circuit, see this image of the banggood one:- I was right about this one posted previously though :-


Sounds like it's time to get Big Clive on the case!


I have something very similar to this but with earth clip. It doesn't have enough thermal capacity for some jobs, for example I wanted to remove a connection to a small/thin copper plate on a power supply that I was fixing and it couldn't do it. However, it was good for the Sn/Pb wires for small jobs. Plus, I wouldn't trust that temperature dial. I just ordered the "Hakko" T12 DIY Kit for about $10 ... got some good review on Youtube. My advice is to save your money ... and get the T12 kit.


I agree spend more money and buy a branded one that has been tested to UK standards and will not electrocute you.


very cheap electric goods from china = dangerous equipment. For the few pounds saved it is not worth potential danger. I have bought a few cheap transformers/equipment with allegedly uk plugs to find they had no earth cabling. Just buy them from cheap uk suppliers instead. You really are not saving much.

40W Soldering Kit Solder Iron Station now £9.99 delivered @ eBay / Maplin
Posted 27th Sep 2017Posted 27th Sep 2017
40W Soldering Kit Solder Iron Station now £9.99 delivered @ eBay / Maplin
Decent starter kit for under a tenner with free delivery - video on deal link if want to review The perfect starter kit for your those new to solderingMains powered 40W sol… Read more
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My Antex was £15 delivered, from eBay in 2011. My first 2 soldering irons were from Lidl, and after that I decided to get something more long-lasting, with a ready availability of replacement bits. I find the Antex easier to work with than the Lidl ones: but then again, it's possible I've just become better at soldering over the years. e.g. back when I was starting out with my Lidl ones I doubt I was cleaning and tinning the tip enough.


How much did you Antex cost for just the iron? A replacement bit for an Antex is nearly the cost of this iron.


£3.90 for the iron now (fierce)


That's a Lidl soldering iron, which was only £6.99 in store. Mine didn't last long at all- I'm much happier with my Antex 25W which replaced it.


I would say 40 watts is a bit on the high side for soldering electronics, although if you are reasonably skilled you'd probably get away with it. As I recall they used to recommend 15 to 25w for a fixed wattage iron. I have an old 25w Antex with a silicone flex, that I bought decades ago, I went to the higher end because I often needed to solder moderately thick wiring as well as electronic parts, otherwise I'd have got a 17W. CPC have a budget variable wattage (it is not temperature controlled) soldering station for £14 it seems to be a copy of one Maplin sold years ago, don't know what the quality is like.

Mustool MT223 60W Adjustable Temperature Electric Soldering Iron Welding Rework Repair Tool - £6.33 @ Banggood
Posted 4th Sep 2017Posted 4th Sep 2017
Mustool MT223 60W Adjustable Temperature Electric Soldering Iron Welding Rework Repair Tool - £6.33 @ Banggood
I found a great price for this soldering tool for £6.33 with 5pcs Solder Tips I/3C/4C/K/2.4D 110V/220V Option. I hope this can help you a lot. Features: Adjustable temperature con… Read more

I've purchased similar iron in the past. They are all the same just re-branded. The adjusting knob does not work and even in the lowest position the tip glows red hot. It burns everything including wires rendering them useless. I am a cheap fu*k but one thing that I would not use is a *cheap* two pin Chinese soldering iron. I'm emphasising on cheap since China makes good products but this is a waste of money.


Following my earlier post, soldering irons are also good for plastic welding, such as cracked plastic car bumpers. No need to buy new or secondhand replacements. Search YouTube Peters Garage.


Here's some other soldering offers on CPC Solder Station for £12 :- (note like the mustool iron it is not temperature controlled) Tenma 60W Digital ESD Soldering Station £45 :- Hot air 300w rework station £48 :- 8w ! SMD solder station :-


Electronics engineer here, would never go near a 12w iron for electronics or electrical purpose, wattage too low. I have always used a temp control 50w iron around 350 to 400° but have gone higher when soldering large electrical wires to lugs etc. Also use a gas iron when working with electrical stuff or for wiring in the car. But wouldn't use for electronics as it's too hot for that and the exhaust emits hot gas/air that could damage loose wires and connectors that may incidentally be there.


But for just £4 you can buy an iron from a UK supplier and not risk electrocution each time you use it!

Soldering Gun with Integrated Solder Feed - £8.99 LIDL (Parkside) - 3 Year Warranty
Posted 29th Jun 2017Posted 29th Jun 2017
Available at Lidl from Sunday 9th July Smooth moving button for precise solder feed Auto switch off after 20 minutes 60W power Working temps ranges: 150/170C - 220/250C - 300/350C… Read more

A very nasty soldering iron.... Avoid at all cost ;) maxmix


​Yep, got one of those just out of curiosity. Horrible piece of kit, definitely wouldn't have paid more than £1 for it.


looks very similar to Maplin one posted a while back, now discontinued.

Gas Powered Mini Soldering Torch Kit £14.99 @ ALDI
Posted 29th Jun 2017Posted 29th Jun 2017
Gas Powered Mini Soldering Torch Kit £14.99 @ ALDI
£14.99Aldi Deals
This gas-powered torch is great for high-precision electronic soldering tasks. It comes complete with a Standard Tip, Chisel Soldering Tip, Anvil Soldering Tip, Needle Tip, Reflect… Read more
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Pic looks identical to the 'older' one I bought 18 months ago, so you're probably right :)


When you say older model. isn't this exactly the same? just been brought back out onto the shop floor again? I bought mine last year and can't see it being any different to this one.


I did the same and bought a dremel, but if I can find another tip, I have a spare/one for the car or something :)


​Wouldn't a lighter be... Lighter?


Take one into maplin and get them to find you one that fits.. I've got an older workzone one and there's a few maplin tips that worked. Sure they'll be the same for this one

Soldering iron - 30w with spare tips+solder. £7.99 @ Lidl Ni.
Posted 25th May 2017Posted 25th May 2017
Soldering iron - 30w with spare tips+solder. £7.99 @ Lidl Ni.
Another soldering iron deal from Lidl. Available from 1st June in Lidl NI.
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Mine lasted about 3 uses. Soldering iron heat is fine but the tip screws into the end and the thread isn't cut right so it ends up rounding off inside and then all the tip fall out when they are hot. Just bought an amazon special for £20 with all the extras and a carry case.


Lidl seem to be bringing the northern irish offers in early lately so this might be in stock in mainland uk in a few weeks.


My Lidl one didn't last long. I'm a lot happier with my Antex XS25, which has lasted about 6 years so far.


Cold. Ouch. HOT!


Hope its better than Aldi Workzone as that didn't last 5 minutes compared to my 15 year old Antec

FX-951 220V EU Plug Solder Soldering Iron Station with Tip - £68.29 (£60.75 inc shipping after coupon) @ Banggood
Posted 18th Apr 2017Posted 18th Apr 2017
FX-951 220V EU Plug Solder Soldering Iron Station with Tip - £68.29 (£60.75 inc shipping after coupon) @ Banggood
FX-951 HAKKO clone soldering station for £60.75 inc shipping to UK after applying coupon code - WELDTOOL Many positive reviews ... :|

Seems very expensive, you can get a temperature controlled solder station for under 50 quid from a uk supplier with a proper guarantee, easy to return if faulty and no risk of customs charges and should be built to uk electrical standards.


This is just a simple soldering station (no hot air involved) and you seem to get a set of tips (I hope 10) but they are all different types with very different uses. A set of ten (different types) cost £26.16! Although they say these tips last 3-4 times the length of normal tips, this is still very expensive.

Posted 21st Feb 2017Posted 21st Feb 2017
Max temp 450C
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I'm still using a weller from the 70s, handed down to me from my dad. Resoldered most keys on my mech kb yesterday after not using it for a year or two, and of course still no issues. If you want one that will last a lifetime, get a weller. For light use I'm sure this is fine.


what a polite man you are!


Can these be used on other makes of car?


**** company


X) Don't be silly, totally different budget, a similar Weller would be about 700% more expensive. No need for a casual user to splash out that much.

Duratool D01855  Soldering Iron Starter Kit £7.19 delivered @ cpc
Posted 28th Jan 2017Posted 28th Jan 2017
Duratool D01855 Soldering Iron Starter Kit £7.19 delivered @ cpc
30W Soldering Iron, Safety Stand, Desoldering Pump, Solder seems good enough to do small jobs, very inexpensive

thanks for the advice


You get a basic iron with crud gear.... the solder sucker would not be approved in a work place, the solder again........ The iron is just tosh.... I've lived with a solder iron and top tech in my hands for many years serving the world, MOD, F1, all tech req industries - for duratool = zero, the lidl - bargain basement, buy and sell on... simple as


Perhaps a now defunct soldering iron repurposed as a multimeter tip?


Every day is trapezius day.


I can only vouch for the Aldi one, well worth it

Soldering station - 48w with spare tip and temp control. £8.99 @ Lidl
Posted 25th Jan 2017Posted 25th Jan 2017
Soldering station - 48w with spare tip and temp control. £8.99 @ Lidl
Picked this up today at my local lidl. Comes with two small reels of solder and a spare flat screwdriver shaped tip. Main tip is conical. Needed a new iron as my other one has too … Read more
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Plenty in our local Lidl, just bought the one, certainly not going to be as good as my solder station with hot air, but looks good as a spare ;) maxmix (No where near Antex or Weller quality)


tried our local lidl on the day this was posted but no joy :( Shame, could really do with a higher watt one too. I wish lidl would sort their horrid website out too


They were on sale from last Sunday but there were still some in my local Lidl during the week.


I can't find these either online or in store. What date were they on sale?


Is the wire connecting the iron with the station soft, slilicone-like?

White Box De-Solder Pump £0.66 @ Maplin
Posted 28th Dec 2016Posted 28th Dec 2016
White Box De-Solder Pump £0.66 @ Maplin
Excellent price cheapest I have seen one. Hope this helps some people out! :D
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​I will give it a go for 66p can't really go wrong.


You'd be better of with braid, pumps suck, literally.


​If you are still interested I picked this up the other day and it's the full thing, good quality too.

Bowler_man similar product £1 delivered


been this price for about 4 months. and posted on here about 2 months ago

Posted 2nd Dec 2016Posted 2nd Dec 2016
Awesome deal for a temp controlled soldering station. Full review and link to lowest price here: Special price ends Janua… Read more
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Eight watts for a soldering iron is obviously a definition of the word "good" that I haven't previously encountered. ;)


Not used it yet, looks well made , I showed the boy it and he said specs look good


This probably is good enough for what you need.


is it any good?


Anyone get one of these? Any good?

Dremel Hobby Versatip 2000-6 Butane Soldering Iron £20.47 @ Amazon
Posted 22nd Nov 2016Posted 22nd Nov 2016
Dremel Hobby Versatip 2000-6 Butane Soldering Iron £20.47 @ Amazon
One tool for 6 different applications The interchangeable tips are for: soldering, melting, hot cutting, welding, shrinking and woodburning (pyrography) Always ready to use Allows … Read more

quality tool kit thanks


thanks ordered

Soldering and Repair kit - Delivery Inc. £13.19 @ CPC Farnell
Posted 21st Nov 2016Posted 21st Nov 2016
Soldering and Repair kit - Delivery Inc. £13.19 @ CPC Farnell
Includes: Soldering iron with spare tip and various other accessories. Desolder pump and spate nozzle and piston ring 4.5" long nose and diagonal cutting pliers Volta… Read more

Probably best that you take the plug off the end of the iron too. so he don't burn himself or his sister. and don't give him the pliers incase he cuts her fingers and toes off.


An OK present for a kid to get them interested in electronics, there's plenty of work in this area for advanced technicians. I'd make sure the kid you do buy it for doesn't go testing mains voltage with it though, they need to be aware of the dangers involved.


Dustbin fodder. Yeah it's cheap but..... meh.


Should include seller in title: CPC And correct link:

CORDLESS Soldering Iron 6W £4.99 - LIDL (Parkside)
Posted 6th Oct 2016Posted 6th Oct 2016
CORDLESS Soldering Iron 6W £4.99 - LIDL (Parkside)
Ideal for electronics, model making and hobbies - especially in remote locations Quick heating-up time and high working temperature - up to approx. 480C Battery operated - 3 X AA… Read more

from the manual: With 3 new batteries you can use the cordless soldering iron for approximately 60 minutes without an interruption. More than enough time to get someone talking.


Would this be powerful enough to solder the pins on a Raspberry Pi Zero? If not can anyone point me to a cheap USB/mains one?


10x that wattage is what you need for a decent iron.


having spent days messing about repairing old peugeot wiring looms, I can confirm that anything under 20w is useless, I will actually buy one of these setups myself as this looks fab! being outside soldering you lose so much temp in the iron so quickly :(


I did not know AA batteries could deliver current like that? Well I normally only use in remotes, and portable radios,etc. Presumably will be changing batteries every hour or two?

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