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The Sonos PLAY 1 may be small, but it has the power and audio prowess of much larger speakers. Designed to make multi-room streaming a reality, this Sonos masterpiece is the ideal way to enjoy streaming services or mp3 collections, and can also become part of home TV and cinema systems. Customers can discover the latest home audio offers at the hotukdeals PLAY:1 listings. Read more
Sonos Play 1 Smart Speaker - White only - Refurbished £109 @ Sonos Shop
1150° Expired
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Refurbished - White model only Sold by Sonos with free 2 day delivery and possibility to return.

Good to hear it (y) Don’t get me wrong Ive absolutely no complaints about Sonos gear, I’m a huge fan. Just don’t think this was a good price and anyone jumping into Sonos would be better spending a little more and getting Ones on a deal time (and they come round regular). I see Sonos like the Apple of modern home speaker systems. Built to last, most importantly sound great but you pay for it as they’re not cheap. But, like Apple products, with Sonos you definitely get what you pay for.


I’ve never seen different hardware revisions for the play:1, what are they?


Whilst the speakers should still be able to play audio they can't guarantee that changes to 3rd party music services to newer audio formats or new encryption/DRM can be supported indefinitely. So whilst they can probably support local playback indefinately they may eventually stop working with various music services.


I think there is more than one revision of the play:1, but yes these are getting a bit long in the tooth, that said they still currently work fine and they sound decent (at least to my untrained ear)


From the day they stop selling a product its 5 years support. After that time they will no longer receive new updates, but will continue to work.

LG Electronics OLED65B9PLA 65-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart OLED TV £1499.89 Delivered an extra £100 off now (membership required) @ Costco
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Posted 27th FebPosted 27th Feb
LG Electronics OLED65B9PLA 65-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart OLED TV £1499.89 Delivered an extra £100 off now (membership required) @ Costco
£1,499.89£1,70012%Costco Deals
Comes with free 5 year warranty - Richer Sounds may price match so worth checking for extra years warranty New 2nd Gen α7 (Alpha 7) Processor with AI The 2nd gen α7 p… Read more

They didn’t call Costco. They just asked that I email the screenshot I was given by fauji786.


Thanks for the reply. Do you know if they called Costco or did they ask you for a photo as proof?


I did. I actually got it for £1379 because it went down by another £100 a couple of days later. They didn’t ask for proof of membership either which saved me from having to buy one with Costco.


Did you get your price match? I never got mine because RS called Costco rather than asking for an image and it had gone back up to 1600


Cheers mate. Will give RS a call tomorrow and request a price match.

Philips 65OLED754 65 inch OLED 4K Ultra HD Premium Smart TV Freeview Play £1,599 @ Richer Sounds With Code
356° Expired
Posted 22nd FebPosted 22nd Feb
Philips 65OLED754 65 inch OLED 4K Ultra HD Premium Smart TV Freeview Play £1,599 @ Richer Sounds With Code
£1,599£1,6493%Richer Sounds Deals
Cheapest it's been Enjoy top quality OLED picture quality, enhanced by Ambilight and P5, with the class-leading Philips 65OLED754. Picture perfected with the Philips P5 Perfec… Read more

I have the older Philip's 55 inch POS9002. It has a great image and handles both 4k HDR and importantly normal TV well. The Ambilight is a hit with the family and I love it. As someone else said if you want Ambilight the Philip's OLEDs are great but for a slicker smart system and regular updates I would go LG. The LG B9 also has HDMI 2.1 which has 4K 120Hz and eARC( Full Dolby Atmos / Dolby TrueHD etc to an amp / sound bar via one HDMI 2.1 connection. On the Philips there is standard HDMI with Arc at DD 5.1 with compressed DD Plus. Only really relevant if you want to connect up a relativly recent good sound system to it. Or 4K 120 hz sources become more relevant.


Good luck getting burn in covered by such warranties


(lol) (lol) (lol)


See, look at you now, getting all techy about TV specifications. Lol!!


This is a Philips TV.

Sonos Play 1 £79.66 delivered @ El Corte Ingles
161° Expired
Posted 20th FebPosted 20th Feb
Sonos Play 1 £79.66 delivered @ El Corte Ingles
80 Units left so be quick :o SONOS PLAY 1 Smart Wireless Speaker Black Mini: Fits in any space, fills any room Rich sound despite its size Also works as a Sonos home cinema… Read more
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Do a Google search, as I mentioned din my comment and let me know how long it takes you to get what the name was in the drop down menu, add to that the limited stock that probably won't last very long as it was in this case. I'll happy let you wipe me if you're into that (unicorn)


There's also Google search for that. I'm sure next time you can ask for them to wipe for you too? (lol)


Yeah. I think there are some third party apps on android to do it. They look very different though but sound the same.


Nope, pretty sure it has to be like for like if you want stereo pairing


It's not, but it's the next oldest and I wouldn't risk my money on these despite the low price. Or any new Sonos for that matter, although I've got a house full.

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Sonos PLAY 1 Smart Wireless Speaker - Black delivered £91.76 (€109.45) @ El corte Ingles
704° Expired
Posted 16th JanPosted 16th Jan
Sonos PLAY 1 Smart Wireless Speaker - Black delivered £91.76 (€109.45) @ El corte Ingles
£91.76£154.9941%El Corte Ingles Deals
1st generation Sonos Play for €109.45 Euros delivered, which based on the latest MasterCard rate is £91.76. If you don't have a fee free card such as Starling/Revolut you may incur… Read more

“We are sorry to inform you that we have had to cancel the item (s) detailed below because it is sold out and it is not possible to send it to you. We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you.” 😩


You may have a point in some instances which is what I was eluding to for the Sonos situation. However, in this case it is a blatant attempt to make you think you need to buy a new ipad since if you take the approach as above the old Netflix app is available for install and works perfectly is just Apple stating that it doesnt from the App Store home screen if you have an old device.


Orders cancelled :(


You can go elsewhere but it will be the same. As technology advances old hardware must become obsolete at some point. Sonos has stuck with their products for about 15 years that's much more that be said for most of the big tech companies. I challenge you to find any of the 1st gen smart TV's that still have the "smart" features functionality. Hell, my 5 year old 55` Panasonic TV had the last firmware update 2 years ago!


It's not for "no reason". Your iPad mini might be capable of playing videos but it no longer has the technology to play protected content from Netflix, Prime etc. There are specific minimum technical requirements for any device must meet to be able to stream secure content. Some can be upgraded via firmware up to a point then no more

SONOS PLAY:1 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker - White £94.97 at Currys PC World
21° Expired
Posted 5th JanPosted 5th Jan
SONOS PLAY:1 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker - White £94.97 at Currys PC World
SONOS PLAY:1 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker - White Compatible with Sonos Multi-room music system Wireless Hi-Fi sound anywhere in your home Uses your home WiFi netwo… Read more

It works on the One SL but not on the One for some reason?


Is that deal still on?


Can people please stop posting this. This has to be about the 5th time now


Got the Simons one sl to compliment my beam yesterday at RS. £137 each x 2 = £274 least the code BT20 = £254 for 2. Worth the extra £25 quid each for the latest version of your after two.


Why isn`t this expired ?

Sonos play 1 - £99.97 C&C only @ Currys
143° Expired
Posted 1st JanPosted 1st Jan
Sonos play 1 - £99.97 C&C only @ Currys
First post so sorry if already posted: Sonos Play 1 (older version) down below £100 for the first time in a while. Purchase qualifies for free 6 months Spotify subscription. I'll … Read more

Tbh, its not your fault, I've done it loads, currys should mark it as out of stock if they are genuinely out of stock. Good find nonetheless :)


Yeah, I'll expire this. Didn't realise it wouldn't be in stock anywhere. First post so sorry for the goose chase 😳


Expire as no stock anywhere


No stock in 36 stores around Nottingham unfortunately


No stock !

Flexson Floorstand for Sonos Play: 1 - White (Pack of 2) at Amazon for £61.25
324° Expired
Posted 27th Dec 2019Posted 27th Dec 2019
Flexson Floorstand for Sonos Play: 1 - White (Pack of 2) at Amazon for £61.25
Have been looking at these for a while, unfortunately they're not the adjustable ones but I've gone for it considering the price, especially as it's a pack of 2. Looks like it's th… Read more

You're welcome @jezwillmar :) feel exactly the same, they hide around the back corners of each sofa perfectly. Am happy you like them!


Cheers op. Just built these. Look great and very Firm. Had to by cable extensions though just a metre longer.


best value for a stand. Have these myself and they are OK - but slightly wobbly at the bottom!


No stands on any decent offer for the Sonos one that I can find.


Excellent price for a pair of them! Note that these only fit the Play 1, not the newer One/SL. The newer Flexson stand fits all the Play 1/ One variants

Sonos PLAY:1 Smart Speaker, White £94.49 @ John Lewis & Partners
291° Expired
Posted 24th Dec 2019Posted 24th Dec 2019
Sonos PLAY:1 Smart Speaker, White £94.49 @ John Lewis & Partners
Sonos play 1 for £94.49 not bad price for a good sounding speaker from John Lewis with 2 year guarantee
Get deal*Get deal*

Usual JL BS, always knowingly undersold


These are just as good as the one SL if using as rear speakers. Great deal.


I now have one black & one white (lol) these are becoming hard to find. Cheapest I've seen new though


Excellent speakers. Both mine free with Vodafone broadband.


Is anything on this site 100%?

SONOS PLAY:1 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker - Black £107.97 @ Currys PC World
598° Expired
Posted 12th Dec 2019Posted 12th Dec 2019
SONOS PLAY:1 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker - Black £107.97 @ Currys PC World
Great price considering if you can get them in your area.

No stock, how is this hot?


What speakers do people connect to the Beam for surround sound?


No stock anywhere cold from me


Great price for a great speaker but none available near me. May as well be free!


I'm thinking currys can afford to cut prices because they dont bother to spend any money on customer service

Sonos Play 1 Twin Pack £239.98 at Costco
414° Expired
Posted 12th Dec 2019Posted 12th Dec 2019
Sonos Play 1 Twin Pack £239.98 at Costco
£239.98£269.9811%Costco Deals
Sonos Play 1 twin pack. Ends 15/12/19 May be cheaper in store.
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Obviously they're not going to stop playing audio, but all tech products have a product lifetime. Once a product is out of support, updates and new features aren't going to be made available to those products. Future updates might restrict which speakers can be paired, for example. Or perhaps new equalizer options may be added to the app but not for the older model. It's up to you whether that's a concern to you, but if it is then for a few quid more then waiting for an offer on the one sl's might be a better buy.


Obsolescence? Not sure what you mean there, they still have the two year warranty and will play audio.


Has anyone compared a pair of these to a Naim Muso QB? I'm considering giving Sonos a shot at some point, as Naim's milti-room system is not ideal for me (can't initiate multi-room pairing from the app), but wouldn't want to if these are a step down in sound quality. My hope is the the stereo separation with two of these would make a big difference to the sound to beat the Qb. Thoughts from anyone who's tried both would be appreciated.


I would actually pay more for hardware that doesn't feature Google / Alexa


I checked before posting the deal. The one's that had been posted previously had expired.

Flexson Wall Mount for Sonos One and Sonos PLAY:1 - White (Pair) £45.99 @ Amazon
47° Expired
Posted 11th Dec 2019Posted 11th Dec 2019
Flexson Wall Mount for Sonos One and Sonos PLAY:1 - White (Pair) £45.99 @ Amazon
White / Black available sold and distributed by Amazon (further buying options down the page) Wall Mount for Sonos One and Play:1 - PairFlexson’s bespoke bracket for the Sonos One… Read more

Picked up the sub from currys for 460, definitely worth upgrading in my opinion


Black is still 45.99 why expired


Nice bit of iptv on that tv as well ;) (lol) definitely recommend the sub game changer👌


I can't find play:1's for sale or in stock anywhere - have they been discontinued?


Lol be sure to let me know if it's worth getting, I'm suffering from that itch too!!

Sonos Play 1 Twin Speaker @ Costco with code @ £239.98
255° Expired
Posted 23rd Nov 2019Posted 23rd Nov 2019
Sonos Play 1 Twin Speaker @ Costco with code @ £239.98
£239.98Costco Deals

Haha it is confusing, but the gen 1 and 2 specifically applies to Sonos ‘One’, they released a slightly updated version of this model with minor upgrades inside.


When you google gen 2 it always refers to the one, it would be easy to assume gen 1 is the play one and gen 2 is the one. Man that sounds so messed up.


I got my Costco mailing today and this deal was in there. It got me round to thinking, I've been a member for donkey's years, twenty at least, I've never done the maths to prove or disprove if the membership fee has paid off (I suspect it has) but it's worth it in the long run because it keeps out the "if you can't get it for 99p in B&M then it's overpriced" lot then it's worthwhile.


These aren't a great offer - can get Grade B Sonos One's for the same price from CeX


They are identical to each other, what on earth are you basing that on

Sonos Play 1 Wireless speaker Twin Pack £251.98 (inc VAT) at Costco Southampton
288° Expired
Posted 18th Nov 2019Posted 18th Nov 2019LocalLocal
Sonos Play 1 Wireless speaker Twin Pack £251.98 (inc VAT) at Costco Southampton
£251.98Costco Deals
Sonos Play 1 wireless speaker twin pack at Costco Southampton
Get deal*Get deal*

Not a terrible price for a Sonos speaker but I’m definitely waiting to see what the Black Friday offers are like on the newer Sonos One!


Don't forget the One SL if you want a Sonos One without a microphone for voice assistants and is a closer replacement of the Play:1. It looks like they're just selling off the old stock now and the Play:1 is going to be discontinued (they've stopped selling it on their website)


Perfect. Thank you for the clarification.


This is the Play 1, then there was the Sonos One, now the Sonos One (gen 2) so the model in question is actually much older than the gen2 you speak of. The Sonos One replaced the Play1 in their line up, however, has still been sold since.


Same here!!! Can’t wait to buy a sub.

Sonos Play 1 speaker (refurb) - £119 @ Sonos Shop
313° Expired
Posted 29th Oct 2019Posted 29th Oct 2019
Sonos Play 1 speaker (refurb) - £119 @ Sonos Shop
Play 1 speaker (certified refurb) in white only now back in stock! Get the while you can. Still an excellent buy to add to the Sonos ecosystem if that's your thing despite these s… Read more
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These were £120 new everywhere for months over the summer.


Definitely not. You may have been lucky but most go for £150. I have an alert set up for any Buy It Now listed at less than £150. It’s very few.


Got mine free from EE. My first Sonos, and I have to say, it is superb!!!!.....deffo want another and another and another and another and another.....just the wish the move wasn't so damn expensive!!!!


Hey, Google, is this the one without Google Assistant?... Yes, it is.


The Sonos One is usually available new on eBay for around £125. I picked one up 6 months ago for this price (gen2)

Sonos PLAY 1 Smart Wireless Speaker - Black £87.92 delivered (£83.36 with fee free card) @ Amazon Spain
454° Expired
Posted 1st Oct 2019Posted 1st Oct 2019
Sonos PLAY 1 Smart Wireless Speaker - Black £87.92 delivered (£83.36 with fee free card) @ Amazon Spain
£87.92£13434%Amazon Spain Deals
Sonos play 1 for £87.93 delivered at Amazon Spain. Select Amazon as the seller, £87.93 in sterling although slightly cheaper paying in Euros with a fee free card such as Revolut (a… Read more

Pleased to say my 2 x Sonos Play:1's have arrived today at my apartment here in Gran Canaria, Spain and I can confirm they are brand new and due to the VAT rate here I only paid EUR 154,71 for the pair. So, I'm very happy and thanks to original poster @Chanchi32 (y)


anyone got these paired with a sonos beam? Looking to get this setup


Also reduced my pair to a single unit. Was planning on using them as rears with a beam. Anyone had any luck with support?


Managed to get 2 new ones. Arrived today! Many thanks OP!


Had mine reduced from 2 to 1. Annoyed since I wanted to use as stereo pair. I mean, I do have a spare white one, but who wants a mixed stereo pair?

Sonos Play 1 Twin Pack - £257.98 @ Costco instore
27° Expired
Posted 27th Sep 2019Posted 27th Sep 2019LocalLocal
Sonos Play 1 Twin Pack - £257.98 @ Costco instore
£257.98£2818%Costco Deals
Spotted in Costco Leeds Great price for a twin pack. £257.98 inc VAT

As a pro tradie, I can claim the VAT back


Cheaper than Argos/amazon etc


Because it isn’t a deal.


This deal is still on, why’s it expired?


It was but they’ve removed it

Sonos PLAY 1 Wireless Speaker £119.20 with code  @ eBay / hughesdirect
744° Expired
Posted 25th Sep 2019Posted 25th Sep 2019
Sonos PLAY 1 Wireless Speaker £119.20 with code @ eBay / hughesdirect
£119.20£1308%eBay Deals
Seems like a great price for brand new and from an authorised reseller. Use code PLENTIFUL to get the price down to £119.20 Wireless HiFi System Crystal Clear Sound Compa… Read more

Yes you can use Spotify connect so Spotify will work. But this sonos speaker does not support airplay. Edit : I’m not actually sure Spotify free supports Spotify connect (only premium accounts do maybe?) so if that’s the case it won’t work for you. You’ll need one of their airplay speakers (pretty much any of the others).


No, it’s because the Sonos One SL is the direct replacement for the Play:1 which is being retired (I believe)


Price drop may be related to Amazon's Echo Studio announcement today?


Yes you can use it with Spotify but you can no longer stream music that is held on your iDevice to the speaker


I have a Sonos One Gen 2 and I’m doing it right this second from my iPhone. Perhaps I am misunderstanding?

Sonos play 1 (refurbished) 2 year warranty £119 Sonos Shop
332° Expired
Posted 20th Sep 2019Posted 20th Sep 2019
Sonos play 1 (refurbished) 2 year warranty £119 Sonos Shop
Straight from the manufacturer Refurbished SONOS Play:1 — £119 Free delivery with code shipfast Both black and white models in stock

Not got one, and the consideration ended as soon as I looked at the price. I just don't need it with the sound of the other speakers, plus would rather use that money for adding extra rooms.


Have you got a Sonos Sub, or have you considered getting one? The reviews are extremely good for it, but the price is ridiculously high in my opinion ;(


I notice the difference, however its still a fantastic soundbar. Personally I would not pay over £300 more for what you get out of them however everone is different. For me the price of a beam plus two play 1's is a better option.


How do you find the Sonos Beam compared to the Playbar, like is it a downgrade? And is there any difference in bass when playing music or watching films? :)


Would like to know this too

SONOS PLAY:1 Smart Wireless Speaker Black for £119 at Sevenoaks (Ex display)
295° Expired
Posted 12th Sep 2019Posted 12th Sep 2019
SONOS PLAY:1 Smart Wireless Speaker Black for £119 at Sevenoaks (Ex display)
SONOS PLAY:1 Smart Wireless Speaker in Black Available for either in-store purchase or FREE Home Delivery

They don't sound the same (as good) apparently. As you say same internals so form factor impacting the sound produced? Also as I have one Play 1 already I need another to form a stereo pair


Or go to IKEA and get their bookshelf speaker which is exactly the same internally as this but only £99 new.


I think that's because there getting rid of there display one


But there's only one available ? (confused)


Ex-display not worth it in my opinion

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