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The Sonos PLAY 1 may be small, but it has the power and audio prowess of much larger speakers. Designed to make multi-room streaming a reality, this Sonos masterpiece is the ideal way to enjoy streaming services or mp3 collections, and can also become part of home TV and cinema systems. Customers can discover the latest home audio offers at the HotUKDeals PLAY:1 listings. Read more
Refurbished SONOS Play 1 £119 @ SONOS
Refreshed 9th JanRefreshed 9th Jan
Sonos 'Certified Refurbished’ product generally seem to be good value. They come with Standard two-year warranty and are as new condition As per SONOS - Each ‘Certified Refurbish… Read more

No problem, hope you enjoy it.


Thanks for this. Just received one I ordered from them, this morning, and it was brand new and sealed (y)


A lot of people say they prefer the 1 over the 3, I was quite surprised how well a single 1 keeps up with a 5 at lower volumes. The 5 flexes it muscles at the top end.


the ones in stereo pair weren't far off my play 5 gen 1. better field of sound, and the bass in stereo is surprisingly good. we have a one on its own in the kitchen and its great - i'd be surprised if you came away disappointed. also, 100 day money back guarantee - nothing to lose. i prefer the one to the three also. i think thats enough love for one comment.


Agree with this. The echo can't compare, nothing I tried could hit the low Hz and keep clarity, especially at lower/mid listening volumes, the competition was all muddy.

Open Box Sonos play:1 Wireless Speaker £119 Sevenoaks Sound
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
Discounted to £119 from RRP £149. OPENED Box White still available

Ended up buying a Sonos One, and another Play1 from SevenOaks (lol) Happy to buy another Play1 at £119, great speaker.


Agree! I returned something a while back and they were amazing about it.


Mine has just arrived & is as new all sealed... Very pleased thanks OP (highfive)


Sonos meant to be launching a new element to a playbar setup that will add airplay etc. The thinking is it will be a new rear setup or something like that


You had me at 'As'. I'll set up a price watch and send the missus a link to the thread when the deeds done XD

Sonos PLAYBAR, SUB & 2X PLAY:1 wireless 5.1 speaker system £1499 @ richersounds
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
It's pricey but it's on offer and you don't need a separate AV amplifier. It also got great reviews. The package contains: 1 x SONOS PLAYBAR 1 x SONOS SUB - Black 2 x SONOS PLAY:… Read more

5.1 (lol) (lol) (lol)


Sound like a right moaning old git, but the price hike on Sonos items makes any ‘deal’ on here not a deal (excited) Picked this lot up just over a year ago for £1099. Absolutely love them, but the prices put me off extending my collection ;(


Not sure why expired as I can still add to backet on RS website (12.30pm)


I thought at that as well but best prices around now: Sonos Playbar £621 Sonos Sub £625 Sonos Play:1 2 Room Starter Set £262 Total £1508 I didn't check if they all get free delivery though. There is also currently a finance offer, if it may help *18 months 0% Interest Free Credit is available on this Speaker Package instore and via telesales, please ask or call for details. Terms and conditions apply. Subject to status. Click here for more info.


Can regularly be bought separately for cheaper.

Sonos play:1 £123.25 @ Peter Tyson outlet eBay
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
Sorry! Another eBay deal. Using today’s code POWPOW15 you can get the Sonos play:1 for just over £123. I just got 2 black ones to pair with my beam! They have a white one but onl… Read more
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You did the smart thing as play 1s much easier to mount on stand or speaker stands due to the screw hole. You can't use the Alexa features on rears on Sonos anyway! You'll love the setup or beam and 2 of these.


Grabbed/nabbed/brought them all check out my ebay page for them at triple the price




That’s what I’ve done. Other plus point on stands etc are cheaper and more readily available for the play one. Figured I’ll save the £50 get the stands and only use as surround sound anyway. Can’t wait to receive now


I don’t need airplay 2 as the beam has that too. Just looking to add as surround speakers.

Sonos Play:1 £110 @ Superfi
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
Not many left but good price.

thanks mate


I was in the same position on Black Friday. I was told awaiting stock and the speaker turned up about a week or so later. Superfi did not take the money out of my account until my order was ready to ship. HTH.


Does anyone have experience with superfi. Although I got my.order in the order shows waiting for stock. Will I still get them?


Awwwwwww ;(


I was fortunate enough to get the £99 Sonos Play:1 deal on Black Friday. This is still/was a great deal.

Sonos One with Alexa £179.99 @ Sonos
Found 5th Dec 2018Found 5th Dec 2018
Not a bad price .... also save £50 when you purchase x2
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That's quite a deep commitment to the amazon echo world at that price - when there's also decent speakers in the Google world on the market :{


Wondering if there’s a newer version out soon as these are being discounted a lot now


sams price as currys


Not for New Alexa edition


is this not standard price ?

Sonos Play:1 for £99 @ Superfi - Super Black Friday Deal!
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Super limited deal on this speaker, grab one whilst you can! Stream music wirelessly throughout your home with the Sonos Play1 - the smallest of the Sonos range. The Play1 deliver… Read more

Strange, I thought Superfi were just clearing the last of their stock hence the low price. If they are getting more supplies in from Sonos, why did they pull the offer? :/


Took delivery of a parcel that matched in size and weight only to find that it was 3Kg of coffee beans. So disappointed* * Not really that disappointed. At least nobody dies when I don't get my Sonos delivered on time, whereas coffee...


Got dispatch notification today for delivery tomorrow. Going to my parents’ so I’ll need to wait a few more days before I can set it up but they aren’t letting me down so far.


Got mine today. Well I haven't, they're at my work and I'm not!


You could have called like we did 😁

Sonos play 1 - grey or white £129 with 6 year guarantee @ smart home Sounds
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Was waiting for a decent Black Friday deal on these, but looks like this is the best price they're likely to be (other than the Amex discount code on Amazon that expired yesterday)… Read more

Inflation, pound weaker, brexit. Take your pick


Code not working now?


Thank you, added to the main post, not sure what happened to the other code :)


Yes they will BF15XB Damn you HUKD Beam and another 1 purchased...



Sonos Play 1 £114 @Amazon using code
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
If like me you already have Alexa everywhere, want to wall mount the speaker of create a pair using and older sonos play 1 this is cheapest this has been in ages bar the superfi fl… Read more

Expired (annoyed)


Expired for me too. Despite having an Amex card on the account. Where was the original advert regarding the code?


It says “Promotional code has expired”


Says it’s expired for me, grr.


Codes expired now anyway

SONOS PLAY:1 Smart Wireless Speaker, White
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
For those of us who don't need Alexa built into the speaker this is a really good deal and a great price at which to expand your existing system! Add the speaker to your basket at… Read more

Yeah, I was wanting a Beam and some Ones/Play One's. Split the order to use another code elsewhere and the code expired, just my luck haha.


Yep, code expired.


code expired


It says the code is expired.


Yes, it seems that way unfortunately.

Sonos Play:1 at Richer Sounds for £139
Found 24th Aug 2018Found 24th Aug 2018
Sonos Play:1 at Richer Sounds for £139
Single non-Alexa Sonos 1 for £139.00. White variant here .

Agree with others it needs to drop further !


same price on Amazon so cold for me


This is quite expensive considering it isn’t the newer Alexa model. I would wait for it to drop to £100 again


Its been this price several times this month along with Hughes...I'm waiting for another £99 deal. cold for me.

New Broadband free gift. Sonos Play:1 GoPro Hero Fitbit Charge 2 Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)  with 18 month Unlimited Home Fibre contract at Vodafone
Refreshed 2nd Aug 2018Refreshed 2nd Aug 2018
Sign up to new Vodafone broadband on 18 month contract and claim free gift. Same promotion as last new but some new gifts. From terms: The Free Gift offer is a choice of one of … Read more
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I'm still waiting for my email to come through... They have said all along that I am eligible and I have been ringing them every week for an update. They kept saying I needed to wait for 30 days after the activation date. That date was the 20th of October (because they pissed about with my installation date and I ended up waiting 20 days). I got off the phone with them 2 minutes ago, they're now saying that all orders with their supplier (TLC I think?) have been completed and the gift system has "disappeared off their screens"!! The guy has escalated this, but it being Vodafone I don't hold out much hope. To top it off, the best I am getting out of my 72mbit fibre connection at 8pm is 3mbit...yes, 3mbit. I am using my own router, which I previously used with Plusnet and I was actually getting 85mbit on a 72mbit line! Im just a little bit pissed off.


Yes, I received my go pro a few weeks ago.


Has anyone received their tech gift yet? I ordered the gopro on the 12th Oct but not heard a thing since


Just a reminder for anyone that took up this offer. You have between days 30 and 44 to sign up for it or miss it ;)


Am sure i got an email in to choose my free gift but cant seem to find it now. Anyone know what the subject was on theirs, who it was from, or have a link to whete i pick it if its generic?! Ty x

Sonos Play 1 £129.99 @ Amazon
Found 21st Jul 2018Found 21st Jul 2018
Sonos Play 1 £129.99 @ Amazon
£129.99Amazon Deals
Seems to be the cheapest currently available for this highly regarded speaker. Black only. This is the one without Alexa built in. Dispatched from and sold by Amazon.

I ordered a sonos 1 the other day and got sent a sonos one by mistake!! It's a great looking speaker but it sucks that the voice commands only work on tracks if you have a Spotify or Amazon music account. Even the radio is annoying how you have to say from tunein, you don't have to do that on echo devices. I don't think I would have paid the extra for it to be honest! This version is just as good for me I think...


Don't bother. You just confused matters.


The question asked was could it, and it could, to say otherwise would be incorrect. Sonos in the past have advised a pairs of 1,3 and 5 grouped with amp, subs, play base and stands etc for use like most use a soundbar or as additional to a soundbar or 3.1/5.1 system.


So ...No then. The android comment was misleading. GPM is not android specific. Not being genuinely confused me.


But the Sonos Play 1 will never be a stand alone soundbar, that was the question, why try to confuse the matter by suggesting other things would be needed to make it into a soundbar?

Sonos Play 1 £100 @ Superfi
Found 19th Jun 2018Found 19th Jun 2018
Sonos Play 1 £100 @ Superfi
Great price on the Sonos Play 1 at Superfi £100 inc 5 yr guarantee!
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Unless SONOS has been in touch and slapped their wrists for selling below agreed level, then BOYCOTT Superfi. Totally unexceptable.


Snap. The coins


Same here. 😥 Poor Superfi, poor.


Me too ;( . Got offered a measly 10% off with them


Bloody biscuits , they just cancelled my order stating no stock.

Sonos Play 1 speakers for £119.20 @ Hughes Direct eBay outlet with code (From 10am)
Found 19th Jun 2018Found 19th Jun 2018
Sonos Play 1 speakers for £119.20 @ Hughes Direct eBay outlet with code (From 10am)
£119.20eBay Deals
Thanks to @goonertillidie for the code from eBay From 10AM today... 20% off from Hughes Direc… Read more

Yeah funny how all the decent sonos stuff has now gone and they have left leads and stands still for sale


Disappointing. I was hoping to make use of this deal.


Looks like they pulled all the stock?


They had loads of Sonos gear on here last night, as I checked the moment I heard about this deal....its all been pulled


Maybe I’m being cynical but I thinks HughesDirect are pulling all their Sonos auctions off eBay during the offer period. That or the code’s been working and they’ve all been snapped up?? I’d probably go with the former.

Sonos Play 1 £125.10 and 10% off all other Sonos with code at Richer Sounds
Found 26th May 2018Found 26th May 2018
Sonos Play 1 £125.10 and 10% off all other Sonos with code at Richer Sounds
Use code SONOS10 for a 10% discount on all Sonos at Richersounds until May 31st

Works for me


I didn't log in and it worked for me


I think you have to be logged in. I just tried again and now it works!


Added a pair of Play 1's to my basket and applied the voucher code - only applies 10% off one speaker though so £13.90 instead of £27.80.


Worked for me. Hot!

Sonos PLAY:1 Smart PLAY1UK1BLK Wireless Speaker, Black (Used - Acceptable) - £120.44 @ Amazon Warehouse
Found 17th May 2018Found 17th May 2018
Sonos PLAY:1 Smart PLAY1UK1BLK Wireless Speaker, Black (Used - Acceptable) - £120.44 @ Amazon Warehouse
£120.44Amazon Deals
Sonos PLAY:1 Smart PLAY1UK1BLK Wireless Speaker, Black great wireless smart speaker

How about the Very offer, I think you are getting £40 off a £400 spend - nearly as good?


Makes much more sense. If anyone has a code they're not going to use and would like to share, please message me as I'm in the market for a pair of Sonos Ones.


It was an individual code, mines is different "Single-use code valid at from 15 May 2018 until 29 May 2018, or while stocks last. This promotion is subject to applicable Terms and Conditions found here."


I couldn't get it to work on either the dual pack or on two singles. The article is still up on the website with the code as well.


I can't get that code to work. Presume it was a single use code for someone. Anyone else have any luck?

LG OLED55B7V55 inch OLED 4K Ultra HD Premium Smart TV Freeview Play - £1,399.00 (with code) @ Richer Sounds
Found 10th May 2018Found 10th May 2018
LG OLED55B7V55 inch OLED 4K Ultra HD Premium Smart TV Freeview Play - £1,399.00 (with code) @ Richer Sounds
£1,399£1,4493%Richer Sounds Deals
Another price drop on this weapon of a TV. If you know, you know!

TV100 isn't working, WC5 works but it's only 5% off (poo)


Are you sure you are going to get the £800 cashback? I called Currys to find out about the stock availability and mentioned the LG cashback and the lady told me I would only be getting £200 from LG as the purchase price already included multiple discounts and LG would pay the balance of £200 (totalling £800 down from the retail price). Im confused :( Edit: Called them again and Currys dont have 65e7v in stock. The girl earlier probably confused it with another model 65c7v which is inferior to 65e7v.


Vouchers are instant gift cards bought via a work rewards scheme that I hadn't used much before (rewards gateway). £500 for the 55 inch, for the 65 is £800 (


What vouchers did you buy? And how are you getting £800 back from LG? I thought the deal was £500 cashback? Am I missing something? Thanks


Just a little update. Went to currys to buy the 55b7. Saw they had a 65e7 at 2300 on clearance. Bought the vouchers using my phone which worked perfectly (paid £2116 for them) which together with £800 back from lg gave me a 65 inch for 1316! To top it off they gave me a uhd calibration disk for free (£60 rrp although is not worth anything like that!) plus a 2tb sky q box for £65 with £50 cashback for buying a tv at the same time! Now I just need to win that 1/20 tv's for free and it's bargain of the century!

Sonos Play 1 £134.10 with code 6 year Richer Sounds warranty
Found 5th Apr 2018Found 5th Apr 2018
Sonos Play 1 £134.10 with code 6 year Richer Sounds warranty
Sonos Play 1 £134.10 with 6 year Richer Sounds warranty Code Sonos10

Nothing at all, it recognises there are two on network and asks if you want to pair them in stereo , job done - absolutely love them, great sound.


Code doesn't work. Has it expired?


Do you need anything additionally to link them? A bridge? Thanks in advance


I wish :D


Nakamichi! Do you have the Dragon?

Sonos Play 1 £125 +delivery @ Amazon ES (+exchange rate)
Found 4th Apr 2018Found 4th Apr 2018
Sonos Play 1 £125 +delivery @ Amazon ES (+exchange rate)
Yet another Sonos Deal - but lowest price for some time. Not sure if they ship ES or UK stock. Have bought Amazon Spain before (ASUS router) and it came with UK plug delivered from… Read more
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£134.94 from Amazon Spain £134.10 from Richer sounds (with SONOS10 code) But I have a £100 Amazon voucher... do I risk the Spanish purchase?!!




johnwillowlfc £149 so effectively paying £15 for a extended warranty


Recently bought 2 refurbished Sonos 1s direct from Sonos for £119 each and apart from a sticker on the box saying they are refurbished there is no obvious difference to new. 2 year warranty too. :{

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