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The Sonos PLAY:3 is a mid-range speaker with a difference. As part of the Sonos range, it is designed to fit into audio systems stretching across multiple rooms, while delivering superb audio quality and versatile streaming options as well. Anyone who wants to snap up the latest audio tech at an unbeatable price should check out the Sonos PLAY:3 hotukdeals listings. Read more
Philips hue play 3 pack £119.99 @ Argos
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Posted 20th Nov 2020Posted 20th Nov 2020
Philips hue play 3 pack £119.99 @ Argos£119.99 Free P&P FreeArgos Deals
Philips hue 3 pack 119.99 Free c&c

How do these compare to a light strip behind the television


Heated thanks Op!


Thanks for the info. That was my plan so I will pass.


By your logic it's a one pack. And I thought I was a pedant.


Yes but you’d need to have all 3 fairly close together as they will all have to share the one power source.

Fender Play - 3 MONTHS FREE is back! +10% store discount
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Posted 1st Oct 2020Posted 1st Oct 2020
Fender Play - 3 MONTHS FREE is back! +10% store discountFREE£0.01
*** Open in incognito mode/ desktop mode and/or use ad blocker to see code. *** You can use the same account if you had the 3 months free previously. "When quarantine began, we i… Read more

I brought my Fender Strat in 1988. Can I play it in 2020? Nope! I will get around to it sometime :) So Fender play free for 3 months? Bargain. Lets check back in 3 months and see if I can actually play!


Do you have to wait for your current 3 month free trial to expire first? I tried ‘get code’ in incognito mode but you still need to create an account or sign in. If I sign in then it goes straight to the ‘redeem’ screen and doesn’t show the code.


If you don't need it now, the offer expires 31/12/20. So I'll wait and sign up when I've got more time on my hands, probably sometime in November when I give up the j.o.b. (y)


Guitar sat next to the computer as I speak, so thats a 'maybe' from me too


What sort of stuff did you learn? (I'm a very basic guitarist!)

Fender play 3 months free online guitar lessons. Now for up to 1 million subscribers
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Posted 10th Apr 2020Posted 10th Apr 2020
Fender play 3 months free online guitar lessons. Now for up to 1 million subscribersFREE£0.01
3 months free of Fender play. It was for the first 100000 but now they have it for 1000000. Just get the code and sign up.

Thanks for this. Signed up.


Had a code and thought it was working yesterday, now can't log in. Link no longer working, don't suppose anyone has a code they do not require.


As a complete beginner, I've been using this and now I can play 3 chords. Getting faster at going between them too. Recommended (y)


Hi Key09, brilliant thanks. Actually, I don't know what that means but I will certainly pass it on! Many thanks for replying, I really appreciate it. Cheers. 😃


I'm doing the Electric Guitar - Rock path and there are 5 levels. The 5th level covers diatonic chords in E, 12 bar blues, ABCs and A minor pentatonic scales and arpeggio picking.

SONOS PLAY:3 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker - Black  - £219.97 @ Currys
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Posted 27th Apr 2019Posted 27th Apr 2019
SONOS PLAY:3 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker - Black - £219.97 @ Currys£219.97£29826% offCurrys PC World Deals
Just saw this on Currys website. Appears to be clearance so stock may be limited.

Agreed. Two 1’s better than a 3, but two 3’s, that’s another story :)


The general consensus is that two paired 1’s are better than a 3. All are great as a single speaker in each room, which one you pick depends on the size of the room really.


Maybe volume but I got one the other day and the bass is far better than a play 1. Depends what you are looking for and the price you wish to pay


Currys are useless!


Play 1 is a better buy IMO. Smaller, looks nicer and similar volume output.

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Philips 50PUS6753 4k Ultra HD smart tv with HDR, freeview play & 3 sided ambient Lighting (2018 model) @ Amazon
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Posted 28th Dec 2018Posted 28th Dec 2018
Philips 50PUS6753 4k Ultra HD smart tv with HDR, freeview play & 3 sided ambient Lighting (2018 model) @ Amazon£364.65Amazon Deals
Philips 50PUS6753 4k Ultra HD smart tv with HDR, freeview play & 3 sided ambient Lighting (2018 model) @ Amazon

If you spend your holiday season on a deals forum snidely criticising strangers financial situations you direly need to re-evaluate your life, let alone choices.


Price match from where?




If you had to get credit for £360 you need to re-evaluate your life choices


I gunna get a tv for ps4 pro, is this a good gaming set?

SONOS PLAY:3 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker + 9 Months Deezer - White - £199 C&C Only @ Currys
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Posted 26th Nov 2018Posted 26th Nov 2018
SONOS PLAY:3 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker + 9 Months Deezer - White - £199 C&C Only @ Currys£199£24920% offCurrys PC World Deals
This will sell out pretty quick..

I’ve never bought a single speaker from Sonos. All our speakers have been bought from Facebook marketplace or eBay, for far less than retail price. If if I was setting up the system now, and not 4 years ago, I would not choose sonos, simple as that. But thanks for the pointless troll on a month old comment 8)


And yet, you bought 8 speakers off them and spending 1000s with them. SONOS must cry themselves to sleep :{


Not so sure I agree, I love Sonos and we have them all over our house (3x5's, 2x3's and 3x1's) but their product roadmap is positively archaic. the sound bars don't support proper audio codecs, it took them about 3 years to get audible working again and adding Alexa to the Sonos 1 is about the only innovation they've really made. They might beef the speaker up a bit but its going to put it into an entirely different price bracket, and the only real difference will be airplay 2 enabled, alexa integrated and minor speaker buffs. If people aren't already invested in Sonos, theres probably better options out there that are far cheaper (Yamaha for example) that don't require things like a Connect to get working with your existing home theatre tech. If I add additional speakers to our setup now I generally pick one up used, I'll take a used 1st gen play 5 for £220ish over paying £399 for one of the newer gens; they're better but not that much better. One of the slowest companies to develop their product line and their UX team needs to be fired for how they constantly make the apps worse.


thanks again James will have a look around the net and see what i can come up with


I don't have itunes, but a previous poster seemed to suggest Google Music would copy your music to the cloud, and then you could access that music via the Google connection to Sonos. I don't know if the free Google Music app would allow voice control via Sonos. If not, there's no advantage to using it. ( I have my stuff on a NAS) Looking on the Sonos forums, this may happen at some point, but when..maybe someone else can help?