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Updated 8th JanLast updated 8th Jan by PAISAL
USB Soundcard/DAC/Amp Multiple Simultaneous Outputs
Looking for a USB Soundcard that has 2 Headphone outputs (so might be an "Amp"), and Stereo Speaker output. But I want the headphone outputs (at least one of them) to be TRRS. And … Read more

Thank you for that detailed, comprehensive reply. Must have taken some time. It’s narrowed down what I’m after.


this one Right. This rules out most USB audio interfaces (they offer dual simultaneous outputs, but lack TRRS connectors for headsets with mics), but you can probably do this with your existing hardware, via software. This article is the key, and it explains how to configure Win10 to output to two devices simultaneously: . You will also need to configure your device's 3.5mm connectors so that one functions as your TRRS and the other as a line-out for your speakers, which you can do in your sound card's driver control panel. If you don't have hardware which supports that, or if I've totally lost you with the above paragraph, I'm struggling to think of an easier or more elegant solution than this little bundle: 1. Scarlett Solo audio interface - 2. Headset splitter - 3. 3.5mm to 1/4" jack - The Scarlett Solo will fulfil your need for hardware (and passive), splitter will divide your TRRS into a couple of TRS 3.5mm connectors, and the 3.5mm to 1/4" connector will let you plug the mic into the interface's input. Depending on the Scarlett's configuration, you might need to attach the mic to the first input to make it work with apps like Discord, which will require this adapter cable:


It is confusing the way I've described it. Basically just a USB soundcard with various inputs and outputs. Don't need it to connect to and Amp. So looking back, it was a bad description. I was just unsure on what these sorts of things are called. I wanted it to have two headphone outs, and the ability to use a headset that has a built in mic through one connection (TRRS, maybe that is the wrong term). And also Speaker output. So basically there is sound coming out of the speakers and headphones at the same time and the mic part of the headset is working. A splitter could be used for headphones so having twin headphone outs would be nice but not critical. Reason I wanted integrated headphone and mic socket was really just for neatness and ease for the place where I want to put it. So all of the audio is coming out of the soundcard via USB from the PC.


It's a little unclear what you need. Do you need it to connect to one external amplifier (via Line-Out), and two sets of headphones (via stereo TRS, not strero+mono TRRS)?


My daughter and I use Behringer devices for USB audio (guitar, microphone, piano, monitors, etc). I'm not sure we have a device that exactly matches your requirement, but I do know that things like dual outputs and switchable headphone/speaker output are features that are included. I'd definitely recommend having a look at their devices and seeing whether they have one that matches your requirements.