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Creative Sound Blaster X3 External USB DAC and Amplifier Sound Card £110.49 Sold by Creative Labs (Europe) and Fulfilled by Amazon
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Creative Sound Blaster X3 External USB DAC and Amplifier Sound Card £110.49 Sold by Creative Labs (Europe) and Fulfilled by Amazon£110.49£12512% off Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
SUPER X-FI TECHNOLOGY CINEMATIC AUDIO HOLOGRAPHY | The world’s first multi-channel USB DAC with Super X-Fi technology. Simply set up your Super X-Fi profile via a Head and Ear-Mapp… Read more



Thanks! Had no idea as I've been eyeing this for a while and haven't seen it drop much. Thanks for sharing and might help people who can wait save more than £20 :)


Is this for passive speakers?


The X4 is just out, so to be honest I would expect bigger discounts in the coming weeks. Thanks fo posting though, good price for now


It’s much cheaper direct from Creative when they have a sale on. Got it for £80 with some free headphones last time. But considering this is from Amazon it’s not bad

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX 5.1 PCIe Sound Card with SBX Pro Studio £22.99 @ Box
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Made hot 7th FebMade hot 7th Feb
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX 5.1 PCIe Sound Card with SBX Pro Studio £22.99 @ Box£22.99£25.9411% off Free P&P Deals
Sound Blaster Audigy Fx. This half-height sound card is powered by SBX Pro Studio Technology and instantly converts your system with 5.1 entertainment system that delivers cinemati… Read more

That's the chip spec. Unrelated to implementation and noise from interference. You could use the best DAC ever created and still have a terrible audio product.


Well my Realtek 898 sound chip is on the fare edge of the motherboard and motherboard makers do construct the motherboards so that the sound is as good as they can make it. The SNR noise figure for my Realtek audio (110dB) is slightly higher than the number for this sound card (106dB). Therefore that goes to show that it isn't as you claim.


That's kinda backwards from what I've read about it. The motherboard is supposed to have more interference due to having more circuits and things happening. A soundcard like this is more isolated. That doesn't mean you can't have a great motherboard implementation, or a poor PCIe soundcard. For example check out the MSI X570 Godlike. It has two Realtek ALC1220, one for front, one for rear. Also has a layer of separation to reduce interference. I'd say this is a good implementation. Oh and it also has another DAC just for the rear 6.3mm jack. Sabre DAC.


No they will not because Realtek which makes the chipset on this card, it is a ALC898 which is the same chip as my old 2013 motherboard uses! Realtek have not updated the drivers because it is end of life. There are newer Realtek chips on newer motherboards than this one. Also motherboard audio is less prone to noise than cards which hang in the electrically noisy environment of a PC case. BTW CCLOnline had this same card for £21.11 + £2.99 del the last time I looked.


Bought an early creative dvd rom that promised to play dvd films.... not... needed extra hardware and a software upgrade.... pi$$tekkers .... i did it all, vid cards, scsi... soundcards, all nakkers, doolums still buying vid card for more than complete pc's, just for 3 frames faster lol had same mobo, cpu, ram for the last 5yrs... thats why bill gatesselling vaccines ;)

Sound BlasterX G6 DAC and USB Soundcard £99.99 at Creative
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Sound BlasterX G6 DAC and USB Soundcard £99.99 at Creative£99.99Creative Deals
you a much more enjoyable experience compared to what you get from default motherboard audio or any other USB Gaming DAC in the market. The USB sound card works with PS4, Xbox One… Read more

Go through the negative customer reviews on Amazon, many are in German so you'll need to click on "Translate review to English" this seems to be a fairly common problem for some users, sometimes occurring after a few weeks or months of use. There are some threads about it on Reddit, with some helpful suggestions to try. Some had some luck adjusting power settings in windows, others in adjusting settings in their motherboard's bios to keep USB power on even while PC is shutdown, bit annoying but sounded promising, if your motherboard's bios has that setting. Some had no joy even after updating the firmware but hopefully you find a solution. The number of positive reviews on Amazon comfortably outweighs the negative ones and even with the Amazon voucher code, this is cheaper.


Yup it's strictly DD. I was fiddling about with it last night and while using my PC's onboard SPDIF to the G6 I've transcoding to AC3 working but I get the occasional v. minor glitch (with DTS). Whether that's from the onboard Realtek, Kodi doing something or the G6 itself I've yet to pin down.


It can't decode Atmos or even True-HD and it doesn't output a true discrete signal anyway so no chance of hacking a pathway through.


I bought this last month for its DAC headphone capabilities for watching movies, with virtual surround as a bonus. Not sure which is the better Kodi setup, having it plugged into PC or running optical from motherboard to the G6, powering from a USB charger and using passthrough in Kodi. Certainly the latter means DTS can be transcoded to Dolby Digital but I haven't got Dolby Atmos working that way. I can at least get audio without passthrough selected if using Directsound though. When connected via USB to the PC I'm not entirely sure what Kodi or the G6 is doing with the sound. I've yet to stumble across someone using the G6 similarly. Any ideas?


Anyone know how this compares to the X3?

Sound BlasterX G6 7.1 HD Gaming DAC & External USB Sound Card with Xamp Headphone Amplifier £87.99 Sold by Creative Labs Europe & FB Amazon
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Made hot 25th Nov 2020Made hot 25th Nov 2020
Sound BlasterX G6 7.1 HD Gaming DAC & External USB Sound Card with Xamp Headphone Amplifier £87.99 Sold by Creative Labs Europe & FB Amazon£87.99 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Seems a good price as it can usually be had for around £99. Sound BlasterX G6 7.1 HD Gaming DAC and External USB Sound Card with Xamp Headphone Amplifier for PS4, Xbox One, Ninten… Read more

On PS4 try plugging them into the controller and see if thats any different. I've only had mine a couple of weeks and only used them with the PC. The main reason a separate AMP/DAC help is for headphones that are difficult to drive like the HD600/HD800,etc or if the one already in the PC is poor quality(Onboard audio can vary a lot between motherboards). The HD599 are remarkably easy to drive for headphones of their class. If anything I'd wager the Pulse headset would be a step down in audio quality. Edit: Out of curiosity I tried them plugged into the PS4 pad. It sounds like crap. Low volume, dull and lifeless. Does the headphones no justice at all. Got a better result plugging them into the TV headphone socket, louder and fuller sound. So all in all getting a compatible amp might not be a bad idea. Although I think I'm going to wait and buy one that I know for sure will work with the new consoles.


I plug them to the front of my pc base unit. I always hear some people mentioning DACs and I wonder if getting one would improve the sound or make sound separation better while gaming. Right now I connect to ps4 through blue yetti mic. They sound alright, but find in cod duty warzone you can't really hear where steps are exactly coming from. (I should add I've never really been blown away by any headphones I've tried). I was thinking of getting the Pulses for ps5 but I think my hd599 will be just as good as them audio wise but more comfortable.


Try it just with your PC onboard audio before buying anything else. A lot of especially the higher end ones actually have very good audio, including an headphone amp. I use the HD599 with my Asus Hero VIII motherboard from 2016 and its onboard audio is more than enough to drive them. It helps that they're only 50ohms so really not difficult at all to drive.


What headphones were you using?


I use mine with Sennheiser GSP600 and my favorite Beyerdynamic mmx300's and it sounds really good, you don't need to install the software if you don't want the flashing lights and other bells and whistles. Recommended and heat added.

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Creative Sound BlasterX G6 Sound card (b-stock) £73.99 delivered at Creative
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Made hot 23rd Sep 2020Made hot 23rd Sep 2020
Creative Sound BlasterX G6 Sound card (b-stock) £73.99 delivered at Creative£73.99Creative Deals
Creative Sound BlasterX G6 Sound card (b-stock) £69.99 + £4.00 shipping.

Nice find (y) , heat added. Always wanted to get one of these as I'm a fan of DAC/AMPs to drive my headphones.


Have one of these as my daily (various headphones though, G4ME Zero's, HD598SR most recently gone to the drown audio set). Truely, truely awesome dac/amp. Those with "good built in". The thing you get here isn't so much the sound quality but the positional audio tech/etc creative uses AND fractionally better sounding audio. Mines been bulletproof so far.


Can i use it with my tv(Samsung) ? Via optical output? Speakers logitech z906 Ps4 > tv > gt6 > logitechz906


Love mine


Bought mine from there B-stock, was basically brand new.

Refurbished Sound BlasterX G6 7.1 HD Gaming DAC and External USB Sound Card (B-Stock) - £69.99 (+£4 delivery) @ Creative
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Made hot 8th Jul 2020Made hot 8th Jul 2020
Refurbished Sound BlasterX G6 7.1 HD Gaming DAC and External USB Sound Card (B-Stock) - £69.99 (+£4 delivery) @ Creative£73.99Creative Deals
7.1 HD Gaming DAC and External USB Sound Card with Xamp Headphone Amplifier for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Creative's B-Stocks are products that were returned by cust… Read more

Wow just recieved mine as an upgrade from my cheap 'Syba' dac. The difference is insane, I can really notice distinct details about songs which I did not notice before.


Wow. An earth fault in the headphones??


Mine arrived monday, decent external card but I experienced a major fault with mine this morning. Left pc on last night downloading some updates and this morning no working audio, g6 was extremely hot and had melted the wood glue on my worktop! Unplugged let it cool down and it turns out its blown my dt770s as well which is a bit of a joke! Never had a soundcard overheat nor take out a pair of headphones (unless specifically overdriven, only ever ran at 20% its way too loud normally!) Shitty situation so will see what creative says but this G6 I got seems faulty, annoyingly its working with another set of phones so its technically ok but I dont like the idea of having to unplug my headphones everytime I leave it on its own. Hopefully beyerdynamic replace my headphones but I doubt it, they were also new :(


Thanks, ordered!


Thank you ! Ordered... Wanted something to replace my X7. The G6 is making more than this second hand on eBay.