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Specialized Rockhopper Elite 27.5" Mountain Bike 2021 - Hardtail MTB £699 @ Tredz Online Bike Shop
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Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
Medium Black and Red XS in stock. Frame:A1 premium butted alloy, zero-stack head tube, internal cable routing, 135x9mm forged dropouts, chainstay-mounted disc brake, replaceable a… Read more
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-RUQMPASB0 all the forks in question for all the youtube fans, conclusion: raidon bad


Working out what bike is in stock on wiggle is not a game I’m willing to play. Evans the best thing they have looks like https://www.evanscycles.com/gt-avalanche-expert-2021-mountain-bike-EV381395 Not an easy time to to buy a bike!


29er is preference on how it makes the bike feel more than how it suits your height which you shouldn’t have any problem with. For me it’s smoother and faster down hill, less jittery over bumps and more stable. Again personal preference, I would really go to a trail centre and rent a couple and see which you prefer. Bedgebury have lapierre if you are near there. Never ridden the Ragley that’s an educated guess telling me that’s a good bike.


Thanks for replying. Ive youtubed that lapierre and read some reviews, its been in stock on there for a while and something is telling me it maybe due to the colour (which i dont fancy tbh). They do have some good bikes but get bought out really quickly (bikes mentioned above.) The Big Wig is 29er, should someone like me a M (173cm tall) got for a 27.5er? Thanks again. Edit: i have a choice of Wiggle & Evans cycles too.


I filtered mountain bikes on tredz from £500-1500 and I get 3 options. https://www.tredz.co.uk/.Lapierre-Edge-AM-827-27-5-Mountain-Bike-2020-Hardtail-MTB_212036.htm Ridden this and it’s great. Push the budget you can get this https://www.tredz.co.uk/.Ragley-Big-Wig-29-Mountain-Bike-2020-Hardtail-MTB_224220.htm it takes a while to figure out what it is you want specifically but tredz appears to not have a large choice at the mo

Women's Specialized Tahoe Mountain Bike Shoes £22.49 delivered Sizes 36-40 Black @ Cycle Store
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
Looking for a reasonable pair of shoes for my Wife and at less than £23 delivered I took the gamble! Better than wearing trainers I am sure. Hopefully useful for someone else. The… Read more

HEAT!!! Well done for posting this.


Thanks, was just doing that as you posted.


Great deal if they have your size. Probably worth adding "Specialized" to the title so people know the brand as well as the model. (y)

Specialized Rockhopper Sport 2021 Mountain Bike £450 @ Evans Cycles
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Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
Key Features Specialized lightweight A1 Premium Aluminium frame with 29er geometry for improved handling and speed SR Suntour XCM suspension fork is a versatile front shock which e… Read more

Salmon pink sounds lovely. Sounds like you have a happy house today. It's nice to make others feel good, especially your children... you good parent you (y)


Glad I could help somebody


Just had the XS delivered today, the bike is made in Cambodia, the yellow bike is not yellow at all, it's a very nice cross between orange and salmon pink, daughter is very happy with it.


Very informative. Thank you.


Vietnam like Cambodia is quite a good location for manufacture, many of the Taiwanese manufacturers have set up there because of the EU tariff free status and those manufacturers generally have pretty good manufacturing quality. Sometimes the factories are just assembly plants and sometimes they manufacture the frames and forks as well plus lace the wheels. I think Cambodia has to have 30% local content in order to avoid EU tariffs but in contrast in Taiwan they have to have 70% local content where as if you assemble in Europe the rule is simply 'last significant process' so they can literally rebox the bike and slap a 'Made in Germany' or 'Made in Italy' sticker on it. Fuji-ta is a Chinese manufacturer though and also has factories in Vietnam and Cambodia mainly for export to the EU but the same models exported to the US would probably be made in mainland China as I don't believe the US gives exports from Cambodia and Vietnam favoured tariff free status. http://www.tianjinfujita.com/

Specialized Centro MIPS Bike Helmet - £39 + £4.95 delivery @ Cotswold Outdoor
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Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Specialized Centro MIPS Bike Helmet - £39 + £4.95 delivery @ Cotswold Outdoor
£43.95£6027% £4.95 Cotswold Outdoor Deals
Designed to be the best choice for city riders and commuters, the Specialized Centro Helmet features certified protection and sleek styling. The easy-to-use, one-size fit system is… Read more

It's a patented safety feature


Is MIPS a quality standard?


Gone again :/ hope more comes in stock


I didn’t hesitate...nice one! (y)


Back in stock.

Specialized Sirrus Womens Hybrid Bike 2020 Black/Mint £382.50 @ Leisure Lakes Bikes
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Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Specialized Sirrus Womens Hybrid Bike 2020 Black/Mint £382.50 @ Leisure Lakes Bikes
Getting fit is hard enough without emptying every last cent in your wallet for the tools to do it with. Never fear, though, because our Women’s Sirrus was designed to be your partn… Read more

I thought we were talking about this bike deal so no not obvious you were referring to other bikes at other prices, why would it be? I just said in my experience of actually owning one of these bikes that it is a great bike. Not sure how you decided what's an inferior component or what advantages disc brakes or thicker tyres would give you on your halfords hybrid.


It surely was obvious to anyone I was referring to prices increasing in many shops as stock is diminishing not this example. Many Halford's bikes have far superior components to this bike at lower prices. The Subway I mentioned has a standard 8 speed cassette and drivetrain with disc brakes. The thicker profile tyres will likely be more comfortable and the bike is stronger. There are no Specialized factories same as Halford's brands they use far east factories, in fact I think currently Specialized is using fuji-ta in China for their lower end models which is a factory Halfords have used in the past. Halfords is a factory to retailer direct logistics model which has huge cost savings compared to brands like Specialized whose logistics is far more complicated. There is no reason to think Halfords bikes are inferior to Specialized with a similar spec and normally you get much better components on a Halfords bike for a similar price to a Specialized bike. Also I believe Specialized has had a lot more recalls for their products. Admittedly as a brand it is nicer to have Specialized on a bike than lets say Carrera but you shouldn't confuse Specialized entry level models with their high end bikes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWhsXSa_csk&t=180s


The price had been reduced on this, not increased. Its an entry level bike but I believe its the best at this price point. Sometimes people make things that just work right, and this does. If you want a bike you plan on riding a few times a year and leaving in the shed spend as little as you can in somewhere like Halfords. Or even better buy someone else's shed filler and re use


I'm not knocking the bike spec, it seems a good selection of components for a budget bike that will be reliable I just don't feel close to £400 is particularly good value for those components. However I have to say many shops seem to be running out of stock, there seems to be a huge amount of people buying bikes at the moment and the rule of supply and demand means prices seem to be increasing as stock diminishes. The woman's Carrera Subway is available at £270 at Halfords but only in small size.


At first I had flat handlebar, then installed bar ends for different hand positions, but after longer rides I had hand pain, it was not comfortable. So went for road bike handlebar, still riding 2nd year with no complaints.

Specialized Align Road Cycling Helmet (One Size System) - Matte Black - £25 with Newsletter Sign up - Delivered @ Tredz
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Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Specialized Align Road Cycling Helmet (One Size System) - Matte Black - £25 with Newsletter Sign up - Delivered @ Tredz
£25£3017% Free P&P FreeTredz Online Bike Shop Deals
Safety first people! These come in a nice gloss white (Size S/M) *Now Sold Out* or a classy Matte Black (Size M/L). They are a one-size system so I think most would fit into eith… Read more

Fashion always last when it comes to safety of course! I do hope if someone has a black helmet they have lights/other reflective clothing though :)


If you cycle on busy roads don't get this. Get something really bright. Fluorescent yellow or something like that. The main purpose of cycling gear should be to be seen. Fashion comes last. Nice looking helmet though





I'm not too sure but, heres some FAQS regarding MIPS on their website: see here

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Specialized Crosstrail Hydro Disc 2020 Hybrid Bike - £479 Delivered @ UK Bikes Depot
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Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Specialized Crosstrail Hydro Disc 2020 Hybrid Bike - £479 Delivered @ UK Bikes Depot
£479£57517% Free P&P Freeukbikesdepot Deals
Very good price for this. Almost the same price as the lower version Mech Disc model which is £475 in most shops. (This bike is the upgraded version with Hydraulic disc breaks). We… Read more

Here is kit and battery http://www.pswpower.com/ven.php?cargo.2018-4c-gj4p http://www.pswpower.com/ven.php?cargo.2019-7y-bu86


Thanks for this. The Sirrus models I have considered for an ebike conversion have been the mid-range aluminium frame ones. The lower-end ones comes with steel forks though and I really want aluminium - that model is £700 which is a tad too much. I also considered a Giant Roam - there were some end of season bargains last Autumn on them - but I don't want a suspension fork. I am very interested in your Agwe as it is one of the other bikes that I have been considering, as you are doing, to stick a Tongsheng motor on it. I have been keeping an eye out on Halfords' site for a discount on the Agwe but they don't seem to discount them much. I had considered the Voodoo Marasa as that was £320 a month or so ago. But it looks heavy alongside the Agwe - I may be a complete numpty thinking that though as the Agwe and Marsara probably share the same frame and fork. An 840w battery is going to give you lots of range. What motor are you going for? 250watt or something bigger? Edit: Yep, just checked. The Agwe and Marsara have the same frame specs.


@tawse57 regarding the specialized as a donor bike for an e-kit. Mine is carbon and you cant fit a crank motor to it as bottom bracket surround is too big. I looked at this alloy one from tredz but have just bought a Voodoo Agwe and the tongsheng TSDZ2. The tong is a crank drive with torque sensor. There is much to consider with crank drive conversions and the Voodoo bike has a standard 68mm bottom bracket and sufficient chainstay clearance and good chain line for the tong fit from my research. Proof will be in the pudding. Tyres are 40mm. Mech is 10 speed Deore. I get discount at Halfords. Together with a whopping 840w battery the whole bike will stand me just under a grand


@tawse57 excellent input & well noted my friend. Thanks :)


I have sat on the male version of this in the Swansea Tredz store. It is black. The only difference between male and female Sirrus models - you can check the geometry on the Specialized site - is that the female XL is equivalent to male L, female L equivalent to male M and so on. I felt good on the bike was my first thought. I liked it. It felt light due to the carbon fork but I am not a carbon fork fan personally. I didn't like the paint job to honest. It didn't look smart enough IMPO for the money Specialized is expecting. It is well known that Specialized, like Trek and also Ridgeway I think, charge a premium for their bikes and thus you will often pay significantly more for a Specialized bike of similar components than perhaps other makes. They make a big thing of the bikes being US bikes, which no doubt goes down well in the US, but I think they all come from Asian factories. IIRC the Specialised Sirrus had a Vietnam sticker on it. I certainly would never buy a white bike as they tend to show up every scratch or mark and IMPO look knackered very early on. Something to think about. I saw a new Sirrus - basic model - last Summer and noticed that where the cables touched the paintwork the paint had been rubbed away. Again, something to bear in mind. (You can buy rubber curly bits to wrap around the cables and, in theory, they reduce the rub.) I was not keen on the handlebars - I felt that they were too narrow for a modern hybrid. It is a common complaint online re reviews of the Sirrus range. For a 6 foot tall chap like myself it just felt cramped to have my arms so close to one another. It is also an issue if you intend to have accessories on the handlebars such as a light and/or smartphone holder in additional to the bell. The handlerbars also looked a tad thin and I felt that if I pushed too hard they might snap. Not inspiring. Again, I have read reviews where the Sirrus - think it might have just been the cheaper models - has a thinner bar than standard for bikes. That can make it a pain if you wish to replace the bar at some point so worth investigating to make sure first. I notice that both Specialized and Trek like to use bespoke handlebars - re thickness - on certain models which then makes it hard, and perhaps expensive, if you wish to swap out the handlebars for something wider. (Trek are currently making a big marketing thing of having vibration reducing material on the end of their handlebars - it just looks like bits of soft plastic material on either end and gives me the impression that it would wear away quickly leaving you with handlebar ends with odd cuts in the metal. Perhaps just a way to sell more handlebars?). I digress. Like all Specialized bikes it comes with basic, nasty pedals. Saddle is not impressive either IMPO. One reason I have been looking at the Sirrus is, well, I do like the shape of the frame. But mainly because I have been considering two options: 1. A bike which I can put extra thick tyres on to use it as a gravel bike. I notice that @76zedfour has done this. I was hoping to be able to put on 40 or 42mm tyres on as a gravel bike. I have had a good look at the Sirrus models and I suspect you could get such a big tyre on a Sirrus - some of the Sirrus X models come with 42 mm tyres as standard - but I doubt you could put a mudguard on then. I don't think there is the room. Why I mention this is because the trend is towards more gravel type hybrids now IMPO. Lots of people want the flexibility of a gravel bike but cannot afford gravel bike prices. Thus a hybrid where you could put on thin tyres for the daily commute but be able to stick fatter tyres on at the weekend. The Orbea Vector 20 is an example of a bike with this ability and I notice, for 2020, that Giant has changed the Escape model to be able to take up to 42mm tyres despite not shipping with them. The Konda Dew now comes with fatter tyres. You might not have considered such a flexibility - or may not need it - but I think it is something to consider when you are thinking of spending such large sums on what, at the end of the day, is just a hybrid bike. Hybrids have become very expensive in recent years. Being able to put wider fatter tyres on will give you more options if the bike is capable of taking them and allow you to ride more terrain. With the Sirrus models I get a feeling that they are playing catch-up here and that whilst you can just get away with a 42 mm tyre on them that the bike is not currently designed with enough spare room. It would not surprise me if in the next year or two that the Sirrus is slightly redesigned to be able to more adequately take fatter tyres. Just my feelings on this. 2. I have been considering building my own ebike. The Sirrus X looks like a good option for an ebike conversion - if they had more room for the fatter tyres. Long rant. Thus the Sirrus Elite Alloy is kind of a nice bike but, IMPO, the more you look into it then the more you realise that you are not getting that much for the money. It certainly is not worth £1,000 IMPO. I don't think it is worth £700 either. I could be convinced if it was £500 rrp and then down to mid-400's with a discount. But, no, I would not pay £700 for it. But it may be ideal for your needs? Hope this helps.

Range: How Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World - Kindle Edition 99p @ Amazon
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Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
Range: How Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World - Kindle Edition 99p @ Amazon
A powerful argument for how to succeed in any field: develop broad interests and skills while everyone around you is rushing to specialize. From the ‘10,000 hours rule’ to the po… Read more

Gutted, have been after this for a while, and showing at 9.99 for me as well!


Yeah expired. Why amazon why…?!


Expired - 9.99 on mine


Brilliant book, the perfect antidote to Bounce and other tomes that push the 10000 hour rule.


Looks interesting, and good reviews. Heat.

Specialized S-Works Carbon Fibre Bar Ends - Cheaper than the aluminium ones! £24.99 @ Cycle Store
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Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
Specialized S-Works Carbon Fibre Bar Ends - Cheaper than the aluminium ones! £24.99 @ Cycle Store
£24.99£6058%Cycle Store Deals
Amazing price for an amazing and extremely light pair of MTB bar-ends. ALWAYS use a torque wrench when installing these and a plug for carbon handlebars. I’ve just added these to m… Read more

I can always remember spending £450 to have some manitou suspension forks fitted on a mountain bike I was doing up, they were the old style elastomer ones, they didn't even move that much (cheeky) (embarrassed) (confused)


OMG the Girvin Stems - that’s bring back some memories.


You need to head over to retrobike.co.uk


I had the Zefal cages with straps (popcorn) . I always wanted a 'GIRVIN FLEXISTEM'....I never did get one (zombie)


I had a black chro mega LX alpine stars, exactly the same frame design as this one, such a great bike I wish I'd never sold it now :S

Specialized Rib Cage Road/ Mtb Bottle Cage at Cycle Store for £3.99 (£2 delivery)
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Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
Specialized Rib Cage Road/ Mtb Bottle Cage at Cycle Store for £3.99 (£2 delivery)
Designed to look as fast as our bikes, without compromising light weight or bottle security. New compression design allows for secure bottle retention, with easy in/out accessibil… Read more

Why vote this down? Just because it’s Specialized? Absolutely crazy. Heat for me and 2 purchased.


Looks like my wife’s thong Heavily Starched


It’s £6.98


Good price, but need to add £3 delivery to title


These are awesome cages, the best I have used

Specialized Tahoe Womens Bike Shoes at Cycle Store for £22.49 delivered
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Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
Specialized Tahoe Womens Bike Shoes at Cycle Store for £22.49 delivered
The Women's Tahoe mountain bike shoes were designed to deliver rugged and dependable off-road performance, especially if your rides see a good deal of hiking. To do so, they featur… Read more

Cold because cyclists are ann*ying


Link doesn’t work :( looks like a great deal though!

Specialized end of season sale - Up to 50% off tyres, accessories and apparel
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Posted 7th JanPosted 7th Jan
Specialized end of season sale - Up to 50% off tyres, accessories and apparel
Up to 50% off tyres, accessories and apparel

I'm sorry man, it's been on since like Saturday I think but I completely forgot about this app, I just got a good deal on a half decent tyre and thought I'd share


Everything I looked at was out of stock




cheapest thing I can se is £4.80 + £2.99 p&p, what costst £1.00 ???


50% off brings them down to normal prices

Specialized Tarmac Sport Disc 2019 Road Bike £1350 @ Evans Cycles
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Posted 17th Dec 2019Posted 17th Dec 2019
Specialized Tarmac Sport Disc 2019 Road Bike £1350 @ Evans Cycles
£1,350£1,55013%Evans Cycles Deals
Seems like a good all weather race bike with sporty attitude and geometry. Branded carbon frame and Shimano 105 hydraulic groupset paired with decent finishing kit and wheels at th… Read more
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Pulled the trigger 40th present to myself Went 54cm but I am wary on a pre order on a 2019 bike Bet I get an email saying oos


You most certainly deserve another bike. N+1 all the way. Luckily they haven't got my size, £1350 saved. I think you're in between sizes. I'd go for 52. It's quite a sporty geometry, so going longer may help with that if you'd rather have something more stable. Don't forget cashback!


I always click on these deals to say its worth paying £X more to get X feature but this has it all, fantastic value!


I am so tempted by this I've wanted a disc brake bike for a few years now and my trusty felt z6 2012 with its various refits over its life is coming to the end of its life with thousands of miles on the clock and really is moving towards the dedicated commuter. Sunday best bike is well for Sundays and summer So there really is a place for a third bike and gap to fill (or am I just trying to talk myself Into this) Jibber Jaber aside, at 5'8 and 29 inch legs would I be best of going 54cm or 52cm Best to go for the 52cm I'm thinking having had bikes and ultimately a white elephant that was too big for me before


Great price if you're into a big name, hydro disc race bike!

Specialized Deflect mtb cycling gloves Pink XL £12.40 delivered @ tredz
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Posted 9th Dec 2019Posted 9th Dec 2019
Specialized Deflect mtb cycling gloves Pink XL £12.40 delivered @ tredz
Women’s mtb gloves but the XL fit like a men’s M/L which sell for £40 on some sites All other sizes and the black version are £37 Free delivery on £16 or spend £30 for £5 off code… Read more

Free returns with PayPal, yep it’d be nice to try them on but it’s rare that local bike shops stock all sizes of gloves to even try on, so you then have to order them in and wait


I’ve bought biking gloves by mail order from Tredz recently. I don’t have overly large hands but bought XL just in case. I couldn’t get them past my knuckles so sent them back. I suppose what I’m saying is, sizing is unreliable so if you can’t try them on, I wouldn’t buy. My opinion only.


Ooh ta for that (y)


If you want free delivery and a cheeky self present the alpinestar cirrus gloves at a tenner (less 10%) (all sizes) are pretty good quality too


That's Mrs Mudflap's Chrimbo pressie sorted. Thanks OP.

MTB Specialized Stumpjumper Expert Carbon 27.5" (Carbon/Eagle GX) - 2018 (L) at Evans Cycles for £2500
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Posted 6th Dec 2019Posted 6th Dec 2019
MTB Specialized Stumpjumper Expert Carbon 27.5" (Carbon/Eagle GX) - 2018 (L) at Evans Cycles for £2500
For the pros ;) Carbon Frame + Wheels, Eagle GX, Fox 34, SWAT compartment etc... Beautiful color finish as always from Specialized. Link Specialized specializedconceptstore.co.… Read more
Avatardeleted2399884Get deal*Get deal*

OOS Sadly.


Heat added (y)


This is my size too, tempting!

Specialized Diverge 2019 E5 Comp (105 groupset) 41% saving - £949 @ Tredz
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Posted 18th Nov 2019Posted 18th Nov 2019
Specialized Diverge 2019 E5 Comp (105 groupset) 41% saving - £949 @ Tredz
Only size 56 available, after double checking on numerous sizing guides believing I could only go for 54 I was pleasantly surprised to see there was a decent enough overlap from 54… Read more

Gets a good review here: https://www.cyclingweekly.com/reviews/road-bikes/specialized-diverge


I was looking last year on black Friday for a Diverge deal that was under a grand with the 105 groupset and £999 was the best sale price I could find being on Evans Cycles at the time. I missed out on that as I didn't get my cyclescheme certificate in time so waited (relied on my old bike) until black Friday this year in the hopes some similar deals would be had on a new Diverge. At the price Tredz are selling it I couldn't wait any longer. Looking forward to putting some miles on it and before anyone says it.. Yes I know you can buy a car for this much, but at least it does come with pedals this time!


Great bikes I have a 56cm 2017 smartweld fast and reasonably lightweight shame mine would take wider wheels otherwise good for a mix of off-road on road I’m 510/511 too

Specialized Turbo Levo 29 2019 Electric Hardtail Mountain Bike £1,689.99 Using Code + Free With DX 24 Hour Delivery @ Rutland Cycling
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Posted 17th Oct 2019Posted 17th Oct 2019
Specialized Turbo Levo 29 2019 Electric Hardtail Mountain Bike £1,689.99 Using Code + Free With DX 24 Hour Delivery @ Rutland Cycling
£1,689.99£1,899.9911%Rutland Cycling Deals
£10 off code - SAVE10 Maybe a tad niche on this one? It's a very good looking electric cycle. Reviews in general are really good. It's already £200 less than the next best price… Read more

That is some serious battery power for a battery that you can't see. Amazing.


It's nearly £1700 and looking at the photos they can't even be arsed to supply the pedals for when the battery dies ;)


I like the look of this as although the components and forks aren't great they are easier to upgrade than the electrics and are consumables. The specialized motor gubbins are well integrated/hidden and the associated app provides smart features that other ebikes don't have. I like the fact you can set a riding time or distance and it will meter the battery power to last that long. You can also adjust the low/med/high to be your desired percentage of the motor power. Saying that you can make a DIY bike for less money is missing the point a little, these look slick and well engineered. Any DIY effort is going to look clunky in comparison.


Fantastic bike. For me, it was between this and the Haibike. At the time I went Haibike, and whilst I don’t regret it, this price would have swayed me to specialised.


30 miles if you give it a hard time off-roading. You should get 35+ from lighter use (which is what it's really for). That's plenty for most commuters or leisure cyclists.

Specialized Pitch Expert Mountain Bike with DMR pedals £449 @ Cycle Solutions
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Posted 7th Oct 2019Posted 7th Oct 2019
Specialized Pitch Expert Mountain Bike with DMR pedals £449 @ Cycle Solutions
Decent spec bike with an option for DMR pedals for 28p!
Get deal*Get deal*

Anyone order and get this?


I would not get hung up on the rotors! Had loads of mtbs and XC bikes over the years, run a XC, Trail and CX bike now, never bent or worn out a rotor... besides if I wanted to change or remove one it’s easier with centre lock. My issue with the lower end branded models they really do skimp on spec or charge a premium. For comparison I did manage to find my lad a very similar specced Felt MTB for £310 from CRC. Full shimano, 3x10, deore rear derailleur, 29er and wide rims, schwable tyres. So you can get a better deal, if you are lucky to find one and willing to try other brands


So. Many. Words. (If I'm going to get branded as childish and pathetic I might as well live up to that) Centre lock discs at this level are a tenner, that's no pricier than 6 bolt discs. As for the pedals, sigh. Where to begin.


Again rotors do get bent and damaged and 6 bolt are cheaper many make the choice to go with 6 bolt adapters. Being locked into Shimano only parts is clearly going to cost you money depending on how you use the bike. Of course no one ever said that test ride pedals are equal to DMR V8s you are just making that up in a pathetic attempt to move the discussion to somewhere it never was in a rather childish way to say the least. The issue was whether you got the Specialized Dirt pedals or DMR V8s and whether the Dirt pedals are better. They have a retail price of $80 in Canada and have a anti-free spin washer so they stay in the same position for your feet so they claim. Are you sacrificing the Dirt pedals to get the DMR V8s or do you get both with the DMR V8s being the upgrade over the free get you going pedals they normally supply. Is the listing an error and you don't get the Dirt pedals at all that is for other markets. If the site sells most bikes without pedals it maybe when a bike is actually supplied with pedals they remove the supplied pedals to fit the upgrade pedals. Maybe the 28p offer is simply there because they can sell the Specialized Dirt pedals for more than the DMR pedals so its a good commercial move for them hence why its only 28p to upgrade. Why a simple mention of the pedals gets such a ridiculous reply I don't know. For those considering the bike it's probably worth deciding which pedals you want and clarify what you get with Cycle Solutions before purchase. https://www.specialized.com/ca/en/dirt-pedals/p/129839


It's worth getting the DMR pedals, as my plastic pedals didn't last long on my Rockhopper!

Get up to 30% plus voucher off 2019 bikes from Cube, Specialized & Scott @ Rutland Cycles
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Posted 2nd Oct 2019Posted 2nd Oct 2019
Get up to 30% plus voucher off 2019 bikes from Cube, Specialized & Scott @ Rutland Cycles
AVEGet code & visit site*Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*
Been looking at a new mountain bike & came across the Rutland cycles sale & then found the additional discount codes. Get up to 30% off 2019 bikes from all the top brands… Read more
Read More

Did you check that the codes still actually work? It seems me that they have removed the discount codes since the further price drops. I tried to apply one of the SAVE discount codes at checkout, and it says "The promotional code you entered is not valid." (skeptical) Rutland's sale has been very strange. The discounts keep fluctuating (they were 20% off, then 25, then 22 and now back to 25 on Giant bikes), and they keep removing and adding discount codes. I'm still waiting to be able to use the discount code with maximum percentage discount!


Thanks! How would this compare to something like the Voodoo Bantu? I regret missing the deal for the Bantu when it went on sale for £324, have been hoping a deal like that would happen again soon.


TCB at Rutland as well, 2% I think.


Been using cube bikes for the last 5 years and the build quality is fantastic. Can’t go wrong with most models although I’ve rocked the acid and nature models personally.


Hi, I recently bought the wife a new Cube and am quite impressed with the build quality (y) This one is the male version & fits your price points. Here's one that might suit: https://www.rutlandcycling.com/bikes/mountain-bikes/cube-aim-race-2019-hardtail-mountain-bike-whiteblue_464309

Specialized Body Geometry Sport Gloves £8.99 inc shipping @ Specialized
56° Expired
Posted 16th Sep 2019Posted 16th Sep 2019
Specialized Body Geometry Sport Gloves £8.99 inc shipping @ Specialized
Just ordered some of these gloves in the sale, only £6 down from £21. Specialized are a great biking brand so these should be good quality. Inc £2.99 shipping they were £8.99

As commented, only available for the Donald or the BFG ...




Not available in popular sizes

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    Read what other members have to say about a deal and share your own opinion.

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  3. Add Deal

    Have you found a good deal yourself? Share it here and other members will vote on how hot the deal is.

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  4. Deal Link

    If you think a deal is hot, click through to the shop to snap up the deal before it’s expired.

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  5. Layout

    Find here other ways to view the deals. You can view it in either grid, list or text only view.

    When clicking this gear icon you can find other ways to view the deals. You can view it in either grid, list or text only view.

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  6. Main Menu

    Through our main menu you can navigate to certain categories or shops you are interested in.

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