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Updated 19th Jan 2021Last updated 19th Jan 2021 by DhesiMeRollin
[PS5] Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition - £49.99 using code @ Amazon - account specific
Selected accounts only... you can £5 off on purchases over £25. Spider-Man ultimate edition can be bought for £49.99 using this code. DISC… Read more

The games down to £45 now and with the code it’s £40.... if anyone is interested :)


Miles can't be had for a price good enough to make that route cheaper than this though.


Remastered is £20 if you gave Miles. Buying a discounted psn code makes it under 18. Making Miles in this case 32


£25 for Spiderman Remastered and £25 for Miles Morales isn't too bad.


Glorified dlc for £50. Ouch.

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Updated 12th Jan 2021Last updated 12th Jan 2021 by smdntn
Spider-man Miles Morales PS5 question
Does anybody know, if I buy the physical version of Spiderman Miles Morales for PS5, will the PS store recognise I own it and allow me to buy the remastered Spiderman for £20?

Excellent thanks both. Going to try and grab the normal version cheap 2nd hand and pay for the remaster for £20, rather than buy the more expensive ultimate edition


I didn't know that, thanks


Yeah it does and you don’t need the disc to play it either once it’s purchased


You buy spiderman from within the menu on miles morales.

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Updated 14th Dec 2020Last updated 14th Dec 2020 by fassbender
Spiderman Miles Morales PS4
Back ordered this a week ago , retailer not answering emails. Anyone know or heard when this is likely to be available again, seems out of stock everywhere.

Does anyone know if theres any chance of getting this before Xmas anywhere? :o


Sorry it's not lets you get all the way to checkout then tells you it's out of stock


Asda says it has stock online


No Shopto , usually ok to buy from .


Did you order from boss_deals on eBay?

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Updated 17th Sep 2020Last updated 17th Sep 2020 by Axyuji
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS5 Pre Order £51.99 at Smyths Toys
Another great PS5 Preorder bargain at Smyths toys.… Read more

Thank you for updating me!! I really appreciate it :)


it's now up on simplygames


Is there any pre-order link for the Ultimate Edition containing SMPS4? I can't seem to find it online yet :(


Oh, sorry. I completely missed that. My bad.


It also says "the PS4 disc versions of these games include a free upgrade on the PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-Ray disc drive". The distinction is there to stop people somehow thinking you can use a PS4 disc on a digital only PS5.