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Twisted and Waze have made Traffic Jam using the delicious roadside berries that grow along the UK's jammiest roads. The navigation app has a community of 3 million drivers report… Read more

"5. Starting Date And Closing Date The opening date for entries is Midnight on 22nd July 2021. The closing date of the prize draw is Midnight on 22nd August 2021. Entries received after this time will not be counted, valid, accepted or considered." I guess it ended over a month ago?


Stupid question but since pollution is higher on the roadside, will it be bad for us? I know it will be safe but bad?


Never seen a strawberry growing on the roadside

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Just came across this post from Nutella on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nutellauk/photos/a.569474906448638/4466865690042854/?type=3 “We're on the move 🚚 Our ‘Happy … Read more

doesnt seem very fair at all :(


One of the highlighted deals on here atm is free tickets to a show which is only in one specific venue in London. I don’t know how they make these decisions.


that makes no sense lol! this was in deals: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/free-ice-cream-cones-from-virgin-red-floating-ice-cream-truck-at-southbank-observation-point-london-3762742 and it was only in London...


I put it in deals but it got removed for not being applicable to enough members on here. Was slightly confused as I see other deals that get shared which are applicable to certain locations like London whereas this was actually multiple!


Wish this was in deals so I'd have seen it yesterday and been able to go today :(

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First of all - What. Are. Those? (:I You just wouldn't, would you? :S As reported by Hypebeast , There's an upcoming collaboration between Converse and Space Jam: A New Le… Read more

Hype & Boohooman have released new Space Jam collections Just Hype Boohooman is app exclusive


Me too, but £100 for a pair of Converse for a 9 year old I can’t justify. They conveniently cut children’s off at UK2.5 and are charging adults prices for junior sizes (skeptical)


Loving these ones <3 https://www.converse.com/uk/en/regular/converse-x-space-jam:-a-new-legacy-chuck-70/172482MP.html?cgid=space_jam


I’d go for the shorts & sleeveless top but only t-shirts, hoodies, high tops, deck shoes on the page (annoyed) (confused)


You mean Space Jam 3 is going to cost you a bomb (highfive) :p

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Updated 14th JulLast updated 14th Jul by Predikuesi
THE HANDBOOK Two Packets Of Crisps & A Pint Of MARMITE Please… FOOD & DRINK By Phil Clarke | 12th July 2021 As if, a day after the most significant England defeat since th… Read more

I’d love to see someone down a pint of that (shock) They’d definitely need someone to drive them home afterwards.

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Updated 15th MayLast updated 15th May by WorthingBloke
Pearl Jam 186 concerts
Free 186 concerts, 5404 songs. All you need is sing up for pearl jam account https://pearljam.com/news/deep-an-immersive-pearl-jam-experience

Perfect. I'll have some Eddie Vedder thank you ;)


Thanks, I’ll have a look. Love a bit of PJ :)

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Updated 12th Dec 2020Last updated 12th Dec 2020 by ayeworld
Matrix 4, Dune, Space Jam 2, Mortal Kombat, Suicide Squad 2 as part of HBO Max subs usa in 2021 same day as the cinema
variety.com/2020/film/news/warner-bros- hbo-max-announcement-movie-business-1234845580/ so in the USA Warner Bros because of the Pandemic are streaming 17 of its biggest movies o… Read more

It did do relatively well https://screenrant.com/mulan-2020-movie-disney-plus-office-success-failure/


They didn't ask him, apparently. Guess the story doesn't involve Morpheus for some reason. Maybe he'll be in the next one...


I think the price for Mulan was too much. If there was a big uptake, that would have given them ideas. If that model is to work, then it needs to be cheaper. Like I said, given the choice, people will always choose the cinemas for the big budget movies. Cinemas will change but they won't die out.


I dont think Mulan did well at all on Disney+ as they are releasing the new Pixar movie Soul at no extra cost.


wonder if theres any official figures to how Mulan did? For HBO to do this, they must be confident of their numbers. I think for big budget movies, people will still go to the cinema. Im guessing if people ahve to pay an extra cost on top of their sub for the app, like D+ did with Mulan, then it will always be more expensive to stream than go to the cinema, not counting costs of food and drink of course. Im in favour as it gives people choice. Either pay under £10 for a ticket to the cinema, or pay £20+ for a home release but with the option of being able to have more than 1 person watching so swings and roundabouts I guess. Like I said, I think cinemas will become an experience, how it used to be with more emphasis on quality seating extra, better food etc. There will be a market for boutique smaller cinemas.