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i3-6100 16GB Ram 1TB SSHD GTX 1080Ti Windows 10 B Grade £1000 @ CEX
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
If you are ok with a second hand PC with massive SSHD and gtx 1080 ti this seems a good deal. I suspect the specification is wrong (most probably a better processor but only specu… Read more

I got mine between 1300-1400. Just looking around. All brand new parts. The maplin close down helped aswell


Pc partpicker?


Thank you


your the only one who picked that up....good eyes!



ASUS GL503VM Gaming Laptop, Intel i5-7300HQ,  Nvidia GTX 1060 6 GB GPU, 8 GB RAM, 120 Hz 100 Percent sRGB Display, 1 TB FireCuda SSHD and 128 GB SSD, Full RGB Keyboard £897 @ Amazon
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
This seems like a pretty decent deal to me. Sure the processor is an i5, but everything else is pretty high specs for the price!
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There you go if still looking 8gb cex £40


No it's 4 lighting zones


Does this support "per key RGB"?


there you go I slightly overstated the 50 percent the guy in the video saw fps range go from 80 -100 to 120 -140fps.


Do we have any links to CEX (or anywhere) for the 8GB upgrade... Would be nice to be running 16GB just for future proofing... Cheers,

Seagate FireCuda 2TB SATA III 2.5" SSHD Internal Drive + Assassin's Creed Origins Game Code for PC £79.72 @ CCL Computers
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
2TB Capacity 5400RPM Spin Speed SATA III Interface 2.5" Form Factor 5 Year Warranty
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May I know how do you get 78.97? 1.05% ex VAT of 79.72 = 0.69755 79.72 - 0.70 = 79.02


I can tell you with 100% certainty that 7,200 rpm drives are significantly faster at game loading times than a 5,400rpm drive. So if you use it for game storage then you will want a 7,200 rpm drive.


Now £78.97 - 1.05% TopCashback also possibel.


Compared to an SSD they're all slow. I'm not sure what the point of 7200rpm drives is these days. Whoop de doo slightly faster but still slow sequential throughput and slightly more but still poor IOPS. In the meantime more heat, power and noise. Seriously though 7200rpm drives will be about 33% better on IOPS (the thing that really matters for desktop use). Meanwhile an SSD will be at least 1,000% better on IOPS.


Is 5400 not really Slow? 7200 is the Standard

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Seagate 2TB FireCuda 2.5 inch Internal SSHD Hard Drive £78.96 @ Amazon
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Back-ordered. Due in stock February 17 -- order now to reserve yours I don't know why the last deal of this FireCuda was expired. You can still place the order - you will just hav… Read more

cheers guys. might just got for an old style one while I wait for SSD's to get cheaper


This drive is an SSHD, not a SSD. Big difference both in terms of performance and price. The H in SSHD stands for hybrid. It has 8GB flash + 2TB HDD which is managed transparently by the drive itself so you won't see multiple partitions. It's a SATA drive, so yes.


It's not solid state, it has 8GB of NAND cache. Yes, it's a SATA drive so can be used in a PC, though you may need a bay adapter as it's 2.5".


can this be used on an internal pc? seems weird that a 2TB Solid state is only £80


who said it was all on site (angel) I have it a 3 sites LOL. Cloud is not an option for me for reasons I don't want to go into

Seagate 2TB FireCuda 2.5 inch Internal SSHD Hard Drive Plus Free game: Assassins Creed £79.54 at CCL
Found 2nd FebFound 2nd Feb
Similar deal to the one posted earlier via amazon. This however comes with Assassins Creed origins as well - hopefully sell the code and make 15 pounds back or enjoy the game. not… Read more
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yup got mine. sold it on ebay for 23 pounds so this has ended up costing me around 55!


Thanks OP, sold my AS digital code within 12hrs of listing it on eBay so happy get getting a 2TB SSHD upgrade for my PS4 for around £55. (y)


I contacted customer services as I didn't have a registered email. They replied giving me the code so all good. Cheers op.


Anyone received theirs. Any codes for AS?


1000’s of benchmark tests at show the BarraCuda is faster and cheaper. This drive would only start becoming faster "if" it's using the 8gb memory, and with game at about 50gb it's a big "if".

Seagate 2TB FireCuda 2.5 inch Internal SSHD Hard Drive for PC and PS4, £79.30 at Amazon
Found 2nd FebFound 2nd Feb
Lowest price so far. Game up to 5x faster than with traditional 7200-RPM hard drives. FireCuda blends SSD with HDD for instant-on performance and the capacity you need. Install… Read more

Unexpire this, you can still backorder it.


1000’s of benchmark tests at show the BarraCuda is faster and cheaper. This drive would only start becoming faster “if” it’s using the 8gb memory, and with game at about 50gb it’s a big “if”.


Thank you. You are correct that SSD+hardisk offers a better solution, which is what I use in the main. However we do have two machines with a compromise using hybrid SSD.


What you say is correct. These are designed for home use and in some circumstances they may be the best solution. Overall though I still maintain an SSD and a hard disk are a better solution. For only £10 (SSD plus hard drive) in total you will get something guaranteed faster in all circumstances and will be more reliable in the long term.


I believe I have just shone a light to an incorrect application of key factual knowledge (rather than a difference in opinion in my long comment just above). The key facts used incorrectly are summarised as: IT requirements were used for home requirements, in a nutshell.

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Seagate 2TB FireCuda 3.5 inch Internal SSHD Hard Drive + FREE Assassin's Creed Origins PC Download Code, £76.95 from Amazon
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Game up to 5x faster than with traditional 7200-RPM hard drives. FireCuda blends SSD with HDD for instant-on performance and the capacity you need. Installs and operates like a s… Read more

You're not getting any code mate. It's only valid for purchases up until 31st December. Even for those purchases people did not get any codes, but if you talk to Cs they maybe able to sort you out with a discount perhaps.


Did Amazon email you the code as I'm still waiting?


If you are predictable, like you load the same OS more than once, they 'guess' very well. The SSD portion should outlast the other 'side' by a significant margin. Check out


Doesn't this not say: "FREE game code only when purchasing from Amazon UK. Not available from third-party sellers. Offer ends 31st Dec 2017. Terms & Conditions apply." So seems the code offer is expired and you won't get the game?


Yep. WD purples are good for something like 32 1080p cameras. I think they have a higher tier purple that supports double the number of cameras

Seagate 2TB FireCuda Internal SSHD Hard Drive + FREE Assassin's Creed Origins PC Download Code - £86.75 @ Amazon
Found 13th Dec 2017Found 13th Dec 2017
2Tb hybrid hard drive with 8GB SSD along with a free copy of Assassin's Creed Origins? Not a terrible deal! There is also a 2.5" version along with various storage options... T's… Read more

1000’s of benchmark tests at show the BarraCuda is faster and cheaper. This drive would only start becoming faster “if” it’s using the 8gb memory, and with game at about 50gb it’s a big “if”.


Did Amazon email you the code as I'm still waiting?


I now have one very happy daughter playing Assassins Creed Origins on a computer that cost me no more than £300 including this drive. Very happy!


Heat, still going. Amazon business next day got two codes for two drives bought. These drives are worth the money with the game on top IMO, with the work and gaming I do.



Seagate FireCuda 2TB 2.5 (or 3.5) Internal SSHD  with FREE ASSASINS CREED ORIGINS £89.99 Amazon
Found 29th Nov 2017Found 29th Nov 2017
Was looking for my PC and console HDD update and found this amazing offer, with this game price for HDD going down to ~50 gbp. Only 1 game per customer, offer ends at 31 of decembe… Read more

Received hdd and game code, everything is fine


I can see how the extra hassle would put someone off. However PC parts in general seem to be going up in price not down.


thats what ive suggested but dont seem keen on it


Unfortunately I've never seen them go any lower than this price range. As mentioned above though he could buy this one now and sell the code for Assassins Creed. I bought one last week to put in my PS4. I wasn't planning on that upgrade yet but this drive with that new a game included is actually one hell of a bargain.


this is the one my friend wants this one but he didnt wanna pay this kinda money sadly

Seagate FireCuda 2TB 2.5" Internal SSHD + Assassin's Creed: Origins PC @ -  £86.40 Delivered!
Found 22nd Nov 2017Found 22nd Nov 2017
2.5" 2TB Internal SSHD (SSD+HDD blended). Was looking for a fast 2nd storage drive for my ITX, but this would also be great for a laptop! Game up to 5x faster than with traditi… Read more
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This code only seems to be for PC version. Just redeemed mine


Yes have one in my pro, they are actually a lot thiner than normal 2.5" drives. Just be aware of how these drives function


I bought this from Scan a couple of weeks ago. When you redeem the Assassins Creed code it asks you whether you want to get it on PC/Xbox One/PS4. I got it on PC, but assume Xbox One or PS4 option would work too.


Pity they don't do the game offer with the Ironwolf series. :(


Yes. It's fit perfectly.

Seagate FireCuda 2TB 3.5" Internal SSHD + FREE Assassin's Creed Origins + £86.19 Free Delivery from Amazon
Found 11th Nov 2017Found 11th Nov 2017
Not sure if already posted, it seemed good to me. Free Assassin's Creed Origins with selected Seagate FireCuda SSHD and BarraCuda HDD 2.5" / 3.5" with 2TB, 4TB, 6TB, 8TB and 10TB … Read more

I agree. I was looking at this but double the storage for an extra £15 is a no brainer really especially since it would predominately become my new Steam drive and SSHD is unlikely to have much of an impact on a drive just filled with games and the occasional video file. That and I already have AC Origins.


Hybrid drives don't work like that. The flash NAND portion acts as a cache, no games or other data get installed to the flash part of the disk. Algorithms determine which data is temporarily stored on the NAND to speed up access, this portion written to and erased multiple times in normal usage.


That's what she said


Hybrid drives are not so useful for gaming consoles, the SSD section is fairly small (typically 8-32GB depending on the drive), so you'd only end up with either a small portion of each game on there or one game entirely on the SSD and the rest on the HDD, depending on how the file system works for each console. For a PC/Mac, it's more useful as the more commonly used files (operating system, common apps etc.) will be migrated onto the SSD section, and you'll notice the performance increase for those items only.


I'm not sure why anyone would buy this drive. For bulk storage, another £10 or so buys you something with double the capacity. For applications, a 256GB will perform vastly better, and cost around £10 less. I appreciate that this has some NAND built into it to act as a SSD-like cache, but it's slow NAND, and there's only 8GB of it, so with the best caching algorithms and most repeatable usage patterns in the world, it won't do much good.

Seagate FireCuda 2TB 2.5" Solid State Hard Drive (SSHD) £79.99 @ Amazon
Found 23rd Mar 2017Found 23rd Mar 2017
I've been looking to upgrade my PS4's internal drive for a while and have been waiting for the price on this to come down. Just dropped to £79.99 on Amazon so I've bitten! - FireC… Read more

Its just a mechanical hard drive with a small cache. Nothing special about this at all. Its the price you expect for 2 tb drive.


Damn it, literally just went looking for one of these, searched here to find this bargain price in my opinion, only to click through and now over £100 on Amazon.


I think you misunderstand how these drives work, in any case would you really want to use an SMR drive in a NAS?


Well since they're not advertised as being exclusively compatible with games consoles maybe we should evaluate their usefulness in other scenarios? I wouldn't judge a car exhaust on its ability to be a chimney for a house but this is a generic, plain old hard drive that'd fit in nearly any computer made in the last decade or two. My use case is as a NAS drive since 2.5" drives that could spin down the HDD and use the SSD as a write cache until that fills up would be ideal for saving power. The random write performance could be pretty great, random reads could be better than normal if it eagerly reads surrounding blocks. While it could do all of this it is instead junk for this usage because they've chosen an unsuitable algorithm. C'mon seagate, rename this brand "gamercuda" and bring out an enterprise version (not too expensive mind you) with a good algorithm for servers.


Why did you have to go and post this, when I was enjoying a nice peaceful Friday evening, not a care in the world. Now you've got me fuming, wishing I had waited a couple of weeks and saved £20. Incidentally, I gave this heat. Haven't a clue why it's not hot!

Seagate 2TB 3.5" Internal SSHD + £10 Steam Credit £79.99 @
Found 9th Mar 2016Found 9th Mar 2016 are currently offering £10 Free Steam Credit with this hard drive, in effect bringing the cost down to £69.99. Seagate model number: ST2000DX001
AndyRoyd although consider the effective performance of the SSHD will increase over time as it "learns" which files are typically most accessed in your system and stores those files in the solid state area.


These have a buffer. They're not SSD drives.


Are these really comparable to SSD's. Need to replace the SSD in my computer but dont want the speed to drop.


That would be great! I don't use Steam myself... on eBay a £10 Steam Code is going for £10.99 - so you could resell it :p


I'd rather pay £69.99 for the drive and let Box use the credit.

Toshiba H200 1TB SSHD Hybrid Drive £44 @ Amazon
Found 23rd Jan 2016Found 23rd Jan 2016
So I was looking for a 1TB SSHD for over a month now, and this one was on my radar due to its price. I had it at order when available and although it is saying out of stock, today … Read more

Just received mine today. Thanks OP


Ive also had a dispatched email :)


therefore the deal is not expired yet...


I ordered this on the 23rd Jan, decided to leave the order waiting sitting there waiting for stock, and hey, it's just shipped this evening. Should be getting it in 2-3 days


Anyone else had a luck getting hold of this? Had a look at the other item in one of the posts above but Amazon no longer sell this.

Seagate SSHD 2TB 3.5" SATA Desktop Solid State Hybrid Drive £67.98 at Ebuyer
Found 9th Dec 2015Found 9th Dec 2015
I think this is cheaper than anywhere else at this moment. 1 TB version £56.99 Possible cashback with Topcashback / Quidco The Seagate® Desktop SSHD is here with breakthrough … Read more

I need a time machine to get back this price, the current price is £91.98


Cheers OP, been looking for a replacement for my 2TB HD that went pop a couple of weeks ago. This will do nicely :)


It tells you right in the spec and you've only used half the info yourself. "Average Data Rate, Read, Avg All Zones: up to 156MB/s Average Data Rate From NAND Media: up to 190MB/s" The 156MB/s is what they're saying the physical and do at a sustained data read, where as the NAND does 190MB/s. Giving 34MB/s difference on average, plus more time is saved not having to refind the data on the physical part of the HDD. Looking at datasheets of 2TB from more than one manufacturer, you'll find they put the average read speed from a physical HDD is around 147MB/s, give or take a few MB/s for a SATA3 drive. So, as I said, they do come in handy over for repeat caching of the same data. For the few quid difference over a SSHD to a HDD, then I'd go for SSHD over today's prices. Sure, if I had the cash to through nothing but SSDs at a PC then I would. Don't just take my word for it as a daily user of a SSF, SSHD and HDD, but this guy as well. 8)


Not when the nand is 190MBs annd we have no idea on the iops on the nand either.


I couldn't care less if it came with bells and whistles, it's still old tech and will do no one any favours by jumping the gun. By constantly caching what little SS space you have it will significantly decrease the life cycle of the SSD in the same way that using an SSD as virtual memory does. 8GB of solid state capacity is pathetic. Microsoft recommends 16GB for Windows 10 before you even begin to consider other apps you may want to speed up. You would get massive benefits from your machine by installing an SSD as small as 32GB for your OS and apps, then leave the old school mechanical drives separately for mass storage and media.

HP ENVY 15-k201na Laptop - i7, 8GB DDR3, 1TB SSHD, Full HD, 2/Dual Core £649 @ HP Store
Found 31st Jul 2015Found 31st Jul 2015
First post so don't shoot me but saw this and seems cheaper than everywhere else by around £100 so hope it helps someone. Basic Specs below... - Intel® Core™ i7-5500U with Intel H… Read more

Can anyone please explain why this is better than the one listed on currys website, with 12RAM and 2TB Memory instead and at £629, after cashback. Thanks in advance. (Feel like maybe ive missed something) Windows Intel® Core™ i7-5500U Processor Memory: 12 GB Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 940M Storage: 2 TB


How did you manage this ? didn't work for me


Did anyone else have any luck ringing hp for a further discount? I tried ringing on the 0207 number which was posted but they said they couldn't drop the price further on already reduced laptops, only on non reduced products?


Thanks for your reply. I did previously see the system requirements which would suggest that it wouldn't be up to the task but perhaps it might be possible on low settings? Thanks


:p I've cancelled my order too, looks like Dell offer better specs for a little more money. Look out for the Dell Inspiron 7548 or similar spec.

FX6300, 8GB 1600mhz, 1TB SSHD (8GB SSD), nVidia GTX 750ti, Corsair 430w Semi-Modlar PSU, Thermatake cool case £396.00 @ Ebuyer
Found 24th Jul 2015Found 24th Jul 2015
I can't use PCPArtpicker because I'm not allowed to post it due to a lot of the retailers on there being banned by Hotukdeals. The best I can do right now is post an ebuyer build a… Read more
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​Maybe do some proper reading. The data isn't fair and isn't standardised also it's specific models that have the issues. Third these are consumer drives used in enterprise environment which is plain ridiculous


Go look at the failure rates.


They sold $14 billion worth of drives last year - seems not everyone shares your view....


You can save a fair bit of money with two measures here - first of all, you can remove the DVD drive if, like many of us, you are fully digital. Secondly, you are taking a hit in quality, but for £40 you can get a reasonable mATX case, 400W PSU (with eight-pin GPU PCIe power), keyboard and mouse: 400W is more than enough for this build, and I've built many budget gaming PCs very simiar to your config with this - none have failed yet. These changes take your £396 build down to £350, the same price as a 1TB PS4 :) Plus you get a keyboard and mouse. EDIT: Actually, this version of the all-in-one has a 450W PSU for the same price -


And this makes me so confuse, cos aria charge £8+ for a delivery, so on pcpartpicker it looks cheap but at the and it is not.

Dell Latitude 14 E5440 Intel Core i5 4300U up to 2.9GHz 4Gb Ram 500Gb SSHD Hdd 14" HD+ Win 8.1 Pro 3yr WTY £438 at MCS Technology
Found 2nd Oct 2014Found 2nd Oct 2014
Seems a great price for a decent laptop with 500GB SSHD and 3 years warranty! Loads in stock. CODE NLL017 MODEL Latitude 14 E5440 WARRANTY 3 Yrs Dell On-Site WTY CPU Intel… Read more
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Loads same spec on outlet for £414 delivered..3 year warranty on business site


Just another reason that HUKD voting system cannot be trusted! If something as drastic as a £73 increase in price, the original post should be expired and relisted


Cold, price in title is misleading and not that great a deal at £438


Pity you can't remove heat. Hot if including vat - neutral for me if vat and shipping has to be added.


Price is without the VAT

Seagate 1TB Laptop SSHD SATA 3 - FREE P&P £59.98 @
Found 18th Sep 2014Found 18th Sep 2014
Cheaper than currently deal, free delivery too :) @EDIT@ Now only 59.98 :D "SSD + HDD - The best of both worlds. Seagate Laptop SSHDs integrate NAND flash solid-state storage w… Read more
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Amazing price, bought for 75 a couple of months ago, really good hybrid drive


Even better, lowered to £59.98 then :D


Special link provided by DABs themselves for under £60

Seagate 4TB/8GB Solid State Hybrid Drive £136.96 @ Amazon
Found 24th May 2014Found 24th May 2014
Product Description The Seagate Desktop SSHD is here with breakthrough technology that identifies and stores to flash only your most frequently used data. You can boot up and launc… Read more

a 4TB drive as a boot/storage drive isn't a very good idea at all as its a lot of data to lose in one hit if a problem arises...To be honest you'd be better off with a small 60/80GB System drive and then either this as a storage drive on a SATA channel, or in a NAS......very good price for what it is but I personally wouldn't spend money on it... Also couldn't see any info on the warranty of this drive, but current standard 4TB storage internals only have a number of hours as a warranty which equates to a number of days being basically 2 years.... So no vote from me I'm afraid


Voted hot. Very cool drive if you just want one single drive in your PC with lots of space and fast boot times.

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