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Heavy Duty Staple Gun only £6.00(instore) @ Maplin
Found 23rd Apr 2012Found 23rd Apr 2012
Heavy Duty Staple Gun only £6.00(instore) @ Maplin
Includes hand operated staple gun and 600 staples 3-in-1 staple gun that fastens 3 different sizes of staples Suitable for many types of fixing including upholstery, hardboard, f… Read more

def a good deal if only the satellite in a case was on offer tooo


good deal for a heavy 3-in-1 + 600 staples


couldn't find anything useful to add for free delivery ..




Excellent. Next chav blasting his music on the train is done for

Pretty Pink Bling Stapler and Puncher Set for £2.69 @ Argos
Found 4th Mar 2012Found 4th Mar 2012
Pretty Pink Bling Stapler and Puncher Set for £2.69 @ Argos
If you have a diva friend brighten up her everyday work space with this pretty pink stapler and equally glamorous hole puncher with extra bling! One shiny black and white standard … Read more
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HOT! Thanks, just what i needed! Ordered 2 sets because my daughter was being nosey and made me get her one too. Heat given.

Draper Expert Staple Gun £13.88 at
Found 12th Feb 2012Found 12th Feb 2012
Draper Expert Staple Gun £13.88 at
Was following this on camelcamelcamel and down to a price that seems worth it. I want it for some gardening projects, but good for crafts too.
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Yeah, probably time to expire if you can't wait for new stock, looks like we bought 'em out


my lady is looking for one of these for her crafts, will let her know about this


Its showing 'Usually despatched in 2 to 4 weeks' for me.


Also spotted this today in Home Bargains, If you have one near you Comes with U-Staples, Nails & Staples Staple Gun As Mentos says in the previous post not the same as draper but worth a go for that price, They also do 2000 staples for 79p Staples


I picked up a Maplin branded Staple Gun, Staple puller and 400 staples for £2.99 the other day. It was on a special offer so not sure if it will be nationwide, just happened to see it when I was getting a PH00 driver (keep losing them :/). Obviously not the same quality as the Draper, but if you just need one for occasional use it may be worth looking at.

5 Star Mini Stapler - Black - *Todays Deal of The Day* - only 98p delivered @ Brooklyn Trading
Found 8th Dec 2011Found 8th Dec 2011
5 Star Mini Stapler - Black - *Todays Deal of The Day* - only 98p delivered @ Brooklyn Trading
Just checked the Brooklyn Trading website to see what todays deal of the day is, and it is a Five Star Mini Stapler, reduced to just 19p + 79p postage. Handy mini stapler, perfect… Read more

Wait till xmas, you'll probably get one of the same quality in a cracker! ;)

Draper 9-Piece Tool Kit  including staple gun now £7.49 delivered @ amazon
Found 28th Nov 2011Found 28th Nov 2011
Draper 9-Piece Tool Kit including staple gun now £7.49 delivered @ amazon
i think you would pay more than this for just the staple gun

worth the money......just, shame really as Draper used to be a good make of quality tools


I could actually do with a staple gun at the moment, to re-cover a chair. But this one doesn't look like it has the oomph to get through the fabric and into the wood. The reviews on amazon are few and far between and are of the 'good stocking filler' nature. It think it's good for the price through, because all the other tools look alright.


exactly! that staple gun looks like a toy! Wont last more than a few uses imho


Such a shame, would have bought it if it was black.


I think it should have been pink cause is kind of lady-like style, nice and silky :)

Stanley Sharpshooter Heavy Duty Staple Gun 0-TR150 £12.50 @ B&Q
Found 12th Nov 2011Found 12th Nov 2011
Stanley Sharpshooter Heavy Duty Staple Gun 0-TR150 £12.50 @ B&Q
£12.50B&Q Deals
Good price for a staple gun from a decent brand. - Fires heavy duty staples - Easy squeeze mechanism and soft grip handle makes lighter work of repetitive applications - Anti-Jam … Read more

This is NOT true! I'm just back from making a special trip to Home Bargains and they do NOT sell these or infact ANY staple guns GRRR! :( :( :(


Are you sure it was this make and model? I was in Home Bargains recently and I didn't see these? There are lots of cheaper staple guns around but I've tried them in the past and they're rubbish.


This is currently being sold in homebargains for 4.99


Agreed although the 5* review and the many Amazon positive reviews are .... the 1 star review people might just have been unlucky and had faulty units, or they could even work for a competitor brand ... you've always got to take reviews with a pinch of salt and try and make a balanced judgment IMO. I'm certainly going to keep mine.


The two 1 star reviews are not very encouraging....

Found 12th Oct 2011Found 12th Oct 2011
Great deal if your in the market for a nail gun - the gun itself cost £40 on its own 181EL Brad nailer with 2000 15mm Brads & 1000 32mm Brads. The 140EL Stapler comes complet… Read more

[image missing]

Craftsman Staple gun £3.99 @ Argos
Found 21st May 2011Found 21st May 2011
Craftsman Staple gun £3.99 @ Argos
Was £9.99 - R&C Here's another cheap handy item for keeping around the house (DIY, school projects etc.) - i'm looking for useful diy/craft type items on the site that are chea… Read more

Great price, just what I needed :)


Brilliant just talking of upholstering the dining chairs hot deal!

USB Powered Automatic Stapler & Hub - £8.93 Delivered @ My Memory (£8.48 with code)
Found 23rd Feb 2011Found 23rd Feb 2011
USB Powered Automatic Stapler & Hub - £8.93 Delivered @ My Memory (£8.48 with code)
Simply insert your paperwork into the automatic stapler and it will instantly and neatly staple your documents together ready for the next batch. If you're tired of having to wres… Read more

first glance i thought it was a bus....


I had one of those when I was a kid, but I broke it when I took it apart for experimentation


Out of stock.


I've got one of these - they're good fun![image missing] aware though that these (including the OP's stapler) only staple a few sheets. Put too much paper in it and it jams which is a nightmare. The 30+ pages electric staplers are alot more expensive! eg.


Why not?

 Trasparent Coloured Stapler, £1.50 (Collect Instore) @ Whsmiths
Found 24th Aug 2010Found 24th Aug 2010
Trasparent Coloured Stapler, £1.50 (Collect Instore) @ Whsmiths
Was £5.99 This simple and functional stapler measures approximately 105mm in length and takes 26/6 staples.
5 Star Stapler Long Arm Full Strip 320mm Reach Capacity 25 Sheets Black , £5.36 Delivered @ Amazon
Found 22nd Aug 2010Found 22nd Aug 2010
5 Star Stapler Long Arm Full Strip 320mm Reach Capacity 25 Sheets Black , £5.36 Delivered @ Amazon
Might be of use to someone RRP: £22.04 *** Look on right hand side for Amazon Price *** 320mm reach Accepts 26/6 and 24/6 staples Sheet Capacity: 25 sheet capacity Longer reach ena… Read more

Just ordered one, went through at this price just got to wait for stock & delivery...gotta be worth the wait, even if it is a few weeks to 8 weeks...bargain!! Can't give heat shame!


doubt it... check out kindle 3, at the beginning it said be dispatched before 10 Sep, now it says 17th Sep. guess stock replenishment is not that quick...


THIS NOT EXPIRED! Still available from Amazon for £5.36 delivered. Yes, currently OOS, but you can still order it for this price. Stocks are usually quickly replenished - especially so when they mention no particular time delay element.......


NO IT'S NOT! If you order using the direct AMAZON link to the right hand side of the page [where it is showing as OOS like I already said] delivery is FREE if you select Super Saver. I can't make it any clearer - it even says so in the OP's description. I've just done a dummy order and there is NO carriage charge to NI.


great thanks didn't know these even existed! Hate having to try and fold a booklet to get my usual stapler to work, have ordered from amazon as don't mind the wait. Thanks op :)

Eco Stapler £1.95 delivered @ Gazoo with code
Found 14th Jun 2010Found 14th Jun 2010
Eco Stapler £1.95 delivered @ Gazoo with code
Reduce waste and help save the environment with this eco friendly staple-less stapler. Enter code O2SURPRISES at checkout (£5 off)

I got one of these a while back when we could get voucher codes and get this, a solar calculator, or a wind up torch completely free. I managed to get one of these and the wind up torch sent to sister's address. I used this staple-less stapler a couple of times the day it arrived, and thought it was quite a neat idea. As already stated, it's onlt really any good for max of 3 sheets. It has been in a box since, which i recently found. I attempted to use it again, and SNAP, the thing fell apart. It appears the plastic went brittle!!! So in being eco, I imagine they also used recycled plastic parts where a stronger (possibly metal) piece should have been used at the most vital hinged point. This is also the point that will take the most pressure each and every time it is used. SO worth a go if you have £2 to throw away, but you won't be saving any more getting this thing, and definitely won't be saving resources, as after a few uses, you're going to need an alternative. OF COURSE this is just my own experience and I may have had a duff one, but thought I'd share.


worth a go at this price


I bought one of these the other week, it's nicely made but a bit puny on 3 sheets. It leaves a hole in the paper so not ideal if it's something more important than a credit card statement.

Stanley Heavy Duty Staple Gun & Brad Nailer reduced from £26.70 to £10 + £4.95 delivery @ Asda direct
Found 7th Feb 2010Found 7th Feb 2010
Stanley Heavy Duty Staple Gun & Brad Nailer reduced from £26.70 to £10 + £4.95 delivery @ Asda direct
Stanley Heavy Duty Staple Gun & Brad Nailer Durable and lightweight with anti-jam mechanism Aluminium construction Easy loading Takes up to 14mm staples and 15mm brads XX… Read more

Sold out quicker than you can say Oh and it not that one.Also this forum as you know is for deals so big or not it was a GOOD deal:whistling:


I think its this one £20.54: Good deal but sold out now. Shame as I was about to order one.


No big deal. £16.70 delivered at Amazon if it's ]THIS one


looks like it's out of stock

Draper 13952 General Purpose Stapler - now £8.02 delivered @ Amazon
Found 19th Nov 2009Found 19th Nov 2009
Draper 13952 General Purpose Stapler - now £8.02 delivered @ Amazon
General duty model with slide over stitching anvil. Suitable for a wide variety of DIY applications. Safety loop on handle. Uses 6 and 8mm staples and is supplied complete with 300… Read more

Showing £14.55 for me.

Stapler + Hole punch + Stapler remover only 99p
Found 23rd Aug 2009Found 23rd Aug 2009
Stapler + Hole punch + Stapler remover only 99p
Found at my local Sainburys, set pack of sainburys own Stapler plus Hold punch and Stapler remover for only 99p Nice price for basic office equipment.

Those little staple remover gagets are really pretty nifty :thumbsup:


Thanks, fingers mashing the keys again. :oops:


do you mean "hole" punch?


hold punch. nice bargain. hot

Stapler for only 50p! [In-store] @ Original Factory Shop
Found 24th Jan 2009Found 24th Jan 2009
Stapler for only 50p! [In-store] @ Original Factory Shop
A great piece of stationary will always come in handy and a bargain at 50p! Find your nearest store: or click go to deal!
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Lol have some rep for that fella ROLF :-D


great stuff, ive been after one of these for ages and have finally saved up enough to buy right out. thanks guys!


HOT HOTTY HOT from me. Well done We need more cheap lil deals like this!!! Have some rep fella


you can get virtual ones for free Seriously though, 50p is more than we pay at work


Meh you can get a Tesco Value stapler, hole punch, staple remover and 1000 staples for £1.46

Electronic Stapler - £1 @ PoundLand
Found 23rd Dec 2008Found 23rd Dec 2008
Electronic Stapler - £1 @ PoundLand
Found this in the pound shop in Manchester, Piccadilly. I am unsure of the make but it is a blue one! Thought it was a good deal for £1 and they seem to retail for quite a bit more… Read more

From the way the original poster worded this, Perhaps it was another pound shop and not the nationwide PoundLand shop I had a good look today, nothing


Ive been checking 4 this 4 weeks on and ff, askin staff and they kindly check on system and with manager but they say "NO, never come across it"!!


I was in Poundland today looking for a stapler, but they didn't have this. I'll keep my eyes open though over the next week or two. Great deal - heat left.

Bosch ptk3.6 Cordless Nail Gun & Stapler £24.99 @ Homebase
Found 5th Aug 2008Found 5th Aug 2008
Found it in my local Homebase store (Leeds, Roundhay). Its not listed on their website but this is the description :… Read more

Looking at the item description in-store this is meant to come with an electric screw driver too.I asked staff and they said if I bring my receipt in they will give me a 50% refund! Now i just have to find it :thinking:


Got one in richmond today - great deal


nice find, good one...!


lol im working at bosch right now as an intern!! (sorry about the randomness)


[image missing] Oooeer. I think I'll pass on this deal.

Heavy-duty Staple Gun £3.99 @Lidl
Found 7th Jul 2008Found 7th Jul 2008
Heavy-duty Staple Gun Sturdy construction with easy grip handle For use with staples (mm): 4 - 14, U shape staples (mm): 10 - 12 and nails (mm): 10 - 14 Price per item 7. Simil… Read more

Thanks !!!!


Stick with the Electric one from Woolworths. Much better for a few quid more. Kinder to your hands if you are doing loads of stapling.


I ordered this one from Woolworths - any advice from experts if I should cancel that one and go for the Lidl one? Or is the Woolworths one better cos it is electric and comes with staples?


[image missing]

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