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No. They backed out of removing the speech feature until at least the end of 2018.


I don't have it either but looked into it a few times and the AI is meant to be rubbish in solo mode. I did read at one point they had taken the speech element out of VR. Not sure if this is still the case but if so it looks like they've adapted it more towards the non-VR crowd now.


Haven't got it but I got the impression it's pretty naff as a solo game


No. You can play solo with a bot crew.


Is this multiplayer only?

Star Trek Beyond Blu Ray - £4 instore @ Sainsbury's
LocalLocalFound 25th AprFound 25th Apr
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Good film if you forget the motorbike and Beastie Boy radio frequency scenes!


Actually possibly making 2 more films


Google's it... Ahh, he co-wrote it. Same result though. It sucked. Didn't know where it was going story-wise. Bit of a flop at the box office and put a bit of a dampener on the Star trek films going forwards. Zachary Quinto has said they might be able to squeeze one more film out of Paramount, but clearly I think the wind has gone out of the sails on this movie franchise. Star Trek Discovery however on Netflix was brilliant and a hit with the fans and critics alike. Really looking forward to season 2 of that!.


Beyond pants. Such a shame.


Pegg didn't direct it

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UPDATED LIST : Various 4K reductions from £4.99 @ iTunes store inc Joy, Star Trek, Lego Batman etc
LocalLocalFound 16th AprFound 16th Apr
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Most people have pretty low end TVs - they're wasting their time buying 4k at all really, especially given that average viewing distance won't show any difference compared to 1080p. Your "marginal sound improvement" claim clearly come from somebody who has never heard hi-resolution audio. Like I said, it's more important than 4k in my household - I've got both and would give up 4k before I gave up DTS-HD.


There is absolutely every point in comparing. The point of the comparason is the price difference between the 2 formats. Everyone knows there are pros and cons to both but when you factor in the price the ATV 4K stuff is pretty much untouchable. Like i said, if you want to pay £28.01 MORE for the Tomb Raider boxset for a marginal sound improvement then thats your choice. You are arguing your point as someone who apparently owns a top end sound system, but you must remember that the majority of people will have low to mid level systems. Once you factor that in, alongside the price...youd be pretty crazy to buy the physical version.


The fact is the hi-resolution audio makes more difference than 4k does. There is a bigger quality improvement to the sound than you get from the picture - you just happened to invest in the TV. If you've got HD TV , you buy HD video stuff. If you've got 4k TV, you buy 4k video stuff. Likewise, if you appreciate soundtracks and cinema audio (it gets more Oscars than picture quality) then you invest in a decent cinema system. If you do, then you buy the media that is compatible with that - Apple TV is not. My point being, you're not comparing like for like. Sure, the ATV version is cheaper than the 4k box set. Well, so is the DVD...but you don't buy that as you don't see it as the same thing. Well, neither is the 4k box set - so there is no point in comparing pricing.


If you want to spend an extra £28.01 buying the physical disc Tomb Raider boxset just so you can get “proper audio” then be my guest. In case you havent noticed, when people are talking about 4K its because they are more concerned about picture quality rather than some obscure audio track used to power the “Dolby Atmos Surround Digital Stereo Enhanced Audio Vibration Earthshocker 11.7 Bathroom Jacuzzi Speakers”. Im pretty sure the audio tracks supplied with ATV are perfect for the overwhelming majority of purchasers. Thanks for your commment thoug, very insightful.


That's because it has proper audio.


Seemed they had grand ambitions but just like CCP are now dumping. They've removed the IBM Watson voice support now, no updates etc ..


You can play this on your Tod, but it's really, really dull


Do you need mates to play this or can those lacking social skills play with the AI ?


No, you should wear a cycle helmet and safety specs in case of Klingons :S


Can I play this just on my PC without a helmet?

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Enterprise E you mean... Trekkie alert! Shields up!


I love the falcon. But enterprise would win. Khan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shame they don't do a set with just the even-numbered films


Keep in mind these are the "normal" editions not the Director Cuts unfortunaly.


Which isn't a bad thing.


I see thanks ;(


He means individual seasons


Where is the star trek enterprise season 1234 in the 2 for 20 I cannot find it


STTNG Movie collection is included too! Bargain!


Good find OP, got complete series of Bates Motel and ' The returned' for £40

free tickets for star trek concert at royal albert hall
31/05/2018Expires on 31/05/2018Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar

Hope it has nothing to do with that god awful "discovery".


Looks like they are only giving a pair of tickets drawn from a hat. So more like a competition than a genuine freebie available to all.


LEIA-D TO REST Super fan given Star Wars themed funeral with hearse led by Stormtroopers Roger Conway, 41, requested the movie themed funeral before losing his battle with type two diabetes and his sister made sure he got his final wish...

Star Trek: Bridge Crew (PS4/PSVR) £5.00 @ Smyths in-store
LocalLocalFound 20th FebFound 20th Feb
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Anyone else found this in stock anywhere?


I love how serious everyone takes this game. Honestly felt like I was part of a real Starship Bridge Crew. ...and yes, that was a dream come true.


Definitely worth £5! It's a bit mad but fun :)


Heat added, mate. That's a cracking find, thanks for sharing (highfive)


Now VR isn't required are the system requirements now lower?


Played a demo of this at a con, was impressed! Enough to plan to get the full vr set up when I can afford. Plus was amazed that I didn't struggle with video game motion sickness in 30min of play. I had a very vague twinge and that was it. Given I have to skip big games due to VGMS I was very impressed. Throw in its star trek and I'm one happy bunny. Give it a bash if you're a fan or interested, the VR adds a special element.


It's a good price, without the Ubipoints it's cheaper at the Humble Store. -10% for monthly subscribers (£14.39) and 100 Ubipoints off the Ubistore (£12.80) make for some decent options to people. I think the Ubistore offer uses uPlay, where Humble requires Steam.


I do not consider this, because maybe there is one, who don't got the points, but yes, even cheaper with Ubi Points. Just wanted to mention the Ubi Store offer :)


£12.80 with 100 Ubipoints :)


Hey OP, Great spot, have some heat, ordered for a friend. Cheers :)


"Toupee or not toupee, that is the question,whether to suffer this corset anymore"


Probably while he was having a Captains Log.


It's not £1.00 delivered, it's a £1.00 additional cost for delivery.


Read the title in “Shatner voice” heat added 8)


Yeah less than a tenner and I’ll go for it.


stbc was this price on steam earlier this year 16.99 on amazon in nov and was 15.99 on psvr on dec 22 I think they're having a hard time justifying their 40 quid rrp when this game really should be 10-20. Personally I'm waiting for 10 :P


thanks for the info want to play this but was not going to buy 300 plus just to play one game!


Both these games are good fun in VR, although, the next time i hear "you need to go in engineering" (because i have a Scottish accent), i won't be giving them all she has got. lol Heat, you canna change the law of physics, heat.


Thank you OP. Been looking for a good deal on Superhot VR. Heat.


do I need it, but I so want this


It started well I thought. But how many alternatate universes can a series have!


^^Well a bit like the last SW movie, none of these new takes on old Sci franchises are for older fans now, they are for the phone and tablet generation who have the attention span of goldfish if not looking at either for more than 30 seconds, so that is why these new shows are all shiny with explosions but have no real story or charactors you actually have any interest in, i mean in Discovery i don't think there is one charactor you could kill off that would make a difference to the show, they are all just so bland. lol


It's great! Shame the new series is pants...


Defiant please (y)


DW is still mainly a children's program or family viewing as the bbc put it, especially the xmas specials. I still preview the original DW episodes with Tom Baker the best. Now it's just the Doctor running around and pointing his sonic screwdriver at everything. Plot holes and silliness. There has been some good companions and they get rid of them. Then you get the hanging out of the Tardis and always expecting the Doctor the save her companions. Changing the Master and DW to female is just not right. They should do a spin-off of the Victorian detectives that appeared a few times.


No way is it better than Dr Who. Better than Star Wars though! I might get this version.


Nice. I bought Klingon Monopoly and got it signed by Michael Dorn at a con a couple of years back. Might need to add this to my collection


Star Trek is the best science fiction ever. Better than DW. Yes, I watch Discovery and The Orville. Tempted but I haven't play Monoply in years.


...and it doesn't say "Go to the brig" :(


You obviously have absolutely no idea what Star Trek was about. How could you miss the point by so far? Discovery is trash though, but not for the "so far off the mark you're in the delta quadrant" reason you are peddling.


C Can you get through a sentence without whining "ist" "isms" and "phobias" ? A classic example of a worthless little student. Nowhere near as bright or aware as he thinks he is You clearly DON'T realize the show ISN'T about changing the sex of a character just to appease heterophobes like yourself. They've tried to rewrite Star Trek in an SJW image to appease mouthy minorities Like yourself, no doubt ? You know - you remind me of the repulsive Kathy Griffin who thought it was clever to display a severed head of "Trump" and then whined that it destroyed her talentless career - rising quickly because of anti-white, anti-hetero act - and guess who she/he/it blames for the career destruction ? THE TRUMPS. You are so like that repulsive "woman" XD


LMAO always funny when racists, homophobes and bigots claim to be Star Trek fans. You do realise what the show is about right? Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations ring a bell? United Federation of Planets?


I was - but Farage left and the place collapsed in a heap - and you're a brainwashed "new" Labour I assume ? The rest of us caught between 2 bunches of incompetent self-obsessed bunches of middle class clowns. Tories and Labour With people like you being used as drones incapable of working out for yourself - just repeating the ridiculous dogma Making excuses for extremism and screaming "islamophonbia" at gang raped 10 year old girls and then worshiping Jeremy as a messiah while even the Tories make a fool of him in the House of Commons - God knows what'll happen if the pillock made laws. I feel something REALLY bad for Britain would happen when he let the hordes of Hell (Middle class heterophobic wimmin from mainly London) into law making


Let me guess, you're a kipper? How's your latest leader getting on?

Star Trek Bridge Crew - Free on Oculus?
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
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Just got this, not sure how legal it for them to do this! "Greetings, You’re receiving this email regarding your recent download on the Oculus Store. Star Trek™: Bridge Crew was listed as FREE due to a systems error. We’ve removed Star Trek™: Bridge Crew from your Oculus account and corrected the pricing. Our team apologizes for any confusion this may have caused"


I thought the best bit was being a female captain and having virtual tits I could tweak


FoSho - Yep, wait for a price drop. I was lucky to get it for that with 7% cashback over Christmas and have to say, while not without its faults, it is an amazing experience. The first time you pick up the controllers and see your virtual hands in front of you... Pity this deal didn't come to anything though - looks overpriced at £40 but has been on sale a few times at half that so I am sure it will come around again soon.


Just waiting for the next £349 deal on the Oculus itself, £399 everywhere at the moment :D


Seems as though they have removed all reference to the order in my account.

Home bargains, C-3PO vinyle Bobble-Head whacky wobbler by funko £2.99
LocalLocalFound 28th Dec 2017Found 28th Dec 2017

Now edited and spellchecker severally reprimanded 🙄


Spell predictor was feeling funky today


Great little wobbler! Thanks for posting.


It's Funko.


Funky, Funko same peas different gravy

Star Trek Monopoly £17.99 @ Zavvi
Found 25th Dec 2017Found 25th Dec 2017



The 73rd rule of acquisition, Gold Pressed Latinum rules. 74th, please don’t pinch my lobes.


do people actually play these? I'm sick of all these re-designs. it doesn't add anything to the game. and in Star Trek people even abandoned money and desire of gathering things, so this makes no effin' sense


Nice, heat added


Ah monopoly The game you remember fondly from childhood But it takes another game to remind you of the work it is to finish a game

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