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Steam Controller and Steam Link Bundle £45.59 delivered @Steam
Posted 22nd Dec 2016Posted 22nd Dec 2016
Steam Controller and Steam Link Bundle £45.59 delivered @Steam
Considering the controller is £28 and steam link is £16 it's saving a little bit if you want both. Steam postage is £10! But you can get £50 steam credit for £45.59 using 5% code … Read more

Game has a free case with the controller!


Ye that is sneaky. Knew it was too good to be true lmao. Anyway got Planet Coaster which is all that matters X)


Aye. It's not good at all. Unfortunately, it's been that way since they first went on sale. Sneaky little...


Not to mention with GAME (if my maths is working :D ) there's around £0.88 back in rewards plus cashback


Didn't realise that. Just went to buy it and was going to send game one back. Doesn't say till the last step!!

Steam controller + case £27.99 GAME
Posted 22nd Dec 2016Posted 22nd Dec 2016
Steam controller + case £27.99 GAME
£27.99GAME Deals
Steam controller and case for £27.99. They're £39.99 from Steam Store. Link to Steam Store page: 3.3% Quidco - thevman2k3

I didn't realise how good this deal was at the time. Wish I could turn the clock back.


I called them out on Twitter... they don't like it. The more people do it the more they might pull their thumb out of their harris. Their social media rep is a tool.


I just wanted to say this deal is also available in store, I just asked for the controller and they said you get a free case with it. thanks


Well that was an utter waste of time and money..... They take the money before everything is dispatched. So the xbox controller has not been dispatched although paid for. The steam controller with case was £23.91 they took payment but cancelled order as fireworks merchant ltd had no stock. Resubmitted hoping to maybe get another merchant however the price wouldnt come up as the same so i had to settle with £25... today they cancel my order again as their merchants have none in stock. Go to Game website relising i should just admit defeat to find that the contoller plus case is now out of stock and although i can buy the normal controller without case flubit wont even consider offering a discount on it ... i think if i'm left to pay the current price i would prefer getting the free case but it looks like the sale will end before they get restocked :( Thats about 10 orders i've placed with flubit and 8 of them have been cancelled a couple days after for no stock.


i used flubit elite (30 day free trial) got this for £23.91 Delivered, my first quote was £25 then fired it through again and it was £24 odd and tried again and got the max 15% discount at £23.91 ok wont be here till over a week but that's the festive holidays, tried it with the link but it auto declines seems can't get the link for less than £16 ... i bought an xbox 360 wired controller too for £19.12 delivered

Buy Deus Ex: Mankind Divided + Steam Controller Bundle, Steam - £37.18 + POSTAGE = £44.58
Posted 20th Dec 2016Posted 20th Dec 2016
Buy Deus Ex: Mankind Divided + Steam Controller Bundle, Steam - £37.18 + POSTAGE = £44.58
I know the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided post is already on here but I spotted they have a bundle with the Steam controller making it cheaper than buying the controller on its own.
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I agree, that would be excellent. Getting paid to use the best controller in existence would be sweet. :D


They should pay you to use a steam controller not the other way round.


No problem. It's still a decent price if you're in the market for both. If you count Deus Ex at £13.19 then the controller is £31.39, which isn't too bad at all. They're selling on ebay for the best part of £60 oO


Cheers, I hadn't gotten that far so hadn't noticed, I have updated.


Comes to £44.58 including Steam's ridiculous postage charge.

Steam Controller With Case [oos] Without case in stock £27.99 @ GAME
Posted 24th Nov 2016Posted 24th Nov 2016
Steam Controller With Case [oos] Without case in stock £27.99 @ GAME
£27.99GAME Deals
Seems better than buying directly from Steam since Steam's delivery charge is hilarious...
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My controller case arrived this morning so anyone who ordered with case it comes seperately


No response from Game. Pretty poor service tbh. Going to make proper complaint if I don't hear from them soon


did you get a response from GAME - i also got the controller and case offer for £27.99, but not yet dispatched, and its been days....


Most games I just use default mouse aiming and i works fine.


Has anyone received their order with case? I ordered with case and got package today but only controller. Have emailed Game to see what's going on

Civilization VI Digital Deluxe + Steam Controller Bundle £23.99 @ Steam
Posted 21st Oct 2016Posted 21st Oct 2016
Civilization VI Digital Deluxe + Steam Controller Bundle £23.99 @ Steam
Seems pretty good price to me given next cheapest seems to be near £40

"Steam Pre-Purchase Customers: For a limited time, the Steam Controller will be 40% off for customers that pre-purchased Civilization VI or Civilization VI Digital Deluxe through Steam" So you have to buy the game at full price first, then you will get 40% off and can get Steam Controller for £23.99...


So any decent deal around for just the game?


​hell it be hot just for the game


could've been an epic deal there


I wondered if this was getting the steam controller for £23.99 when purchased WITH CIV VI, but that didn't work either :( Oh well!

Steam Link with Steam Controller and £20 Steam Wallet Top Up Bundle. £74.99 @ GAME
Posted 28th Sep 2016Posted 28th Sep 2016
Steam Link with Steam Controller and £20 Steam Wallet Top Up Bundle. £74.99 @ GAME
£74.99GAME Deals
Steam Link with Steam Controller and £20 Steam Wallet Top Up Bundle for £74.99 from
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Well did you really think you be able to get a self contained fully functional PC for less than £30?!


So this isn't really useful for non-PC gamers. It's like a remote play device.




This is a cracking deal. This bit of kit has meant I can game in comfort on my Pc rather than being stuck at a desk. Some games need a big comfy sofa and huge TV to appreciate. Yes it is "only 1080p at 60fps" but since when was that a negative. I can even stream my emulators and Kodi through this. Stonking stuff if your pc is up to snuff. Have some heat.


No problem

Steam Link and Steam Controller £27.99 each ( Online and Instore
Posted 28th Sep 2016Posted 28th Sep 2016
Steam Link and Steam Controller £27.99 each ( Online and Instore
£27.99GAME Deals
Steam Link £27.99 Steam Controller £27.99 Link to controller Cheapest I could find anywhere. This was seen at the Birkenhead st… Read more

Not as good as it appears, it throttles AAA games. Read review comment here: PERFORMANCE & VISUAL QUALITY  Now, we've hit a snag. Your games might be absolutely fine with Steam Link - but I've found that it does come down to the type of game you're playing. Why I've included performance and visual quality in the same category comes down to how certain games demand more from Steam Link and how it utterly fails to deliver when pushed to stream games that are AAA titles. There is obviously always a relationship between more taxing graphics and the performance you'll get from hardware. But how does this come into play when simply streaming your game to your TV? Why should that matter?  What you'll find (and it seems to be a common problem) is that Steam Link will try to automatically downgrade the visual quality of these types of games to keep the performance fairly consistent. Your high end PC will be running the game at a steady 60FPS on your PC monitor but on your TV you'll see major dips in performance. That's unless you're willing to sacrifice both the resolution and the amount of data being transmitted through the ethernet cable into the Steam Link.  So when I first played Rise of the Tomb Raider, I experienced a horrendous amount of artefacts (imagine you're playing the game via a 720p YouTube video). Following the advice and guidance of numerous forum posts and the advice of a Valve rep on Steam Link's forum on Steam, I was able to massively improve the visual quality but at a cost of the game's performance. A game my PC is able to run at 60FPS was suddenly barely able to reach 30FPS with dips down to 27FPS every few seconds, creating a stuttering effect when in motion/ playing.  I had tried every combination of Steam/ Steam Link settings and advanced settings to try and improve the experience but in the end, to get the game to perform at a steady 45 FPS I had to disable a number of graphics settings and display the game at 720p. Which I could have done by purchasing the game for my PS4, saving myself all this hassle and frustration of trying to get this device to live up to what my PC is actually able to achieve.  I've read similar anecdotes from users trying to play other hardware-taxing titles such as The Witcher 3 and so on, who must either suffer a terrible visual presentation or achieve what their PC is able to display but sacrifice performance massively until the game is almost unplayable. IS THERE A FIX/ PLANS TO IMPROVE THIS?  Not that I can find. You can follow the steps I have taken, take hours to try different combinations of auto-adjusting resolutions or not, allow hardware encoding or disallow, limit bandwidth and so on. Or you can buy a HDMI cable and save yourself the hassle.  IS STEAM LINK FOR ME?  If you enjoy titles that either don't demand much from your hardware or don't intend on offering state of the art visuals - you'll probably do just fine with this device and there's certainly a lot to appreciate about the little box. But this will absolutely not rival the experiences offered by consoles. Yes they may not achieve resolutions/ speeds that your PC can do with its hands tied behind its back, but they also do not have strange visual artefacts or consistent FPS drops. You won't have to spend hours trying to fine tune the settings to suit each game you're intending to play.  I will conclude with this: I plan on selling Steam Link. 



I ended up getting one from CEX. Exchanged a few DVDs and old games and got a pretty much brand new one for£28.


I just kept looking. I was after a second Link and saw your post and thought the same, that I had missed the deal. Looked the next day and it dropped back down. Ordered for store pickup straight away and posted a reply to your post at the same time. Just keep checking.


​Seriously?! Is it possible that Game do that price altering depending on who's browsing their site? Every time I've looked in the last week, it's been £39.99.

Steam Controller 27.99 (Plus £7.28 P&P) - £35.27 @ Steam Weekend Deal
Posted 20th Aug 2016Posted 20th Aug 2016
Steam Controller 27.99 (Plus £7.28 P&P) - £35.27 @ Steam Weekend Deal
I've been waiting for this to drop a little before buying it, but all in all I've heard it's a good console and is a refreshing take and what controllers have been for many years. … Read more

Heat still this price until 6pm


It's on the Steam store for the price listed in op


This is on the steam store for £23


As usual the delivery charges kills it. Think it is wrong for steam to charge for delivery since there is no other way to get it with them being online only, just lets them be sneaky and make it look like it's cheaper than it actually is. That aside I'd actually like to try one but it would have to get cheaper for me, £25 delivered would probably be my bite point, though doubt we will see that on steam any time soon, lucky eBay bid, maybe....


Awful controller.

Steam Link and Steam Controller both £35.39 on Steam. Buy both for £60.48 Delivered
Posted 19th Aug 2016Posted 19th Aug 2016
Steam Link and Steam Controller both £35.39 on Steam. Buy both for £60.48 Delivered
Steam Link and Steam Controller both £27.99 on Steam. Buy both for £50.38 + £7.40 delivery on controller / £10.10 on controller and steam link bundle

I know this was a 'Weekend Deal' but it said until the 22nd... I hesitated over the weekend, put off by the delivery cost... but I decided to bite the bullet today (22nd), only to find the deal gone :*( To be honest, with my computer (iMac, Booo!) being in the same room, I only really need a good quality HDMI cable, so... yeah! EDIT: Wait a sec, am I missing some juicey bit of tech goodness here, does Shield replace the Steam Link, so you can stream Steam to it?


​not for an Xbox one controller you will need the new dongle for that


Tried both and Shield is superior.. But it is unfair to compare a £35 device with a £150 device..


​can't say I've had any of them problems but I use mine wireless


​I get this all the time. seems a problem for alot of people. considering this to replace shield as my game streamer which is a big shame.

Steam Controller £39.99 - (£23.99 Discounted when logged into Steam) £7.40 delivery
Posted 14th Aug 2016Posted 14th Aug 2016
Steam Controller £39.99 - (£23.99 Discounted when logged into Steam) £7.40 delivery
Will appear as £23.99 when logged into Steam. Experience a new level of precise control for your favorite games. The Steam Controller lets you play your entire collection of Steam… Read more
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Yes, a bit of a problematic item; Tried it once with the Steam Link etc but just did not work as advertised, stored away now, may try again when game lag and firmware is stable.


Which is stupid.


They are shipped from Germany.


Works great in some games. Grim Dawn is a bit pernickety in inventory management, but otherwise wonderful and looks great on a 90" screen. Other games, like Divinity 2 and Starpoint Gemini 2, are borderline-unplayable with a 360 pad but work wonderfully with a Steam controller, which really has surprised me. Older titles, like Baldur's Gate, Anachronox and the Civ games, can finally be enjoyed from the sofa. And the dual-stage triggers are very useful in Dolphin emulation. If you've already got a great keyboard and mouse setup with your sofa, then the Steam controller is trying to solve a problem that does not exist. Otherwise, perhaps you've just not tried the right games? Oddly, I gave up on XCOM 2 using the Steam controller - it just felt like a chore. I went to keyboard & mouse instead. So don't take "official support" as meaning it works well, IMO. And the 360 pad is still my controller of choice for "pad" games (no offence to my DS4 - it's just not quite as comfortable). I'd certainly agree that the Steam controller is relatively niche, and if you can't afford two pads I'd recommend a 360/Xbone pad/DS4 instead of this, but for those games where it works great, it works great. :{


£7.40 delivery is hilarious.

DOOM (Steam) + Steam Controller Bundle for £51.38
Posted 2nd Aug 2016Posted 2nd Aug 2016
DOOM (Steam) + Steam Controller Bundle for £51.38
Seems a good price both as a bundle or individually. £43.98 + £7.40 shipping. From the Steam page: "For a limited time, you can also purchase theDOOM + Steam Controller Bundle a… Read more

Showed up as £43.98 for me on Steam... and then suddenly went up to £63.98 when added to cart oO


Cold. The game is great and can be picked up for 20 quid. Bit of shopping around will get you a ds4 or Xbox one pad for 25quid. Xbox 360 pad for less. Steam controller is rubbish, flimsy and poor build quality.


Whilst I appreciate K/M will not be replaced by a controller I am umming and ahhing over what to use for my living room Nvidia Shield streaming from my upstairs PC. I really don't like the Shield controller so I'm trying to decide between Steam controller or the upcoming Roccat Sova lapboard which is receiving very good reviews but is considerably more expensive.....


A mouse is still far superior for first person shooters. There's a reason people aren't playing Counter Strike with controllers.


Edit the settings? The steam controller is one of the most configurable in history! It takes some getting used to but it's awesome for single player first person shooters. The key is to have the right trackpad AND the gyro set to mouse. You use the trackpad for larger movements and the gyro for fine aiming. It works incredibly well and has a nice tactile feeling to using it. I've only played through the demo for Doom and the steam controller works a treat. I've played through Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands 1+2, Dishonored etc with the steam controller with ease. For 3rd person games like spec ops, saints row 3 + 4, Metal Gear Solid V etc it's godlike. You need to make sure to use a config that uses mouse + gyro and not "mouse like joystick" which a lot of people initially did. I basically never use my xbox pad anymore. I still use my ps4 pad for the odd platformer as I prefer the dpad. For competitive fps kb + mouse is still king. PC gamer has a decent article on configuring the controller here. Woodsie has a decent intro video here One thing to note that unless it's been created by the developer the top configuration on steam usually not the best. It was probably just the first good one. Usually someone has created a more recent one that uses mouse + gyro and maybe some more recent features of the controller. If you have the patience to learn how to use it and to build up new muscle memory you'll love it.

Steam Controller + The Talos Principle £38.88 / Steam Controller + Rocket League £40.38 at Steam Store
Posted 30th Jun 2016Posted 30th Jun 2016
Steam Controller + The Talos Principle £38.88 / Steam Controller + Rocket League £40.38 at Steam Store
Still unsure by the mixed reviews but its getting cheaper... Pretty good deal if you want one of those games!!
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if you already have talos priciple I would be willing to take game code of your hands LOL.


My controller took about 4-5 days to post. I think they are a bit backlogged at the moment from the summer sale.


taking ages to post! looks like its coming from Netherlands, at least you get your monies worth for the £7 delivery!!!


It's not exactly plug and play, but yea its possible. A google of 'Nvidia shield Steam Controller' would have told you this of course.


Can this work with Nvidia Shield TV?

Valve steam controller - £35.39 delviered @ Steam
Posted 26th Jun 2016Posted 26th Jun 2016
Valve steam controller - £35.39 delviered @ Steam
I was browsing the steam sale and saw it included the steam controller £35. I had a £20 game voucher and bought a £20 steam card (got the bonus GAME points) and payed the rest wit… Read more

I have one of these and there awesome. Granted they are no replacement for a mouse and keyboard in multiplayer games but are perfect for playing the story on all my first person shooter games on my big tv. If your like me and useless with a pad in first person games then you should definitely give this a try


Have you tried the custom profiles people make for it? I'm not going to try and argue to you that it's worth using for competitive FPS games because it really isn't. I've tried some couch gaming with RO2 and it works, but hardly well. I tend to use mine for single player games where speed isn't key but I still want to be able to move around as if I'm using a mouse. It does take quite a while to get used to it, I've used mine for around 100h so far and I'm still not perfect with it. Just as a heads up to everyone, build quality is below that of the PS4 and 360 controllers, it's got lots of scratchy plastic and feels a bit flimsy.


Ahh, I never followed the link. I have one of these and it's gathering dust in my cupboard. I'm yet to find a game that really feels comfortable with it. I mean, it emulates a mouse/keyboard and a gamepad, but isn't remotely better than either of them. It's never my go to choice.


How are these controllers? Not really helpful when see such cold votes without reason! And what price do they usually sell? Is this cheapest they have been? Smh


27.99 price plus 7 delivery

XCOM 2 + Steam Controller (40% off) £52.38 (inc postage) at Steam
Posted 25th Jun 2016Posted 25th Jun 2016
XCOM 2 + Steam Controller (40% off) £52.38 (inc postage) at Steam
Two things I've been looking to get in a bundle! Xcom2! I loved the first and been waiting for the bugs to be ironed out. Steam controller! I have just been playing PC games usin… Read more
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only supports new steam controller from what i read


​Xcom 2 works well on steam Controller


Ironically XCOM 2 does not support controllers...


They're shipped from Germany so get them while you can I guess


I think I'll be buying a lot of stuff in this sale that's on my wishlist! Though have so many things from humble bundle I have yet to play!!

Steam Controller and Steam Link £60.36 Delivered @ Steam
Posted 23rd Jun 2016Posted 23rd Jun 2016
Steam Controller and Steam Link £60.36 Delivered @ Steam
Play your Steam games on any TV in the house with Steam Link. Setup is easy. Just connect your Steam Link to your TV and home network, where it will automatically discover any comp… Read more

The Steam Link is great but I really could not get on with the controller, it felt very cumbersome to use even for games that did not require the trackpad quite so much. Xbox 360/One or PS4 controllers work with it though.


Cheaper to plug the laptop in via HDMI and use either wireless game pad or keyboard and mouse IMO. good deal though if you can't be arsed with above :D



I don't think you can.


Could you use steam credit to purchase the steam link and controller?

Steam Controller with £20 Steam Wallet Top Up Bundle - £47.99 (+£30 with Steam Link) - Game
Posted 9th Jun 2016Posted 9th Jun 2016
Steam Controller with £20 Steam Wallet Top Up Bundle - £47.99 (+£30 with Steam Link) - Game
£47.99GAME Deals
This is a fantastic price. The Steam controller alone on Steam at the moment is £47.27. Pop another 72p on top for a £20 Steam Wallet Top Up. The lowest I have seen the controller… Read more
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Same numbers on side.


Brilliant price :) Just been into town and picked up the £74.99 kit. Anyone wanting one from a store ring customer services and check stock. *Store price is the same on a 1 week deal price!* On a side not, on the boxes does everyone have the same model numbers? Controller: 1001 Link: 1003


bought for delivery to store...had my eye on this for a while! many thanks OP!


​thanks for that mate. great advice. I've got a ps4 too so not a problem if doesn't feel like Xbox pad. it's more so I can play cod4, oblivion and the first two witcher games on it.


​no mate. just been in. didn't even have any in stores in Derby for ages he said.

Steam Controller and Steam Link £35.39 each delivered from Steam
Posted 2nd Jun 2016Posted 2nd Jun 2016
Steam Controller and Steam Link £35.39 each delivered from Steam
Most UK retailers don't carry these and Game force you to buy a game or a top-up card with it. This is the lowest price around by far I think.

Having owed these since release I've had plenty of time to play with them and know them well. The Steam link can work perfectly, but you really need a decent PC (I upgraded to a GTX 960 for 1080p gameplay) and a wired connection for lag free game play - however bundle this with the Steam controller and now I can play all my PC games on my Main TV. the Steam controller isn't better then a keyboard and mouse for FPS games, then it isn't always better than a PS4 pad for other games - but it can work with ANY PC game! See this is the genius here - it takes a little tweaking and getting used to but it does work - as for not have a rechargeable battery mine have been in for 4 months now and I've not had to change them...


Ahh - gotcha.


I would rather wait for a steam controller 2 if they ever decide to revise it. with 3.5mm audio jack and rechargeable micro usb port. bit ridiculous that they released this alongside 2 already brilliant pads (xbox one and ps4) that already have those features.


Updating my post after getting my controller. I can now play fps games like Mw2 with a controller and actually do 'OK'. My first game I went 13-10 on TDM whilst still getting used to the controls ect. Won't never be as good as K&M but it's soemthing! Gyro helps so much with aiming and once it's all set up and you get used to the controls you're all good. Personally I don't think it feels cheap and plasticy, it feels a lot better than my 360 controller.


You missed the beginning of the discussion. Someone was claiming the Steam controller was much better than the XBox Elite controller. I have both and think the Steam controller is a poorly designed, cheap plastic waste of money. I was quite disappointed with mine if you hadn't guessed. I never expected Elite standards but I expected something a lot better than what I got, to me an old 360 controller is much better.

XCOM 2 + Steam Controller - £63.38 on Steam (£55.98 + £7.40 for Delivery) [23% off standard price]
Posted 5th Feb 2016Posted 5th Feb 2016
XCOM 2 + Steam Controller - £63.38 on Steam (£55.98 + £7.40 for Delivery) [23% off standard price]
XCOM 2 currently goes for £34.99 on Steam, whereas Steam Controllers are usually £47.39 a pop (with delivery costs factored in). If you've been thinking about picking a controller … Read more

Apologies I see that is on


I also think you have missed postage, which when I last checked was £7.40


A good friend banged on about the Steam controller for over a year. He purchased it on release with promise of how this was going to change his gaming experience, well he was right. Over the coming month gaming sessions would go like this. "Argh I can't steer, cars driving straight" or "can't brake, need to quit out and set my controls up" (two hours later) "I'll have to set this up another time it needs properly configuring" I'd be like "why don't you just plug your Xbox controller in, I have no issues just plug and play" He never wanted to have any of it, always stating that he couldn't go back to playing with analog sticks. Anyway this would go on for weeks, I'd just game and he'd sit there flaffing around getting nowhere. A patch came out and still he'd have to sit their while I'm playing solo. It was becoming pretty apparent that the pad was having a lot of compatibility issues but he was convinced he could get it working and when he did it would transform his gaming. Anyway last week he conceded defeat and it went back in its box.


I tried it when CS-GO and Left for Dead were free with it, could not get either free game to work with it, neither can many other people (google) Sent it back (still have the free games though) Stick with a PS4 or Xbox 360 one in my opinion.


A bit cheaper than standard but still hardly giving it away, still a heck of a lot to put down on a controller even with a game included. I can't comment on the controller as I haven't used one. I'm reasonably happy to use a Xbox One controller with receiver, just wish there was some way you could emulate the mouse pointer with the analogue stick e.g. for point n click and hidden object adventures in the living room setting...

Pre-Order Steam Controller and get a copy of Rocket League and Portal 2 for Free! £46.99
Posted 21st Oct 2015Posted 21st Oct 2015
Pre-Order Steam Controller and get a copy of Rocket League and Portal 2 for Free! £46.99
Pre-Order Steam Controller and get a copy of Rocket League and Portal 2 for Free! £39.99 free P&P * The estimated delivery date is for new pre-purchases on Steam. If you have… Read more
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The statement from a source at Steam, I forget who it was, stated they don't officially support modification or custom software, the specs where also vague. Waiting to see how locked down it is basically, also wondering if it's simply and android box / spec and what changes have been made to the Steamos on this


what you waiting for exactly?


I dont know and i dont care lol ive got android boxes for kodi, my steam link is for steam


Ah cool. Isn't it a linux box? Do you know if you can run kodi on it?


Was waiting for people to receive them to see what can be donevwith them unofficially

Pre Order Steam Controller or Steam Link (From £46.99) And Get Rocket League & Portal 2 Free @ Steam
Posted 27th Aug 2015Posted 27th Aug 2015
Pre Order Steam Controller or Steam Link (From £46.99) And Get Rocket League & Portal 2 Free @ Steam
Pre order either or both and get Rocket League & Portal 2 free. Interested to see how this one goes :)

Yep, I thought the ball cam was the best way to master the game, otherwise you just seem to be driving about like a loon looking at that white marker :S


Deal, it's yours for a tenner. Just let me get round to ordering the controller with the best facebook like steam money etc (I don't do the spy network so I'll get my missus on the case) and I'll PM you and you can have first bagsie on this truly awesome game. edit: Portal 2 for a fiver if anyone is interested, clearly because this too is an excellent game then I have already played it a long time ago - disappointing games really for the type of punter that would pre-order a Steam controller - but anyway... of course this is the type of game that may make folks jump on board the Steam wagon...


The controller can play any though. For example strategy games like Civ V.


About any controller nowadays with analogue sticks (those on eBay for £5 are able) can play those two games but the Steam Link, now that's a different matter. I'd say now that Steam Link for £46 is worth it but not the mere controller itself.


£46 for a weird looking controller that plays any pc games and rocket league and portal 2. Or £46 for steam link, rocket league and portal 2.

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