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STEAM Link reduced to £42.59 Amazon
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Posted 27th JunPosted 27th Jun
STEAM Link reduced to £42.59 Amazon. Looked on camel and been 75 quid for as long as I can see. Some bad reviews however I have one and I'm well chuffed with it... Some reviewers s… Read more

Paid £5 for mine from GAME. Set it up, never used it. Sold it on EBAY for £30 a few weeks ago


Yeah, wired 360 controller works like a charm. Even works if you're using the android app through a smart tv. Plug and play!


Also some crazy used prices on eBay - I just sold mine for £40! Bought it for much less a few years ago


I have Steam Link on my TV and it works fine but it isn't compatible with my steering wheel. Does the steam link allow you to use any PC compatible controller?


Bought the Link and controller for about £16 couple of years back. Still in the drawer unopened, yet another HotUKDeals impulse buy. Might get around to trying them out sometime.

Steam Link home streaming app is back on the ios AppStore
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Posted 16th May 2019Posted 16th May 2019
Steam Link home streaming app is back on the ios AppStore
Steam in home streaming app steam link for iOS is now back on the iOS App Store for free.

You can also get it on Apple TV too. Steam with its beta client also offers something called anywhere stream which allows you to stream across the internet so that way you’re not limited to in home streaming only


Any good uses for this? I’m sure there is but personally I can’t see the rational of playing steam games on my iPad or even worse iPhone with a controller and the need my pc/laptop. I’d just use my laptop or TV steamlink asboth offer larger screens.


Also in BETA for Android users -


get it while we can you never know if it might get pulled again


Really thought that Apple, being Apple, were never going to allow this on their devices - pleasantly surprised.

Steam Link (95% off) £2 + shipping costs (£7.40) @ Steam
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Posted 29th Jun 2018Posted 29th Jun 2018
Steam Link (95% off) £2 + shipping costs (£7.40) @ Steam
£2£39.9995%Steam Store Deals
So just casually looking on steam and the steam link is £2 in their summer sales plus shipping costs, mine come to £7.40 so £9.40 for a steam link! How I have no idea maybe its a m… Read more
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This frequently happens to me, I wonder what is up with the mobile search?


Apologies, it didn't come up when I searched on mobile.


I didn't see it posted already, so thanks OP (highfive)


You beat me to it. Only posted 8 days ago


Ah ok I'll take it down. I did search but nothing came up.

Steam Link £2 (Price does not include shipping: approximately £7.40 for mainland UK)
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Refreshed 22nd Jun 2018Refreshed 22nd Jun 2018
Steam Link £2 (Price does not include shipping: approximately £7.40 for mainland UK)
Steam Link hardware is reduced from £39.99 to £2 as part of the Steam Summer Sale. Please note this price does not include shipping* which is likely to be up to £7.40 for the UK… Read more

Still not despatched...


Anyone had it delivered yet? I was expecting drone delivery for the shipping cost...


I ordered on the 20th June, still says order processing :(


Anyone order this has theirs been shipped? If so when did you order? Still waiting ;(


If you live in a small flat or have your set up in the same room then clearly, yes.

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Steam Link (BETA) android Free @ play store
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Posted 18th May 2018Posted 18th May 2018
Steam Link (BETA) android Free @ play store
The Steam Link app brings desktop gaming to your Android device. Just pair a Bluetooth controller or Steam Controller to your device, connect to a computer running Steam on the sam… Read more

Just found out more info


Heres why apple dont want it


Talk about money grabbing! They have enough as it is pure greed.


It was not a hardware issue, Apple said that it conflicted with their business model. In other words they don't want any other store to take over the market, as Steam link access your steam library this means that some games that are available on both app store and steam, people might stop buying from app store if they have it in their steam library. Thats my understanding anyone correct me if im wrong


Any idea why it go rejected? Could it be because most iphones couldnt handle the streaming due to apple slowing them down! (lol)

Steam Link PLUS Human Fall Flat - £14.19 Delivered @ Steam
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Posted 31st Mar 2018Posted 31st Mar 2018
Steam Link PLUS Human Fall Flat - £14.19 Delivered @ Steam
£14.19£51.9873%Steam Store Deals
Great title and price for both

I wish i had waited a week more for this deal before buying a used one from ebay. Anyway, it works really well having it connected to the EE Brightbox 2 using the supplied cable and my laptop connected using 5ghz wifi placed upstairs. I tried Mortal Combat and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare for half an hour.


Nope. It require the same hardware whether streaming through WiFi or LAN. Works perfectly through LAN. Works fine hardwired on Ryzen 5, AMD FX and an Intel Xeon PC. The WiFi stutters despite me having over 60mbs on my WiFi at the far end. My WiFi is clearly just not stable enough.


It works perfectly for me, both for 1080p games and streaming bt sport (wired to the router and using home plugs).. My gaming pc is on the opposite side of the house. If you use it on flaky WiFi I expect you're gonna have a bad time.


Yeah, that's basically all it's for - streaming to another display, but if you're close enough to use a HDMI cable then you don't need it. Some people run long HDMI cables through the house for an extra display, but the Steam Link has the added advantage of being able to connect to controllers via USB and Bluetooth, which is more convenient and has better compatibility than also running USB extenders through the house.


Thanks I just find that on steam forum. No need for me as I renting a room and everything is in one place . Thanks

Steam Link 98% off - 80p - £8.20 with shipping
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Posted 31st Mar 2018Posted 31st Mar 2018
Steam Link 98% off - 80p - £8.20 with shipping
Valve fire selling the remaining Steam Link stock I'm guessing. £8.20 with shipping. Looks like you can get Human Fall Flat with it, for free, too. Bought one just to have one. E… Read more

No, it is not.


Lol these things are just awful.


No. Build a budget micro atx or buy second hand.


I think they're great, as long as you have a wired connection. I play using old PS3 controllers and one wired Xbox which is all compatible and I can play dirt cheap games with my son and gf. It's so good, I sold my PS4 as games are just so cheap.


I would certainly recommend a wired connection, despite your WiFi signal, a wired connection is so much better.

Steam Link - 90% Off (Was £30.99) just £11.39 delivered  @ Steam
Posted 21st Dec 2017Posted 21st Dec 2017
Steam Link - 90% Off (Was £30.99) just £11.39 delivered @ Steam
£11.39£39.9972%Steam Store Deals
Same price as Black Friday. Part of Steam Winter Deal . Stream your games to your TV with Steam Link SimplicitySetup is easy. Just connect your Steam Link to your TV and … Read more

I've been looking at something like this as I play games on my laptop and it'll be great to get them on the bigger TV screen. I've looked at the Steam Box or just getting a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse and put the laptop near the TV with HDMI. What's people's thoughts on that?


you'd still get it for half price


Thank you. He is getting a new controller for Xmas so sounds like it will work. Thanks for the advice.


It needs to be xbox one s Bluetooth controller it connects to the link i think its great piece of hardware u can stream your whole deskop and play most of non steam games


So he can use the charger to wire his360 ? Also Xbox one controllers via Bluetooth. Does the controllers Bluetooth to the link or back to the pc?

Steam Link - £3.99 - Game (In-store)
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Posted 21st Dec 2017Posted 21st Dec 2017
Steam Link - £3.99 - Game (In-store)
Seems Game have some overstock of the Steam Link. You can reserve and collect from store. Checked Leeds, Newcastle and London who all have stock...somewhere. Stream your gam… Read more
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Are people just buying these to resell on e bay?, there are loads of new ones there at ridiculous prices and people are paying them..


Can't find any in London now :/


I did the same thing! Made sense to me instead of going on a wild goose chase! (cheeky)


I just bought it from the Steam store. I know £7 for P&P is steep, but it’s still just over a tenner for a brilliant bit of kit. Now just need to find some good co-op games to play with the Mrs!


Damn reserved one then got text 2 days later saying they made a stock error and there is none available

Steam Link on Steam Store @ £3.99 (+£7.40 shipping)
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Posted 22nd Nov 2017Posted 22nd Nov 2017
Steam Link on Steam Store @ £3.99 (+£7.40 shipping)
Looks like a good deal. Matching Games in store price
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Just ordered this. Yes the postage is a bit much but for just over £11, this Christmas I can satisfy my gaming needs and satisfy the family time requirements. (excited)


Tbh, I can't help but feel they're offloading stocks of the Link because they're about to bring a new version out (maybe one that's more reliable on WiFi?).


Ikr it's still a great deal regardless that you can't get it for £4. Just purchased mine on steam


I think this is an OK price to pay for this but for me you can't really play anything that requires fast reflexes due to the delay.


I think people are being a bit harsh to OP - not everyone woke up early enough to order it in time from and it's still a good price. Makes me wonder if an improved version is coming out soon.

Steam Link - £4.00/£3.99 in-store - Game
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Posted 22nd Nov 2017Posted 22nd Nov 2017
Steam Link - £4.00/£3.99 in-store - Game
Update 1
Still available in-store - £3.99
Stream your games to your TV with Steam Link Simplicity Setup is easy. Just connect your Steam Link to your TV and home network, where it will automatically discover any… Read more
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Folks are now reselling them for 15gbp a peice.


Thank you


Yes, we should all aspire to be a pillar of the community like you, and your sum total of ZERO deals posted. Unless of course you're using an alt-account after being banned for posting offensive spam. HUKD is about sharing deals, nothing more. Whether you post deals, comments, votes, or don't even register on HUKD, everyone can do as they see fit with the information shared here. There's absolutely no moral obligation to 'leave one on the shelf for the next guy'.


He's clearly a dick so of course he's pulled a dick move. Just think yourself lucky to have jobs which mean we don't have to scuttle around on sites like this just to make a few quid to live on.


Indeed. We can't chuck them out but we can collectively make them feel like the lowlife scum that they are.

Steam Link - £11.99 - Game (Steam Controller - £27.99) - Now available in-store
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Posted 2nd Nov 2017Posted 2nd Nov 2017
Steam Link - £11.99 - Game (Steam Controller - £27.99) - Now available in-store
£11.99GAME Deals
Update 1
In-store price has now been dropped to £11.99
[ Steam Controller ] Stream your games to your TV with Steam Link Simplicity Setup is easy. Just connect your Steam Link to your TV and home networ… Read more
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I'm running it full ethernet via powerline adapter 10/100 port on each end - may give it a go on wireless in case the powerline is the issue. Games like rocket league or shooters just have a noticeable delay using xbox controller and wireless receiver plugged into steam link


Controller is £39.99 now. Edit: steam link back to £39.99


I decided to take a bite and buy this for 12 quid, and I was pleasantly surprised by the results. By using a relatively old pc (4 Years Old) and power-line I am streaming to the other side of the house without any issues on quality or stuttering. On a side note, if you are considering it to run cemu, there is a bug in the big picture and steam overlay and it will flip the screen, It can be quite easily fixed by getting out of full screen or disabling steam overlay. The quality improvements of Mario Cart 8 and Zelda BTW using this method, compared to my switch is quite noticeable. Hot


If you don't want to buy the xbox one wireless adaptor then I think it will work wired with the earlier xbox one controllers if you have a long enough micro USB cable, I keep meaning to try it and never quite get round to it (use an xbox360 controller but it's getting quite worn)


Ok mate. Thanks alot for giving me some advice. Ill try that and hopefully it will work

Steam Link for £11.99 / £19.39 delivered @ Steam
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Posted 31st Oct 2017Posted 31st Oct 2017
Steam Link for £11.99 / £19.39 delivered @ Steam
The Steam Link is on sale for £11.99 from the Steam Store
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i wanted to buy 2..strangely I have not figure out how to add the second one in the shopping cart . Anyoen knows?


You can use other controllers, I use my ps4 controller


Wait a bit and game will match this price. You save on the idiotic and frankly ridiculous delivery costs from steam. I have one and by the way, it works horrendously. You can compare the 60s on your monitor on the pc and your TV and even though the TV says its 60 fps, it is clearly not. Yes my TV does 60 fps.


It is possible, I've done it but you need a very good connection (y)


Would this be any good for playing games such as Heroes of the Storm? Or other Blizzard games that aren’t on Steam?

ICEY & Steam Link Bundle £7.09 (+£7.40 Shipping)
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Posted 19th Oct 2017Posted 19th Oct 2017
ICEY & Steam Link Bundle £7.09 (+£7.40 Shipping)
ICEY is selling for £6.29. Get a steam link bundled in for an extra 80p and £7.40 shipping.
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Everyone receiving their orders okay in the end?


That’s before and after the 1200’s are far superior and steam link now works a charm... wish I never sold my nvidia shield now !



Your current 500mbps adaptor should be more than adequate for the Steam Link.


Missed it. Anyone know how often the Steam Link gets discounted?

Steam Link again at 11.99 @ GAME instore (Preston)
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Posted 1st Oct 2017Posted 1st Oct 2017LocalLocal
Steam Link again at 11.99 @ GAME instore (Preston)
£11.99GAME Deals
So it's been at 11.99 in the past but went OOS and back up to 39.99, I've been to 2 GAME stores and they have 5 in each store ,still marked at 11.99 . Not sure if national but i'… Read more

Shame :(


Back up to full price again, was told in store that it ended Friday night.


thanks for the tips and taking the time to reply, i will try them out just a quick note most games play at high settings but all must be played at 30fps. oh manufacturer os is win 8 im runing win 7 and some things had to be changed in the bios as windows would not even install without doing so. win 8/10 su** hence why i put win 7 in. thanks again


It probable that the PC has not got the Kahoona's to keep up. Turning off programs in the background and maybe adjust settings to "game mode" on the firewall may help.


PTown represent! (lol)

Steam Link box £11.99 @
241° Expired
Posted 3rd Sep 2017Posted 3rd Sep 2017
Steam Link box £11.99 @
£11.99GAME Deals
Just notice the stream link boxes dropped in price at Game. Hope this offer helps!

It saying expired... so I'm telling them it's not! Oos that (lol)


thanks, ordered a 2nd one for the games room. bought from game in store.


How are some people reporting that this worked for them? I'm getting OOS and and have done since the last time it was posted


Chose the free delivery option and it came the very next day. Still haven't figured out a use for it though, I'm more of a console gamer so don't have much in my Steam library! Works ok for RDPing too. Certainly feels like it's worth more than £12.


Excellent product, paid £25 last week :( Performance is fantastic with a wired connection and it works with Xbox 360 controllers.

Steam controller and Steam Link bundle £35.98 at Steam - £7.40 postage
-297° Expired
Posted 3rd Sep 2017Posted 3rd Sep 2017
Steam controller and Steam Link bundle £35.98 at Steam - £7.40 postage
Cheaper than the current Game deal. Also controller and link available separately for £27.99 and £11.99.

how much would you pay for the steam link on its own?


Link is Oos


Cold, rubbish deal. Steams rip off delivery charge kills it dead. Stupid having a high mandatory delivery charge like that (Steam is a online only operation so no collection option). The money Valve rake in every day, they could comfortably sell these at half the price of this and still offer free delivery!




Is there any stock available at GAME though?

Steam controller £27.99 at Game
707° Expired
Posted 31st Aug 2017Posted 31st Aug 2017
Steam controller £27.99 at Game
£27.99GAME Deals
Steam controller 27.99 and steam link 11.99 (Now OOS) at Game. similar deal as before.
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I guess it would have been nice of Valve to highlight this a bit better, I'd have stuck it out then. I heard the good control profiles are not official, that's a shame too, I'm happy to customise a bit but the out of the box experience should still be adequate Also you can't grow to like marmite, otherwise I'd agree with the comparison! :)


I don't think anyone really likes it at first. It takes a while to get used to and unless you enjoy tweaking and customising things it will always be a pain to setup compared to an xbox controller which just works. I've seen people call it a marmite controller and that seems the most fitting description. If you get the hang of the gyro though it makes flick headshots so much more satisfying than a controller, at least I presume it is, I can't hit flick headshots with an analog stick unless the controller aim bot is doing it for me :) .


I wish I'd played with the settings before selling... it did feel an impressive bit of kit but I can sometimes find too many options daunting. Also, I realised how much I love having the joysticks which rest my rest position naturally.


Woodsie has a decent guide here for newcomers: also here: How to make the most of the Steam Controller: a comprehensive guideAbsolutley the best controller for playing FPS and TPS on the couch once you get the hang of the gyro. For twin stick shooters setting the right trackpad to mouse region usually works best. Although with Enter the Gungeon specifically I prefer a DS4. I haven't tried it with a steam controller in a while but it didn't accept controller and mouse inputs at the same time so you would only digital input on the analog stick when using mouse region. It's fantastic for Assault Android Cactus though.


Really steep learning curve on these controllers. I gave up and returned to my xbox controller

Steam Link is £11.99 again at GAME !
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Posted 31st Aug 2017Posted 31st Aug 2017
Steam Link is £11.99 again at GAME !
£11.99GAME Deals
Down from £30, this deal comes about every now and again, but its back now if you missed it last time. Chrisredmayne made a point. Some Samsung TV's now have an official Stea… Read more
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Well.... yeah. Why not, this years models are excellent and i needed a new TV. I use steam link a lot and this helped get rid of all wires around my tv now.


Really hope you didn't buy a Samsung just for Steam Link? :S


its been killing me for about 7 years. now got extreme online shopping addiction. need help its black Friday in about 85 days.


I had one for ages and works great at 1080p with zero lag when using powerlines but with wifi even at 5ghz it had issues,


Yes the apps only on Samsung smart tvs

Steam Link App free on Samsung smart TV's
652° Expired
Posted 13th Aug 2017Posted 13th Aug 2017
Steam Link App free on Samsung smart TV's
Just tried it on mine and it seems to be working okay! Only had a quick game of mortal kombat though! Saves on a hdmi slot :)
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Bought an 8bitdo Bluetooth usb dongle ,works on my Samsung TV and let's me use py PS4 pad or xbox one pad with the steam app


Damn my tv is slightly too old, that's a shame :(


Sounds like I need a newer TV!


K series 2016 and M series 2017 tvs only. They both run Samsungs own tizen operating system. I agree that now tv and amazon video apps work great. I found this works a little better than my old steam link Even with my 2010 Macbook. Xbox 360 wired controller plug directly into Tv. It controls Macs OS and steam games.


Got to say I've never had an issue with any of the Samsung apps on my 2016 TV. The Now TV app for example is the best I've used on any device. The picture quality from it is amazing - far better than from the black Now TV box which I always found a little soft.

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