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Stoplock Pro Steering Wheel Lock £30.66 @ Halfords
Found 11th DecFound 11th Dec
Yes I know you can get them off , but they are a deterrent , Generally around £50 everywhere so not a bad price for the `Pro` version. Will also look great on your Ford Capri

Aye forgot about that they are even selling pouches to put your key in to stop the signal being transmitted.


No need for OBD, all you need is an amplifier to boost the signal from the keys on your foyer table to the car. A few friends I know who have keyless entry cars use these - these have definitely made a comeback.


Autotrader rates this version as the best steering wheel lock Says 5+ minutes to remove, and tools needed etc, will stop a chance thief, but more of a deterrent to a dedicated gang, hopefully slowing them down long enough to stop the theft.


He or she doesn't own the key, it's just hidden evidence.


Yes.... but where did you put that key?

Disklok Steering Wheel Lock £101.99 @ Festive-Lights
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
Disklok Steering Wheel Lock, this product is rarely discounted. Discount applied to the protective cover and the carry case too. Free shipping. Thatcham approved, one of the… Read more

Honestly i thought it would be a pain, but i push my seat back unhook it and place it in the passenger footwell, after a few goes it isn't actually annoying and my car is keyless entry and start. It is heavy i must admit, but your car won't go anywhere. Just make sure when car is parked at home and your out, leave the key home (or visible) as like my brothers last car scumbags broke in found the car keys and took the car (it had no lock then).


If you lose the key and can wait, then Dislock assuming you kept the key code sticker will provide another.


Yes, I’ve already changed my PIN from the default one.


Depends what you have fitted and how. High-end systems should be equipped with their own power supply and an RF transmitter to reduce the impact of GPS jammers


Friend had his x5 stolen just last week. Within an hour the tracker and connected services were disabled/removed/destroyed.

Logitech G29 & G920 £109.99 Amazon UK
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Just been reduced from £129.99, great price! G29 for PS3 + PS4 and G920 for Xbox One, both work on PC.
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I actually bought one of those as well but it has a wobbly wheel and makes a squeal sound turning left neither of which was described. I also got a Casio watch described as having two scratches and a damaged box and I received a completely unmarked new one just with a broken seal on the box. Luck of the draw I guess!


Got the same, was listed as "used very good", but on arrival its immaculate and just missing the original box. Happy days! Cancelled my 128.99 order in time as well. That's 50 quid towards the frame thingy.


Missed out but they've got used like new for £81 after marketplace discount! Just got one, still more in stock.


No shifter required as it has paddle shifters behind the steering wheel.


No. It has flappy paddles on the wheel. Shifter is if you want to use manual with the clutch pedal.

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Thrustmaster T150 Ferrari Edition Force Feedback Racing Wheel for PS4/PS3/PC £109.99 @ Smyths
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Great entry level wheel at a great price. It's either this or the Logitech G29 for most folks. Product Description The T150 Force Feedback and T150 Ferrari Wheel Force Feedback ra… Read more
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I have this! Bought a couple of months back for £60 (a steal!) from Shpock because I didn’t know if I’d use it often enough to buy brand new. Last time I used a wheel was back in the late 90’s and they’ve definitely come a long way. Definitely worth picking up if you’re into driving games and want to enhance the experience, but I’d recommend purchasing a seat of some kind, or at least figure out how you’re going to use it; I know that sounds stupid but if you’re sat in your front room and have nothing to mount the wheel on because your ironing board has limited height adjustment then you’ll soon stop using it! I went for the challenge play seat (folds away) and the setup is good enough for me. Obviously if you’re PC gaming you’ll probably be at a desk of some sort. Anyway, heat!


Ive gone for this over the G29.


I had both as well,but i did have t150 1st,i thought the g29 was just too weak after coming from t150 that i loved at the time...the t150 pedals are poor tho


I upgraded to all fanatec from basically your set up.all but short shift mod.still have it all.have to sell but its a good set up.very


Son is looking for a wheel for christmas, so this looks the best option at the moment. I've ordered it for click and collect and can always return it if there is a better option later in the week (if the G29 comes down a lot mainly). Cheers OP.

Nintendo switch joy con double steering wheel £5.99 for the pair at smyths also free delivery for account holders
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Nintendo switch joy con double steering wheel £5.99 for the pair at smyths also free delivery for account holders

Back in stock for home delivery


That is exactly it. All your buying with either product is a joy con holder that gives some partial feeling of driving with a steering wheel. I don't realky recommend myself, almost nobody uses wheels even when they own them.


In stock for collection at my local, anyone know if there is a difference between them and these: Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Wheel Pair, other than the look and shape?


Sorry guys I managed to order it before I posted 😩


I think it's sold out. Wasn't allowing me to add to cart for collection either but when I click Home Delivery it informs me it's sold out

Stoplock Steering Wheel Lock Pro - £36.08 @ Amazon
Found 18th NovFound 18th Nov
Protect your vehicle with this robust physical and visual deterrent to car thieves 100% effective in Police tests Has the reassurance of a Thatcham Category 3 'attack approval' r… Read more

They just cut the steering wheel and leave the crook lock on the drive as a big thank you.


Good old "Krook Lock" comes to mind. Remember that?




Best steering wheel locks 2018, 1. Stoplock Pro


Old video but still applies even to this day: Locks are only as strong as their weakest link, in this case it's the steering wheel. If you drive a manual and own a sought-after car I would highly recommend putting a lock on the clutch pedal. Honestly I always chuckle when I see a steering wheel lock, it's like a fluorescent yellow advertisement: "please steal me".

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Streetwize Baseball Bat Steering Wheel Lock - £12.39@ Euro Car Parts
Found 31st MayFound 31st May
Streetwize Baseball Bat Steering Wheel Lock - £12.39@ Euro Car Parts
£12.39£22.5645%Euro Car Parts Deals
Streetwize Baseball Bat Steering Wheel Lock Ideal for all your security needs! And if you feel the need doubles as a baseball bat!

These are pointless and can be broken into or sawed off within minutes. The only worthwhile steering lock to get is the Disklok. Granted it's around £100 but if you're serious about security and your car is an expensive one, then that's what you need to get. They take atleast 10/15 minutes to get off.


Was going to buy one identical to this recently due to upgrading to a keyless car however opted for one from aldi which i cant fault at all. Its a Solid heavy lock and luckily reduced to a tenner when i went to collect instore. Its no longer on their website however i purchased instore about a week or 2 ago so you may be able to get if your looking for a quick option.

rbramhill1 Cheaper at carparts4less and 17% off with code PAYDAY


yet something else to bend the rules of the law


Yea but the Police arent stupid.

Stoplock HG 149-00 Steering Wheel Lock Pro - Black £39.99 @ Amazon Free Delivery
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Product Description Stoplock Professional is a robust physical and visual deterrent to car thieves, significantly reducing the likelihood of your vehicle being broken into or stol… Read more
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Unless you have a car that has a proximity sensor so it unlocks as you walk up to the car or you touch the door handle, i.e. Renault, Audi, vw, etc etc


Car will not unlock unless a button is pressed on the remote, once you get in the keyless works just press the button to start the motor Only difference is car will not unlock without the button press




Didn't know that could be a good option already have my obd port moved and keep my keys in a farraday type bag when in the house aswell


Your statement is misleading as third party only insurance is most often more expensive than tpft policy

Logitech G29 Steering Wheel & Driving Force Shifter - £169.99 @ Amazon
Found 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
Logitech G29 Steering Wheel & Driving Force Shifter - £169.99 @ Amazon
Logitech G29 Steering Wheel & Driving Force Shifter - £169.99 @ Amazon

Have this already but heat for a great price and as others have stated, this comes with the pedals as shown on 2nd image down on amazon page HERE


looks like darth vader


Can you even buy a Logitech G29 steering wheel without the pedals? Companies don't usually have "+ Pedals" in the product titles so I find it odd people may think it's not included. Heat added.


Best price i've seen, must resist. Hot


Heat the foot pedals ARE included. Since slightly nasty cold votes on this I think?

LOGITECH Driving Force G920 Wheel & Gearstick Bundle Only £179.99 @ Currys
Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
LOGITECH Driving Force G920 Wheel & Gearstick Bundle Only £179.99 @ Currys
Been looking for a wheel and pedals for my kids to use when’s playing Forza 7 and Forza Horizon 3 ever since we got the XBox One at Christmas. I appreciate that there are many type… Read more

Cars with more than 6 gears don't have H type shifters anyway. That's why you have paddles behind the wheel. H shifter is for road cars, paddles and sequential shifter for racing cars.


He was referring to the fact that the submitter said that he wanted to buy it for his kids and nougat gave his own experience in the matter that he did the same with his kids and they didn't appreciate it. Given that the wheel is expensive, I think having some extra insight is a good thing.


For your kids, really?


You can get about £150 for a used one with Gearstick, after all fees. That's when fvf offer is on.


I would also agree this is not the best Wheel mainly due to gear driven feedback which can be harsh at times however at around this price this is one of the best wheels to buy for starting out Sim racing as they are very well made and hold their value really well so if you decide you don't like it just sell it without losing too much. Would definitely recommend a playseat challenge if you want a full setup and your just getting into Sim racing. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your Sim racing experience!

Logitech G29 Steering Wheel and Pedals - PC/PS3/PS4 - £189.99 @ Ebuyer
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Logitech G29 Steering Wheel and Pedals - PC/PS3/PS4 - £189.99 @ Ebuyer
£189.99Ebuyer Deals
Great deal and you won't have to deal with Dixons.
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Same here.


There is a plus side to Dixons though, at least it's easy to get it replaced when it goes wrong XD


Gosh u must b boared,predictive text on fones is grate


I'm sorry. I couldn't resist.


I’ve brought real cars cheaper than this (lol)

Cars 3 Nintendo Switch £24.99 @ Argos
Found 10th FebFound 10th Feb
Cars 3 Nintendo Switch £24.99 @ Argos
Great price for this, Argos have just knocked off a tenner (was £34.99). Retailer options for buying this game are always limited as strangely it has an exclusivity license, so go… Read more

For those that want to get the apparent £20.99 deal.... (cheeky)


I recall the price drop as well - went for PS4 edition and then saw Switch drop its price - Rage mode...


Big retailer in shock black Friday pricing scandal! (lol) (lol)


Toys R Us were given the rights to sell it for a short while before Xmas.


Mmmm weird, i remember contemplating which console 🤔 £20.99 lookin back through HotUk No idea where I put the receipt

Rocket League Collectors Edition (SWITCH) £25.85 @ Base
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
Rocket League Collectors Edition (SWITCH) £25.85 @ Base
Nice price saving at Base if you want to own a physical cart rather than digital, and have the collectors edition version. Base - £25.85 Tesco Direct - £28 Simply Games - £29.85… Read more

Driving-football (soccer) I believe. Off road racing merged with Fifa sort of thing perhaps. PS look up the £20 deal @ The Game Collection posted on here today, better deal now :) I just bought it at the price :)


What type of game is this is it like Mario kart battle mode?


Doesn't look as good as the other console versions, but it's passable. Paid £11.99 on eshop sale, DLC was £3 a pack, but they're just cosmetics for me. Got a few cars on the Xbox version and don't use any. I don't see a deal tbh. Not voting though, I'm sure some see value.


I got this launch day digitally for £15 from the Nintendo eshop. Not the collectors edition but I was really pleased with the price as switch stuff is usually inflated in price. I paid £45 for doom for example when it’s a tenner on xb1 etc but playing it portably is epic !


I totally agree. I just disputed that physical Switch games cost twice as much. The let's face it here is if cost is your issue then you should be playing on a PC ahead of ANY console.

Gear Club Unlimited SWITCH £27.99 @ 365games
Found 2nd FebFound 2nd Feb
Gear Club Unlimited SWITCH £27.99 @ 365games
Seeing MK8 v.3 (aka Mario Kart 8 Deluxe) is fairly disappointing, seems worth posting this alternative racing game, now out to buy on physical cart.

I’ve got it from Boomerang so I’ll see what the fuss is about later. If it’s terrible I don’t really care. Edit:- I've played it for an hour or two and can confirm its utter guff on the Switch


I play this on ipad and is a very good mobile game. Don't really think it warrants a console version tbh as options are fairly limited (as is the case generally with mobile orientated games). However, I'd guess it's more accessible than the like of Gran Turismo etc for a quick pick up & blast session as it is so simple to play (though to be good it does take practise!). I'd also guess Switch players are generally younger than XB1/PS4 so can probably understand the designers aiming toward Switch After umpteen patches etc it is still quite buggy on IOS ie. some achievements don't seem to want to register eg Catagory A fan - I have several different Cat A cars and still only says I have 1 for this achievement No matter how many times I try to invite friend (am logged in through FB), it won't play ball Similarly, I am unable to borrow a friends engineer for that achievement. Anyone else with issues such as these? nb. with the latest update (last couple of days) the AI cars are much more aggressive and will usually send you into the barrier with any collision with them (not necessarily a negative thing as it makes you much more careful around them)


People here appear to be trying to compare this with Forza or Gran Turismo. I understand the price being too high but the User Score on MetaCritic is a 7.3 and it looks decent for a racing game on the Switch.


Freezing. Rubbish price. Would bite at maybe £3.99 on eShop.


It *is* a mobile game. And they have the gall to charge full retail for it at release :(

Orzly Nintendo Switch Steering Wheels - Pack of 4 for £8.79 Free Standard Delivery (£18.79 Prime!) @ Amazon (Sold / Dispatched by Orzly)
Found 24th Dec 2017Found 24th Dec 2017
Orzly Nintendo Switch Steering Wheels - Pack of 4 for £8.79 Free Standard Delivery (£18.79 Prime!) @ Amazon (Sold / Dispatched by Orzly)
Have just seen these steering wheels for the Nintendo Switch on Amazon. I think this price for a Pack of 4 is very good. I bought a Switch for my two kids for Christmas, along wi… Read more

Looks like they have returned to full price now, so will expire. Going to keep an eye out and re-post if they do go happen to go back down again


Thanks ordered earlier when available orzly stuff is usually good quality aswell.


£18.79 for me 🤔


Shows as £18.79 for me, are you missing the 1 from the price in the deal?

Save £90 - Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Edition UK Version PC/PS4 @ BT Shop
Found 17th Dec 2017Found 17th Dec 2017
Save £90 - Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Edition UK Version PC/PS4 @ BT Shop
£259.99£349.9926%BT Shop Deals
Perfect Christmas gift for anyone getting a PS4 this year, Thrustmaster create the best wheels in the market and this is one of their best yet. Hopefully it helps some lucky peopl… Read more
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Only hassle with these wheels is the shocking reliability. 50.50 if you get one that lasts a few years or not. Thrustmaster customer service is also shocking. Shame because performance wise the T300 is simply superb.


Down to 259 now wonder if this will get cheaper boxing day sales hmm


The T3PA pedals you get with the GT and Alcantara Editions of the T300 are superb. The brake mod is also included and that's a complete game changer.


Cheaper on = £279.99


How much better than the G29 is this? I love the way some people spell pedals (:I

Logitech G920 steering wheel & shifter bundle £164.99 with code @ Currys
Found 16th Dec 2017Found 16th Dec 2017
Logitech G920 steering wheel & shifter bundle £164.99 with code @ Currys
Exactly what it says. Use code logitech25 at checkout to get 25% off. Online and reserve for instore collection.

Full force feedback using either a pc or raspberry pi. Drivehub is the other option. My laptop is what I plug in to to use on the ps4


I can't use force feedback with a g29 on an Xbox though right? I have a g29 but looking to swap for g920....but if I can use it properly including forcefeedback......oh hold on looking at the instructions there has to be a pc in the mix also?


G29 for PS4 is same price using same discount code


I got mine for 74 pounds.Thanks to Nectar points.


What gaming wheel do you use instead?

Thrustmaster T150 RS Pro Steering Wheel with 3 Piece Pedal (PS4/PS3/PC) - £139.99 @ Amazon
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Thrustmaster T150 RS Pro Steering Wheel with 3 Piece Pedal (PS4/PS3/PC) - £139.99 @ Amazon
Cheapest price I've seen for the Pro. Sold by Amazon and cheaper than the alternative link on their site This is the 3 pedal version.
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If anyone is looking for a Xbox one or pc wheel I highly recommend this fanatec deal. Can’t post due to stupid rules


BT shop has it for £149.99


Rather annoying. Saw this earlier this morning and as it wasn’t listed as a deal, I was going to come back to it later. All £200+ buying options now it would appear.


The link takes me to 'buying options' where the only prices are £200+. What am I doing wrong?



Logitech Driving Force Shifter for G29 and G920 Racing Wheels (Amazon Prime)
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Logitech Driving Force Shifter for G29 and G920 Racing Wheels (Amazon Prime)
Great price, not much else to say. Normally around the £45, best other price I can find is £39.99 at Argos. Deal ends Midnight tonight.
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I ignored the poor reviews the last time this was on offer and I wish I hadn’t - it’s not very good :(


Does gt sport support this and the clutch?


Ta, bought.

Venom Switch Racing Wheel Twin Pack (Nintendo Switch) £9.99 (Prime) £11.98 (Non-Prime) Delivered @ Amazon
Found 4th Nov 2017Found 4th Nov 2017
Venom Switch Racing Wheel Twin Pack (Nintendo Switch) £9.99 (Prime) £11.98 (Non-Prime) Delivered @ Amazon
£9.99£12.9923%Amazon Deals
Enjoy a more authentic racing experience with these fantastic steering wheel attachments for your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers. With a whole host of fantastic racing games d… Read more

Basically the same wheel's you got for the Wii U remotes, resized for the Joy-Con's. I had both official Nintendo wheels for the Wii U and cheap china made wheels (2 of each). Using them for MK8 Wii U they were perfectly useable and the game perfectly playable. However your reaction time and accuracy was reduced. Also takes a bit of getting used to. You will always driver better with a controller than a wheel. Some kids may find them fun, mine never used or liked a wheel though. I found it was a good leveller to start with as it was a nice handicap for me to play with a Wheel v my kid, who of course then overtook me in ability at MK8 and I was soon back to the controller. If I was going to buy a wheel I would rather get a Hori themed one as pictured and pay a couple of quid more (they are £11.99). Hori have at least improved the design on their themed wheels and they look more like racing wheels now. One final note - they do of course work with other racing games, not that they Nintendo ever have many racing games. We might see F-Zero, a new Sonic Racing, MK10 and the odd other game I guess on the Switch.


Come on seriously £10 for 2 pieces of premium plastic!?


Thanks ordered


Anyone got these, are they responsive like using the joycons or are they just for a bit of fun


Ordered, thanks! Heard these are better than officials

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