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Nestle Nesquik 30% less sugar chocolate milkshake 450g £1 @ Poundland
06/05/2018Expires on 06/05/2018LocalLocalFound 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
450g chocolate milkshake found in burnley store Quite a few left
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Kinda You add Vanilla Milkshake Powder to Brown Cow Milk


Can you get powder for brown cow milk to make it taste like white cow milk?


Date is 11/2018


Always tastes different these Poundland nesquiks


Thankyou (y)

Tesco Heinz Tom Ketchup Less Salt And Sugar 665G £1.50
LocalLocalFound 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
Heinz Tom Ketchup Less Salt And Sugar 665G £1.50 at Tesco Colchester not sure if just store specific quite a few on shelf after I took a load



the 665g size?


I get this for a £1 from poundstretcher


A ketchup for more than a pound? Welcome to brexit


Have some saucy hotness @tomloaf for your find (y)

Barr Irn Bru Xtra, Extra Taste. No Sugar. 4 x 330ml cans 89p @ Heron (Farnworth)
LocalLocalFound 21st AprFound 21st Apr
Barr Irn Bru Xtra, Extra taste. No sugar. 4 x 330ml (multipack) cans for 89p In Farnworth store

Picked some up in my local (y)


Should be illigal.


Found in One Stop store in Perry Barr also.


It's no longer made from Girders. :-(

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Teisseire sugar free caramel syrup £1.49 in Fulton foods
LocalLocalFound 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Teisseire sugar free caramel syrup 1l £1.49 in Fulton foods

You are probably right about this particular stuff. However I have made my own caramel simply substituting sugar for Canderel, I can't say it was the same as never made it with actual sugar! It was a one off experiment and worked for what I needed,


How? Are you sure? Caramel is made by cooking sugar. I imagine this is a cocktail of water, thickeners, artificial sweetners and artificial flavourings.


I don't eat anything with sweeteners in, sugar isn't the enemy it's overindulgence.


You can make caramel from sweetener in the same way as you do from sugar.


Yes thanks, that's not to bad

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Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Not much to explain this deal. It's sugar and it's only 50 pennies per 1kg pack. Poundstretcher...Sweet Deal. Spotted in Basingstoke. But national as advertised online.. From the… Read more

A lot of other nutrients in a glass of orange juice Vs a can of coke...


Doesn't hit tea or coffee either so folk can still load it with as much sugar as they like


The sugar tax is currently only for fizzy drinks, it doesn't even hit fruit juice which is full of the stuff, but give it a few years and cakes, chocolate and anything else deemed 'unhealthy' will be taxed too.


Same in Home Bargains so much for the governments stealth......errr i mean sugar.... tax lol it seems only fizzy drinks have doubled in price!


In pasta - to counteract the acidity of Tomatoes, you just add a pinch/smattering, depending on how much sauce .....

Tea/coffee/sugar stacked storage canisters £7.99 *in store * @ Poundstretcher
LocalLocalFound 15th AprFound 15th Apr
Just spent a few day browsing then nearly £20 for a set of these from Argos, most of these are around £15 at the cheapest, then walking through Poundstretcher today I seen these b… Read more

Ahh, it's going cold in here, see we only use coffee so we have that at top, tea/sugar for occasional guests really, looks like I over spent on my argos one


I purchased an identical set from Asda (£8) and threw them away a few days later. The problem with them is the seal between each canister; they are so tight that you have to grip them really tight when opening them and risk spilling the contents everywhere.

Asda (In Store) Billingtons Sugar(s) Molasses,  Dark&Light Muscovado etc - all £1 each
LocalLocalFound 14th AprFound 14th Apr
Billingtons Sugar(s) Molasses, Dark&Light Muscovado etc. I know Cheaper Own brands of sugar out there.. Ive tried them, I prefer taste of Molasses sugar in my coffee etc
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Looooooool...dunno wot happened..With my flash !


Did you break in to Asda at night to take the pic?


This is apparently good for when you're growing your own, give you up to an extra 20% on your yield apparently.

MTV sugar Free Energy drink caffeine x5 cans for £1 @fultons
LocalLocalFound 14th AprFound 14th Apr
MTV sugar Free Energy drink caffeine x5 250ml cans for £1 @fultons. Hull holderness road Rrp 99p each (y)
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I was thinking the same. How can it be an energy when it contains no sugar?


should be reported to trading standards. Its sugar free and no calories therefore it has no energy. Therefore its not an energy drink!!


Who needs this if you have SuperGirl ;) :p (y)


Good find op (y)


Well the background is silver with glitter and the foreground is metallic purple, so clearly its marketed towards clowns /tugs on nose *HONK*

Hartleys less sugar strawberry jam also in rasberry 320g - 59p - asda summerston glasgow
LocalLocalFound 13th AprFound 13th Apr
jars of hartleys less sugar strawberry jam also apricot flavour and rasberry down to 59 p 320g found in summerston glasgow today lots left on shelf
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More glucose-fructose syrup


Thank you, will give it a whirl ....😋


I've never tried Lidl or Aldi's jam, but I think I'll give them a try.


It's probably best kept in the fridge once it's opened.


Lidl's raspberry jam is the best. I only like jam with butter or peanut butter. Never bought any other jam since I discovered it.

Aldi Super 6 Deals 12th-25th April - Chestnut Mushrooms 250g 72p, Carrots 1kg 42p, Baking Potatoes 4 Pack 42p, Cauliflower 72p, Sweetheart Cabbage 42p, Sugar Snap Peas 150g 72p, Beef Grillsteaks 320g £1.99, Louisiana BBQ Pork Ribs 400g £1.99
TODAYTODAYFound 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Aldi Super 6 Deals Thursday 12th April - Wednesday 25th April Super 6 Fruit And Veg Chestnut Mushrooms 250g 72p Carrots 1kg 42p Baking Potatoes 4 Pack 42p Cauliflower 72p Each … Read more
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Very good price for chestnut mushrooms. Got some today. Coconuts for 39p next week!


Sorry only just saw your post but its been answered anyway. Aldi/lidl no longer better for veg/fruit prices in general and less shelf life as well imo.


Just curious really, I grow most of my own stuff from seed. Thanks for the info though might help others.


Well I know Morrison's Wonky Carrots 1kg are only 35p, their Cauli 72p and the Cabbage 42p if that helps, they also have Parsnips 500g at 28p , Onions 1.5kg at 42p and 2.5kg wonky potatoes at 87p , most of which I bought today.


I would like to know which other supermarkets are selling any of this veg at this price a link would be helpful. :)

Honey Monster Puffs (Sugar Puffs) 320g 75p instore at Spar
11/05/2018Expires on 11/05/2018LocalLocalFound 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Honey Monster Puffs (used to be Sugar Puffs) 320g 75p instore at Spar. These are in Fullwood Preston but i am sure it is National

In fairness it is spar that states sugar puffs but I believe they got rid of the word sugar years ago because sugar no longer pc


Seems like these company's are dodging sugar tax by just cutting sugar in products down to a certain numbers .. if anyone knew about Lucozade when they changed their recipe .. Scandals.. these people do not care about customers/people who have liked their products as they was from day. They will just loose custom as people find alternatives wether it be higher in price or not. They still should have the original products as optional .. some people need to gain weight with high calorie foods. Government are potty


Too make these Sugar Puffs.....,just add Sugar :{


If the original Sugar Puffs were relaunched I am sure they would be a over night sensation. The word," Sugar"is a Downer in advertising ! :{


Ok ok .. changed the title (y) 🏻

Iron bru sugar free 24 x330ml £6.00 delivered with amazon prime / £10.75 non-Prime
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Title says it all. Get it while it lasts. Sugar free iron bru 24 X. 330ml With prime

It's the calling Irn Bru juice that concerns me (shock)


Addiction to simple carbs isn't knowing what to do (fierce)


The majority are "morons" just because they have a brain and know what they like to drink?


Of course, anything with Aspartame tastes worse automatically!


Maybe you have inferior taste then (lol) because I can tell the difference 😷🤢

BEAT THE SUGAR TAX - 16 cans of Rockstar at Amazon for £12 (Amazon Pantry for Prime)
Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
Amazon pantry free delivery 16 cans of this energy drink for 12 pounds delivered to your door.
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Yes, I think an upper limit to the content of certain manufactured foods would be a positive all-round move. I can see the sense in "taxing sugar" though, as it puts more pressure for companies to resolve the issue indirectly (through pressure and lost sales/lower margins) rather than expecting consumers to change their habits directly


Yes you can be my new hukd fwend


#SupportYourLocalDentalPractice or #OralBehave


Can we be friends?


Aye, I spend a fortune on falsies too...! #FakeTeeth

Tate and Lyle Sugar 1 kilo @ Poundland - 50p
LocalLocalFound 6th AprFound 6th Apr
On the shelves in Poundland Good price i think

2 packets for £1 in farmfoods


Also in Savers...Think it was.49p



Sweet deal! ;)


great price (y)

50 Low-Sugar Meals for the Oven: Cooking classic recipes the sugar-reduced way - measurements in grams Kindle Edition @ Amazon
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
Recipes: Yam and Vegetable Mix Pumpkin Quinoa Rice-Mushroom-Frittata Artichoke-Crab-Dip Baked Oatmeal Sausage- Mushroom-Quiche Potatoes with Ham and Cheese Green Bean Ca… Read more

Hmm, one not so happy HUKD single-star customer review posted today. Come on own up, who are you? "Copy and pasted stolen recipes from the internet. No pictures in a cookbook? And who is this Mattis Lundqvist? Do a reverse image search on his picture and it's just a stock image of a man with cat from depositphotos. There's a racket going on that's churning out these 'copy and pasted recipes from the internet' cookbooks under a variety of names. It beggars belief that some people will actually pay money for this kind of rubbish without doing a tiny bit of research. And as for the people on HUKD constantly posting these cookbooks as great deals is beyond belief." Where does it say it is a 'great' deal? It is free however, so take it or leave it. Where's the 'roll eyes' emoji when you need it!


Not sure baked beans or grilled mushrooms really justify a recipe


Bit daft, most of these things shouldn't contain much sugar anyway being savory and that.


Anything but cake?

Werthers Original Sugar Free Butter Candy 80G 2 bags for £1.50 Tesco
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
I never see these on offer so stocked up. Sugar free toffee is also 2 for £1.50 Butter Candies with sweeteners The creamy caramel taste of Werther's Original Werther's Original Bu… Read more
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You sound like an exact copy of myself. Wow. Well said. The disgusting change to Irn-Bru is the worst thing to ever happen in 2018 so far. Even worse than Nicola Sturgeon's additional tax bands. :{


Exactly They shouldn't be changing the original products because of fat***** who can't control themselves, they should have two versions, it's like with Irn Bru, they already have sugar free and xtra but still changed the original, I blame Jamie Oliver


The Betas idea of a "Manly meal" : Soy Burger, Carrot Fries with a Glass of Alcohol Free "Beer" What is this world becoming Back in the good old days you could order Bacon, Sausages, Ham, now you go into a Subway and they say "sorry we only have turkey bacon and rashers, we're a halal store"


Hahaahaha, good one Jamie. Sugar is NOT our enemy. Sugar does NOT make us fat. Look back to the old days (80s, 90s and before), Fat kids everywhere? NO - we all went out and had a bit of activity in our lives. Nowadays kids sit in front of the TV, or a phone/tablet. If you want to blame anything, look towards current parenting. Why should we all have inferior food, laced with artificial (keyword) sweeteners shoved down our throats? It's not a case of us "Getting used to it" It's the fact that if we want to eat it, we should be able to without some Government or do-gooders telling us that it's bad. I personally prefer the Werther's with the caramel centre, because you know, I like food.


Sugar Free is bad for you They replace the sugar with more chemicals They use artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, which tastes horrible and 'may' cause cancer

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