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Updated 17th Aug 2019Last updated 17th Aug 2019 by Jordztar
Superking bed
Hi, Can anyone recommend the best budget places to buy beds? I’ve just got my first house and my budget is very tight, so cost efficiency is priority. Thank you in advance! Ash… Read more

Any idea what the quality is like on this?


£195 for this Superking Bed with Mattress and Headboard on ebay with the code POTENTIAL (until midnight tonight)


Do think about what other furniture you want in the bedroom - will bedside cabinets fit either side, ie for the morning tea? (y)


We have been thinking for a while about upgrading from a King to Super King. This was based on frequent experience in hotels and at friends where 2 singles covered by a good topper has seen us both sleep well. When we looked at the cost, it became very obvious that 2 decent singles + topper is far cheaper than a super king. Sheets are widely available and not expensive. You can choose your duvet but they aren't expensive if you shop around. You spend 1/3 of your life in bed and how you sleep rules the quality of your life while awake like little else..


The only issue with getting it from Ikea is that they very rarely keep the super king stuff in stock. You have to order it and then you get stung with the £39 delivery charge.