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Microsoft Surface Book (Certified Refurbished) - 256GB / Intel Core i5 - £699 @ Microsoft
Refreshed 9th JanRefreshed 9th Jan
It's a repost of the original deal, which was £849.00 a couple of months ago.… Read more

is it the same as the pen for SP3? or for SP4? have they upgraded the pen again after SP4?


Yes, but its not the latest generation pen. Its previous one.


For not much more?? The surface book 2 cheapest is almost double this offer price.


Leaving this here in case anyone else comes across this thread! Confirming what another poster above has said. Just spoke with MS, all the laptops in this deal are incorrectly listed - none are the 'performance base' with the upgraded GTX 965M or the upgraded battery, as currently advertised in the listing, You would be buying the stock 2015 version with the 1GB 940m. Personally, am going to send back as the Surface Book 2 can be had for not much more...


Bought the i5/8gb/256/gb for £699 - received yesterday. Can confirm was NOT the performance base version with the 2Gb GTX 965m, mine only has the 1GB GTX 940m. Probably going to return as for a bit more £££ can get a new surface book 2 with better spec. Did anyone buy one of the i7s and can they confirm if it was the performance base (2016) version?

Microsoft Surface Book 2, i7, 16GB, 512GB SSD, 13.5". John Lewis & Partners - SAVE £370.90 - Now £2,129 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Microsoft Surface Book 2, i7, 16GB, 512GB SSD, 13.5". John Lewis & Partners - SAVE £370.90 - Now £2,129 @ John Lewis & Partners
£2249 @ MS Store £2347 @ Scan £2299 @ Costco JL price looks good!

They’re trying to do an Apple with their pricing.


For £2000 this needs to have 1070 in it at least

Microsoft Surface Book (Certified Refurbished) - 256GB / Intel Core i5 £849 Delivered @ Microsoft
Found 5th Oct 2018Found 5th Oct 2018
Decent price if you are after a Surface book and don't mind considering a refurbished unit. These come direct from Microsoft refurbished, includes the Surface pen and has a 1 year … Read more

it's only 699 now. and 799 for i7/256gb version.


I got the surface pro 256 GB i5. I paid £999 for it at Currys and I say its worth every penny. not everyone is a full hard core gamer.. for my this device is a game changer. Highly recommended. (I play games on it they work but I am not a gamer . its mainly used as a pc to browse, youtube , music , movies ,, etc ) I think its a great device .


Makes no sense but ok


Totally agree, it has enough improvements to justify that little extra.


So u ld buy a porche 911 with a steam engine?

MICROSOFT 13.5" Intel® Core™ i5 Surface Laptop - 128 GB SSD, Platinum (RRP 1,199) £749 @ Currys
Found 30th Sep 2018Found 30th Sep 2018
MICROSOFT 13.5" Intel® Core™ i5 Surface Laptop - 128 GB SSD, Platinum (RRP 1,199) £749 @ Currys
This looks like a very good deal for a surface laptop. Please do not confuse it with the cheaper M model processor, this is the I5 processor. I have this computer and I bought it a… Read more
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it wasnt


Microsoft announces Surface Laptop 2 with black finish and 8th-gen processors


This next gen SSD is only 90 quid, they charge a fortune for a privilege to have an X years old tech.


The Laptop screen resolution is lower though at 201 ppi compared to 267 ppi on the Surface Pro


The laptop is a better... laptop. The screen is bigger, the keyboard has a better layout, the touchpad is much larger, the battery lasts a bit longer. I bought the Pro, but I bought it primarily for taking notes in lectures, using the pen & OneNote. Having the type cover is handy, but I've rarely used it. I don't think the have the same target customer TBH. But the Pro is the better all-rounder.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 13.5" 2-in-1 Laptop - Silver - i5, 8GB, 128GB £1159 (poss £959 after cashback) at
Found 16th Sep 2018Found 16th Sep 2018
Microsoft Surface Book 2 13.5" 2-in-1 Laptop - Silver - i5, 8GB, 128GB £1159 (poss £959 after cashback) at
£959£1, Deals
Seems good! £959 for this with the £200 cashback and LAPTOP40 £40 code. Tempted! And I love AO's customer service...

Oh nevermind...apparently the code expired at the start of the 20th not the end :(


I'd be interested to know whether you can get the £40 off and the £200 cashback as if so this is a great deal, but I suspect the cashback wont be honoured if you use the code... Has anyone done this successfully?


That's not the same one. That's a Surface Pro, not a Surface Book 2.


I have one 256 GB . i paid £999 and got it from Currys. its a Awesome machine for what it is ... Its a full windows machine packed in tablet. yes you can get better specin in a bigger laptop yes you can get a desktop for that with better specs But if you are looking for portability this is the gold standard. And with regards to battery if the battery starts losing charge in 3 years time then i will get the new batteries installed in it. Look at bright side !!!!


I tested one and got almost 5 hours of general usage with Adobe CC products but that was a new machine once all updates were on. It doesn't surprise me that actual usage would be less (part of the reason why I didn't like the split approach).

(£1409 - after £250 cashback and £40 off code) Microsoft Surface Book 2 13.5" 2-in-1 Laptop - Silver
Found 12th Sep 2018Found 12th Sep 2018
(£1409 - after £250 cashback and £40 off code) Microsoft Surface Book 2 13.5" 2-in-1 Laptop - Silver
£1,659£1, Deals
I know the last one I posted got cold and this one may do too, but there will be some people after this laptop and this is by far the best price you will get. Use LAPTOP40 for £4… Read more

To be fair, comparable spec'd laptops with a dedicated graphics card (even the 1050) would be hard to find at £1,409 with an 8th gen quad core i7. That's not considering the detachable screen element and excellent craftsmanship. I'm really happy with mine.


Cold, the IPhone XS has more memory for a similar price (excited) (excited) (excited) . . . . Actually didn’t vote.


It’s a good saving so heat from me even if it is still crazy expensive. But the kicker is that it still only has 256GB. Surely it has to have 512GB at a min at that price?


(shock) DAMN that's alot of paper


Very expensive

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Core i5 8GB 256GB SSD 13" Windows 10 Pro - £1,426.40 @ BT Shop
Found 23rd Jul 2018Found 23rd Jul 2018
Microsoft Surface Book 2 Core i5 8GB 256GB SSD 13" Windows 10 Pro - £1,426.40 @ BT Shop
£1,426.40£1,4995%BT Shop Deals
If anyone knows of somewhere I can get this cheaper do let me know. I am actively looking for one of these now. Product overview Display Size: … Read more
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They are official suppliers to the queen.


Yes they are, being using them for years


Ah fair enough. Saw they only give 5% discount on the Surface Go.


What are battery life on these like?


Thanks. Are these guys reputable do you know?

Thule Sleeves/cases/bags for laptops £20.50 @ Stuff
Found 21st Jul 2018Found 21st Jul 2018
Thule Sleeves/cases/bags for laptops £20.50 @ Stuff
UK Mainland Deliveries Collection (£0.00) Saver - up to 5 Days (£2.92 - £4.50) Standard - up to 3 Days (£6.50) Next Working Day Delivery - £9.95 12, 13 and 15 inch versions ava… Read more
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You don't have to leave it in the case but you have the option to do so if you want to drop onto the macbook for a few minutes while you have a quick coffee or whatever. There's nothing stopping you taking it out of the case altogether. Personally I have one of these and a soft case. The sodt case is fine if it's going into a larger bag, but the hard cases provide extra protection if that's all you're carrying. They hold decent residual value on ebay also. Owners of older macbooks note that tge current versions are designed for the current wafer thin macbook pros (the expensive non-upgradable ones with the dodgy keyboards). Owners of older macbooks will need to buyer earlier versions (via ebay etc) as the cases are quite a tight fit for whatever is the current model at the time of manufacture. Great cases if you can get a bargain.


That completely blocks the rear-facing vents on the MacBook Pro! I’d rather take any laptop I’m using out of its case anyway unless it’s one of those snap-on plastic ones.


Thank you, ordered one for dell XPS 15.


A hard sleeve offers more protection and with the gauntlet you can use your laptop while it’s in the case like soThe soft sleeves here also have an extra pouch for accessories etc. compared to the amazon ones.Amazon sleeves get the job done too


I voted hot because it seems a good deal for the branded sleeve.I have this £4.50 when it was in the warehouse deal and £6.99 now. If the Thule had £15.50 worth of extra features I might be tempted but I can't see any.

13 inch laptop sleeve £13.49 @ itstor / Ebay
Found 21st Jul 2018Found 21st Jul 2018
13 inch laptop sleeve £13.49 @ itstor / Ebay
£13.49eBay Deals
Thule Stravan laptop sleeve with protective padding. Extra front pocket for tablet or accessories. Advertised for 13 inch macbook but should fit any 13” laptop just fine. Thule … Read more
Avatardeleted1960073Get dealGet deal

Wow this has gone colder than your hearts :o I honestly thought people would make use of this, I bought 2.

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Microsoft  Surface book 2 - £1,649.89 @ Costco
Found 2nd Jul 2018Found 2nd Jul 2018
Microsoft Surface book 2 - £1,649.89 @ Costco
£1,649.89£1,99917%Costco Deals
Looks a good deal @costco about £350 quid less than Microsoft store.

Book 2 still too expensive... Does anyone knows of a good deal for a surface book 1st gen with performance base?


That Vaio Pro is just a Windows laptop, an ancient Haswell generation one at that. Nothing particularly exceptional about - in fact, it's pretty flawed with the fan issues, overheating, wobbly build quality etc.


So everything is wrong except you, when you have no experience with anything of any quality. It seems you can't accept what is put in front of you, a typical black is white childish response to everything. I'm not going to bother answering you as i have come to the conclusion you are a 12 year old child with nothing better to do. If you have any experience with my laptop then you can comment, but as you haven't then you should just keep quiet. Stick to what you can afford or what ever your mam buys you in the £200 price range.


Is that with the additional 1kg sheet battery attached underneath the laptop? Everyone knows that the Windows battery predictor isn't accurate from a full charge, especially for a worn battery that's 5 year old. It will just readjust its estimate as the battery loses power. I've seen old Dells that Windows estimates to have 8 hours of charge. Then after 15mins, Windows adjusts it's estimate to 6 hours, then Windows estimates 5.5 hours etc. After 4 hours of actual use, the battery has completely drained.


Only one dreamer here, showed you the link for the $2k advert, showed you the great expert review, I never said I get 25 hours, I said 15/16 n one go or 20-22 over 3 days with around 4 hours standby. Here is my “just a windows laptop” this morning See if you buy £200 laptops you’ll never get to see this. As I said, around 16 hours in one go.still not answered the original questions.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 13.5" i7-8650U, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD @ Costco Online
Found 2nd Jul 2018Found 2nd Jul 2018
Microsoft Surface Book 2 13.5" i7-8650U, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD @ Costco Online
£1,984.99Costco Deals
Hopefully this won't be voted cold as it's an expensive item or because you can buy a Dell, Acer etc for less... This is the cheapest I've ever seen the Surface Book 2. It retail… Read more

I've got the 2017 model in 15", and am HIGHLY tempted to sell up and go for this... Bear in mind the new spectre 15 is thicker than mine. I'm tempted by this due to the smaller size...


Bizarrely all Surface book 2 have gone OOS at the same time?


This or HP Spectre (16 GB memory; 1 TB SSD storage) for £1699


Damn. Have to become a member for £15. :o (annoyed)


Yes it's used on a desk all the time. Being a business laptop that's where it would spend all it's time so bit of a design floor if an issue with that! It's on feet so has air flow underneath it but after one of these catching fire I won't be leaving it on at home unattended again.

Microsoft surface book 2 - 13 inch £1034.10 at Microsoft Store
Found 20th Jun 2018Found 20th Jun 2018
Microsoft surface book 2 - 13 inch £1034.10 at Microsoft Store
10% off all 13 inch Microsoft Surface Book 2 aptops. High end Microsoft laptop with detachable screen. Quite possibly the best all round laptop there is right now.
Avatardeleted1960073Get dealGet deal

Today I went to check the laptops in Curry's. I had reviewed the specs and was convinced that the surface book 2, and basically all surface products are overpriced. Only morons would buy an i5, 128gb, 8gb surface, when for the same price you can get a dell with i7, 256gb, right?. And then I spent a good hour looking at screens, typing a few words, opening the same page on different makes and models. And not for a second did I want to buy anything else than the Surface Book 2. It is so much better than the competition. The screen is gorgeous, the keyboard is excellent, the design is sleek and the bezel around the screen is tiny. The main selling factor for me was the 3:2 ratio screen with almost 7 milion pixels. It is simply beautiful to look at. For me the price is justified by the screen alone, but again, others might still want to get the latest i7 processor with a simple HD screen from Dell or Lenovo for the same price.


This is still overpriced even with the discount. For the 13.5" / i5 / 8GB / 256GB model, it's still over £1,200 which is crazy money. I'd rather buy an Dell XPS13, HP Spectre x360, Acer Swift 5 or any number of other laptops saving a few £hundred.


Not much good after Brexit....


Best keyboard on any laptop. Only downside is the weight of this machine - it's surprisingly heavy for a 13" lappy.


I have a Surface Book I with the dedicated GPU, but I don't think I've ever really used it. I run 2 monitors though the dock, and I only use it for work, no gaming.

Microsoft Surface book with performance base 13.5 inch £1299.70 @ Curry’s Arndale Centre
LocalLocalFound 18th Jun 2018Found 18th Jun 2018
Microsoft Surface book with performance base 13.5 inch £1299.70 @ Curry’s Arndale Centre
Available in Manchester at Currys Arndale Centre as of today 18/06/2018. Brand new according to employee, last pieces being cleared.
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MS Surface Book 2 (i7, 8GB, GTX 1050) £1579.99 @ Amazon
Found 20th Mar 2018Found 20th Mar 2018
MS Surface Book 2 (i7, 8GB, GTX 1050) £1579.99 @ Amazon
£1,579.99Amazon Deals
Amazon is taking off the headset discount of £250 without buying a headset. (you are possibly supposed to buy a VR headset at the same time to save £250) When you get to the cart … Read more
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Still expired...




eGPU I would recomend Gigabyte AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming Box Portable Graphics Card. It cost under 600 including a GTX 1070 (now £ 569.98 at ebuyer). For laptops Lenovo offer decen quality-price. Lenovo has offers now for the Lenovo Yoga 720 that has thunderbolt 3, there is a model with a i7 for £850 for example. Still lower price than Surface and you get much better spects (including a full size GTX1070 vs a mobile capped 1050).


Looks like they are out of stock on all 15inch variants


Which eGPU dock and specific machine would you recommend?

UAG High Impact Case for Surface Book - almost half price Microsoft Store £35
Found 1st Feb 2018Found 1st Feb 2018
UAG High Impact Case for Surface Book - almost half price Microsoft Store £35
I have one of these and to my shame dropped my Surface Book onto concrete ... but this case saved it! Excellent value at this price. Here is the blurb: Life is tough, so your Su… Read more

How much extra weight does it add? Tempted but would defeat whole point of getting surface if it adds weight ending up similar to a laptop


Thanks for the feedback, I think I'll give it a miss and use my extended cover for any damage.


I paid £50 for it. I must say that it good and not excellent as fitment is poor. Also, when you detach and use as a tablet and wishes to put it back to the base, you have to push the casing back to get it right. Overall, good product and excellent price.


Got one to protect it from my kids - thanks for posting


NB UAG Surface Pro 4 case is also discounted

Surface Book 2 i7-8650U  / GTX 1050 256Gb £1639.99 @ Currys
Found 11th Jan 2018Found 11th Jan 2018
Surface Book 2 i7-8650U / GTX 1050 256Gb £1639.99 @ Currys
Just went for this - 1% topcashback. Amazon were price matching but then went up again when the currys item went out of stock temporarily. Better than the student deal direct from … Read more
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LOL - nicely played.


I wasn't referring to you. Though I can be a bit of an ass.


Troll? Moi? Call me Shrek baby. You can be donkey!


I did lol, just noted I also got £14 topcashback - boom! result.


Did anyone actually get it at this price? I cant believe it was genuine and not a missprice.

Microsoft Surface Book 1 - £649.99 @ Svp. BACK IN STOCK
Found 5th Jan 2018Found 5th Jan 2018
Microsoft Surface Book 1 - £649.99 @ Svp. BACK IN STOCK
£649.99SVP Deals
MICROSOFT Surface Book - Intel® Core™ i5-6300U Processor 8GB RAM 128GB SSD 13.5" Ultra HD PixelSense Touchscreen Windows 10 Pro - Silver These Microsoft Surface Pro Books are ( Ca… Read more
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And now my charger is fried lol. SVP can deal with that one ! Good job I already have a spare !!


Replacement arrived with me today. New condition. Just doing all the updates now. Oh and 3 months warranty starting on the day they dispatched it from the service centre.


So far might e has no issues. No complaints at all. Bit I have dealt with MS returns before and they are brilliant at replacing items as long g as you have warranty. Be sure to register your device to your account too so they can check details if required. Hopefully we all dont need to go down this route.


Mine came with a pen too.


About half a day until it started doing it again. It looked like driver issues but there was nothing recorded on the event logs. It was intermittent but when it was happening it would happen quite often. Can’t fault MS. Tons of communication including an email last night confirming the serial number of the replacement unit and to reply to them if anything else went wrong.

Microsoft Surface Book (Intel i7-6660U 2.4GHz, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Win10 Pro) £1449.99 @ Amazon
Found 27th Dec 2017Found 27th Dec 2017
Microsoft Surface Book (Intel i7-6660U 2.4GHz, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Win10 Pro) £1449.99 @ Amazon
£1,449.99Amazon Deals
Enhanced graphics performance with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M 2 GB GDDR5 memory 13.5 inch PixelSense display with touchscreen, detachable and optimised for pen and touch … Read more

They are pricey but the Surface Book and Surface Laptop look so good! is a DELL XPS 13 or HP Envy better for around £1,000? Do not need the tablet function of this but the pen seems like a nice idea.


I wonder if I should swap my sp4 and laptop for a surface book. can any tech savy guy tell me the difference between the one listed on this deal and this i7 on Argos ebay one says 6660 vs 6600 CPU ARGOS EBAY


Isn't there a new Surface Book out now? So this is the old model....This deal is too expensive anyway and far too expensive for the old model


Awesome machines.


I just want the base, so I can upgrade from my current Surface Book's 940m GPU. And I'd pay £200 for it

Surface Book 2 Mixed Reality Bundle – Save up to £399.99
Found 17th Dec 2017Found 17th Dec 2017
Surface Book 2 Mixed Reality Bundle – Save up to £399.99
Save up to £399.99. Get the bundle from £1,999. Bundle includes: • Surface Book 2 Intel Core i7 configurations • Choice of Lenovo Explorer, Acer, Dell Visor and HP Windows M… Read more
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Ditto. Offered me refurbished sp4 because my brand new one has a white spot on the display. Take it or leave it is their attitude rather than replace it with a new device.


Me not


Me three.


Me too. Lol


Caught a flame deer here

surface book 2 13 + free mixed reality headset from £1,999 @ Microsoft
Found 8th Dec 2017Found 8th Dec 2017
surface book 2 13 + free mixed reality headset from £1,999 @ Microsoft
not for everyone but a good deal. select from any of the dgpu 13 inch sb2 and get a mixed reality headset of your choice for free (except dell, that's extra £30)
Avatardeleted1404465Get dealGet deal

This is laptop for creatives like the mac book pro. Its not a gaming laptop. Still Microsoft should just offer a good deal on it instead of a bundle discount.


I would say that if you are prepared to pay this amount for the above that you don't actually need it; in that you are already in your own mixed reality..... (cheeky) I do see a big future for mixed reality headsets though...

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