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The various Nintendo Switch Controllers are all wireless, motion control enabled and have an HD rumble feature. The two smaller Joy-Con controllers come with every Switch, but larger Pro-Controllers are also available. At hotukdeals, we have a page dedicated to Nintendo Switch Controller reductions where shoppers can browse recent offers and save on their Nintendo Switch Controllers. Read more
Hori Daemon X Machina Split Pad Pro (Wideboy joycons) £40.65 @ Amazon France
Posted 16th OctPosted 16th Oct
The price seems to have jumped since the release of these switch controllers, the only place I can find with the original pre-order price is the Spanish Amazon. For those who switc… Read more
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I just used a Stanley knife to shave it then used some wire wool to smooth it, where the release button sticks out. A bit rough I know but it fits perfectly just a tad tighter than a normal joycon


Cheers man, love the grip but not having a dpad for portable play is a killer


I will upload a pic after work


These look great and I was interested until I watched people reviewing and breaking them down on YouTube. I think the quality is pretty poor, lightweight for the wrong reasons, but people on here seem to have a slightly different view. I have also seen some reviewers give them good feedback, but those reviewers don't seem to use them in anger, just out of the box.


Hmm might have to look into it then if it can be sanded to fit

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller £48.76 with code @ The Game Collection via eBay
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Posted 15th OctPosted 15th Oct
Take your game sessions up a notch with the Pro Controller. Includes motion controls, HD rumble, built-in amiibo functionality, and more.

You might want to tell Mad Catz that...


I get the joke but madcatz went out of business 2 years ago.


Enjoy your Mad Catz then!


It will be a cold day in hell before I spend more than £24 on any controller.


They’re quoting £44 because they’re not obliged to tell you anything about import tax. It’s buyers responsibility to pay any import tax etc. And not to mention if anything goes wrong with the controller or if it arrives damaged you have to pay a hefty money to send it back to them. A good deal is not a deal that only saves you money. A good deal saves you time and hassle too. Paying more or less is just a measure not a conclusion. Ultimately, that’s your money and you’re free to spend it the way you want. (y)

Joy-Con Nintendo Switch - With Code at Ebay: The Game Collection - £52.76
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Posted 14th OctPosted 14th Oct
Apologies for jumping on the bandwagon, but I thought it would be a good idea to highlight a decent chunk of money off a set of Joy-Con. It's a good price for a particularly overp… Read more

Damn missed out on the Blue/Yellow and Purple/Orange :( Don't want another same pair of the standard neon red and blue that came with my Switch


I've not used the discussions section of this site so can't comment on it personally. The Nintendolife forums would be a good place to ask questions: The community there is pretty big, so you can expect answers to your questions. The same applies to Eurogamer: You're welcome to send me a message on this site if you want me to answer anything directly (just click my profile and choose Message).


thanks McFlinn - I could ask loads more questions but guess this isn't the best place for general switch technical stuff - what's the best forum for asking newbie questions?


Oh and I forgot Let's Go, Pikachu/Eevee! - A nice introduction to the Pokemon franchise.


In no particular order: Snipperclips - This is a good game to play together as you have to discuss what to do as a team and execute it Rocket League - My nephews loved this one for a good long while (play offline if you want to actually win!) Mario Tennis Aces - I didn't much like this, but again my nephews ate it up; mileage may vary Mario Party - Ideal for beginners Minecraft - You'll need two Joy-Con each to play this 2-player. So, grab the above deal if this takes your fancy Luigi's Mansion 3 - This comes out on 31st October, but looks to have some fun multiplayer modes fit for the whole family Smash Bros. Ultimate - You may consider a fighting game a touch inappropriate for a 7-year old, but this is family friendly as far as I'm concerned. Lots of stuff to do and has the appeal of featuring all your Nintendo favourites slugging it out New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe - A little tough for the younger players at the game progresses, but a good introduction to Mario on the Switch that you can play together If I had to recommend one game to get then it would be Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as it's the perfect game for people of all ages. Snipperclips is a great choice if you want something to play together co-cooperatively. After that, if you still have money left, Smash Bros. Ultimate is a great choice and you can never go wrong with Minecraft (but again, you will need the extra Joy-Con pair to play that multiplayer on the same console!)

HyperX HX-CPQD-U Chargeplay Quad Joy-con Charging Station at Amazon - £14.99 (Prime) £19.98 (Non Prime)
Posted 11th OctPosted 11th Oct
The HyperX ChargePlay™ Quad simultaneously charges up to four Joy-Con™ controllers so you’ll always be ready for a gaming night, or to hot-swap controllers and keep playing. The Ch… Read more
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Thanks, I like HyperX when it comes to their headsets (:


Yep, this or something similar. There are a number out there that will do the same job.


Is this the only way to charge a Joy-Con if you don't have the original Switch with the dock (confused) I purchased a couple of them separately as only have the Switch Lite but not yet used them.

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller + 6 Months Spotify Premium £49.99 Delivered @ Currys
Posted 10th OctPosted 10th Oct
Get the most from your gaming with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. This gives you everything you'd expect from the traditional controller shape but with a range of great featu… Read more

Now that is using your head, sorry I haven't myself as I am happy with Spotify free (as in ad supported) for the little use I have, but I do like your thinking.


Did anyone here do this offer and if so, can you check something for me? Can you upgrade the premium to family for £5 a month during the offer period? Was about to start a legit family subscription and was wondering if I can get Link’s Awakening for £40 then just pay £5 a month for the first 6 months?


What is the best music provider than Spotify? I've been lead to believe Spotify was the best. But I'm not a expect or even know anything about the subject.


The mayflash lets you use ps3,PS4 controller wireless along with any 8bitdo controller. I do like the look of the 8bitdo adapter with the brick design but the mayflash wins as it can be used with a lot more controllers. This video a great comparison between the two:


Was thinking the same thing, but took the plunge on the 8bitdo as it was cheaper

Gioteck WX-4 Ergonomic 2.5metre Wired Nintendo Switch Controllers - Titanium / Red / Blue for £14.99 @ Argos
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Posted 16th SepPosted 16th Sep
New Switch controllers reduced by £5. Take to checkout for offer price. £14.99 each (Was £19.99) Red Titanium Blue Go pro and swap the Joy-Con Controllers for a … Read more
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(horror) :p :p :p :p


If you'd like to use an actual PS4 controller with your Switch, you could check out the 8bitdo wireless adapter. Have seen it on Amazon for around £13-14.


Everyone knows Titanium is white


Used the wireless version of these and there surprisingly good!


Are there any controllers that are the same price but are like a PS4 controller (with symmetrical analogues )

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Pair (Grey) or (Yellow) £57.23 with code @ 365 games
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Posted 10th SepPosted 10th Sep
10% discount with code X8F6 10-12 September Excludes Pre-Orders, Special Offers, Sale Items, and Consoles GET DEAL link goes to Grey Joy-Con Pair Link to Neon Yellow Joy-Con Pa… Read more

I've just sent mine for repair by Nintendo - supposedly they are fixing them free now but won't confirm cost to fix until they examine them. They have given me a free post label though so I'm not out anything for it yet. I have a second set so I can still play while it's being repaired.


I have both the fat joy-cons and the curved joy-cons, I’m happy with my purchases I like the Dpad, they charge through USB C, buttons are a bit clickier and the ABXY buttons have long travel press and feel a bit mushy, I prefer it though strangely! Design is actually nicer to hold, weird button shapes, they charge when docked on the switch (hit and miss though, my left one doesn’t) but also have a micro USB to charge aswell Both have motion controls, some sort of rumble and can put the SLSR rail on them both. For the price they do the job.


Just replace the analogue stick, it's not that complicated


But that's the thing though, the PS4 or Xbox controllers are not exactly "equivalent" to the switch Joycons. When was the last time you ripped your PS4/Xbox controller in half and handed it to your mate for some couch co-op?


I agree, but it is what it is.

PDP Zelda Face Off Nintendo Switch Controller - Black for £15.99 Delivered/Free C&C (Argos) @ Argos/Ebay
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Posted 23rd AugPosted 23rd Aug
PDP Zelda Face Off Nintendo Switch Controller - Black PDP Zelda Face Off Nintendo Switch Controller - Black.Clearance with a 12 month Argos guaranteeGeneral Information: Offic… Read more

Thanks for the response. I ended up finding 2x wireless 360 controllers I forgot I had, so I'm good for a while! :D


I'm fairly sure they're identified as X input controllers on steam I don't have this specific one But all my wired switch PDP ones are xinput on steam, which is good as it means they are supported by most things on PC


Does anyone know if these are identified as Pro Controllers in Steam?


I have this one I like it :)

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (brand new) £49.99 free delivery @ Curry's via eBay - was £54.99
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Posted 16th AugPosted 16th Aug
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (brand new) £49.99 free delivery at Curry's via eBay - was £54.99
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I prefer the feel of the Pro Controller anyway, it feels more comfortable and like a proper controller to me compared to the joy cons in the grip


I paid £45.50. I guess it saves wearing out the joycon batteries so I can save them for handheld mode.


I paid £44.40 which isn't cheap but is reasonable for the Pro Controller. I wouldn't pay £60 I have the V1 (original) Switch and I won't be upgrading because I primarily play with the Switch docked to the TV anyway


Although £50 still seems a lot lol Do you have the V1 console? Are you upgrading?


You're welcome! I'm glad you like it :D (y)

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller - Black now £49.99 delivered at Amazon
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Posted 15th AugPosted 15th Aug
Take your game sessions up a notch with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller This controller includes many of the features found in the Joy-Con controllers: Motion controls, HD rumb… Read more
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Glad I’m not the only one. Every time it drops on Amazon it floats to my basket... especially as I have a £5 promo right now so its £45...and then I think, “but would I rather this or a game?” (fierce) :S


It’s a tough one I agree, the joy cons are fairly useable, especially if you don’t have quite large hands. I keep thinking about getting the pro controller and then change my mind...if only Nintendo had priced it between £35-£40 :o


Thanks! I still really don’t know if it’s worth it... I get on fine with the joy cons, it’s only a little annoying in games like Celeste and Mario Maker when pressing up... argh


Back on at £49.99 :)


Now back at £49.99. Also for £49.80 from two other sellers, one just launched and one 74% positive - I personally wouldn’t risk those two for 19p though.

Nintendo Switch 32GB Grey Console with Neon Red/Blue Joy-Con- Refurbished V. Good Condition £206.99 from Music Magpie eBay using Code
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Posted 14th AugPosted 14th Aug
Item Description: Very Good - This product is in very good cosmetic condition and although there may be some light signs of use, the item has been fully tested and is in excellent… Read more

Back in stock


3 available just now...


But it's nearing full price, probably crappy warranty, with germs, floaty sticks and OG battery (which is probably already deteriorated)... why?


But it's nearing full price, probably crappy warranty, with germs, floaty sticks and OG battery (which is probably already deteriorated)... why?


Yuck. Some dirty little child would have slobbered all over this

Nintendo Switch controllers Reduced! £12.99 @ Argos Free c&c
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Posted 14th AugPosted 14th Aug
Argos have got some Nintendo switch controllers at around half price! I own some of these already and they are perfect. Come with nice long cables. Might be worth grabbing some bef… Read more

Some are 11.99 now 🤭


Not yet. On my to do list.


my left joy con is drifting too now absolute nightmare , have you had nintendo look at it? i may send mine off to be assessed and repaired but might be easier to just buy a new joy con.


My daughter's drifting controller was fixed by Nintendo, and I think given a new warranty.


Just checked the reviews and a lot of people complaining of drift after a few weeks. Put me off this.

Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch (Zelda / Metroid / Peach) £12.99 Delivered @ Argos via eBay
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Posted 9th AugPosted 9th Aug
Price includes free delivery and 12 months Argos guarantee. Zelda Metroid Peach The Chrome Edition Legend of Zelda Controller for Nintendo Switch features the Hy… Read more

It does, an 8ft one.


Does it come with the USB cable? It seems to say it does, but then what is the '(not included)' for?


Bought the Zelda one at £13.99. Great product, well built. Prone to fingerprints given the finish, but comes with a cleaning cloth. FYI, has no rumble.


Good price. Heat offered.

PDP Zelda Face Off Nintendo Switch Controller £16.99 /PDP Game Cube Inspired Nintendo Switch Pro Controller £12.99 Delivered @ Argos via eBay
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Posted 9th AugPosted 9th Aug
Price includes free delivery and comes with 12 months Argos guarantee. PDP Zelda Face Off Nintendo Switch Controller - BlackClearance with a 12 month Argos guaranteeRelease date… Read more

Sweet deal! I cleared out my local argos of whatever controllers they had. Will be my nephews and nieces favourite uncle.


I have the Zelda one and they're good quality. Not the typical cheap plastic third-party controllers are known for. They just don't have certain features that most games don't use. They're not wireless, no rumble, gyro, etc. And they don't have Nintendo's brand name attached.


I've always really liked the look of this Zelda one. It comes with a different faceplate too


I got a new in box GameCube pad the other day on eBay - they're still out there. I had to pay £25 for it however, so not as cheap as this. You might get lucky though!


Why are these sorts of pads so much cheaper than the pro controller? do they do the same sort of thing?

Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch - (Peach or Bowser) £13.99 / Crash Bandicoot £14.99 (C&C) @ Argos
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Posted 9th AugPosted 9th Aug
Peach Bowser Crash Or you can get them delivered from Argos outlet on eBay for the same money. Crash Peach Play your favourite Nintendo Switch games* in… Read more

I have both a wired one of these (Zelda) and a pro. They're essentially the same. Obviously, the Pro has rumble and is wireless, but aside from that, they're very comparable.


Are these any good, how do they compare to the pro? (I have neither but do want a proper controller)


Not saw the crash one go this cheap before. I think they're Brill for the money, shame the dock only has 2 usb ports


For a brief moment I thought it was a Bowsette controller, (lol) .

Switch Pro Controller - £44.99 @ Currys PC world (instore)
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Posted 3rd AugPosted 3rd AugLocalLocal
Popped into Currys/PC world at Crystal peaks Sheffield and they had the switch pro controller ticketed at 44.99 (not clearance as was marked down £10 from £54.99). Not sure if nat… Read more

£54.99 in my local store...


Currently marked £44.99 in Braehead, Glasgow branch. Scans at £49.99 but staff marked it down without even being asked. Seemed to be plenty of stock as well. Purchased less than an hour ago.


In branch near Finsbury square London for £44.99


Good price for this controller thou!


Or buy an 8bitdo adapter for £15 ish and use your existing ps4 or xbox controllers

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Pair - Grey - £59.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
Not the best price we've seen for these controllers but very close for anyone that's keeping an eye out for an extra pair. Prime users, get same-day delivery of ordered early eno… Read more

I had the wireless communication issue with my Joy-con and Nintendo fixed t really quick which surprised me and I recently dropped my switch and the - button no longer works, Nintendo have offered to repair it for me for the same price of the new Joy-con but I think I'll get a different colour Joy-con instead. I did mention the drifting to them and they said they would repair it for free if my Joy-con suffers from it however as my Joy-con's don't suffer from it I just said no and thanked him for his help :) Also seems the offer has ended as I'm seeing it for £65 now :(


There is another common issue of the joy con rails going faulty so that the controller just slips out without pressing the eject button




I've had a fair amount of usage out of my joy cons over the past 18 months (300+ hours on BotW and 100+ hours on Mario Odyssey) and it's still working fine. Not that it's an achievement as you would expect much more longevity from such expensive devices.


I usually aim mine at the console. I tried going outside and aiming them at a cat sitting on a wall but nothing happened

Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch (Officially Licenced) - Princess Peach Shadow £14.99 @ Argos - (Free C&C) Mario shadow £15.99 , See OP
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Refreshed 28th JulRefreshed 28th Jul
Update 1
Prices reduced by a further couple of pounds!
Play your favourite Nintendo Switch games* in style with this officially licensed PowerA wired controller. This controller was designed to feel comfortable in your hands and featur… Read more
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Thanks for that Triobot!!


What the hell, there's so many more options in Big Picture mode... Thanks so much, that worked!


The easiest way I did was adjust the settings in Big Picture mode and change it to match it so it disables the native Switch Pro controller and Xbox config is active.


If you can be bothered to explain, how do I do that? 😬 (lol) (embarrassed)


I've changed mine to generic xbox controls rather than in-game controls. Fair enough if you're going to return it!

Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch (Officially Licenced) - Chrome Princess Peach £14.99 @ Argos - Free C&C Zelda also available More in OP
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Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
The Chrome Edition Princess Peach Controller for Nintendo Switch features her classic pink colour in a chrome design. This traditional-style controller is officially licensed by Ni… Read more
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Bought the blue one. Very impressed with it's quality. This is my first soirée into 3rd party controllers since my PS1 days. I got put off for life by one of that i used to have. Can't remember the brand, but it was clear plastic and had a "steering wheel" around the d pad. You could also change the d pad for a joystick and a few other different things. It was pure tripe.


I preferred the Wii U Pro to Switch Pro, nice shiny piano black finish, blue vs green leds, and whilst off the player position leds indicate battery status. I'm sure there is a place for controllers like this deal (so +heat), but I always think of them as £15 off a Pro or 8bitdo. I've become a controller snob (lol)


Make sure you get the official one.


Excellent point (y)


Have you thought about buying a used Wii U Pro controller off eBay, they go for £12-£20.

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