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Tacx Galaxia Rollers - £154.74 @ Amazon
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Posted 22nd Dec 2019Posted 22nd Dec 2019
Tacx Galaxia Rollers - £154.74 @ Amazon
£154.74Amazon Deals
In stock on January 4th, 2020. Description Tacx Antares Tacx Galaxia From cycle shop to manufacturer The Tacx company started in 1957 as an ordinary cycle shop and has since beco… Read more
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Had a set of these off Amazon a couple of years ago. The in-line movement of the rollers certainly helped when on sprints but the main problem was how loose the bearings were on each side of the rollers. They were just pushed in and worked loose within a few minutes. When this happened it created a lot of noise and vibration. Called Amazon and decided to return them, even after being offered them for £50 as they were. I got a set of Elite Arion basic rollers and they have been great and much easier to use and transport.


In a Galaxia far, far away.......Mr Vader wished he hadn't insisted on the racing saddle for his speeder as it was starting to chafe


Dose anyone have any story's with this cool piece of tex?

Tacx Neo 2 Smart Cycle Turbo Trainer £899.99 @ Wiggle
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Posted 28th Nov 2019Posted 28th Nov 2019
Tacx Neo 2 Smart Cycle Turbo Trainer £899.99 @ Wiggle
£899.99£1,19925%Wiggle Deals
Description With features such as Road-Feel, Dynamic Inertia and Descent Simulation working to make every stationary session as true-to-life as possible, the Neo 2 Smart comes wit… Read more
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I'd probably got fopr the refurb kickr or core deal that was posted over this for the price


I don't understand which bit Darth Vader is meant to emerge from.


May be worth mentioning that this looks like the T2850 and not the newer (and quite a bit more expensive) T2875. Not 100% sure though so worth checking if you must have the latest version.


Also, this was cheaper at another retailer earlier this month (with discount code): https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/tacx-neo-2-smart-trainer-3327547. Might be worth holding out to tomorrow/Monday, see if there's any movement.


Got a snap myself, such a huge price difference but this looks great

Tacx Flow T2240 Interactive Turbo Trainer £165 @ Halfords (less 10% for BC members)
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Posted 19th Nov 2019Posted 19th Nov 2019
Tacx Flow T2240 Interactive Turbo Trainer £165 @ Halfords (less 10% for BC members)
Great value introduction for winter "smart" indoor cycle training. Provides computer controlled resistance for simulating different loads/terrain during training. Needs mains powe… Read more

This is computer controlled to simulate inclines ( effectively increase resistance) but lacks portability of rollers ( especially for pre race warm ups). Id argue that they offer different experiences. This is ideal for using a training programme through something like zwift.


Why not Rollers rather than this?


By default, Zwift does default "trainer difficulty" (slope feel) to 50%, so when set up properly this turbo will emulate a slope of half the value you see on the screen... Not double as you suggest! ;) The steepest slope gradient, albeit it very briefly, is ~20% on the Harrowgate UCI course reverse (at the base of the short and sharp Pot Bank climb). Other routes with inclines of note typically max out at ~17%, so if you set "trainer difficulty" to ~33%, you would feel all gradient changes except that very brief Pot Bank patch. Having reduced "trainer difficulty" to a lower number, the effort (power) you have to generate to move up the slopes will be lower for any given gear, but Zwift will then calculate your progress up the slopes according to your power, weight and on lower gradient slopes any drafting affect too from following other riders in close proximity. This turbo is a great deal if you are unsure about dipping your toes into "two-way interactive" turbo training, where in freeride you can feel some slope change, but in "ERG" mode you can use training programs where Zwift wtc. will tell the turbo to alter resistance (power) while you typically remain in a single sprocket for the whole program. The only "danger" is you might find modern days turbo trainers so much interactive than the ones of old that you then want to upgrade to a "direct drive" turbo trainer such as the Elite Direto (also a great price at Halfords at mo), which will give you more accurate power numbers, a larger range of slope emulation and a larger max power potential figure.


I got one from eBay last week - refurbished - 12 month warranty £130 - looks brand new Worth a hunt on there


Yip I am just grateful to be able to get out let alone to the top of our mountains!

Tacx Vortex Turbo Trainer at £199.99 @ Chain Reaction Cycles
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Posted 18th Nov 2019Posted 18th Nov 2019
Tacx Vortex Turbo Trainer at £199.99 @ Chain Reaction Cycles
£199.99£249.9920%Chain Reaction Cycles Deals
Bought this at £249 last week but just got an email saying code flash takes another 20% off for the next 2 days Description: Tacx Vortex Smart TrainerThe Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer… Read more

Bushido is 275 - anyone think it's worth the extra? Is there anything else worth considering for <£300?


Holding out for a half decent direct drive turbo during Black Friday. No idea if any will be reduced mind 😬


I've had mine for about 5 years now. Worth looking at the German sites to compare prices. The power lead is a standard type so easy to switch the plug from the Euro style.


Time machine time. Bought it for £179 from the same place in August. I'm not saying this isn't a good deal, it's the best one now, so voted hot, But, CRC sales are becomming a bit Sports Direct like, which just puts me off buying anything from CRC/Wiggle. Held off on the decision for a smart turbo trainer for far too long, I knew I had the tolerance for boredem so wasn't expecting it to collect dust, but just hesistated. This trainer is great though, good entry into it without going direct drive. Definitely been used a lot in the past months.


Pedals included?

Tacx Neo 2 Smart Trainer £819 @ Cycle Republic using code
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Posted 9th Nov 2019Posted 9th Nov 2019
Tacx Neo 2 Smart Trainer £819 @ Cycle Republic using code
Tacx Neo 2 Smart Trainer Currently on offer at £899, save an addtional £80 with code SAVE80 at checkout. Plus up to 18 months on 0% finance. The pinnacle of indoor bike training… Read more

Thanks for the heads up. Not sure if it's allowed, but I've updated the main link.


I'm getting a 404 from original link, but this works: https://www.cyclerepublic.com/catalog/product/view/id/96725/s/tacx-neo-2-smart-trainer/category/41/


Elite Drivo for £589 before a £25 voucher applied so some good deals on indoor trainers at Cycle Republic.


Twat springs to.mind??? (annoyed)


7.5% discount if you pay in-store with NHS discounts too so potentially £757

TACX RECONDITIONED T2240 FLOW SMART TRAINER £110 @ ebay / zyrolimitedplatinumcycling
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Posted 27th Oct 2019Posted 27th Oct 2019
TACX RECONDITIONED T2240 FLOW SMART TRAINER £110 @ ebay / zyrolimitedplatinumcycling
£110£18039%eBay Deals
Bought one of these "fully Smart" trainers for use with Zwift using a Laptop with Bluetooth/ANT+ sensor. Will make a difference over a "Dumb" trainer with a Speed/Cadence sensor. … Read more

Don’t worry that the resistance tops out at only 6% . As when using it with zwift it’s all about relative effort to the last ride. Yes you can buy smart trainers with up to 25% resistance which covers all gradient in zwift but they cost significantly more than this one


They're not the most reliable piece of equipment. That's what put me off buying a second hand one. Still a very good smart trainer for the money.


Bought this from same seller a few weeks ago. First unit went wrong (wouldn't transmit data). Got refund promptly and was happy enough to rebuy another unit. Great value for money.


If today was pay day i'd definitely be making another purchase that I didn't know I needed before opening hukd...


Thought I’d better add that I have had no other problems with this trainer. It’s actually been very good and the clicking noise only occurs at low speed and is an inconvenience rather than a show stopper.

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Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer now £161.10 @ CRC chain reaction
80° Expired
Posted 29th Aug 2019Posted 29th Aug 2019
Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer now £161.10 @ CRC chain reaction
looks a good deal use code EXTRA10

I'm surprised this didn't get the heat it deserves. Cracking deal for a very well reviewed smart trainer. I couldn't resist. Will have to do lots of training to justify this purchase.


Anyone else gonna be on Zwift today? (y)


Wiggle is the same company


Just bought this a week ago for just £10 off, oh well. At £169 I thought it was a cracking deal, £161 is better. (y) I've delayed for years getting a smart turbo trainer. Good stuff, don't regret it. In terms of top discounts until Wiggle and CRC (same company) dropped this to £179, I don't think this had dipped under the £200 mark before, and I'd always seen it at around £250.


I'm surprised I haven't sold mine considering the price of them

Tacx Flux S Direct Drive Smart Trainer £384.99 Wiggle
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Posted 17th Jul 2019Posted 17th Jul 2019
Tacx Flux S Direct Drive Smart Trainer £384.99 Wiggle
£384.99£549.9930%Wiggle Deals
The Flux S Direct Drive Smart Trainer is packed with the latest in modern indoor training innovations to keep your edge in the off-season or when the roads can't be run. Bluetooth … Read more

True, but with 2 years warranty and a further 10% off at Halfords. A decent calculated risk.


Should have pulled the pin on this, either sold out or price gone up! That said the belt thing causes some alarm.


In fact here, read this: https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2018/10/tacx-flux-s-trainer-in-depth-review.html#comment-3017044 Funnily enough DCR had to get a replacement for his review, seeing as the first... had the exact same belt problem everyone has had. (lol)


There have been some manufacturing changes since it was originally launched almost three years ago, but they were already present in the 2018 version of the Flux before they changed the name to Flux S. It's the same device barring the legs, as evidenced by the tons of people - me included - that have had both named models fail in exactly the same way. People have even taken them apart on the FB group and found the exact same construction.



Tacx Neo 2 - Smart Trainer @ Amazon with £110 voucher off - £989.99
-9° Expired
Posted 17th Jun 2019Posted 17th Jun 2019
Tacx Neo 2 - Smart Trainer @ Amazon with £110 voucher off - £989.99
£989.99£1,099.9910%Amazon Deals
Seems a good price for this from Amazon directly - yes you can buy a good bike for less, but those in the market for a top-end trainer this is the cheapest that I can find currentl… Read more

Thanks for posting @Muppethunter


Good price for a Neo 2 but there's no tangible reason to buy one over a Neo 1 which can commonly be found quite a bit cheaper. With the eBay code last week there were refurbs with 12 month warranty available for £630.


I think we are going to see some new trainer announcements as they are a few falling in price. Not sure whether to bite on this. Good trainer by all accounts.


ouch - does it at least have a transformer to supply energy back to the mains to offset the price?

Tacx Satori Smart Home Bike Trainer (2015 Model) now £81.12 delivered at Amazon
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Posted 17th Jun 2019Posted 17th Jun 2019
Tacx Satori Smart Home Bike Trainer (2015 Model) now £81.12 delivered at Amazon
£81.12£119.4132%Amazon Deals
Old model but excellent price! Operation handlebar resistance lever Magnetic resistance unit Realistic slope 10 positions Stand alone training Includes Skyliner Suitable fo… Read more

Excellent trainer for that price. I have one and have used it for a couple of years with no issues. Lever on handlebars to change resistance from level 1 to 10. This together with the gears on your bike give you a wide range of resistance to use. As above, requires a Ant+ dongle to use with laptop. On newer phones you can download the Zwift App and connect using Bluetooth. Great trainer for anyone who wants start out on Zwift.


On offer in Halfords at same price and can get 15% off bike accessories then British Cycling members get another 10% off.


Price dropped to £74.41 now. Absolute heat.


Some of the models in the Samsung 'A' range also have Ant+ sensors, namely the A70, A50 and A40 that I have seen the specs of so far.


Almost any trainer will connect to Zwift, so many claim to be 'smart'. The key bit you want/need for the full experience is two-way communication so that the game can adjust the resistance automatically. Got to be careful with some of them (such as the Muin linked above) which say they're smart and work with Zwift, but which is a little misleading as it only works one way.

Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer NOW possible £169 with code (10 off) @ Wiggle
253° Expired
Posted 13th Jun 2019Posted 13th Jun 2019
Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer NOW possible £169 with code (10 off) @ Wiggle
£169£362.9953%Wiggle Deals
You'll have to be a new customer for the extra £10 off, but you may be able to become a new customer again if you have a different email due to not using them for a while! Bought … Read more

It's a decent entry level trainer and a great price. I had one a couple of years ago before upgrading to a Neo, and it was a great way to get started on my ongoing Zwift addiction. The racing on Zwift is what keeps me coming back, a couple of races a week has you working out at intensities you wouldn't put yourself through without the desire to keep up with the pack, and hang in there until the end.


Well I find Zwift fun, addictive and motivating. (:I This is a fantastic price for a decent wheel-on trainer, heat added.


That so specific I feel sorry for you, but you did save me from looking into buying something I most likely wouldn't use as often as I tell myself I would .. so thank you


Here's a bit of advice: These sound like a good idea, but they take up space and don't get used. Eventually you find it's blocking the drinks cupboard door from opening freely, and you have to take three bottles out before your hand finds the one you are looking for. These are a great workout, but if you don't take to zwift or trainer road, which are not fun or addictive (unless you have a genuine goal), you might find going for a jog to be more rewarding, cheaper - but on the negative side, you can open the drinks cupboard easily.


Had to return the first two due to manufacturing faults but the thirds been spot on! Zwift is excellent motivation.

Tacx T2500 Booster Ultra High Power Magnetic Folding Trainer - NOW £89 Delivered at Merlin Cycles
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Posted 31st May 2019Posted 31st May 2019
Tacx T2500 Booster Ultra High Power Magnetic Folding Trainer - NOW £89 Delivered at Merlin Cycles
Give yourself a boost and train like a pro. Generate full strength through high power at low speeds Give yourself a boost with the Tacx Booster. This new cycletrainer with the s… Read more

The benefit of trainers isn't so much a simulation of outside as the ability to generate certain power bands as desired. That's a lot harder on the road due to lights, turns, etc. If you are less into structured training, it's less exciting.


I would say to anyone thinking about trying this... try and borrow one first. I used it for a month when I fractured my wrist and couldn't use the brakes out on the road. It is a LOT different to cycling other than the same physical movement. I commute the same way 50km every day - love it. Cycle the same course (there are only four and only one is any good) on Zwift every day and I was dying of boredom after 20km. Also invest in a big fan - you don't realise how sweaty you get until you're static. Plus a turbo tyre - I made the mistake of leaving my Gatorskin on and it ruined that. I only say that because it seems to be a Marmite thing - don't assume that because you enjoy cycling you will enjoy a turbo Those that enjoy it seem to be the ones who have invested in the proper resistance turbos, big screen to show the course... i.e. to make it as close to actual cycling. When you can go actual cycling actually outside.


Get one that powers a light bulb, at least you can see where your not going XD


get an interactive one much more fun with zwift rouvey or sufferfest

Tacx vortex turbo trainer £199.99 @ Wiggle
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Posted 18th Apr 2019Posted 18th Apr 2019
Tacx vortex turbo trainer £199.99 @ Wiggle
£199.99£25020%Wiggle Deals
Smart trainer for use with zwift and trainer road
Get deal*Get deal*

Being a smart trainer could I use an app on iPad to see a route to follow?


Don't leave this plugged in... Or use a surge protector...cost me £100 for a new power unit because I left it on overnight...


Lel owned by wiggle


If you want to use a 'big company' https://www.chainreactioncycles.com/tacx-vortex-smart-trainer/rp-prod125671 use code clear2019 to get it for £179


Go with this Bushido instead for the same price https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TACX-T2780-BUSHIDO-SMART-TRAINER-SRP-649-99/223393281661 I bought, delivered within a few days, brand new, works perfectly.

Tacx Neo Direct Drive Smart Trainer RRP £1199 NOW £789.99 with code at Chain Reaction
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Posted 9th Apr 2019Posted 9th Apr 2019
Tacx Neo Direct Drive Smart Trainer RRP £1199 NOW £789.99 with code at Chain Reaction
use code CLEAR2019

I bought a Flux from an offer on here and it broke (as they often do). I returned it and bought a Neo and it's vastly better, an incredible bit of kit. I don't think the Neo 2 offers much of an upgrade for the price difference, and certainly not for beginners like me.


I thought buying a bike was the hard bit, yea i no its good but id expect a bike with it at that price.


Excellent price for the best turbo trainer on the market. Neo2 is available now, but has seemingly had a few issues. I have had my Neo (one) for about 13 months now - no issues whatsoever.


Cyclists have more money


These things are neat, a friend had one of the originals and was amazed at being able to ride a tour De France route in your sitting room

Tacx Bushido T2780 Smart Trainer £199 @ eBay /  zyrolimitedplatinumcycling
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Posted 22nd Mar 2019Posted 22nd Mar 2019
Tacx Bushido T2780 Smart Trainer £199 @ eBay / zyrolimitedplatinumcycling
£199£54964%eBay Deals
The cheapest it's ever been and from a reputable seller. Details here: https://tacx.com/product/bushido-smart/

I've got 700x45


700C should be fine. @whitehawk what size are your hybrid wheels? I didn't think there would be anything that doesn't fit with the correct settings.


Ah right, let me know how it goes please. I’m hoping to use my 700c and not have to make any changes, it would probably put me off if I needed another wheel etc...just want it as simple as possible.


4 or 5 working days, it was quicker than what it said on Ebay. I haven't used it yet since my hybrid wheels are too big. Ordered a new wheel and training tyre to swap over


Cheers. How long was delivery? Noticed it reckons 8 days or so.

Tacx Bushido Smart Trainer [Android / iOS Compatible App] £274.99 Delivered with new customer code @ Wiggle
192° Expired
Posted 11th Mar 2019Posted 11th Mar 2019
Tacx Bushido Smart Trainer [Android / iOS Compatible App] £274.99 Delivered with new customer code @ Wiggle
£274.99£34921%Wiggle Deals
Dropped even further today making this model £274.99 for new accounts. Even without the £10 voucher is a cracking price on this. Not sure how low it will go, but you can't complain… Read more

It is as long as you have a decent bike to strap into it


Is this better than an exercise bike? Sorry for bring naive


Brill price this!

Tacx Bushido Smart Trainer [Android / iOS Compatible App] £279 Delivered with new customer code @ Wiggle
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Posted 1st Mar 2019Posted 1st Mar 2019
Tacx Bushido Smart Trainer [Android / iOS Compatible App] £279 Delivered with new customer code @ Wiggle
£279£34920%Wiggle Deals
It's peddling it's way down all the time. Already a good price at £289, but with code NEWGB you can get £10 off a £50 spend. Looks bang on for £279! iOS - Tacx Cycling app … Read more

Can you use the tacx real life films with this? Found the answer - The films of the Tacx Cycling app cannot be combined with films of the Tacx Trainer software.


Tempted ... Even if it costs more than my 20 year old road bike lol


I highly recommend this. Great for Zwift etc. Great price.


Same here but can't justify until I've sold my spin bike


Almost bought this last wk at 300, this is very very tempting

Tacx Neo 2 Turbo Trainer - Halfords  - £1067.35 (£960.82 for British Cycling Members)
-102° Expired
Posted 30th Jan 2019Posted 30th Jan 2019
Tacx Neo 2 Turbo Trainer - Halfords - £1067.35 (£960.82 for British Cycling Members)
£1,067.35Halfords Deals
Recently released Tacx Neo 2 Smart Turbo Trainer, currently considered the best available and usually priced accordingly. Most places seem ti have at full RRP of 1,199. Halfords a… Read more

I bought via Amazon and that turned out to be the right choice - my first unit was faulty (it would overheat after a few minutes) and Amazon have sent a replacement for free before I sent the old one back. It was much easier to swap between the units, verify that it was all right etc. So a bit like buy TVs at John Lewis or Richer Sounds for 5/6 year warranty, I'd say buy this at a place that gives you the best return and warranty policy - TacX own warranty and customer care sucks - it took them two week to even get back to me, by which time I already had a replacement from Amazon.


As mentioned this is incorrect. I used my BC discount on the Elite Drivo which is currently on sale for £650. So £585 with the discount. It is a cracking piece of kit and must knock all other top end units into touch at this price. I would recommend it.


The use of discount against general sale items is specifically mentioned in t&c's, they clamped down a few months ago • Discount cannot be used in conjunction with other instore promotions. • Discount not applicable on sale items.


You can certainly use it against national/general sale items, the terms permit it. Price matching and locally discounted items maybe not, but there's no harm in trying.


If you go via Quidco before click and collect you get 6% cashback too which already tracked for me at £66. I think the key to the cycling club discount is whether it is price matched (which they allow) or whether it is on sale (which they don’t allow).

Tacx Bushido Smart Trainer - 45% off - £299.99 @ Wiggle
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Posted 25th Jan 2019Posted 25th Jan 2019
Tacx Bushido Smart Trainer - 45% off - £299.99 @ Wiggle
£299.99Wiggle Deals
Bargain. Perfect for Zwift.

apples and pears


This is a pretty good price for a decent wheel-on trainer. I bought the smaller brother of this (Tacx Vortex) at the end of 2017, used it in Zwift races and enjoyed it so much I traded up to a direct drive Tacx Neo (i.e. remove the wheel, and mount the bike directly on the trainer's axle). The higher end devices can be pretty pricey (~£1000), but they're more realistic, more accurate, more powerful, quieter and like this, great fun.


I really need a smart trainer in my life but these mix reviews cause me concern Undecided what to do...... Tempted


Zwift is only one of the training options, there are plenty. Smart trainers are essentially capable of two-way communication with another device (such as a computer, phone, tablet etc) so instead of just sending your power/speed/cadence output for software to record, they can also receive instructions back and automatically change the resistance to simulate hills or for interval training. They're brilliant for increasing your immersion and engagement with your training programme IMO. As you spend more money, some other minor features are added but generally your money goes on better road feel, more resistance (ie the ability to simulate steeper hills) and better mechanics leading to them being more quiet in use.


It’s a great price. I only buy cheap smart trainers like Tacx Flow as they breakdown after a lot of use/wear, which is fine. Except the spare parts are so expensive- that it’s cheaper to buy a new one.

Tacx Flux - £399 @ eBay Halfords Store (free C&C)
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Posted 26th Nov 2018Posted 26th Nov 2018
Tacx Flux - £399 @ eBay Halfords Store (free C&C)
£399£699.9943%eBay Deals
Smart turbo trainer
Get deal*Get deal*

Decided to send it back... Not worth the hassle when it breaks


turbo muin smart b+ woth power meter for me!


This is still the original version, but Tacx claim they've sorted out all the early problems (and have also put said internal changes into the Flux S which is the replacement but apart from long cage compatibility, exactly the same). It's categorically not true. I've already had two myself and there are many others in the same boat.


I knew 2 people who sent the original version back, hadn't realised the version 2 was having problems, perhaps Tacx do it so that everyone realises how good the neo is by comparison.


Great smart trainer in principle that is laughably unreliable in practice. Check the owners group on Facebook and don't believe anyone that says the problems are fixed on the 2018 revision. If anyone decides to take the risk, I strongly recommend NOT buying online, as it's very likely you'll need to take at least one unit back to the store for a replacement.

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