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TACX Neo 2 Special Edition Smart Trainer £699.99 @ Chain Reaction
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Posted 24th FebPosted 24th Feb
TACX Neo 2 Special Edition Smart Trainer £699.99 @ Chain Reaction£699.99 Free P&P FreeChain Reaction Cycles Deals
I realise this is a bit niche and is likely to be voted cold simply due to the price and confusion as to what on earth it is. However, I think it's a great price for a top level turbo traine…
Avatar grumpyturnip
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I got kikr cos was 500 cheaper( climb money ) and possibly cheaper to fix compared neo - which seems to be ALL electronic


I've had a Flux S for 3 years (6500 miles) and it's been faultless. I think all trainers have their problems no matter which manufacturer or model you choose. So far the Neo 2 has been great, I've used it for 6 rides now, but it's very early days and time will tell if it was a good purchase or not. At the price it was offered I thought it worth a punt ;)


I had the Flux 2 model which is a cheaper version of this. I sent it back as it the belt squeaked and squealed so much it was annoying. Seems quite a common issue with Tacx from what I read.


I've had an original Tacx Neo for just over 4 years, riding 27,000 km in Zwift (just checked). It's been excellent over this period, although I did have to get a replacement after a couple of months due to overheating (a common problem on earlier models, now modified). Customer service with Tacx was easy, and I also subsequently got a flywheel removal tool from them for free when I asked. Customer service was initially poor (I gather) under Garmin, but has improved to a degree. The Neo 2 SE is similar to the Neo 2, but with added axle compatibility (see https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2021/01/update-explainer-tidbits.html for details). These devices take quite a physical beating, and you'll hear horror stories from Tacx and Wahoo users regarding reliability and service. Personally, I don't think either company has an edge, if I was buying again I'd buy from either vendor, and price would probably be the differentiator between a Neo 2 and a Wahoo Kickr.


This is not the 2T, it is a 2 which is basically the same as the 1. The bearings are actually fairly easy to replace on the 1 if you ever need to do it.

Garmin Tacx Boost Trainer, Indoor Bike Trainer - £89 @ Amazon
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Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
Garmin Tacx Boost Trainer, Indoor Bike Trainer - £89 @ Amazon£89£249.9964% offAmazon Deals
Features & details Included speed sensor allows you to track speed and distance and train with your favorite apps — such as the Tacx Training app, Zwift and TrainerRoad Powerful magnetic…

With all that comes with it, this is a great deal. Garmin speed sensor is £30 alone Riser block probably £10


Also, with the garmin sensor that’s included it pairs up nicely with my watch (fenix) so I can record the workout


Good price considering how much they officially sell for. I prefer old school trainers like this - simply because they are boring and hard work - and when I go on the road then it feels even better relative to the turbo! It also means that when the weather is half decent then I’ll always go on the road because I don’t have a snazzy smart turbo where it’s easier to be lazy and stay in. also no electronic bits to go faulty. Voted hot on the price - as some other sites also have sale but no where near this price.


Still at £89


It does not change the resistance, you do with your hand. Also the trainer does not have Bluetooth, the sensor has!

Tacx Neo Smart Bike - £1800 + £60 Delivery @ Zwift
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Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
Tacx Neo Smart Bike - £1800 + £60 Delivery @ Zwift£1,860£2,299.9919% off
Best price out there for this fully loaded indoor smart bike compatible with all the Apps. Probably the safest way to train while the weather is blowing hard! UNLOCK A CUSTOM VIRTUAL KIT Bu…

Be very sure what you are buying. The original Peloton is NOT a smart trainer, you need to twist a knob to adjust the resistance and it's no better than a cheap exercise bike with a tablet mounted to the front! Also the subscription is £39/month, so you will be paying almost £1k over 2 years, vs £288 for Zwift, although they are of course very different systems. Peloton is better if you want to benefit from the group live training sessions. The Tacx Neo deal above is pretty good - you could buy that and then get a really nice road bike for £1k and be able to ride it outside in the summer.


There is the Renpho AI smart bike for £699 that might be in your criteria, it got a reasonable review from road.cc taking into account it reviews from the keen cyclist viewpoint. https://road.cc/content/review/renpho-ai-smart-bike-289811#comments


The neo 2 SE is currently £700 at wiggle/chain reaction i'd get that then a £700-£800 bike to go with it, you could leave the bike on the trainer giving you pretty much this in different form or you could have it as a bike as well! win win!


appreciate the response, thinking i might get a second hand peloton then, bike and app seems reasonable and then resale value shouldnt be too much of a hit


I don't think there are any full bikes in that range, you'd be best just getting a standard smart trainer (eg. a Kickr Core) and then a cheap road bike to go on it. Pretty much any smart trainer will work with any software I think!

Garmin Tacx Boost Trainer, Indoor Bike Trainer - £109.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 10th FebPosted 10th Feb
Garmin Tacx Boost Trainer, Indoor Bike Trainer - £109.99 @ Amazon£109.99 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Massively reduced Bike Trainer set on Amazon with all your needs reduced from £249.99 to £109.99 this also has free returns, so if it doesn’t suit you can always return it. this will not …
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This is £89 now


Regardless of the legitimacy of the OP this appears a good deal if you ask the camel. Came across it while browsing Amazon but my current one isn't broken enough to pull the trigger.


And the user is suspended now (lol) plot thickens.


Can only go by what I see. Nothing wrong with the deal other than the original description lol


I’ve used this site for around a year now but never had an account, I do understand it looks dodgy but unfortunately I’m not sponsored!

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TACX Cycling Turbo Trainers reduced by 20% via Student + Discount portals - £559 @ Garmin via Totum
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Posted 26th JanPosted 26th Jan
TACX Cycling Turbo Trainers reduced by 20% via Student + Discount portals - £559 @ Garmin via Totum£559£69920% off Free P&P FreeGarmin Shop Deals
These have been added since i last looked at the Totum Garmin discount portal link all at 20% discount
Avatar charltonfan1

I had more disposable income as a student than I do now (and I didn't get a grant, nor did my parents pay my rent - I saved up before going, worked during the holidays and took out the standard student loan... but then again I was only paying £3k tuition fees back then...)


Not all students are young, or broke. Many have mummy or daddies credit card or are mature students and potentially already employed earning £££ whilst studying part time for example.


Students can afford that?


You'll just need to add a spacer on the neo hub to allow 8spd cassette. 1.85mm I believe. Cost a few quid. Might even come with one.


I'd love a neo 2t but I'm pretty sure the bike I use on my present smart trainer (flux s) isn't compatible with it only being 8 speed, anyone know if that's correct?

Tacx NEO Bike Smart Trainer - £1,799.91 with code @ Start Fitness
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Posted 25th Dec 2021Posted 25th Dec 2021
Tacx NEO Bike Smart Trainer - £1,799.91 with code @ Start Fitness£1,799.91£2,299.9922% off Free P&P FreeStart Fitness Deals
Tacx NEO Bike Smart Trainer, reduced to £1,999.99 and take further 10% of to bring down to £1,799.91 using code EXTRA10 I have been looking for one of these for a while and this is the che…
Avatar Merls

I was weighing up between the wattbike and the Tacx bike, the wattbike is rarely discounted and was 5-6 week lead time, so opted for the Tacx, I don't know much about the SB20, but it seems to have mixed reviews, the kickr bike was out of budget. The fans are better than I expected, but if you're in a warm room you're going to need something bigger to keep you cool. The screen is pretty useful and shows the virtual gear, heart rate, cadence, power and the mode you're in. It does mean you can use as a standalone bike in ERG mode, riding to a target power. Photo of the crank, much better design; Enjoy which ever bike you decide to get (y)


Many thanks for this, it's all really helpful, I'm glad to hear you have no regrets - sounds like I'll be going for the Tacx. I've been torn between this, the Wattbike, and the Stages SB20. I've been swayed towards the Tacx as it seems the most easily adjustable, and the integrated screen & fans are a really nice touch. The fiddly crank system was the one sticking point for me with this - having said that, all the trustworthy reviews I've found have been for early models, so thanks for confirming they've changed it!


I have riden a few times and I'm very impressed with bike, its incredibly solid, weighing in at 50kg, great build quality, adjustability and really smooth in operation. The companion app is polished and easy to setup, create workouts, or choose from public workouts created by other users. If you want to ride a Tacx training plan, then you need to upgrade to premium. I guess most will use with Zwift. After watching GP Lamas YouTube review, I was expecting a few issues, but it seems Tacx also watched the same video and addressed all the niggles, including the over engineered crank length, they have changed to a similar system to wattbike. It's still early days, but I'm very happy with the purchase and have no regrets. You thinking of getting one?


Have you tried it out yet? Quite keen to hear your verdict, and if they've sorted out some of the teething problems from last year?


Back in stock