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Tacx Neo 2T smart turbo trainer £1068.75 @ Biketart
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Posted 11th Oct 2020Posted 11th Oct 2020
Tacx Neo 2T smart turbo trainer £1068.75 @ Biketart£1,068.75£1,1255% off Free P&P Freebiketart Deals
One of the cheapest prices for hard to find discounted smart turbo trainers. Create a free account for 5% off with code take5 and it’s down to £1068.75.

I've had a Tacx neo for 3 years, absolutely crazy how expensive these have got with indoor training taking off. I only paid £750 for a neo back then. This is a good deal looking at the usual price for the unit, Tacx neo is very good. Stop voting cold if you have no idea what it is.


Had a tacx neo original and had a carbon bike on it for a year. Never any issues personally


You tend to find that all the impedance tails off after a couple of klicks hard running and, honestly, if you're going to invest in this sort of gear you don't want that to become your limiting factor. Carbon. Forks. Vroom. OK, so I have no idea what any of this is, nor really does. I just wanted to pretend for a moment that I had the money to spare to consider buying a second bike to use with a piece of equipment that appears to be a way of spending a months' wages to stop my bike working. It was fun.


I just bought the flux s but I’m in two minds whether to put my bianchi oltre on it or buy a cheaper bike for indoor training. I’ve read that turbo trainers aren’t good for carbon frames. Interested to know if anyone has had any problems in that regard


Im sorry OP this is going to get voted cold by the couch dwellers who thought it was a games console or a graphics card. Although the supply is now catching up again very few places are discounting these at all and they all seem to have levelled out at £1199 therefore good price (y)

Tacx Galaxia Rollers - £154.74 @ Amazon
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Posted 22nd Dec 2019Posted 22nd Dec 2019
Tacx Galaxia Rollers - £154.74 @ Amazon£154.74Amazon Deals
In stock on January 4th, 2020. Description Tacx Antares Tacx Galaxia From cycle shop to manufacturer The Tacx company started in 1957 as an ordinary cycle shop and has since beco… Read more

Had a set of these off Amazon a couple of years ago. The in-line movement of the rollers certainly helped when on sprints but the main problem was how loose the bearings were on each side of the rollers. They were just pushed in and worked loose within a few minutes. When this happened it created a lot of noise and vibration. Called Amazon and decided to return them, even after being offered them for £50 as they were. I got a set of Elite Arion basic rollers and they have been great and much easier to use and transport.


In a Galaxia far, far away.......Mr Vader wished he hadn't insisted on the racing saddle for his speeder as it was starting to chafe


Dose anyone have any story's with this cool piece of tex?

Tacx Neo 2 Smart Cycle Turbo Trainer £899.99 @ Wiggle
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Posted 28th Nov 2019Posted 28th Nov 2019
Tacx Neo 2 Smart Cycle Turbo Trainer £899.99 @ Wiggle£899.99£1,19925% offWiggle Deals
Description With features such as Road-Feel, Dynamic Inertia and Descent Simulation working to make every stationary session as true-to-life as possible, the Neo 2 Smart comes wit… Read more

I'd probably got fopr the refurb kickr or core deal that was posted over this for the price


I don't understand which bit Darth Vader is meant to emerge from.


May be worth mentioning that this looks like the T2850 and not the newer (and quite a bit more expensive) T2875. Not 100% sure though so worth checking if you must have the latest version.


Also, this was cheaper at another retailer earlier this month (with discount code): https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/tacx-neo-2-smart-trainer-3327547. Might be worth holding out to tomorrow/Monday, see if there's any movement.


Got a snap myself, such a huge price difference but this looks great

Tacx Flow T2240 Interactive Turbo Trainer £165 @ Halfords (less 10% for BC members)
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Posted 19th Nov 2019Posted 19th Nov 2019
Tacx Flow T2240 Interactive Turbo Trainer £165 @ Halfords (less 10% for BC members)£165Halfords Deals
Great value introduction for winter "smart" indoor cycle training. Provides computer controlled resistance for simulating different loads/terrain during training. Needs mains powe… Read more

This is computer controlled to simulate inclines ( effectively increase resistance) but lacks portability of rollers ( especially for pre race warm ups). Id argue that they offer different experiences. This is ideal for using a training programme through something like zwift.


Why not Rollers rather than this?


By default, Zwift does default "trainer difficulty" (slope feel) to 50%, so when set up properly this turbo will emulate a slope of half the value you see on the screen... Not double as you suggest! ;) The steepest slope gradient, albeit it very briefly, is ~20% on the Harrowgate UCI course reverse (at the base of the short and sharp Pot Bank climb). Other routes with inclines of note typically max out at ~17%, so if you set "trainer difficulty" to ~33%, you would feel all gradient changes except that very brief Pot Bank patch. Having reduced "trainer difficulty" to a lower number, the effort (power) you have to generate to move up the slopes will be lower for any given gear, but Zwift will then calculate your progress up the slopes according to your power, weight and on lower gradient slopes any drafting affect too from following other riders in close proximity. This turbo is a great deal if you are unsure about dipping your toes into "two-way interactive" turbo training, where in freeride you can feel some slope change, but in "ERG" mode you can use training programs where Zwift wtc. will tell the turbo to alter resistance (power) while you typically remain in a single sprocket for the whole program. The only "danger" is you might find modern days turbo trainers so much interactive than the ones of old that you then want to upgrade to a "direct drive" turbo trainer such as the Elite Direto (also a great price at Halfords at mo), which will give you more accurate power numbers, a larger range of slope emulation and a larger max power potential figure.


I got one from eBay last week - refurbished - 12 month warranty £130 - looks brand new Worth a hunt on there


Yip I am just grateful to be able to get out let alone to the top of our mountains!

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Tacx Vortex Turbo Trainer at £199.99 @ Chain Reaction Cycles
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Posted 18th Nov 2019Posted 18th Nov 2019
Tacx Vortex Turbo Trainer at £199.99 @ Chain Reaction Cycles£199.99£249.9920% offChain Reaction Cycles Deals
Bought this at £249 last week but just got an email saying code flash takes another 20% off for the next 2 days Description: Tacx Vortex Smart TrainerThe Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer… Read more

Bushido is 275 - anyone think it's worth the extra? Is there anything else worth considering for <£300?


Holding out for a half decent direct drive turbo during Black Friday. No idea if any will be reduced mind 😬


I've had mine for about 5 years now. Worth looking at the German sites to compare prices. The power lead is a standard type so easy to switch the plug from the Euro style.


Time machine time. Bought it for £179 from the same place in August. I'm not saying this isn't a good deal, it's the best one now, so voted hot, But, CRC sales are becomming a bit Sports Direct like, which just puts me off buying anything from CRC/Wiggle. Held off on the decision for a smart turbo trainer for far too long, I knew I had the tolerance for boredem so wasn't expecting it to collect dust, but just hesistated. This trainer is great though, good entry into it without going direct drive. Definitely been used a lot in the past months.


Pedals included?

Tacx Neo 2 Smart Trainer £819 @ Cycle Republic using code
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Posted 9th Nov 2019Posted 9th Nov 2019
Tacx Neo 2 Smart Trainer £819 @ Cycle Republic using code£819£8999% offCyclerepublic Deals
Tacx Neo 2 Smart Trainer Currently on offer at £899, save an addtional £80 with code SAVE80 at checkout. Plus up to 18 months on 0% finance. The pinnacle of indoor bike training… Read more

Thanks for the heads up. Not sure if it's allowed, but I've updated the main link.


I'm getting a 404 from original link, but this works: https://www.cyclerepublic.com/catalog/product/view/id/96725/s/tacx-neo-2-smart-trainer/category/41/


Elite Drivo for £589 before a £25 voucher applied so some good deals on indoor trainers at Cycle Republic.


Twat springs to.mind??? (annoyed)


7.5% discount if you pay in-store with NHS discounts too so potentially £757