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I bought a Flux from an offer on here and it broke (as they often do). I returned it and bought a Neo and it's vastly better, an incredible bit of kit. I don't think the Neo 2 offers much of an upgrade for the price difference, and certainly not for beginners like me.


I thought buying a bike was the hard bit, yea i no its good but id expect a bike with it at that price.


Excellent price for the best turbo trainer on the market. Neo2 is available now, but has seemingly had a few issues. I have had my Neo (one) for about 13 months now - no issues whatsoever.


Cyclists have more money


These things are neat, a friend had one of the originals and was amazed at being able to ride a tour De France route in your sitting room

Tacx Bushido T2780 Smart Trainer £199 @ eBay /  zyrolimitedplatinumcycling
Found 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
The cheapest it's ever been and from a reputable seller. Details here: https://tacx.com/product/bushido-smart/

I've got 700x45


700C should be fine. @whitehawk what size are your hybrid wheels? I didn't think there would be anything that doesn't fit with the correct settings.


Ah right, let me know how it goes please. I’m hoping to use my 700c and not have to make any changes, it would probably put me off if I needed another wheel etc...just want it as simple as possible.


4 or 5 working days, it was quicker than what it said on Ebay. I haven't used it yet since my hybrid wheels are too big. Ordered a new wheel and training tyre to swap over


Cheers. How long was delivery? Noticed it reckons 8 days or so.

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Tacx Bushido Smart Trainer [Android / iOS Compatible App] £274.99 Delivered with new customer code @ Wiggle
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
Dropped even further today making this model £274.99 for new accounts. Even without the £10 voucher is a cracking price on this. Not sure how low it will go, but you can't complain… Read more

It is as long as you have a decent bike to strap into it


Is this better than an exercise bike? Sorry for bring naive


Brill price this!

Tacx Bushido Smart Trainer [Android / iOS Compatible App] £279 Delivered with new customer code @ Wiggle
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
It's peddling it's way down all the time. Already a good price at £289, but with code NEWGB you can get £10 off a £50 spend. Looks bang on for £279! iOS - Tacx Cycling app … Read more

Can you use the tacx real life films with this? Found the answer - The films of the Tacx Cycling app cannot be combined with films of the Tacx Trainer software.


Tempted ... Even if it costs more than my 20 year old road bike lol


I highly recommend this. Great for Zwift etc. Great price.


Same here but can't justify until I've sold my spin bike


Almost bought this last wk at 300, this is very very tempting

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Tacx Neo 2 Turbo Trainer - Halfords  - £1067.35 (£960.82 for British Cycling Members)
Found 30th JanFound 30th Jan
Recently released Tacx Neo 2 Smart Turbo Trainer, currently considered the best available and usually priced accordingly. Most places seem ti have at full RRP of 1,199. Halfords a… Read more

I bought via Amazon and that turned out to be the right choice - my first unit was faulty (it would overheat after a few minutes) and Amazon have sent a replacement for free before I sent the old one back. It was much easier to swap between the units, verify that it was all right etc. So a bit like buy TVs at John Lewis or Richer Sounds for 5/6 year warranty, I'd say buy this at a place that gives you the best return and warranty policy - TacX own warranty and customer care sucks - it took them two week to even get back to me, by which time I already had a replacement from Amazon.


As mentioned this is incorrect. I used my BC discount on the Elite Drivo which is currently on sale for £650. So £585 with the discount. It is a cracking piece of kit and must knock all other top end units into touch at this price. I would recommend it.


The use of discount against general sale items is specifically mentioned in t&c's, they clamped down a few months ago • Discount cannot be used in conjunction with other instore promotions. • Discount not applicable on sale items.


You can certainly use it against national/general sale items, the terms permit it. Price matching and locally discounted items maybe not, but there's no harm in trying.


If you go via Quidco before click and collect you get 6% cashback too which already tracked for me at £66. I think the key to the cycling club discount is whether it is price matched (which they allow) or whether it is on sale (which they don’t allow).

Tacx Bushido Smart Trainer - 45% off - £299.99 @ Wiggle
Found 25th JanFound 25th Jan
Bargain. Perfect for Zwift.

apples and pears


This is a pretty good price for a decent wheel-on trainer. I bought the smaller brother of this (Tacx Vortex) at the end of 2017, used it in Zwift races and enjoyed it so much I traded up to a direct drive Tacx Neo (i.e. remove the wheel, and mount the bike directly on the trainer's axle). The higher end devices can be pretty pricey (~£1000), but they're more realistic, more accurate, more powerful, quieter and like this, great fun.


I really need a smart trainer in my life but these mix reviews cause me concern Undecided what to do...... Tempted


Zwift is only one of the training options, there are plenty. Smart trainers are essentially capable of two-way communication with another device (such as a computer, phone, tablet etc) so instead of just sending your power/speed/cadence output for software to record, they can also receive instructions back and automatically change the resistance to simulate hills or for interval training. They're brilliant for increasing your immersion and engagement with your training programme IMO. As you spend more money, some other minor features are added but generally your money goes on better road feel, more resistance (ie the ability to simulate steeper hills) and better mechanics leading to them being more quiet in use.


It’s a great price. I only buy cheap smart trainers like Tacx Flow as they breakdown after a lot of use/wear, which is fine. Except the spare parts are so expensive- that it’s cheaper to buy a new one.

Tacx Flux - £399 @ eBay Halfords Store (free C&C)
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
Tacx Flux - £399 @ eBay Halfords Store (free C&C)
£399£699.9943%eBay Deals
Smart turbo trainer
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Decided to send it back... Not worth the hassle when it breaks


turbo muin smart b+ woth power meter for me!


This is still the original version, but Tacx claim they've sorted out all the early problems (and have also put said internal changes into the Flux S which is the replacement but apart from long cage compatibility, exactly the same). It's categorically not true. I've already had two myself and there are many others in the same boat.


I knew 2 people who sent the original version back, hadn't realised the version 2 was having problems, perhaps Tacx do it so that everyone realises how good the neo is by comparison.


Great smart trainer in principle that is laughably unreliable in practice. Check the owners group on Facebook and don't believe anyone that says the problems are fixed on the 2018 revision. If anyone decides to take the risk, I strongly recommend NOT buying online, as it's very likely you'll need to take at least one unit back to the store for a replacement.

Tacx Flux S Smart Bike Trainer - £399 @ Amazon
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
I was going to get the Flux as my first turbo trainer, but found the S for the same price direct from amazon with their great return policy! What's everyones thoughts? You have to … Read more
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I'm looking at getting into direct drive trainers, will this work with a Mountain Bike? I'm currently using a Concept2 Bike Erg but want the more responsive feel of gradient changes etc.


I bought a Flux in October for £450.... It's just developed a belt fault, so I'm now looking at returning it... debating buying this, but don't know if I want to wait until Jan :(


Mine went missing in transit. How is that possible for an 8kg plus box.... DPD say they never got it, Amazon say it got lost by DPD. Anywho - now no trainer untile Jan 2nd at least as out of stock.... let's hope that comes forward


Delivery date for me is Monday.


£450 now which is still a bargain. Mine arrives on Monday

Tacx Flux Smart Turbo Trainer T2900 £475 - Sigma Sports
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
Tacx Flux Smart Turbo Trainer T2900 £475 - Sigma Sports
£475£69932%sigmasport Deals
Been after one of these for a while but a bit pricey. This seems an absolute steal though and can’t see it cheaper anywhere else. Great for anyone looking for a Turbo Trainer t… Read more
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Thanks gus77 you must have a fast computer than me. Still a deal 🤠


Obviously not been looking too hard. It's been £450 in Halfords for weeks and now reduced again.


And this: halfords.com/cycling/turbo-trainers/trainers/tacx-flux-smart-trainer


A simple google search returned this cyclerepublic.com/tacx-flux-smart-trainer.html

Tacx Blue Twist T2675 Turbo Trainer £65.99 for new accounts w/code @ CRC (£10 off a £50 spend for new accounts)
Found 30th Oct 2018Found 30th Oct 2018
Tacx Blue Twist T2675 Turbo Trainer £65.99 for new accounts w/code @ CRC (£10 off a £50 spend for new accounts)
Good price for those on a lower budget. I've posted these before for a little more, but I don't think I've seen it this low before. TO get this price you need to have a new account… Read more

Ordered just now. Just been to Physio and he mentioned these are good for building up my muscles in injured legs. Don't really want to be riding around outside in this weather. Thanks op


I used to use GCN videos on youtube with my turbo before I invested in a smart turbo. I now use Zwift with a Tacx Neo


You may by using a speed/cadence sensor (Bluetooth or ant, ant will probably need a dongle on the PC) but last time I used this i was very disappointed. If you really want to connect to zwift or any other app, it's better if you invest in a smart trainer.


You can link to Zwift its a subscription software, there are others but I use Zwift. You may need and Ant+ dongle to connect it.


Anybody linked these to any apps? Is this the piece of kit needed for that or something else? Don't fancy cycling and going no where.

Tacx Flux Smart Turbo Trainer £450 (potential £405) @ Halfords
Found 29th Sep 2018Found 29th Sep 2018
If you are looking for a serious direct drive smart turbo trainer but can't justify spending £1000 on a Tacx Neo or Wahoo Kickr this is one of the "best of the rest". Halfords curr… Read more
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Awesome, great price on the Neo too. Will give Halfords a go later on and get an order in at Tredz (y)


There was literally no questions on returning it - just put back on the card, they didn't even ask for any detail on the fault. Bizarre but not a problem for me of course! I ordered Neo from Tredz this morning - £754.99 after the Black Friday discount + 3% Quidco on top.


Good to know Gareth79, let us know how you get on with taking it back as I might be doing the same. The neo is a tempting upgrade at its current price, Halfords no longer sell it however.


Further to my purchase on the 17th October, after doing 300km-ish on it, the trainer has developed a belt squeak and, at higher power, a clicking noise on overrun/freewheel, so the 2018 labeled ones aren't any better! It's good fun aside though! I'll try and take it back one evening next week. I'll be annoyed if I'm kept from one for more than a few days. I'm not sure whether to upgrade to the Neo (which a lot of Flux owners have done and are very pleased) or switch to another model.


This trainer is now £399 as one of the Black Friday Deals.

Tacx Blue Matic Folding Bike Bicycle Cycling Indoor Magnetic Resistance Trainer £76.50 w/code delivered @ Halfords / eBay
Found 11th Sep 2018Found 11th Sep 2018
Tacx Blue Matic Folding Bike Bicycle Cycling Indoor Magnetic Resistance Trainer £76.50 w/code delivered @ Halfords / eBay
£76.50£99.9923%eBay Deals
Possibly the cheapest I've seen the tacx T2650 - £76.50 is a decent price for those looking for a good option on a lower budget. Reviews are good and those will be based around the… Read more

I was looking at a direct drive trainer, mate works at Halfords so would get 25% off the cost which makes it very tempting. Just worried with the reviews.


Look out for refurbs, come with a full warranty and circa £800~ Honestly though I wouldn't recommend even a Flux (£570+) given the issues and the price point, not until you've got the bug... just buy something in the £350-450 range that meets your needs. That being said, if you need a spare wheel, trainer tyre and cassette (i.e you plan to have the ability to remove your bike from the trainer and ride outdoors in the winter) then that obviously makes the £600 trainers slightly less costly. As with all things cycling, it's easy to go overboard...


Excellent, but can you get one at a decent price. It's just been updated to be quieter, and it has a baby brother now too, the Kickr Core. That's all great, but it means holding out if you want a decent discount on either. Looking ahead, if you want to build the ultimate pain cave, replete with Wahoo's Kickr Climb, then you'll have to go with Wahoo as the Climb isn't compatible with another brand. (You can use the Kickr Headwind with any other brand of trainer however).


Yep but i will miss the thrill of coming off in the ice in the early morning


Is the Wahoo Kickr a good shout?

Tacx Flux Smart Trainer - PURE10 code brings down from £450 to £405
Found 10th Sep 2018Found 10th Sep 2018
Tacx Flux Smart Trainer - PURE10 code brings down from £450 to £405
£405£699.9942%eBay Deals
Posted yesterday at £450 and I was really tempted, checked today and it's got an extra 10% off... bargain in my opinion. The FLUX is a compact and realistic interactive direct dri… Read more

£35.99 for a yoga mat with "Tacx" written on it isn't a good price :/


I'm waiting for the Direto myself I think


Tacx Skyline - Front wheel holder Tacx protection mat I also got these as the also have 10% off and seem good prices (highfive)


This or wait for a possible offer on a Elite direto? Very tempting


Have one wanted to change brand after a cheaper tacx but at the time these were the only reasonably priced wheel of trainer. Early ones had issues and would have all been replaced. 2 year European warranty.

Tacx Flux £450 @ Halfords Ebay
Found 9th Sep 2018Found 9th Sep 2018
Tacx Flux £450 @ Halfords Ebay
£450£51112%eBay Deals
Tacx Flux Smart Trainer £60 quid less than Halfords website, which was already the cheapest around by a stretch Free delivery and click and collect

how has the trainer been? is it worth the investment?


I’m ready to go bud, got the utility on my phone and Zwift from previous trainer!


It comes with 30 days free Tacx Desktop software, so you may want to download and set this up beforehand, so that you can hit the ground running?


Ace Mine arrives today!


Cheers OP! Purchased and have just set this up! Really pleased with it. It's a bit step up from my Tacx Flow Smart T2240!

Found 17th Jul 2018Found 17th Jul 2018
Tacx Neo £945 + 10% off when added to basket, + AN EXTRA £10% off when click and collecting with various standard Halfords discounts (e.g. NHS, British cycling, age concern etc)… Read more

Just FYI - British Cycling membership cards can no longer be used on discounted items at Halfords. I had that issue last time I tried to buy something from there. Might be the same for the rest unless its a gift card top up style discount


My old Tacx came with some basic software so assume it does, but if you’re spending this kind of money on a trainer I’d recommend Zwift as well.


Does it come with software, or do you have to subscribe to Zwift?


Exactly. This is the cheapest this has been. Plenty of cyclists are buying them. It's the new golf don't you know?


The best trainer on the market. My old man has one, and it's great! Everytime I ride it, and go back to my Tacx Flow Smart I think about selling a kidney!

Tacx Neo Smart Indoor Cycle Trainer, Prime Day Deal, £797.66 @ Amazon (Prime exclusive)
Found 17th Jul 2018Found 17th Jul 2018
Tacx Neo Smart Indoor Cycle Trainer, Prime Day Deal, £797.66 @ Amazon (Prime exclusive)
£797.66Amazon Deals
Time running out for this great price on the pinacle of indoor cycling. yes it's expensive but for those that know it's not been this price for a while if ever. Ends in 3.5 hours… Read more
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You know the rules. If you have a better deal, link to it.


HOT HOT HOT. 3 camels says this is the lowest price by about £35. I've certainly never seen it this low anywhere. If only I had the spare cash ;(


Cheaper at Halford's today if you have British Cycling Membership. 10% off on top of the 10% today only discount.

Tacx Flow T2240 Smart Trainer (fully Zwift compatible) for £180 at Halfords in 10% off flash sale
Found 16th Jul 2018Found 16th Jul 2018
10% off everything today as part of their site-wide flash sale. Looks like a good price, but I'm not sure whether to pull the trigger or not considering I probably won't be using i… Read more

Post was correct, deal is still on today.


Just been checking the Wayback Machine and it was £200-220 for much of last year, £190 at Christmas and then they sold ten for £160 on their eBay store in one day at the end of January (although you can't return to store if buying from them on eBay). So this does seem like a decent deal if you can get further discount through work or British Cycling.


Yeah I've been looking into the Vortex prices on eBay etc. Not sure I'd feel the benefit of the better spec, and would rather have the comfort of a 2-year warranty and ability to take it back to the shop I think.


Really good deal but would say you can pick up a used vortex (not some people's cup of tea) for the same.. bit higher spec.

Tacx blue motion smart turbo trainer pack £109.99 online / instore @ Decathlon
Found 30th Apr 2018Found 30th Apr 2018
Tacx blue motion smart turbo trainer pack £109.99 online / instore @ Decathlon
probably isn't the the best price ever, however I didn't find cheapest with 2 years warrant. There was some at Canada Waters store. Free delivery over £30 and 365 days free returns… Read more
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@grumpyturnip Zwift won't control the resistance. You'll need a smart trainer with ant+ or Bluetooth connectivity. I got the tacx flow which you can get for around £200 at times works well with zwift. Here it is in Halfords plus 10% British cycling discount too. Tacx flow


Are these Zwift compatible?

Tacx Blue Matic T2650 Magnetic Resistance Trainer £78.76 / Elite Novo Smart Turbo Trainer £129.60 @ Halfords / eBay W/code
Found 23rd Mar 2018Found 23rd Mar 2018
Tacx Blue Matic T2650 Magnetic Resistance Trainer £78.76 / Elite Novo Smart Turbo Trainer £129.60 @ Halfords / eBay W/code
£78.76eBay Deals
Code - PAY20LESS Hurrah for the eBay code! A couple of trainers on offer using the code above. I don't recall the Elite Novo being cheaper than this before and it looks like a go… Read more

The Novo Smart is excellent for a budget trainer - sure, it's not a Neo or a Kickr but it's much better than the price suggests and at this price it's a bargain. Zwift is so much more fun than on a dumb trainer. The built in cadence sensor on it is rubbish though, get a dedicated sensor if you're doing something that needs it.

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