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Tado Starter Kit: Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+ £146.88 delivered at Tooltalk
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Seems to be the best price out there at the moment. I haven't bought from Tooltalk before, but they appear to be reputable and Trustpilot reviews are decent. I've seen the starter … Read more

Installed a Tado at my place back in December or Jan as I recall. I purchased a wired Tado thermostat to give me simple smart control over my combo boiler via Echo Dots and Apple HomeKit. It hasn’t failed me once and has been absolute rock solid. The step by step instructions on the app were accurate regarding the wiring as I was replacing a common wired Honeywell thermostat with the Tado so I just had 3 wires to deal with really. I have since purchased 2x radiator thermostats for full room control and haven’t had issues with them. The software, which is key for all three IoT devices is simple and not burdened by gimmick ads etc. The only thing it does need is the ability to ‘copy’ on/off heating schedules from one room to another. I haven’t subscribed to their monthly plan because things like geofencing, open window detection etc weren’t really a necessity for me.


That's weird, sorry couldn't be of help. It's just because I fitted this exact same thing plus 4 smart radiator thermostat myself. I had replaced existing Boss Therm BR1 connected to Worcester greenstar junior combi. Took overall 1.5 hours.


My experience with Tado - spent £500 on full kit including 8 TRVs, easy to install but wireless receiver unit failed after 72 hours. Four weeks and a 36 email exchange with arrogant Tado customer service staff they finally conceded to replace the failed unit. Email is the only means to communicate with Tado, there is no published telephone number and the online "chat" automatically responds with a promise of a minimum three hour wait for a reply. At one point Tado remotely reset all my TRVs without my consent or prior knowledge. The digital display on the TRVs is absolutely pointless, it does not reflect the room temperature. Tado failed on quality, customer serve and security and the package was returned to the retailer for full refund. I have since replaced Tado with Drayton Wiser and am totally satisfied on all counts, it was particularly easy to install and provides total control of the heating in each room via the excellant app..


The step by step guide says 'contact a qualified installer' haha Absolutely no help whatsoever.


Step by step guide should begin when you install Tado app and log in and start to register products by scanning their qr code.

tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat (Vertical Mounting) DUO PACK £64.90 @ Amazon
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Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Also single thermostat £34.90. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01M690PQC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 tado° Starter Kit Add-on: add additional Smart… Read more

I bought this and thermostat starter kit which includes Internet bridge. Buying this alone won't do it, but now I have ground floor, single room where I work from home turned off automatically at night but bedroom stays at 20. During the day I have it on reverse. My bedroom is off but single room and downstairs stays at 20. Good thing is that if required temperature is reached on rooms setup then boiler doesn't kick off. Other good things are it detects if window is open while heating is on and reminds you to turn off heating for that room. Also you set it to turn off heating while you are away which all adds up to save money in long term.


I have kids every other weekend and Wednesday nights so these are perfect for me rather than having to turn off manually when they are not with me - very useful in this sort of situation


It can do all you require but this is an add-on, you need other bits to make it work. In particular you need the bridge. Tado say every home’s system must start with a “starter kit”. Most basic system, you would buy this https://www.tado.com/gb-en/smart-radiator-thermostat-overview That will regulate the heat of each radiator with a TRV installed but it can’t control the boiler. For example, It will not turn the boiler off if no heat is required. No doubt you will want additional TRV’s, that is what this deal offer is, add-on TRV. If you want more control, ie Tado to switch your boiler on/off as required you need either a wired or wireless room thermostat https://www.tado.com/gb-en/tado-products-overview If your existing system has no wired room thermostat or you want to do away with it and go wireless then you also need a Wireless Receiver. If you existing system has a wired thermostat and you don’t want to go wireless, then there is a wired version of the thermostat. You will also need the wireless receiver in these circumstances https://support.tado.com/en/articles/3403673-in-which-cases-do-i-need-a-wireless-receiver-or-an-extension-kit If you want more accurate temperature control then you can pair a TRV with a https://www.tado.com/gb-en/wireless-temperature-sensor-overview


Gary, is it possible to have a TRV in every room, but then set just the kids room at say 19c at night, but the downstairs to 15c, etc... So only one radiator is in use rather the than heating thundering away all night? My house is open plan, 1970s flat-pack... The rooms go from Boiler Rooms to Fridges depending where you are in the house. Does each room need an additional Thermostat alongside the TRV to achieve what I'm asking? The info online is sketchy. Thanks


It depends on your own circumstances, whether you have similar daily schedules and whether everyone is in and out at the same time of day. I recently bought into smart heating, this tado system in fact, because I am now working from home as opposed to being in the office all the time. So originally the heating used to be off from morning when everyone left the house until end of school time and on the odd days I worked from home I would be cold until I remembered to turn the heating on :) Then after I started working from home every day due to Covid I was heating the whole house while I was working in a single room. Now with this in place and customised schedules for every room in the house, each of those rooms is only heated when required. So when I am at home all day, only where I work is heated rather than the whole house. When people come home from school/work the other areas of the house that get used are warmed etc. Being controlled by the app and a temp sensor in each room, the rooms should not go through a cycle of getting too hot then too cold but give a more balanced heat that is just more comfortable more of the time. If your rads have thermostatic valves already then fitting these is a breeze and the controller was self installed following step by step instructions on the app (unwiring the old controller and wiring in the new tado one). No-one really needs these, especially if they have thermostatic rad valves, but I'm not one who would go round changing the manual thermostatic rad valves as invariably they would forget to be changed back again, which really means they wouldn't be altered again after the first forget. So these help me heat only the rooms that are requried, when required, without having to do anything manually. In theory the heating bills might be lower as the boiler can work more efficiently supplying only the heat where needed, but it would no doubt take some years to pay off the initial outlay so should not necessarily be done for a cost saving exercise alone (system is too new in for me to be able to judge any savings), but also because you want to be comfortable in the rooms you use when you use them.

tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat (vertical mounting) Add-on £34.90 Amazon
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Posted 22nd MarPosted 22nd Mar
tado° Starter Kit Add-on: add additional Smart Radiator Thermostats to your setup to control multiple radiators and rooms individually Upgrade to Multi-Room Control to maximise you… Read more

Yeah, the offset thing is definitely required, but if you have main thermostat in the same room (or another thermostat) then you can group them and designate the thermostat as the master so that they're all linked. As to noise - they only make noise while they actuate, but there is some noise, yeah. Not enough to wake you up (although I may not be the best to judge as I sleep like the dead), and it doesn't last long, but it's not silent.


They work fine on more modern radiators with decent valves and not blocked in by furniture. I have Stelrads with Honeywell valves and the temps from the Tado TRV match the room temps with a fraction of a degree when measuring with another Tado TRV that is not connected to a rad.


The external value won't make any noise if the radiator connector isn't attached.


I wouldn’t be buying this to save on heating cost. I’d be buying them so there was less heating waste. Every time these come up here I’m tempted to buy. I just don’t need the thermostat on them, because the reading on them will be skewed. Yes, you can offset a couple degrees varying on room, but a better design is to have an external room thermostat, one that is cheaper than the official one. I would just like something that can turn the radiator remotely, and making minimum noise in doing so.


I'm happy these have worked out for you.

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Tado Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ with Hot Water Control - DIY Install - White £126.50 @ Amazon
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Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
Tado Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ with Hot Water Control - DIY Install - White £126.50 @ Amazon£126.50£151.8517% offAmazon Deals
Control your heating and hot water from anywhere with the tado° app, reduce your energy consumption and save money with the help of intelligent Skills Never heat when nobody’s at … Read more

V2 is available for 80 on Amazon if that’s any good


You get the instructions once you scan your new product in the app. It gives detailed step by step instructions. I was worried it’d be complicated but it was so easy!


I actually bought the refurbished kit from their site which is a bit cheaper but paying an extra £10 for brand new is good. I’m now replacing all the radiator valves with the Tado ones so I can control the heat in each room.


Without knowing the specific model of boiler and safe to say that it has an integrated thermostat. You will need to work out if the boiler can be operated in a simple stand-alone fashion, so you can wire in the link at the connection terminals to allow an external thermostat to control the firing. Tado smart thermostat will require two connections directly to the boiler COM (common) and NO (normally open, call for heat) Did Tado provide detailed installation instructions? Maybe if you share some heating engineers, or sparks could lend assistance.


Yeah it was a wired controller for the boiler which controls hot water and heating plus a wired thermostat. The app asks for make and model of the controller and thermostat then gives step by step instructions on how to remove the controller, label the wires then shows exactly where to reconnect the wires to the Tado. Instructions for the thermostat show how disconnect and bridge the wires, then install the wireless thermostat in its place.

tado° Certified Refurbished Smart Heating Offers - EG: Starter Kit - Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+ £115 + 2 Year Guarantee direct from Tado°
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Posted 27th FebPosted 27th Feb
tado° Certified Refurbished Smart Heating Offers - EG: Starter Kit - Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+ £115 + 2 Year Guarantee direct from Tado°£115£199.9942% offTado Shop Deals
I noticed that tado° have a few refurbished kits and add-ons on offer through their website, all of which come with 2 year warranty. " Best Price: For a limited time, you will r… Read more

Thanks for this. We have a basic set up of one zone and one wired thermostat connected to our combi. I will call to confirm but in my haste I have already ordered lol


It's probably worth doubling check with the tado support as they can tailor the advice to specific boiler and thermostat makes/models. But for my combi boiler and two wired thermostat set up they recommended getting two £90 Factory refurbished: Starter Kit – Wired Smart Thermostat V3+ as replacements for my existing thermostats and so far they've been working great.


Am I right in thinking I need the £90 for a combi set up with a wired thermostat?


Tempted but what an awful website experience from the phone. Been going around in circles!


Of course it’ll do hot water by the relay, literally my first line of my post says it’ll still do hot water :) . It won’t do it by eBus or opentherm as they have chopped off the digital connection in the new receiver. There is an EU model that has it, but Tado won’t currently sell to the UK. Tado do not support opentherm / eBus and switched live / RT, even on the extension kit that has all 3 connections. However, your scenario of using the wired thermostat unfortunately wont work either as the wired thermostat becomes a wireless temperature sensor only as soon as fitted with a extension or receiver.