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£96 off of Tado smart thermostat extension kit v3 + extension kit - £199.99 @ Amazon
Found 14th DecFound 14th Dec
Approx 32% off the Tado smart thermostat starter kit + extension kit. From Amazon: “Includes starter kit V3+ and the tado° extension kit which replaces a hot water controlling p… Read more
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Also agree that I wouldn't buy the new tado v3+ system. I have the old one and it is great but it doesn't offer enough for the £25 subscription for features that used to be included. My mum wants a system for Christmas and I would have bought tado but am getting her a hive instead


I was pretty well set on Tado - and had been for nearly a year - until I read about the subscription model being added. I'd rather pay an outright cost than relentless subscriptions and microtransactions to unlock the features that are used to sell the product - I'm totally against this business model. I appreciate that with the V3 kit it doesn't require a subscription model now, but there are surely no guarantees that they won't simplify their app processes and bring everything onto a subscription model. The real appeal of Tado is a combination of geofencing, scheduling and controllable TRV's - I want to be able to set certain schedules on a TRV by TRV basis, but only have them active when someone is close to home. Does anyone know of a Tado alternative that'll offer that kind of functionality?


Not as far as I know at this time. Apparently hive are testing TRV's at the mo and I read they'd be out in 2019....


Valves, that you can put on radiators instead of normal TRV's and control temperature in rooms or zones individually. Potentially, improving savings.


I have no idea what that is. It's why I asked. I would like to know what justifies the prices difference.

tado - Daily Christmas Deals - 20% off
20/12/2018Expires on 20/12/2018Found 13th DecFound 13th Dec
tado has started their Christmas deals. Not sure how this is going to work as currently they're offering 20% off majority of the packages and individual addons on their site. I'm n… Read more
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I recently invested in a Tado. Research told me to get a V3 starter kit off eBay so I don't use the V3+ app that has less features than V3 and no subscription (read the app store reviews, also V3 and V3+ is the same app install just V3+ is an in app purchase if you use a V3 system). So I done just that costing £117 for a new V3 starter (mine was an E.on packaged one) Then I got another smart thermostat from Ao.com for £99 delivered, as my house is a multi zone underfloor system. Meaning I just use tado Thermostats in each room. V3 hardware works with the V3+ hardware. Under the hood it's all the same, both my stats are the same and have very similar firmware numbers once the system updated them (like 10 mins after install). So in a nutshell. Get a new V3 stater kit off ebay (many new ones popup weekly) then buy anything else whenever it's cheaper. Then, never upgrade to V3+ as they've removed features and most user reviews of people who have upgraded from V3 are negative. If you do upgrade from a V3 system then it will cost you a one off fee of £19.99. But it's worse than a waste of money because you won't be able to go back to the V3 app which is "already complete and has been working for years" VS V3+ which is new and hasn't got 100% feature parity, some say (in app store reviews) it's buggy also. Hope that helps someone. Oh I'm loving my tado system, V3 for the win!


I believe there is a trend to invest and then acquire.


I've had my Evohome system for over 4 years too. You can't geofence the system OOTB but IFTT plugs that gap (although it will only sync for 1 IFTT account). The TRVs arn't as pretty as the Tado ones too. Evohome have brought steady advancements to their software including google and alexa integration. I also bought a V3 Tado system to replace the Evohome but I never got around to fitting it. I bought it becuase it will do underfloor electric heating but Evohome will not. Judging by the direction that Tado have taken, I will put the still sealed system on ebay and stick to my Evohome system


It might have been Amazon that instigated it as a condition of investing :D j/k PS was it amazon who invested the whole 50 million euros? I can't imagine tado as a whole are worth much more than that, are they? Edit: answered my own question, no, they were part of several companies including Eon. amazon made strategic investments in Ring before actually buying them out so maybe they have designs on acquiring tado? Would give them massive credibility in the marketplace...


Interested to read that Amazon have just invested heavily in Tado, hopefully they will stop trying to screw over all their loyal customers!

Tado TRV - vertical - £54 @ Amazon
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
Vertical as linked, horizontal is OOS however can still be ordered.

You could tell them you upgraded for HomeKit support, that way they may not ask for the other one back


Thanks for the reply. That’s not a bad idea. Sadly the v2 bridge I have is part of the rental therefore they will probably want it back!


If you had to get a new thermostat, you could still have used your old bridge (not the V3+). Thermostats are compatible with all bridges. If you contact them, tell them you upgraded to a V3+ because your old bridge broke or something, prove you were an existing customer with an older bridge, they will be probably exclude you from the V3+ subscription.


Radiators that don’t have tado trvs have the potential to heat up ( dictated by their normal passive trv setting) but the whole heating system follows the set point of the zone that is active on the programme. Once the zone(s) room temp is reached, the tado trvs turn the boiler off (via the main tado thermostat) and the potential for the passive trv radiators to heat up stops.


That's the bit I don't understand. How can you heat just one room? Surely you need a valve on every other radiator to stop those rooms heating up too. Only use I can see for these, if not on every radiator, is to keep one room cooler than than everywhere else

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tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ - £122.99 Amazon
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ - Intelligent heating control, works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, IFTTT
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Tado & IFTTT


Thanks, I'll try that.


Download the IFTTT app. Start a new applet from scratch IF - choose ‘location’ and ‘exit an area’ - set your location, save trigger. That - search Tado, select heating, and turn heating off. Repeat and reverse for turning On.


Is there a link to a step by step guide to setup free geofencing using IFTTT for Tado v3+ ?


Worth noting if you have a wireless thermostat, or NO thermostat, you will also need the extension kit on top. I’ve had good results with the customer service, I’ve also had some slower results. Both times have been positive results. When you are setting the system up, it will guide you through the setup, you can also take photos of your thermostat and cables and they will make some custom instructions for you. I have v3 so have AUTOMATIC geofencing, so the heating is on/off for me without needing to manage this, instead of doing it through a notification. It also works on a schedule. If you have IFTTT or HomeKit or other type systems, these can also do the automatic geofencing without a cost. This is a good price for the system, I personally think it should be the RRP given the ongoing subscription costs.

Tado Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit V3+ and Smart Radiator Thermostat Horizontal - £201.99 @ Tado
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
Get a Tado starter kit v3 plus a smart radiator thermostat horizontal or vertical for a combined price of £201.99 There are other offers/bundles available on the Tado website for … Read more

Until today I had Tado (rental) and was going to buy the V3+ until I learnt it would function worse than my V2 unless I paid the £4 a month.... I have cancelled my Tado rental, went to Screwfix and now have a Nest on the wall.


Still too expensive for what it is Vs Drayton Wiser, particularly with the new subscription


Yes from version v3+ which this is. If they want a fee I think £5 for the year should cover the cost or alternatively put ads on the app.


On the new v3+ there is a sub for ‘auto-assist’ which automatically turns heating off based on geofencing and window detection. Otherwise it’s a notification. This sounds bad, partly because V3 and lower get this free. However, with HomeKit, IFTTT and other integration into Tado, these features can be enabled on those platforms free still


True. Un-hot.

Tado - Extension Kit £71.96 @ Stormfront
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
The Extension Kit enables you to control your hot water. It is also needed to connect the Tado Smart Thermostat to your heating system if there is no room thermostat or if you have… Read more
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Good to know they're working on promotions for the future. Happy if I see some good ones.


Forgot to add about existing customers - I doubt it would be exclusive for existing customers, but they have said (in the tweets) existing customers would be notified


Well they’ve been saying it on Twitter the last couple of days, for example this tweet; https://twitter.com/tado/status/1066264649891528704?s=12 This deal at stormfront is a good price, it should be hot for the cheapest available now.


Any evidence of these offers? Also are they just for existing customers? ;)


Tado current offers are indeed bad, but I’m referring to offers they have said they will be doing AFTER these offers

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Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat - £53.96 @ Stormfront
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Cheapest I've found, and I've been tracking discounts on these for a while.
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Amazon refunded everyone as they didn’t have stock


They don't just work the one way up. It is the orientation of the digital readout that changes between the horizontal and vertical types.


Thanks - I ended up reaching out and getting the same. Their CS leaves a lot to be desired!


I had to ask last time as it was almost impossible to find otherwise. Just asked them again and apparently they’re not selling them at the moment. Real shame and they were even down to £158 on amazon in October and I (stupidly) didn’t snag some at that price. Must have happened recently though :-(


Very easy, but depends on you current TRV's. If you don't have TRV's currently, then more complicated, as you will need to drain the radiator.

tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ £129 @ Amazon
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
Looks like the tado starter kit has been reduced even further down to £129 on Amazon now. Under 10 hours left on this deal at the time of writing.

I'm gutted for missing out on O2 deal, they were only £39.99!


Extension can be added as an option in Amazon and will cost £199, cheaper than Eon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/tado°-Extension-Kit-wireless-Thermostats/dp/B07H48L7F6/ref=pd_bxgy_60_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00P2HT3JK&pd_rd_r=e322e5a8-ee8b-11e8-897f-c3e174f56499&pd_rd_w=Lw11C&pd_rd_wg=7cTuM&pf_rd_i=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_p=466c8fd0-3653-4c9b-86fa-f9bc8fd2ae35&pf_rd_r=ZFA2H4ACHA465BBYAH3D&pf_rd_s=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_t=40701&refRID=ZFA2H4ACHA465BBYAH3D&th=1


If you are in need of an extension kit and a V3 - Eon sell it for £219 (just take off the £50 installation at checkout). The extension kit itself usually sells for £80 (no cheap o2 deal at present). https://www.eonenergy.com/for-your-home/saving-energy/smart-thermostats I bought it last week. Can confirm it’s a V3 and you do NOT need to be an Eon customer. Don’t bother with paying for installation - Tado provide you with all the instructions personalised to your current boiler/thermostat setup. Set it up last night - so far so good.


If I'm not mistaken, this deal doesn't include extension kit? Which is required to set everything up as I was told by Tado customer service..


I have the v3 and my home setup with several TRVs that I bought about a year ago (on a deal - about £35 each). Works really well and does what we want. As spaceghost has said, I wouldn't pay a subscription service which is what you have to do with the v3+ version. I believe you don't get much more for this (maybe a nicer looking app and the auto assist skill). I'd try and find the v3 bundle and buy that even if its a bit more as you'll save in the long run. I believe then it'll only be £20 upgrade should you wish to go to v3+ functionality.

tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ - Intelligent heating control, works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant £144.99 Amazon
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
Control your heating from anywhere with the tado app. Save up to 31% on your heating bill with the intelligent skills such as geo-fencing, open window detection, and weather adapta… Read more
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There will be an app update soon with the option - I am testing it now (you can get if by signing up to the app beta programme option there in the current app) - the upgrade button is there but not able to complete the purchase just yet...


That's good to know. Definitely a sensible move. However, bit worried that after a grace period they may push to get everyone on to a Subscription. Guess only time will tell. I like the new GUI so might pay the £20 to upgrade. I'm assuming it'll upgrade all devices to V3+ app and not going to be £20 per phone?


i believe because of the reaction of customers they back tracked and made it you only have to pay the upgrade and don't have to pay the subscription (but still get the v3+ benefits) https://www.tado.com/t/en/updated-why-we-created-new-v3plus-products/


I have the V3 and it's brilliant. I'm not sure about the money saving projections but it's great to have the house warm when you get home to coincide with your eta. Alexa control works really well too if you can't reach your phone or are too lazy to get up :) I've used the customer services a few times and they've responded within minutes with a fix each time. If only the radiator thermostats weren't so expensive!


Avoid the V3+ at all costs, most of the most useful features that used to be free in previous generations are now behind a subscription service, which defeats the purpose of trying to save money on your heating. The previous generation and below that doesn't have the subscription bull**** I could thoroughly recommend. I currently have a complete V3 multi-room setup and it works amazingly well.

Tado Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit V3+ - £129 @ AO
Found 20th NovFound 20th Nov
Can't find this any cheaper anywhere else and seems to retail for very close to the £199 RRP almost everywhere. I've looked into smart heating systems and this seems to get general… Read more
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Not sure if I looked at delivery cost at the time, but it's showing as free delivery now. So still £5 cheaper.


Once you add on postage its £1.05p cheaper and they have less than 10 in stock. Shame they don't offer free delivery.


Cheaper here: https://www.shop.bt.com/products/tado-smart-thermostat-starter-kit-v3--v3p-sk-st01ib01-tc-ml-DS9F.html


I'm about £700 into my tado setup and not looked back despite the cost. Just works really well. Good integration into SmartThings and IFTTT. Use it for my presence sensing... I.e. when tado says me and other half are 'out' (using GPS and if connected to WiFi or not) hue lights turn off and the blink cameras arm etc... If you're into your smart home this is the one. One of only two systems that does zoning well.. the other being the Honeywell which a friend has but he seems to prefer mine.

tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit V3 - horizontal mounting - intelligent heating control with geofencing via smartphone
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Control your heating with the tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats from everywhere and anytime - via app, tablet and PC. tado° pays for itself within the first year. The smart thermos… Read more

Tado's pricing has been confusing me for a while... I've had one of their thermostats for nearly 4 years now, added a 2nd zone a couple of years ago (kitchen extension with underfloor heating), and have been generally happy with how it works. This latest move to a subscription based model isn't great, but not entirely surprising... Anyway, I've been looking to add individual Radiator Thermostats for around 1 year, and noticed in September that they'd increased their price from £59 to £69.99 on their website, but on their Amazon shop they were still being sold for £59, so bought 3 at the time, thinking they would soon increase the price to match their website. That hasn't happened so far, and today I received an email notifying me that their Duo and Quattro Packs are available again through their website (not publicly, don't share this offer, bla bla bla...), Duo £119.99 (£59.99 each) and Quattro £229.99 (£57.50 each), with £8.49 Shipping!! So even with these "offers", buying them individually from Tado, through Amazon (with free Prime shipping), is still cheaper... Bizarre!


To begin with, the link provided in the OP is either not working, or was never accurate to begin with... - V3+ Starter Kit only has 1 Radiator Thermostat (+Internet Bridge) - £115.32 (from £119.99) - V3 Starter Kit has 2 Radiator Thermostats (+Internet Bridge) - £179 (from £179.99) Please point me in the right direction if I'm looking at the wrong page/item....


The bottom line is with Tado moving to subscription model with v3+, that means any new software innovation and features will probably be rolled out for v3+ and above subscribers. It's not like Apple where you keep getting OS updates for free (up to a certain point) after you buy the device.


v3 - you can pay 20 quid which is one off payment but doesnt give much more than humidity and new look v3+ subscription is needed to have automated features (eg geolocation) but it will work in manual mode. leon632 has literally ignored what has been said and that upgrade on v3 is not mandatory as all features will work as they supposed to furthermore the subscription service will become standard soon due to market saturation and drop of sales (those companies must survive somehow at the end)



Tado radiator valves 4 pack £158.20 @ Amazon
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
TADO - usually 59 each Have to wait a while but good value if you need 4. works out at 40 each
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Yeah mine cancelled too, had a whinge got £10,pushed it and got £20.


I just complained to Amazon, they offered me 5gbp, i asked to escalate further and they increased to 20gbp. I called it quits there, better than nothing even if frustrating


Anyone know if amazon allowed to do that once accepted your money, anything can do? Or worth a complaint?


Mine too


Odd, aren’t these current and it’s not a major discount. Cancelled mine also

Tado smart radiator valve starter kit £99.99 Amazon
Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
I have Tado. Works great. The radiator valves are good for creating “zones” within your home. Usually sell for about £50-55 each on ebay. The v3 bridge goes for around £35. At this… Read more
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I checked my valves and it does not appear that can make it show the room temperature either. I guess is only on the app.


Hello, Does anyone know if you the tado thermostat valves display what the temperature is in room physically or is it only available by opening the app? I can't seem to find a way of making it display why temperature it is on the valve I've installed in w kitchen


Note, there is now an update to this article: https://www.tado.com/t/en/updated-why-we-created-new-v3plus-products/ Essentially, they've listened to the existing customer feedback and have a new offer for existing customers. Existing customers can either stick with the old app (as before) or upgrade to the new v3+ app for a one time fee of £19.99, and this will give them a lifetime subscription to their "new" auto-assist skill, and they will not have to pay the yearly subscription as previously indicated. Only new v3+ customers will have to pay a yearly subscription. While not a perfect solution, it should go some way to appeasing some of their existing customers.


Comment of the day!


Your start point is spend £200 without thinking

40% off Smart Home Installation Services @ Amazon - e.g. £72 for Smart Home Thermostat Replacement
Found 24th SepFound 24th Sep
Must admit first time seeing this on Amazon, bunch of smart home installations reduced by 40%. Ideal for someone not wanting to take the risk or hassle of installing themselves. No… Read more

I couldn't agree with you more. These days I pay people to service my car and change the brake pads because I'm time poor and my wallet is a bit fatter (well, actually has something in it). That's my choice. My point above though was that it doesn't mean I don't understand what I'm getting them to do. And some of the menu prices are steep for what they are. General awareness of things and/or a willingness to at least know the basics even if you're not doing it yourself equips a person to not be ripped off by the chin-rubbing plumbers of this world. We live in a world full of more dishonest people and times of austerity. Being savvy is no bad thing and instilling that from a young age is important when it's easier to understand things you see and touch. As you grow up that then translates to wanting to understand the less tangible things, like financial products, or just generally assessing value for money.


Price and value is all relative. Example is flying. I wouldn't pay business or first class prices, but if you have the money, there's not much difference between £500 and £3000. Likewise £72 to replace a thermostat? Some would consider that pocket change and well worth not having to lift a finger and waste an hour watching YouTube DIY videos and deciphering instruction manuals.


I did say that the prices are fair for people that don't know how to do it. That includes those that choose to pay someone even if they do - that's fair enough. And I made a separate (general) point about teaching practical things in schools. What's your point? Does everyone know how to touchtype then? That should be a required skill these days too. Along with knowing how your broadband router works. These are basics in modern society. People need to be equipped for the essentials of modern life, doesn't matter if they're technically minded or inclined or not. I'm happy to be educated about the current driving test. I'd still bet there are a million numpties who don't know how to do it even though they passed that in their test.


You mean apart from it being part of the driving test which it wasn't in the past? This ridiculous ageist assumption that young people can't do anything practical and "nothing gets taught in schools anymore" is tiresome. Some people aren't practical and don't care to be, and that's fine so rather than spouting ageist assumptions why don't you try and add some constructive input?


maybe another system I'm thinking of then - I thought my mate's one was hive; I've got Tado myself - my underfloor one just uses the built-in relay, the house heating one connects to the extension kit for hot water control as well (that has the standard backplate, and requires mains coming in to power it, but can handle voltage free or mains switching via a jumper switch).

tado Smart Thermostat Starter Kit v3 + Google Home Mini Charcoal £184 Delivered @ BT Shop
Found 30th AugFound 30th Aug
tado Smart Thermostat Starter Kit v3 + Google Home Mini Charcoal £184 Delivered @ BT Shop
£184£23321%BT Shop Deals
Nice little bundle deal if you were looking to smarten up your heating system. The tado Smart Thermostat has everything you'd expect and more from a modern thermostat, with remote … Read more

V3+ just announced so expect older generations to be reduced shortly.


Yes fitted mine at the weekend after tado supplied me with fitting instructions for my exact boiler and relay receiver. Customer service was amazing and fitting a doddle.


I'm Android and Google Home all the way, so looks like the V2 and an extension box will do me! Excellent


Unless you need Apple Homekit, go for the V2 and save yourself that amount on the thermostat.


Ah, so the price is instantly £75 more....dammit....lol Cheers

Tado Extension Kit £39.99 @ O2
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
Following on from the Tado V2 offer o2 are now stocking the extension kit for Tado.
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Oh right, thanks for letting me know. I’ve managed to get a £15 off voucher from Argos so got it for £64 in the end.


Smart home stuff is online only I think.


Has anyone got these local to them in store that would be willing to collect and post for a fee? Thanks


I do, happy to give 1 UNiDAYS/StudentBeans code in return for 2 future Wuntu Costa/Domino's, or 2 future O2 Priority Caffé Nero. Also open to other trades.


Just asking on the off chance - does anybody have a UNIDAYS code for this please? I would like to order today! Thank you

tado° additional Smart Radiator Thermostat - vertical mounting - £54 @ Amazon
Found 28th JulFound 28th Jul
tado° additional Smart Radiator Thermostat - vertical mounting - £54 @ Amazon
£54£598%Amazon Deals
Drop in price. Usually £59 now £54 If you already have a Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit or a Smart Thermostat Starter Kit (v2/v3) with an Internet Bridge then you can use s… Read more
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If you don't need remote access these are great. Like was said earlier, they can be timed to come on and off during the day or night. Perfect if you have the heating on at night, so you can turn downstairs off when not occupied. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01D8LY77Y/ref=asc_df_B01D8LY77Y54360547/?tag=googshopuk-21&creative=22110&creativeASIN=B01D8LY77Y&linkCode=df0&hvadid=231920353356&hvpos=1o6&hvnetw=g&hvrand=7755454894793747687&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1006654&hvtargid=pla-421896623250&th=1&psc=1


My point 1 is about trvs. These are trv heads to replace the head of normal manual ones to give you controllable temperatures at different times and achieve point 2.


They told me (two days ago) that it wasn’t advertised and could only be ordered on the phone. One of the other comments seems to have a link for online though.


For some reason the offer is hidden away and can’t be found by navigating around their site! It’s here: https://www.tado.com/t/en/for-our-comfort-enthusiasts/? 2x £108 4x £196 plus £8.49 postage But Amazon are doing 2x verticleplus the bridge for £109 (OOS but can be ordered)


I've ordered 3 to team up with my tado system. Will see how I get on

tado Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit - Vertical Kit -  £109 @ BT Shop
Found 27th JulFound 27th Jul
tado Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit - Vertical Kit - £109 @ BT Shop
£109£17939%BT Shop Deals
Very limited stock, 19 aval at time of posting, grab one if you need it! You'll get : 2 Smart Radiator Thermostats, Internet Bridge, USB cable, connectors, ethernet cable, 2x 2 A… Read more
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No, you are right - I forgot about postage.


+ £8.49 postage - or am I missing a code or something?


Will it work with Hive thermostat ?


I buy valves off eBay at £40-45 when available


Nice one! I purchased the O2 v2 thermostat deal and am going to purchase these as they come with the v3 bridge which would turn setup into a cut price v3! For those who do not need a bridge, the cut price quattro (4) pack deal is still live and slightly cheaper even though it was expired and the tado people seem to not know about any bulk pack deals when asked over the phone! Don't worry, I didn't squeal... (ninja) Tado rep also said a promotion is coming up in September so might be worth holding for if not in a rush. I am ordering this Amazon (same price but out of stock atm) as being out of stock at the works in my favour in that it locks in price and leaves me free to wait for other offers. Also, I have expiring £20 amazon promotional credit from Prime Day gift card and Paypoint top-up offers making item £89 for me! Links below https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/tado-smart-trvs-duoquattro-packs-196-for-4-tadocom-2915991 https://www.tado.com/t/en/for-our-comfort-enthusiasts/? https://www.amazon.co.uk/tado°-Smart-Radiator-Thermostat-Starter/dp/B01MDRBPTT/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1532793528&sr=8-2-spons&keywords=tado&psc=1

Tado vertical TRV kit. - £109.99 @ Amazon Prime Day Deal (Additionall discount for students)
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Tado vertical TRV kit. - £109.99 @ Amazon Prime Day Deal (Additionall discount for students)
£109.99£135.9919%Amazon Deals
Normally £138 on Amazon, TRV’s on there own are £59.99. This leave you at £54.99 per TRV and if you already have tado then you can sell the bridge and accessories for circa £20-25 … Read more

All gone


Wrong description, it is a starter kit with a hub, not just a kit of 2 TRV's.


I’d buy the bridge from someone if it’s the v3 one

tado Smart Thermostat Starter Kit v2 only £49.99 @ O2 - WOW!
Refreshed 24th JunRefreshed 24th Jun
Just stumbled across this whilst browsing for a powerpack - but this is an awesome deal! The tado smart thermostat starter kit for only £49.99! on the O2 website. Just had a look … Read more
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Its not under o2 the receipt i found was under another company name. I had a online discussion with a o2 advisor lasted about a hour and they emailed me some info i forwarded this on to tado they were reluctant to accept so i had to go down the "im the customer" last resort route.


Hmmm that's a point - just thought, to preempt any issues with the box, to have a receipt. The email when ordered was a confirmation of purchase but not really a receipt. Just logged into O2 site but can't seem to see any way to see receipts, or even anything at all to do with previous purchases for that matter


Mine broke and left my house cold i had to go through loads of bull to get a replacement although the replacement was a v3. My advice is to threaten them that you are going to share your bad experience with the product and the customer service you are revieving is poor. I had to keep on at them to get mine sorted as they wanted receipt of purchase and i couldnt find it anywhere on my emails. then contacting o2 being a non o2 customer about a product that o2 no longer support was painful to say the least. Good luck


Being told that because the Tado Thermostat was bought from O2 that we cannot upgrade the Google Play/ios app to V3+ by paying £20 . Anyone else have that issue? From Tado Support The reason you cannot see the upgrade button is that you either purchased the tado° devices directly from our partner or you purchased used devices which were originally sold or rented out by our partner. If the partner agrees to release the upgrade to its customer base you will see the upgrade button in the tado app. If you have any doubt, please contact the organisation where you purchased the tado° device.


Anyone selling an extension? I missed out

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