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Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit - vertical mounting - £138 @ Amazon
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd May
Seems like good deal at the moment direct from Amazon Control your heating with the tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats from everywhere and anytime - via app, tablet and PC. tado°… Read more

Much better deal, I've expired this one.


Not a great idea without the tado smart thermostat/timer.


Ah yes, just saw the TRVs (in the pic!). Sorry.


Agreed. Good price!


Different product but that's a great deal - just ordered one!

Tado smart thermostat kit £199 @ BT shop
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd May
I recently bought one of these (together with the ‘extension kit’ for £70 as well - required to set up the thermostat remotely) from amazon which cost a little more. That said I g… Read more
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I meant Tado thermostat for 99, as addition to a starter kit with 2 TRVs. (not all together for that price) Got mine from Amazon.


Change your post/link to https://m.shop.bt.com/products/tado-smart-thermostat-v3-starter-kit-st-v3-sk-DF6C.html?referrerid=CI01


Never seen it that cheap before. Where was it?


Looks expensive, would recommend to wait. (usually it is cheaper to buy a starter kit with 2 TRVs and a Thermostat for 99)


Ah...just realised - it’s a ‘customer exclusive’ showing £99 for me via email from BT shop, so still showing as £199 to most...

tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit (v3) + Echo Dot (white) - £168.99 @ Amazon
Found 14th AprFound 14th Apr
This says V3 Starter Kit + Echo Dot. If that's right, it's an amazing deal.
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over £230 now - expire


Gone up to £228.99. I bought mine off ebay for £99 (£110 less 10% through Italian ebay). Yes, heating is left on constant then the thermostat switches it on and off based on your location and settings.


So tempted. I really like the look of the Tado. Their support team are excellent and confirmed compatibility with my existing system in a day. I may start with thermostat and then maybe later the extension kit for hot water control, but not convinced that is so necessary. Thoughts? Do these need heating on constant at programmer then the clever thermostat just switches it on and off as necessary?


Definitely V3, and the bridge is the latest (supporting home kit). Now, I just need to find a deal on the extension and some TRVs


I should be receiving this today guys, so i can confirm if it is the same kit valued as £200 plus an echo (My 3rd). Haven't researched and not sure if i need an extension kit or not. I've just moved into a house with a BOSS therm fitted if that makes any odds

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tado° additional Smart Radiator Thermostat - vertical/horizontal mounting - intelligent heating control with geofencing via smartphone £54 Amazon
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
his is an additional product of the tado° Starter Kits. You can add additional Smart Radiator Thermostats to your setup to control multiple radiators and zones independently from o… Read more

Understandable doubting the value of the TRVs given the price. That said, it all depends on individual circumstances too. Thermostat alone (for me) was only a small piece of the jigsaw. True efficiency and convenience came when I replaced all the TRVs (7 of them) because now, only the ones I need come on whilst others don't waste energy. I have different schedules for zones or particular rooms. So during the day, upstairs remains at say 18 degrees whilst livingroom / downstairs is set to 22 since we barely go upstairs except to sleep! Bedroom also gets pre-heated to be at 22 degrees by 9pm so we're warm when going up stairs. Now, the thing is, I got the TRVs between £35-45 each through various discounts and at different times so it hasn't felt like a big deal. I'd definitely think twice about forking out the whole lot in one go, especially at £60 each! Still a decent discount here, thanks for sharing OP.


i have the tado thermostat and it is great. justification of the smart TRV - I'm not so sure, they are very expensive and its not like a house only needs one or two.


Not that huge a deal (original £59). If you need two or four, check out the 2pack or 4pack offer that Tado have on their official website at the moment.

Tado Smart TRVs - Duo/Quattro packs £196 for 4 - tado.com
Found 26th MarFound 26th Mar
Tado have an Easter promo for loyal customers. 2 or 4 TRVs or thermostats. 2 thermostats for £208 4 thermostats for £396 2 TRVs for £108 4 TRVs for £196 TRVs aren't coming down … Read more
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I think I've changed the batteries in the Trv once so far, and I've had it for 6 months.


Roughly how long does the battery last do you reckon?


The Tado App tells you when the batteries are low/have run out, so you don't really run into that problem. That and if you buy some rechargeable batteries... Problem solved.


I suspect you will need a smart thermostat kit and an extension kit. The Tado customer service is very good - if you contact them and provide the manufacture details of your current system then they should be able to advise.


Our whole house is Tado'd; 14 TRVs, smart thermostat and extension kit. We used to have Hive and I've found Tado to be infinitely better. - Its obviously more suited to larger homes where the one-temperature-suits-all mode doesn't work (hive/nest). With the TRVs, you only heat the rooms you use, for example; Through the night, only our bedrooms are heated. In the morning, the kitchen and breakfast rooms are heated, through the day the dining and games rooms are heated, in the evening it's the livingroom and kids bedrooms etc. etc. On top of that, it has geo-location fencing to turn off/ switch on the heating when you (or anyone else logged in) are leaving/returning from a custom-set boundary. I've easily saved hundreds in the past year compared to our gas bill before installing it which has paid for the system and more. I researched the options for months before choosing, Tado's promise of Apple Homekit support swung it for me and since they've finally made good on that, I've never looked back. I also installed it myself, I have no clue when it comes to boilers but just like Hive, it's a simple plug-and-play install. As for the deal, it's a good discount but still far more than what I paid. Keep an eye on ebay, sometimes installers flog unused/unwanted sets really cheap.

tado Smart Thermostat Starter Kit (v3)  £139.99 reduced from £199.99 @Very
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Item number: LLF3X2C MPN: SK-ST01IB01-TC-UK-03EAN: 4260328610633 Tado Smart Thermostat Starter Kit (v3) - Works with Alexa Works with Alexa Introducing the new Smart Thermostat … Read more

Back up to £199.99. Needs more clicks to expire.


Price back to 199 - Deal expired


Good find, beaten my Amazon deal from the other day! Looks like Amazon have price matched for people who prefer to buy from them. Heat!


The TRV kit is also on offer at Very. Good price! Wondering if this is because v4 is coming out, or just because we're out of winter now.

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tado Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit £129.99 reduced from £179.99 @Very (2 TRVs and 1 bridge) (works with Alexa)
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
I think this is the cheapest it has been I dont know whether it is v3 or not but I guess it is Horizontal TRV link: https://www.very.co.uk/tado-smart-radiator-thermostat-starter… Read more
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Now £179.99. Needs more clicks to expire.


I don’t pay any subscription costs!?


Maybe you want to mention the hidden subscription costs for geofencing hm? Seems tado are not too proud of it so they try to hide it as much as possible.


Nice to see that these 'designer' nonsense 'smart' heating control manufacturers are finally coming round to the wireless zoning concept pioneered by Honeywll Evohome several years ago, eh?


No it won't tell Nest to start the boiler. It will just regulate the heat in the radiator while nest tells the boiler to run. Might be able to use or create an applet on IFTTT to make it work with a smart thermostat other than the tado thermostat.

TADO Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit - Vertical/Horizontal £138/£139 after £40 off @ Currys and Ebay Currys (vertical only) (works with Nest and Hive)
Found 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
Same price at Amazon: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/tado-smart-radiator-thermostat-starter-kit-horizontal-139-amazon-2913311 I thought this would be useful for those that ha… Read more

Looks like quite a dirty solution. It that case, why just not add Tado Thermostat (to control the boiler directly) for approximately £95-100 and have a clean setup?


I beg to to differ. Like I said they can be connected via 3rd party such as IFTTT. I know for fact that smart TRVs like Tado, Energinie etc. Can via IFTTT request the nest thermostat to call for heat.


No, as Tado TRV would not be able to request heat from Nest. I know what they are, as I have full Tado setup.


I highly rate Tado over Hive or Nest. It's more suited to larger homes tho, we have Tado TRVs in every room and have saved £££s by only heating the rooms that need it at certain times of the day; bedrooms at night, kitchen & breakfast room in morning, games room, living room, dining room in evening etc. The TRVs also report the Humidity which is handy in the bathrooms - using IFTTT you could trigger an extractor fan to come on for example rather than run it constantly with a light switch.


It's not the same thing. These are TRVs ,using them would give you zone control. As for working with Nest or Hive, you just like the 2 "eco systems" like you would with most other IoT systems.

tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit Horizontal - £139 @ Amazon
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Amazon have reduced this from £179 to £139. Will work best with tado smart thermostat but there is no need to have the tado thermostat as it will work with Hive, Nest and any other… Read more
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Because the tado thermostat is an extra expense and this is a site for hot deals i.e. bargains. It isn't much of a bargain if you need to shell out for something else which, if you own a hive or a nest, you already have. Therefore the statement is valid, but I will accept i should have stated "any" from the start.




Yes, and will be fine in a flat with communal boiler. But if you have your own boiler, why not get a Tado thermostat as well. I was just saying, that "works with Nest or Hive" is a wrong statement.


I don't think this works with hive or nest. They are competing proprietary systems. These trvs control the hot water flow to your radiators. They depend on your boiler receiving the signal to pump hot water. If the boiler is not pumping hot water and the trv valve open, the radiator doesn't get hot as no hot water is flowing. So if you use nest/hive, and nest/hive tells the boiler to stop circulating hot water (because the temp is reached), tado trvs won't know that. For these trvs to work well, I think you also need the tado thermostat (wired to boiler directly) or tado extension kit (which is wired to boiler, and receives on/off command for heating water from trvs).


If you were to buy Tado starter kit with 2 TRV's (vertical or horizontal), I think it would make sense just to buy Tado thermostat for £99 and sell Nest on Ebay. (check on Tado website what configuration you need.)

tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit (v3) - £159 @ Amazon
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
I've recently been on the lookout for an Apple Homekit enabled smart thermostat and Tado was looking like the best one. I just found it for £159 at Amazon. I think the recent deal … Read more
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Now £139.99, even more of a bargain


I agree with you about the subscription price being fair (although not a bargain) but my gripe with Tado is not being upfront about it. There wasn't any mention of it on the website and it was very underhanded of them. Even when I phoned to enquire if the device is the same as the version on Amazon, they said yes! Several customers complained and returned their product as a result. I kept mine and would have probably purchased it at that price if they clearly disclosed the differences. But it's their coy tactics that I take exception to. Not sure I'll be constantly purchasing a new thermostat every two years mind. I'm happy enough with the base product, less the premium features. If this is the full fat thermostat at this price then have some heat op.


Tried fitting mine tonight and can’t get the extension to pair with the internet bridge - can anyone offer any advice?


The subscription they were referring to is the subscription on top of the £150 purchase price for the SE. ("Special Edition") With the SE, you supposedly have to pay a monthly fee to get the Smart Climate Assistant features that you get included in the v3 without a subscription. https://www.tado.com/gb/thermostat-heating


I'd already ordered this today, and now I have a sinking feeling that v4 may be due?

Tado £50 discount till 28.02.18 - Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit (SE) £149
Found 16th FebFound 16th Feb
introducing the new Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit (SE): More comfort, better control and platform connectivity.With multi-room control and the new heating algorithm, tado° can sav… Read more
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I asked them on Twitter and they said this is a cheaper version with fewer features and you can pay monthly to get the rest of the features. Or you can buy the v3 version and get the full features in the app without any monthly payments. Its not really a £50 discount if you're getting less for it, they really need to put that on the site.


Hope you're right @nuttyphilt


No, existing users will not have to pay but it's not very clear for the new users that they will have to pay - it doesn't even say how much and if it's a monthly payment or not. Since the Special Edition looks exactly the same as the Standard one, it should be explicitly said what is the difference between the kits.


There’s nothing saying that existing users will have to pay for these features, just new users who buy this SE thermostat


This absolutely would be disgusting business practices. Especially given how so many people have bought into their products based on these features being part of that initial sales pitch. To now go and charge extra for features that were already paid-for would be theft imo! There must surely be some consumer protection board or something that would step to prevent such shady practices?! Really hope it's a misunderstanding and they don't go down this route.

Tado smart thermostat radiator valves  £54 @ Amazon
Found 31st JanFound 31st Jan
Reduced from £59 to £54. Not a great saving but at least it is something off.
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The Tado system is brilliant. I kitted out our entire house after a full renovation (11 radiators). A bit of splurge, I know, but it regulates the temperature so well in every room. The only gripe is that in bedrooms, you do hear the motor whirring as it closes and opens valves. It doesn't wake me up at night or detract from my sleep, but for lighter sleepers it might.


Useful if you have the Tado system already. Shame I bought our second one only the other day! Even at this cost, I wouldn't kit the whole house out, we're just using them in the 3yo's and newborns room to keep temperature regulated nicely.


Hi, its £40 off for a kit, unfortunately I thought we both got £20 but its better than that, I get the full £40. Its not such a good deal for you after all (y)


Someone turn the heat up please...it's getting cold in here.


I Is it £20 off the price on the tado website as the referal system they have is only for the kits?

tado Smart Thermostat Starter Kit v3 (CLEARANCE STOCK) £139 - 	BT Shop
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
I know this has already been posted in recent weeks, but both currys and Amazon are OOS!!! tado Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit (v3) Introducing the new Smart Thermostat - Starter… Read more
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Would you care to explain the 2 thermostats and single extension kit. I have a multi zone house and their helpline said I can only have one wireless and one extension kit. Other zones must then be wired thermostats.


ordered thank you Are people going to start with just this or order some valves too?


I got that information from tado customer services less than a month ago. Would like hear I am wrong? Can you point me to something backs this up? Thanks


I thought it might be :) I’ve had Tado for about 18 months now, initially to control my water and one floor of the house. And it’s really good. Over Christmas I bought a second Tado Thermostat to control the rest of the house. It’s very easy to use, quick to install if you follow the instructions they give you, looks unobtrusive and can be managed from anywhere. Oh and it supports HomeKit and Alexa Highly recommended


No, but this is on the Roadmap https://support.tado.com/hc/en-gb/articles/205505299-What-new-Features-are-planned-What-is-on-the-Development-Roadmap-

Tado Smart Thermostat Starter Kit (v3) - intelligent heating control with geofencing via smartphone £139 Amazon
Found 19th Dec 2017Found 19th Dec 2017
I know these were going for around this price during the black Friday sales, however they've been £199 since, so a good opportunity for someone if they missed out. Amazon Product… Read more
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It's up and down like a yoyo at the moment, I'm sure it'll be back down soon


missed it again - back up to £199


Back in Stock ordered today. just need the extension kit and radiator valves to come on offer.


That's it back down again (y)


It seems to fluctuate quite frequently, I'd keep an eye on it, it'll probably drop again soon

tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit (v3) £149 @ Amazon
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
NEW (v3): Smart Home Integration - Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant..: Control your heating with your voice or enable multiple Smart Home products and services to work… Read more

Apparently i think tado were supposed to be doing a sale starting 14th december according to their black friday email


I think this is a great deal, and agree with others that this is superior than the competition. If you want zonal heating without incurring plumbing in zone valves, this is the one. If you have a small flat, then Nest probably would be more appropriate.


£149 isn't that bad of a price - as much as I'd like it for the £135 that it's been at before. Unfortunately, my DeLorean DMC-12 is broke, so can't go back in time right now. Have some heat. Also, horses for courses and all that - the Tado features work out much better for some than Nest or Hive. Geo-fencing, machine learning and the TRVs etc. are all things that I'd want... which Nest doesn't offer.


Nest bases its adjustments on the manual temperature changes you make, whereas Tado learns how to efficiently heat your home without the need to change the temperature manually. :)


This is much better than nest and fantastic customer service

Skip Black Friday... 20% off tado starter kits
Found 23rd Nov 2017Found 23rd Nov 2017
Get 20% off any Starter Kit from December 11th until 31st. I've been using mine for some time now and have found it lives up to the promises - considered Nest and Hive but some of… Read more
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I think it's better than Nest. But yes. Similar idea. It will also work in standalone if no tado servers. It just becomes a normal thermostat. If you're not happy after 6 months they let you return and have a refund. (as long as you've used it for 6 months, less than 12 months and aren't happy because you haven't saved money). They don't need any proof that you haven't saved money. Details in their site.


I do have the extension box and installed that, and the thermostat, within about an hour. Pretty daunting to start with but it was straightforward - I didn't have any prior experience of doing it myself was hugely satisfying. Don't pay to have it installed... get on it!


I've been looking at these and the Evohome for quite a while as they seem to be similar in capability. I did hear the Evohome is good as it works standalone so should anything happen to the company or if the servers go down you've still have a working system. A lot of people recommend Tado though so I am tempted to pull the trigger on this! I take it without forking out on thermostats you get similar to a Nest experience. I too need about 10 thermostats!! (annoyed)


I didn't need the extender for my system so can't comment on that. But worth noting that most people install Tado themselves. Whilst nest recommend an installer (at extra cost). Without extender the Tado was very easy to install. About as hard as wiring a plug!


I had the standard, non-smart programmable Honeywell @noneames - I don't have experience of the evohome stuff... but personally, I would recommend tado having had it in for a couple of years now. Good kit.

tado v2 Smart Thermostat Starter Kit with Smartphone and Browser Control and Monitor £84.99 Maplin
Found 15th Nov 2017Found 15th Nov 2017
This is the version 2 kit - so with the bridge that works with Android but not Apple Homestart. However no difference in actual thermostat between v2 and v3. It says available in … Read more
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There's a shame. Yes rental does seem to work out at good value too. Hope it all works out for you!


Thanks, I did just call them and lady said it's discontinued. They don't have any in stock (at least not in her system) but said on the off chance there might be one or two at a store somewhere... but again, she couldn't check it to confirm. But definitely won't be online again. Well done for grabbing at these low prices. I might go down the rental route for the kit and then just buy a few TRVs outright.


My guess is they probably have hence the silly price, although I'm no expert. I still think no harm giving Maplin a ring just in case. I got mine for £99 which I was extremely happy with. Do love the system - it works well for me...


Thanks @Monkeycymru I couldn't find any v2 starter kits anywhere else for anywhere near this price! I mean lowest being like £150!!! and that's only at a couple of retailers. Do you know if these have been discontinued now? I need like 4-5 TRVs and the extender etc. so getting this kit at £80 would've gone a nice ways to keeping things fairly in budget.


Mine works with google home so probably but couldn't day for certain...

Tado smart thermostat starter kit V3 £169 delivered @ BT shop
Found 8th Nov 2017Found 8th Nov 2017
I’ve been searching for one of these below the 199 RRP for a while now and it hasn’t budged. So this is a great price (tried to buy 2 on eBay but turned out to be scams
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Please expire, this is back at £199


Thanks all I picked a v2 kit from Maplin for £84.99 all installed last night in 45 mins. The instructions really are excellent.


https://www.maplin.co.uk/p/tado-v2-smart-thermostat-with-smartphone-and-browser-control-and-monitor-a39rx V2's for £84.99, add around £40 on ebay for an extension kit. otherwise it will cost you another £80 brand new.


Cheers Andy I've not seen a V2 for sale so might have a look at the V2 starter kits they do. Need something twice this week the heatings been left on all night 😞 If I can get something hooked up to my SmartThings I can stop that XD


If you have a wireless thermostat you’ll need to grab a tado extension unit also. It’s likely the RF unit you’ll be replacing with the Tado extension will be using the correct wires you need to wire into the Tado unit as essentially it’s control the same thing. Ive heard the Tado customer service team are excellent so if you get into trouble you get ask them for advice.

Tado smart thermostat radiator valve £34.99 C+C @ Very
Found 29th Aug 2017Found 29th Aug 2017
Normally these are about £60 each, not sure how long this current price will last - Amazon are also doing it but have none in stock(expected 2-4 weeks). These are meant to be use… Read more

Out Of Stoc


Both (horizontal & vertical) are out of stock at Very now. I originally posted the Amazon deal but it looks like the vertical ones (2-4 weeks wait) are now back up to normal price, and the horizontal ones are £44.99 (if you are a Prime member). So both deals are unfortunately now dead by looks of it!

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