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TalkMobile 1 month sim only deal from uSwitch 4gb for £6.50pm
Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
Talkmobile 4gb ,unlimited mins and texts.No contract through uswitch .
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He said that test was done when connected to indoor hotspot.


Just done a test as connected to hotspot, speedtest also performed over hotspot which is awesome .. test i did is indoor.


Virgin £6 for 3gb


I don't expect to be ringing them at all.


Sky £6 for 3GB

Talkmobile SIMO £8p/m + Unlimited mins / texts / 9GB data 12 month contract = £96 total
09/08/2020Expires on 09/08/2020Posted 25th JulPosted 25th Jul
Talkmobile Sim only £8 p/m - Unlimited mins/txt/ 9 GB data 12 month contract
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Look, I haven't voted either way, but I think people don't like when someone posts 3 different plans from a provider at the same time, while he can just mention all of them in the same deal. It looks like talkmobile itself are adverting on here.


People doesn't read the comments to vote, but the deal description. In this case, I counted 3 numbers and 9 words.


I don't think there's too much to read about this "deal", op doesn't make use of words.


Probs spamming


Hot good deal can't understand why the cold

Talk Mobile SIMO £11p/m 15GB Data Plus unlimited UK Mins & Texts 12 month contract = £180 total
09/08/2020Expires on 09/08/2020Posted 25th JulPosted 25th Jul
TalkMobile SIMO £11 p/m 15GB DATA Plus unlimited UK Mins & Texts 12 month contract
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Anyone upload internet speeds please


£17 tcb


I agree - The total seems to be added automatically by HUKD !


Shouldn't the total be £132 for the 12 months???

Talk Mobile SIMO 25GB Data Plus Unlimited UK Mins & Texts 12 month contract - £13/month = £156 total
09/08/2020Expires on 09/08/2020Posted 25th JulPosted 25th Jul
TalkMobile SIMO 25GB DATA Plus Unlimited UK Mins & Texts 12 month contract
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Where I live, I get best coverage from EE, 2nd Vodafone. Talkmobile has some cheap sim only deals as well


Been with them for around 7 years and I can’t really remember a time when I haven’t had signal


Don’t know why Talkmobile getting such cold votes. I don’t get any network problem, and CS are usually quite good


Cheers I'll check them out.


What, so you're saying they're either C### S### A load of W### Or just like my A### (y) (y)

Sim only 12 month contract 2 Gb data, unlimited calls and texts Talkmobile/Lebara - £4.95/month = £59.40 total via Uswitch
234° Expired
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
£4.95 a month for 2 gig of data with unlimited calls and texts for 12 months with Talkmobile via uswitch. Cheapest low usage contract that i am able to find at the minute. Cust… Read more

went for this deal with does give 100 intl minutes saves me a quid a month


AH STRANGE been on phone to them lady did not offer me the extension so i took pac code :) jus now


Sky sent me an email saying my current offers would be extended but I had to contact them for them to sort it out for me


I'm looking for the same kind of contract. My current one runs out in two days. Imcan only see £6 for 2gb at sky.


Sky renewed my contract for another year same deal as this £3 a month. Bonus

TalkMobile 30 day rolling SIM only 24GB Data Unltd Texts&Calls £12 a month
328° Expired
Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
Double data offer ends 15th July 2020. RPI increase, terms, minimum term agreement & ID check apply see . Roam like at home in 41 … Read more

Voxi has a £7 add on for unlimited prime and netflix might be worth it. Went to now tv, poor broadband speed but free calls land line for £18 and £80 quidco on a 12 months deal. For mum, so speed not that important.


Ah. Thanks my laptop wasn't connecting but saying no internet. Flicked over to Voxi (dual SIM) and worked no probs. I'll try again.


Not sure about router but hotspot tethering works fine and getting 100mb speed . So far no issues. Will give a try in a mifi device.


Not very hard. Just be firm and insistent. As soon as the termination was confirmed over the phone, my SIM card went dead. That’s was it. I received it this morning and cancelled in the afternoon since it was not working in my Hauwei B535 router.


Speeds seem worse than Voxi too for me argh back to the drawing board I think! It's a good deal too and not sure if I need to tether and I don't have a mobile router. Hmmm. How easy did you both cancel? I've not paid my first £12 yert

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Talkmobile (Vodafone's network) 12 months sim only 100gb for £20pm. TCB £20 £240 via BroadBand Choices
73° Expired
Refreshed 13th JunRefreshed 13th Jun
Edit: initially this post wasn't allowed due to affiliated link on this other website: I pointed out about a previous similar deal… Read more
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So they wouldn’t cancel with a Vodafone network engineers report saying signal had disappeared ?


You got an engineer to come out for a SIM card?


Mine as well. I was stuck on a2 year deal with them. 2 weeks into my 2 years, my signal dropped off a cliff, but they point blank refused to do anything, despite a Vodafone engineer with all the testing gear confirming no signal. They might be great until you're tied into a deal, but then you may have issues if you need them. I'd rather be sticking pins in my eyes than use Talk Mobile ever again.


Someone posted it up HUKD expired it even though it’s still available


Certainly a better deal. You should post it as well. This talkmobile deal is yet another more option.

TalkMobile (Vodafone) £12.00 24GB 30 day via USwitch
380° Expired
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
TalkMobile who are part of Vodafone have a 30 day deal for £12.00 giving the following: 24GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts
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I went with this offer because my VOXI data counters (was on the 12GB package) were dropping like a stone and I was hardly using the phone. Maybe I had a rogue app.... One thing I have noticed though is my phone shows LTE and not 4G. What’s the difference? Speed tests still show similar speeds.


As above poster. Cheers OP!


Thanks for posting this. I've took the plunge and signed up. It's double the data I (officially) get from VOXI for £2 extra a month on what appears to be the same network. Unfortunately I don't get very good signal on Three so the great Three/Smarty deals currently available aren't suitable.


What a flop, was paying 12£ for 12gb at talkmobile and left to join voxi for 10£ with 12gb. And now this comes out, Both have same speed.


Call them and let us know

4GB Data Unlimited Mins & Texts for £6.50 - 1 Month Contract @ Talkmobile via Uswitch
283° Expired
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
4GB Data Unlimited Mins & Texts Roaming available in 41 Countries 1 Month Contract £6.50 a Month via Uswitch

Still available. I went through chat as an existing customer and was initially told the deal was only available online. After explaining that I'd been told it was available through customer support they checked and had me set up in a few minutes. (y)


Thanks for that. The promotion had finished but it's back again. Just shows that it's worth checking back on Uswitch every so often. (y)


It is still available 😁


Deal no longer available. Please expire.


Thanks, that's what I was wondering but couldn't see any mention on their website. Just phoned them up and switched from from 500 min, 5000 texts, 1GB data @ £10pm to this deal with more of everything for £6.50 a month. They even credited me back £1.82 for the unused portion of my previous deal for this month so happy days. (y)

Sim Only - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 9GB data for £9pm (£4.50 first 3 months - 12 month contract) @ talkmobile
423° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Sim Only - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 9GB data for £9pm (£4.50 first 3 months - 12 month contract) @ talkmobile
Know few of you had asked for this offer or similar after MSE offer expired, so here it is back in all its glory :) Get unlimited minutes and texts with 9GB of data for £9 per mo… Read more

Re Topcashback do not rely on getting that. I didn't get mine, on a perfectly straightforward order. talkmobile took 3 years to respond "terms and conditions were not met". Of course they had been but there is no right of appeal.


you are literally asking for nightmares if you consider moving to talkmobile


Agree but this is actually £7 after top cashback and first 3 months discount.


thanks. i went with voxi in the nend. very happy so far.


They charge you from day you sign up even though you haven't got the sim card as it comes with a number ok if you're not bothered otherwise takes 30 hours to patch your no over with PAC code

TalkMobile (Voda) 12GB/Unlimited - 30 day sim - £12
73° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
TalkMobile (Voda) 12GB/Unlimited - 30 day sim - £12
Vodafone sister company TM 12GB/Unlimited mins & texts on 30 days £12
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Except 4G didn't work. What a faff it was cancelling.


Nice, they must have upgraded.


Nope - now with 4G signal - Their 12 month offers are quite good.


I am going to try out Smarty 30gb for £10 on 30 days and see how things go for me Sim was delivered few days ago planning to activate on 1st May If things don't work out my next move is talk mobile I think


3G can be less saturated & upto 40 megs, for now, 3G being rolled into 4G/5G broadcasting but for the next few years it will do. edit: I forgot to say request a new sim for 4G access lol

Sim Only - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 15GB for £12 per month (First 3 months only £6 - 12 mo) £126 total @ talkmobile
56° Expired
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Sim Only - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 15GB for £12 per month (First 3 months only £6 - 12 mo) £126 total @ talkmobile
Decent offering in what is probably a sweet spot for a lot of people. 15GB a month for £12, with the first three months only £6 per month. Bad coverage is frustrating – we h… Read more

This is a decent deal especially as they use Vodafone network.


I’ve been using them a long while ( SMARTY ) no issues . On 4g over 85% of the time


Their coverage is horrendous. Three and Smarty


Thanks Mark - that Smarty plan looks good to me... (highfive)


Three link is dead.

Talkmobile C9 12 month Unltd mins & texts, 9GB data 3 months £4.50 then 9 months £9/month
283° Expired
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Talkmobile C9 12 month Unltd mins & texts, 9GB data 3 months £4.50 then 9 months £9/month
£94.50 Free P&P FreeTalk Mobile Deals
This is an MSE blagged deal from small provider Talkmobile, which uses the Vodafone network and comes with 9GB of data and unlimited mins and texts. If you go via the link, you'll… Read more

It's on the money saving expert website now if your still looking.


TalkMobile are still offering : U/L Mins U/L Texts 20GB Data 30 day contract £15.00 per month Only available via TalkMobile live chat - Just ask for the deal.


I'm still with talk mobile and been with them problem free for more than five years now. Current 30 day rolling contract for £7.50 per month is 3000 minutes, unlimited texts and 7gb data if that helps for comparison purposes with them.


Same here but I am sure that they gave me a better deal when moving across but then end of contract wouldn't budge. Moved to Virgin Mobile..mistake! 2 months to go :)


Agreed, I was with them a few years back and thought they went bust, I was moved from them to Vodafone to finish out my contract (same price and terms), once it was over Vodafone more than doubled the price, wouldn't be haggled down at all and so I left for Smarty

Free Unlimited Data for NHS UK online on Vodafone / TalkMobile / VOXI
4518° Expired
Posted 14th MarPosted 14th Mar
Access to reliable health information has never been more crucial. Therefore, Vodafone is giving its mobile customers, including VOXI and TalkMobile customers, free access to NHS U… Read more

Seems pointless to me. Unless you don't have WiFi at home. Which seems unlikely. Seeing as the country is in lock down. You should be at home and subsequently using your WiFi?


Shhhh , we don't want them fixing it


EE are doing the same


"I feel I must correct a few things", how about correcting your own post. £500K is not half of £1bn. Taxpayers are paying through other subsidies so you don't get the true figure from that headline. Rurally - connect the dots and everything you talk of has been paid for by the taxpayer in one form or another. The backhaul connections end up commercial contracts but the fibre the mast is routed on, that's nearly always laid as part of other publicly provided contracts. i.e. emergency services contracts, local Government contracts, Councils , Hospitals, Universities, Schools, BDUK Contracts, Road contracts, Surveillance+traffic management. BT Openreach lay their 'dark fibre' on the back of these publicly funded contracts (that they then charge commercial rates to access), it's very rare for BTOpenreach to lay fibre that isn't paid by one of the other contracts, i.e. Rurally (and even in cities) BT rarely lay fibre that hasn't been publicly funded in some way. Vodafone has similar contracts for public bodies, Councils etc (networks between offices) and are ramping these up too, because it allows them to follow BT's model of laying fibre and owning it, but carrying out the work on the back of publicly funded contracts. The point here is the taxpayer has paid for pretty much everything rurally, yet the taxpayer sees none of the profits. It's an absolute con when you look into the detail. Taxpayers should own all the fibre in the ground, end of, then leased out to these companies, because as stated, we paid for it to be laid.


Idiot, it isn’t them who advertised it

TalkMobile by Vodafone - Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts 20GB Data 30 day SIMO £15 per month.
-70° Expired
Posted 6th MarPosted 6th Mar
TalkMobile by Vodafone - Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts 20GB Data 30 day SIMO £15 per month.
TalkMobile by Vodafone are offering the following deal to new customers but you have to ask for it via the live chat service or telesales. Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts 20GB D… Read more

As mentioned above - TalkMobile customer service has come in house and is run by Vodafone staff.


I'm aware of all this (I have pointed it out on threads about Smarty for example). The issue here though, was apparently one of customer service quality between Vodafone and Talk Mobile. This surprised me as I believe Talk Mobile CS was brought in house to Vodafone a while after they bought out Carphone Warehouse's share. Prior to that they did have a separate CS team.


This in itself is true but as with all second tier networks or MVNO's as they call them. There are things make them better and things that make them less appealing. An example is EE and Plusnet. EE are supposed to be the best network in the UK, in terms of coverage but are very expensive. Plusnet on the other hand who are part of EE, are much cheaper but do not have as good a coverage. The reason is that, MVNOs are not given full access to the host network, such as not having the use of Band 20, 800mhz frequency which is best for indoor coverage. In addition you'll find that most MVNOs will not have the benefit of VoLTE which further compounds feelings of dissatisfaction.


Funny because Talk Mobile IS Vodafone.


I left Vodafone to go to this bunch and they were absolutely terrible, cock up after cock up. Gone back to Vodafone (Don’t think you’re getting the same service as Voda cos you’re not)

Sim Only - 1GB data with Unlimited Minutes and Texts for £5 per month (30 Day contract) @ Talkmobile
239° Expired
Posted 22nd JanPosted 22nd Jan
Sim Only - 1GB data with Unlimited Minutes and Texts for £5 per month (30 Day contract) @ Talkmobile
Not a bad offer considering most sims around this price range are quite limited in the amount of talk minutes. If you aren't interested in a higher data amount, this sim offers unl… Read more

Terrible deal. I pay £3 a month for two sims with 40gb of data each unlimited mins txts with EE but I’ve been an orange customer since I was 12 same account


This is still available ordered it because I was with smarty only getting 500mb data for same price this gives me 1gb in total. I’ve heard a lot of bad reviews about lebara and a lot of good so can’t convince my self to go with them. Only reason I’ve gone with talk mobile is they’re owned by Vodafone and you can go in to a Vodafone store for help if needed


Customer service is awful. Be warned.


We'll go for it at 2.5GB for 6.50£ Still way better than the 500mb at £6 from Gift Gaff.


Nice deal... If you don't want a credit check or a direct debit from your bank account, Giff Gaff have today announced unlimited call and and texts of their £6 and £8 plans, which takes effect from February. They are not as good value as this plan, but might be a worthy alternative especially if you get a better signal from the o2 network. The £6 plan offers unlimited calls and texts with 500mb of data. The £8 plan offers unlimited calls and texts with 2gb of data.

Talkmobile SIMO 10gb/5000txt/3000mins £10 a Month 30 Day Rolling Contract (Via live chat price match)
22° Expired
Posted 8th Mar 2019Posted 8th Mar 2019
Talkmobile SIMO 10gb/5000txt/3000mins £10 a Month 30 Day Rolling Contract (Via live chat price match)
Just got off of their chat on their website, my contract was up and I was asking them to match Sky's current sim only offer. They said they have better and are offering a 4gb indef… Read more

I am interested for this sim if someone wants to quitting/leaving his or her sim only deal. Than


Web chatted last night told was Black Friday deal and wouldn’t give to me


btw what is the current sky mobile deal?


So many salty people voting this down!


They were quite bad (signal wise) a few years ago. I had one of their unlimited data sims, as soon as the network signal improved they scrapped the unlimited data. The signal is much better now, can usually get a 4g signal without any issues.

Talk Talk 'Faster Fibre Broadband' £19.95pm (effective £16.62 with cash-back or vouchers) (Amazon, Tesco etc) - 36Mb / 18 months - £359.10
222° Expired
Refreshed 6th Mar 2019Refreshed 6th Mar 2019
Talk Talk 'Faster Fibre Broadband' £19.95pm (effective £16.62 with cash-back or vouchers) (Amazon, Tesco etc) - 36Mb / 18 months - £359.10
As above you can get Talk Talk Faster Fibre Broadband (36Mb) on an 18 month contract for an effective cost of £16.62. This can be had in one of two ways... Option-1: Using Quidco … Read more

I recently joined talk talk over the past two days it has been horrendously dropping out to the point it is unusable. Called talk talk who did some checks to no avail. Now they are sending an engineer as they suspect it could be a wiring fault which i disagree with totally and have said if a fault is found within the boundaries of my property they will charge me £65! Never had a problem like this before, I'm considering leaving still within the 30 day period


Is this offer still Live and is it applicable for existing customers? Was going to phone up about mum's Faster Fibre contract and this would be ideal (would prefer the Gift Card option, if it's still going). I think the £19.95 price was also an older promotion with MoneySupermarket for new customers. A few months ago, I managed to get it for £19.95 as an existing customer but it was like pulling teeth on the phone - on for over an hour.


Looks like I have an extra charge for faster fibre on my bill? I've been billed £21.26, not a lot but it's not a good sign.


Thanks Sphere, I checked my account and couldn't believe how they tried to justify adding Talk Talk TV without my consent. I would advise anyone with a Talk Talk account to check your bill very carefully. Here's the chat transcript. Trevashen: Good evening Mark. You are through to TalkTalk Customer Services and Billing, how may I assist you? Mark: Hi, Could you explain why TalkTalk TV was added to my account in February? Trevashen: I will be more than happy to assist you. Trevashen: Whilst I am accessing your account how is your evening Mark? Mark: great Trevashen: That's wonderful to hear. Trevashen: Looking into your account, I can confirm that you are paying £4.00 for TV service and this charge was implemented in January and you were notified of this charge being added to your package. Mark: What? I don't have talktalk tv, I haven't asked for talktalk tv and certainly didn't accept talktalk tv being added to my account. Mark: You can't simply notify somebody you've added a chargeable item to their account. Not that I even saw any notification. Trevashen: With the charge, you’ll continue to receive access to over 80 channels, to On Demand players and the ability to add and remove extra channels when you want to. To add to this, you’ll get a £5 voucher to redeem on your choice of film or TV show. Plus, for a one-off cost of the box and installation, you can access Multi-room. Trevashen: I’m sorry about this. However, it’s only the Broadband package that are part of the fixed price guarantee. The TV is an additional service that’s non-contractual, so unfortunately, it’s not part of that guarantee. Mark: Are you having a laugh at my expense here, I don't want now or ever want talk talk tv, you simply can't just start charging me for it then try tell me all about the benefits after the fact. this is illegal. Trevashen: I can offer you a free one month trial to experience our TV service. Mark: Are you not listening to me, I don't want talk talk tv, I never asked for talk talk tv, you have simply added it to my account and stolen the money from me. Trevashen: I will speak to my manager and remove the TV service for you. Trevashen: Please allow me 3-4 minutes to do so. Mark: and refund the charges I've been changed previously Trevashen: Thank you so much for your kind patience. Trevashen: I have successfully removed the £4.00 charge for you, you will continue to have TV service as normal and access to On Demand content. You wont have access to the £5.00 voucher and multi-room. Your monthly charge is £25.00 going forward as from the next bill. Trevashen: I have also credited your account with £6.31 the balance will automatically be credited on your next bill. Mark: how is that worked out? feb and march I've paid £29 rather than £25, so that £8.00 extra I've piad, not £6.31 Trevashen: I have also credited your account with £6.31 the balance will automatically be credited on your next bill. Trevashen: This is system calculated. Mark: I don't really care how it's calculated, talk talk have taken £8.00 extra illegally from my account over the last 2 months, I want that £8 refunding, not £6.31 Trevashen: I am unable to credit the full amount due to system restrictions but I have credited your account of £6.31 the balance will be credited on your next bill automatically. Mark: ok, I'll check and make sure it does. Trevashen: Aside from me assisting you with regards to your bill query is there anything else I can assist you with? Mark: no thank you,


exactly, every ISP's (poo) really, it's a post code lottery and you need to find out which works best in your area (y)

TalkMobile (Vodafone) Retention Deal 300 mins, unltd texts 2GB 4G 12 months £5pm / £60
-67° Expired
Posted 10th Nov 2018Posted 10th Nov 2018LocalLocal
TalkMobile (Vodafone) Retention Deal 300 mins, unltd texts 2GB 4G 12 months £5pm / £60
I managed to bag the Sky mobile deal that was going round a little while ago. When I called to cancel my TalkMobile deal they offered me this deal: 300 mins, unlimited texts and 2… Read more

2GB internet, unlimited mins and texts £3 a month on a 12 month contract via sky mobile (Sky customers only)


This offer is available go existing or last customers. Just do a web chat and they need, if you are past, phone number, address, name, date of birth. They cam just join you on web chat


I used to be with talkmobile and then moved over to vodafone with S8 phone + unlimted call & text and 6 GB data...


Perfect when my 3 contract retention deal is £5 for 500mb with 200 mins and unltd texts :| .


Brill. I'm actually looking to change my current deal (£12.50) and £7.50 sounds much better. (y)

Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 18GB Data (Existing Talkmobile customers only) - £9.50pm
76° Expired
Posted 20th Jul 2018Posted 20th Jul 2018LocalLocal
Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 18GB Data (Existing Talkmobile customers only) - £9.50pm
Talkmobile customers at the end of their contract are being transferred to Vodafone. They can offer half price on all Vodafone deals. Vodafone have a deal for Unlimited Minutes… Read more

I spoke to Talkmobile hoping to upgrade to this today. The advisor seemingly acknowledged that the offer had been on before but that it had finished last week. Best they could do me (as an upgrade at least) was 10gb @ £13/month or £16.25/month for 20gb (i.e. 35% off the equivalent Vodafone plans).


Anyone know what the timeframe is on this? Are TM still taking customers? I'm currently a Vodafone SIM only contract customer, so the obvious thing to do would be to swap over to TM to get locked in on the better deals on the migration back to VF...


Is this still a current offer does anyone know? When you click on get deal it takes you to the talk mobile website but only shows ....."sim only deals from £5 per month" i spoke to them today before seeing this and they offered me SIMI - £12 month - 12GB data, 5000 mins, 5000 text (mad)


Beej93 - I see the logo for your deal has changed to Talk Mobile. Thank you for sorting out the confusion. £9.50/mo for that bundle seems like pretty good value (especially as it seems like a general deal for Talk Mobile customers and you don't have to faff around with cashback). Have some heat! It hasn't helped the confusion that Talk Mobile (on Vodafone) and TalkTalk Mobile (on O2) are simultaneously shutting down and offering deals directly with their carriers! Hope your deal recovers and thanks for posting!


I have a SIMO service with TalkTalk Mobile, which I got for free by being a broadband customer. They've been warning their customers for a few months that they are shutting down their mobile operations (they are a MVNO running on O2). My TalkTalk Mobile service definitely uses O2 and they've now offered me a discounted SIMO deal directly with O2. I'll have to pay for it (rather than being free) but it's a good price for a low usage customer like myself. Might you be confusing Talk Mobile and TalkTalk Mobile?

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