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Updated 19th SepLast updated 19th Sep by bozo007
I have placed an order and instead of using my £30 gift card it took money via PayPal. I want it to use my credit not PayPal, what did I do wrong? help please! TIA

You have to select it just before placing the order. Else it defaults to the card / any other payment method first.



I have looked for live chat and contact details on app but no look.


Thanks for your reply so is the black showing it has applied now for next time I purchase?


The only people who will be able to help are Uber, it's best to contact them. No one here will be able to help you.

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Updated 28th JulLast updated 28th Jul by bozo007
hi I only used UBER taxi once in my life and it was couple years ago but this week I need it because my car broke down and i need to make 2 journeys that will cost around £50 one … Read more

I agree, especially if it is a popular destination like a major train station or airport.


Generally when the fares are above £30, I find local taxi firms can be cheaper when prebooked


Maybe but I prefer Uber right now because life is stress full (zombie)


Would it not be cheaper/better to hire a car?

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Updated 30th AprLast updated 30th Apr by Teliffant
Do you tip Uber drivers?
Getting my first Uber taxi tomorrow lol Do they expect a cash tip? Unsure what the right thing to do is! Thanks

Yes “Don’t come in on your day off” (lol) (lol) (lol)


I usually tipped with the Uber app in the US and Australia, because trips are so unbelievably cheap there that it's obvious it can't be paying a living wage. Though some drivers have been students or retirees. Ubers are hard to find in my neck of the woods probably due to the high cost of running and insuring a decent car here.


If they go above and beyond what I was expecting then I might tip, but only in cash, I would never tip via the app because; 1) I don't trust Uber (or any business for that matter) to actually pass it on and 2) It would be taxed.


If no change very easy to tip via the app.


IT's cheaper but the few times that I've used Uber in London I haven't had a great experience. 3 times the driver had no idea how to get to Waterloo station and another time the guy was doing about 40mph on the M40

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Updated 29th MarLast updated 29th Mar by Misslovely
Only 1 Uber Eat x2 £10 off £15 spend referral working?
There's a Uber Eat referral for x2 £10 off £15. I added to my account and ordered something using one of them but the second one also disappeared? I think it might be because both… Read more

It happened to me last year with a new account! Cons Uber



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Updated 7th MarLast updated 7th Mar by _-Richie-_
Uber drivers holiday compensation
Hi I’m thinking of applying for compensation but I don’t actually want to give solicitors 25% if I can do it myself. Is anyone claiming compensation? Thanks in advance

You shouldn't have to pay fees on something you're entitled to, find a solicitor that will reclaim their costs from Uber. Comes to something when you have to follow a legal path for benefits, oh society where did it all go wrong ...


Freeman Harris going as low as 15% if you've been with Uber a while. I'd rather go with a Solicitor who knows how to handle the case properly, than give Uber any chance to dismiss the claim on a technicality because I didn't fill in a form properly.


Join a union and get them to sort it out for you.

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Updated 1st MarLast updated 1st Mar by PaulandPam
What next for Uber drivers?
Hi - Does anyone know the next steps are for Uber after the recent event with the court case? Will Uber drivers now become employees and if so will drivers be back dated in salary?… Read more

Same thing happening were I live, we have quite a few private hire vehicles with Wolverhampton plates on the cars that are licenced 90 miles away but operating here in Liverpool. Apparently Wolverhampton is the easiest council to get your taxi licence.


If they don't like their employment rules, then they should be made to get a proper taxi licence, and comply with the regulations of that council. In this area, we have cars with licence plates from a hundred miles away, but operating in this town under Uber, without the in car cctv and other items that taxis in this area have to install. Local knowledge is not the same. Their licence comes from an area where sat-nav is permitted, without needing to know specific or popular locations. If they were genuine competition, then not a problem. But their model, which the drivers follow to avoid extra costs, is to take the cheap way out. Leaving proper responsibility in the mirror. Yes, they operate within the law, but it does not mean the law is correct.


That is the issue, they want the flexibility of self employment but the benefits of employed status. The way the gig economy works is that people can do as much or as little work as they like and often work for multiple companies... would they then expect to get holiday pay, sick pay, and minimum wage from them all, just for logging on to each once a day? Just wondering


Sounds like the 90’s are calling (lol) (lol) Apps give you service - if that has an effect on how an industry operates then the industry needs to evolve - self employed drivers enter that role with full understanding of their potential earnings. If people choose to work hard and not smart then that’s on them


I think the average driver will receive next to nothing.