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Updated 13th FebLast updated 13th Feb by IAmATeafLocalLocal
Yorkshire tea bags 480 for £4.75 @ Tesco (Westhill)
Important. Please avoid making journeys that aren’t essential. In-store items can sell out quickly, so any trip made just for this could be wasted and unnecessarily risk spreading… Read more

And you also get a free shopping bag :)


Under a penny for a tea bag, how are they making a profit?


Wish this nationwide bargain


@vishyuk@punjabi2005 Would love to have a remote tea party with you guys. A teletea party

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Updated 6th JanLast updated 6th Jan by clostridium_botulinum
Any good deals on good tea bags?
Not a big fan of tea so don't have much knowledge, looking for someone else but no idea on what's a good price point, the person I am looking for likes the red label and PG, I saw … Read more

Try Ringtons tea. Tastes a hundred times better than the standard stuff sold in supermarkets. Link to Ringtons tea range


That reminds me need to add some tesco basics onto my next order (lol)


PG tips or Yorkshire tea?


Cornish Tea - Smugglers Brew Tea Bags (1100) or Yorkshire Tea are popular here, in that order.


Those big bags are rubbish to taste. You can go to supermarketwatch.co.uk Link and see what's the cheapest local to you. £3 at Waitrose is cheapest for 240 which is really good as it's usually £4 and comes down to £3.50 often and the best is £3 that comes down to this maybe once or twice on a year.

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Updated 20th Dec 2020Last updated 20th Dec 2020 by Dorsetbod
PG tips advent giveaway - New prizes every day until Christmas Eve!
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Thanks, worth a try!


entered. thanks ☕


Thank you Good luck folks :)


That's great thanks


Thanks :) (y)

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Updated 1st May 2020Last updated 1st May 2020 by navo5
I feel these are a complete bargain at 58p for 80.What are people's thoughts on these? Give them a try you'll be pleasantly surprised.And no I don't work for Tesco lol😁… Read more

Thompson's tea really nice too.


Lidl tea are also good 160 bags for £1.19


Bit of a strain though ?


Yorkshire Tea or nowt.


Disgusting stuff regardless of the brand (highfive)

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Updated 27th Sep 2019Last updated 27th Sep 2019 by mikepaterson
If you sign up to the Pukka Collective for free, you get a free box of sustainably and ethically sourced tea through the post which includes a variety of 8 organic Pukka tea sachet… Read more



Would you have a link by any chance please? Thank you

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Updated 19th Dec 2018Last updated 19th Dec 2018 by Wongy110
We've been making our tea bags more environmentally friendly - and some of them have been playing up. Here's a bit more info (and what to do if you've had any problems):
Misbehaving tea bags :/ https://www.yorkshiretea.co.uk/brew-news/misbehaving-tea-bags

Thanks for the heads up cheers 🍵