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Celestron 31051 AstroMaster 130EQ Reflector Telescope Motor Drive - £165.99 @ Amazon
Found 15 h, 58 m agoFound 15 h, 58 m ago
Very nice telescope to start, for a very good gift this Christmas

Had the non-drive version for years and it’s great except the tripod is flimsy and it’s not easy to find something more sturdy. The dot finder is useless so replace with something better.


Just looked on CCC and Amazon have previously been selling this for £119 so not that good a deal...


This one is at good price also. But it doesn’t have the motor drive that the present deal is proposing. That’s a good alternative for those who don’t need motor drive (y)


Three camels 139.99 HUKD’s overpaying noobs


Handy Heroes Kids Telescope Stargazing Kit only £9 @ Go Outdoors free click & collect
Found 12th DecFound 12th Dec
Nice Christmas present Discount card price (£5 if you don’t have one, if you know someone that has got one just address and surname in store will be fine)
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I agree


Have a look on local selling sites of ebay (filtering to a distance you are happy travelling) for used telescopes. I picked up my first proper telescope for my 40th, £70 for a sky watcher 130 with motorised mount. Absolutely love it for the price. This is a well recieved & portable telescope if you want new Sky-watcher heritage 76 Also check in the works for some book. The 2019 Philips star gazing is £3 which is a great help. And another thing that's worth getting is an xbox 360 live camera. A bit of modifying & you'll have a decent starter astrophotography camera. They are only 50p at cex. Camera


I’ve been looking for a telescope for my lad but understand the chance he will get bored so wanted something easy. I can’t afford a nice motor driven one that will (after setup) go straight to the points in the sky so have been thinking about a spotting scope as due to illness one of his eyes aren’t great. Any good recommendations for about £50?


Yep, this will turn kids away from astronomy, that tripod is really frustrating to use. What Optimus said above is the lowest cost telescope that anyone should recommend. I have the slide deck from my annual telescope buying presentation at my astro club here: for anyone that might want more detail and advice, but the above post is to the point...


Quite a bit more expensive, but infinitely better... Good starter scope Alternatively as has been said, start with a pair of binoculars to whet the appetite and then take it from there.

Refractor Telescope with adjustable tripod instore at B&M for £14.99
LocalLocalFound 25th OctFound 25th Oct
Every kid should have one of these at some point good deal for what it is

Wait until 4 weeks after Christmas on a Wednesday they'll go down to £1 sane happens every year in my store


Allow me to disagree with your disagreement :) My first telescope back in the 80's was the "Halleyscope", a 40mm refractor on a miserable tripod made to cash-in on the Halley craze. And it had a very positive effect on me. That's because I was an unusually patient kid of the pre-internet, pre-smartphone etc era. So, for every kid like me or you, there are 10 that would get turned away from astronomy forever if their first experience was with a frustrating scope/mount, I've seen it happen many, many times. No, I am not one of those people who **** on inexpensive telescopes, or one of those who say anything under 6-inches is useless etc. I do a "buying my first telescope" talk every year at my astronomy club, and after explaining the basics I do give recommendations in budget zones and I do start quite low at near £50. But getting something like this, is worse than not getting a telescope for the majority of children. Especially children nowadays who have so many things.


I disagree with your disagreement - many years ago an inferior piece of kit was acceptable for those of us who knew no better, but with the quality of computer screens nowadays for example, every child has experienced excellent picture quality, and so will realise only too well how bad these cheap telescopes are. I bought one for my children a couple of years ago, and it was so awful that it never got used after the first week - we just could not see anything or focus enough to make out any stars at all, and that was in a nice quiet area without masses of street lighting. Better spend the money on a good book or two, as has been mentioned by others.


I disagree completely. My first telescope wasn't much better that this and it had a very positive effect. Plus virtual every astronomer I know is always critical of any telescope that is cheaper than theirs is. "Mine is bigger and more expensive, so yours sucks" is the usual way conversations about scopes go. And besides, anyone who spends a lot of money on a reasonably good scope but lives in a city with terrible light polution and mostly cloudy skies has more money than sense.


i really wouldn't bother with this. better off getting binoculars. these are a good deal as well as a brilliant book binoculars £19.99 stargazing 2019 £3

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Sky at Night Subscription - 5 months for £5 @ Buy Subscriptions + Various other mags!
Found 1st SepFound 1st Sep
Excellent bargain for this magazine, for the same price you'd pay for one from the newsagent you get 5, perfect for star gazing in the upcoming dark winter months! Credit to Rcom … Read more

You need to remember to cancel your subscription.


Thanks for finding those too, i just posted the one i bought lol.


That's really strange, the link displayed the following options to me.


showed £22 for 6 month for me too, then i went to leave and a popup asked if I wanted it for a fiver.


Here is the link, hope it helps.

The  AUTO-TRACKING MAKSUTOV CASSEGRAIN TELESCOPE (Skywatcher HERITAGE-90 VIRTUOSO) normal price £219 is available for £173.94
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
The AUTO-TRACKING MAKSUTOV CASSEGRAIN TELESCOPE (Skywatcher HERITAGE-90 VIRTUOSO) normal price £219 is available for £173.94
The Skywatcher HERITAGE-90 VIRTUOSO normal price £219 This may seem expensive for a small telescope (90mm aperture) but this telescope is autotracking, it automatically tracks a s… Read more

Learn the night sky and a refractor is superior(I’ve owned over thirty scopes) this is ok for a beginner but these goto scopes are inherent with problems a little later down the line and a pain to calibrate.


RIP, we'll use your crack as a bike stand.


Most of us have one. What about the telescope?


omg - took just 30 secs to bore me to death


theres a crack in mine

Borrow a telescope for free with a Westminster Library card
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Borrow a telescope for free with a Westminster Library card
Exciting opportunity with a Westminster Library card (you don't need to live or work in Westminster to get one) as you can borrow a telescope from Westminster Reference Library (WC… Read more
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jamie015 Didn't get it the first time, but this time I did!


time someone did Uranus joke.


Why don't you surprise me? ;)



This telescope uses a mirror and you should be able to see Uranus with it

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Meade Infinity 60AZ Telescope - £55.99 @ Argos
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
Meade Infinity 60AZ Telescope - £55.99 @ Argos
Explore both land and sky in crisp, clear detail through the high-resolution optics of the Meade Infinity 60AZ. With everything you need to get started all in one box, you can set-… Read more

its going to be bad for 50 quid, like a magnifying glass attached to a empty toilet roll, no joke.


It doesn't seem to come with an erect-image prism, so the neighbours will be upside down ;)


Although it does not have the completely useless eyepieces that other telescopes at this price have (these are MA it seems), the mount/tripod is very bad, which makes it a bit frustrating to use (in comparison to, say, the Skywatcher Heritage 76 which is usually at a similar price). This must lead to many returns if I can tell from the refurbished availability (£35 shipped on ebay).


Thanks. Perfect for keeping tabs on what the neighbours are up to (lol)

Bushnell 4.5 inch telescope and tripod - £70 @ gwcameras eBay
Found 14th MayFound 14th May
Bushnell 4.5 inch telescope and tripod - £70 @ gwcameras eBay
£70£14050%eBay Deals
It's not the best scope out there, but good value for money. The sky tour remote isn't particularly useful, but good to distract the kids with.
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Not bad i’ve used this type which is a Newtonian, mirror on the rear, great for local Solar system, though buying a few decent eyepieces will go along way to improving your experience. Try Plossl 20mm.


It does seem to read that way, but I think it's referring to the light inside the mount to help see the coordinates? It is a bit confusing though, you're right


Listing infers a motorised mount.... which I don't think is true !

Bushnell northstar motorised telescope. Half price @£124.50 at Wilkinson cameras.
Refreshed 16th MayRefreshed 16th May
Bushnell northstar motorised telescope. Half price @£124.50 at Wilkinson cameras.
Ok probably far from the best scopes available but looks good for the money. Also have a cheaper one for half price as well. Seems to be a lot more else where. Purchased to have p… Read more

My bf bought me a telescope for my upcoming birthday even if I'm not a guy (women don't tend to be into this stuff but I am). Cost £129 but it is a Sky-Watcher Explorer-130 EQ2 Telescope. I am still figuring out how to use it and I signed up to a stargazing forum to get some help.


I bought a cheap telescope & was lucky enough to view the Milky Way. Mars was as clear as a bell. Galaxy was perfect until I unwrapped it & ate it.


Wilkinson's are very good. I buy my cleaning products and binbags from there at a very reasonable price. Heat added.


Divide the focal length, 900mm by the eyepiece focal length so 20mm will give you 45x and 4mm will give you 225x. If you add the Barlow you will get 135x and 675x. The 675x will be unusable but I bet you try it :) Your focuser is probably a rack and pinion (the same on most scopes) but it doesn't give fine adjustments, you will struggle at high magnifications to get things in focus. I try and focus on a star before turning to a planet.


20mm works great, 4mm you struggle to focus a little, what’s magnified more 20mm or 4mm, I have a feeling it’s simply too close to focus so need to wait for the moon to be visible ;-(

New MEADE Polaris 76 EQ Reflector Telescope - Blue £58.29 @ Curry - PCworld eBay - Free delivery
Found 21st AprFound 21st Apr
New MEADE Polaris 76 EQ Reflector Telescope - Blue £58.29 @ Curry - PCworld eBay - Free delivery
Great price for this, over £114 anywhere else, including instore at Currys. Key Features Experience the wonders of the night sky from your bedroom window or garden shed with the … Read more
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You just put me right off astronomy


Now out of stock, so I'll expire.


Buy good binocular firstly as first step with astronomy for beginners eg Williams optics 10x50 ED or if you have more money Fujinion 10x50 FMRT-SX and also very good astronomy atlas with universe/sky map... do not waste your money for poor “telescopes”!




Huh. This post is so wrong, I have no idea where to start from. And I am sure the poster would not understand, hence just posting for others that might be wondering what's all this about. So, first of all, the resolution of an optical system, i.e. the maximum quality you can get out of it if everything else is perfect, is limited by your aperture. The Nikon P900 has a 55mm aperture, so whatever you do, if you have a 60mm+ telescope of good quality, an imaging sensor as good as the one the P900 uses (not hard to find nowadays) will give you better quality images, because... physics. On to the focal length. I don't really understand what the above post is trying to say, but in general, astronomers, especially amateur ones, would love to have good telescopes of short focal length that are also affordable, but because a shorter focal length for the same aperture requires the light to bend more, it is much harder & expensive to make. The smaller focal length gives you a wider field of view and also requires shorter exposures in astrophotography, while it is relatively easy to increase your effective focal length (e.g. with a TeleVue barlow or Powermate) so you can do most things longer focal length scopes would do. But there is some misconception about what "equivalent focal length is". In fact, it doesn't have to do with the focal length itself, it simply gives you an idea of your field of view - i.e. your frame - so that photographers can compare it to their old 35mm film, because if you have a tiny sensor with the same lens, that tiny sensor would crop your image and you end up with a smaller field of view. In fact, the P900 has a 357mm focal length physically. The 10" LX200 mentioned has a 2500mm focal length, which means that with the same sensor items will be 7x larger than the P900. The 10" LX200 has a "35mm equivalent" focal length with that sensor of 14000mm !!! In fact, having a smaller sensor is a bad thing, not a good thing, as with a larger sensor you fit more things in your view, which seems like a smaller "zoom" if you print them at the same size, but a larger sensor (of the same generation) will maintain the quality, so if you cropped the smaller part and blew it up you would still get the image of the smaller sensor. It gets a bit complicated, but the result is that even at the price of the P900 you can certainly beat it in quality for moonshots with a combination of telescope/camera. For example take a look at a lunar image through the worst telescope I own (a 130mm newtonian - about £100 for the tube) with a £150 planetary camera (see it full size here): You can't get that quality with a P900, but with the telescope you need to have a mount, a small tripod won't do, plus with the planetary camera you get more clarity, but it requires to connect a pc and then processing to get all that detail (stacking, sharpening). So I would suggest the P900 for everyone who would like to point and click and get good shots. Just know that telescopes are a whole different thing both in complexity and potential results. If you already have a DSLR, a telescope is also a consideration since you can use your existing DSLR with it - but the telescope in this topic wasn't any good for that.

National Geographic 50/360 Telescope £12 @ Maplin
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
National Geographic 50/360 Telescope £12 @ Maplin
£12£3768%Maplin Deals
£37 at Amazon with reasonable reviews espically for the price
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I can't believe we are suggesting binoculars instead of telescopes, these must be truly awful if that's the case!


now the price got rise to 16£..


For every one kid that got a flimsy-tripod based little refractor and yet persevered despite how frustrating it was to point it, there are 10 that give up. Until perhaps 25-30 years ago, if you were on a budget you didn't have a choice, you couldn't avoid it. I was one of the minority who persevered (I got a 40mm "halleyscope", with a ridiculous "tripod" 30 years ago next month), yay for me, however in this day there is a choice. So, as I said before, for £12, I don't have to propose anything better (which is why I don't actually downvote this), and you are getting an interesting toy (it will work fine on the moon). If that's your budget go for it. It won't be a joy to use compared to other scopes that start at around ~£50 (although I usually give £100 as the starting point for new - but less for used), so you might turn some kids away. Your call ;)


Looks good and will be on Lightning Deal for £50.99 from 5:20pm on Tuesday 17 April


Thank you for taking the trouble to go into the detail you have. I think the bottom line for me would be a good pair of binoculars and possibly try to find some kind of tripod or stand for them, the bonus would be using them to spot wildlife close up.

Enjoy looking at birds? Was £329.90 now £69.99   Spotting Scope for Birdwatching , 20-60x60 Zoom Monocular Compact Telescope  Sold by BNISE Corporation and Fulfilled by Amazon - Lighting deal
Found 24th FebFound 24th Feb
Enjoy looking at birds? Was £329.90 now £69.99 Spotting Scope for Birdwatching , 20-60x60 Zoom Monocular Compact Telescope Sold by BNISE Corporation and Fulfilled by Amazon - Lighting deal
This has good reviews and is £182 on eBay. Ideal for you twitchers out there that enjoy looking at birds. BNISE Spotting Scope for Birdwatching , 20-60x60 Zoom Monocular Compact Te… Read more

It was one of the Lightning deals


Is this item only available at £69.99 to Prime Members?


I did see Dave Gorman (though it was a repeat) on Modern Life Is Goodish say that you can't even trust "Verified Purchase" reviews. Some Amazon customers trawl Facebook and the like for sellers offering freebies in return for five-star reviews. They purchase the item at full price, leave a glowing review, and the seller refunds them via Paypal.


These are brand-slap Chinese scopes (don't get me wrong, I have a cheapie monocular myself, but it cost £6-odd). Google images might bring up generics of this, though it's an oddly-angled picture the seller is using. Also, the Chinese have a habit of over-estimating the magnification of their scopes/binoculars/monoculars, but you would expect that. Here's one on Aliexpress - 20-60x60, £39.06 or 25-75x70, £47.14 £45.74 £45.33 Flubit has a National Geographic-branded one for £62.97 Other magnifications: A Celestron 60mm (Magnification: 12-36x) for £69.99 20x60 £26.45 This one is 15-45x60 and £32.71


Love amazon, but starting to take some reviews with a pitch of salt too many fake reviews

10-in-1 Mobile Photography Kit - Bluetooth Shutter, Fisheye Wide Angle, Macro, Telescope Lens, Selfie Stick, Tripod @ Gearbest £9.53
Found 11th FebFound 11th Feb
10-in-1 Mobile Photography Kit - Bluetooth Shutter, Fisheye Wide Angle, Macro, Telescope Lens, Selfie Stick, Tripod @ Gearbest £9.53
Main Features: - With Bluetooth selfie adapter, you can easily take photos by yourself just one-key operation shooting - Install the mini size portable telephoto lens, convenient t… Read more

Good lord, the quality of those 'after' images. You need to pause the video to see them for a reason.


Struggling to find some tripod with phone clip wider than 85mm. My Xiaomi Mi Max 2 is 88mm wide.


I'll give it a go for a tenner! Thanks No1_VIPER (y)


they will work, but these are designed to be universal so it may not fit perfectly and/or show the edges of the lens in the frame. If you have the bucks and one of the compatible phones... moment make some fantastic lens which definitely work!


you got a link?

Jessops 900x70 Telescope £59.99 was £200 with free Cewe Photobook worth £18.99!
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Jessops 900x70 Telescope £59.99 was £200 with free Cewe Photobook worth £18.99!
This seems like a really good deal for the money. Regardless of the fact that is should of apparently been £200 this is still excellent for £60. 675x magnification with a good qual… Read more
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Received this email....


The specification of this scope is almost identical to the forty year old scope I actually have. Assuming similar optical quality you will see the main moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, vast detail on the Moon and a number of double stars and nebulae, as well as some of the brighter stars showing their true colours. Maximum usable magnification will be about 150. The tripod will be flimsy and that will make lining up difficult. The equatorial mount is useful because that allows you to follow and object with just one control as the Earth turns, I've always found this an extremely useful feature but would listen to experiences from users of Dobsonian or altaz mounts. It's powerful enough (if it has an inverting adapter) to act as a very powerful, but not very portable, terrestrial scope. My opinion is that, at the price, this is an absolute bargain and would be a perfect gift for a 14 year old who is seriously interested in astronomy. It's cheap enough to take the risk and good enough to do the job. Be prepared to spend many hundreds of pounds if the hobby takes off. Voted hot.


If you buy a telescope as someone new to astronomy you're probably best going for one with an Alt Azimuth mount as these are easier to use, though if you use it often an equitorial mount setup correctly, this will be better (however is a little more complicated to setup). Most people recommend that anyone new to astronomy go for as big an apperture (biggest diameter) as they can afford as this usually leads to better results. The cheapest large apperture telescopes are usually dobsonian ones and these usually have a small stand which you can rest on a table to look at the night sky. As Criton's friend states I wouldn't recommend getting a telescope from a high street store. Depending upon your budget I would go for one of these: Best low price (£47) (Dobsonian) What images you can expect? you can just about make out saturns rings if you look at the pictures in the amazon reviews in this link --->: Best Dobsonian under £100 (£95) (Dobsonian with slightly larger apperture) Best beginners telescope (£147) (equitorial mounted reflector) I would recommend this one personally as it is quite good for the price and you could use this for a good few years and still be happy with the images you are getting, whereas the other ones you may feel you want to upgrade if you get into astromomy. Hope this helps!


I completely agree with this. I bought a Bresser 76x700 or something like that a while ago. It’s impossible to keeps till and fine tuning to see a specific star is very difficult. Since then I’ve bought a decent pair of Vanguard binoculars and got a great deal on Celestron 20x80 binoculars. The later is difficult to hold but works Ona Tripod. In each case of both binoculars I see far better than with the telescope.


A quick google suggests to avoid jessops telescopes. Stick to brands that specialise in stargazing equipment.

Discovery Galaxy Tracker Smart Telescope, 60mm £24 instore @ Debenhams
LocalLocalFound 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Discovery Galaxy Tracker Smart Telescope, 60mm £24 instore @ Debenhams
£24£59.9960%Debenhams Deals
Mrs. just messaged me while browsing in Debenhams. Marked down from £80 Best price I can see is £59.99 in Argos and Amazon Navigate the stars using the ‘Star walk 2’ smartphone ap… Read more

ok 'some' poor reviews of a different model......


Terrible reviews here, same/similar model


Why did this get no heat? I brought one yesterday now wondering if it was a good deal? It seems ok to use


Would've ordered but Debenhams won't accept any of my cards. Gutted. Still heat from me.


My little boy loved the space center the other day and been after a telescope ever since. Good find. Order one and picking it up tomorrow. I'll let you know what it's like.

Jessops Telescope 700x76 - was £139.99 at Jessops now £33.99
Found 30th Dec 2017Found 30th Dec 2017
Don't know a lot about telescopes but this seems a good deal. 15% off with TELESCOPES15 and free delivery to store.
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Thanks for the info in your posts Mark


I am interested in getting a scope, have a budget of £200, want to attach mobile for photography/videography was looking at the Celestron 31051 Astromaster 130EQ-MD Motor Drive Reflector Telescope Or can anyone recommend a better scope for my budget? Thanx in advance... :D


Yes it is fantastic, it is nice to see so many knowledgeable people on here. I would go as far as saying hukd is the best public forum in Britain.


I have handed out a celestron 114eq from a friend and just started reading on the topic. Soon after a few astrology forum thread and Phillips books, I ended up buying binoculars. Even without settings up the telescope. Way too much to learn before moving into a telescope to appreciate it completely imho. Olympos 10x50 , Helios naturesport 2 plus are good budget ones. To start you can get an old super zenith 10x50 for 20 quid. Learning curve is steep. Once you now your way in the nightsky and know your telescope and what to expect , you can enjoy more...


Is it possible to get a motorised telescope that streams to an app or software for a reasonable price?

Bfull mini Binoculars compact Folding waterproof 10x25 Telescope for adults Bird watching, Football Safari Sightseeing Climbing £7.99 prime / £11.98 non prime Sold by Ziran and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 26th Dec 2017Found 26th Dec 2017
Bfull mini Binoculars compact Folding waterproof 10x25 Telescope for adults Bird watching, Football Safari Sightseeing Climbing £7.99 prime / £11.98 non prime Sold by Ziran and Fulfilled by Amazon
These are well worth the money, and if you have Prime they give you £1 credit for books/movies for waiting 3 days for delivery. Warning : according to fakespot 92% of the reviews … Read more

This deal goes hand in hand with this deal (shock) Heat Added ;)


Yeah you can. I've got some of these, paid about £2 each and worth maybe £1 each. Pretty useless, even as a toy.

Celestron Travel Scope 70 Telescope £64.99 Delivered @ Picstop
Found 7th Dec 2017Found 7th Dec 2017
Celestron Travel Scope 70 Telescope £64.99 Delivered @ Picstop
Just got an email about this. One reviewer below describes it as " ...a small telescope designed for viewing distant land-based targets (such as birds and trees) and for casual ast… Read more
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mcek now £60 at Amazon.


This is tempting. Can anyone recommend anything better, a telescope or binoculars for the same price or cheaper?


nice piece of furniture too


Better off with a pair of 15x70 binoculars.


Not a piece of glass in site - imagine the chromatic abberation

PANDA 35 x 50mm Monocular Compass Phone Clip Telescope BLACK Mobile Phone Clip, Mini Tripod £6.50 @ Gearbest
Found 27th Nov 2017Found 27th Nov 2017
PANDA 35 x 50mm Monocular Compass Phone Clip Telescope BLACK Mobile Phone Clip, Mini Tripod £6.50 @ Gearbest
Calling all peeping toms (not really!! haha). Looks similar to the well-reviewed Enkeeo (8 x 30)… Read more
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Got mine today, makes it 3 weeks and 1 day. You have to adjust the eyepiece as well as the focussing wheel above, to get a good view - but it's pretty impressive for just under £7! Wouldn't want to risk cracking/scratching my glass protector with the phone clip, but the tripod is useful - the legs and screw are metal, though the feet and connecting piece are plastic. Seems to be various clones of this all over Aliexpress/Amazon/ebay, some even state 40x60 magnification which is a bit cheeky!! As other reviewers mention, I'd guess this is 8x or 10x magnification. Bought another clone of the Panda for my brother-in-law (we often joke how nosey and how much of a curtain twitcher he is, so it's perfect for him) Edit: Actually, tinkering around with mine, I've noticed there's nowhere for me to screw the tripod stand in (?!). On the underside there's only a hook for the carry strap. Sent a ticket to Gearbest, hopes aren't high that I'll get a reply that makes sense...we'll see.. Tested side-by-side with Steiner 10 x 26mm Safari Binoculars - I'd say they're similar magnification - the Steiner is *slightly* larger. Another Edit: The little "hook" actually unscrews to allow you to fit the tripod. D'oh.


Shipped around an hour ago! Quickest Gearbest order ever!


It'll be fine [apparently] - the sun is more than 500m away and this only works up to 500m [according to the amuzing review]


Managed to order one, not convinced it won't be rubbish but we'll see.. in about a month lol


Yep. The panda one has a larger objective lens, so more light, brighter image, possibly more magnification, built-in compass, and the mobile clip. You pays your money you takes your choice!

Celestron AstroMaster LT 70 AZ Refractor Telescope - £59 @ SRS Microsystems
Found 23rd Sep 2017Found 23rd Sep 2017
Celestron AstroMaster LT 70 AZ Refractor Telescope - £59 @ SRS Microsystems
With the darker nights fast approaching this is a good beginner telescope that normally retails around £100. Never bought from SRS Microsystems before but Watford based UK stock. O… Read more

That is excellent advice and binoculars are much easier for anyone to use. Keep an eye on Lidl I got some excellent binoculars from there for pennies


Coming up at 99.99 for me. Any voucher required or has the deal expired?


A smidge over, but these are pretty much the best availbale at about £50


I'm putting this excellent comment in the Top Ten HUKD Comments of 2017.


Any advise on decent binoculars under £50

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