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Nikola Tesla: A Captivating Guide to the Life of a Genius Inventor (Kindle Edition) FREE @ Amazon
Found 5th JulFound 5th Jul
Nikola Tesla: A Captivating Guide to the Life of a Genius Inventor Explore the Captivating Life of Nikola Tesla Obsessive, brilliant, and tortured, Nikola Tesla was lauded for h… Read more

Very welcome indeed.


Sweeeeeet!, thanx.


LOL...what can I say? You got me, I'm a psyop agent working for the NWO. Yes, we are all martians. Yes, aliens built the pyramids. Yes, we are tracking you with RFID tech implanted when you were a baby. It's all true. All of what is on the following website is of course part of the ultra-mega-conspiracy and so you should believe the exact opposite of what it says. Tesla https://skeptoid.com/episodes/4345 DEM ALIENZ! https://skeptoid.com/episodes/4449 alien buildings https://skeptoid.com/episodes/4202


Didn't happen "according to the government"......... Hmmmmmmm.........no doubt u believed there were WMD in Iraq too. There's architecture all over the world that can't be explained by archeologists or scientists and the human bodyclock reverts back to 24h 37m when up in space........the exact length of a day on mars. Not everything can be explained by science or your wonderful governments who just perpetuate debt slavery on behalf of the global elite who by the way already have a planet evacuation plan which is why they don't give a monkeys about the environment....


Try... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nikola-Tesla-Imagination-Invented-Century-ebook/dp/B00CATSONE ...and... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nikola-Tesla-Life-Beginning-End-ebook/dp/B06ZYHDD7F

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PNY 16GB NVIDIA Tesla P100 Passive GPU Accelerator Module Card - B-Stock - £4999.99 @ SCAN
Found 3rd FebFound 3rd Feb
Cheapest I found but B-stock otherwise they usually cost around £6000+ Good news is that it is in stock Graphics Chipset Tesla … Read more
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I know you don't need to connect a monitor to it! I've emphasised this enough I think with the 3 or 4 posts I made.


Hot, been looking for a spare GPU for my HTC for awhile now. Heat OP


You don't need to connect a monitor for its intended purpose (running computing tasks). The reason I asked whether it could make sense is that in the link provided by one user it appeared to only be 2x the power for computing tadls compared to a GTX 1080 that costs over 5x less (you could use it for computing without plugging in a monitor, like crypto miners do). The answer from another user (thanks @plork) seems to make sense: in certain calculations (double precision, whatever that means :D) it's apparently 10x as fast as a GTX 1080 for less than 10x the price... so there's the value proposition :)


Can I commute to work on this instead of a bike?

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EV driver? 6 months free membership of POLAR charging network/ChargeMaster.
Found 15th Oct 2016Found 15th Oct 2016
Received an email this morning. Six months free membership, £7.85 a month afterwards if you choose to continue. Chargemaster is delighted to announce that we have partnered up wit… Read more
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I'd have to agree, there's no predicting the problems you had, but I always check zapmap before committing to a journey that will need charging, as there are often posts which polar say are live, but are reported as broken on zapmap.


Yes! This is a fantastic perk of the scheme... I borrowed their Tesla a few months ago for a week having accumulated the points during the free 6 months so I'd spent less than £15 with them on charging costs when I borrowed the car, which is a bargain. Unfortunately I'm sure that type of generosity can't last forever.


it's been free for the first 6 months for at least a year. It's probably one of the most convenient networks, but I still find it hugely unreliable. I even got stranded for 3 hours when one of their posts crashed and wouldn't release my cable.


AFAIK CYC remain a separate concern. This is simply a partnership. I've kept my subscription going for a few months beyond my trial. Quite like the lack of hassle - no mucking about with smartphone apps, no getting irate when Chargemaster bill you an admin fee for failed charges. TBH it isn't bad value at £7.85 anyway. I go in to central Birmingham a couple of times a month and get free parking right by St Paul's for three hours.


You also get to hire out a electric car for free for a week, once you have built up enough points, including BMW i8 and Tesla model S

2.4G Wireless Optical USB Mouse, Nano Receiver, 2400 DPI 5 adjustable levels 6 Buttons £6.09  (Prime) / £10.08 (non Prime) Delivered. Sold by GoldenSwing and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 2nd Aug 2016Found 2nd Aug 2016
Low price for a wireless gaming mouse. Specification: Mouse size: 103.5X 70.5 X 38.6mm Number of the Key: 6 Buttons DPI: 800-1200-1600-2000-2400 Energy-saving If mouse is not use… Read more

This mouse is tiny!


For 6 quid I ordered one to keep as a spare. Just finished checking it. The battery compartment is a bit tight to fit high capacity NIMH AA batteries (which are as large as they are allowed to be). Otherwise it works fine and feels more expensive than it was.


I ordered this and it was saying delivery Thursday. when I checked as buying another one it said delivery tomorrow if I order within 40 minutes. so I ordered that one and cancelled the other one :)


Nice find OP Have some heat 8) Needed a new mouse so ordered will be here tomorrow Hopefully its as good as my Teecknet mouse its been really good and the battery life has been great.


Seems like a pretty good wireless mouse for the money but I dont think I'd be looking to use it for gaming.

Beyerdynamic T1 600 Ohm Headphones with Tesla Technology £498.10 @ Amazon (Used - Very Good)
Found 4th Jun 2016Found 4th Jun 2016
Nearly 30% off new it seems.
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Hiya mate, just wondered if you got them through or not. I'm trying to figure out if levaretech are actually legit as have some awesome deals but feel shifty to me?


You don't need to, you just have to have a basic idea of and the limitations of the human ear and brain are, aswell as the limitations of audio formats and technology. These are like buying a high end sports car, sure it can go 0 to 60 in 4 secounds, but that is useless in every day use in a traffic jam on your way to the supermarket.


What a load of rubbish. How would you know of the differences between this headphone and others? You haven't even heard these headphones.


Similar to why people buy Porsche.


Noob question: why are these headphones ridiculously expensive? What's so special?

Join the Tesla electic car revolution - Free fuel for car life around uk & europe - from £25000
Found 7th Apr 2016Found 7th Apr 2016
Tesla are well known for fast full electric cars, taking Wikapedia the Tesla P90D is the 5th fastest accelerating production car 0-60 in 2.6sec. Its a simple car, two electric mot… Read more

That's a very valid point. Currently fuel taxes earn £27bn each year for the government, not including VAT on fuel. That hole will have to be plugged somehow.


I was just behind one of these in Norwich. I was wondering what it was. Looks good from behind


Our electric car makes a noise through a speaker. The cars will be supercharging enabled but may well not include the electricity unless you pay a subscription. UK deliveries are not realistically expected until late 2019 at the earliest.


When enough people have electric cars the government will whack a great big tax on the power to bring it closer to petrol prices. Enjoy it for now as it seems the few people with them are being subsidised but it will not last.


I imagine the ubiquitous wearing of headphones has beaten electric cars to it to be honest. If not then I doubt it would be hard to make them noisy if it was shown to be a problem.

Reserve a Tesla Model 3 £1000. Base model is $35,000
Found 4th Apr 2016Found 4th Apr 2016
The £1000 deposit is refundable if you change your mind, get yourself on the list if you have a spare £1k you don't know what to do with. Production of the car starts late 2017. Ba… Read more

Sounds like you will be in the first batch invited to order - after UK employees and UK owners - lucky you! We were going to, but for some reason held off... no idea why!


So your reservation determines your order priority, which determines when you get the car. So given I ordered mine 8.40am before the unveil, I must surely be about the first able to order in the UK (current owners aside as well as Tesla employees). I'm not expecting to get it until mid 2018 at the earliest - what do you think?


A couple more things to look at; Model3OwnersClub channel on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-77-8rbx-M https://model3tracker.info - Crowdsource info on reservations / production etc...


Hi, Gavin - I think you hit the nail on the head. On the Tesla site it says - "You'll be invited to configure based on the date of your reservation" But they do not say what date range will be used when inviting... all I can say is, get your order in as quickly as you can once you get an invite.


All your reservation place means is where you are in the queue to order your car. Once you have ordered that will be the delivery queue. Say you are right hand drive reservation number 55. They open the order configuration tool for numbers 1-250. You then sit there all month and don't order a car. The people who had a reservation number after you (56-250) but ordered the car are now ahead of you in the queue. So as soon as you can order the car the best to do so. I think this is far more of an issue in North America than is will be in the UK.

Fractal Design  Tesla R2 500W '80 Plus Gold' Power Supply, plus £10.50 delievery £39.95 @ overclockers
Found 20th Jan 2016Found 20th Jan 2016
"TESLA R2 500W '80 PLUS GOLD' POWER SUPPLY" Fractal Design Tesla R2 Series power supply units provide clean power efficiently and quietly. The Tesla R2 is an excellent choice for … Read more

I guess we could gone on and on with this. You have your opinion and I have mine. I think it's best to agree to disagree on this matter. Because I can see your point of view. But Molex is a dying connection. And the tech that is normally associated with it is either old or exotic in my eyes, but ofc not in yours. So I'm just going to leave it at that. Have fun and never stop smiling. :)


If internal hardware needs extra power it normally uses molex. New or old hardware. It's irrelevant that you don't have any that needs it. And using PCI to compare it with... Where's the molex version of PCI-E X1? SATA power, yes for SATA drives instead of molex for IDE... USB? There isn't a molex replacement for hardware that needs extra power, like fans, fan controllers, card readers, etc I gave you examples of new hardware using molex so yes it's false. No idea about the rest. You have a grudge against molex or something :) At the end of the day it doesn't really matter what you and I think of molex. If you need more than 2 molex you wouldn't buy this, and if you don't, it wouldn't matter.


Hey I said I wouldn't post again, but I got up early and had nothing better to do. :) Lower end cases might indeed have molex on them still. But the point here is that this power supply is for budget systems. And budget systems won't have a need for all of these molex connections. So someone that buys this power supply will be most likely on a budget. And will not have a need for molex other than one or two connectors max. This is something you clearly seem to not understand. And if you still need more evidence that this is a budget power supply. Take a look at how many 6+2-Pin-PCIe connectors there are. Yes just two for one graphics card only. And my old tech comment is not false. Most people have now moved over to sata connections on there drives. So my comment on old tech still standards. And if you keep thinking over wise then you are just fooling yourself. "The Molex connectors are almost from the beginning of the first PCs in use to the present day, and are used to include the following components: 5.25 "- floppy -drives. IDE, MFM, and parallel SCSI - hard drives Some SATA hard disks which have a dual-power connector Internal CD - and DVD -drives and other built-in devices such as internal zip and LS drives. Exotic devices such as front panels for sound cards that can be installed in 5.25 "openings. Some separate PC fans have a Molex mating connector. By "separately" is then meant that these connectors extra will be added in the PC / built to the entire PC case extra cooling or air bearing or intended specifically for the CPU, though the latter usually own type 3 or 4 Using pin power connector which is controllable from the motherboard. Some adapters / PC cards that in the ISA - or PCI be inserted -slots, can with a Molex connector of extra required power (power be provided which not through it) board can be delivered. This phenomenon was fairly often in the 90s in some video (editing) cards." Molex are just as bad as those PCI slots that some motherboard companies still put on our board. When most of us as well as the card making companies have moved over to the new PCI Express standard. Companies always seem to build an amount of backward compatibility into there tech. More so on there budget items I have noticed. Btw, I have a Corsair 450D, which has no Molex connections on it at all. :p


Lower end Corsair cases also have molex. I never once said I need more than 2, or did I? The discussion came from you saying hardware that requires molex is old... Which is false.


I see one molex connector on that case. And maybe one for your card reader. But do you know what is the really funny thing here. People that buy that case that you say you have. Don't tend to put cheap power supplies in that case anyway. As it's a high end case. People that buy that case are overclockers and gamers. So I'm sure if you are that type of person. You wouldn't buy the above power supply anyway. Anyway I'm done here. Enjoy your many molex connectors that you seem to need. 8)


Is this the factual one or the crazy fanboy nonsense one?


Many Thanks, this will make interesting reading....


Got it first time. Well worth reading if you missed it. Tesla doesn't get the credit he deserves.


Interesting read but very short. You should also read the Mark A. Lemley - The Myth of the Sole Inventor.


Very short and quite odd, the bits about Tesla are great but the bits about "what is genius thinking" is weird.

Book about Nikola Tesla @ google books
Found 5th Aug 2015Found 5th Aug 2015
Sorry for the really vague post. It might have already been posted but I've not seen it. I'm just doing it quickly as I'm about to go to work. Free book about Nikola Tesla on the… Read more

Heat added, nowadays the Tesla name is much more mainstream than it was. its only a matter of time before his name is worked into the school curiculem. If you are a fan I highly recommend "the inventions, researches and writings of Nikola Tesla" Barnes and noble released a leather back version of the book that is just spectacular.


This should be even hotter, if only people knew who Tesla was... Have some heat anyway.


BEst centre back birmingham ever had ....


It was posted before but always good to remind people. Heat added


Maybe it's just me but I read this short book a year ago and there was very little in it about Nikola Tesla. It's mainly about overcoming adversity; which I wasn't expecting. But's it's free so can't be bad.

Triton Tesla Thermostatic Mixer Shower £57.11 Screwfix
Found 17th Apr 2015Found 17th Apr 2015
Use vouchercode TRITONSHOWERS15 to get it to this price!! Triton Tesla Thermostatic Mixer Shower Flexible Exposed Chrome

Thanks that voucher works and makes the price even better value!


use the code tritonshowers15 to save 15%


Yes it's a thermostatic shower.


These are teh beats?


Reviews seem positive... " A first class shower easy to fit and is a well made solid unit. "

Nikola Tesla: Imagination and the Man That Invented the 20th Century [Kindle Edition] FREE @ Amazon
Found 12th Apr 2015Found 12th Apr 2015
I just noticed this great book is listed as FREE again. If you want to learn about one of history’s most fascinating minds and uncover some of his secrets of imagination—secrets t… Read more

Found the book to be pretty poor tbh.


Well the spam rule is 4 weeks but I'm not complaining, I simpley pointed out the op has posted it many times.


Of course it would be different if YOU were the one affected, of course..... But curious - whats the problem with however many times its posted over weeks ? In a day, OK - but weeks ?




Perhaps, but what about those that missed it prior ?

Mystery Games Midweek Sale @ Steam (Home 65p, Puzzle Agent 99p, Broken Sword 4 £2.37, Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect £3.74, Runaway £1.74 & More)
Found 10th Feb 2015Found 10th Feb 2015
Broken Sword 4 £2.37, Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect £3.74, Puzzle Agent 99p Yesterday £2.37 Runaway £1.74 Home 65p LA Noire £4.99 & More

Thanks Jay. I think I'll go for a bit of Broken Sword 4


Sam and Max Complete Pack £7.49 http://store.steampowered.com/sub/7967/


Great. Load up Steam. No need for any bloatware :D


Been after this one for ages. How much is it? Come on I don't want to have to load up an invasive piece of bloatware to find out.


Oh wait, you don't have complete listed, that's probably why :D

Tex Murphy : Tesla Effect £6.37 (15% off with code) at Gamersgate
Found 5th Feb 2015Found 5th Feb 2015
Use code 10AN-PREV-FEB2015 to get 15% off of the £7.50 original price. Percentages are not my thing - the code should work on all the other Tex games on offer too. All Tex Murphy … Read more
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I know, completed it a few months back. Chris Jones is a legend, I'd call him "Dad" if I saw him by accident.


oops I forgot to vote anything, so here's a little more heat.


I have voted cold because it carrys that god damn awful Steam DRM and much prefer to own my games!! (I voted hot)


Oh months ago. Well hold on while I just click to buy that deal then....just have to get my Corsa up to 88mph.


I guess cold votes are coming because of Humble Bundle, where it was months ago for couple of $.

Nikola Tesla: Imagination and the Man That Invented the 20th Century free @ Google Play
Found 1st Feb 2015Found 1st Feb 2015
Free biography of Tesla. The book is getting good ratings on Google Play store. (4.0 average). There are the usual classics and novels you've never heard of going for free, but he… Read more
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Are you Ernie Wise in disguise?


I'm assuming you also have a permanent Wiki 'Link' to Tesla too yeh? (like that of what your getting hear via the Kindle Book) + its not a freebie born of meaningless drivel too, yeh?, so .....


I assumed the google play link would have been a stable url and it would have shown up.


This has been free for a long time now and I didn't find it a particularly great read. In fact, a trip though Tesla's Wikipedia entry is just as informative.

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