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Direct return flight to Bangkok £381 (Departing London Heathrow / Oct - Mar departures / British Airways)  @ Skyscanner / Travel Trolley
Made hot 28th AugMade hot 28th Aug
Good price for a direct flight to Bangkok with British Airways :) Approximately £403 to book directly with BA. Hand luggage only unfortunately but it may be worth taking one piece… Read more
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Another vote for Thai air here. Well worth it for the customer service on their flights. BA sadly has dropped their standards in all aspects since they were taken over by the Spanish.


Definitely give you meals and drinks. Great airline.


Do you know the Thai airways provide free meals and drinks on plane? I used to fly with AirChina, they gave for free. :)


£444 is a decent price with Thai. You’ve done well. I’d stick with them.


never used them, but I planned this december with Thai for £444PP..confused now this BA price so nice

Return flight to Bangkok (Thailand) £280 (Departing LGW / Nov - Mar departures / Incl 23kg hold luggage / Air China)  @ Skyscanner / MyTrip
Made hot 20th AugMade hot 20th Aug
Great price, especially as hold luggage is included.There is one stop in each direction (Shanghai), and there are are long layovers (~ 14 hours), so this deal will not be for all,… Read more
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Flew with Air China to Bangkok a couple years back, had a cheeky 60hr stopover in Beijing too. No issues on the outbound flight other than the seats being less comfortable than most. On the way back our bags didn't make the changeover in Beijing, and we're supposedly on the next flight later that night. They arrived the next day (2 flights later), and were supposed to be couriered to us - however they first sent me my friend's bag (who lives in Manchester) and sent him mine! Took a couple of days to get it all sorted and swore I'd never fly Air China again. All being said, these flights are a great price and likely as a result of promotional offers due to their new route via Shanghai to ASEAN. Maybe worth a punt for anyone looking for a (very!) low frills flight to ASEAN, or if interested in a stopover to Shanghai (72hrs entry given with visa on arrival unless they've changed it).


Flew air China last year to BKK, checked bags in at LHR then didn't see them again until Bangkok. Service was great and the planes were clean and new. Went back this year with Etihad and it wasn't as good as air China. Definitely recommend, i paid £330 last year. Transit wasn't to bad little longer than the norm.


Going is possible....but you need the shortest possible return home.


Feel depressed just thinking about a 14 hours stuck in airport and then repeating on way back


December is peak season!

Easter School Holiday - Depart 01/04, Return 19/04 - 5/4* East Asia Multi Centre - London to Bangkok - £915pp Family of 3 via BudgetAir
Made hot 8th AugMade hot 8th Aug
Fly London to Bangkok 1st April Return 19th… Read more

I have just come back from Dubai having used GOTOGATE and had no problems whatsoever with them and was very impressed with their updates on changes to our flights. I think it's the same as every business you can have good experiences and bad. I have just looked at some of the negative reviews and when you continue scrolling through the issues are resolved or it becomes apparent in a large number of cases that it is not a problem with Gotogate or Budgetair but the airlines themselves. There might be some truth in booking direct with the airline being safer in the dvent things might not go to plan but you can obviously pay significantly more for that reassurance. Not everyone can afford to do that particularly if there are multiple seats being purchased.


Hi and thanks for posting this. However, first of all, the very first budgetair link takes me to their search page with no details of the flights, so no idea of those. Secondly and most importantly, everyone who wants to avoid risks should completely stay well away from budgetair and gotogate and all those kind of travel agents of ill repute. Here is a search from Trip Advisor that has over 200 THREADS of complaints about budgetair. Yes threads, not posts. Do yourselves a favour and pay a bit more to either book directly with the airlines (preferred option) or else go to a more reputable larger online agent such as Expedia. Don't take my word for it, just click that link or else go to trip Advisor and search for some of these company names and read the horror stories.


Wow. Thank you for this! Really appreciate how easy you’ve made it with the links! (highfive)


Your welcome


Scrappy mate. Sort yourself before you comment like that.

(1 Adult & 1 Child) 8 Nights in Chiang Mai (Thailand) £316.50p/p (Departing LGW / March departure / Incl' 23kg baggage) @ MyTrip/
189° Expired
Made hot 19th JulMade hot 19th Jul
I thought this was a very cheap price to visit Thailand for 1 adult & 1 child. Chiang Mai is a city in mountainous northern Thailand. Founded in 1296, it was capital of the ind… Read more
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Ed_in_London What’s the smog like in early March?


Pound for £ the flights are dirt cheap at £280. .go for a fortnight and for a couple of quid more you can halve the wait overtime. Book your own hotel... Coted hit just for finding the half price flight (y)


1 adult and 1 child to Thailand.... I must not make any comments.


Thank you reindeer 333. There are obviously better flights and airlines if you are willing to pay the extra for them but the hotel looks like a bargain, especially with breakfast included and all the hotel facilities. I was lucky enough to visit Chiang Mai earlier this year and I paid more than that to stay in my own room at a hostel so this is great value for money.


Awful airline, just like all the other mainland Chinese Airlines. Bad seats, service, crew. Have to use a dodgy online travel agent with terrible reviews and loads of complaints over at tripadvisor. Over 16 hours waiting in the airport for the connecting flight on way back. Sometimes when something is cheap, it isn't necessarily a bargain. Steer well clear of this deal everyone and pay more for a decent airline with better flight times, decent on-board product & services, a crew that is well trained, and better connections which avoid mainland China. And always go directly via the airline for better peace of mind. You really would have to be bonkers to book this deal as it stands.

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13 Nights Krabi Jan 2020 - Return Flights 30kg luggage London + Bungalow - £561 solo / £992 two (£496pp) via Flight Scout /
1295° Expired
Made hot 17th JulMade hot 17th Jul
This holiday is aimed at the solo traveller or for two people, based on a 13 night holiday in Krabi Thailand in January (other dates available). The flights are with Qatar Airways … Read more
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Just be careful on the internal flights as your baggage is not normally included and you can pay as much as the flight again for baggage...


Who knows.....i have 28 a year but only when i earn them by working....


You are entitled to a minimum 20 a year and can take them within reason at any time. So what he is doing is illegal. Should check up on your rights


No he said that starting Jan we got 2.3 holiday per we can't be paid for holiday if we ain't entitled...


That’s also illegal. Can get into to serious trouble for that kind of thing

Direct return flight to Bangkok £376 or Singapore £382 (Departing LHR/ Various availability / British Airways) @ Skyscanner (Travel Trolley)
330° Expired
Made hot 3rd JulMade hot 3rd Jul
As part of BA's centenary sale there are currently some cheap direct flights to Bangkok and Singapore. Hand luggage only. Example Bangkok dates: 12th - 18th September 2019 9th - 2… Read more
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Low cost fare - no baggage included


Hot!! only extra £20 to go from Inverness via LHR.


I used to live in Singapore. Its funky hot, but the bars have air con.


Ok so I’m not here to argue. It’s true that Singapore has planted some green space with a view to create and maintain a garden city, as well as maintaining some existing jungle areas (mainly reserved for army camps), but it’s not a patch on how it used to be. The former delicate tropical jungle habitat of many of the island’s natural wildlife has, in very large part, been wiped out. Many species no longer exist in Singapore. Concrete buildings have taking place over trees and jungles. Yes the government plant a few more here and there, as part of the “clean and green” campaign started by the late Lee Kuan Yew, but it’s really just a token gesture of Singapore’s bygone natural state.


That’s funny, because I found it had a lot of green space when I visited, plus was close by jungle/forest area.

Round the World Trip (London STN / Barcelona / Los Angeles / Hawaii / Sydney / Bali / Bangkok / New Delhi / Goa) £824 @ Various Airlines
1006° Expired
Made hot 30th JunMade hot 30th Jun
A westward around the world trip this time which incorporates a wide variety of destinations. November departure (please refer to the example itinerary). Please note that although … Read more
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This right here sums up this 'deal' in a nut shell.


True, I didn't specifically state "the income you (i.e. flying) bring to a third world country", but I did actually write "And yes, aviation can boost local economies..." and I really don't care if you fly or not, but perhaps you might think on for a minute about how flying made possible a particularly nasty type of tourism in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and even nearer home in several European countries, when weighing up how wonderful international flying is? True, ships are polluting, but there is a difference between a container ship bringing raw materials and trade goods from country X to country Y, and flights made to take punters from Bar/Beach X in the UK to Bar/Beach Y overseas. Shipping, like aviation, is working hard to reduce their environmental impact, but is seems few passengers can be bothered to do the same. G'nite.


I love the way how you are so quick to use the word troll and call me an absolute lemon. All I said was it was misleading as it’s a 39 day “trip” advertised for £824 when it’s only really just a collection of flights. Perhaps the troll is you?


Yeah it's easier to do it on your own. Doing for 3 to 6 months will not be easy but it's possible


Did you go on your own? I would imagine it is easier than having others with you to hold you back? Yeah i am thinking of doing the same hand luggage and just buying what i need wherever i go! Got to do it someday the bucket list is calling my name! (fierce) 3 weeks hmm i am thinking 3-6 months!

13 Nights Khao Lak Thailand October - 4* resort with breakfast + Return Flights 23kg luggage LHR -  £710 solo / £1084 two (£542pp) @ Agoda
578° Expired
Made hot 25th JunMade hot 25th Jun
This holiday is aimed at the solo traveller or for two people, based on a 13 night holiday in Khao Lak Thailand in October at a 4* resort with breakfast and flights from London Hea… Read more
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The only Chinese airline I would use is southern.


My apologies - I misread...thought Agoda was a place in Thailand!! But yeah if Agoda aren't a UK company then the language barrier won't be the only issue.


THEY DON'T GO BY UK LAW. To me that is an issue,maybe not you or anyone else,I would not use them ever again,write me off as being of no consequence and book through them,see if I care ... (lol)


Yeah...but that still doesn't explain why Agoda will go by UK law.


I presume you are a uk citizen,as am I,and as is everyone on this 'deal',paying in pounds from the uk bank, need I go on? lol

Return flight to Bangkok or Phuket £308.22 (Nov & Feb - Mar departures / departing LGW / Incl 23kg luggage / China Eastern) @ Skyscanner
316° Expired
Made hot 25th JunMade hot 25th Jun
Good availability from November to March excluding the christmas period which is a blackout. You will be booking through Travel Trolley (Via Skyscanner). All flights involve one st… Read more
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No it's held by the airline to be transferred to next flight as it would be if it was shorter stop over


Was thinking that, would you have to take all your luggage with you though


Don't fly through China. Awful experience. The security check is a nightmare and total invasion of personal space. You're required to hand over all your biometric data - I had to present all 10 finger/thumb prints just to transit through an airport. Also, when transiting via China from SE Asia I had to check in again whereupon the expensive bottle of whisky I'd bought in customs was removed from me to the delight of the Chinese security. AVOID!


Not all people are as smart/adventurous as you unfortunately . You can see all the main things in Shanghai in a day , enjoy your trip :)


Those Phuket examples are like 24hrs - 37hrs travelling.

Round the World Trip (London Stn / Berlin / Singapore / Thailand / Osaka / Hawaii / Los Angeles / Barcelona / Majorca) £748 @ Various
623° Expired
Made hot 21st JunMade hot 21st Jun
October departure (no room in title). This looks amazing :) If you would prefer slightly less or more time in a certain destination feel free to edit the dates, just be aware that… Read more
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You dont get a lot in your checked bag these days, for me and to be fair I'm 2m tall its maybe two days of clothes and electronics. Thats a bit too far in terms fo being able to rent things, what are you going to do rent suits for going out for dinner or swimwear for the pool? Some of these places are pretty equatorial, but Japan at least will need modest cold weather clothing and as a European that's not the easiest to find in Japan nor cheap.


Yep. Airlines should pay the carbon offset on any empty seats.


Don't the planes go anyway even if you are not on it?


Are you serious?


Great find!

Qatar Airways flight from Cardiff to Hong Kong / Bangkok / Johannesburg (plus others) from £350 over Christmas at momondo
359° Expired
Made hot 28th MayMade hot 28th May
Qatar Airways flight from Cardiff to Hong Kong / Bangkok / Johannesburg (plus others) from £350 over Christmas at momondo
£350£71151%momondo Deals
If you play around with the dates from Cardiff, you can get good connections, otherwise they all have bad connection time (8 hours)... I booked 16th of December and returning on t… Read more

Yes i saw the SIN offer too, i am not surprised they are struggling, but lets take advantage while we can! I was looking at about £300 extra too for MAN, so i thought i may as well have a night in a hotel and save some money along the way!


Thanks for posting this... Seems to a lot of flights to Asia with Qatar Airways are a similar price, around these dates. Found Singapore for £406 return! From Heathrow looking at an extra £200-300! Rumour has it Qatar Airways are struggling to fill their aircraft out of Cardiff, so might be the reason for cheap fares!


Booked direct with Air France years back to go from Edi > Paris > Rio. Chaos on arrival and there were about 4 or 5 international flights all at same time going through immigration. Obviously didn't get the connecting flight to Rio since that took about 2 hours. Then had to wait 2 hours to get to the one person on the desk to then organise what to do next. Initially they wanted to put me on a 36 hour flight via Toronto then Miami then to Rio. I just asked 'can you kindly put me on same flight as I was supposed to be on but for tomorrow'. They did and put me up in hotel for the night. Anyway, sorry for the dialogue, but yes, make sure there's reasonable connection time between flights.


Thanks for the heads up. It’s also quite cheap from BHX at £410


I've never found cheap flights from Cardiff before, heat for that alone!

7 Nights Bangkok May including Bank Holiday - 3* Hotel + Rtn Flights Heathrow 23kg luggage = £499.50pp (£999) @ British Airways
502° Expired
Made hot 6th MayMade hot 6th May
7 Nights Bangkok May including Bank Holiday - 3* Hotel + Rtn Flights Heathrow 23kg luggage = £499.50pp (£999) @ British Airways
7 nights Bangkok Thailand in May including Bank holiday dates at the end of this month. Price includes direct BA flights from Heathrow, 23kg luggage per person and 3* hotel accommo… Read more
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Definately agree, I wouldn't go for less than 3 weeks. Especially if you'll travel once you land. Not sure if you'll miss the rainy season if you go now, I think it's just starting. I'd find that exciting anyway.


It's their rainy/stormy season at the moment


My advice... choose your hotel wisely. Location is key in Bangkok, and what looks like a short walk to the nearest station can turn into a mission, especially when it's that hot and humid (or pouring with rain). Silom is cheap for hotels because it's really a business district. So you might end up spending more on getting about than you save on the hotel vs another location. So do some research on what you'll be doing and where you'll be going. If you're just going to be taking escorted tours most days, then these will be fine, but personally I wouldn't choose them if I was planning on making my own way around Bangkok.


It is also crazy hot in Bangkok now - I've been in May and wouldn't go at this time again...


Brilliant price, but I have to warn you....all that way for 7 nights!'ll be jet lagged for alot of the time. When I go to SE Asia I go for a minimum of 21 days. However....still a very good deal!

Return flight to Bangkok (Thailand) £373 (June - July & September - February departures / Departing Cardiff) @ GoToGate (Qatar Airways)
352° Expired
Made hot 17th AprMade hot 17th Apr
Return flight to Bangkok (Thailand) £373 (June - July & September - February departures / Departing Cardiff) @ GoToGate (Qatar Airways)
Interesting price here from Cardiff to Bangkok, especially as the price includes June, July & September departures and the flight is with Qatar, a 5* airline, with Qatar freque… Read more
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I think airlines are usually 11 months before so shouldn’t be long..


Anyone have any idea when April flights will e released?


Thank you

winchman Quite a handy websites


Here in Ao Nang now and scorchio!!! Bangkok tomorrow for a few nights...really good so far and street food amazing ( and cheap!!)...

14 Nights 4* resort Khao Lak Thailand in Oct for 2 people + Rtn Flights to Phuket 30kg luggage + Transfers £437.74 pp @ Tui
280° Expired
Made hot 22nd MarMade hot 22nd Mar
14 Nights 4* resort Khao Lak Thailand in Oct for 2 people + Rtn Flights to Phuket 30kg luggage + Transfers £437.74 pp @ Tui
£875.48£1,67848%TUI Deals
October getaway to Khao Lak Thailand for 14 nights for 2 adults including return flights (Thai Airways) to Phuket from Heathrow - flying out 17th October. Includes 30kg luggage al… Read more
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But it’s not anymore available? Was very short the deal where can I found again this deal


Purchased this holiday the last time you posted chanchi , great price , amazing place- would’ve added my parents but missed it unfortunately


Phuket I missed this deal :(


Phuket? Why not ;)


Thanx Chanchi was a great deal

5KG bag of Thai rice for £5 at Morrisons
278° Expired
Made hot 9th FebMade hot 9th Feb
5KG bag of Thai rice for £5 at Morrisons
£5£5.509%Morrisons Deals
Offer ends on February 19th 2019. Also available for £5.50 at Sainsbury's:
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12 bags just delivered. Had to pay 55p bag charge so £52.30 for 12 bags of rice or £4.35 each. Fantastic price.


Thanks for the additional tips I'll give it a try.


Yes I have left it overnight in the fridge, then used pearl river dark soy and some salt and msg. Bought a new wok and have discovered the higher heat settings on my induction hob. I'm still not quite getting that fried rice "smokey" flavour. But I'm having fun experimenting and it looks right :D Thanks for your help.


Egg fried rice you only need egg, spring onions, leftover rice and salt. In the takeaway they often use soya sauce as well. I don't like using soya sauce in the rice because it easily makes rice soggy and sticky. You can use spatula smashing the rice against wok, the use spatula chopping the rice to loose them up. Another strick is pouring whisked egg over the rice in the wok, if the rice is really sticky. If you use the rice cooker to cook chinese rice, for the best result you can add a table spoon coconut oil. Coconut oil give rice a nice flavour.


It doesn't really matter which brand. For egg fried rice most important thing is do not use fresh cooked rice. You have to use leftover rice and loose them up, then the rice will naturally dried up a little bit over night. It will be the best for fried rice. Spring onions are brilliant in the egg fried rice.

London to Bangkok One Way £190 @ Skyscanner
215° Expired
Made hot 24th JanMade hot 24th Jan
London to Bangkok One Way £190 @ Skyscanner
£190£24322%Skyscanner Deals
cheap one way journey to Thailand: Flight from Stansted to Dusseldorf (Weeze) = £15… Read more
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To make Big Cigars? ... 8)


Drum? :/


It seems a long way, just to bang your...



Omfg omfg i miss thailand so much. The food. The westher. The lady boys Everything. I spent 2 months out there and omfg i really miss it. This yesr i plan on going to cuba

14 Nights 4* resort Khao Lak Thailand in Oct for 4 people (2a + 2c)  + Rtn Flights to Phuket w/ 23kg luggage  £253.70 pp  @ Tui
317° Expired
Made hot 22nd JanMade hot 22nd Jan
14 Nights 4* resort Khao Lak Thailand in Oct for 4 people (2a + 2c) + Rtn Flights to Phuket w/ 23kg luggage £253.70 pp @ Tui
£1,014.80£2,44058%TUI Deals
October getaway to Khao Lak Thailand for 14 nights for 2 adults and 2 children, including return flights (Etihad) to Phuket from Heathrow - flying out 17th October. Includes 23kg … Read more

Jealous, much. Have an absolutely fantastic memorable trip (y) (y) (y)


1 month, till this trip. Just had final confirmation through from TUI. Still can't we actually managed to book it or believe the price we've paid (2Adults, 2Children @£265 per person). Many Thanks Chanchi32. Will let you know how it goes (y)


Missed it again !!!


Deal is back up


Oh wow, you lucky thing ! im so jealous !!! what a deal, I have been looking at this hotel for ages as well !!

Manchester to Phuket Thailand Direct Return Flights £299 - November / December @ Tui
1494° Expired
Made hot 16th Nov 2018Made hot 16th Nov 2018
Manchester to Phuket Thailand Direct Return Flights £299 - November / December @ Tui
£299£51442%TUI Deals
Update 1
£20 price drop using code BFFLIGHTS - so now £279pp
Low cost direct flights to Phuket Thailand from Manchester - if you fancied a one/two week beach getaway in November/December, even has dates over Christmas. Plane is a 787 Dreaml… Read more

We are in Phuket now as well. Thanks to this post.Thanks a million OP.


Just like to say a big thank you to the OP couldn't have done it without you


Same same, but different


There not running flights at all now accordibg to their site, it wont let you search..


What the hell?

Sensations Bangkok Streetmix, 88 g, Pack of 8 @ Amazon Pantry / prime exclusive £2.50
181° Expired
Made hot 12th Nov 2018Made hot 12th Nov 2018
Sensations Bangkok Streetmix, 88 g, Pack of 8 @ Amazon Pantry / prime exclusive £2.50
(Only 9 left in stock (more on the way). Dispatched from and sold by Amazon. New Sensations Streetmix, inspired by delicious flavours and aromas of Bangkok From delicious sweet… Read more
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has anybody got screenshot? as i couldn't find in description. and already ordered


And just like last time, it's cleaned out again when I got there - dam I'm too slow!!


been posted by me.however it was expired due to hukd cleaning amazon every right to be from me :)


If my experience is anything to go by, the agents have been instructed to only offer proportionate refunds. For example, I was offered a 50% refund when only 4 bars of chocolate arrived last week, instead of the advertised 8. I called his bluff by rejecting this and saying that I would like to return. Of course they don't allow returns of food products, so he then offered a full refund (without return) which I accepted gratefully.


Did you try to contact Amazon about it ? They may have refunded you and corrected the misinformation on the product page.

Business Class from London, UK to Bangkok, Thailand from only £1050 roundtrip at Gulf Airways
240° Expired
Made hot 22nd Sep 2018Made hot 22nd Sep 2018
Business Class from London, UK to Bangkok, Thailand from only £1050 roundtrip at Gulf Airways
Business Class from London, UK to Bangkok, Thailand for only £1050 roundtrip. DEPART: London, UK ARRIVE: Bangkok, Thailand RETURN: London, UK DATES: Availability in November 20… Read more

Emirates crap? Gulf Air has a new plane in the London service but older planes to non prestige destinations. Plus Dubai airport and the city itself are far better than Bahrain.


Wow so original and funny hehehehe


What's crap about Emirates business class?


deal is coming up using momondo on those dates though :-)


me too every date i try is approx 2200gbp

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