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Go here and sign in with your MS account. then do the things that earn you points. Don't forget that the microsoft rewards app on xbox also has more points to earn. i also have a firefox plugin called ABS, more to remind me to do it rather than it have it do it for me (which it mostly can). I also use bluestacks to allow me to play cloud gamepass games to do the weekly/monthly game challenges if the games are cloud enabled. Saves having to download them.


How do you do this please? I need to learn this

I just do Microsoft rewards. I usually get a months ultimate without even really trying. If i put some effort in i'd probably get more reward points but Meh! A month of ultimate for 5 minutes of my time a day is good for me.


The user had posted each announcement from the conference as individual deals. Had you been browsing at the time of my post you would have seen about 8-10 consecutive threads from this user and the conference was only half-done. This is spamming and an 'Expert' should know better, and is why they were later grouped together.


There are rules but this post, as has been discuss but the mods many times, is within the rules.

The Evil Within 1 or 2 (Xbox One) £5.95 The Game Collection
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Posted 12th JanPosted 12th Jan
The Evil Within 1 or 2 (Xbox One) £5.95 The Game Collection£5.95£7.9525% off Free P&P FreeThe Game Collection Deals
Another good price here. Both titles avaliable Link for Evil Within 1.… Read more

Mine turned up earlier today. That is great service (y)


I am the other way. Love EW2, and think EW1 is good, but nowhere near as enjoyable.


It does, all that frame rate dipping is gone, it isn't patched but runs 60fps thanks to the unlocked frame rate in the Xbox one X patch.


Cheers op :) ordered EW2 as it's supposed to run really well on my Series X.


Yes they will.

[Steam] The Evil Within 2 (PC) - £2.69 @ AllYouPlay
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Posted 2nd Dec 2020Posted 2nd Dec 2020
[Steam] The Evil Within 2 (PC) - £2.69 @ AllYouPlay£2.69£3.9933% offAllYouPlay Deals
From mastermind Shinji Mikami and the talented team at Tango Gameworks, The Evil Within 2 takes the acclaimed franchise to a new level with its unique blend of psychological thrill… Read more

Expired deal? 24.99 now


Showing as £24.99 for me.


Underrated and undervalued game. A real shame.


£2.42 with code RGAMEDEALS


cant buy with paypal .....

[Steam] The Evil Within 2 + The Last Chance Pack (PC) - £2.99 @ CDKeys
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Posted 3rd Nov 2020Posted 3rd Nov 2020
[Steam] The Evil Within 2 + The Last Chance Pack (PC) - £2.99 @ CDKeys£2.99£4.9339% offCDKeys Deals
The Last Chance Pack contains the following: Burst Handgun 50 Gunpowder 100 Weapon Parts 1 High-Grade Weapon Part 1 Medical Kit 5 Herbs From mastermind Shinji Mikami, The… Read more

Way way better then the first game. They are going in the right direction. Cannot wait for another evil within.


Incredibly underrated game. Definitely recommend people pick it up for this price!


Strange, it was OK for me with Paypal earlier.


Won't accept any of my payments first issue I've had with CDKeys :( heat added though 🔥


mmm something seems to be a problem with accepting payment. Eiterh with PP or debit card, not working for me. Heat added. EDIT: My issues were due to the VPN that I was connecting to CD Keys with.

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The Evil Within 2 (Xbox One) - £6.95 @ The Game Collection
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Posted 9th May 2020Posted 9th May 2020
The Evil Within 2 (Xbox One) - £6.95 @ The Game Collection£6.95The Game Collection Deals
Not as cheap as it was last week but still not a bad price delivered

Seems OOS. I missed out. (annoyed)


Back instock


Tried to order but went OOS :(


Thanks to the OP I managed to get a copy. I missed out the last time it was on offer.


Thanks going the long way worked, wish I had known this the last time this was posted. I've bought other things from TGC via here, South Park The Fractured But Whole worked fine for me. This specific game did the same thing last time as it did here, I just assumed it was out of stock by the time I got there.

May PS Now, The Evil Within 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Get Even
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Posted 4th May 2020Posted 4th May 2020
Not an amazing month but it's definitely better than the Plus games.
Get deal*Get deal*

Most games from ps+ past listing seem to b on psnow from wot I've seen, it's a no-brainer t me, KICK THE TYRES N LITE THEM FIRES.....🔥


16 thousands jokers. I'm happy to get City Skylines.


Regarding Cities Skylines and Farming Simulator 19, the 2 Plus games for this month, yeah, absolutely. And again, I’m not alone on this: and a channel that has loyal subscribers who wouldn’t usually say boo to a goose. 16k downvotes? Come on. I might come across as whining but we all need both Sony AND MS to be pulling out all the stops going into next gen and that means great value and a solid understanding of what their fans want.


You missed out the bit in your opinion where Sony is sticking two fingers up at us.


Can I give Sony £3 for a month? No, I have to stump up £50 to get it at a greatly reduced rate. Also, I don’t have a problem with older games, I embrace them. What I do have a problem is with streaming the PS3 catalogue. As good as the Gaikai technology is, if your available internet quality isn’t great, a large part of the catalogue isn’t useable. I’ll stand by my opinion that having these 3 games in 1 month, coupled with the 2 niche games added this month on Plus (a separate expense) isn’t great value. When you have come through the free 15 games a month on Plus during the PS3, reduced to 9, then 4 or 5 and now just 2, yeah, I see a change in value. This is my opinion, and going by the current rating on this deal, I guess I’m not alone.