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Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Joystick - Amazon - £19.99 Prime
Found 22nd Nov 2017Found 22nd Nov 2017
Going by CamelCamelCamel this is the cheapest this has ever been on Amazon. Argos currently sell it for £37.99.
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2nd night in a row I've jumped at a late night Game deal. Managed to snag one at £19.99... Now to find a game to play it with. I must have one in my 300+ library somewhere.. Surely.. :S


Had this for a while, previous deal at £24. Not too bad. Really bought it to use with Star Citizen but still waiting for the game to be worth playing lol. I find flight games such as war thunder quite tricky as the centre deadzone seems too large and then it suddenly reacts, getting a small adjustment is difficult and I can’t tweak the setting quite right. May just be me. Loads of buttons. Works with PC and PS3 via a switch.


This is a great beginners stick, perfect for people who aren't sure if they will actually enjoy playing with a H.O.T.A.S instead of a controller/keyboard and mouse.


It's also on GAME UK website for £19.99


Order me one then, can't find it for 20

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas 4 Joystick (mispriced/mislabeled)  Argos (Ebay) - Usual Price £50 to £60
Found 20th Oct 2017Found 20th Oct 2017
This is about the lowest priced HOTAS setup for PC and/or PS4. Around £60 elsewhere. (HOTAS = Hands On Throttle and Stick). There are 2 versions of this product: 1) Old one call… Read more

Yes I reordered and it was delivered a couple of days ago. I sent a complaint asking why they had cancelled when they were still selling them but never received a reply, which is not surprising as they don't seem to know what they are doing.


did you try to order it again? still selling it a week later


I had my order cancelled because they cannot source item but they are still selling it!


Any other games people can recommend to play with this other than Elite? Thanks


There's a few of these back in stock today.

Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS Joystick - £39.91 sold by Amazon.
Found 20th Oct 2017Found 20th Oct 2017
I have one of these, it's pretty good, and this seems a good price.
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@wonkothesane indeed matey @chapchap a k/m drawer helps with that ;)


@chapchap @Par78 - See you... in the verse! (y)


But then you have to keep swapping between controllers and K/M which fills me with dread. Looking forward to 3.0 though,,,woohoo!!


The previous version which seems much the same used to drop in price to under £30 every now and then so this one may start doing the same now its been out for a little while.


I'm using this along with the accompanying throttle for SC and it's great! Made a huge difference over the T-hotas X that I had previously.

Thrustmaster TMX Pro Force Feedback Racing Wheel and Pedals (Xbox One/PC) £149.98 @ BT
Found 16th Oct 2017Found 16th Oct 2017
I was looking for a reasonably priced wheel after buying Forza 7. I almost went for a Thrustmaster TMX which is £139.99 almost everywhere, then came across this for a tenner more.… Read more

I have the T300 which comes with the same pedals. They are very good especially with the conical brake mod that is included. So much easier to brake correctly with the mod. You do need to calibrate you pedal each time you play though as temperature affects the rubber.


I always thought Thrustmaster sounded like a marital aid.....


Belts can be replaced - gears, once broken or worn-out, are nowhere near as easy to replace - horses for courses. This actually uses both anyway, so I'd not worry too much ;0 This is a great deal >IF< you want 3 pedals as most wheels at this price point only have 2 - the pedals are also better than you'd normally get for this money but the wheel isn't the best as the FF can be a bit slow to respond (makes drifting less fun for sure) AND it's a BIT small in diameter (rim and overall) IMO £150 is bargain-basement for wheels tho - something has to be compromised I guess?


I was nearly buying this wheel and pedals set the last time BT shop had them offer on. The only thing that had put me off this is it being belt driven as id imagine the belt would ware out whereas against a geared wheel it would really come down to you being rough with it to break it. Just my thoughts tho


Thrust me baby.

Thrustmaster T80 Gaming Wheel PS4/PS3 £59.99@ Game
Found 21st Sep 2017Found 21st Sep 2017
Cheapest I could find for a decent budget gaming wheel. It is officially licensed by Playstation so should work with most racing games. It shows £69.99 on the website but instor… Read more
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If only it came with a clutch pedal and gear stick. Trying to teach my wife to drive and she cannot grasp either steering or braking, so using a real car is out of the question!!!


This. WithoutFF a wheel is a waste of space and money. T150 can be had cheaply too in various deals and the difference is night and day.


Thats what your mum said


wow mum jokes, the maturity of this place just went down a notch! Freshers week not passed yet?


She calls me Thrushmaster 4000 but thats cos i transmitted it to her from your mum.

Thrustmaster T-GT: PS4 and Gran Turismo Officially Licensed Leather-Wrapped Racing Wheel and Compatible with PC £699.99 @ Amazon
Found 20th Sep 2017Found 20th Sep 2017
This item will be released on October 18, 2017. Just intime for GT sport concentrate of technologies to offer a lifelike experience in sim racing. The car's behavior and track c… Read more

Pedels and gear lever will be a DLC


It does.....


If it worked on PS4 then possibly.

Daley87 As nice as it looks this is a miles better deal at almost half the price.


But the birds appreciate a car. Not a bedroom and a steering wheel at the parents!

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas 4 War Thunder Starter Pack (PS4/Win 7) - £52.99 @ Amazon
LocalLocalFound 7th Aug 2017Found 7th Aug 2017
Joystick + War Thunder & WT Starter Pack! Ready for take-off: Adjustable stick resistance. Full-size detachable throttle. Dual rudder system. Redemption of the voucher code … Read more

What need to do if i bought it after 11/15/17 and this voucher in not valid anymore???


Well spotted. Looks like the Argos one only works with PC and PS3. I'd not realised how complex these things were!


That's not the ps4 version.


If you don't want the War Thunder voucher then it's £37.99 from Argos


A normal controller.

Thrustmaster HOTAS 4 PS4/PC £46.99 @ Argos
Found 22nd Jul 2017Found 22nd Jul 2017
Excellent flightstick for the price range and compatible with both PS4 and PC. This was on sale at £55 over on last week. Bargain from Argos at this price. Well worth it … Read more
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It was this one - I bought it at 37.99


That's the Hotas X, not Hotas 4 - which has now been deleted from the web site.


Now £37.99


Cheers OP, just collected one from Colne. Go well with Elite I ordered today too.


Thanks for posting @gaelforce I picked one up and can confirm it's the T.Flight Hotas 4. Going to try War Thunder with my new Oculus Rift and Hotas!

Thrustmaster Hotas 4 - PS4 / PC £55.99 @
Found 2nd Jul 2017Found 2nd Jul 2017
I had listed this deal previous but expired as price went up. Well it's back at 55.99. I can confirm it works out if the box with elite dangerous on PS4. Excellent fight stick, … Read more
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crazygoldfish Yes non vr eve coming for ps4 and is supported by hotas 4


Sorry m8 i don't play pc games.


Do you know know a good flying game on pc? Not a simulation though. Something fun without a steep learning curve.


War thunder


When PS4 gets a flying game i'll get this, nothing since PS3's Hawx 1 + 2 ( ace combat doesn't count ). Until then it's a PC only gadget!

Save £15, Only £139.98 / £143.47 delivered - Thrustmaster TMX Pro Force Feedback Racing Wheel & Pedals (Xbox One/PC) £139.98 BT Shop
Found 28th Jun 2017Found 28th Jun 2017
Best price I’ve seen it, it’s their deal of the day so not sure if it’s 24 hours only or not. Really good price considering I got a email from maplin today about the none pro vers… Read more
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Do not get the Logitech g29/g920 there are a number of well documented quality issues. Mine died with random button presses whenever the steering was turned. Had to bin it after 18 months...robbed


worried about the quality. anyone bought?


I've got a T150, which is a class below TMX/T300 and I still prefer it over the G29. I was very disappointed in G29. It looks nice, but when it comes to steering feel, G29 has a gear system, which has some slack in it, meaning it's not as precise and the operation is noisy clunky and feels cheap, whereas the Thrustmaster has a gear & belt system which makes it feel exactly as one would expect. This is a bargain.


These will be future proof for Xbox One X also, so very good deal


Is this the same wheel that was stupid cheap at Argos?

Thrustmaster T150 Pro @ More Computers for £156.89
Found 3rd Jun 2017Found 3rd Jun 2017
£30 price drop from what I've seen. Not picked one up yet what do people think Vs the logitech g29?
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Had a G29 for a couple of years now. Real issue with lack of support for these things :(


Yeah, I picked one up when it was £45, but I've recently got a G29. The G29 has a better build quality, but I don't think there's much to choose from in terms of how it feels to actually use.


Picked up my T150 for £45 from Argos a couple of years ago, so can only comment on the wheel. It's a nice bit of kit overall, although I wonder if the G29 is a better option, although noisier. I know that only has 900 lock to lock, but I normally put mine in 900 degree mode anyway.


​This comes with the pedals that are actually worth using.


Didn't know this was a thing. Looks to be a decent price for what you get.

Thrustmaster TMX Pro £151.72 @ More Computers
Found 26th Mar 2017Found 26th Mar 2017
Just found this deal after searching for Thrustmaster TMX. Seen this online sell for roughly £200 so its a cracking save

I thought it was gonna be some kind of sexual aid? :|


Not too sure how those plastic pedals would cope with my heavy feet.


Thrustmaster any relation to the Teamaster?


can i use this for COD4?


Dont know why this is going cold, anyone want to show me it for cheaper as Ive been looking at a wheel setup with a peddle set including clutch.

Thrustmaster TMX PC/Xbox One Racing Simulator Wheel save £30 now £139.99 @ Maplin
Found 26th Mar 2017Found 26th Mar 2017
Thrustmaster TMX @ Maplins normal price £169.99 down to £139.99

I'll take it you are looking to buy one of these mate. If that is right, BT shop seems to be a good option at the moment. They sell it for £125. Hope it helps you. :)

Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel for Xbox One/PC £125.88 - free delivery - BT shop
Found 14th Feb 2017Found 14th Feb 2017
Entry level force feedback racing wheel for Xbox One and PC. Full details on the link This is the cheapest I've found at the moment. Maplin have confirmed they will price match b… Read more

Looks like topcashback pay 2.3% cashback as well for BT Shop see here


​Oooh even better deal for you then :D


£123.08 for employees ;)

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Joystick (PC/PS3) @ Amazon (Prime only) - £26.99
Found 12th Jan 2017Found 12th Jan 2017
Lowest price since 2010 on Amazon. Currently for Prime members only, but I think the price will be available to all at some point?

Dunno if there are iPhone versions. You'll need an nvidia card for moonlight, it's streaming abilities are ahead of anything else as all done in hardware, something amd cannot do. Yeah you'll need Trinis too, probably tridef as well (£30) if the game doesn't have native 3d.


Keen to try and get VR set up with my PC. I've got an iphone 6s, a suitable headset but not sure which app is best and how to get it to work. You mentioned Trinus AND moonlight. Do i need both? Any advice greatly appreciated On a side note its still not available for Non prime and is now £29.99 (still a good price i think)


I thought pilots used xbox controllers...


You may have a joystick but I don't think you've learned to use it properly. For a start the length of the joystick compared to a thumb stick allows for much finer control, the throttle can be left at say 80% on a flight stick, on the joypad you'd have to hold a tiny thumb stick/trigger permanently in position, which is uncomfortable, annoying and much harder to do accurately. The entire layout of a flight stick is designed for a few specific types of games. Why do you think pilots use flight sticks?


****, paid £29.99 last week. Its a great stick. With elite dangerous I haven't figured out how to control the galaxy and system map so either need to use touchscreen or mouse which is annoying as my xbox 360 pad does everything. This, a bobovr headset, trinus VR and moonlight and a decent (at least 1080p phone) it really adds to the immersion

£99 - Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Wheel - BT Shop
Found 26th Nov 2016Found 26th Nov 2016
Equipped with a high-performance force feedback motor offering adjustable intensity and a rotation angle ranging from 270° to 900°, the TMX Force Feedback delivers a realistic and … Read more

G29 has better pedals, this has better smoother ffb mechanism on the wheel.


G920 is Logitech wheel...a briefly had one..if this is anything like ps4s t150 which I expect this is..then this should be waybetter


G920 is the Xbox version. For the extra £30 it's probably worth the upgrade


This is for XB1 G29 is for PS4?



Thrustmaster T300 RS Official Force Feedback wheel (PS4/PS3/PC DVD) £199.98 @ amazon
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
Probably has the best force feedback wheel without spending obscene money. Note the g29 is on sale for 159.99 with shifter.… Read more

The base RS bundle of the T300 has terrible pedals. Anyone buying a T300 really needs to spend a bit more for the 3 pedal bundles such as the T300RS GT.


The pedals that come in the box with this wheel are flawed by design, there is several mm of dead free play at the start of pedal travel, meaning nothing happens during the first few mm of pedal movement. This may sound like no big deal, but its awfully frustrating when you think you have either a small amount of throttle or brake when you don't. I ended up packing cardboard around my pedal arms where they come out of the pedal base, to take up the slack. I emailed Thrustmaster who informed me this was by design and intentional. I sold mine shortly after not willing to risk another £100+ on the t3pa pedal set which could have the dead zone as well. I voted hot as its a good price, I thought my £230 on amazon 18 months ago or so was a baragain

Thrustmaster T300rs Wheel PS4/PS3/PC £199.99 @
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
Free delivery

Yep pedals are rubbish and can be upgraded for £75, the shifter is £100. There is a T150 for the ps4 also. The logitech G29 is £130 at currys at the moment though.


Hmm I was reading alot of reviews recently but completely forgot the model names. Was this one with the rubbish pedal which you can upgrade? Then a shifter for another £40 or something? I just bought project cars.. I shouldn't invest in a wheel again... (I had G25 on the Ps3 for 5 years). I should wait for gt7 to come out first before diving into this...

Thrustmaster Xbox One Ferrari 458 Steering Wheel @ Game
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
Was £69.99 now £54.99 Black Friday deal. At Game. I've been watching this for a while, an excellent price.
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I'm new to this app where can I buy one


Sh*t wheel. Bought one for 30quid 2nd hand, traded it with CEX for 23 couple of weeks later... why don't they advertise you must have it bolted to something to be able to use it? I just wanted to sit on the sofa with it on my lap and have a good time.. :)


OOS * :(


Nice Price as this is normally £69.99 on Amazon at the cheapest going rate. Wanted it purely for Forza 6, But tbh those looking for that extra bit of realism and force feedback would need to invest in the Thrustmaster TMX Wheel that I posted yesterday via Maplin at £99.99. Great for those starters either way!


Good beginners wheel, they are dearer on eBay. No force feedback but what do you expect for the price. It would be 2/3 times dearer.

Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel (PS4/PS3) £54.99 @ Amazon
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
Good wheel at a decent price!

​yes you need a very firm very heavy desk


make sure you have a good desk or something to clamp it on. I found it hard to use compared to a controller to be honest


Junk,glad I got my g29 for £99 a while ago...


Or Used - Like New Factory Sealed. All purchases eligible for Amazon customer service and a 30-day return policy Amazon Warehouse £49.39

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