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Tilda Steamed Basmati Coconut Chilli and Lemongrass Rice 250 g (Pack of 6) £4.50 @ Amazon (+£4.49 Non-prime)
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Tilda Steamed Basmati Coconut Chilli and Lemongrass Rice The creaminess of coconut, a hint of chilli and the delicate flavour of lemongrass give the slender Basmati grains a Thai t… Read more

https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0094D56W6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Also 4.50


no worries good deal (y)


Ah the picture threw me off 🙈


its the same (full title in the description) but i didn't realise the price had dropped (y)


love that <3

Tilda Rice sachets 250g, many varieties, £0.75 at Tesco
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Usually £1.59 at Tesco, but there is generally somewhere selling them at £1 (Asda at the moment for example). Currently includes these varieties:- Tilda Brown And Wild Steamed Ba… Read more
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32 mins and the keep warm function means it just stays perfect whilst I’m faffing with whatever is going with it. It’s working out easier, cheaper and nicer for me. I used to swear by these packets tho, and know they’re good!


How long does it take? The thing is I find that rice isn't difficult to get right but 2 mins is the key benefit for me


I used to buy Tilda microwave rice for lazy days and then I bought a rice cooker! It’s amazing and I wouldn’t ever be without one now. I wish I’d bought one sooner.


They are, and Tesco's own isn't bad either for 40 odd pence. All tastes the same mixed with Korma.


Not as many flavors but the lidi and aldi is just as good imo and half this price

Tilda Basmati Rice 500 G reduced to clear in Slough M&S food store.
-113° Expired
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th JulLocalLocal
Though i would still not buy a small pack myself. Always go for 10kg bag. But this can be a good price for anyone who buys small packs.

Any idea when price is going down pls


No. For m&s its a good price cos everything is expensive there anyway.


Oops just realised that's only 500g


Tilda is around £20 for 10kg


For tilda its agood price


Incorrect. I could of done the same with the captain Rum glitch, but I didn't.


Why would you post this if you know it's too good to not buy all of them yourself. If I was you I would've ordered 15 of these and get free delivery and then not bother posting it here. I'm sure you probably ordered all of them and posted this deal to make us jealous.


Wow great deal, shame I missed it.


It would do for 5kg, someone probably got super happy! 😃


Literally this sold out in seconds.

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Tilda long grain rice 1kg Poundland Tamworth £1
651° Expired
Posted 4th AprPosted 4th AprLocalLocal
1kg long grain rice - Tilda. Lots left on the shelf. They also sell Tilda Basmati rice 500grams for £2 in the same store. Found in Poundland Tamworth. Expiry date March 2022 Read more

Same price at Home Bargains if that's closer for you!






Hot it is then ;)


Sorry I put the wrong date its march 2022, they have updated it now

Tilda rice 79p @ Farmfoods
253° Expired
Posted 14th Dec 2019Posted 14th Dec 2019
Tilda rice 79p @ Farmfoods
Flavoured rice

Yes fair point. Tilda far better than Uncle Ben's. Only bought the Uncle Ben's one as the Tilda was out of stock and I will go without next time!


My son swears by them (highfive) (highfive) (highfive)


All Tilda's rices seem better than Uncle Bens from my own experience


Coconut variety is excellent, far better than Uncle Ben's version.


Her italian chicken is her own concoction after a holiday in Salerno when we took in Pompeii Herculaneum etc - and hers was at least as good as a similar thing we were blown away by at the hotel where the food was superb every meal - I'm drooling just thinking about it....my first experience of panacotta too

Tilda Basmati Rice 10kg £15.49 @ Costco Hayes
192° Expired
Posted 8th Dec 2019Posted 8th Dec 2019LocalLocal
Tilda Basmati Rice 10kg £15.49 @ Costco Hayes
£15.49£2230%Costco Deals
Cannot find a cheaper price anywhere sometimes on offer in Tesco for 20gbp
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I bought the Tilda Legends rice recently from an independent shop for £17. The grains are long and fluffy


Mental price. I love Tilda


Basmati was £1.39, long grain 99p, I bought both.


i am sure the one at home bargains is not basmati , which is the more expensive one


Tip some out. Will still be cheaper than buying small bags (strong)

Tilda Pure Basmati Rice 500g £2 at Waitrose & Partners
-123° Expired
Posted 14th Oct 2019Posted 14th Oct 2019
Tilda Pure Basmati Rice 500g £2 at Waitrose & Partners

£4 per kg! That isn't deal. Around £2 per kg is fair value. Cold.


Yes it is. Half price until the 29th October.


£2.37 for 1kg at Tesco.

Tilda Basmati Rice/ Brown rice 500G £1.32 @ Tesco
76° Expired
Posted 17th Sep 2019Posted 17th Sep 2019
Tilda Basmati Rice/ Brown rice 500G £1.32 @ Tesco
£1.32£234%Tesco Deals
Pure Original Basmati Rice. Our signature rice grains loved for their magical aroma and tantalising taste. Tilda Truth We remove broken grains because they release starch and ca… Read more

Then you may be fine as you put lot of spices to in biryani which may make it taste as white rice biryani I guess.


I was thinking of cooking biryani rice with it!


It's good interms of health however do not taste as good as white one.


Is the brown rice any good ?


Not bad I'll check local for.brown rice later

Tilda Pure Steamed Basmati Rice Classic 250G Better Than Half Price 74p at Tesco
240° Expired
Posted 9th Sep 2019Posted 9th Sep 2019
Tilda Pure Steamed Basmati Rice Classic 250G Better Than Half Price 74p at Tesco
£0.74£126%Tesco Deals
Packed in a protective atmosphere for extra freshness. Ready in 2 mins Genuine goodness No added salt Gluten free Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives … Read more

We usually have Tilda and OH recently tried Lidl's rice and although it was nice when looking at the ingredients it had salt in and the Tilda one doesn't have any added salt.I know some people won't be bothered whether Tilda is healthier or not though.Just throwing it out there as I don't know what's in the Aldi one :)


Another example of blatantly false advertising. Tesco have been cycling the price of these at 149p, 100p (2 for £2) and 74p for ages. Makes it look like they are on sale two-thirds of the time by inflating the RRP. All it means is that instead of walking in and buying rice whenever I want, I have to buy 30-40 packets in order to sit out the times when it's 149p. Fed up with playing this game with too many items.


B&M do these at 3 for £2 (in store) and Pataks at 2 for a pound


If you've had aldi's basmati rice for 5years i'm sure you'll be accustomed to the taste. XD


Exactly (highfive)

Tilda Steamed Basmati Coconut 250 g (Pack of 6) £4.50 (Prime) / £8.99 (non Prime) /  £4.27 S&S at Amazon
272° Expired
Posted 2nd Aug 2019Posted 2nd Aug 2019
Tilda Steamed Basmati Coconut 250 g (Pack of 6) £4.50 (Prime) / £8.99 (non Prime) / £4.27 S&S at Amazon
£4.50£625%Amazon Deals
same price at Morrisons but cheaper with S&S and free delivery.

This and 4 other flavours for 2 for £1 in heron foods 3 separate shops so its nationwide. If you have one local worth a shot.


Same. Very disappointed. The coconut was gross, like eating rice with grit in it


£3.82 and delivered to my door.... Free.! S&S....


Hhhmmm coconut rice...not for me 😣


Oh.. That's why it's so cheap:-(

Tilda Rice 250gm for 10p at B&M Birmingham
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Posted 22nd Jul 2019Posted 22nd Jul 2019LocalLocal
Tilda Rice 250gm for 10p at B&M Birmingham
£0.10£0.5080%B&M Retail Deals
Tilda Mexican chilli bean was 59p, now 10p in B&M store, St Andrews park Birmingham ( next to Blues stadium. There are plenty still left there.
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These rice mixes always seem to have an oily taste which puts me off them


Probably out of date by the time you got it home


Very nice rice 🔥


Don’t wanna make a luxurious habit dude... :o


I'd of bought the shelf full and then asked if they had more out back (lol)

Tilda Rice - £0.85 @ Aldi instore
82° Expired
Posted 28th May 2019Posted 28th May 2019LocalLocal
Tilda Rice - £0.85 @ Aldi instore
£0.85£1.6047%Aldi Deals
I love the little offers ALDI have and when it comes to TILDA RICE various its always the cheapest for this quality product. I have seen this in Birmingham e.g ACOCKS GREEN and S… Read more
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79p in Tesco for the Basmati varieties at the moment.


'Twas always thus in Aldi, and always thus will be.

Tilda Steamed Basmati Coconut 250 g Pack of 6 @ Amazon Add On £4.74
-128° Expired
Posted 20th Apr 2019Posted 20th Apr 2019
Tilda Steamed Basmati Coconut 250 g Pack of 6 @ Amazon Add On £4.74
£4.74£4.801%Amazon Deals
part of the amazon add on program so £20 minimum spend required.only a small saving here but the key is to add them to your subscribe and save deliveries.possible price of £4.03 ac… Read more
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I generally buy the ones with Quinoa. Voted hot


75p at the moment in Tesco


Get 1 of each to get you upto to 2 items out of 5 min, only 3 more to get.

Tilda Pure Basmati Rice 2Kg - £2 at Tesco
696° Expired
Posted 2nd Apr 2019Posted 2nd Apr 2019
Tilda Pure Basmati Rice 2Kg - £2 at Tesco
£2£8.4576%Tesco Deals
Tilda Pure Basmati Rice 2Kg Better Than Half Price Was £8.45 Now £2.00 Offer valid for delivery from 03/04/2019 until 23/04/2019

Am glad I ordered ^_^


I ordered several bags on the offer day but when the delivery came it was all Tesco branded rice cos they had run out of stock. I refused the delivery. Most of my family also got Tesco branded basmati rice and only one was lucky enough to get a few bags of Tilda 2kg rice.


Looks like they've corrected the price in-store.. Saw stock this morning priced at £8.45


Got it from the Tesco store , 4 bags and they were £2


ordered, but got call from Tesco today about the mis-price and they dont seem to be honouring it anymore. So had to cancel Argos Amazon now Tesco looks like no one is honoring misprice anymore.. wasnt the case before !!!

Tilda Long Grain Rice 1kg - £1 @ Iceland
282° Expired
Posted 30th Mar 2019Posted 30th Mar 2019
Tilda Long Grain Rice 1kg - £1 @ Iceland
£1£250%Iceland Deals
I have no real knowledge of rice except by eating it occasionally. At £1 a kilo at Iceland I thought it was a reasonable price.
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Also £1 in Heron foods:


Basmati and Jasmine rice are aromatic. You can smell the aroma from far away. Some dubious traders will even put basmati or Jasmine on top of ordinary rice to sell it.


Basmati and Jasmine rice is better tasting. But I prefer brown basmati, red, black and wild rice.


Bulk Bulk


Basmati rice is not better because of the higher price, it simply costs more to produce.

Tilda Long Grain Rice 1kg pack - Home Bargains - £1 In-store
232° Expired
Posted 22nd Mar 2019Posted 22nd Mar 2019LocalLocal
Tilda Long Grain Rice 1kg pack - Home Bargains - £1 In-store
Tilda Long Grain Rice 1kg bag £1 Good brand. Good size for those who can't be doing with Asian sized 5kg/10kg packs that will last forever. Not Brown Rice (sorry Sam of Londo… Read more

Currently £1 in Heron foods:


#ricegate goin on a bit ere! (:I


Bought this rice, absolutely awful. Gave the second bag of rice away. I buy the big bags because I love rice and store it well.


It was up until a year or so ago. Then price went up or simply OOS.


Hasn't it always been this price, use to buy till found the Aldi easy cook for 79p just as good and never had it sticky yet always nice and separate grains.

Tilda Pure Microwave Basmati Rice 250g - 48p Reduced To Clear instore @ Tesco
290° Expired
Posted 25th Jan 2019Posted 25th Jan 2019LocalLocal
Tilda Pure Microwave Basmati Rice 250g - 48p Reduced To Clear instore @ Tesco
£0.48£1.5970%Tesco Deals
Tesco @ Eastbourne Pure Steamed Basmati Rice Ready in 2 mins. Genuine goodness. No added salt. Gluten free. Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Suitable for … Read more
Avatardeleted2096335Get deal*Get deal*


thanks. I’ve seen them for 69p at B&M but not tried Poundstretcher....funnily enough I prefer the Tilda ones...not really keen on the Uncle Ben’s ones for some reason...


Poundstrecher sells branded microwave rice for 50 or 60p (Uncle Ben's or maybe this)


True but it’s really convenient sometimes!


Even with reduced sticker, it came up as a standard price if you calculate for 10kg bag

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