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Auto XS Torque Wrench - £12.99 (+ £2.95 delivery) @ Aldi
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Used to apply a specific torque when fastening nuts and bolts to prevent over-tightening, this super handy Auto XS Torque Wrench is a tool kit essential. Essential for the nuts and… Read more

I intend to take mine to work also to verify the accuracy.


Well I beg to differ I bought this exact one 4 years ago, and use quite a bit at home, I take to work regularly to check it and it is still in, I always back it off after use and only use it to torque up and never use it to break off nuts (y) (y) (y)


I bought this last year in store for £19,99 so this is a cracking deal. Used it few times on my car, predominantly wheel nuts, sub frame and suspension components. It is reasonably well made for the price and DOES come with calibration certificate - little leaflet inside the box. Not sure how accurate it is and I wouldn’t use it for head bolts, but you get your money’s worth easily, just need to think about what you’re going to use it for.


Sorry, I guess I didn't make my point very well. You said "Guessing << aldi torque wrench < expensive one" - what I was trying to say is that a badly calibrated or seized torque wrench may be worse than guessing. I'd actually rather use a standard ratchet than an uncalibrated torque wrench of questionable quality. Your point on QA is interesting, because it does raise the point that the ones Aldi are selling may be QA or calibration failures! It does look very similar to the Clarke one I have, which was about three times the price, but mine did come with a calibration certificate. Of course they may be just the same - but without a calibration certificate there's no way of knowing. Absolutely agree on making sure the tension is off before storing!


Got one last time in stock. Seems good quality and works well.

ACDelco ARM601-3 3/8” (3.7 to 37 ft-lbs.) Digital Torque Wrench £66.72 (UK Mainland) via Amazon US on Amazon
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th JunShipping from United StatesShipping from United States
5-50 Nm in civilized world units ;) Ships from US Amazon so it'll take a couple of weeks, but it's free and with it being Amazon, you're safe. Same item is £108 on Amazon UK

Same, I use the excellent British made Norbar for my motorcycle restoration and repairs.


I would rather have an old fashioned torque wrench that will just carry on working & never suffer failed batteries, electronic failures or just breaks from rough handling. If I'm in the middle of a job, I need a torque wrench that works.


Or just get torque meter to use with your ratchet spanner.


Folks a Mechanical torque wrench and a scaffolding pole is all the tools you needfor big jobbies Not that Ive had mine calibrated since I bought it in 1981 mind.


Think it's this one.

Teng 3892ag-E1 Torque Wrench Angular Gauge 5-25nm 3/8in Square Drive - £31.34 @ Amazon
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Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Teng torque wrench - 3/8in square drive 3/8in Square Drive Torque Wrench with flip reverse ratchet action, and Nm case scales with FT/LB or KG reference scales. Manufactured to co… Read more

@micronX7 Where do you get your undo torque specs? (party)


I find that quite amazing. It might have been better to read my post correctly rather than join in with someone who only knows about bolts, something I didn't even mention. ;( Yep, that's what I initially used mine for rather than risk taking it to the industry who do shear them and blame the car. But that's OK because the industry can just increase the bill to cover their costs of paying a specialist to get them out. (lol)


Wave it around and torque them in to leaving.


Is this any good for intruders?


Great help from you, thanks again.

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Jobsworth Bike Repair Stand and Torque Wrench Set Bundle - £56.99 Delivered @ Planet X
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Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
- Jobsworth Pro Torque Wrench Set - Jobsworth Bicycle Repair Workstand

Poor experience with planet X. Incredibly soft alloy used on crank which then stripped leaving me stranded. "Customer fault" was the response. Designed to fail and earn money from after sales. Avoid.


That stand is identical right down to the stabilising rod hanging from the grip arm to the one I got from Lidl last autumn for £17.99, so they have gone up even more than you think. It was an impulse buy for me and I didn't think I would use it much. Wouldn't be without it now.


only realised today not - £6.99 dpd (annoyed)


I think it was a flash sale. I spent the £5 saved on a cafe lock, so I'm not sure it really helped much in the end. Tbh, the stand seems very robust, and a quick play with the wrench feels ok - it doesn't click but sort of bends when it reaches the preset, and lets you keep turning, so it might take a bit of getting used to. Overall, if you want both things it's probably worth getting, and maybe add some cheap socks, or wait until later in May in case they add more stuff to the sale.



Aldi Auto XS Torque Wrench £16.99 +£2.95 delivery @ Aldi
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Posted 10th JanPosted 10th JanLocalLocal
Aldi Auto XS Torque Wrench £16.99 +£2.95 delivery @ Aldi£19.94Aldi Deals
This torque wrench used to be £19.99, now it is £16.99. Not bad for occasional user, I think.

It's really aimed at fitting wheels back on cars so 60Nm is about right. I got my 4 of them and for £16.99 they are a bargain, got 1 here and others are for the lads. If you want a lower one just buy one, my lowest Torque Wrench is only a 1.4 inch one. For £16.99 I think these are not too bad at all.


Ordered and it's going back. The lowest setting starts at 60 Nm


Ordered 4 of these, 3 for the lads and 1 for me along with some cheap Wheel Trims for the old van. (I've got Teng ones for proper use, these were just for the odd wheel change etc.) Hermes had other thoughts though and the box arrived only containing the Wheel Trims.


I got the Aldi one a few years back for about £8 (50% off) and the torque range on that one starts at 28nm. Having used it for a few years now, the low end of the range gets used a lot for sump plugs, etc. Can't see the point of it starting at 60nm unless you want it just for wheel nuts.


Magnusson cost almost same and much better key