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Draper 3004AB 3/8In Drive 10 - 80Nm Torque Wrench £24.95 delivered @ FFX
Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
Overall length 280mm. Calibration certificate included
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cas398 Think your torque ratchet came in a box of it’s own too that’s because it is supposed to be treated with that bit more care than a regular ratchet / breaker bar. Reasons I believe are if you drop it - that can mess the calibration up, but also if you’re trying to loosen a bolt and it is too tight you’ll probably exert more (torque) force than what the torque ratchet is designed to handle. From my limited experience tough bolts successfully approached with wd40 and leverage which a breaker bar will give you.


Still wouldn't use it to undo things. I even have to calculate NM to LBS in my head.


Blast from the past. ;)


I'm guessing it's made like that so you can loosen in reverse. Perfect for wheel nuts, and most others probably.


Its not crap, there's just different types of torque wrenches. A lot has changed in the last 50 years.

Jobsworth Pro Torque Wrench Set - £25 + £3.99 delivery @ Planet X
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Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Been hunting for one of those for my bicycle, unfortunately already bought one but I hope someone out there would find this useful. Probably worth mentioning this has a clicking ac… Read more

Thanks so much for the reply, really appreciated. I already have a bigger torque wrench for the chunkier jobs so I am after something than I can use on my bike and the more sensitive car jobs, so this sounds perfect. Cheers!


That was quick!


Cheers man. Wrench already arrived so just the bike now! This was my first order with Planet X but won't be the last based on service received and quality product


I've got a Lifeline branded one that looks almost identical. Best bike tool I've ever bought. Use it so often... I've just checked and it has a standard 1/4 inch square drive that other 1/4" sockets will fit on. But be careful with your expectations - this wrench only goes up to 24NM. Most things on a car that you're trying to tighten to proper torque settings will need a wrench with a higher range. (Car wheel nuts are typically 100-120NM for example...)


Anyone got any idea if this can be used with other hex bits or just the ones it comes with? I want one I can use on general motor stuff as well. Ta.

Teng Tools 3892AGE 3/8 Torque Wrench 20-110NM £37.95 delivered from Amazon
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Posted 31st Dec 2019Posted 31st Dec 2019
Teng Tools 3892AGE 3/8 Torque Wrench 20-110NM £37.95 delivered from Amazon
Best price I can find for this decent quality Torque Wrench Both free delivery FFX Link
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You want 1/2" tools for doing wheels.


Agree with this, and worth the extra in my opinion, if you can justify it. If anyone is interested, Norbar don't think it's necessary to wind back the wrench after use if it's used frequently.


You want the 1/2” one


Yes, Most oil sumps are aluminium now and it's very easy to strip the threads if you overtighten the sump plug. Also the plastic housing for the filters are easy to crack.


Thanks ordered teng

Sealey AK624B Micrometer Torque Wrench 1/2in Sq Drive Calibrated Black Series £24.95 @ FFX
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Posted 30th Dec 2019Posted 30th Dec 2019
Sealey AK624B Micrometer Torque Wrench 1/2in Sq Drive Calibrated Black Series £24.95 @ FFX
£24.95FFX Deals
Also available on their Ebay site - LINK Heat treated steel ratchet head. Fully hardened and tempered. Electrodeposition finish for corrosion resistance. Calibration tolerance i… Read more

Probably good for everyone the term "professional" (embarrassed)


I agree but this is only at the time of test. I use torque wrenches most days and it’s surprising how much the value produced varies when checked on an analyser. Temperature and humidity play a big part in affecting the value as well as if people wind the wrench off after use.


No code needed, price increased so will expire


Oos on eBay and showing as £29.99 on ffx. Does it need a code?


Not super accurate but has to be within 4% to have a 6789:2003 certificate which is probably good enough for most non-professionals.

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Jobsworth Pro Torque Wrench Set - £20 / £24.99 delivered @ Planet X
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Posted 22nd Dec 2019Posted 22nd Dec 2019
Jobsworth Pro Torque Wrench Set - £20 / £24.99 delivered @ Planet X
Planet X torque wrench,2-24NM,handy tool to have if you're into bikes and seems good value. Limited time at this price apparently.
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sold out


These are great - had one for a couple of years now. Very reliable. Great for bike use - but also used on other jobs - as already posted above. If I hadn't already got one I would have used some of the £30 PX voucher I purchased (with free bundle- other deal posted a few days back) to buy one of these.


Good deal. This is identical to wiggles version of the same which sells for 24.99 with free P&P just now. Works great on my carbon roadie (y) .


This and two 700x37c tyres (£5.99 each) = a Bicycle Delivery Charge of £19.00! Haha! :p


As tricky said this is for a bike. There are other ones out there for a car. I prefer 1/2 drive with a long handle, rather than those short ones.

Giant Shed Torque Wrench 1/4" drive 2-15Nm - £29.99 @ Rutland Cycling
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Posted 26th Nov 2019Posted 26th Nov 2019
Giant Shed Torque Wrench 1/4" drive 2-15Nm - £29.99 @ Rutland Cycling
£29.99£44.9933%Rutland Cycling Deals
Checked a few places and next best price I can find is £39.99 at Tredz, both websites do free delivery on this item. Useful product when tightening up the smaller jobs, especially… Read more

Out of stock


I've got the X tools one, and the quality is great. Even 24 Nm limits the usefulness a little as I have found a couple of recommended torques of just over 24 Nm when fixing things, but have got away with it so far.


One is a brand for bikes the other a brand for bike tools, slightly bigger range is more useful.


Is this one any good? Description says 2-24 Nm and it's £25


It's often tempting to over tight the seat post clamp when guessing what 5mm is. Probably more peace of mind than avoiding over tightening for me though

Giant Shed Torque Wrench Tool £27.49 Delivered @ Rutland Cycling
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Posted 14th Nov 2019Posted 14th Nov 2019
Giant Shed Torque Wrench Tool £27.49 Delivered @ Rutland Cycling
£27.49£39.8931%Rutland Cycling Deals
A very well reviewed torque wrench on offer until midnight Friday. Come with an extension bar and case. 48 hour tracked delivery is free, so double check that you've got that sele… Read more

The small torque ranges are fine for most parts on a bike.


I have one of these and so far it has served me well.


All three listed here are very small torque ranges. Please bare in mind that these won’t be too accurate, even decent torque wrenches can produce completely different readings according to temperature and humidity.


It's not, it's made especially for giant sheds.


Went with the X tools one, better torque range.

X-Tools Essential Torque Wrench Set £29.99 @ Chain Reaction Cycles
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Posted 14th Sep 2019Posted 14th Sep 2019
X-Tools Essential Torque Wrench Set £29.99 @ Chain Reaction Cycles
Usually around 32.99.

Save your money and spend a little more for a decent wrench. These are cheap generic Chinese wrench’s that don’t last long! Mine last 6 months before it started playing up.


It's a decent wrench. Very well made. But wouldn't call this a deal. The price goes down to 25 or less in sale regularly. I think o paid 20 for mine.


Which bits would you recommend to go with it?


I'm pretty sure most torque wrenches in the 2NM to 24NM torque range are this price.


Do you calibrate for charity as well? I got a few that could use calibration.. (embarrassed)

AutoXS Torque Wrench - £15.99 @ Aldi
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Posted 28th Jul 2019Posted 28th Jul 2019
AutoXS Torque Wrench - £15.99 @ Aldi
£15.99Aldi Deals
Don't get caught out in a difficult situation. Make sure you have this Auto XS Torque Wrench for anything that might occur. Whether it's tightening the fasteners on your vehicle, o… Read more

this is definitely better than a hand tight. torque to 210Nm tested with ~ 0.5Nm tolerance depending on the Torque window for £16, I will buy it every time its out of cal. By the way it comes with 3 years warranty, just need to register it when you buy.


Picked one of these up today. Just got to remember to use it now!


So you can repeatably tighten nuts to the same wrong torque.


What's the point of a torque wrench that's almost certainly completely inaccurate?


Looks similar to the Aldi WORKZONE wrench - Review here manual here

Halfords Advanced Torque Wrench Model 60 - £68 at Halfords
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Posted 14th Jun 2019Posted 14th Jun 2019
Halfords Advanced Torque Wrench Model 60 - £68 at Halfords
£68£8520%Halfords Deals
Started building a bike from scratch and needed a good torque wrench for the bottom bracket and this for the price ticks all boxes. £68 with code TOOLSDAD, and if you have a work … Read more

£68 is the normal trade card price. Shame you cannot combine trade card with this offer.


About the cheapest you'll see this. Torque Wrenches don't get reduced much at Halfords unlike their socket sets.


Nice, I have faith then! Upgraded my frame to carbon and hoping I don't break anything once I get this 😏


Or too late, depending on how you sleep!!! (y) Got the one down from this model, bit older, never had any issues, always has the c.rap & oil wiped off it before back in the tool cabinets and still as good as it was 11 odd years ago ;)


AHH, I see............d'oh, it's too early for puns!

Energizer EZCCB18V2B2AUK 18V Brushless Portable Impact Wrench + 2 x 2.0Ah Batteries, Charger & Case - £79 delivered @ UK Planet Tools
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Posted 10th May 2019Posted 10th May 2019
Energizer EZCCB18V2B2AUK 18V Brushless Portable Impact Wrench + 2 x 2.0Ah Batteries, Charger & Case - £79 delivered @ UK Planet Tools
Energizer is the energy specialist and provides the best quality products. The 18V and 2Ah ENERGZER battery is Lithium-Ion. It gathers a great amount of energy in a very small pa… Read more

Sorry I didn't get a notification. I was able to use this to change all four shocks on the car that had likely been on for 14 years / 130k miles. Made fairly light work of an otherwise grotty job and think I would have struggled more with just a breaker bar. For £80 happy to sign off on a recommendation


Has anyone else had any good usage yet ? Really tempted at the price but woul£ like some feedback first thanks


anyone bought this used it in anger yet. looking foe one foe home mechanic use


They're bound with 14 years of rust but I'm sure the blowtorch will help things on their way (mad)


it'll probably be OK for stuff like that. usually only 60Nm or so (freshly torqued) I'm keeping mine i do have a mains powered 1/2 impact which has a lot more torque if it starts to struggle but means running extensions etc..

Silverline Torque Wrench 1/2 inch Drive 28-210 Nm £19.60 @ Amazon
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Posted 28th Dec 2018Posted 28th Dec 2018
Silverline Torque Wrench 1/2 inch Drive 28-210 Nm £19.60 @ Amazon
Chrome vanadium steel with reversible ratchet head. Knurled adjustment handle and locking ring for precise torque settings. Manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 6789 & DIN 31… Read more

Heat added. Bought 5 years ago for £18 and works faultlessly.

Wiggle X-Tools Essential Torque Wrench Set £22.99 @ Wiggle
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Posted 16th Nov 2018Posted 16th Nov 2018
Wiggle X-Tools Essential Torque Wrench Set £22.99 @ Wiggle
Wiggle X-Tools Essential Torque Wrench Set usually £34.99 good reviews. Wanted one of these for ages, always worried about over tightening stuff on the bike and stripping a thread… Read more

Now 29.99


Nice tool. I have one and it does the job exceedingly well.



Already posted, but for CRC which is the same company

X-Tools Essential Torque Wrench Set £22.99 @ crc chain reaction
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Posted 1st Nov 2018Posted 1st Nov 2018
X-Tools Essential Torque Wrench Set £22.99 @ crc chain reaction
Essential toolkit for ensuring your bolts and screws are tightened to spec, if you have a carbon bike you need one of these ————— X-Tools Essential Torque Wrench SetThe X-Tools Ess… Read more
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One thing to note on these despite a direction lever they can only torque right hand threads.


Or leave the business end of a spark plug in your bike's cylinder head. Got the t shirt for that one. 😁 I'll be getting one of these for my carbon baby.


That ok on a steel bike but get a 5 grand carbon and try that


Pfffft, take it up to shear, then back it off a quarter turn. ;)


Tested mine out today. A little bit crude, but accurate out of the box (8,9,10,11Nm) when compared against an 8-60Nm Halfords Professional wrench which came with a calibration certificate when new. This is even though I didn't read the instructions to click it 20 times first by hand. The only downside I'd say is it's not as loud and positive when it clicks. I think this maybe how a reviewer on CRC wrecked a headset.

Dewalt DCF899HN 18V XR Hog ring brushless high torque wrench naked - bare unit £135.99 with code powertoolmate Ebay
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Posted 29th Oct 2018Posted 29th Oct 2018
Dewalt DCF899HN 18V XR Hog ring brushless high torque wrench naked - bare unit £135.99 with code powertoolmate Ebay
£135.99£159.9915%eBay Deals
As title. Currently 15% off via ebay store (code PREP15) Would have bought it myself but I got the dewalt multitool kit on a separate order and you can only use the code once (doh… Read more

Sorry again for the negs it’s so heavy that it’s so easy to switch to forward without noticing when you got gloved on . Still not a bad too I guess they will all have the niggles just comparing to the use I get out of the driver in car applications . If you like shiny tools then get it


Also found that a 2ah battery on 1 bar has noticeable less breaking power . Swap to a fresh 5ah and it cracks the bolt . The power is immense vices up a m8 bolt and 2 seconds of impacting sheared the head off


I initially really wanted 1 for the high tourney power and took off my vectra c hub not with ease however ... it fits in very little spaces . Become useless when you extend with a 1/2 extension to make it fit far. My thoughts are grt a long breaker there only usually 2 bolts on any 1 suspension job that are tight so how long does it take to break them and wiz off with the impact driver . The driver take of wheel nuts and using a quality 1/4 hex to 1/2 has never broken yet . Good price though not seen cheaper


I have been loking for one for a reasonable price, battery powered to Can you recommend a battery and charger to please?


Well two points, first i regularly visit a few professorial workshops and the dewalt gun has become very popular with technicians who did use air tools , second my 19mm impact socket ( yes there are sockets especially made for these tools ) was bought in the mid eighty's and still fits wheel nets fine I would recommend this tool to anyone Regards John

Silverline Torque Wrench 1/2 inch 28-210 Nm - Sold and Despatched by Langley Steelworks Ltd via Amazon - £19.66
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Posted 4th Aug 2018Posted 4th Aug 2018
Silverline Torque Wrench 1/2 inch 28-210 Nm - Sold and Despatched by Langley Steelworks Ltd via Amazon - £19.66
£19.66£35.3244%Amazon Deals
Looks a good price, comes with 125 mm extension bar and 1/2" to 3/8" converter.

Lowest setting on my cordless Dewalt wouldn't even tighten them to the required torque so no harm done.


Providing the torque wrench moves the bolts a meaningful amount that's fine - but being a regular changer means nothing. Head down to your local Kwikfit and you can watch them fasten on wheels with their impact wrenches all day every day before a supervisor will helpfully check them with his torque wrench despite the bolts being on way to tight already. My employer's fleet department dropped them as a supplier for cracking alloys by tightening the wheelbolts up too tight!


Bought this exact same one last year for £18.75 off Amazon. You've been sold a saving off a false RRP. Sorry but cold.


Lowest setting just to put them on....then 1/2 turn with the torque wrench just nips them up nicely,I'm a regular wheel changer lol,do a few dozen mots a year.


If you use an impact wrench you probably overtighten the bolts before you ever get near them with the torque wrench.

1/2" inch Drive Reversible Ratchet Torque Wrench Tool £17.99 @ eBay/wheels n' bits
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Posted 8th Jun 2018Posted 8th Jun 2018
1/2" inch Drive Reversible Ratchet Torque Wrench Tool £17.99 @ eBay/wheels n' bits
£17.99eBay Deals
This Torque Wrench is manufactured to with a tolerance of 3% and comes in a blow moulded carry case. It has a machined Knurled handle and a bi-directional click switch lever. The t… Read more
myhye Silverline link it's actually £18.75


3/8 on this bad boy = broken bolt guarantee


Three wheels on my wagon & I'm still rolling along.....


Anyone got the silverline link?


Jive Torquing.

Parkside Electric Impact Wrench £29.99 @ Lidl
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Posted 17th Mar 2018Posted 17th Mar 2018
Parkside Electric Impact Wrench £29.99 @ Lidl
£29.99£52.3743%LIDL Deals
450W Perfect for loosening tight screws or fitting car wheels Impact mechanism with high power delivery Safety-limited torque to avoid damage to the workpiece or rims Switc… Read more

I've got one it's excellent for changing suspension, springs etc Saved me more than a few scuffed knuckles (cheeky) Well worth £30 in my opinion


Have seen it, not as big as my clarke but less than 1/2price...


Where does the £52.37 come from OP? Proof or it's cold! ;)


Least you could have done was to vote me hot. Come onnnnnn


Fine for wheelnuts but if you're using on suspension or crankpulley kind of stuff then ime these Lidl ones just aren't upto the task. We've been using a cheapo Clarke similar to (might actually be) this for many years and not failed us yet. It depends what you expect from it so long as you have realistic expectations for £30. Depending on what you already have they do get in 18v cordless ones which I think they were £40 last time and not much different powerwise between them iirc. Or just get yourself a decent 1/2 breaker and some impact sockets. (strong)

Halfords Advanced torque wrench model 60 (Norbar?). Possibly with discount at £58.50 or even £52
163° Expired
Posted 23rd Feb 2018Posted 23rd Feb 2018
Halfords Advanced torque wrench model 60 (Norbar?). Possibly with discount at £58.50 or even £52
Left and right handed torque wrench. Most likely to be a rebranded norbar so top quality. Perfect for higher torque work (12-60Nm) on a bike at much cheaper cost than Park tools. W… Read more

How do you get a Halfords trade card


Looks virtually identical to the norbar, even taking its name too.


Halfords have recently changed the design of the torque wrenches, they were made by norbar. But don't know about the current maker. Note that the 1/2 inch used to be around £40 with the trade card.


Yes, same thoughts. But I've had to invest in a separate wrench for lower range. I think if there was such a range from 4nm up to 60nm then I reckon it wouldn't be very accurate at the lower range.


Would have been perfect for bikes if started at 4nm

LASER 3/8" Torque Wrench from Screwfix £21.99
237° Expired
Posted 20th Feb 2018Posted 20th Feb 2018
LASER 3/8" Torque Wrench from Screwfix £21.99
Torque wrench with ft/lb dual scale, 7 incremental height adjustments and knurled grip. Supplied in heavy duty carry case. Was £34.99 Last time I bought a Torque Wrench was a Bri… Read more

There's a MacAllister 3/8" Torque Wrench in B&Q for £10 in their clearance sale,


The Teng I shared was under £40 (calibrated at manufacture) same item re-calibrated on shipping was 139 euro Paying more for a fresh certificate for those who must use calibrated tools only.


The laser may well be too, torque wrenches are one of the tools it pays to buy a decent quality well made item (not brand snobbery, but accuracy). Fair enough if you're only using it as a big ratchet for car wheel bolts etc, but over or under torquing some parts can lead to expensive repairs.


not going to profess to be an expert, but mine certainly appears to have been certified. Got a serial number on the wrench, which matches that on the cert and is wet ink signed (Steve I think! ). Not to say it isn't Chinese made and cert'd in UK (the quality of that certification obvs being up for discussion), but all I know is it is individually cert'd


Chinese rubbish Sealy are merely a re-seller. All Teng Tools torque wrenches are individually tested and certified at the time of manufacture.

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