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Trampolining is both great exercise and a hell of a lot of fun. With plenty of excellent brands available in the UK, now is a great time to explore one of the fastest growing sports around. All of the best models are available at huge discounts at the HotUKDeals trampoline listings.

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Plum 10ft Trampoline With Enclosure £89.99 Plus £3.95 delivery @ Aldi
Made hot 2nd JulMade hot 2nd Jul
Watch them jump for joy on a new 10ft trampoline with enclosure. It will keep your kids active and entertained all year round. The netted trampoline is built from anti-rust galvani… Read more

They are easy enough to move around.


Hi just wondering are these fine to put in the lawn of the garden? Does it have to be level flat and also how do people cut the grass under neath these trampoline must be hard to lawn mowe?


Brilliant thanks OP, been looking for one of these :)


Alternatively if you can't be bothered to wait for delivery I see these in store at Asda for £99.99

Sportspower PRO 10ft Trampoline with Enclosure now £89 / £91.95 delivered @ Asda George
Made hot 27th JunMade hot 27th Jun
Excellent price for a 10ft Trampoline & Enclosure set! The price shows as £99, but automatically drops to £89 when added to your basket. I can't find this exact trampoline els… Read more
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I have one! Bought a week ago...delivered Friday. Put it up as a surprise for my daughter Friday evening. A few iffy screws that refused to bite, had to replace with fatter ones. Then, out of the blue, I get an email saying they were processing a refund of half the cost. No explanation. Money turned up in my account today. Naturally now I have a moral dilemma of whether to question it :S


Similar experience 2 boxes turned up on different days with mutliple of the same parts in the differents boxes and many parts missing also 2 sets of instructions which were different. Tried calling the helpline as per the box and they said to register online and yada yada yada and we will send the missing parts from china... phoned asda and they are collecting and giving me another.. fingers crossed for the next boxes having the correct parts if not.. refund time. Any success stories out there from this deal? UPdate.. The new packages turned up yesterday and they took the old ones away and the new ones are all good thankfully :)


Can I ask which brand did you go for?


We bought ours from a bit more expensive but quality was night and day. Got 10% cashback with top cashback as well.


I've just ordered one and the price didn't drop to £89 but stayed at £99. I still bought it anyway

Intex 12ft (3.7m) Round Prism Frame Pool with Pump £99.99 Delivered + Poss Freebie  w/code See OP @ Costco
Refreshed 4th JulRefreshed 4th Jul
Decent priced larger pool for the summer - price includes delivery & the 2,006 Litre Filter Pump too, next best prices are £122.83 - £160 elsewhere Excellent reviews across … Read more
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Thanks for the update. I am looking to get a better pump . I am ,looking at the ones below, it is usable with 1'25" TO 1'5" diameter inlet and outlet hoses. or (I prefer this as I do not have to be changing filters all the time),aps,169 My other question is around the chemicals, Is there a newbie's guide to adding chemicals and testing the Ph and other stuffs? Thanks in advance.


Amazon or eBay. I got a skimmer net and vacuum from The Range. The net is good but for the vacuum, I’d look on Amazon at one that connects to the pump as it will work much better than the ones you get in a set from Intel or Bestway. Chemicals can be pricey. I’d avoid the “starter sets” and look on eBay/Amazon for Chlorine and ph increaser. Chlorine is £10/kg in most shops and depending how much you use the pool, you could be through that in 2-3 weeks. A fountain is a good chemical-free way of increasing the ph apparently, but it will also lower the temperature of the pool slightly. Also, stock up on the filters as regularly cleaning and changing these is the eBay way of maintaining a healthy pool. You can get 6 for about £15 on eBay, which should do you for 3 months with moderate use, regular skimming and a good cover.


You really and a filter and chlorine treatment for this!!!


Are you able to help with where to buy the skimmer, and what chemicals to buy. Do you use a vacuum for the pool floor?


About 6 hours to fill it.

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Plum 8ft Trampoline With Enclosure £67.99 + £3.95 Delivery at Aldi
Made hot 11th JunMade hot 11th Jun
Fab price for this highly rated Plum 8ft Trampoline With Enclosure - next best that I can find is £102.95 - £112 & comparable 8ft are around £99+ :) Pre-order for dispatch f… Read more
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The weight limit is a legal thing - if someone heavier than 50kg (plus some safety factor like another 25kg) is jumping alone and very high on the trampoline in the centre then there is the possibility the stretch mat could touch the ground underneath - which isn’t good as they could break their ankles etc. Of course there are other factors like the frame strength, spring tensile and pad strength. If you’ve got a hole in the ground underneath or if the trampoline is elevated slightly then you can easily have much heavier people. If you’ve got lots of kids on it or an adult with kids and you’re all bouncing in different areas of the mat then it’s not such an issue as you won’t hit the ground. I’ve got this trampoline and we’ve had at least 250kg of adults/children on it without any issues. The more people on it, the less practical it is to jump to any reasonable height as you start cancelling each other out.


I weigh 115kg and I've been on this trampoline loads of times. My 6 and 8 yo bounce together and my wife often bounces with one kid as well. No idea why it has a 50kg limit unless they've significantly changed the construction in the last 3 or 4 years. Plum are excellent for customer services. At the top of the poles covered in green foam are small plastic caps which the rod holding the net runs through. In bad weather (yellow warning storms) I've had a few of these break, the plastic cracks. I thought id get shafted for replacement parts, if they would even sell them, but plums website has every part listed separately to buy as replacements, and the plastic caps only cost me 99p! (Plus maybe 3 quid postage)


Naturally its easier said than done but you should never have more than 1 jumper at a time, double bouncing is v dangerous for a number of reasons (i.e if someone is landing just after someone else has landed and fully depressed the floor then its like landing on a solid floor from a height). Also falling into each other and breaking limbs, I know people with broken bone stories from these and it was always due to more than 1 on at a time. As said I know in real life its hard to police this!


Yep. That’s why I cancelled mine. 7 and a half stone isn’t a great amount of weight.

Sportspower 8ft Folding Trampoline - £85 @ Argos & £5 voucher back
Made hot 23rd MayMade hot 23rd May
What better way to get fresh air and great exercise than to bounce up and down on your very own trampoline? With a Quad Lok frame you can put it up and take it down more easily and… Read more

It's for when it's windy


I'm debating between this and the smyths one too. The smyths one looks like it has more support struts which I would have thought would be better in windy weather. Not sure how helpful a folding enclosure is really. Surely once it's up, it's up. It's not the sort of thing you take down.


Do you know if it comes with a ladder?




You get it once you have made the purchase as its over £50= you get a £5 voucher with your receipt... If you spend over £100 you get a &£10 voucher.

Sportspower 12ft Trampoline with Folding Enclosure was £150 now £112.50 C+C @ Argos
Made hot 22nd MayMade hot 22nd May
Great price for this Sportspower 12ft Trampoline with Folding Enclosure - friends have this exact version, been going strong in all kinds of weather for nearly 3 years now :) Was… Read more
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Its £150...offer must have finished... :(


Now full price sadly


Does any one have a square one, will be a better fit for my small garden


Can't find it available anywhere =(


I think you can speak with them at tills do make a refund and buy again in order to get the voucher.

8ft Trampoline with Safety Net £74.99 / 10ft £99.99 C+C @ Smyths Toys
Made hot 2nd MayMade hot 2nd May
Just dropped in price for the Bank Holiday weekend - Free C+C from store - says that they will fit in most cars too - so handy to know for pick up Get deal goes to the 8ft, will p… Read more
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Anyone got these? Any good?


Lidl have them for 80/100 for 8/10 foot too but Plum brand. Is that better?


No ladder provided which would set you back another £15 but this is a good price.


Same price as asda atm

36" Mini Trampoline £24.64 / 38" - £26.84 / 40" - £28.04 / 4.5FT Kids Trampoline with Net £49.29 Delivered with code @ Outsunny eBay
Made hot 30th AprMade hot 30th Apr
Thanks to @reindeer333 for the code All these trampolines are very highly rated - thought they'd be great for smaller gardens or could even be used indoors if enough space - the… Read more

That has £15 postage. eBay is free.


(lol) (lol) (lol)


Alert the fracture clinic!


Safety net is a must for kids! I’m honestly a little concerned that all the photos have the kids photoshopped in... I’ve seen a 6ft trampline and that’s small in my opinion.


Great find. I’ve ordered one

Made hot 21st AprMade hot 21st AprLocalLocal
OMG Tesco come back with an amazing deal from Aldi who previously put a 8ft trampoline for 17 pounds and a 10 foot for 30 pounds! 5 SPOTTED AT Walkden TESCO

Please remove this add


Why cant people just trust they found one and go for food shopping on the off chance they might fall lucky and find one themselves. You lot are so negative these days. Next time the poster spots a bargain they just wont bother to share it. Just be happy someone got a bargain


When are HUKD going to weed out this pointless sh*t? If you've found a one-off offer in one shop, where you bought the last one... great. DON'T POST IT ON A NATIONAL DEALS SITE. It is a waste of everyone's time. I could post that I found a Google Home in xxxxxxx shop for £9 and it would go hot despite the fact that no-one else can buy it and I am probably lying through my teeth. Cold, cold, cold from me.


another hoax


Anything to help my fellow HUKDers

Plum 10 Ft Trampoline in store  £29.99 @ Aldi Stevenage
Made hot 19th AprMade hot 19th AprLocalLocal
Very cheap trampoline. Bought at letchworth. 4 left at Stevenage

HUKD'S Should Include a Badge for the longest Debate'


What a strange individual.


OK bouncy Mcbouncy God your drivel is old and retired Please shame someone else. What a terrible example of a responsible parent you are. Try learning to communicate a bit more effectively Your kids might know how to bounce but I cant imagine they are too happy with all this retoric. Do you dish out qualifications for walking upstairs safely? What about peeing in the dark? That's a dangerous sport too What a bunch there is on here People dictacting to others about vaccines, their careers, charity, their parenting skills Whatever next


When a child you know is paralysed from a trampolining accident then I hope you find time to think back on this...I have simply stated a concern that is valid and warrants a second thought rather than an impulsive purchase without thinking about all the factors. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Your opinion is clearly unwarranted when you are dictacting to people about how they raise their kids then suggesting they are clueless. I would rather my kids be playing on a trampoline than walking around the streets or kicking a ball at a neighbours cars Some of us don't worry like yourself Some of us are more qualified than you think. In new Zealand there is a school which is qualified enough to be the most prestigious school in the country. The best results, the best behaviour and most of all, the kids are much smarter and they live by one rule, there are no rules I know your obviously proud of your qualification but I am not qualified in anything and run a few businesses. Just because you have a piece of paper saying your qualified, it doesn't mean you are. Clearly no one cares what you have to say. So just leave it here instead of expressing your hurt ego because no one cares Footballs dangerous, riding is dangerous, crossing roads is dangerous, being a passenger in a car is dangerous. That's life Something I dont need to be qualified for The best thing about being unqualified is that I dont have to wake up every morning and run to do a job I hate. I spend all my precious time with the people that mean the most to me

Sportspower Pro 8FT Trampoline + Enclosure £75 / 10ft £99 instore or + £2.95 Delivery @ Asda George  - more in OP
Refreshed 19th AprRefreshed 19th Apr
We have a larger version of this & going into our 3rd year with it this year - fab quality, withstood all the high winds & snow that we have here without any issues at all.… Read more
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Thanks for posting (y) just bought from the above link for £75 so cheers


What? You bought it for a tenner more? Hardly worth crying about


No ladder. Cold


We've had the 8ft one for coming up to 3 years, has lasted well and its still big enough for my 8 year old plus a couple of her friends :) bigger is better if you have the space though


Would this be big enough for a 7yr old? Could 2 children use it safely?

Plum 8ft Trampoline with Enclosure £17.68  instore at Aldi (Haverfordwest)
Made hot 9th AprMade hot 9th AprLocalLocal
8ft Plum trampoline with Enclosure reduced to £17.68 from £67.99 at Aldi in Haverfordwest. 3 left at time of posting. Features A great way to encourage outdoor play and exerci… Read more

Sleeveless charver pikester supreme


Date is 09/04/19


But the date is 9.5.19??


The first I've heard t-shirts and abbreviated surnames being associated with chavs.. I think you're clutching at straws really


I guess we don't need to assume you're also a chav. The sleeveless tee and abbreviated forename speak for themselves.

Mum’s bounce for Free at Gravity Trampoline Parks on Sunday 31st March various locations inc Castleford
Made hot 27th MarMade hot 27th MarLocalLocal
Mum’s bounce for Free at Gravity Trampoline Parks on Sunday 31st March various locations inc Castleford
Mum’s bounce for Free at Gravity Trampoline Park at Xscape Castleford Valid on 31st of March for walk in only use the code MUMS THE WORD and Mum’s can bounce for Free Spotted t… Read more

You from the North East? It's "Mums" not "Mams"



Anyone know if they have a viewing gallery?


And "WALK IN" sounds like something you might be doing while viewing said page.


mum's bounce for free sounds like a page you may just find on a site that rhymes with cornhub? ;)

Sportspower 8ft Trampoline with Folding Enclosure - now £75.99 @ Argos
Refreshed 19th FebRefreshed 19th Feb
Good price for an 8ft trampoline w/ enclosure and excellent reviews - we have the 10ft version of this , had it 2 years and still as good as new, no rips etc and been out in all k… Read more
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Can’t find anyanywhere.


Got one of these and set it up on the weekend just in time for half term. Luckily the weather has been good and the kids been making the most of it. Easy to setup but be prepared to give up 2-3hrs to set it up


I got one of these at the weekend,the 8 foot one, it is a really good product, very easy to put up. I am not sure if i would bother to put the poles down too often though, Its very high though!


Fun police at the ready! How about we start giving medical bills to the parents of all the kids in A+E for football injuries every day? How often do you see kids unsupervised playing football? It's an epidemic! Or we can take it to its logical conclusion and just scrap the NHS, start charging everyone for everything. That's a good plan too. It's a trampoline. Don't be so uptight.


Manufacturers tolerance should allow for 15-20% additional weight allowance...

Aldi Half price Plum 8 Ft Trampoline Cover, ladder and straps £7.99 / £10.94 delivered
Made hot 26th JanMade hot 26th Jan
Aldi Half price Plum 8 Ft Trampoline Cover, ladder and straps £7.99 / £10.94 delivered
£7.99£14.9947%Aldi Deals
Half price trampoline accessories pack, especially useful in winter. Similar accessory pack on amazon costs £50, and £60 at B&Q and Plum. Been looking for a good deal that incl… Read more

That aint Plum unless someone has been dicking with the RGB values on my laptop.

Plum My First Bouncer Childrens Trampoline with Balance Handle  - NEW - £24.99 delivered @ Tesco eBay Outlet
Made hot 20th Dec 2018Made hot 20th Dec 2018
Plum My First Bouncer Childrens Trampoline with Balance Handle - NEW - £24.99 delivered @ Tesco eBay Outlet
£24.99£31.9922%eBay Deals
Brand new, not a refurb/return or anything - more than 10 in stock at time of posting + Free delivery. An ideal first trampoline for your child, the Plum Junior Bouncer allows tod… Read more
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Even our 2 yo granddaughter 'out-grew' it! She soon learnt how to bounce so it lifted badly. I wouldn't recommend the safety of this.


great price! heat added


Can a 10 years old kid get on

Aldi PLUM 4.5ft junior trampoline
£12.99 in store only.
Made hot 7th Nov 2018Made hot 7th Nov 2018LocalLocal
Aldi PLUM 4.5ft junior trampoline £12.99 in store only.
£12.99Aldi Deals
Brand: Plum® Colour: Black, green Dimensions: 1.37 x 1.37 x 1.8m approx. (assembled) Material: Galvanised Steel Product Type: Outdoor Toys Suitable Age:3-6 Years

Oh no.... got radiotherapy in the morning. Fingers crossed that there is one left on way back from Worcester :S


2 left in Aldi. Also in Home Base is 50% off for trampolines in store Droitwich. And


Where there many left


I wish they would ban trampolines from people's gardens


Droitwich, Worcestershire

Jumpking 8ft ZORBPOD Trampoline £110.49 delivered with code @ Ebay Cheapest Electrical
Made hot 2nd Nov 2018Made hot 2nd Nov 2018
Jumpking 8ft ZORBPOD Trampoline £110.49 delivered with code @ Ebay Cheapest Electrical
£110.49£129.9915%eBay Deals
My Grandson broke his trampoline YESTERDAY and he is on it every day come rain or shine bless him ( he has Autism ) so I needed a replacement ASAP and a good STURDY good branded on… Read more

Net looks like you can jump off the sides but the base doesn't?


New brush? Lol


Yes, it must be


Heat just for being a lovely nan


It's been certified by the EU so it must be perfectly brilliant.

Plum 8ft trampoline with enclosure - £67.99 + £3.95 Delivery Aldi online
Made hot 27th Oct 2018Made hot 27th Oct 2018
Plum 8ft trampoline with enclosure only 67.99 at Aldi online with free delivery great quality trampoline this having bought min for over 100 pounds 5 years ago- had no problems w… Read more
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I’ve got the Plum 8ft too - it’s had 6 months of heavy use by 3 kids. The main problem we have is that the kids slide down the padded poles to get off and the pads squish down and tear and leave the bare poles exposed.. not a design fault but something you might want to look out for.


Not really a great saving, maybe worth to wait a bit longer?


so glad the trampolining days are over! the lawn has never fully recovered and cleaning it was a pita......


8ft too small, I bought one last year for daughter and wish I got at least 10 ft


Check instore usually £25 :)

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