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Get global multi-risk travel insurance inc. COVID cover
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Posted 10th Dec 2020Posted 10th Dec 2020
Get global multi-risk travel insurance inc. COVID cover Free P&P FreeEmirates Airlines Deals
Please check before travelling whether your destination requires you to self-isolate when you arrive, or whether you will need to do so when you return to the UK. You can find f… Read more

How is this in any way related to this offer?


I flew with Qatar, asked for a window seat, got a window seat without a window.. Complained to cabin and said it was a problem because I'm tall and the bulkhead curved in forcing me into the person in the middle seat. They asked the person in the other 2 seats to swap, said no, but then felt awkward for the rest of the flight. Complained to them by email, got a reply basically saying tough... Just rude.. They need to give those seats to someone small where the full thickness bulkhead curves in above their shoulder.. 2 hour flight would be bearable, but not 9 hours...


I just came back from Dubai with Emirates. I travelled before tier 4 restrictions were introduced. Emirates allowed me to move my return flight twice without incurring any costs. They were extremely helpful. They also offered good promotional upgrades. Highly recommended to travel with them during covid. It was really worth it in my opinion. I already booked another flight with them in a few months’ time.


Emirates are generally good and never had an issue with them. Qatar is a very good airline, which you only really find out when you have issues like missed connections or delays. Oman air is good too.


Or rather, talking of baggage allowance, you may be able to get extra 10kg if you are booking emirates anyway ;)

Free Emirates COVID-19 insurance cover for all Emirates passengers
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Posted 30th Jul 2020Posted 30th Jul 2020
Free Emirates COVID-19 insurance cover for all Emirates passengersEmirates Airlines Deals
“Emirates customers can travel with confidence, as the airline will cover medical expenses of up to EUR 150,000 and quarantine costs of EUR 100 per day for 14 days, should they be … Read more

I put mine around the same time, got confirmation yesterday that the refund is being processed. Have patience as they will do it, has taken a while but understandable to an extent that they are probably processing thousands and thousands of refunds.


Got you - Found a 261/2004 (think that’s the same reg) explanation here - take off within they are all subject to and take off outside they are subject to if headquartered within.


Yes i believe so . Hopefully we will hv the same status as Switzerland and Iceland after Brexit . Ps the exact name EU Regulation 261/04 .


Yes this is what I understood (i don’t know the exact regulation numbers but will take your word here) . So if the nationality of the carrier matters would say a BA (as opposed to Emirates flight) departing somewhere outside of anywhere outside EU+Switzerland,Norway+Iceland but landing in EU+Switzerland,Norway+Iceland be subject to EU regs for compensation?


@Xiwt sorry maybe i worded my comments poorly airline do abide with international law for loads of aspects . We are talking here specifically about Regulation EC 261 re compensation so to make to clearer ex : flight LHR-DXB delayed/cancelled EU rule apply Flight DXB-LHR delayed/cancelled EU rules doesnt apply . That goes for Emirates and any other airlines with HQ outside EU . Hope this clarifys .

10% off Admiral Travel insurance & up to £75 vouchers on car or multi-car policy - Student code
Posted 15th May 2020Posted 15th May 2020
10% off Admiral Travel insurance & up to £75 vouchers on car or multi-car policy - Student code10% off
S10Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*
Vouchers from Amazon, ASOS, Tesco and more Enter this code in the promotional code area during checkout in order to benefit from 10% Off travel insurance or get up to £75 in sele… Read more
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Perfect going Ibiza 2 weeks didn’t think to get travel insurance nice one pal (y)


Travel to no man's land (lol)


Lol, travel insurance.!?!


Horrible company, hate them even more than Ryanair- who they seem to have adopted some dubious business practices from. I had an awful experience with them after 3 years of loyality and they tried to backcharge me for all 3 years! Caused alot of stress and hassle and by the time they accepted the mistake was on their end it was too late- I cancelled on the spot and will never ever return no matter how cheap they are.


Travel? To where lol

Breakdown cover , travel insurance, phone cover £15.00pm potential £9.50pm @ CoOp Bank
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Posted 6th Jan 2020Posted 6th Jan 2020
Breakdown cover , travel insurance, phone cover £15.00pm potential £9.50pm @ CoOp BankCo-operative Bank Deals
Potentially 9.50/mth if you open a joint account works out £4.75 each So I was with nationwide shopping around for better deals after they got rid of there interest. Co-op Bank'… Read more

Has anyone actually made a claim for travel insurance on either of the two provides? How was your experience? I'm with neither and my annual travel insurance is due for renewal. It keeps on going up every year to the point that I may consider getting one of these accounts as I take out breakdown cover as well. Thanks.


The real moneysaving thing to do would be to use the Coop account to get your £5.50 a month. And then use Nationwide Flex Plus for the rest, thus saving £2. So that's what I do.


Breakdown will be hit and miss depending on the area you're in. Nationwide has contracts covering a particular area. In my area, the company they use is running some neanderthal outreach programme. Both times they were useless. In the first instance, they acted like my car was running normally when it wouldn't even reach 40 mph. On the second occasion a few days later when it broke down completely, I insisted they tow it to a garage I trust. En-route I was surprised there was onboard entertainment. Unfortunately that entertainment was a rotund aesthetically-challenged gentleman driving telling me that various pedestrians would 'get it'. Those poor ladies, I suspect they never got to experience the undoubted delights of the Casanova seated beside me. Funnily enough, my trustworthy garage found there was a problem and fixed it, and low and behold, my car was able to reach the dizzying speeds of 40+ mph once again. For me, within my area, I rate Nationwide's breakdown cover as next to useless. They will not attempt to fix the issue. They will not even take a look for you. If I was really desperate, I might let them tow my car again depending on how far I am from civilization. However, in most instances, I'd sooner push it to my favoured garage myself. Maybe some passing ladies would be impressed enough for me to 'get it'.


I've done a phone claim, albeit for a damaged phone, not lost or stolen, with Nationwide. Easy to claim and phone back good as new in about a week.


The best travel insurance I think it Aviva but it always costs around £25 for 5-7 days which adds up quick when you are going away a few times. Is there any particular product you recommend which covers everything like this bank account? Or even individual policies which may work out cheaper?

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£10 Amazon gift card or £33 Hawaiian tropic bundle with Post Office Travel Insurance
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Posted 10th Sep 2019Posted 10th Sep 2019
£10 Amazon gift card or £33 Hawaiian tropic bundle with Post Office Travel InsurancePost Office Deals
Step 1) Purchase either travel money, passport application, or International drivers permit from the post office (IDP is £5.50). Step 2) Purchase travel insurance from post o… Read more
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thanks grex9101. I'll remove mine.


Already posted:


as far as I know, there is no catch. Their travel insurance might not be the cheapest maybe ?? A quick comparethemarket search for my travel insurance shows they cost £6 more than the cheapest one (thomas cook) but they're not easily comparable (for instance post office covers you for more money for cancellations, lost baggage and has a lower excess.. but also has a lower payout for medical bills)


10% off Travel insurance policies with voucher code @ TopDog Insurance
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Posted 2nd Aug 2019Posted 2nd Aug 2019
10% off Travel insurance policies with voucher code @ TopDog InsuranceTopDog Insurance Discount Codes
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Travel insurance should never be bought on price alone.


Just did a check on them and they are not cheap by a long shot


Thanks. Does anyone have any feedback on this company's claims handling?