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Elite Direto Smart Turbo Trainer - £499.99 delivered @ Wiggle
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Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
Cheap for a direct drive Trainer

I've learnt the secret - noise is directly proportional to the speed you're going at - so for structured work, gear down and let ERG take care of pushing the watts up. I can wacth tv at very moderate volumes if I climb something like Stelvio - different game entirely if I ride a flat / descending route. For route based work I am on Rouvy, so can pick the hillier stuff, so again lower gears, same watts. Afraid if you're on virtual races or Zwift though, not too much you can do. Any of the day, it's the power output that really reflects the work done.


You're not capable (in case you were wondering) This is a great deal - and it is still on!


Been using one of these for Zwift for year and a half, great Zwift trainer, does everything you need from a smart trainer and is far more accurate than wheel on trainers too. At £500 it’s an absolute steal - this is a good quality mid-range direct drive smart trainer and they were in super high demand during lockdown. Only spend more if you are capable of putting out >1400 watts on a sprint..!


Direto is a magnetic trainer. Different trainers suit different users. Fluid trainers tend to be marginally quieter but are typically wheel on designs and dont like high wattage outputs. Direct drive trainers can take 1000W+ sprints but some , particularly those with stepper motors, dont like rapid changes of power and are heavy and bulky if you have to put them away each time. This deal will fit some but not all users but is a very good price in the current market even if the model is a couple of years old now.


Tacx did it with the Bushido - it wasnt popular. Mostly because the amount of power generated was exceptionally small. Most people are working at sub 300W so power available for reuse isnt actually that much when you take out system losses. if you fancy doing a bit of soldering there is this https://www.instructables.com/Best-DIY-Bike-Trainer-Generator/

Planet X Turbo Trainer £49.99 + £7 del at Planet X
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Posted 14th JanPosted 14th Jan
Planet X Turbo Trainer £49.99 + £7 del at Planet X£56.99Planet X Deals
Cheap as chips basic wheel on trainer. Might just get you through lockdown if you don't fancy cycling in this icy weather, or you don't want to use up your alloted single daily lo… Read more

Mine arrived I think I have set up okay although need to work out where to attach the resistance dial as the bars where I thought are a bit thick. Top cross bar handle bar. Need to double check got it set up right.


how much we talking then ?


No way can you get all that for less than £100


you said you bought all your kit for £100 can you tell us where you got your stuff from mate ? as i have a bike sitting here and for a £100 would deffinately get into this cheers


It kind of is, yeah. A lot of the training programs have you doing intervals at certain cadences rather than certain speeds, so I'd say it was fairly essential. It's a game changer though, I could never spend any decent time on a turbo before, now I'm actively looking forward to it. Good luck, hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

Saris h3 turbo trainer £687.19 with next day delivery at Sports Direct
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Posted 28th Dec 2020Posted 28th Dec 2020
Saris h3 turbo trainer £687.19 with next day delivery at Sports Direct£687.19£84919% offSports Direct Deals
Saris h3 turbo trainer from sports direct - use code gift20. Been looking to get rid of some lockdown lard & have been looking at this model. This looks like a great price but … Read more

Looking for a new smart trainer, any deals spotted please post em. This would of been perfect.


Yes I got the your parcel is too big message today. How long after receiving that message did you eventually receive the trainer? The 48 hours like they promise?


Somehow when it arrived at my local Hermes depot it was too big!!!! Yet it had been ok on every other part of it’s journey! SD did at least reply. Hermes ignored me completely.



Mine took 10 days for next day (which l’d paid extra ) delivery.

365x fluid pro turbo trainer £71.98 delivered @ Planet X
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Posted 22nd Dec 2020Posted 22nd Dec 2020
365x fluid pro turbo trainer £71.98 delivered @ Planet X£71.98Planet X Deals
I'll probably use it about 3 times and then sell it on eBay, but it seems a good price for a fluid bike trainer.

I dont have this one but I have done almost 4500 miles on mine since lockdown started. Well worth the investment


Yes. Yes, they are. My Tacx Flow Smart just blew up on me a couple of days ago. I've decided to go Direct Drive next with either a Flux or Kickr Core, but no-one is selling anything less than RRP, if they even have them in stock (even the Tacx Flow is £270 - I paid £189 over 3 years ago!). I've not worked for almost 2 years now, so god help me financially, but my indoor riding is about all that's kept me sane recently.


Didn't realise this was possible. What sort of costs are these please?


Worth factoring in the cost of Speed and Cadence sensors, as well as an ANT+ dongle and £12 a month for Zwift.. I found it utterly intolerable to do more than 10 - 15 mins on a dumb trainer without something to make it more interesting..


Got a Tax Vortex a couple of years ago off eBay. The prices now are crazy due to COVID unfortunately.

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365x Fluid Pro Turbo Trainer £79.99 @ PlanetX
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Posted 24th Oct 2020Posted 24th Oct 2020
365x Fluid Pro Turbo Trainer £79.99 @ PlanetX£79.99 £6.99 Planet X Deals
Lowest price I've seen for a fluid turbo trainer. Maybe worth a try?

hmm so I got one of these, think I'll be returning it though. Unless I'm doing something wrong the max resistance is way to low..


Out of stock


Nice spot. And you can get the older version of the power sensor for £20 at the moment.


Nice deal. Thanks for sharing @pm66


Thank you for such a thorough answer. I'll have a look at the ones you suggested. To be honest I'm just getting going with cycling but think just getting a smart one from the off will be better. Thanks again

Tacx Neo 2T smart turbo trainer £1068.75 @ Biketart
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Posted 11th Oct 2020Posted 11th Oct 2020
Tacx Neo 2T smart turbo trainer £1068.75 @ Biketart£1,068.75£1,1255% off Free P&P Freebiketart Deals
One of the cheapest prices for hard to find discounted smart turbo trainers. Create a free account for 5% off with code take5 and it’s down to £1068.75.

I've had a Tacx neo for 3 years, absolutely crazy how expensive these have got with indoor training taking off. I only paid £750 for a neo back then. This is a good deal looking at the usual price for the unit, Tacx neo is very good. Stop voting cold if you have no idea what it is.


Had a tacx neo original and had a carbon bike on it for a year. Never any issues personally


You tend to find that all the impedance tails off after a couple of klicks hard running and, honestly, if you're going to invest in this sort of gear you don't want that to become your limiting factor. Carbon. Forks. Vroom. OK, so I have no idea what any of this is, nor really does. I just wanted to pretend for a moment that I had the money to spare to consider buying a second bike to use with a piece of equipment that appears to be a way of spending a months' wages to stop my bike working. It was fun.


I just bought the flux s but I’m in two minds whether to put my bianchi oltre on it or buy a cheaper bike for indoor training. I’ve read that turbo trainers aren’t good for carbon frames. Interested to know if anyone has had any problems in that regard


Im sorry OP this is going to get voted cold by the couch dwellers who thought it was a games console or a graphics card. Although the supply is now catching up again very few places are discounting these at all and they all seem to have levelled out at £1199 therefore good price (y)