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2 packs Greggs 3 Turkey, Bacon & Cranberry Rolls £3 or mix & match 2 Festive Bakes, 3 Steak & Cheese Rolls 2 Bacon & Cheese Wraps @ Iceland
Found 6 h, 25 m agoFound 6 h, 25 m ago
2 packs Greggs 3 Turkey, Bacon & Cranberry Rolls £3 or mix & match 2 Festive Bakes, 3 Steak & Cheese Rolls 2 Bacon & Cheese Wraps @ Iceland Festive Bakes https://… Read more
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Pure vile pram eating food


No probs, thought it best to mention as it doesnt really specify this on the packs. Less than a fiver for 6 of the festive sausage rolls, two coffees and two bakery items of choice is still an impressive deal to me! The coffee's would have been almost £4 alone :)


Sorry forgot that bit.


Not entirely free mind, they are for a free coffee with any purchase in Greggs. Still a good deal though!


Love the world today, McDonalds offering salads but Gregg's think the future lies in lots more pastry, cheese and bacon. They should offer life insurance policies, they're already making a killing. :D so delicious though.

Inflatable Turkey Costume (Plus an 'OMG' Mug) - £14.97 Delivered (Was £34.97) @ Find Me A Gift | Use FINDMEAGIFT5 | See Description Below...
Found 14th DecFound 14th Dec
If this goes out of stock, there are plenty of other similar costumes featured at the bottom of the product page, priced similarly - some even cheaper. This Mexican Wrestler one l… Read more

gobble gooble mmmmm. 8)


Thanks @joependlebury secret Santa sorted with very little effort. Perfect x


The Mexican Wrestler costume might be more up their street... :)


Good spot! I've updated the deal description accordingly. Thanks.


Oos (fierce) (fierce) (fierce)

Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition Add On Xbox One £24.10 from Xbox Store Turkey
Found 14th DecFound 14th Dec
You’ll need 1 x 100 TL card (£16.07) plus 1 x 50 TL card (£8.03) from MTCGame. mtcgame.com/en-US/microsoft-points/xbox-live-gift-card-tr ? Go to the Forza Horizon 4 page on the … Read more
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Followed the link you put up...


Still waiting for the credit to 'unlock' against my account, I'm 3 days later waiting and still throws up an error.... Getting frustrating when other people are sailing through as usual.


Confirmations received with the 3 codes, run through on Chrome in translate mode! All went through OK, only problem was that one 50TL amount wouldn't show up until I backed out of payment and went to my account details then it all appeared correct. Also when I first purchased the only option was to download to PC, I just backed up and tried again and voila download to xbox wasn't greyed out. I'll see when I get home from work if its worked successfully!


Ok, so I've taken the plunge and bought 3x50TL gift cards, just awaiting confirmation on them and I'll give it a go!


Are you looking at the right product?

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Fresh Bronze Turkey Crown £11.99 KILO @ Aldi  on sale 19/12/18
19/12/2018Starts at 19/12/2018Found 13th DecFound 13th Dec
Much cheaper than Icelannd Free range fresh British Bronze turkey reared on free-to-roam farms in East Anglia. Full-flavoured and easy to cook and carve. Succulent Class A Turkey b… Read more

I bought their whole turkey last year, as all my family like turkey dripping on toast, best ever. Have some heat.


Fair comment. They dont do a Bronze crown but they do a Bronze full bird which is £12.50/kg. Always impressed with Aldi's Christmas stuff anyway but just wanted to make sure they werent expecting a full crown for £11.99 :)


My mum always gets M&S turkey and it’s always delicious :)


The M&S ones are not bronze ie. They dont get the "free to roam" privileges mentioned previously, I think if they were truly free to roam they would dart it off the farm and hide out for the next few weeks XD


Thanks have altered it

10" thin & crispy turkey feast Christmas dinner pizza with 2 cheeses, pigs in blankets, stuffing & cranberry sauce £2.30 / 14" £3.50 @ Asda
Found 5th DecFound 5th Dec
Different twist on Christmas dinner - available both online and in store at Asda for £2.30, a 14" deep pan one is available too but not online as yet and that one is £3.50. Limite… Read more

Eat a tub of quality streets. Have a family argument. Then have your pizza... Broken Britain Christmas


this is just so so wrong


For an Italian like me this sounds terrible. Just like pizza with doner meat on it.


Certain people here seem to be struggling with basic comprehension. :/ I didn't say it wasn't easy - I said it wasn't "so much easier" that literally putting a pre-made pizza in the oven. Coz it isn't. By the way.


sorry, that looks absolutely repellent.

Harringtons Complete Turkey and Vegetables Dry Mix Dog Food, 2 kg, Pack of 4 @ Amazon Add On £4
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
part of the amazon add on program.minimum £20 spend required.these can also be added to subscribe and save for as little as £3.40.be quick here a real bargain. No artificial colou… Read more
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(shock) (shock) (shock)


dammit I misread and thought it was just one bag I only have a big bag left as well!




If you value your dog, not a particularly good food. Mostly maize I believe, low meat. So much better foods out there.


sorry about that @kirstie2806 :(

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Party Food Bundle - all in thread pic for £15 @ Iceland + more in OP
Refreshed 12th DecRefreshed 12th Dec
Update - You can also get £10 off a £65 online shop for the first 500 customers with code GOINGFAST (new and existing customers) This years Party Food Banquet Bundle is now live … Read more
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Went to order online and because it’s not available at my nearest store I can’t order it.. 😞


I’ve just put on weight just looking at that food (lol)


But it's a super fantastic deal apparently judging by the heat :|


I had no idea people thought Iceland food was crap, I always thought it was ordinary frozen food - is it because it's frozen and you're more the handcrafted boutique cheesecakes and duck a l'orange kind of folks? Or do people actually consider Iceland's frozen food to be inferior to other stores frozen foods?


Ordered with my shopping this week, and used my Black Friday voucher I won

Bloodborne PS4 £6.53 / Game of The Year Edition £9.51 at PlayStation PSN Store Turkey
Found 1st DecFound 1st Dec
UPDATE: 06/12/18 - Revolut payments method confirmed as blocked on Turkey PSN Store. Deal expired early as there is currently no other known method for purchasing from the Turkish … Read more
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Not losing any sleep over it


I bet you're gutted lol


UPDATE: 06/12/18 - Revolut payments method confirmed as blocked on Turkey PSN Store. Deal expired early as there is currently no other known method for purchasing from the Turkish store, PSN top up cards essentially do not exist for that region store.


It’s 84 TL for the standard game? That’s £12 odd



Fallout 76 PS4 £26.40 at PlayStation PSN Store Turkey
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Quick How To Guide: Create a Turkish account via PSN store, using a valid Turkish address (City, State and Post Code only). Google is your friend. Create account via web browse… Read more
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This game isn't even worth £10 or even worth the disc it's lasered on.


Great deal Joey have some heat son (y)


As a teenager, I took a 13-week advance on my £5 pocket money so I could afford Super Street Fighter II on the SNES at £65, and my dad made sure I paid back every freakin’ penny. Which probably explains, at least in part, why I’m so frugal. I got games at Christmas, on birthdays, or I saved up. That’s life. I very rarely (if ever :/) bought second-hand games, and nor did I trade stuff in. Regardless, you can hardly use penniless kids as justification for adults selling games. Imagine everyone bought games, sold them, then used the money to fund their next purchase. The industry couldn’t survive. Meanwhile, I’ve invested a sickening amount of money in digital purchases across the globe. I might penny-pinch, but my conscience is clear. Again, I didn’t say that *I* game share, but it’s frequently mentioned on here as a benefit of going digital.


So let's imagine a 12 year old kid saves up their pocket money each week and eventually has enough to buy a game they want. They play it for a few months and finish it, but don't have enough money to buy the latest game they want at £40 or more. Are you seriously saying that you don't approve of them trading it in to get their next game? Wow, just wow. I'll just leave this here.


If a game changes hands several times, via CEX for example, the publisher/developer is only seeing the profit one time. Microsoft obviously intended to address that before the One was released with all the proposed licensing stuff, but it was too much too soon (and arguably too mental). In theory, if game sales were purely digital, you’d eliminate the second-hand market, along with overheads like boxes, discs, shipping... So it should be cheaper. In theory. And I just disapprove of places like CEX on principle. They take advantage of people who need money; give them £X and then charge £X+Y. For what? It seems like such a scummy, talentless practice. I don’t game share, incidentally.

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 £26.15 at PlayStation PSN Store Turkey
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
Quick How To Guide: Create a Turkish account via PSN store, using a valid Turkish address (City, State and Post Code only). Google is your friend. Create account via web browse… Read more
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From Turkey!!! Is it genuine :)


Might do just that..


Hey Joey it's Black Friday take a break for few days lol


Prove it


Hit sub 20 over here you should be getting it soon

Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Family holiday ideal for anyone with non school age children as this is the start of new term, my children are 3 and 2. There are a number of cheap holidays on the Thomas Cook web… Read more



Hot. I'm a holidayer who goes to Turkey and Tunisia. For work, I may get to go to Afghanistan and Iraq. I'll take my chances in Turkey...


The hotel we go to does have water in the 5 outside pools - bloody cold though


You won't have water the pool before end of April in many hotels


My Tupence worth. To my knowledge there has been no specific targeting of tourists in Turkey. There has been no attacks on hotels/resorts etc in Turkey. I have been to Belek (near Antayla) twice and loved it. I would, personally, stay away from Ankarra, Istanbul and the Syrian border. The resorts are far far away from all 3. The Turkish people were lovely. Not sure I would go in January mind. I did like April....25c but not too busy. Summer would be too hot for me.

Black Friday Sale at PlayStation PSN Store Turkey - Marvel's Spider-Man £26.85 Shadow of The Tomb Raider £23.85 Astro Bot £17.10
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
TITLE - TL Sale Price - GBP Sale Price The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy PSVita, PS3 20.99 £3.15 Killzone Mercenary PSVita 20.99 £3.15 Uncharted: Golden Abyss PSVita 14.99 £2… Read more
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As the turkey store is the European store is dlc locked to turkey or can UK dlc be used?


Boo to the Turkish Lira for recovering XD. Still a good sale though.


Depending upon what you're buying. Don't use this for Save The World Fortnite, it's locked to the profile that bought it. Make sure you verify ID on Revolut before depositing funds. And you have to set the Turkish account on the PS4 as primary. Best of luck.


I just leave the addresses as they are saved on the stores.


I take it you have to change the address on the card before each purchase, or do you just use a new card each time?

Jimmy's Farm Rustic Bronze Free Range Fresh Turkey, 5kg Minimum Weight (Serves 8-12 people) £49.99 @ Costco (membership required)
17/12/2018 at 17:59Expires on 17/12/2018 at 17:59Found 15th NovFound 15th Nov
Costco Membership Required. Delivered Price. ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY 6PM MONDAY 17TH DECEMBER. DELIVERY 21ST DECEMBER OR 22ND DECEMBER . USE BY DATE OF 26/12/18. … Read more

Cant stand Jimmy. Support your local butchers and farmers.


Donald russell turkeys are over £100!


“Jimmys Farm” lol lol nothing but a tv gimmick to get his mug on telly so he could piggy back on the name of that “chef” lol lol Jamie “mockney” Oliver. Don’t waste your money. Support real farmers not the celebrity


£50 for a turkey ! Are you crazy !


I bought half a lamb last year from a farm, was amazing and delicious. But yes supermarkets be doing half price lamb, beef and gammon too like every year.

Battlefield V PS4 £38.07 from PlayStation PSN Store Turkey
Found 14th NovFound 14th Nov
£38.07 from Turkish store using Revolut. Pre order - Available in 5 days. Game will be in English Language by default. Quick How To Guide: Create a Turkish account via PSN st… Read more
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This one likely cold as it's like a quid more physical UK copy.


People voted cold because it is cheap. (lol)


PM me the address you are using


Still didnt work


Have you got access to an iPhone to try via the iOS PSN app?

Hitman 2 PS4 £29.89 from PlayStation PSN Store Turkey
Found 6th NovFound 6th Nov
£29.89 from Turkish store using Revolut. Pre order - Available in 7 days. Quick How To Guide: Create a Turkish account via PSN store, using a valid Turkish address (City, State… Read more
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You can play whenever you like on your account... quit trolling


Of having to ask a buddy when I want to play.


What inconvenience?


Game share? £15 isn't worth the inconvenience. You're saying Sony and Xbox fans are out in force? Who do you want commenting on a PS4 deal? I'm not saying it's a bad deal though, just that I don't like digital.


It's cold because people like yourself are set in your ways and don't understand how good a deal actually is or the Sony/xbox fans are out in force. You're talking a lot more than half price if you game share. Even if you don't have friends to do that with you have to admit it's a big reduction on RRP you'd pay instore. As for the last sentence please explain because it reads to me as if you think digital games are streaming?

Deezer from turkey for £1.43 or family for £2.14 usin a vpn! Please remember most cards charge a conversion fee but this will be pence.
Found 4th NovFound 4th Nov
UPDATED: With the new turkish lira rate so new lower prices Deezer from turkey just 10tl or 15tl. At the moment its 7tl to a pound. As the spotify and netflix is being reposted th… Read more

There is a risk. Hard to say how high the risk is as noone had reported that it's happened. One way to mitigate it somewhat, and what I did, was to create a brand new Gmail account (via a Russia VPN) as the family leader


Thanks! Like I posted in the YouTube thread though, is it not a bit high risk in terms of losing your Gmail if they shut your account? (fierce)


I think that's the most likely explanation. I gave up and used Youtube Premium instead for ~£3/month for my whole family


Anything to do with your personal details, mine anyway, being registered as UK in my Revolt account? :/


I think new Revolt transaction are being blocked now... definitely. Any alternatives? It would have been nice to have kept everything in one place but that's looking less possible now.

The Last of Us Remastered £7.71 Battlefield 4 £2.93 Star Wars Battlefront UE £4.13 Life is Strange BTS £4.13 from PSN Store Turkey
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
PS4 List: 101 Ways To Die - £2.40 (59% off) 1979 Revolution: Black Friday - £4.13 (43% off) 2Dark - £3.60 (68% off) Agony - £11.20 (53% off) Akiba’s Beat - £11.20 (62% off) … Read more
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Okay so this has to be stated: DON'T ADD FUNDS TO REVOLUT BEFORE VERIFYING YOUR IDENTITY. And for anybody thinking of using this method to buy Fortnite Save The World, save yourselves the hassle, it doesn't work for other users on the console.


As long as you make the console primary for the Turkish account, you can play the games bought on that store on your UK account. You don't need another PS+ sub to play the games online, the UK one will work. If you're wary, consider that Shuhei Yoshida has a few foreign PSN accounts himself :).


So, after I've created this Turkish Home profile, will I require a PS plus sub for that region? As long as my son logs in on his normal account, he'll still have access to the UK ps store n plus sub? I'm wary on this, I've modded half a dozen different consoles, burned untold discs, ran cracked software, built towers, fought computer viruses left right and centre n sod knows what, but I'm wary on creating a fake profile on my son's console.


Cheers @joeydeacon & @BubaMan great work chaps on the list. Some very decent deals here. Inpatient under a tenner Overcooked and Unravel 2 being just a few highlights for me. By the way if you haven't already download the demo of Astro Bot it's ace! (highfive)


Incredible game

Yakuza Kiwami 2 PS4 £20.16 at PlayStation PSN Store Turkey
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Quick How To Guide: Create a Turkish account via PSN store, using a valid Turkish address (City, State and Post Code only). Google is your friend. Create account via web browser.… Read more
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Bargain for the price it's a fantastic remake.





Count me in on that heat party (popcorn)


@BubaMan and I share the love

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