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The Last of Us Remastered £7.71 Battlefield 4 £2.93 Star Wars Battlefront UE £4.13 Life is Strange BTS £4.13 from PSN Store Turkey
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
PS4 List: 101 Ways To Die - £2.40 (59% off) 1979 Revolution: Black Friday - £4.13 (43% off) 2Dark - £3.60 (68% off) Agony - £11.20 (53% off) Akiba’s Beat - £11.20 (62% off) … Read more
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Cheers @joeydeacon & @BubaMan great work chaps on the list. Some very decent deals here. Inpatient under a tenner Overcooked and Unravel 2 being just a few highlights for me. By the way if you haven't already download the demo of Astro Bot it's ace! (highfive)


Incredible game


I love it, find the weakest currency with a psn store and that's where my next psn account will be (y)


Grabbed Battlefield 4,thanks a lot!


Unfortunately no.

Yakuza Kiwami 2 PS4 £20.16 at PlayStation PSN Store Turkey
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Quick How To Guide: Create a Turkish account via PSN store, using a valid Turkish address (City, State and Post Code only). Google is your friend. Create account via web browser.… Read more
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Bargain for the price it's a fantastic remake.





Count me in on that heat party (popcorn)


@BubaMan and I share the love

Shadow of The Tomb Raider PS4 £27.17 from PSN Store Turkey
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Quick How To Guide: Create a Turkish account via PSN store, using a valid Turkish address (City, State and Post Code only). Google is your friend. Create account via web browser.… Read more
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I got Black Ops 4 for £14, enjoy your physical copy :)


First and foremost - If you game share with a friend you get all games half price. Combine this with the deals from PS stores around the world, CD keys credit deals etc, you can end up paying around 1/3 of the price on most games. Who’s really the mug here. Heat added from me 🔥


Personally i buy digital when possible. Unless its a collectors edition i want. I see no need to have boxes around the house collecting dust. I also do not sell physical games when I buy them for the following reason. When I am selling a physical copy of a game the makers of that game are getting nothing for their hard work when its resold. I understand why people sell the physical copies of games because it finances the next game or for other financial reasons but for me I want to contribute towards games I enjoy. Buying digital its about shopping savy and getting the right deals from the right stores


I can safely say I don't need or want to sell my games. I buy them to own, as many people do (nerd)


Hot. Pity some people feel the need to vote these deals down, I for one appreciate the heads up. Thanks op.

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Halal Delisia 10 Mini Hot Dogs Chicken and Turkey 200g 59p @ Fultons
LocalLocalFound 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Available from Fulton Foods.
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I got a kosher video once in Peckham :D


No I'm not, I tend to have rather secular eating habits unless things are going cheap. I once got a good deal on a load of kosher snacks in Wales about 2 years ago. Good times...


And are you normally not a halal Eater???


I'm constantly buying halal it always seems to be reduced at my locals.


Maybe ok as dog treats

Halal Delisia Turkey Salaami 120g 69p Fulton Foods
LocalLocalFound 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Delisia Turkey Salami most Fulton stores. Tesco's selling same for £1.59
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Follow me as I always let you know of any deals that are about.


Heat added (y)


Salami. . Yuk!


Nice find. (highfive)



PlayStation Plus 12 months £22.94 at PlayStation PSN Store Turkey
Found 3rd OctFound 3rd Oct
12 months PS+ Plus can be purchased from the Turkey PSN store for £22.94 using Revolut as a payment method. Please note however that depending on whether you see now Turkey or Indo… Read more
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doesnt work with revolut, wont let me add the card to my account


Of course, the subscription just carry’s on. But remember even if you downloaded a game with a discount price having PS+ you can play this game without PS+ subscription. It’s only the monthly free games require an active PS+ subscription.


Took me 20mins to set it all up.


My ps plus subscription has expired and I'm halfway through playing a game. If I sign up to this will I have access to my previous ps plus games and can i continue in the game where I left off or will I have to start all over thanks


Too much fannying about imho... but each to their own.

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PSN Turkey Discounts 3/10/18
Found 3rd OctFound 3rd Oct
Get your coats... it's a foreign PSN deal that requires a little up-front effort one time... How-to in 1st comment. Image upload broken All PS4 titles with some cross-play titles… Read more

According to the comments on the post, yes. I was was in Turkey at the time when the deal emerged but for some reason I couldn’t get on the site so didn’t fall fowl.


I didn't know about this with Deezer, is that true?


yep, nothing in it. Will just wait for it to go back on the card and try again.


Have you checked your download list? If they're not there, I'd expect the money to go back but I don't know when (I had to wait for 8 days for PayPal to return a "test" dollar purchase from my Revolut card).


I managed to buy Rez no problem. Went to buy a few more last night, added to basket, checked out. Some error came up in Turkish. Just says pending on app, money taken, no games in library.

Turkey leg and thigh £1.50 at Morrisons in-store
LocalLocalFound 1st OctFound 1st Oct
British Turkey leg and thigh, the packet states 700g but the two packets I bought weighed over 1kg each. Morrisons in Sheldon but probably national
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They look like my thighs feelsbedmen


These have been in Morrisons off and on for a year or two. I buy them for my collie cross dog as he is on a raw meat diet - it’s cheaper than pet meat and much better quality. Takes a few minutes to de-bone the leg but the amount of non fatty meat you get for £1.50 makes it well worth it.


Looking at that pic they look as if they've been in your local more than a few months...More like wonky guts ... (y)


I'm more of a breast man. #BreastIsBest


These have been in my local for the last few weeks, not always available but worth grabbing when you find them. Slow cooker filled with wonky veg and a turkey leg (y)

PES 2019 for PS4 £24.95 at PSN Store Turkey
Found 28th SepFound 28th Sep
Quick How To Guide: Create a Turkish account via PSN store, using a valid Turkish address (City, State and Post Code only). Google is your friend. Create account via web browser.… Read more
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When adding payment to Turksh PSN account, just bear in mind this is the point you need to add the Turkish address you used to set up the account.




Set up you Revolut account as if it was a bank account. Use your real details, name, address, date of birth etc. You’ll also need to send them a photo of either a passport or driving license.


Hi Joeydeacon trying to set up Revolut card but not working or iam just idiot do you set it up for Turkey address or Uk address for buying thing in Turkey PS store Thanks


Scrape that, the Xbox store has started making the prices the same and that is pretty much closed off to outsiders so the price increase must be because of the state of the Turkish economy.

F1 2018 Headline Edition (PS4) - £32.99 on UK PSN or £24.69 from Turkey PSN
Found 26th SepFound 26th Sep
Includes the full F1 2018 and the Headline Content Pack (2009 Brawn BGP-001 and 2003 Williams FW25) Guide on how to buy at PSN Turkey via @joeydeacon Quick How To Guide: Cre… Read more
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It is not even hassle, don't listen to him.


doesn't take long to create a new account internationally but doesn't the f1 games drop price wise quick time?


Heat for the citation!


Anyone is free to do what they want with their wallet, but in my experience I spent 15 minutes creating Revolut and PSN Turkey account and then I preordered Black Ops 4, BFV and Red Dead Redemption 2 and saved more than £35. A free game for 15 minutes was definitely worth for me personally. Also that hassle is only needed once, so you can save a few quid on this deal, a few quid on Far Cry 5 this week, a few quid on sales next week and so on. In the end it adds up for quite a bunch of few quids. But I'm just giving the information to people about their actual options so they can make an informed decision. The decision making process is up to anyone preferences.


I’m looking forward to the Iceland store sale lmao Worth it for some people I guess, but not for me, I’ll wait for the Christmas sales. Far Cry 5 gold edition that I just pick up for 30 quid will fill the time until then

Best Of Playstation 4 Digital Games! PSN Store Turkey £6.02
Found 25th SepFound 25th Sep
The Best Of PlayStation 4 Hits (PlayStation Store Turkey) Games from £6 (49TL) UK PSN store prices around £16 per game, great saving and worth it if your thinking of buying more t… Read more
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not much cheaper, even for retail you can get 25 for 2.


Dyslexic, either I see it immediately or I’ll never see it


Well spotted !


Sometimes you just gotta see the wood through the trees ;)


Renastered, is it nastier than before? ;)

Uncharted 4 PSN Store Turkey £10.33
Found 25th SepFound 25th Sep
My first deal so be nice! Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Digital Edition on PSN Store Turkey. 84,00TL (£10.33) How To Guide: •Create a Turkish account via PSN store, using a valid … Read more
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For a digital version??


Not so good search Ebay for £10 deals


Think they will roast me lol


You’re brave going straight in with a Turkey special for your first deal Dave!


Oh go on, I'll be nice. Thanks for posting @dave.watton and welcome to HUKD.

Yakuza Kiwami 2 Special Digital Edition £28.42 PS4 at PSN Store Turkey
Found 23rd SepFound 23rd Sep
This edition is price at £44.99 on U.K. store. Purchase the special digital edition to receive the following exclusive bonus content, The Special Item Pack (this edition is availa… Read more
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Voted hot but a bit steep for me (will be a lot cheaper by xmas as all the Yakuza games don't hold value). Deleted my virtual MasterCard and created a virtual Visa...so will try one of these deals again in time .


changed the URL to tr-tr, went all in Turkish but knew the fields off by heart by now. registered, yay (y)


Are your on iOS? You could always try the PSN app


the en-Tr site.


Did you create the account on the turkish PSN with Turkish instructions?

Call of Duty WWII Gold £16.12 / Digital Deluxe £26.60 PS4 at PSN Store Turkey
Found 22nd SepFound 22nd Sep
Gold Edition £16.12 https://store.playstation.com/en-tr/product/EP0002-CUSA08630_00-CODWWIIGOLDED001 Digital Deluxe Edition £26.60 https://store.playstation.com/en-tr/product… Read more
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I love it.... Random babbling from complete idiots... Mp I'm sure that will fix it.... Where's my popcorn... Just popping to west bank a "bank" with a single letter logo (lol)


Which serious “bank” will have a single alphabhet as logo. I have written to my MP bringing this to their attention. Hope they crackdown on such scams.


LOL (poo)


Shame I did fancy a read


Yeah mate it got removed, it was comedy gold.

Battlefield V £32.73 Overkill’s The Walking Dead £36.38 Fallout 76 £42.46 Just Cause 4 £25.43 Pre Orders from PlayStation PSN Store Turkey
Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
Battlefield V £32.73 - Available in 61 days Overkill’s The Walking Dead £36.58 - Available in 50 days Fallout 76 £42.46 - Available in 55 days Just Cause 4 £25.43 - Available i… Read more
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That’s true, I did play just cause 3 really liked that. Still going through new tomb raider at the moment and have pre ordered RDR2 that will probably take much of my gaming time up so hopefully any new games that are released like Just Cause 4 will come down in price. 8)


Ah ok, was just gonna say if you’re new to PS4 it’s easy to fall on the slippery slope and feel the need to buy all these games that you probably won’t have time to play anyway. We’ve all done it!


Yes mate since launch but recently traded in against a PS4 Pro


Have you had a PS4 long Dave?


Just cause 4 now over £50 on Turkish PSN.... I missed the boat! ;(

PSN Turkey Discounts - 19/9/18
Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
Roughly the same as the UK sale but cheaper ;) PS4 88 Heroes - 27TL / £3.38 (61% off) A Pixel Story - 18TL / £2.25 (63% off) Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition - 22TL… Read more

Ah right


You need to leave it 24 hours after the first purchase, then try again. It’s a Sony anti fraud security measure.


Hi, I bought PS plus yesterday on my Turkey account, and I tried to make a second purchase with it (driveclub), but it's getting declined saying the credit card information on file is not valid. Any help?


Too much spare cash to burn I guess?


People don’t like taking a few steps to save more money, they’d rather pay substantially more and have everything ‘in one place’ on a UK account :/

2 IN 1 TRIP: UK cities to Istanbul, Turkey & Kuwait from only £177 roundtrip

On Turkish Airways
Found 17th SepFound 17th Sep
2 in 1 trip… Fly from UK cities to Istanbul, Turkey and Kuwait from only £177 roundtrip with Turkish Airlines. Depart from: London: £177 Birmingham: £216 Manchester: £232 DEPART:… Read more

Istanbul at tat urk airport is moving to new airport next year so you may be bargaining for a souvenir too


People who own the travel scaremongering 101 rulebook are some of the saddest/funniest online. (:I


paris london and brussels are far more dangerous than istanbul by the way!


Istanbul is safe. Went there in Jan , lot of armed security about for your safety.


Turkey & Kuwait are quite peaceful countries, I think you're mistaking them for Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt or Israel?

Dead Cells PSN Turkey £7.40
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
As with many of the deals for PSN at the moment... Sign up for a Turkish PSN Account and use a Revolut Visa card as payment. The Dead Cells offer is on until 17/9/18. Bargain
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Alt region is fine for Switch, where there is no need to create accounts - just change region, buy, and return to UK region. But I agree, too much hassle on PSN etc.


There actuallly doesn't seem to have any voice in this game but everything is in English XD


Hi everyone and thanks for the deal. Can someone please confirm the voice language can be select in english? Thanks


English language by default.


Where have you seen that? Because most games I've seen sold on the PSN Turkey store have the same language options as the version sold on the UK version.

Resident Evil 2 Remake £25.93 approx PSN Turkey Store - Pre Order
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
My First deal £25.93 approx from Turkish store using Revolut. Payment method now confirmed as 100% working. £29.65 approx for Deluxe Ed Quick How To Guide: Create a Turkish ac… Read more
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Even more expensive than uk now, typical was gonna pick this up when I get paid Wednesday


Price has significantly gone up..


Had been having problems getting revolut card to work but adding the address registered to the revolut card worked (highfive)


Black ops 4 for £28 - Nice


All sorted now, accounts set up. Bought Crash n sane trilogy for £13 to test if it worked and it did. Now to get tomb raider and Res Evil (y)

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