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[PS4/Xbox One/PC] Claim 16 Free Rainbow Six Siege Packs with Amazon Twitch Prime
Found 6th SepFound 6th Sep
Meant to be a good game this one (flirt) Twitch Prime and Ubisoft are teaming up to bring Twitch Prime members exclusive items in Rainbow 6 Siege starting September 6th t… Read more
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Does anyone know if this will work like normal dlc and game share?


This game is possibly the best fpts I have played. Very steep learning curve but amazing once you get the hang of it and this is how games should be, buy the game free dlc and operators (not to difficult to save renown)but have the choice to get early with a season pass. Just a shame I'm don't have Amazon prime hopefully I maybe able to get a free trail and nabs these.


The new hereford is literally an entirely different map. May as well kept the old one and slapped a new name on the new map.


I'm not a big fan of the new Hereford base map, I preferred the old one.


Remember when this game launched and was barren as buggary? Credit where's it's due, which you can never say about ubisoft. They've turned this game around.

September Twitch Prime Games
Found 30th AugFound 30th Aug
The Adventure Pals Pumped BMX + Strife: Veteran Edition Guild of Dungeoneering Gunpoint The adventure pals is a cracking game for the ~tenner i paid on switch for it. For free… Read more
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Not sure but with adventurepals I just use parsecgaming My mate hasn’t got the best pc well any pc tbh, just some old notebook but with that app it lets me stream my desktop to him and we can play any local co op games together as if he was next to me, works with emulators as well


Is there multiplayer framework for twitch games?


I love Gunpoint and recommend anyone to try it! Awesome little indie title.


Adventure pals is awesome fun


Adventure pals is a great co op game

Twitch presents Pokémon the animated series and movies. Starting Monday 27th August 6pm UK time
Found 23rd AugFound 23rd Aug
10 month long Pokémon celebration! (shock) (party) •Starting Monday 27/08/18 at 6pm UK time •8 hours of new episodes Monday - Thursday •Reruns on Friday and Saturday on /twit… Read more

No. Digimon Tri. Do you even Digimon? (shock)


You mean the TV show? It rocked


Tri was a disaster I cried legit cuz it was so bad :(


🎶 Di-gi-mon, digital monsters, digimon are the CHAM-PYONS! 🎶 XD


Would prefer Digimon freebies but you know.. :(

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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) - Free Spa Day Loot Crate for Twitch Prime Members - PC Only
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Sorry should have stated it's a last call before the New Safari Crate drops tomorrow. Battling 99 other players can be a lot of work. So starting today, Twitch Prime members … Read more
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(skeptical) When I posted this, it got cold


(highfive) Hello stranger. Just got a free month of Prime, grabbed the Spa stuff, roll on the other bits tomorrow :)


This is a month old, new safari crate drops tomorrow


Yes during prime day (or around)



Free PUBG (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds) Jungle Crate for Twitch Prime Members
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
Some fun for Twtich Prime Members. Starting August 17th, Twitch Prime members can get their hands on the Jungle Crate — the third set of exclusive PUBG crates available only with … Read more
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Awesome, thanks!




Wicked wicked


Nice, thanks for the head's up!


Not sure I have enough space on my hard drive for this. After all, jungle is massive.

Free Twitch Prime pack 3 Coming to Fortnite Battle Royale
Found 31st JulFound 31st Jul
NEW TWITCH PRIME PACK FOR FREE COMING SOON TO FORKNITE What you need to do: >Get FREE amazon prime trial >Link to twitch to get FREE twitch prime >Link twitch prime to ep… Read more
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... And they were right, weren't they (popcorn)


So we're posting deals based on leaks now? This was never confirmed. And after yesterday's patch, which was data mined, additional text was added to show that these items will be shop items. The guy who posted this "leak" has since corrected himself and confirmed it isn't going to be the next Twitch Prime pack. Expired.


Doesn't work with Student Prime though :(


Any proof?

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Free 1 Month Runescape Membership with Twitch Prime
Found 26th JulFound 26th Jul
Starting 5pm BST. Legoooo
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It basically is as you can buy membership bonds with in game currency. Being a member makes it really easy to make money.


RS3 ftw! (ninja)


wtb gf


OSRS is much better, it's waaaaaay too easy to get XP on RS3.


Purple Army CX

Twitch Prime Members, Free PUBG Loot
Found 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
Free 'Spa Day Crate' For twich prime members
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I dont think so....


OK precious. I have both, and the 3 major consoles. Back to the basement with you.


Does anyone know if these are going to be sellable on the market on Steam? I sold the last Prime Day crate for about 35 quid last year when they enabled it to be sold.


You mean you’re too poor to afford amazon prime and a nice pc. (cheeky)


Cold only the basement dwellers can get it.

Twitch Prime free games in August: Jotun: Valhalla Edition, Death Squared, Antihero, Wizardry 6/7/8, SteamWorld Dig
Found 20th JulFound 20th Jul
The July Prime 'Day' free games may be behind us now, but the free games for August have just been announced. We're back to more normal numbers, with five games available, but ther… Read more
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Yes, this is how it always works - last month was an exception.


Were they all supposed to drop on day 1 ? `cos they just did.


You can pay upfront and it's less... Use a HUKD to get an NUS card and it's 39.99 a year (I have one anyway regardless) I then put this on a credit card and spread it - works out at about £4 a month with interest? Bit more manageable. £4 for prime, prime video and Twitch with all this is great


Didn't know about this and have had prime since it started, thank you for letting me know!


didn't know about this, so no i didn't get the free stuff your talking about, got the stuff that is available now though i will probably drop the prime after this current month i just was late in cancelling the 3 day trial i had will likely never use it much anyway, £8 a month is almost a £100 a year for essentially buying most of your stuff from amazon i can see why it makes sense for amazon but i dont see why it makes sense for me at this moment in time, to take it for a year that is

Prime Day - Twitch Deadmau5 Skins & More
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Free deadmau5 pubg skins for any Twitch Prime users! Available for 24 hours to celebrate Prime Day Ends 17th More loot to be added also! 4 Other Prime Loot Crates! *Website is… Read more

even though only for pc heat added :) grabbed a load of free games when i logged in as well i would have missed cheers op


The twitch set said the same until the crate was no longer available. Could be a week or two for them to change.


No - Tags: Not Tradable, Not Marketable


Are these tradable on the marketplace like the last Twitch Prime set was?


Np. I can understand the skepticism. Looking at my games library now I'm amazed too.

[PC] A free game every day until July 18th for Amazon Twitch Prime subscribers - Twitch
Found 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul
Cracking line up for July, and looks like to run as a promotion for Amazon Prime Day on the 16th :) I know it's a paid subscription, but these are all available with a 'free' one… Read more
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so annoyed, I only signed up for Tyranny and then I forgot to claim it :(


Woohoo Serial cleaner is now live , that's me sorted


The observer is brilliant if anyone managed to get it and hasn't played it yet, also tacoma


Still waiting for Serial cleaner to pop up (fierce)


Just cancel your Prime subscription via Amazon, AFAIK.

Free He-man & She-ra 80’s Cartoons Streaming on Twitch, also Voltron
Found 1st JulFound 1st Jul
Now on Twitch Presents 2, classic 80’s He-man, She-Ra and Voltron episodes, whilst most people know Dr Who is on Twitch, the second channel now has these cartoons on currently Yes… Read more

Been watching a few He-Man Episode's since last night ... Hehehehehehe. Some last night. And a few more not so long ago also. Oh yeh!, not too bad at all, lol. :-D Ps. I used You Tube by the way. :-)


He Man's also available on a freeview channel called Ketchup TV, for those who don't have Twitch. You'll need a smart tv you can connect to the internet tho


Agreed, point take. :-)


I was simply giving people a heads up as not everyone uses Twitch or may prefer Amazon Prime.


Twitch are legal dude, their are owned by Amazon, (all their stuff is free to watch tho thanks to adverts, or you can remove adverts with your prime)they made a deal with BBC for Dr Who (check the official bbc website and social medias) whoever owns pokemon when they did that and everything else they have shown (power rangers?), this is not some random dude on Twitch or Youtube uploading for free, this is through the official Twitch channel. if you go to the always on section there are more Free and Legal atuff being streamed including sometimes something thru amazon themselves, and stuff which only works in the usa

Twitch Prime Free 5 Games For Prime Members
Found 31st MayFound 31st May
They are available today. It includes (Copied from site): Strafe A super gory first-person shooter that changes every single time you play! This game features 30+ weapons and an… Read more
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If you’ve still got your cd kicking about you can patch that up with what they’ve got on but failing that it’s like £6.99 on Steam. If you fancy it add me on Steam (username Parasitemol) and I can let you know more! Ditto @pixeldeals


Sounds good, I used to play it loads back when, might pop along this Sunday for some nostalgia. Need to buy another copy of it first though.


That brings back memories, still got the original retail version gathering dusk


Wow, now that brings back some memories, I still have the original release of Kingpin!


LOOOOOOOOVE banner saga and cant wait to play banner saga 2 :)

Doctor Who - over 500 episodes, the first 26 seasons - streaming free on Twitch.
Refreshed 30th MayRefreshed 30th May
Link (goes live 7pm, 29th): Before Daleks became a modern sci-fi staple, and before Weeping Angels made Whovians too scared to sleep, Docto… Read more

Well come come the Doctor had a Daughter? Be strange if he re-generated into a Dalek. Saving the Universe with a sink-plunger. Too much humour in DW, the original series were more serious and I got sick of the last companion hanging from the Tardis without a care in the World. Still, it's not as good as Star Trek since they have a lot more writers. I'd like to see the bbc shut down and let Netflix make DW.


What makes you think Time Lords have either anyway, or not both? PS. The Doctor is at least 4.5 billion (Earth) years old.


Yea should be in black and white still like the Hartnell/Troughton episodes.


Full gender (I mean all 3/4) and colour equality will eventually ruin such shows I think


PS. "Doctor Who - Every episode since 2005 available to watch on BBC iPlayer"

Bebo: All-in-One Streaming Software - The Easiest Way to Stream to Twitch.
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
Open source, Simple, Lightweight, Discord Support etc...
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lol beat me to it, i was bout ot post a pepperidge farm meme...


Bebo was the best place for bullying back in the day!


Bebo... Well that brings back some memories.




I guess depends on your setup but im using an I7 7500 and I have not seen it go pass 10% (and that was Destiny 2 and thats a real hog of resource). Its actually uses less then bebo oddly :)

*Now Live* Fortnite items with Twitch prime #2
Found 8th MayFound 8th May
1. All you have to do is to have an amazon prime account, which you can get with a free trial for 30days by registered a new email (if you already took a free trial once, then this… Read more
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Good find. I was already linked but for some reason this passed me by til I saw your post. Great skin and dance emote with this one - probably my favourite of the current skins available, and if recent games have been anything to go by, also my luckiest one!


You can claim it once for a chosen epic account


Does this allow family sharing off the loot with my children?


No, it shouldn't matter which Twitch prime account you link. I did the same as you're trying (used my amazon prime email address, my twitch email address, and gave the rewards to my son on his Epic games account) The hard part is getting a new epic games account synched with your son's microsoft/Xbox account as many people try creating a new Epic games account without knowing that what is actually needed is letting the site find your details automatically and retrieving the phantom account I spoke of. if you've managed this then you've done the hard part! Once you have an epic games account showing his microsoft/Xbox user name, linking the twitch account is easy and should take two button presses. Following on, I would also make sure you have amazon prime, and have linked this to twitch (to create twitch prime) before performing that final Epic to Twitch link.


Leave epic accounts as they are, they hold all skins etc.. Create new prime trial.. Go to twitch account and link to Amazon prime.

[PC] Clustertruck / Gone Home / High Hell / I, Hope / Psychonauts / Titan Souls - 'Free' with Twitch Prime in May
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
Next month's free games with Twitch Prime were revealed last night during a stream with SeriouslyClara. The games for May are... Clustertruck [ Metacritic - 76] Clustertruc… Read more
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if you have amazon prime then yes you can have twitch prime for no extra cost


Is twitch prime free?


very weak selection this month but free is free i guess ( i don't own Amazon Prime for free games so it doesn't really bother me ;) )




Do you keep them after the other games come out?

Twitch Prime FREE Inc 5 free PC games - with Amazon Prime (£79 p/a)
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
°We recommend the way to get Amazon prime is via the NUS student trick and an online course, £39 per year° I got an email telling me Twitch Prime is free to Amazon Prime members.… Read more

JUNE fees PC games now available Strafe A super gory first-person shooter that changes every single time you play! This game features 30+ weapons and an amazing soundtrack. Jump in, and paint the town red… with the blood of your enemies. ● The Banner Saga A beautifully animated role-playing Viking saga. Your ongoing strategic choices throughout the game will have consequences on your own personal journey, so choose your path carefully! ● The Banner Saga 2 With the choices from The Banner Saga impacting your current journey, you will need to make strategic leadership decisions and use all of the resources at your disposal to ensure the survival of your Viking clans. ● Tumblestone An action-puzzle games where you can race to destroy your friends in multiplayer or take to story mode and challenge your own wits! Solve increasingly difficult puzzles on your quest to discover what happened to the Tumblecrown. ● Treadnauts Launch into the sky and battle three of your friends in this physics based arena fighter where you pilot your own tank! You have a number of creative tricks in your arsenal and you’ll need every one of them to shoot your way to victory.


6 free PC games, EVERY MONTH It's officially May, which means a new bundle of free PC games is available for Twitch and Amazon Prime members. This month's offerings include a number of widely respected indie games. To find your freebies, just click the crown-shaped Prime Loot icon next to the search bar on Twitch. That opens a drop-down menu that contains your free games. One of the biggest games this month is the mind-bending 3D platformer Psychonauts, in which you enter people's minds and explore physical manifestations of their psyches. Gone Home is a first-person story-driven game. The adventure game I, Hope covers some heavy subject matter, and for those looking for fast-paced action, High Hell is a first-person shooter that encourages speedrunning. Also free is the challenging first-person game Clustertruck, which has you sprinting across the roofs of semi-trucks as they race through the desert. Touch the ground and you're toast. Finally, Titan Souls puts you in the shoes of a tiny character with a single arrow and asks you to take down enormous bosses. You don't need a health bar in this game, because one hit spells death. Twitch Prime is a perk for members of Amazon Prime. All you have to do to sign up is link your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account. Once you do, you can download all six games for no cost between May 1 - 31. They're yours to keep forever, even if you cancel Amazon Prime at some point down the line. The only catch is that you need the Twitch desktop app to install them.


Here is some help, their is hope


OK chill your beans, it was a joke, sorry if you took it the wrong way fella.


I'm mid 30s and watch twitch a ton :(

Twitch: 500 bits for 99 cents with Amazon/ Twitch Prime
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Get 500 bits on Twitch with Twitch Prime....

Didn't say it wasn't I don't watch sports as Well


How is it any different than paying to watch someone kick a ball about a field?


I use twitch myself to find out what the newest game is like. Also, to see what it looks like... For the person who complained about streamers begging for donations::::: not this quoted poster..... I DO NOT BEG FOR DONATIONS. In fact I tell people DO NOT give money to me. Spend it on buying the game instead. I don't do it for the money.... I do it because theirs stuff all on uk tv apart from reality cap and soaps.. Why not stream game play ???


Ahh OK. I stand corrected.. Thank You.


Even if they are scantily clothed that’s hardly a problem, it’s marketing 101 to use any natural assets you have to initially attract 'customers'. It’s why In TV shows and movies the average level of attractiveness is significantly higher than it is in RL, certainly in lead roles you rarely get anyone who could be considered ugly. It’s also why they will often be wearing outfits that are perhaps less practical than anything a rl person would ever wear. That only goes so far though, you can have the most attractive cast going but if they aren’t engaging the show/movie fails and it’s the same with streamers, they may use their looks and wear revealing clothes to get people to watch initially but if they are entertaining people will tune out quickly

SteamWorld Dig 2/ Tokyo 42/ Tales from the Borderlands/ Kingsway/ DubWars- Free with Twitch Prime
Found 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
Just received this email on Aprils Twitch Prime games. Don't forget if you have Amazon Prime then you also have Twitch Prime. Starting today, we’re bringing you FIVE more free gam… Read more

It's been free before.... So far twitch hasn't really give anything away yet that they already haven't


They are all on PC only, right? you should have made it clear in the title, i wasted time.


Are the games for steam or is there a twitch app?


Wow - didn't expect anyone to be giving SWD2 away for ages - extreme heat!


Steamworld Dig 2 is amazing have it on the switch.

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