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[PS4/Xbox One/PC] Two Free Unique FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Packs (for Twitch Prime Members) - Twitch
Updated 16th JulLast updated 16th Jul by hayleyd1985
Decent freebie for anybody playing FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, as I am. Two free unique Ultimate Team packs available for those with a Twitch (Amazon) Prime account. Each pack has 1 x … Read more
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Still didn’t get it after all this time. But then my boyf did recently get a 3 day suspension so can’t be arsed to chase it up!


I linked the wrong ea account anything I can do? cant work out how to change it


I will. New ones not out until September 27th (y)


August 9th for the second pack? haha how many people will still be playing by then!


Apparently my son’s arrived today - didn’t bother to tell me...

Prime Day Countdown: Save 30% on Twitch Merchandise at Amazon (Prime members)
Updated 13th JulLast updated 13th Jul by lasuil
Twitch are giving 30% off their merchandise. Code seems to be generic and not locked to an account. Enjoy!

It's great, I love it. I watch more on twitch than I actually play myself. Also check out kitboga, he calls up scammers and wastes their time/pranks them.


Never even Heard of "twitch" lol


Damn I bought the cute cushion and socks with 10% off at release! The cushion is very soft


To show everyone you're a fan of Corporate Gaming!

12 Months of Nintendo Switch Online Free for Twitch Prime members
Refreshed 8th MayRefreshed 8th MayUpdated 13th JulLast updated 13th Jul by Skerry
Update 1
Those who have taken the 3 months, the extra 9 months is now available
For Twitch Prime members, claim 3 months now followed by 9 months afterwards. See link for details.
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I just subbed to Amazon Prime and created a Twitch account and linked both accounts to get Twitch Prime. On linking it charged my card $1.82, anyone know why that is. I thought just testing my card but seems an odd number and in dollars too (confused) Edit: charge was reverted must have been a test charge. As you were 😁


See my comment above.


I tried to claim this a while back and lost the will so really hoping someone can help. So I have PRIME and have link my twitch account. Looking from my Amazon Twitch account it says 'Claimed' but above it says Nintendo Switch Online membership not activated? You may need to finish claiming the offer. Continue here. as per below.. If I click that link to activate it then asks me to register a credit card which I've done. Then get taken to this page which looks like I have to purchase 3 months for £6.99 ! Is this correct? Any pointers greatly appreciated as my 9 year old daughter is giving me grief as she can't play Splatoon ! Sod it I thought I'd hit purchase and got this Error Code 9001-0026 .. what is going on!


I keep getting an error when trying to redeem the offer. :( "Error. Could not complete claim. There was an error claiming the Nintendo Switch Online offer. Refresh this page to try again or go back to the Twitch Prime offer page."


Excellent deal and works :-)

Warface: "Mens Nanosuits" Bundle (PC & PS4 & Xbox One) Free @ Twitch Prime
Updated 10th JulLast updated 10th Jul by matwalaboy
You can have the nanosuit bundle for warface (all platforms) for free via twitch prime. Male Nanosuits Bundle provides four versions of “Male Nanosuit” body camo – one for each cl… Read more
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thanks a lot for the spot (y)


This can be unexpired, thats the new bundle activated for free download.... Loot Drop Idol Bundle ;) maxmix


Anytime ;) maxmix


thx for the code m8


Not sure ! Not sure when the rest of the Bundles will be available ! Anyone any ideas ? PS If you want a set of 'Nuclear' guns for 7 days..... Got to Promo code and enter SIPS Hope that helps some of you Noobs :p maxmix

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FREE $1,250,000 for GTA Online with Twitch Prime
01/08/2019Expires on 01/08/2019Updated 8th JulLast updated 8th Jul by WheresMeNuts
Get GTA$1,250,000 in GTA Online and up to 15% bonus GTA$ on all Shark Cash Card purchases with twitch prime,… Read more
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Does not seem to work. Just keeps taken us to


Yes I got mine in less than 24 hours. Did you play for minimum of 30 minutes since signing up like it states in the terms and conditions?


Has anyone been paid the 1.25mill?


1. Logged into my GTA account to see if the $1.25m had been paid yet. 2. It hadn't. 3. It was a hacked server, hacker spawned $1.6m cash above my head. 4. ???? (hopefully don't get banned) 5. Profit. Would use Twitch Prime again. Thanks OP (y) (lol)


I got 2.5m??

Apex Legends 4 Free Skins @ Twitch Prime
Refreshed 4th JulRefreshed 4th JulUpdated 5th JulLast updated 5th Jul by wyabcp
With the release of Apex Season 2, Twitch Prime members now have access to some exclusive skins for free. The first release is The Wattson "Sweet Dreams" character skin and the L… Read more
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Ah so my 1 week Amazon prime account won't help


If any1 has ps4 codes for apex coins to give away can you pm me please. Thanks


Twitch havent confirmed those, but I'd imagine once every 2 weeks or some such.


When do the others come out?



[PC] Yooka-Laylee, The Escapists, For the King & Cultist Simulator - Free - Amazon Twitch Prime
Updated 3rd JulLast updated 3rd Jul by hotukmeats
Great offer for Amazon / Twitch Prime members :) Yooka-Laylee The Escapists For the King Cultist Simulator Read more
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I just linked accounts and didn't get Twitch prime. Am I alone in this? Might it be because my Amazon prime membership is obtained via association with my wife who paid for her Amazon account to be prime?


can't find the free games when logged in,


So he's just fragile on it and fond of a bit of hyperbole like yourself.


Nice haul there. I've played Cultist and FTK and they're both outstanding, and The Escapists is good too. Yooka wasn't nearly as good as I thought it was going to be, but it's passable.


Thanks for posting. I was thinking I'd buy cultist simulator on ios as it's half price at the moment but now I don't need to!

Twitch Prime, Nintendo Online, & 7 free games every mth and more free for Prime Members @ AmazonTwitch
Updated 30th JunLast updated 30th Jun by Matzi2000
Alot of Prime users don't realise what they could get for free with Twitch Prime as I bought Nintendo Online and then realised I could get for Free. That as also goodies for COD… Read more
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Thae last post was 3 months ago and as this post has proven it has reached people that don't know so I don't mind the cold votes that's not why I post on hot deals I post to share and help people save money in these hard times.


This is cold because it is a repost of a repost of a repost.


I don't know what's wrong with people, it couldn't be more straight forward to redeem. I already got the 3 months & just did the 9 months, no problem!


Well it’s heat from me (y)


Your welcome I don't mind the cold votes as I know it's not for everyone xx

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - Free in-game loot (exclusive apparel bundle & Mask) for Twitch Prime Members
Updated 22nd JunLast updated 22nd Jun by UltimatePhoenix
Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - Free in-game loot (exclusive apparel bundle & Mask) for Twitch Prime Members ( What’s included? Four apparel bundles and a mask for Tom Clanc… Read more

In what way?? They reduced alot from the first, im liking it but put so much into the first im still looking for the resemblance, reduced perks, attachments etc,



Me agree, so gooder big gun in city boom boom, revive, revive


What (ninja)


Me too much gooder than the 1st one...

Arena Boros Legion Deck Free for Magic the Gathering Game @ Amazon/Twitch Prime
Updated 21st JunLast updated 21st Jun by ZuuTube_
I don't know much about Magic the Gathering but this might be useful for someone :) In-Game Loot: Apr 25 – June 25 "Boros Battalion" deck, which is comprised almost entirely o… Read more
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Every week my friend


Hi, I just wanted to ask if anyone has that promo code and does not intend to play the game? Can you share it with me?


Yes it is a very famous game, in the beginning it only had real cards, there are other Magic The Gathering games for PC or cell phone, but none is as good as the Arena, in my opinion I was really missing a good digital game of Magic


Yes! Its still the most competitive TCG today.


Pretty sure its the most popular trading card game, so yes, theres probably some folk playing it

Rayman Origins - FREE @ Twitch / Ubisoft
Updated 11th JunLast updated 11th Jun by Ant_Parsons
Ahead of its E3 press conference this year, Ubisoft will host a speedrun of Rayman 2: The Great Escape in honor of the series turning twenty. On June 10 at 1:30 p.m. ET/10:30 a.m. … Read more

Yay got my copy


With E3 happening, I was too distracted to remember to do this. Oh well, think I already own it on Xbox anyway.


I think it's because I forgot to click on the accept button ;(


None that I know just have to wait a few days and hope it shows in your Uplay library, as long as you're activated on the Ubisoft Twitch Drops page and watched 30 minutes it should've worked.


Tooooo long! I'd rather pay the £3.74 than all this fuss. Still, thanks op, and I hope you guys got it.

Dauntless: Desperado Bundle - Free (For Twitch Prime Members) - Twitch
Updated 6th JunLast updated 6th Jun by RAGiN_CRiNZ
Presumably for all formats as you log in with your Epic Games account and redeem the code displayed on your Twitch Prime account. Unlock a piece of the Desperado armor set, plus … Read more
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Dam my prime just ran out :( anyone got prime but doesn't want the code ;) (y)


I had that problem, but I think I was trying to log in on the Epic website, rather than the link that OP provided. When i followed their link and used my epic login on the Dauntless site it worked ok.


If I see any :) Hmm that's strange, are you sure you copied it correctly, mate? I redeemed it last night with no issues.


hmm the code it copies is too long and i get error code 19007 :(


Nice find :) thanks

Free Games June 2019 (Aegis Defenders , Stikbold!, 10 Second Ninja X & Metronomicon) @ Twitch Prime
Updated 4th JunLast updated 4th Jun by clonereeco
Twitch games for June have been announced (who knows if more will be added). It looks like the theme is Indie this time as some good games make their way to Twitch. I have quoted … Read more
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Sadly nothing that takes my interest this month but still appreciate everything they give away, got 32 games in my Twitch library which has saved me some £ from getting them via steam


Stikbold is absolutely amazing!


The only way this price could be better is if they paid us to get them...


I have no idea - it was in the deals but someone (sigh!) moved it to freebies :)


Has the freebies 'rule' changed? Didn't you have this in deals, where I thought it belonged due to a paid subscription? Heated.

StarCraft II Package "Vorazun: Nerazim" Free @ Twitch Prime
Updated 30th MayLast updated 30th May by aLV426
Twitch members can now unlock the Vorazun Co-op commander and announcer alongside all-new console skins and race banners. As part of this bundle, you get : Vorazun Co-op Comma… Read more
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I've been playing StarCraft for over 20 years now - it's still fresh & challenging. It's also now free to download! Heat added (y)


Starcraft is best game!


♥ Starcraft ♥


Thanks for the reminder!


Ooh nice!

FREE Crunchyroll: 30 Day Pass for Twitch Prime Members
Updated 24th MayLast updated 24th May by HowtoStand
Unlock the world's largest anime collection on Crunchyroll with an extended 30-day FREE TRIAL ( normally just 14-days ) to enjoy their entire library of anime, manga, and drama tit… Read more

if im allready a member does this work?


A fellow Islander, nice (y) 🏻


You're all very welcome! :D


Crunchyroll already give a free trial, wonder if can stack them


Great! Thanks OP (y)

Updated 23rd MayLast updated 23rd May by alphamike
The hardest part about Bleeding Purple should be deciding what shirt to wear, not waiting for your merch to ship from overseas. We’ve heard your feedback, and today, the Twitch M… Read more
Read More

Heat added (y)


Just got the email myself. Taken their sweet sweet time! Think I might have to get the plushie pillow

Free Games May 2019 (Whispering Willows, Stealth B*stard Deluxe, The Little Acre, Majesty 1 and Majesty 2) @ Twitch Prime
Updated 8th MayLast updated 8th May by daniellndn
Twitch games for May have been announced (who knows if more will be added) - the details can be seen here and here Starting May 1st, members will be able to claim: Whi… Read more
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I haven’t looked myself yet (just registered for it) but assume it happens when you cancel amazon prime automatically


How do you cancel twitch prime. Been looking for ages there doesn’t even seem to be a way to contact them


Little Acre was a great point and click, really enjoyed that one when it came out


If you're on an Amazon Prime free trial, always remember to collect the Twitch Prime free games: you get to keep them after the trial has ended. (y)


Really shouldn't complain about free stuff but they're not as "wow" as some of the early titles we got with Twitch Prime

Final Fantasy XIV: Starter Edition (PC) free @ Twitch Prime
Updated 2nd MayLast updated 2nd May by andrew.beel
Starting tomorrow one can enjoy Final Fantasy XIV on twitch. More can be seen here and here Between 4 February and 3 May, Twitch Prime subscribers will be gifted with the … Read more
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Sorry to drag up an old posting folks. But just to confirm, if I have prime then twitch is free? Or does twitch charge an additional sub? Thanks


the code can be redeemed for nearly 4 months? that seems a little long


As long as you have Amazon prime it will be free


3rd of May this year.


any idea when the last date to redeem this is? had some tech issues with mogstation waiting on support to reply

Twitch Prime - Free game loot, 1 x monthly free stream subscription & more!(with Amazon Prime memberships)
Updated 26th AprLast updated 26th Apr by lasuil
Twitch Prime - Free game loot, 1 x monthly free stream subscription & more!(with Amazon Prime memberships)
People that already pay for Amazon Prime (£79.99 P/A or £7.99 P/M) or are thinking of getting it, now get loads of awesome freebies with Twitch connectivity! Great for those who lo… Read more

Aha fair enough. BTW well worth using your free twitch prime sub to support a streamer whether or not you watch them, every sub gives them 2.5 dollars :)


Yeah I think I get it and I meant no disrespect! I maybe could watch someone play a game if i'm unable to play it myself. I also see you're big fan of Labyrinth. I absolutely love that film too! <3


I guess it's down to taste. I barely play any games but I watch twitch daily. I think it's great if you want the community elements, and don't necessarily have time to play or money to own a decent gaming pc.


I've tried, I love video games but I prefer playing them then watching other play them. I am a member of twitch though, just to get the free games each month.


Twitch is a great place full of creativity, humour and great communities. Give it a try. I watch it over TV. Don't see the difference between watching TV or Twitch. Both are content created by other people.

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