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Apex Legends - Origin Access Loot Pack for FREE - 1,000 coins (£8 value), Legendary Skin & Banner
Posted 12th MarPosted 12th Mar
I recall the last Apex Legends exploit thread was popular and didn't in any way descend into a debate on legality ( Here ), so here we go... Apex Legends released the Origin Acc… Read more

I know, as I said the vast majority of threads discussing this exploit were removed.


Not a jot of evidence in any of the above...?


unfortionately a lot of the threads on reddit discussing the exploit were removed, however there are some that mention bans (but also have plenty of comments with people adamant the bans are a who knows)


An example of a reddit thread where someone has been banned for this would be great, thanks.


Well firstly, no not in respect of the fraud, because that is obvious, you are claiming something through code manipulation you know you are not otherwise entitled to. In respect of the bans it was all over reddit at the time this was popular, lots of people probably didn't get banned but plenty claimed they were. They were apparently permanent bans. This exploit was also blamed for the fact the battle pass was delayed for a week. I get it, we are all after good deals, but the line has to be drawn somewhere and this wasn't something that should have existed let alone advertised, and is in no way the same thing as say pricing something wrong.

Warface: "Mens Nanosuits" Bundle (PC & PS4 & Xbox One) Free @ Twitch Prime
Posted 12th MarPosted 12th Mar
You can have the nanosuit bundle for warface (all platforms) for free via twitch prime. Male Nanosuits Bundle provides four versions of “Male Nanosuit” body camo – one for each cl… Read more
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thanks a lot for the spot (y)


This can be unexpired, thats the new bundle activated for free download.... Loot Drop Idol Bundle ;) maxmix


Anytime ;) maxmix


thx for the code m8


Not sure ! Not sure when the rest of the Bundles will be available ! Anyone any ideas ? PS If you want a set of 'Nuclear' guns for 7 days..... Got to Promo code and enter SIPS Hope that helps some of you Noobs :p maxmix

Snake Pass, The King's Bird, Kabounce, Star Vikings Forever (PC) Free @ Twitch Prime
Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
Snake Pass, The King's Bird, Kabounce, Star Vikings Forever (PC) Free @ Twitch Prime
List of free games for the month of March. Snake Pass - Meta Score of 71 Think Like A Snake! When the tranquillity of Haven Tor is interrupted by a mysterious interlop… Read more
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included with prime , whats not to like!


Snake Pass is a good game.


ACG liked King's Bird a lot:


I always forget to claim these :/


The selection has gone downhill from previous months :(

Smite : King Arthur Bundle (Loot) For All Platforms Free @ Twitch Prime
Posted 28th FebPosted 28th Feb
Become Godlike in SMITE: Battleground of the Gods with in-game loot for Twitch Prime members. Available on PC, PS4, XBox ONE And Nintendo Switch The King Arthur Bundle includes K… Read more
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Not sure the King Arthur character was free, maybe it is, only just gotten back in to the game.


Isn't this free anyway? So the only thing you're getting is a few costumes.

League of Legends Loot - Free @ Twitch Prime
Posted 27th FebPosted 27th Feb
League of Legends Loot - Free @ Twitch Prime
NOW UNTIL APRIL 3RD GET FREE LEAGUE LOOT WITH TWITCH PRIME Get a random Permanent Skin, Ward Skin and Summoner Icon by linking your League of Legends and Twitch Prime accounts. O… Read more
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Didn't know about this - thanks for the info


Ah got a meh skin, oh well

Pokémon Marathon  - 10 new seasons, 11 new movies, and more badges to collect from 27/02 @ Twitch + Pokémon Day Deals (SEE OP)
Refreshed 27th FebRefreshed 27th Feb
Pokémon Marathon - 10 new seasons, 11 new movies, and more badges to collect from 27/02 @ Twitch + Pokémon Day Deals (SEE OP)
From 10am PT 27/02 (Should be 6pm UK Time 27/02) the above will be available. Pokémon Day calls for a Pokémon Marathon. 10 new seasons. 11 new movies, and more badges to c… Read more
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This is a ludicrous amount of Pokémon. I love a good binge but I wish they'd break it up into more manageable chunks!


Wish I started with that but my boy is 4 now and he won't watch any thing other than Shrek standard in terms of what the cartoon looks like. I have to sit through kinder egg videos and alpha blocks I grew up on Pokémon now I want him to catch em all but he doesn't want to become a Pokémon trainer 😪


I know what you mean. And yeah they make them for every new game, it must still have a decent following. I think Go came at the right time to re-invigorate the series as a whole. I remember finding a website back in the day that had all the episodes and movies, I'd watch them on weekends. Other people would be going through the series online at the same time, and you'd leave comments and chat about it. Feels very similar to what the Twitch streams are like


'used as treats' - is she a dog? :D


30 this year. Take me back to Pokemon red sat in my old mates living room for 8 hours a day on a weekend.

Apex Legends - Twitch Prime Loot Package WITHOUT Twitch Prime!
Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
As you are aware from my previous post - right now you can get Free Apex Legends Loot from Twitch Prime - turns out there is a nifty trick someone at Reddit has found out to bag … Read more
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not working, for me however i have already claimed it on the PS4. I was hoig this glitch would allow me to get it on PC too. been a voyage to even get it working on an oldish laptop with windows 10 64bit but with only intel graphics. After a 20GB download and install it tells me that my graphics card doesnt support direct x11 ???? what the **** should it have told me that before i downloaded and installed it ??? not to be defeated a bit of googleing and a file from microsoft developers SDK allowed me to basically turn off all the error messages and then scale down the directx11 values and then a command line setting it to 800x600 resolution then seemed to at least let me start the game and try to claim the loot but alas that didnt work, however the other glitch for the 1000AC and the waepon for the origin access loot pack did work :) now to uninstall the whole piece of crap since its laggy as **** btw the command line glitches are not classed as a hack since you have not amended the files in anyway, and the command line options are an feature that are provided by the developers. Also although to settle the other argument others are havingthis action may kind of fit the dictionary definition of Fraud in a way however it doesnt satisfy the legal definition of fraud. First the party would have to prove that we lied or decieved them to get something which caused them loss, which we havent as nothing has been stolen the items are still on their servers and they still own them. Also they wouldnt be able to say they had a loss as the item is free and has no price so cannot have a loss associated.




Still works (y)


Looks like they revoked the items anyway



Apex Legends - Legendary Omega Point Pathfinder Skin and 5 Apex Packs (Loot) @ Twitch Prime
Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
Twitch Prime members can pick up Apex Legends Loot - which includes 1 Legendary Omega Point Pathfinder skin and 5 Apex Packs for Free. Content will be available only on the first… Read more
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Literally the worst game I ever tried to play

Twitch Prime: NBA 2K19 - MyTEAM Packs(Xbox One & PS4 & Switch & PC) & Virtual Currency for Free @ Twitch
Posted 16th FebPosted 16th Feb
Twitch Prime: NBA 2K19 - MyTEAM Packs(Xbox One & PS4 & Switch & PC) & Virtual Currency for Free @ Twitch
In game loot Up your game in NBA 2K19 with 25,000 Virtual Currency and 5 Twitch Prime MyTEAM packs, each with a guaranteed Moments player ranging from Emerald to a chance at Diamo… Read more
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Hello, maybe anybody still have code and can send it to me please?


I don't need my code so first person who wants it :) : LDGUK-KPC7D-KYHKJ-JJAMQ-XEMS5


First to PM gets my code (y) Edit: Gone.


Could I have it please?


N636M-8VGMW-KSQP?-ZYWDE-4QHUM replace the ? with a number 1-9 and the code is yours, let me know if you got it so i know it wasn't a bot or something :)

[Twitch Prime] Free 14 Day RuneScape membership & Valentine's Pack
Posted 6th FebPosted 6th Feb
[Twitch Prime] Free 14 Day RuneScape membership & Valentine's Pack
How to claim: 1. Claim the Twitch Prime Valentine's Pack 2. Link your Twitch and RuneScape accounts 3. Your RuneScape membership has started! 4. Enjoy your free Twitch Prime… Read more
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If it works anything like last time you can easily make new account, activate a trial and bam, 14 days. Now rinse and repeat for all your alts.


Can you please be more clear that this is NOT free, given that you have to also have Amazon prime?


I’ll trim your armour

Final Fantasy XIV: Starter Edition (PC) free @ Twitch Prime
Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd Feb
Starting tomorrow one can enjoy Final Fantasy XIV on twitch. More can be seen here and here Between 4 February and 3 May, Twitch Prime subscribers will be gifted with the … Read more
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Sorry to drag up an old posting folks. But just to confirm, if I have prime then twitch is free? Or does twitch charge an additional sub? Thanks


the code can be redeemed for nearly 4 months? that seems a little long


As long as you have Amazon prime it will be free


3rd of May this year.


any idea when the last date to redeem this is? had some tech issues with mogstation waiting on support to reply

The Flame in the Flood / Dear Esther: Landmark Edition / Downwell / Draknek & Co Puzzle Collection (PC) Free @ Twitch Prime
Posted 1st FebPosted 1st Feb
The Flame in the Flood / Dear Esther: Landmark Edition / Downwell / Draknek & Co Puzzle Collection (PC) Free @ Twitch Prime
Games with Prime: Available from Feb 1 – Feb 28 are including: Dear Esther: Landmark Edition Downwell The Flame in the Flood Draknek & Co Puzzle Collection Pikuniku (W… Read more

Whist i've never actually played any games i got from twitch prime. I'm not half surprised with size of the collection i've got now.


Thanks (y)


Yes but you have to link it with your Twitch account For those wondering the Draknek & Co puzzle collection includes the following; Sokobond, A Good Snowman is Hard to Build and Cosmic Express . All 3 are reviewed as "Very Positive" on Steam


If I have Amazon Prime do I get these?


I don't care what people say, Dear Esther is a great experience.

Pikuniku (PC game) - free via Twitch Prime until 23/01/19
Posted 21st JanPosted 21st Jan
Pikuniku (PC game) - free via Twitch Prime until 23/01/19
From today (Monday 21 January) until Wednesday (23 January), the new-release game Pikuniku is free for Twitch Prime subscribers - simply go to the "your loot" page and redeem the… Read more
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Despite passing the expiry, this still seems to be live - just redeemed it 5 minutes ago.


Literally watched a gameplay video today and added it to my wish list to buy on release. Probably would of missed out if not for this post so thanks a lot! 🙏


Getting super reviews. Cheers.


Looks fun


Looks fun - thanks :)

Twitch Prime - Hyper Light Drifter,Orwell,République,Bomber Crew
Posted 31st Dec 2018Posted 31st Dec 2018
Twitch Prime - Hyper Light Drifter,Orwell,République,Bomber Crew
Hyper Light Drifter,Orwell,République,Bomber Crew all available for Twich Prime subscribers.
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Ohhhh yes! It'll be tough to top these but I'm itching to see too.


I'm looking forward to the announcement for February!


Just a reminder that this and the Devolver pack ends in a few hours.


Nice and simple then , shouldn't forget now thanks Rob (y)


It's the start of every month.

Twitch Prime Devolver Digital Holiday Pack - Free
Refreshed 24th Dec 2018Refreshed 24th Dec 2018
Twitch Prime Devolver Digital Holiday Pack - Free
Ridiculously good holiday pack as part of Twitch Prime. Includes: Broforce: Deliver your own brand of shock and awe with dozens of bros each with their own unique weaponry and spe… Read more
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Why has this been reposted?


Heat OP. Could you add the 'video games & consoles' and 'video game' tags? I totally missed this.


I can't find a way to gift this pack.. Under Devolver there isn't a Send as a Gift option. Confusing to say the least.


If anyone doesn't want the hotline miami games, I'd absolutely love them!


I would really like Hotline Miami please:)

Gift and keep your December Twitch Prime games - Twitch
Posted 15th Dec 2018Posted 15th Dec 2018
Gift and keep your December Twitch Prime games - Twitch
I didn't really know how to better word the title, so that's the best I have. But through the month of December until the 31st, Twitch Prime members can now claim their monthly fre… Read more
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Keep forgetting about the monthly freebies thanks for the reminder


He gets free games and a free sub to his favourite streamer, no need for any payment details.


So if my Son had a twitch account and I linked it to MY prime membership, would he be able to buy games/content etc & it would be billed to my prime account, or is the twitch funding separate (assuming you can/do buy stuff in twitch). I dont really know twitch, but I keep hear him going on about it all the time. Thanks.


big ups the twitch massive . (highfive) have some heat.


I'm trying to do this but it keeps trying to link to the us Amazon of which I'm not a prime member and it just keeps looping to it, any ideas?

Inspector Gadget Marathon starts 17/12 on Twitch
Posted 14th Dec 2018Posted 14th Dec 2018
Inspector Gadget Marathon starts 17/12 on Twitch
Go Go Gadget Marathon with Special Friends! Join show co-creator Andy Heyward, the team from Kid Genius Channel, and the crew for an Inspector Gadget marathon that co… Read more
Twitch Prime free games for December 2018 (PC): Hacknet, Poi, Smoke & Sacrifice, SNK bundle
Posted 1st Dec 2018Posted 1st Dec 2018
Twitch Prime free games for December 2018 (PC): Hacknet, Poi, Smoke & Sacrifice, SNK bundle
New month, new free games with Twitch Prime! Added this month are eight games (five coming as a bundled set): Hacknet: Complete Edition Poi Smoke & Sacrifice SNK Bu… Read more
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Yep, all of them :p


Almost bought Smoke & Sacrifice in the sale, so I'm happy with that. Although, I hope it doesn't end up being in the Monthly as well now (skeptical)


Any good'uns in that lot?


Only for game content, not games themselves. Also only for games that also happen to be on PC and game content is cross platform. But yeah, clearing it up in the title was probably still a good idea.


There are Twitch Prime specials for PS4, for example for Fortnite.

[PC] Twitch Prime Games for November - Overcooked, Pillars of Earth, Overload, AER Memories of Old
Posted 1st Nov 2018Posted 1st Nov 2018
[PC] Twitch Prime Games for November - Overcooked, Pillars of Earth, Overload, AER Memories of Old
Your Twitch Prime games are now available to download for November :) They are... Overcooked Pillars of Earth Overload AER Memories of Old Pleas… Read more
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Yes! This is a great deal for this game alone I think, even though I have the rest from Humble. Here's Gggmanlives reviewing it positively.


Always nice to get free games I just wish they had kept my Twitch viewing ad free.


In case some people dont know about it - Overload is a Descent successor, those sci-fi FPS's from the 90's with full 6 degrees of motion. And it's a real successor, made by many of the original devs, not an imitator like 'Descent Underground'(which was recently renamed just 'Descent'), which is quite different, and by most accounts - just not nearly as good as Overload, with an almost total multiplayer focus. Basically, Overload is the real deal. Full single player campaign, separate challenge levels, multiplayer and available level editor. Looks, sounds and plays great. Dont miss it.


Great selection - heat :)


Holy shit I've been wanting Overload. Amazing. HEAT

Assassins Creed Odyssey Aegan Pirate Pack free with Twitch Prime
Posted 2nd Oct 2018Posted 2nd Oct 2018
Assassins Creed Odyssey Aegan Pirate Pack free with Twitch Prime
Game comes out on Friday and Twitch prime are offering free in-game loot. You get the Rare Armour set, Ship skin, Pirate Crew Theme and Mount Skin. Link your amazon prime to twit… Read more

I don't have the game but have twitch prime and still got the deal. I had to link my twitch prime with ubisoft club , which is easy it gives you a link. Just search twitch prime on google and sign in.


There are definitely some problems with the account linking at the moment. I linked my accounts when they did the free content for AC Origins, but now it says I need to click through and re-link them. When I do, the page doesn't load with a "bad gateway" error. EDIT: finally got mine to work.


I pre-ordered it myself but haven't received a redemption code yet but it worked for me. I think the promotion will run for a while though so it should be fine!


Can't say for sure. I can redeem it on Twitch bit can't get to the screenshot in the OP confirming that it's been redeemed. The release date is weird for this one because while they say it isn't out until Friday, it is sort of out if you have certain versions. (Just with them saying you get it three days early.) I'll keep trying but regardless of my luck, thanks for posting. I always forget tbe Twitch Prime stuff so probably wouldn't have seen this otherwise.


I'm not too sure, I didn't get an error. Maybe it's due to the fact the game isn't out yet?

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