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Typhoo tea 440 @ Home Bargains prenton /wirral - £3.99
LocalLocalFound 21st AprFound 21st Apr
440 typhoo teabags for £3.99. Saw in my local homebargains prenton / wirral. Not on their website so maybe store specific
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I bought them from the co op for the same price. Terrible tea bags even 2 bags doesn’t do a decent mug


Yep, you need to buy Tea Bags by weight, not per Bag or it can work out more expensive. In my experience One Cup Bags are rubbish for My Large Mug or the Tea Pot.


Stocked in b&m all the time


One Cup teabags. Iceland have Typhoo Tea 937g Typhoo Mainstrm 300 Teabags for £3.25 http://groceries.iceland.co.uk/typhoo-300-foil-fresh-teabags-937-5g/p/61951

Typhoo 240 tea bags - £2.49 @ B&M
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
160 tea bags with 80 free not much more than 1p a bag

£4 for 480 @ Co Op


These work out about 13p a box more but are fresher as Iceland rotates stock faster. When Iceland have them on offer at £3, which they do regularly, even a better bargain. ​


One Cups are 2.1g. Typhoo normal tea bags (the ones Op's posted) are 2.9g. ​


These are One Cups.​


B&M usually sell a bag of 1100 typhoo for £9.99, occasionally poundstrechers do the same.

Typhoo 240 Foil Fresh Tea Bags 750g ONLY £2.49 @ B&M
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
240 Normal bags and not the awful 1 cup version Typhoo Foil Fresh Tea Bags. 160 teabags + 50% free. Weight: 750g (Approx.)
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The range ones are 200g per box, contain 100 tea bags, which makes them 2g per tea bag. Yes they are the one cup bags, but I’m impressed at these one cups compared to normal tea bags (angel)


Opps! As I was saying these are the 240 bag packets of tea bags that are 2.9g per tea bag. Also the pack size will be a total weight of 696g per box. The 750g size doesn't now exist anymore as they took out .3g out of each tea bag to cut their costs. If these are 750g they are very old stock. To be honest the 300 bag Typhoo box of 2.9g tea bags in Iceland at £3.25 is a better deal. costs only 12p more per box but they are fresher as the stock rotates faster through stores. When they do their £3 offer it beats this deal in price. ​


​Those are One cups. 2.1g per tea bag. The 240 pack


When i started to drink tea i tried them all but Yorkshire tea because of the price but later on i found out it was waiting on the shelfs all that time. Never went back, its awesome


You must mean Harrods news agents in lowestoft.

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wok a  deal  - Typhoon - Black 11 inches wok was £20, now £6 delivered @ Debenhams
Found 24th JanFound 24th Jan
sorry for the intended humour in the listing, have had a few drinks use SH4Z for free delivery, thanks to emmafifema, going to cost you a couple of quid and parking to go to deben… Read more

Great advice, thank you. Any woks online you'd recommend? (y)


Wait until I tell the wife I’ve ordered her something smooth, black and 11 inches long!! (excited)


heat added, need lots of heat for a good stir fry


Thanx for the heads up (y)


Should never buy nonstick coated wok. Wok cooking is about maximum heat quick cooking. Coated material do not stand heat. Best buy mid gage steel and work on seasoning it by oiling, high heating, cooling and repeat. Never ever wash it with detergent. Only wash with hot water and spong and next time heat it so any residual burns off

Typhoo Teabags - 240 for £2.50 @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Valid until 30th January

are these £2.50 or £2.40?


These are normal sized ones Around 2.9g grams per tea bag One cup are like 2g


Tesco, like the pound shops also sell the one cup - 100 for £1 100 one cup teabags = 200g = 50p per 100g = 1p per teabag 100 'regular' teabags = 290g = 36p per 100g = 1p per teabag + 10p for the box when @ £2.50


I guess I'll need to see what the actual weight of the box is if I buy one of these.


Usually, they have less tea in them.

100 Typhoo onecup round tea bags- B&M instore- 99p
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
Looks like a decent deal for the price of 99p for 100 Typhoo tea bags.

One of the poundshops. Cant remember which... Poundland or poundworld.


You can get 300 in savers fur around £2.20?


I only ever use regular Typhoo tea bags and have done for donkeys years. I tried a box of these when B&M were out of stock and threw them in the bin, absolute rubbish! Anyway, I'm sure 240 regular Typhoo Tea bags are £2.50 in B&M, also 2 boxes for £5 in Farmfoods, IIRC.


nice and strong for a builder's cup


Seen these 79p in savers

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Typhoo 300 Foil Fresh Teabags 937.5g - £3 at Iceland
Found 6th Dec 2017Found 6th Dec 2017
Typhoo 300 Foil Fresh Teabags 937.5g Not The One Cup Either only £3.00 1p per bag This is Not My Preferred Brew But is a Great deal for anyone that prefers this brew over others… Read more
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I buy loads of these for work and drink it myself. 1p per bag is a good price, and this is very drinkable, IMHO


Despite what Iceland's website says, these packs are now 870g (2.9g/bag). https://www.hotukdeals.com/comments/permalink/32167917


Nowt like Yorkshire tea i say 🙊


Typhoo is the sweepings when they finish making the good tea.


I've been buying this tea for more years than I care to remember. Back in the 60s and 70s, I bought Typhoo in packets and made proper cuppa, in a teapot. Dunno, if anyone else has noticed but the flavour of this tea is nowhere near it was 10 or 20 years ago? Typhoo has gone from an excellet tea, to mediocre at best and gnats piddle at worst...

Typhoo Foil Fresh Tea Bags (160s + 50% FREE = 240)750g ONLY £2.49 @ B&M
Found 2nd Nov 2017Found 2nd Nov 2017
B&M have reduced these Tea Bags to £2.49 which is a good price for 240 t-bags especially as they are the Normal bags and not the 1 cup version Typhoo Foil Fresh Tea Bags. 160 … Read more
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**robin5858** So we now have Typhoo reducing the weight of the tea bags like pg tips did several years ago. Don't people learn from the mistakes of others!


If these are the newer packs, weight will be 696g.

Typhoo Foil Fresh Tea Bags (160s + 50% FREE = 750g) ONLY £2.99 in Poundstretchers
LocalLocalFound 25th Oct 2017Found 25th Oct 2017
Typhoo Foil Fresh Tea Bags (160s + 50% FREE = 750g) ONLY £2.79 Typhoo Foil Fresh Tea Bags (160s + 50% FREE = 750g) ONLY £2.99 These seem to be the full tea bags not the one … Read more

Same here, not sure if its because I moved from a soft water area to hard water. Only tea that tastes good to me now is yorkshire tea.


Typhoo is the sweepings when they've done making PG.


Iceland were selling a box of 300 typhoo for £3 haven't been in for about a week so don't know if the offer is still on


I like Typhoo T bags (not one cup ones) and as another person has commented its down to personal taste. Tesco, Morrison's and Waitrose sell them Do you class them as Budget shops


You only get an eugh with Typhoo...

Typhoo 240 Tea bags £1.25 instore @ Tesco Exe Vale
LocalLocalFound 5th Oct 2017Found 5th Oct 2017
240 Typhoo Tea Bags in the clearance section at Tesco Exe Vale in Exeter for £1.25 (Apparently down from £5) Not my brand of tea (I prefer a Yorkshire Tea bag) but may suit anyon… Read more
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Typhoo taste like Typoo Yorkshire tea = a real brew


Thats a superb price for a nice strong cuppa! Hot


Heat added (y)


Why so cold I wonder that's a good price heat added op

Typhoo 300 £3 @ Iceland
Found 3rd Oct 2017Found 3rd Oct 2017
Our households preferred tea bag "You only get an 'oo' with Typhoo" ;) 1p per bag these are the normal Typhoo not the 'one cup' cheaper ones

I bet none of you know that Typhoo reduced the weight of these strong tea bags from 3.1g to 2.9g. recently ? These are the best price out there. Better than the deals for 240 tea bags.


You only get an "ARRGH!" with Typhoo.




Heat from me but ............Weak as ........ (fill in with what you like).


That's Typhoo One Cup Not normal Typhoo

Typhoo 440 (1 Cup) Tea Bags (1kg) ONLY £2.00 @ Iceland
Found 30th Sep 2017Found 30th Sep 2017
Typhoo (440 Tea Bags = 1 Cup = 1kg) ONLY £2.00 Rainforest Alliance Certified - minimum 30% certified tea Kosher
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Warning if these say One Cup on them they taste different to normal Typhoo they're rank. I'd get the same drink if I used my stubble from my shaver.


Y call them 1 cup tea bags when you have to put 3 in for a good cup of tea


Great offer. Pity I'm loyal to PG tips.


Not my fave but this is hotdeals and this is a hot price. (highfive) .


Cheap but unfortunately typhoo doesn't put the oooo in my morning brewwww

Typhoo Loose Leaf Tea (1.5Kg) £6.99  @ poundstretchers
LocalLocalFound 11th Sep 2017Found 11th Sep 2017
Typhoo Loose Leaf Tea (1.5Kg) Good price - but would need to move into containers to keep fresh once opened.

Average tea bag weight is 2 to 3gms so equal to 750 or 500 bags depending on strength. You could put some in a container and clip the bag.

Typhoo 300 Foil Fresh Teabags 937.5g (not 'One Cup' ones) £3.25 instore & online @ Iceland
Found 30th Aug 2017Found 30th Aug 2017
Not sure that the instore price has been updated - they were showing at £3.50 yesterday but online it is saying was £3.50 now £3.25 so expect should be able to get the store manage… Read more

​Then you have not seen the price for the 240 pack in the CooP. They charge £5.99.


Looking at the history of Typhoo deals here, you've posted a fair few. The OP's deal is better value than the B&M one you posted yesterday, so why shouldn't he post it? https://www.hotukdeals.com/search?q=typhoo


1p a cuppa / 25 cups 2 or 3 days drinking! WOW 8)


It's cheaper than the major supermarkets- e.g. Tesco is selling 240 of these for £5. It's a hot deal.


25p saving? A HOT deal?

Typhoo Foil Fresh Tea Bags (160s + 50% FREE = 750g) ONLY £2.79 @ B&M
Found 30th Aug 2017Found 30th Aug 2017
Typhoo Foil Fresh Tea Bags (160s + 50% FREE = 750g) ONLY £2.79
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pjeff7, thank you for your reply. Re. the weight of Ty-Phoo tea bags. I have just weighed quantity 20 of the 'normal' Ty-Phoo tea bags, total weight being 66 grammes. That gives a single bag weight of 3.3 grammes. Obviously that weight includes the cellulose(?) fabric/material that the tea bag is made from, as well as the bag's actual tea leaves. Thank you for pointing that out. Re. 'What does the tea taste like?' That's a totally subjective discussion. Personally, I much prefer Ty-Phoo (normal tea bags) over all others, not least because the bags are foil wrapped in small quantities. Consequently, the tea stays fresher 'in the box' for much longer. For anybody who is interested, there was a fascinating BBC programme that visited the UK Ty-Phoo factory, shown on BBC1 (July 2017). As of today (31/08/17) the programme has another 6 days availability of viewing on i-player, here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08ywhdn/ad/inside-the-factory-series-3-1-tea-bags Note: The man in the Ty-Phoo lab stated that a brew/soak time of 4 minutes is essential to get all the flavour from the cut tea (in the tea bag) into the drink. (PS. I do not work for Ty-Phoo, nor the BBC. I just have an interest in tea!).


sorry typo thats £3.25


Great analysis AnthHether001 - although it does miss one rather important point does what does the tea taste like! I estimate that the 'Normal' bags should weight 3g based on the 240bags giving 750g total! Iceland have 300bags (937g) for £3.55 - very slightly cheaper - but might be closer than B&M


There's a lot of confusion and misinformation contained in the comments. I did a bit of research back in April. My findings are repeated here: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ty-Phoo tea bags are available in two types: 'one cup' variety, and 'normal'. I have just blown 1.5p by sacrificing two Ty-phoo teabags, one is a 'normal strength' bag, the other a 'one cup' variety. They are both of similar vintage and well inside their 'use by' date. By cutting the teabags open and inspecting their respective contents, I can confirm that the tea inside each bag is a subtly different colour from each other (the 'normal strength' tea being darker compared to the 'one cup' variety). And I noticed that the 'one cup' tea is cut slightly finer. Also confirmed, the volume/weight of tea in the 'normal strength' bag is approx twice that compared to that from the 'one cup' teabag. The 'one cup' teabag weighs 2g. The 'normal' teabag weighs 4g. Verdict: I assume the colour difference, and fineness of cut, indicates that the tea blends are different between 'one cup' and 'normal strength' Ty-phoo teabags.


http://www.homebargains.co.uk/products/8913-typhoo-one-cup-teabags-pack-of-440.aspx (Homebargains do 440 bags for £3.99). I've seen this in other shops too. The ones at Poundstretcher are still slightly cheaper though.

Typhoo Foil Fresh Teabags (80 + 100% FREE =160 = 500g) was £2.00 now £1.50 @ Iceland
Found 18th Aug 2017Found 18th Aug 2017
Typhoo Foil Fresh Teabags (80 + 100% FREE =160 = 500g) was £2.00 now £1.50
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​Actually I thank you. I was getting low on these tea bags. When you consider that the only cheap places I know who do 240 bags are £2.75 and £3 respectively, these are a bargain. Watch out Iceland, Typhoo fanatic is on his way.


Yes your right! There website is a bit confusing? http://groceries.iceland.co.uk/typhoo-80-foil-fresh-teabags-500g/p/39096 I have now corrected the post! Thank you very much!


like drink tea,thanks.


I think you will find that the weight for this size is 500g not 1kg as you state. The 300 tea bag Iceland size is 967g so 2 boxes of 160 would be same weight but cheaper by 50p overall.


not bad when the 300 box is £3.50

Typhoo 240 Teabags. Half Price. £2.50 @ Tesco Online/Instore
Found 23rd Nov 2016Found 23rd Nov 2016
Saw similar deal posted here from Poundstretchers. Tesco has followed and this offer is valid from today till 13 December. £3 in Asda and £4.87 in Morrisons.

thanks shadey12 8)


Lionel Richtea X)


LOL Maccy.


Awesome deal, time for some teabagging!


Oooo dunk a hunk X)

Found 28th Jul 2016Found 28th Jul 2016
TYPHOO ONE CUP T-BAGS 300 @ £2.25. even if you like the one cup,cant see you getting cheaper than that this centuty. B & M do it again. happy slurpin & shoppin.
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​hia robin.first off there £2.69 in home bargains. next they weigh exactly the same,work it out for yourself. the 240 weigh 750gram the 300 weigh 937.5 gram so iceland still win in the price game. happy shopping.


​mmmmm i'm going near 2 of them tomorrow,i shall let u know then,thanks robin. happy shopping


You can get the normal 240 tea bags, marked as 180 + 50% free, full old weight for £2.49 in Poundstrecher, Farmfoods and Home Bargains.The newer 300 full strength tea bags which Iceland now do ,are actually lighter in total weight than the 240's


​hia.and there still the cheapest around,by far.cant stand the one cups,but in all fairness,they are cheap.


for people that don't like the one cup tea bags iceland are still selling the 300 normal tea bags typhoo box for £3

Tea people, 480 Typhoo tea bags £4 at Morrisons instore
Found 9th Jun 2016Found 9th Jun 2016
480 Standard Typhoo tea bags for those that like tea. Spotted these in Morrisons in Idle Bradford but guessing nationwide. These are £5 online at Morrisons. Seems cheap to me but… Read more

Rotherham store just started stocking these ,asked staff if it was the right price, what a bargain .


Those that like tea don't drink Typhoo, they don't drink PG either. Yorkshire Tea is where its at.


Nah. Too weak. You only get an oo with Typhoo. Nice and strong.


Pg r the best


Thx.. Brought 2 boxes..

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