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Hi We've had our 2nd hand C4 a year and the tyres need replacing, they are either perishing on the sidewalls and/or low on tread. I have a mix of 205/60 R16 2 x Michelin Energy S… Read more

You’ll need a set of Michelin Pilot Super Sport’s on that.


That would make more sense, I've never had a 4x4 so wouldnt know (y) (y)


From memory it mainly effects 4x4 cars.


The changing 2 tyres on the same axle is a myth, I have had cars with different makes of tyres on all corners and all have been great, it's just a way of them making money in my opinion (confused) (confused) (confused)


Remember to bear in mind the braking properties of tyres. https://www.tyrereviews.com/Article/2020-Tyre-Market-Overview-Braking-Test.htm

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Has anyone brought tyres from amazon?, sender amazon eu so I’m presuming from Germany most likely. They come out the cheapest, but I’m abit cautious about buying tyres from there.

I used tyreleader for 4 tyres delivered, they came from Holland in just 4 days, far cheaper than anywhere else I looked at. My local National Tyres branch fitted for £10 per tyre, including valves, balancing and old tyre disposal.


It does but Amazon price that in already.


Make sure you've sorted out fitting before ordering if you choose to buy. I had some issues last time I did this as some places wanted to charge a lot and some wouldn't fit third party tyres for liability reasons


That’s cheap I used to buy them online and use local fitters however the last time when I asked before I ordered it was £20 for fitting per tyre so I didn’t bother was cheaper to get them from local garages supplied and fitted. Check the terms as buying from Amazon EU may invalidate any warranty and also compounds maybe different.


I have bought a few things from amazon Eu as the seller. No extra charges. So you will be fine if you order

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I lost the whole centre cap (and surround) whilst driving through flood water in the dark. I'm now looking at replacing it. Does anybody know how easy it is to pull one of these of… Read more

I will have a look, thank you.


What about trying https://www.partsgateway.co.uk/m/


I'm still looking for one on ebay. They have several for say the Citroen C3, C4 ,etc, at reasonable prices. There were a couple for the Citroen Xsarra Picasso but for around £45 which is not what I really want to pay to be honest, especially as they were red, etc (my car is grey), so the cost of spraying it would be on top. My local scrap yard has now closed and the next nearest one doesn't have one, but I will keep looking. It's a bit frustrating really as the cover is fine, it's the hinge etc that has broken away. Currently got the cover taped to the side of the car with black tape which obviously is a bit inconvenient when I go to fill up the car, also I'm avoiding car washes at the moment because of it. Thank you.


Did you get the petrol flap sorted?


Easy enough. When fitting there is almost always aome sort of lug to ensure the alignment is good. It isn't always obvious although on your pic of the wheel without the centre you can see there is a cut-out at the top that the locating lugs on the centre will fit into. Its easy to break the locating lugs by trying to force fit with the wrong orientation. usually jest needs a sharp thump to fit them - need to compress the sprung ring

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3 weeks ago I found a screw in my tyre; I was planning to repair it but never got time. The only garage I could find yesterday was a Kwikfit and they were asking £27 for that repai… Read more

Those mushroom patches require the tyre to be removed off the rim. You can do it at home but I wouldn't recommend it.


The link above I would have thought would require the tyre to be removed off the rim. You can do it at home, but I wouldn't do it out of choice because it's not easy and requires using a set of tyre levers.


Hmmm...... Just my take on this for what it's worth. It's my tyres that keep you in contact with the ground. Skids, blow-out can kill me and/or my family. Save money sure, but I never skimp on tyres. I avoid part used as I have absolutely no idea what's happened to them. I find my local place great - they'd tell me if its better for me to fix or buy new. I can be really tight on some things, but not tyres.


Interesting comparison: I guess, no mushrooms :D. I wasn't planing to use any oil, instead to add some glue and force the mushroom. I can buy some patches, remove the tyre from the rim and then ....trying to seat the tyre back (by some method) :D.


Worth checking, but a few of the branded garages automatically put puncture insurance within the price that you pay for the new tyres, so would be a free repair if so

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Bike tyres
I have an old mountain bike that has rough tyres with deep tread. I'm going to get it serviced and back on the road but I don't know anything about tyres. I've tinkered with bikes … Read more

I know its a bit late responding but Chain Reaction have these tyres on offer. https://www.chainreactioncycles.com/continental-contact-cruiser-commuter-tyre/rp-prod180972 So £8 each plus they have the crank brothers tool still on offer at £3.99 plus to take it over £20 for free delivery you can buy the hope clip for 25p. Combine it with today's offer of £2 cashback at topcashback you could have a bundle delivered of 2 tyres and a decent tool for about £18 after cashback. Don't forget to activate the offer first on topcashback.


Thanks Orderd. Tubes and rim covers plus 2 tyres..


Why are your tyres not keeping air in them? Are you using a good quality inner tube (such as Continental or Schwalbe) or are you just using a pound shop one? Are you definitely using the correct size for your tyres?


no. i got the speed casette replaced instead of cleaning it as it was worn anyway. i didn't fancy cleaning that filth to be honest. i made the mistake of putting grease on the speed casette instead of bike oil. that then attracted dirt and built up a disgusting layer. i won't be doing that again!


hubby has a mountain bike and he decided to use it on the road rather than off road so he replaced the tyres with road bike tyres and it rides a lot faster on the road, as well as make the bike a lot lighter. if you are going to use it on road rather than off road, then you could consider replacing the mountain bike tyres with road bike tyres. his tyres never seem to puncture but i don't know how regularly he pumps his bike tyres. my tyres stay up for weeks after they are fully pumped, but if i pump them myself, i can only manage to partly pump them, which then causes them to deflate within a few days. i never bother with fancy innertubes. i just buy the cheap ones from halfords. to be honest, i got them for free (embarrassed) i cycle pretty much every other day, if not everyday, so they get a lot of use but i don't find i get a lot of punctures. it could be the roads or paths i cycle on are not damaging to the bike.

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Replacement tyres on a lease car.
Evening all. I need to replace the front tyres on a lease car that's going back in April. Does anyone know if they need to be like for like? I can't see anything specific in the le… Read more

I mentioned that to the Mrs......... 3 year lease car said to swap the rears for the fronts after ~18 months should mean not replacing a set. She didn't listen to me, not that I'm surprised by that, and now will have to spend ~£200 for 2 tyres that someone else will benefit from.


Thanks everyone. It's a fiesta and it's running Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres. They're about £120 each so I'd prefer to get something a bit cheaper if I'm only using them for 3 months. I'll ring the lease company tomorrow and ask.


If not specified then the lease company probably wont care as long as they are legal. It will just be going out to trade or auction in any case.


They’ve not even said what type of car it is. Plus if the tyres are getting low. Switching them to the rear is going to potentially make the car unsafe and introduce potential oversteer issues. (Yes even if it is a FWD car that can happen) OP, check the lease terms. Odds on if you ask them they will say the same type. They want to maximise resale potential. Most of the time the ‘servicing’ needs to be to manufacturer specs but doesn’t have to be done by a dealer. Which can be a grey area, in the case of tyres unless it’s a sports car with specifically designed tyres then anything would probably do. Keeping in mind they have to be good enough to keep you on the road for the next 4 months safely.


If you can op when you've found out what they require, just take to a local garage and bung them a tenner to swap the back for the front... The front s will be more worn due to add wheel spins due to it being a front wheel drive