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60% off first month of Ubisoft + for Google Stadia [No Stadia Pro Subscription Required] - £5.20 @ Uplay Store
22/06/2021Expires on 22/06/2021Made hot 3rd JunMade hot 3rd Jun
As of today, there is a 60% discount on the first month and costs only £5.20. No Stadia Pro subscription required. What is Ubisoft +? Ubisoft + is a monthly subscription that g… Read more

And I would rather pay £13 for this than the £9 for Stadia Pro


Not going to go for it myself, but if you total up the games in the store, it comes to over £600, so you could play these games for 4 years before you are running at a loss. That also doesnt account for the games which will come out in the next 4 years, and all the add ons which it gives you access to. Yes, there are more games available on the PC subscription service, but how many games can you play at any one time? If I didnt have kids, I would be tempted by this offer


Finally got round to testing this. Used AC Valhalla. Simply put, Ubisoft are not stupid ... even if you manage to get yourself kitted in deluxe gear with the...as soon as you’re back on your console it notices your missing licenses and your left pretty naked and your wolf mount has run off off. Was worth the attempt


Yeah, I tried GR: Breakpoint as I'm still using an older GPU and have to turn down the settings. The Stadia version has an option for 60fps with reduced settings or 30fps with what I assume is maxed out. Disappointing that the choice has to be made. Also no Ultrawide support. :(


Strange as the Stadia is ment to be a super computer

PC Far Cry 6 Uplay key £32.82 at Eneba / 8AgamesA8
Made hot 31st MayMade hot 31st May
Have your chance to experience the sixth installment in the open-world first-person action series by purchasing the Far Cry 6 Uplay key! Publisher and developer Ubisoft is ought to… Read more

I can't believe people still pre-order games. How many half-baked, rushed, bug-ridden disasters does it take to convince people to hold fire until the game is out and the problems addressed? (and that's before you find out if it's even any good or not) Keep pre-ordering, and developers will keep pushing out unfinished garbage as they know the sale is in the bag and they can get away with it. I guess some people really do have more money than sense.


It's horses for courses I guess. I love what they did with Assassins Creed.


Been waiting forever for this game..zzzzzzzz


Yeah same, they are very enjoyable but similar. God of war was awesome (as a Greek myself i have finished every gow game and love the story) but the difference is that there is one main character in all the gow games and you see him grow, progress and get feelings. Where in far cry there is new characters every game and they have to make them relate to you, make them likable or hate them. It's difficult for sure but hey.


What I saw in the gameplay trailer,correct me if I'm wrong,was a some kind of settlement or base which you probably have to upgrade and playing mini games like dominos. Upgrading settlement was present in Far cry primal and playing mini games is in Valhalla.

[Uplay] Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint (PC) - £6 with code @ Ubistore
Made hot 23rd MayMade hot 23rd May
With the release of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands in March 2017, Ubisoft Paris successfully rebooted the Ghost Recon formula. An instalment that was designed from the ground u… Read more

I thoroughly enjoyed it, bit of a slog at the start but once you get into the swing of things very enjoyable if a little repetetive in places, the main story thread is also good! I'd recommend the Gold Edition as there's a shedload of DLC included which pretty much doubles the amount of content and adds another two main storyline seasons.


Trash game, buy borderlands 3 and have some fun instead.


No "Sh*tballs", no buy.


Spent many hours in this game. Didn’t like it to start with, but with following updates allowing you to change the way you play, it massively improved. Yes, it’s a Ubisoft rinse repeat to some degree but I don’t mind and it’s far more varied than Division.


Go to Epic Store and claim the Free Game "NBA 2K21" (From here) , the coupon will be added to your account. Then Scroll down to the "Gold Edition" (from here) and the voucher will be applied at checkout.

[uPlay PC] Far Cry 3 Standard Edition - £2.04 / Far Cry 4 - £4.16 / Far Cry 5 - £6 (with code) @ Ubisoft Store
Made hot 20th MayMade hot 20th May
Far Cry 4 Far Cry 5 Far Cry 3 players step into the shoes of Jason Brody, a man alone at the edge of the world, stranded on a mysterious tropical island cut off from civilizat… Read more

Code is now expired. I was still unable to purchase despite various contact support. They are terrible. I'll get my games elsewhere.


I guess I don't buy from Ubisoft often. "A recent transaction associated with your account was flagged by our security system as being potentially fraudulent, and as a result, this transaction has blocked. " (lol) Fine, don't take my £6. Absolute useless store. Still not fixed.


I bought Far Cry 5 just so that I can play through it again on my upgraded computer. New account, clean load, new start... A great game!


Best game in the franchise



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Far Cry 6 Uplay PC Key EUROPE (Preorder) £31.06 @ Eneba / 8AgamesA8
146° Expired
Made hot 19th MarMade hot 19th Mar
ExclusiveFar Cry 6 Uplay PC Key EUROPE (Preorder) £31.06 @ Eneba / 8AgamesA8£31.06Eneba Deals
Cheapest available preorder price currently. Use the code HOTUKDEALS (we worked with Eneba to offer a sitewide discount) at checkout. Game is currently advertised with a 2021 … Read more

Considering the release date was meant to be last month and sont have refunded everyone who pre ordered it I'd stay away.


Mass Effect Andromeda was never fixed properly, it was only out a few months before all support and fixes were stopped.


Jesus, I only just finished the 3rd one. Waiting for FC4 to go to under £5 on xb1


I cant see anywhere to enter the discount code


Ubisoft games are like Fifa and sports games,every year they repeat the same thing with some minor changes.

Far Cry Blood Dragon uplay pc 67p @ eneba (All Game World)
363° Expired
Made hot 3rd MarMade hot 3rd Mar
Far Cry Blood Dragon uplay pc 67p @ eneba (All Game World)£0.67Eneba Deals
Standalone key

Lovedthis game. Completed on ps3 . I’ve got it on Xbox, just never gotten around to play past the first level. Playing to much warzone lol


Eneba is my favourite key seller. Usually has the lowest prices, multiple vendors on one site, no sign up required, PayPal and credit card payments for extra layer of security, multiple warning pop ups for buying regional keys, mobile verification to prevent fraud, live chat help, low payment fees, 8.5% cashback on TCB on all of their products for new and returning customers. It's the best one of the lot imo. Lots of people here rate Cdkeys, maybe because no payment fees, but they sold me dud keys before and it took me weeks to get a refund through my bank after they refused. Even without payment fees, most things are more expensive on CDkeys than eneba anyway.


It’s showing as £1.27 for me at PayPal checkout. I appreciate it’s still cheap but it’s nearly double the quoted 67p price. Am I missing a discount code or something?


Fab game, a steal at this price


Easily worth a fiver. So this price is super 🔥🔥🔥