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Pub Party / Bombs Drop Sales @ PSN USA
Found 18 h, 42 m agoFound 18 h, 42 m ago
bold = lower than ever US price (sorry - haven't got time to compare to UK) italic = same as previous lowest PS4 The 25Th Ward: The Silver Case - $20.99 / £15.95 (30% … Read more

Thanks mate, overwhelmed with work this eve.


One that's been considerably cheaper in the UK ;)


I just finished the the 25th ward the silver case It was fantastic

UK cities to Las Vegas, USA from only £195 roundtrip on British airways and American Airlines via Skyscanner
Found 13th OctFound 13th Oct
Super cheap, Christmas flights from many UK cities to Las Vegas, USA from only £195 roundtrip with British Airways and American Airlines. Depart from: Inverness: £195-£203 Aberdeen… Read more

My take on Vegas.............................. On the whole I didn't like Vegas. Too fake, noisy and sleazy. If you like all the pizazz, lights, gambling and noise everywhere, not to mention masses of people, then sure, stay in one of the strip hotels. We went in a couple to get prices (on a road trip so never planned anything as we didn't know where we'd be at any given time) and the people and, worse still, relentless noise from the machines, drove us out in a couple of minutes. If you hire a car then it will be horrendous trying to get into and out of the hotel car parks. The lights (most hotels have traffic lights controlling the cars in and out of each hotel car park) don't change for long and the worse problem is the masses of pedestrians that just ignore the lights and cross the road anyway, meaning maybe only 1 or 2 cars can get through onto the main strip road before they change to red again. Not to mention most, if not all, strip hotels have valet parking - you can add $10 - $30 each time you want to park or drive off in your car. Ridiculous. We then found a hotel sort of on the corner of the strip which was expensive, but nice. They too had valet parking though but at least you could get in and out reasonably easily. However, having checked into a suite, we went on to the balcony to find there were stickers everywhere saying you couldn't smoke - even on the balcony with the doors shut! They would fine you (or more like charge your credit card once you'd left) $500! Being a smoker, we immediately checked out. Fair enough not in the room, but outside 100ft up on a balcony??? Whatever, be wary of things like that if you're a smoker. The joke is though that many of the hotels allow smoking in the rooms, and even in the casinos (well they did in 2012 when we went). Before people start banging on about smokers, please note that smokers in the UK contribute £12 Billion in cigarette taxes and duty each year to the Treasury, yet 'cost' the country (NHS) only £2 Billion a year. So if there weren't smokers, or if smoking was banned completely, all you non smokers would need to pay a lot more income tax to make up that £10 Billion shortfall - something like an extra 5% tax (which would be an extra 25% more tax then most people pay already). Not to mention smokers on average don't live as long so get less back from the state in pensions. Anyway, we were about to abandon the whole idea when we stumbled, quite literally, on a gem of a hotel just around the corner from the strip. We got caught in the wrong lane and so had to turn right at the end of the strip, Then couldn't get across the road because of traffic so had to turn right again. Not knowing where we were really we just kept going and then found a great hotel - it was a sanctuary of peace compared to the strip hotels. It was all on one level, allowed smoking in some rooms and everywhere outside (common sense) and they had masses of FREE self parking so you could come and go immediately as you wished - without having to pay for somebody to park/retrieve your car every time you went anywhere, plus pay for the privilege! It was called Tuscany Suites and offered crazy good prices - we stayed I think 5 nights (used as a base to travel about the vegas area and see things such as the dam) and the average price per night was about $45. Check it out if you want something away from the mayhem of the strip - plus really big rooms (suites). We went to the Pawn Shop and ended up being in one of the filmed sequences with Rick and the old man, and then also went to Rick's Restorations and met Rick's brother who posed for pictures and gave autographs. A really nice guy actually - and HUGE, at least 6' 6", and maybe more. The pawn shop was NOTHING like you think - there are usually big queues waiting to get in and so you can barely move inside. Then if something interesting turns up, they ask everybody to leave apart from maybe 10 people they ask to stay behind to appear as 'customers' in the background. Then the 'stars' come out of the back room to film the segment, then once over they go back inside, the normal staff reappear and they open up the door to the queue again. You are instructed, firmly, NOT to look at the camera or the 'stars', just mingle around looking into the display cabinets as though it was just a regular no big deal day. What I felt was wrong was that the 'stars' wouldn't even thank the 'customers' that appeared in the filming, let alone pose for pictures or give autographs. They just appear and then disappear just as quickly when they film. They tell you before they come out that you shouldn't look at them or the camera, or even stand alongside the 'customer' pawning an item, and also that they will NOT pose for pictures or give autographs. Considering they would be nothing without all the people who go there to hopefully see them, they ought to at least thank those that are asked to remain during filming - I mean, how long does it take to have pictures taken and autographs given to a maximum of 10 people anyway?? What you also don't see on tv is the far end of the shop - crammed full of merchandise such as T-shirts, mugs, baseball caps and other memorabilia. This is apparently their main source of income (other than the TV rights) because, in reality, they don't make much money from buying and selling. The 'stars' are NEVER just hanging around inside waiting for people to rock up with their stuff, or even so that you can walk up to them to chat or take a picture. Other than when they film, the 'stars' are never there - just the regular staff that actually run the business in the normal course of the day. We did recognise one of the lesser staff that we'd seen occasionally on tv, but he was a very minor character. All in all very disappointing and a bit of a sham really as most people, like we did, think the 'stars' are just hanging around all day doing very little. The reality is they are rarely ever there (their big money comes from the tv series) and only appear on set days to film occasionally during that day. So would I go to Vegas again? Lol, no way.


It's a comparison website that makes money from ads. You can literally find the flight you want and buy it direct from the airline if you're that worried. That said, having read your comments on other threads it would seem you're a troll.


Always prefer to buy direct if i can. My flights to America on a comparison app said 'check website' where the price should have been, so it was bottom of the list, and it was cheaper than the 'cheapest price'


You have to be VERY careful with skyscanner. They use some very unscrupulous agencies. BUYER BEWARE.


We did around the world in 3 weeks, it was plenty of time. London, Singapore, Perth, Ayers Rock, Brisbane, Sydney, Honolulu,San Fransisco, London

Flights on the cheap to USA from £249 with Virgin Atlantic/Partners at SKycanner
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Managed to bag a Chicago flight in August for £334 with Virgin economy classic (all bags) Won’t hang around this offer so need to scoop it up quick. The link I included is just … Read more
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Great deal. Managed to get direct flights from Manchester into Vegas and then return from San Fran to Manchester (via JFK) for £1,300 for a family of 5 in August summer holiday and with luggage.


Booked earlier this evening.... Return fort lauderdale from Heathrow in early August, £1025 for 4 people - didn't expect that! Including 23kg each too through netflights


Hmm, considering CLT in May/June for £270. Seems a sweet deal to me. Heat.


lol. Google it?


Have you got a link and the exact dates you booked? Please

Daytona USA Xbox store BC - Gold Members price - £3.37
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
It’s time to get revved up with Daytona USA! Based on the classic arcade title, Daytona USA features enhanced graphics, tracks for all skill levels, and the original, hit soundtrac… Read more
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What an absolutely bizarre post. 10/10 for effort if nothing else. Slow day I guess?



I passed my DVSA practical driving test [L] by learning to play this game in the arcades (who also went to Sega World in London in 1996?!) and mainly on the Sega Saturn (faithful port apart from the terrible clipping!). Now I keep my X360 just for this game. I passed first time with 8 minors (4 minors for speeding)! Anyone learning to drive, DO NOT book lessons with an instructor, just buy this game and you'll know what real driving is all about. It should be included in the DVSA's official learner driving test kit.


Thanks to all those who advised me regarding backwards compatability. Bought it. Played it. Completed it mate. lol


It's backwards compatible so works on XB1 but loads like a 360 game. I bought it on 360 a few years ago (for £47 less than I paid for the Saturn version!) and when it became BC it appeared in my XB1 games library.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas (digital edition) £44.71 @ Mexico eshop or £46.00 at USA eshop
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
£69.99 in UK shop (being ripped off again) in all seriousness buying the physical edition is not worth it, as you get 70% of all purchasable items from the get go on this version, … Read more
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Thanks so much man, took a bit of fiddling but I finally got it to work! (y)


slightly reworded guide (posted here by @cactusbrandy) for those who have not purchased from the Mexican eShop before using Revolut: 1. Create a spare email account 2. Create a regional PayPal account - in this instance, Mexico 3a. Create a new Nintendo account, using your new email address or 3b. Change your region to Mexico at ( and unlink your UK PayPal if you have linked it before at (or click on Shop Menu in the accounts main page) 4. Get yourself signed up to Revolut (won't detail that here, as it is fairly easy really) 5. In your Mexico PayPal, add your Revolut card as a payment method - as @Cedira says, use your normal billing address for Revolut, putting Mexico as Region/Country and postcode/zip as 06500 6. This will confirm with a small $1 charge to your Revolut virtual card and add to PayPal nicely 7a. Link your Mexican PayPal account to your new Nintendo Account by going to buy a game with the new account (on your Switch); if you click the link in your email, do it incognito, in case it tries to go to the UK version of Nintendo where you may already have your account details saved or 7b. Sign into the eShop on your Switch and buy the game as per normal by linking your Mexican PayPal 8. Proceed to pay for games, using PayPal as your payment method and it will automatically draw funds from your Revolut card as needed 9. Enjoy! (Note: Clear your browser cache if you encounter any account errors) (Note 2: If you go by route b you have to sign into the eShop each time you change region, you'll also have to unlink your region specific PayPal account in step 3b) (Note 3: You will maintain any gold points earned in that region even if you switch regions, you will however not retain any credit, it will ask you if you want to delete the remaining credit (unless you live in the US whereby you'll have to spend it), so I advise not buying with prepaid cards in any region) I can confirm that this guide also works with the Japanese eShop. You can use your Revolut card to buy from South Africa, Russia and Norway (probably most of Europe) either on their browser based Nintendo store or on your Switch if you change region via 3b.


Anyone have a way u can actually buy from the Mexican eshop?


The store retail sets come with one physical ship, two physical weapons, a physical pilot and a grip for your joycons or controller depending on the system, for like £69, the Switch version comes with a digital ship too since it's replaced with a physical arwing. The digital sets give you a lot more as a digital license but the beef here is that we have to pay the same as retail while overseas in the USA you can get the digital version for the price of a regular new game, not inflated.


You miss the point, you get much more with the digital, to get all you get here is going to cost you well over a £100 on top of the base game yes you get a physical toy, but you have to re add to game every 7 days, so don’t lose any parts

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Manchester, UK to the USA or Canada from only £212 roundtrip on Virgin Atlantic & Delta
Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
flights from Manchester, UK to the USA or Canada from only £216 roundtrip with Virgin Atlantic and Delta. Fly to: Washington DC: £216 New York: £214-£235 Toronto: £236-£258 Vancou… Read more

I've booked vancouver albeit only for a week in August and I fully plan to spend the layover exploring a tiny sliver of new york. Better than staying in the airport. I reckon after customs/immigration and getting to and from manhattan, and the check in for international flights, probably looking at around 7 hours in New York.


Gone up now 880


I’ve booked for Vancouver in August for 2 weeks. Long lay over in NYC of 12 hours but nothing stopping you from leaving the airport and taking the sky train into town?


Coming up for me. I just booked 31st to 5th to Washington Dulles for 280. Just got to figure out how to get to downtown Baltimore now...


all gone (annoyed)

Glasgow, Scotland to Las Vegas, USA for only £242 roundtrip @ British Airways
Found 21st SepFound 21st Sep
Cheap flights from Glasgow, Scotland to Las Vegas, USA for only £242 roundtrip with British Airways and American Airlines. DEPART: Glasgow, UK ARRIVE: Las Vegas, USA RETURN: Glasgo… Read more

Definitely expired. Price was just u set £800 for flights for 3 couple of days ago & same flights total over £1500 now


Expired. over £500 a skull now


strange how the pricing works out isnt it for me i can do without hold luggage, but never thought of hiring car


During a sale it is sometimes worth adding a car hire, you get baggage included and better discount you can even not bother with the car


dublins always cheaper less taxes, if i was looking for business class would go that route but these prices are good as they from regional airport and a through fare, factor in getting to dublin and then your fare becomes expensive

2 week Usa Rock and Roll road trip, visiting Nashville, Memphis and many more for £843 each (£1686) total) including flights, hotels and car hire @ agoda
Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
This deal is based on 2 adults flying out from Heathrow to Nashville on Thursday 4th June returning Thursday 18th June. You will be exploring Nashville, Memphis, Muscle Shoals, Bir… Read more
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Just out of wondering did you have a V8 Mustang or an Eco boost? I'd love to do this but would be unhappy with the Ecoboost.


Agree that SF was the not the best, near double of everywhere else we stayed, but the other places we stayed where great,


Just a quick word of advice. My brother lives just outside of Memphis and he would tell you to never stay anywhere near the airport as it’s very unsafe! It is one of the worst crime areas near Memphis. When I first went out there, I stayed at a ‘Red Roof’ hotel near N Shelby Oaks Drive, which has easy access to the airport (20 minute drive) and Memphis.


Try flying into Houston. About £400. The hotels are pricey too. Use Best Western types. Save a fortune.


Let’s all go on a hotukdeals jolly boy’s outing. If we hire a minibus, and club together, we may get bulk party discounts. Anyone in?

Non-stop from London, UK to Los Angeles, USA from £285 roundtripOn American Airlines
Found 16th SepFound 16th Sep
Non-stop flights from London, UK to Los Angeles, USA for only £285 roundtrip with American Airlines. DEPART: London, UK ARRIVE: Los Angeles, USA RETURN: London, UK DATES: Avail… Read more

I'm not trolling, when people give either positive or negative feedback they should explain why, otherwise there is no credibility




Please remove yourself from my presence.


you won't be missed


Used American Airlines before and they were great.

Non-stop from London, UK to Las Vegas, USA for only £284 roundtrip on Virgin Atlantic @ Skyscanner
Found 16th SepFound 16th Sep
Non-stop flights from London, UK to Las Vegas, USA for only £284 roundtrip with Virgin Atlantic. DEPART: London, UK ARRIVE: Las Vegas, USA RETURN: London, UK DATES: Limited ava… Read more

Read an article recently about the airline sites that seem to track you via cookies and push the price up each time you visit. The article tested with a second, separate PC and found cheaper prices. It can be worth clearing cookies from the last hour, or using a different browser when you come to make the booking to avoid this. However, your post sounds more like the main site getting a list of all prices every so often and it not updating that price list when you went through booking and the site rechecked the specific current price for you.


About a month back I found return half term flights from LHR to LAX for 4 for £1500. I went though the checkout, entered my card details and then it said the price has increased by £1000. Came out of the screen and tried again, price still said £1500, went though checkout and again the message that the price had increased by £1000. I didn't book but twice I entered my details and payment details. It's not always the price it says on the screen with VA.


No, it’s first class for 350 quid. Jeez


Says the guy posting deals on Richmond sausages talking about how they can be microwaved. LOL


If you are going to copy and paste a "deal" from another site (SecretFlying) I think it's only fair to give them a link/credit? Also, Skyscanner is just a comparison site so the deal is not "from Skyscanner" it's from whatever OTA is listed in the Skyscanner search results (and many of these have awful reviews on Tripadvisor etc). In most cases you are better off booking direct with the airline rather than some third party you have never heard of and for longhaul if you use complete savings cashback you can get 10% cashback on many airlines including Virgin, which means the price works out similar to or cheaper than the OTA's anyway.

Cheap flights from London, UK to Seattle, USA for only £274 roundtrip with American Airlines and British airways at Skyscanner (checked baggage extra)
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
DEPART: London, UK ARRIVE: Seattle, USA RETURN: London, UK DATES: Availability from October 2018 to May 2019 (excluding Christmas/New Year) Example dates: 9th-19th Oct 9th-23rd Oct… Read more

Can anyone else see this price? I've input the same dates and can only see £400+


Good price. Wrong city for me need Atlanta or LA


350 for San Fran is a great deal


No checked baggage included add another £60.00

Nike Shox Gravity 8.5 & 9.5 US (7.5 & 8.5 UK) £78.63 including all shipping and taxes @ Amazon USA RRP $149.99
Found 9th SepFound 9th Sep
These are the be Shox Gravity. They haven't launched in the UK and are premium with a price tag of $149.99. Knowing how companies operate they would cost £150 if they sold them her… Read more
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They discontinued Shox and this is the brand new version that was launched this year I believe.


Reminds me of nike shox back in 2005


Yep saw the same


It's still the same price as I stated in the OP:


£90+ after shipping and import fees

Switch Axiom Verge on USA Nintendo eshop only £8
Found 1st SepFound 1st Sep
Brought the physical copy yesterday for £24.99 then saw this was om sale on the usa store. So quicky returned this today for anyone that needs credit pcgamesupply sell $10 eshop cr… Read more
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Indeed - the US is rarely the go-to, when compared to Mexico, Russia, South Africa and Norway. The occasional gem here and there in US/Canada/Japan, but alternatives are usually still much better than the UK at least. In your debt, sir. Thank you!


When you sign into to change your region, you can unlink your PayPal account in a click if you go to "shop menu". (If it gives you an error regarding your region, just clear your browser cache.) I've not bought anything from either of those regions so I can't say for certain, but it did automatically sign me into the US PayPal (hence the page screenshots were in English) when I signed in using my MX account so it probably works fine. Given that Mexico (alongside Russia and Norway) usually have the best prices, it probably doesn't matter if you can't use them.


My UK account has PayPal already linked, so this was a simple workaround for me. For clarity, I assume that the Mexico PayPal can pay on the US/Canada eShops, after a region change in account?


I'm glad you got it working. The only difference for me is that I used the same Nintendo account for all regions. I didn't think it was worth the effort to manage three (UK, MX, JP) separate accounts on my Switch just to save the gold points I'd lose from region hopping. As for managing three separate PayPal accounts? LastPass is pretty handy.


Well, so it does! Steps I took to get MX games without pre-paid cards: 1. Create a spare gmail account 2. Create a regional PayPal account - in this instance, Mexico 3. Create a new Nintendo account, using your new gmail address 4. Get yourself signed up to Revolut (won't detail that here, as it is fairly easy really) 5. In your Mexico PayPal, add your Revolut card as a payment method - as @Cedira says, use your normal billing address for Revolut, putting Mexico as Region/Country and postcode/zip as 06500 6. This will confirm with a small $1 charge to your Revolut virtual card and add to PayPal nicely 7. Link your Mexico PayPal account to your new Nintendo Account by going to buy a game with the new account; if you click the link in your email, do it incognito, in case it tries to go to the UK version of Nintendo where you may already have your account details saved 8. Proceed to pay for games, using PayPal as your payment method and it will automatically draw funds from your Revolut card as needed 9. Enjoy!

Gibson SG Fusion USA Made £354.90 New @ Thomann
Shipping from DEShipping from GermanyFound 28th AugFound 28th Aug
Great price for a USA made Gibson includes gig bag. Free Shipping from Germany Body: Mahogany Neck: Maple (Satin Finish) Fretboard: Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia) Neck profil… Read more
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Recent review of this


yeah I've left mine alone but I know some people have their own preferences, great guitar for the price hope you enjoy it :)

Ban_Anas point buying a g400 pro if intention imho. (have one on order / bought for action + pups / taps - leaving well T.F. alone)


can't beat a maple satin neck though... imho (garbage ceramic pickups and bridge aside). if had a epi standard bridge setup i would have probably have been buying.


I’m not sure how good the very cheap Gibson’s are, the firebird zero and M2 seemed to get some pretty mixed reviews. It’s probably worth the extra money to step up to the faded or studio models ( whatever the next step up is ) or for 300 you can pickup an G400 pro Can even get it in a silver burst for a tenner more leaves you some extra cash to start swapping pickups or hardware Second hand can probably do even better for your money either on the Gibson or epiphones

Baymont Inn & Suites Orlando USA, Florida, Orlando, International Drive Area  9th September  From Manchester  7 nights £1043 @ Thomas Cook
Found 25th AugFound 25th Aug
7 Nights, Continental BreakfastDeluxe 2 Queens Room (2 Adults, 1 Child) Max age for child price 19 Airport Transfer: Airport: approx. 25 mins 09 Sep 2018 11:55 - 16:15 Manchester -… Read more

2 soft drinks a day by a family of four on a 2 week Disney holiday is around $300. A simple lunch each day will run you $600+ That's a lot of money easily saved, food and drink at Disney parks are eye-wateringly expensive. Nothing wrong with taking in a bottle to fill at water fountains and avoiding having meals in the park (having a breakfast buffet at the hotel or Golden Corral is usually the best option, will keep you full until dinner). There's a lot to be said about keeping costs under control for a Florida holiday. If you go too far trying to ensure a 'perfect' holiday with no thoughts to cost, you can turn a £2000-2500 holiday into a £5000+ and get questionable value for it.


I can never understand the people who pay thousands to holiday in Florida and you then see them taking sandwiches and bottles of tap water. It’s an easy way to spot Dibb posters I guess along with the tattoos and soccer tops.


Avoid this hotel at all costs the room was horrible it smelt of damp , the carpet turned your feet black , the shuttles are included in your resort fee so aren't really complimentary.


What if you've got a second child?


Mid September is one of the quietest times of the year.

Made-In-The-USA-Confectionary-Cup 200g £1.50 @ Morrisons
Found 12th AugFound 12th Aug
Assorted Novelty Sugar And Chocolate Sweets From The Usa.
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Will never be any import duties it would cripple us if this happened




Diabetes in a cup :D :D :D


Last time I bought these it was full of nerd boxes and a couple of sweets, not really a mixed cup.


Do these turn you into a 'Trumptard'?

FLASH SALE at PlayStation PSN Store USA - Assassins Creed Rogue £13.85 Street Fighter V £7.69 Sword Art Online £18.47 Tekken 7 £18.47 Yoku's Island Express £11.54 Resident Evil 7 Gold £23.09
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
Game Price GBP % Off Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered $17.99 £13.85 40% Bridge Constructor Portal $8.99 £6.92 40% DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ $41.99 £32.33 30% DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ… Read more
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Thanks for confirming that! I couldn't remember if it was right or not and didn't want anyone losing money!


Yeah your 100% right, UK discs and digital games will not work with any dlc apart from the psn Europe, same the other way if you have a USA disc or digital and buy the dlc from the UK store.


Cheers but bought it on the US Store last month for a fiver so the DLC is going with the same region


Might be wrong but don't think dlc will work unless you have the American version of the game, again I could be wrong but think someone here told me that when I said about the season pass for Arkham Knight going cheap


The DLC for SF5 is getting bought due to the nightmare grind fest I’m having unlocking all characters. (annoyed)

Simple Value USA Travel Plug Triple Pack at Argos £3.49 (Free C&C)
Found 29th JulFound 29th Jul
Can't go wrong with these USA Travel plugs. Airports and other stores charge a bomb for these - a typical rip off. Hope this helps. Description Check in. Charge up. Chill out. S… Read more
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Always make sure your appliance can take 120v before plugging into these (vast majority of European electronics can but check just in case). A 7.5A rating is also pretty low, a hairdryer will probably draw more current than this can handle (especially at 120v) so be careful.


No point in buying multiple adapters. Just buy one and plug a UK multi-tap into it!


As you say there are loads of 2 prong sockets where the 3 pin plug won't work.


They are type B and yes much better.


£1.79 for a 3 pack in Aldi

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