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Victorinox Rally Swiss Army Pocket Knife (Multi Tool, 9 Functions) Red £8.81 Prime (+£4.49 non Prime) Delivered @ Amazon
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
A handy but versatile pocket knife here from Victorinox, works out a nice price especially with Amazon Prime for free delivery. NBP based on Victorinox website. Description Al… Read more
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Great, cheers


Sadly no scissors which is must have thing on these knives. Good price hence heat!


Handy little knife, i have loads of these. Lo (ninja) t of little knife for the money.


Ive got one of these and a couple of the Escort one (same height, just a blade and a nail file, £5.99 on Amazon). They are about the same height as a credit card and I keep one in my pocket and in the car at all times as they are super useful. YMMV but I prefer the thinner Escort as its a bit less weight in your pocket, but if you drink a lot of bottled beer, this ones probably for you.


Yes checked on victorinox website and realised the pics on amazon were wrong :( fixed now.

Victorinox Army Knife Escort £5.99 at Amazon / £10.48 non prime @ Amazon
Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
Good value and handy pocket knife. Product Description Victorinox swiss army knives - escort red All Victorinox Knives are made from first class stainless steel and are guarant… Read more

Theres a big difference between knives being allowed in public and what's allowed on a plane. All sharp objects in hand luggage will be confiscated no matter the size.


These will be confiscated at airport security, definitely not allowed. If you get one through it will be by luck. Great small knife by the way, but I think it's worth paying a bit more for the scissors and bottle opener type.


SD for me but these are absolutely amazing 🔥


Got taken off me at the airport before boarding. ;(


It's the Manager for me, my daily carry. I like all these 58mm Vics though.

Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. Watch £200.34 (incl import fees) at Amazon sold by Amazon US
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
This is one hell of a deal on this watch grab it while it lasts ...For £200 all in i think it is very good

Ok treacle..... (y)


Calm down sunshine, just trying to inject a little humour! I agree with you - in fact, if you could be bothered to read back through the thread, it was me that raised the issue of poor quality items being supplied by H Samuel in the first place!


Think your missing the point..... Don't matter what brand it is, the thing should turn up working! Donut!


LOL!! Should have bought a Victorinox...


Cheaper than putting a new battery in my seamaster, which is nice under current economy.

Victorinox Classic SD Pocket Knife,Red ,58 mm - £11.96 Prime / £16.45 Non Prime @ Amazon
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
Sold by Amazon Blue Black blade, small scissors nail file screwdriver 2.5 mm key ring toothpick tweezers It all started with the Swiss Officer’s Knife – and more than a … Read more
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Had one for nearly 40 years. Great little knife (y)


It was at it's cheapest 2 weeks ago.


got a good deal for that model of time machine???


Tune (y)


Your comment made me think of ........................ 'I'm a picker I'm a grinner I'm a lover And I'm a sinner I play my music in the sun' It was the word 'midnight' (embarrassed) (y)

Victorinox Army Knife Rambler Red, £14 / +£4.49 non prime at Amazon
417° Expired
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
Great pocket knife, awaiting stock. Specifications EAN: 7611160009784 Pocket Knife Brand: Victorinox Colour: Red Material: Stainless steel Number of functions: 10 Handle … Read more

I agree, for size and usability this is the knife to carry around all the time. Just the right tools, nice and small. Heat.


Out of stock :/


Camel^3 says this is the lowest it's been. Victrinox are premium items.


Currently on my keys and even taken on a plane with no issues by accident. I would not be without one as it saves the day so often, The tweezers and screwdriver ends are used much more than the knife and the scissors are superb.



Victorinox I.N.O.X Quartz Green 241725-1 £198.02 @ Amazon US
Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
A sense of Deja Vu here with another Amazon Global US deal including all taxes and shipping. This time in Green. Watch listing is not great but I am pretty sure Ref is 241725-1. … Read more

The packaging and clasp was exactly the same as in the video. One odd thing was to do with tracking the delivery in the uk, i got notification yesterday saying hermes have a delivery for me from PIXI - it was the watch, no idea who PIXI is though?!?! Lush watch though, nice weight but the clasp is a PITA for my sausage fingers. But im happy to add it to the collection and will get a regular outing rather than gathering dust. The bash gaurd thing is dreadful - that wont be seeing the light of day. Oh and the warranty card isnt signed or stamped so not sure what will happen if there are any issues.


Good result (y) how was the Box and Packaging? Based on an earlier comment, feedback and/or images would be good. When you say clasp, is it per the following video at 2:15 Minutes? Them are ones best done up when seated, watch draped on knee case back upwards, wrist palm up, wrap around wrist and close. Saves any accidents (lol) .


Mine wass delivered this morning, all good from what i can see and no signed of being seconds or a returned item. My only complaint is that the clasp is a nightmare.....


I got this deal a few months ago, paid a bit extra for express shipping and it arrived from Kentucky USA in 36 hours! One thing to note, it comes in a crap box and not the plush one that's usually supplied with the Inox so maybe factory seconds. I thought it might have been a fake but after a thorough examination I can confirm it is the real deal. Very nice watch with a flawless finish. Super tough but will scratch easy. I fell over on solid granite the other week nearly breaking my wrist in the process but the Inox was untouched.


Superb!!! 8)

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Victorinox I.N.O.X Quartz Watch on Stainless Bracelet £199.73 @ Amazon US
46° Expired
Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
Appreciating that TK sometimes have discounted Victorinox watches, I think this one from Amazon Global is worth a shout as it is a very clean model that’s heavily discounted. Point… Read more

I've seen a few on eBay with decent sellers from the states, for a similar price recently if you want one


Green variant still available for £198 including all taxes + shipping.


The airboss mechanical is £399 too.


Nice - big watch. Worth keeping an eye put for the INOX V if you have smaller wrists, they say it is a woman's watch but at 38mm and being identical to the larger its a good alternative.


On the Orange strap with Amazon £499.

Victorinox Kitchen Set 5 pieces in black, Stainless Steel, 30 x 5 x 5 cm - £55.14 @ Amazon
576° Expired
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
seems like a good price

The knives feels cheap, but they are sharp and last. If you want to have a go, try getting hold of the ‘tomato knife’. It will be the only thing you might need for the foreseeable future


This isn't the best, it appears to scratch as well. Not the best buy.


Handles are very cheap plastic, but they appear to be good knives. Just not the poshest things


how is the handle on those ones? I'm looking for some knives


I've opted for this... Will let you know how it goes

Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. Sapphire Brown Leather Strap Watch, £152.15 with code at H.Samuel
254° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Nice watch on offer here. What stands out in this watch: With a unique design and a build-quality to last a life time and longer, the I.N.O.X. watch is a marvel of watchmakin… Read more

Surely solar or kinetic powered with a quartz movement would be best? You have to replace the battery on this? Screw that. Titanium would be stronger and lighter too. Or if not more robust, more scratch resistant at least. This watch exists for a reason, but even if you want a robust watch I think having something solar powered and ideally titanium would make sense. Would cost significantly more though.


Says it has a timing bezel? (confused)


Its very cool the bumper 😁 (y) 🏻 I used to put mine on from time to time. Increases the size of the watch massively though (lol)


💯 % correct buddy. An automatic completely defeats the object of the watch (y) 🏻


Never seen a watch with an optional cover before.

Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Pocket Knife, Jelly Blue - £23.87 at Amazon
383° Expired
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Quality pocket knife at a reasonable price. Features: 15 Functions - - Large blade - Small blade - Wood saw - Can opener/small screwdriver - Bottle opener, screwdriver and wi… Read more

I have this Victorinox is silver tech. It's a good size and balance of tools. Went for it for the scissors and saw. Bottle of wine, baguette and some cheese and tomato and this knife will sort you out. Actually did that in a courtyard in paris with a cheapo knife. Buying lunch in Paris is expensive, while quality French staples (bread, cheese and wine) aren't. Didn't have a saw on that, but imagine that's handy for bread. Good everyday carry this.


Aye lol. Dunno if they're just dumb, ill informed or a troll, or something else but I've reported their spreading of false information. Update: Troll posts removed :)


Beware the trolls on hukd knife deals


Yes, it's a non locking blade under 3 inches


They are lol

Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. Mechanical Blue Dial, Wooden Strap Men’s £495 delivered @ Watch Nation
92° Expired
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. Mechanical Blue Dial, Wooden Strap Men’s £495 delivered @ Watch Nation
£495£64924% Free P&P Free
Specs: Weight : 109 g gtin: 7630000733474 Brand: Victorinox Face Colour : Blue Manufacturer: Victorinox MPN: 241834 EAN: 7630000733474 SKU: 241834 Strap Colour: Brown G… Read more
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There was a few models in my local shop. One of them definitely automatic. I thought the quartz was a better deal.


I think they were all Quartz, the one I bought on that deal certainly was. Nice for £200 though.


Before I completely ignore you, could you explain how I can go back in time and prove what I saw? Could you further explain why you would think I’d be disingenuous about it? Then, explain why you said you have three of these then admitted lying about it? Also, what judgments? I’ve stated these are decent and sturdy. I’ve stated Victorinox does not have the heritage that other companies have in watch production. It seems that the falsehoods are coming from your end, indicating the BS is entirely yours. Thank you for your input though. It would seem that there is something worse than someone who can’t back up their comment, that would be someone who lies about having the watch with the sole purpose of inciting an argument. Enjoy your movements, or lack of.


Nothing worse than someone who can't back up their bull**** I haven't bought this! It was just your comments.... I haven't even said this is a good deal. Again because you can't back up comments your making false judgements. Your comments aren't productive if you can't give examples and explanations to back them up. They just become sour opinions


I’m not getting pulled into your stupid argument. You bang on about movements, but realistically, all of the Swiss ones are about the same at this price. Heritage is quite simply watch makers who’ve been making watches for a very long time and have developed a good reputation for doing it. That’s obviously not the case with Victorinox, despite their apparent quality. Enlighten us? Or you? I think the real issue is I’ve questioned the price of something that you’ve spent money on and you don’t like it. Not my problem. I can’t back up the price I’ve seen it for, it was nearly a year ago, but I’ve no reason to lie and your cocky attitude is nonproductive. If you’ve finished, I’ve better things to do. Cheers.

Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife Red £22.61 @ Amazon
634° Expired
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife Red £22.61 @ Amazon
£22.61 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Cheapest i have seen it. A popular SAK with woodsaw and scissors as well as the basic tools.

Sorry for the late reply. It was Amsterdam Airport about 20 years ago, it was in my hand luggage so quite dangerous to take on board .


Camelcamel chart


"through airport customs" "put in bin" so he had it in his hand luggage. Taken a few to HK in checked luggage and had no problems.


No way, was this in a UK airport? I thought these penknives could be taken when in checked in luggage?


(excited) heat ! Lost mine going through airport customs, secure in suitcase in toiletries bag, they didn’t like it ! Had to put it in the bin 🗑.. that was hard to do,

Victorinox Manager Swiss Army Knife £14.68 @ Amazon (+£4.49 non-prime)
355° Expired
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Victorinox Manager Swiss Army Knife £14.68 @ Amazon (+£4.49 non-prime)
My favourite of the keyring sized Vic's - I carry one every day. Cheapest I've seen it.

No, I had a completely valid reason to be carrying it. So I would have been fine. I would be lucky if a law was broken, but no laws were broken. And it is not the polices full discretion at all, if they decided to arrest you it is at the discretion of the court. And if you have no intention of using it to harm anybody then there will be no evidence of that and not even reach court. And if it did it would certainly get thrown out at that point. It is a right that we have to carry a knife within the specifications and I intend to do so unless it becomes illegal. You can have the opinion that you shouldn't carry, and that people shouldn't encourage people to carry. But stating things as fact that are blatantly false just makes you look silly.


You were just lucky, the exception rather than the rule. The police will arrest you for carrying a weapon of any sorts (even a screwdriver). The intention of said weapon is at the polices full discretion. Just don’t carry knifes on the street and don’t encourage people to do so


I think what you mean to say is "don't carry knifes in public if you intend to use them as a weapon." Because that is a good point. If it was used as a weapon, for purposes of attacking someone, then yes you could get in trouble. But you are missing the point. If that happens you are getting arrested regardless for attacking someone. It would be the same for a fist full of keys of a screwdriver. I have been stopped by police with a leatherman on me, (two blades over 3 inches, both locking) and everything was hunky dory, because I had a good reason. Just stop, it's boring.


You clearly have no understanding of the law in the UK. Perhaps you need to read a book


You literally added the unless part your self. Anything can be a weapon if the police find you had intent to use the weapon. Read the law mate. Don’t carry knifes at all in public or you will be arrested

Victorinox Alliance Men's Black Leather Strap Watch 241823 - £127.50 @ H Samuel
144° Expired
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Victorinox Alliance Men's Black Leather Strap Watch 241823 - £127.50 @ H Samuel
£127.50£30658% Free P&P FreeH Samuel Deals
Decent price for a quality brand 25% discount at checkout brings down the price to £127.50

Date function. D'oh.


Only through HUKD but otherwise i lived in shameful ignorance :P But i know a good looking watch when i see one :)


Where are the tweezers?


Good find. Heat added


No good for me. Has no bottle opener

Victorinox Swiss Army Fieldforce Sapphire Watch £127.50 at H.Samuel
49° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Victorinox Swiss Army Fieldforce Sapphire Watch £127.50 at H.Samuel
£127.50£17025%H Samuel Deals
Over £300 in most places, nice watch on offer here, hope it helps. Discount at checkout.

Missed out on this ;( As well as the Mondaine evo2 Big Date for £119.00 less 25%


Good deal for whoever got one. I’ve owned a couple of Victorinox watches before and they really are great value 🔥




Where's the tin opener?



Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Pocket Knife, Jelly Blue/Silver - £23.87/£25.53 at Amazon
647° Expired
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Pocket Knife, Jelly Blue/Silver - £23.87/£25.53 at Amazon
£23.87£2918%Amazon Deals
Excellent pocket tool at a reasonable cost. Key features Perfect for sawing wood or cutting ropes when climbing, hiking and camping Swiss made pocket knife with 15 functions… Read more

Worth noting that while this is legal in the UK, certain areas have restrictions. So you definitely won't want to try and take this on a plane and similarly some public sites will have restrictions in place that prevent you from taking these inside. But vast majority of places it's absolutely fine and certainly not illegal, providing of course you use it in a responsible manner! Yes, absolutely. Nobody is committing knife crime using a swiss army knife, more likely to cut off your own finger accidentally if you attempted to do so! The laws are very clear in the UK, you aren't allowed a blade over 3 inches or a blade that locks. Two sensible restrictions. Other than that not only can you carry this, but you don't have to provide any reason or justification for doing so. It's just a tool, no different to if you carry keys, nail clippers, a keyring torch etc. Obviously with all things if you use it in a criminal way, then absolutely it's illegal! If you were carrying a blade that broke either of the above rules you would have to justify why it was reasonable and necessary to have it on you. For example a builder on their way to a site with a tool box is not going to get prosecuted for having a stanley knife as there's a clear reason to have it, but if I decide to take a wander down the shops with one in my pocket I absolutely would be liable for prosecution.


Sure is I carry one every day


Great product but has been as low as £20.18 in April


Definite on the saw. You never know when you could get stuck in a desert for 127 hours.


I love this brand. Always carry one with my keys. 👌

Victorinox Manager Swiss Army Knife Blade - Red, Small/30 mm - £15.33 (Prime) £19.82 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
246° Expired
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Victorinox Manager Swiss Army Knife Blade - Red, Small/30 mm - £15.33 (Prime) £19.82 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
£15.06£2846%Amazon Deals
Update 1
Update - price drop from £15.99 to £15.33 on 14/05
My favourite of the keyring sized Vic's, currently a good price. I carry one on me every day. Edit: Now £15.06

Updated price also some reductions on 9ther from recent prices. Cadet alox being a good example...


My favourite mini victorinox, put the toothpick in my wallet and keep the tweezers in the knife. The screwdriver is brilliant for those smaller screws and it's what I use the most. I paid £14 on amazon but it hasn't been that price in quite a while.


I keep eyeing up the Alox Classic. Looks so thin.


How did you guess - fabulous little thing and I use every day


Did you graduate from the Classic like me?

Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Pocket Knife, Jelly Red, £24.37 at Amazon
433° Expired
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Pocket Knife, Jelly Red, £24.37 at Amazon
£24.37£2916%Amazon Deals
Great little pocket knife for the money. The successor to the legendary Officer's Knife. Inspired by this classic design, the addition of scissors and a wood saw gives the Huntsma… Read more

Showing £27.96


Love my huntsmen (I have 2) but the Ranger is my preferred with an extra layer (metal file) and some small tools on the back. Added plus scales for a tenner


Ordered and added to my Vic collection! Voted hot, thx!


Yes. Blade must be non-locking and <7.62cm (3 inches).



Victorinox Rally Small Pocket Knife - £8.81 @ Amazon (+ £4.49 non-prime)
815° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Victorinox Rally Small Pocket Knife - £8.81 @ Amazon (+ £4.49 non-prime)
£8.81 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Features include: Thin Blade - Tweezer - Wire Stripper - Bottle Opener with Magnetic Phillips Screwdriver - Nail File and Screwdriver - Key Ring - Toothpick. Size: 2.1/4in - 58mm … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Me, all the time. I've got the Minichamp which goes almost everywhere with me, usually in the watch pocket of my jeans.


Good point. With the Rambler you can also carry both the toothpick and the tweezers (if you care), with the Manager you have to choose between them. On the subject of being less fat, a good choice here is the Alox Classic SD. Very thin scales.


The 'Rambler' is exactly the same, but slightly less fat due to no pen, but has exactly the same stuff.


Got to be prepared! (lol)


And its more expensive everywhere else, so that makes it a good price. A good price makes something a deal.

Victorinox Army Knife Escort 6 functions £5.99 @ Amazon (+£4.49 non-prime)
584° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Victorinox Army Knife Escort 6 functions £5.99 @ Amazon (+£4.49 non-prime)
£5.99 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
6 functions blade, small nail file screwdriver 2.5 mm key ring toothpick tweezers
Get deal*Get deal*

Now this one is an excellent price. FIRE!


Not quite sure what this means?




I bought some of these 20+ years ago and although battered still work fine, thought these were about £14 full price, off to see if I can get some more. Thanks


It is a deal if people don't know about it. It was a deal for me and that's why I bought it. I think it's a bargain.

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