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Now TV Cinema pass for £5.99 a month for 3 Months
Found 12 h, 56 m agoFound 12 h, 56 m ago
Got email for now TV Cinema pass.

I bought the 3 month TV pass for GOT watched 2 episodes lol... watched rest at mates. What a waste... theres nothing on it... maybe Simpsons


I got an email with £5 per month for 3 months. Try this code NOW4PFU9GETC64


I never, EVER, get any emails from now TV other than receipts for pass / cancellations etc. Do you have to opt into marketing or something?


That's what I normally wait for :)


Not a deal unless everyone can use this. I cancelled my movie subscription last week (expires 26th May) and got an e-mail yesterday giving me 3 months for the price of 1 (£3.99 per month). So have subscribed again until 26th August. I'll keep cancelling and renewing at their reduced offer price until they stop giving me an offer.

4 months NOW TV Sky Sports pass - £25 per month
09/06/2019Expires on 09/06/2019Found 18th MayFound 18th May
Not as good as the 3 month for £20 per month offer, but still a decent saving for the whole of the summer. Possible £8 cashback @ Quidco too.
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It makes deals like this sounds more attactive to those not in the know about the £25 month passes. To them 26% off would sound like a decent deal, whats effectively 0% off for the rest of us does not.


This is why I can never understand why their standard price on their website is £33.99 as you can always get them for £25 or less.


I get Sky Sports for £16.99 per month


Possibly. Place your phone where it would be when streaming, then try watching a sports video clip like the one below on your phone using Wifi.


I miss my football

4K Roku Streaming Stick+ Player - Now ONLY £49.99 at Amazon
Found 17th MayFound 17th May
Another chance to save an extra tenner off the cost of this flagship Roku streaming device. Originally priced at £79.99 when first launched, this has recently been selling for arou… Read more

Yep. Now 44.99. I just posted it as a deal.


It is! £44.99 now!


Still needs to be cheaper


Great thanks for all your help (y)


Glad I could help... if you need anything else, just message me and I'll do my best to share whatever Roku knowledge I have gleaned over the years with you. Speaking of which, in case you missed my other comment in the Roku Express deal thread, there is an alternate webpage on the Roku website which allows you to register for a Roku account *without* providing payment details to Roku [VISIT: TO DO SO] because the usual page [] plus the web address they quote in the Quick Start Guide and/or on your television screen when first setting-up your Roku device will require you to put your debit/credit card info "on file" with Roku and, although they will offer the alternative URL to those who kick-up a stink about it, they don't do as much as they could / should to make this easily accessible to everybody who purchases their products. I'd also advise against adding too many Roku channels (apps) to your Roku account during the registration process... because it will only cause the set-up of your Roku device to take longer. All the channels can be found easily (after setup is complete) using the built-in 'Search' feature within the 'Channel Store' so it's quicker to get set-up first then add any channels (apps) you want after the fact. ;) (y)

Sky Sports Cricket HD £10 pm for 12months
27/06/2019Expires on 27/06/2019Found 17th MayFound 17th May
Just seen an advert for the option to add Sky Sports HD for £10pm says at the bottom "£10 extra pm for 12 months. Guarantee for Cricket channel only. 31 days notice to cancel. Of… Read more

£10 to watch just cricket, nah!!


Does cricket not normally come with standard Sky Sports package??? Seems expensive for standalone channel.


No contract 31 days notice required


Is this no contract or 12 months contract?


Probably because you can negotiate much better deals e.g I pay £13 for the complete Sports bundle in HD, my parents pay £9 and I’m sure people have managed better, luck of the draw really. But £10 for one channel isn’t really worth it.

Meizu Note 8 4GB 64GB Mobile Phone Note8 Snapdragon 632 Octa Core 5.99'' Dual Rear Camera 3600mAh £105.06 @ AliExpress Hongkong SKY-WAY
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
Decently specced and reviewed Chinese phone, that generally goes for somewhere between 150-170. Oddly there is a flash deal on AliExpress from Meizu's official site that is more e… Read more
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How do Meizu's stack up against the likes of Huawei? Are they more Oppo or doogee?


slow modem and no ac WIFI


Good little review.


No. The Mi A2 has a superior processor in the Snapdragon 660, a superior camera setup (that can use the Google HDR+ app from XDA forums) and USB-C rather than the antiquated Micro USB on the Meizu. Only things the Meizu has going for it is the 3.5mm headphone jack and a slightly bigger battery. If, however, you're talking about the Mi A2 Lite, then the Meizu is better.


Only 2/4 bands available in the UK, can assume band 20 isn't one, heat added for specs to price ratio though John, good find 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Roku Express High Definition Media Streamer - £24.00 from Tesco
02/06/2019Expires on 02/06/2019Found 16th MayFound 16th May
Another chance to save a fiver off the cost of this entry-level streaming device from Roku which gets you access to over 6,700+ Roku channels (apps) of streaming content... includi… Read more

I am missing the ability to pause live TV though. With the exception of the iPlayer I haven't found a way to do it yet. Though I suppose that's down to advertising and app funding.


Thank you.


You can get 'Sky Atlantic' and 'Sky One' with a NOW TV Entertainment pass and then watch via the 'NOW TV' Roku channel (app) for UK Roku devices. There's various ways to access content from the 'History' channel... including via the 'TVPlayer' app for UK Roku devices, as well as the new 'History Play' subscription service (£3.99 per month, after 7-day free trial period) through Amazon Prime Video Channels - although you also need to be an Amazon Prime member to get that. There is not much that you cannot watch on Roku, through one (or more) of the 6,700+ apps available! :D (y)


Just clicked on Amazon before you said ! Same price.will order from Amazon much better . Thanks again.


Doh! :( I noticed it's only £24.99 on Amazon atm, if that's any good to you? If not, I'm sure Tesco will get more stock in soon! (y)

FREE Crunchyroll: 30 Day Pass for Twitch Prime Members
13/06/2019Expires on 13/06/2019Found 16th MayFound 16th May
Unlock the world's largest anime collection on Crunchyroll with an extended 30-day FREE TRIAL ( normally just 14-days ) to enjoy their entire library of anime, manga, and drama tit… Read more

A fellow Islander, nice (y) 🏻


You're all very welcome! :D


Crunchyroll already give a free trial, wonder if can stack them


Great! Thanks OP (y)


My little one would love this, Thank you (y)

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Glass (4K UHD) Film (Prime Video - streaming online video) £13.99 @ Amazon Prime Video
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
Been wanting to see this since it was released, seen unbreakable and split, two epic (in my opinion) movies. M. Night Shyamalan brings together the narratives of two worldwide b… Read more

Can't wait to watch this - loved Unbreakable. Always thought massively underated film.


I thought this one was smashing


Can't wait to watch it tonight!


For me Glass was the best film in the trilogy. 8/10 from me


Yes, let us know what you think, I'm looking forward catching up with it - no spoilers please! :)

50% Off BT Sport @ Wowcher £14.99 Per Month For 12 Months + 3 Months Hd for £9 @ Wowcher £188.88
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
Half Price BT Sport For Sky Tv Customers @ £14.99 A Month.Also 3 Months Sky Hd For £9. £20 Activation Fee Required Customers Not Wishing To Continue Subscription After The 12 Month… Read more
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Is it not worth waiting until the new season (for those wanting it for football) to see if sky allow you to add this onto their sports package? (So we hear it’s coming)


No but I used to subscribe to BT Sport


Ah ok - do you work for sky ?


You'll be able to cancel at the end of the 11th month.


I'll stick with going to the pub for the BT games, it sure costs a lot more, but its a lot more fun (highfive)

Now TV Sky Sports 1 Week Pass £2.59 @
Found 14th MayFound 14th May
There are some restrictions on the voucher. It can only be used once on a lifetime of an account. So if the customer used a voucher (day pass or 7 days pass) on his account in the … Read more

Well retaining Young and Jones was the final straw. Im done with United, its just garbage. I also wish Liverpool had won the league and Leeds had come up. And before the nonsense starts im from Stretford.


You cannot chomecast these


Has OP topped himself? (lol) (lol) (lol)


Nowtv are absolute shysters. I had a problem last year and after 11 weeks of trying to get hold of customer service by all and any means possible I jacked it on. Also you cannot remove a bank card only change it. So if you need a new account to take advantage of this deal you will probably have to sign up for a initial billing period therefore negating this deal.


It's the fact that Leeds ARE a Championship club that is so funny. Leeds collapsed 15 years ago (lol) (lol) Rivalries dont die. Liverpool haven't won the league for 29 years, do we just exempt them from ridicule? Nope (lol) F you, F Leeds and F the thread maker. Good luck to them fighting relegation to League 1, AGAIN (lol) (lol)

Now TV 4k plus 4 passes was £19.99 now £14.99 B&M
Found 14th MayFound 14th MayLocalLocal
Now TV 4k and passes for £14.99 in B&M instore
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It's May 2019 what you're referring to means we should have it by now then. To be clear: Dated 16 November 2018 article that says later this year means by the year 2019 the now TV should be 1080p streaming. Which it still is not.


The original article I looked at was on Tech Advisor, dated 16th November 2018, where it states...”A caveat with Now TV is that streams are for now limited to 720p (HD), though the Now TV Smart Stick itself can handle 1080p. This means it is ready for the service’s transition to 1080p, expected later this year.”


It was posted 17 hours ago, you got lucky

marshall-stephens There’s also this remarkable website called Google...just saying. (lol)


For anyone interested SKY announced in Jan/Feb last year with the release of their new NOWTV Stick they would be streaming in 'full HD' (1080p) by the end of the year : However over the summer they went quiet on the subject and starting pulling articles about it. As more and more people started asking about it on their forums they started taking down posts and threads, there was quite a big thing towards the end of last year about them covering up. I have chat conversations from over the summer where they flat out denied ever saying they would be streaming in Full HD by the end of the year, when I sent through links to some of their articles I was transferred to 'manager' who asked me a few questions and then just cut me off, this happened a few times and to date they still haven’t given an explanation for why they lied and didn’t uphold their promise... (annoyed)

MUBI subscription: 3 Months For £1
25/05/2019Expires on 25/05/2019Found 14th MayFound 14th May
From email: "We're Bringing Cannes To You You don’t need to be at Cannes to feel like you’re there. Starting today, we'll be streaming the best of Cannes from years past— and i… Read more
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Already getting the free cinema ticket notifications. Worth noting that for people who miss this deal if you sign up via the app it's only £7.99 per month rather than £9.99. Plus, if you send a trial offer to a friend via Mubi you get a month free too...


Thanks OP! I absolutely love Mubi, and with the free cinema tickets this is amazing value. It’s like having an Arthouse cinema in your home


Yes it's genuine, I took up the £1 for 3 months in January, when that ran out they offered me 12 months for 60 quid which I was more than happy with There is a separate app called Mobi Go that you get 1 cinema ticket a week from, they choose the film and its usually available at Vue and Curzon cinemas


Voted hot. Worth it for 'Out Of Sight' alone. Not expecting to get the free cinema ticket, but if it is this is a fantastic deal...


Strongly recommend this if you have any interest in film at all You also get 1 free cinema ticket a week to a film of their choice

Amazon Prime - Discover Great TV Seasons: Watch the First Episode for 10p
Found 14th MayFound 14th May
Amazon have over 1,000 TV shows listed where you can buy the first episode for just 10p. Bargain. So far I have nabbed. Only Fools and Horses - Season 1, Ep. 1 "Big Brother" … Read more



Maybe I can have your plex server address, lol?


get a life dude lol great work.


Ideal too.


Let me check my hdd. Naa, already have full seasons Supernatural Battlestar Galactica Doctor Who Fringe Chappelles Show Breaking Bad Millennium Oz The Wire Deadwood True Blood Black Mirror Eureka Curb Your Enthusiasm Firefly The Lost Room Lost House Sons Of Anarchy Reaper The Walking Dead Regenesis Stargate SG1 Dollhouse Utopia Look: The Series Seinfeld Jekyll The River Torchwood Sliders Scrubs Warehouse 13 Bullet In The Face Con Man Powers Sleepy Hollow The Strain The Booth at The End Married With Children Grimm Penny Dreadful South Park The Big Bang Theory future man Daredevil Preacher The Magicians Silicon Valley Game Of Thrones Being Human UK Misfits The Guild Heroes Carnivale Weeds Jekyll and Hyde Dead Like Me My Name Is Earl Sanctuary Powerless The Deep Brickleberry The Leftovers Fleming Once Upon a Time in Wonderland House Of Lies Justified Lilyhammer Newsreaders Futurama Hung 30 Rock The Good Guys Stargate Universe Hemlock Grove Key And Peele Psych The Twilight Zone 2002 Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles Dresden Files Human Target Crusoe Hannibal Defiance The Mentalist Revolution Sinbad Dark Matters Twisted But True Suits Two And A Half Men Leverage Haven Secret State The Event News Radio Terra Nova Alcatraz V 2009 In Treatment The 4400 Persons Unknown Invasion The Inbetweeners Extras John Doe Outsourced Flash Forward Strutter No Heroics Day Break Better Off Ted Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z Thief Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell The Tick Merlin In The Flesh Survivors 2008 UK Dragon Ball GT Dark Matter Mortal Kombat Legacy The Killing Andromeda Jeremiah Minority Report Californication The IT Crowd Wasted Prison Break The Simpsons Hell On Wheels Once Upon A Time House Of Cards Jericho Zen Pushing Daisies Legend Of The Seeker Boardwalk Empire Top Gear Dead set The Fades Legit Farscape Luther Sherlock Dexter Pure Pwnage The Shield Newsroom American Horror Story Shameless US Klondike Sense8 The Sopranos Rome True Detective The Librarians US Buffy The Vampire Slayer todd and the book of pure evil Ash.vs.Evil.Dead Stan.Against.Evil The Expanse Fargo Drunk History Family Guy Orange Is The New Black Rick & Morty Fear The Walking Dead Master Of None Youre the Worst Stranger Things Letterkenny Fleabag Crashing Atlanta Better Call Saul Happy Altered.Carbon The.Tick.2016 Luke Cage Westworld Dirk.Gently's.Holistic.Detective.Agency taboo Iron Fist Marvels.The.Defenders Marvels.The.Punisher The.End.of.the.Fing.World The.New.Legends.of.Monkey Black.Market Ray Donovan Into the Badlands Jessica Jones Angie Tribeca day 5 Caprica Norsemen Betas Bored To Death Falling Skies Injustice Life Of Crime White Collar The Confession Franklin And Bash Harper's Island Chosen Last Resort Zero Hour us 666 Park Avenue Rubicon Lie To Me Chaos Smallville Stargate Atlantis Taken Veronica Mars The Cape Blade Malcolm & Eddie Breaking In Endgame Threshold The Black Donnellys The Gates Primeval Fur TV The Defenders 2010 Eastwick Blood Ties How not to live your life Alphas Journeyman Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Eli Stone New Amsterdam The Riches The Cris Rock Show My Own Worst Enemy No Ordinary Family Undercovers Mortal Kombat Conquest Night Stalker Worst Week An Idiot Abroad Psychoville Eerie Indiana The Forgotten 2009 Running Wilde Til Death The Corner 2000 The Crow Defying Gravity Paradox Bionic Woman Charlie Jade Sledge Hammer Metal Hurlant Chronicles Lucky Louie Enlisted Louie From Dusk Till Dawn Nowhere Boys Dominion Black Comedy Halo Nightfall The Comedians US Surface Wayward Pines South of Hell Jeremiah Childhood`s End The Slim Shady Show The Shannara Chronicles Flaked Nightmare Worlds Of H.G. Wells The Aliens Hap And Leonard Horace And Pete Suburgatory Vice.Principals Braindead Second.Chance News Radio The.Grand.Tour Review Aftermath Marvels.Agent.Carter Ghost.Wars Halfworlds The.Wil.Wheaton.Project Superstition Jean.Claude.Van.Johnson The.Mist Dimension.404 Marvels.Inhumans Blood.Drive Almost.Heroes No Tomorrow between Emerald City The sarah jane chronicals Class Blade.The.Series Incorporated Real Rob Lucky Man Married Eagleheart Nathan For You Goliath Van Helsing People.of.Earth Channel.Zero Inside.Amy.Schumer cleverman legion Colony Crashing Trial.and.Error Neon.Joe.Werewolf.Hunter The.Orville Marvels.Runaways Midnight.Texas Dream.Corp.LLC Kevin.Hart.Presents.The.Next.Level Corporate Krypton Archer Crunch.Time Marvels.Cloak.and.Dagger. A Discovery Of witches Dystopia

Enjoy 50% off Movies to Rent/Buy with CODE @ ChiLI
Found 14th MayFound 14th May
The 72nd edition of Cannes Festival is underway. Are you ready? Celebrate the best of cinema with us: until the 19th May use the code LIVECHILI Enjoy an unmissable 50% off you… Read more
Read More

Chili are fine, no problems with them. Annoying that they don't have a Roku app though.


Works on pre-orders for Endgame as well- Heat added


“CHILI is available on all the deivices you use evry day” :{


No issues here either


Ignore this. Have rented 5 films from chili with no issues at all.

2 months movie pass for now tv £13.49 CDKeys
Found 14th MayFound 14th May
Haven't seen any movie pass offers lately so this is great

The best I got recently for the movie pass is £5.00 a month for 3 months after cancelling a trial.


If you sign up for a Now TV trial, then cancel, they send another that costs £2.64 per month for 3 months. (3 months for the price of one). That was for the entertainment pass for me - maybe something similar for movie pass?


You can buy these for £15 in Currys if not in stock at cdkeys.


How long are these valid for as I was wondering whether I could buy a couple and put them away until later in the year


I've just bought one so back in stock

A Star Is Born (2018) - HD Rental - £1.99 @ Amazon Video
Found 13th MayFound 13th May
A Star Is Born HD rental £1.99 at Amazon Video. May just be for Prime users but it doesn’t look like it’s been reduced or that it’s part of a deal. Hope this helps someone.
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I watched this on Google when it was cheap but well worth the money - great film.


I think they're both overrated, but both still very enjoyable movies.


Great film, way better than the ridiculously overrated Bohemian Rhapsody. The cinematography was a surprising aspect of it which I really enjoyed, some scenes looked amazing. (Ps I am a 28 year old "man")


I watched this as a pick by the wife. I was surprised by the quality of both the acting by Lady GaGa and singing by Bradley Cooper in this. It is well worth £1.99 to watch!


Is this a bit rood? 8)

3 month FREE trial now to watch unmissable Live and On-Demand TV with SWEATCOIN at TVPlayer
Found 13th MayFound 13th May
Start your 3 month FREE trial now to watch unmissable Live and On-Demand TV 78 Channels - Including over 25+ premium channels not available on Freeview or Freesat Hassle Free - No … Read more

Don't know if it's useful, but I have a contact who used to sell hundreds of codes on eBay before selling codes on eBay was removed who can currently get 3 months of entertainment for £3.66/month for existing users. DM if interested thanks


Already posted 3 months free TV player with sweatcoin


I use sweatcoin, and the problem i have with them is when you buy you also have to sign up plus card details are required.

Amazon Video - Venom HD rental £1.99
Found 13th MayFound 13th May
Not just Prime members this time, available to all.

Hot for the price, but awful film - like the comment above says save your money and rent Spider-Man


Spider-Man my be better, but I really enjoyed this and it’s worth the £1.99


If you do have Prime, Spiderman: Into The Spider-verse is also £1.99 for a rental. And a much better film (imo).


Heat from me (y)

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