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Uswitch Virgin sim only 12 months at £10pm contract 10gb rolling data 5000 mins - £120
Posted 13 h, 11 m agoPosted 13 h, 11 m ago
Virgin sim only 12 months £10 per month - 10gb(data rollover included) 5000 mins and unlimited texts . Roaming in 43 destinations. Runs on EE and 99% 4g coverage (apparently) dece… Read more
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What are they like for tethering?


So £5.83 a month? That's a really great deal! I'm already on a Virgin sim only deal, £7pm for 2gb. anyone know if i can partake in this?


Oh lol, my bad 🙈 I was wrong in that case . Apologies pal (y)


This document is talking about intra-EU price caps for calls and texts, not bill capping.

saeed2810 didn't read all the way thru tho

Nectar, 1000 bonus points with LNER trains, 1000 with Virgin Trains (Can book £1 journeys to earn £5) and 10 x with Transpennine Express
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
These offers have reappeared yet again, only from 20-26 June. Virgin you could book Manchester to Stockport or Coventry to Birmingham International for example, and LNER you can b… Read more

I would just add that on my Nectar 1000 points offer for Virgin Trains on this booking period I have a terms & conditions which says 'minimum spend £8' so worth checking your individual terms & conditions. My LNER offer has no such spend criteria.


Buy a cheap LNER train service ticket get 1k nectar points. Simples.


I dont get this post...can someone explain it to me??


If you want to book a cheap ticket just to get the 1000 points its a waste of time having to go through the order process to find its not with the correct provider. Nectar/Sainsbueys should be ashamed of such a promotion which can so easily be booked in expectation of the points but so easy not to qualify


Very welcome...

Direct return flight to Miami £231 (Sept - Dec departures / departing LGW / Virgin Atlantic) @ Skyscanner (
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Normally it is only flights to Orlando which are on offer in Florida, so it is good to see Miami having some cheap fares too. Great price, especially as the flights are operated by… Read more
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I feel silly for not posting this as a deal now but I've booked with VA for September. Came out at £465 including everything, seats, food, the lot. More than Norwegian by quite a bit but Norwegian are still using a 3rd party for a lot of flights due to the dreamliner still being sorted out. The airline in question got awful reviews and use a very old plane. However, was like £350!! If I wanted to fly in a dreamliner with Norwegian it came out about £50 less than VA BUT on days I didn't want. So I think for £50 I've got a new dreamliner with VA, on the days i wanted and their service is pretty damn good. Very happy with the final price. 10 days in sweaty september. Just trying to find a decent hotel at a decent price now!


And probably only most deadly due to poor building construction and forecasting like u say. I've survived a hurricane in florida and it's all over in a day or 2


Hurricanes still around in October and November. The deadliest on record the great hurricane of 1780 was in the middle of October. I think your pretty safe from hurricanes in Florida, and they would be forecast a long time in advance.


Use ticketysplit for train fare as to airports it usually charges full price but it splits and gets you cheap tix to nearest city and then local fare to airport .


Would not trust screwed me on a hotel deal. Used to be owned by UK but now Asian owners and difficult to get any recompense.

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Couple Boudoir Photoshoot (Multiple locations) £11.25 @ Virgin Experience Days
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Here you go you sexy bunch, have this at 95% off. (Figuratively speaking) INCLUDES : Fun and romantic photoshoot for couples Style consultation with hair styling and make up … Read more

Any mention of a single supplement on this offer?


Wait till you get to 30, then you will be in the house next door.


That’s the photographer lol


Come on does anyone really have a body good enough to look good in a photo shoot like this?


Shame that dude photobombed it tbh

Virgin Mobile 60gb + 5000mins + Monthly Rolling + Data Rollover (40gb) - £14p/m for 12 months via Retention offers
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Excellent Plan - Offered by retention team couple of weeks back while inquiring the PAC code. Try your luck as well if it gets honoured.
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Don't assume you're going to go 12 months without them cancelling the plan you're on and raising the price 33.3% a few months into the contract.


I know what you mean, I have been going to my local shop to buy a Red Bull for over 6 years and he STILL charges me every time!


Virgin media have been terrible for support over phone, staff just dont seem to care


You should not have to haggle! no loyalty to exsisting customers


Do you use alot of data ? I tried a similar thing a few months ago, had to ring up twice as the first person wasn't helpful, second person I spoke to was great, offered me £11.50 a month for 40GB plus usual unltd mins and texts on a 1 month contract. This is all reflected in the app. He suggested I phone up in 6 months to see if anything could be done on the price. To be honest I've not had much success with haggling and this was my best outcome I've had.

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Virgin Media 108Mb Fibre Broadband @ £25/mo + £75 bill credit = £18.75/mo
27/06/2019Expires on 27/06/2019Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
'£18.75/mth' over 1yr contract. Apply by 27 Jun via our special link ONLY, and you get a £75 bill credit which covers the first three months' cost (so in practice you pay nothing),… Read more

What's with £75 credit, did you check if its added? My current contract with now TV end on the 11th so I assume connect with Virgin will begin from that date if I delay delivery..


Gave them a ring, they were adamant the price was correct at £42 and that £25 was impossible until I said I was cancelling, and then it magically became £25 again after she checked with her supervisor. Still have to wait for a correct contract, but if anyone else gets something that's clearly wrong, don't sign it, they probably won't fix it for you until it's too late. Honestly, all of the internet companies are shocking. I had BT for 6 months a while back, and they told me I wouldn't get a refund on my line rental because I was leaving due to a price increase, which is just totally false.


Did you ring them to clarify? i'm about to sign up to, but it looks they haven't changed since my last time with them.


Signed up, they moved the install date from a day before the existing contract in a different name runs out to the day after, which wouldn't be a big deal, but then I check the new contract they want me to sign and it's showing a price of £42 a month with a -£75 credit, despite everything leading up to this point saying £25 a month for the first year. No thanks. Guess I'm going to have to call them up, it's not like you can sign up for a My Virgin Media account anyway, by the looks of things that's been disabled for 3+ weeks. What a company.


I was told that if you are financially linked then you won’t be able to cancel and take out a new contract in your spouse/partners name. Was told to check my credit score to see who was financially linked, something I had never noticed before but when I checked my wife’s name was there.

Virgin Mobile Deal -  SIM / 40gb Data / 5000mins / Ultra Text - £13pm x 12 Months = £156
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th JunLocalLocal
So just had a call from Virgin explaining they can offer me a sim only deal as a new customer. The deal is 40gb 5000mins and unlimited texts all for £13. I'm sure if you call them… Read more
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I'm going through their independent resolutions agent , just hope they see sense and judge in my favour. Their customer service is a joy to not behold , unbelievably bad attitude . Virgin is doomed as a brand if they continue to allow those challatones to represent them . Rant number 3 over


A similar thing happened to me but on a mobile contract. iPhone 8 with 5Gb of data for £32pm over 24 months. Seemed pretty good at the time as the cheapest I could find a secondhand iPhone 8 was something over £400 and the best sim only deal was about £8. To pay the extra £100 over the 24 months seemed a good option to me, as I didn't have to fork out over £400 up front, and would be getting a brand new phone instead of a used one. The contract was broken down as £28pm for the phone and £4 for the plan. The plan price was guaranteed not to increase by more than the RPI every June or something similar. About 30p I was thinking. As you, my plan was no longer available after 4 months and I was transferred onto a £12 package. If I was initially offered the phone at £40 a month I would never have taken it, as there were better deals around at the time. I called and was offered a £9 plan but with less data (which was suitable for me as I never go over 2Gb anyway). They dropped this to £7. They said that I could walk away from the plan but I still would have been left with having to keep paying for the phone for the next 20 months. A great scam in my eyes, to either flog a load of phones at RRP on an interest free basis should people decide to walk away when you increase the price of the plan, or a way to actually charge a much higher price after just a few months should people not check what they are being charged or can't be bothered to question the increase. I would be expecting an increase in price in the near future if I was you, as they don't seem to be able to offer no price increases for the length of the contract these days.


Oh the first part you might of seen, in other deal thread that user was so postive that you do not experience bad problems . The second part I know whereas white Virgin sims might be good but purple ones due internal changes they are bad


Called to get a better deal offered bog standard prices online leaving them after 15 years good ridden.


He must be employed by Virgin, they all talk bolox and if possible lie and cheat. Yup agree, they are liars, cheats and thieves. Since taken over by liberty they have totally screwed up any decent reputation . No longer with them after 8 years service.

Direct return flight to Los Angeles (Virgin Atlantic / Nov-March departures / Departing London Heathrow) £267 @ Skyscanner
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Very good availability throughout the winter 2019 and spring 2020 periods. It is recommended that you use the date matrix on Skyscanner to find cheap dates. Hand luggage only. Ex… Read more
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Thanks bro just booked LA on Virgin Atlantic


Tak flights to lax and couch to Las for 2dollar megabus


Any cheap flights for Vegas in Feb / March does anyone know ? :)


Was looking for flights to Atlanta around September but the date matrix barely shows any prices on Skyscanner, don't know if it's my PC but momondo prices show up.

Return direct flight from Manchester to New York £209 (Flight operated by Virgin Atlantic / January - March 2020 departures) @ NetFlights
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
Since the other deal to New York has expired, I thought it was posting this deal which I believe is significantly better due to the better date availability, better airline (subjec… Read more
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Get an AirBnb in Brooklyn get the MTA across to Manhatten, you'll definitely save cash if you don't mind the hassle of travelling a little bit each day.


Any flights still left for this deal sub <£300? Can't find any :(


£2 flight + airport taxes ! I got mid march for £218 (thanks OP) ...hotel prices are ridiculous ! Any tips?


HOW ???


Thanks a lot! Just booked two tickets for early March.

2GB 4G Data (Data Rollover) - 1500 Minutes - Unlimited Texts - 12 Months Sim £84 (£7 Monthly) @ Virgin Mobile
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
£7 monthly £84 for 12 months 99% 4G population coverage (EE Network) Faster 4G on average than O2, Vodafone and Three Spending Caps – a safety buffer for your plan can b… Read more
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Even posted by the same user. Why would you want to pay a pound more. It says expired but it still valid. Click here for the same deal but a pound cheaper. I’m still on the £6 a month for 5gb 4g data and 1500 mins. Is the price going up?


They said that just in case you wanted to return to Virgin


Arrogant company from my experiences contacting them. They also implement mid contract price hikes!! Better service from other companies out there.


Far better deals around.


...4G speeds are appaling, at least in my location, steer clear (shock)

Virgin Media Bigger Bundle - TV w/ 230 channels, 108mb fibre + phone for £57pm (£25 setup - 12 mo - £709) + Free Xbox One S or £150 Credit
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Not a bad offer if you are looking for an all in one solution to your entertainment needs! Virgin are offering either a free Xbox One S with 3 games with their bundles, or £150 bil… Read more

I've tried that before, you'll find the quidco and the the bill credit won't go together. The company gets updates if extra credits were added to the order. For example the £150 bill credit then Quidco credit. They'll knock it back since the bill credit goes on first bill.


Great another one, jumping in with the - I pay this price. Send us a link so we can all sign up to that.. I'm joking, but really it doesn't help the thread at all. And if you read the description. The bundle is pretty good for £57. It was the same price without the Xbox offer last week. So work that out. Its obviously to encourage sales. Some of the people saying you pay for the Xbox you clearly don't. I'll assume they're talk talk customers. Or penny pinchers that use dodgy IPTV boxes. Always people wanting everything for free.. Put your hand in your pocket if you want the good stuff.


Call them mate. I am paying £58 for 200mb and 130 channels. I have just been offered £69 for 350mb 230 channels and iPhone XR 15gb unlimited calls and texts (in black) for an additional £23 a month on top of the £69 with no upfront cost. Its good but I've decided not to go for it.


I'm paying £85 a month to Virgin for 100mb broadband, TV XL, sky sports and BT sport, all calls and line rental. Anyone paying less for similar pack ?


Actually a pretty good deal. If you take the £150 credit instead of the Xbox and the £160 cashback available from Quidco you bring this down somewhere around £31/month. That’s not factoring in the phone sim they bundled in too. Maybe I’m wrong but it doesn’t seem bad when you break it down?

25 Free Nectar points for watching the new Virgin Trains TV advert (1 min)
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
This appears to be account specific. Terms and Conditions 1. To qualify for 25 bonus points you must watch the new Virgin Trains TV advert between 9th - 19th June 2019. 2. Bonus… Read more
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Thanks, will try it later , are You registered to Virgin Trains ? :D


I've just watched it on my mobile browser (not app)


missed the train , Sorry, this offer is no longer available, why not check the latest offers we've selected for you? (mad)


Worked for me thanks


Just wait 20mins and then fast forward (highfive)

Las Vegas 5* Wynn hotel 5 nights Dec +£20 Resort credit per day + Direct Virgin Rtn Flights LHR = £668pp (£1337) @ Agoda (+£201 RF)
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
5* break in Las Vegas staying at the Wynn hotel for 5 nights based on 2 people, dates in December. Great hotel and location on the strip. Works out at around £668pp including 5* ho… Read more
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Beautiful hotel but not in December. Cold.


Wynn & Encore just re-introduced free parking again if that makes any difference to anyone that would be using a car out there.


For anyone thinking of Vegas in December, avoid the first week as it’s AWS Re:Invent and there’s 100,000 nerds descending on the place ;)




The Wynn is stunning. Stayed there year before last. Leaving for Vegas in Monday, 10 nights in the Encore. Whoop

Virgin Media Big bundle. Vivid 100 , Mixit TV package with over 110 channels & line rental. £29 a month/12 months + £25 Setup Fee
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Pretty decent all in one package. Saving £9 a month from usual price. 12 months contract.
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Yeah sorry should have checked, I got mine thro Topcashback which was £250 last week but dropped to £190, shoulda checked Quidco. The £50 is a referral code (y) The £150 is the deal they put on every month, usually it's a TV, Xbox One S, PS4 or £150 cash. If you order when there is nothing on you can phone up and cancel for the bonus item or have the cash equivalent .... £150. Hope it helps


Quidco has got £250 cash back, with this package wouldnt that be better? I dont understand how you get the £150 credit off virgin, can you explain that abit more . And I'm guessing the £50 each is referal ? Thanks


I just got a retention deal for £44. All channels, with kids but no sport or movies (don’t need them), 200mb internet and calls. Still in two minds how good it is, i have 10 days to cancel.


Anyone that wants an extra £50 credit let me know and I'll pass one my friends/family sign up code. I get £50 and you get an additional £50 off your first bill


You can do it online without speaking to anyone , their top package is £99 a month. If you go throught topcashback you can get £190 (usually it's £250 but it has dropped this month nth, may go up next month again) currently and if you wait a week Virgin will give £150 credit deal to your account. Also if I give you a voucher code you get another £50 credit making it a total of £390. 12 months x £99 = £1188 - £390 = £798 £798/12 months = £66.50 per month 2 X Virgin boxes 500mb broadband Free installation Unlimited SIM Unlimited Phone + Line rental All Movies / Sports etc

Eros Now and Voot free until 4th July on Virgin Media
04/07/2019Expires on 04/07/2019Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
ErosNow a Voot free until 4th July on Virgin Media channel 800

Why can't sky give it for free. I love ErosNow and pay monthly fee. Heat added and also very happy for virgins out there


I voot hot.


I guess that’s why neither of us had heard of them!


Ewww go and get a cold shower ya dirty boy! ;)


Agreed (ish) I was hoping Eros was going to be UHD Porn for free

Virgin Mobile 10GB 5000 mins 12 months contract £10 a month plus possible £33 TCB @ Virgin Media
Refreshed 20th JunRefreshed 20th Jun
EE network, so signal should be decent in most areas.
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Mine has now changed to £35 tracked


taking a chance on it , worth a shot


Tcb is £50 for this now Missed out on xtra £17 anyway other than cancelling to get higher rate


Mine has also tracked @ £7


How long did it take to track please

40GB Data (Data Rollover) - 5000 Minutes - Unlimited Texts - 12 Months Sim (£19 Monthly) @ Virgin Mobile + Topcashback £48
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
£19 monthly £228 for 12 months Possibly TCB cashback £48 cashback

For £1 more you can have unlimited data on 3 with data usable while roaming in over 70 countries


I chased my £96 up on Quidco,as mine had just sat at tracked for ages.They paid me out the other week no problem,even though it was estimated payable in June.


Got this for £18 and £96 cashback. Still waiting for the cashback though and it's been 3 months and counting....


Virgin has some good deals, unfortunately the problem with them is that they cap your data allowance on roaming to 6gb! 😔

Batman #50 (SIGNED Jock Midnight Release Virgin Variant) £3.43 @ Forbidden Planet [Other Variants £4.11 / £4.29]
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Proper bargains for any Batman / Comic / Graphic novel fans. All signed by cover artist, Jock. It’s the wedding you never thought you’d see! The Batrimony is real as Bruce Wayne an… Read more

Thanks, fixed it now and added links to the other two in the OP


Link doesn't seem to be working?

Valentines Feb New York - 3* Hotel + Direct BA/Virgin Flights LHR  - 4 nights £408pp (£817) / 5 nights £447pp (£894) @ Voyage Prive
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Long Valentines weekend break in New York including 3* hotel accommodation at Pod hotel and a number of direct flights from BA/Virgin departing Heathrow to JFK. Prices based on dep… Read more
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A fantastic price for flights - but just a quick note to say that some of these flights are codeshares and are actually operated by Delta and American Airlines. Not being picky, but just letting folks know that the service / planes might not be by British Airways or Virgin Atlantic themselves Thank you for posting OP (y)


Ive been a few times, stayed in various places. But dont be put off by brooklyn, i love it there. and the subway is super quick and easy. Dont get me wrong, if i could find a hotel in manhattan for same price i would, but id rather save a few ££ and jump on the subway.


Looks and sounds good. I like sightseeing but next time I'm taking a day off to get transport to Washington dc as only 4 hours... Be a long day though.


We go to Jersey Mall, a short (ish) bus ride from the Port Authority Terminal. Good shopping there. But we got back and went to 5th where A&F had an event that had free beer. That did get me spending LOL. Oh and the Port Authority has some of the best escalator views I have ever seen (industrial brutal at it's finest)!


I've looked at pod hotels in New York in the past and been put off as some have shared bathrooms. Is this the case with this one?

Two Hour Silverstone Tour £25.50 with code @ Virgin Experience Days
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Excellent reviews - thought would make a great Father's Day gift :) You need to add code HAVESOMEFUN15 at checkout to bring the on site price down to £25.50 - make sure you ch… Read more

That's a different product / service. Yours is entry to the Silverstone Experience. The deal is for the Silverstone tour


Slightly different. Yours is longer at 2:30 and includes virtual lap driving but no photo op or gift pack.


£20 here instead

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